TheMusogrrr Debian have just made jack stuff a whole lot more difficult. :S00:39
rlameiroTheMuso: in what way?00:48
TheMusorlameiro: They are moving jack2 into a new source package called jack2, and jack-audio-connectino-kit is being reverted back to jack1.00:49
TheMusoconnection 00:49
rlameiro2 parallel jack?00:49
rlameiroso, if we sync, we would have jack1 only00:50
rlameiroand need to ask a new propositionf for jack2 into main?00:50
rlameiroTheMuso: that is not so good news00:51
TheMusorlameiro: No its not, and you hit it on the head.00:51
TheMusoI would have been ok if they took this path initially.00:51
rlameiroTheMuso: after all the work, we need to do it again??00:51
TheMusoBut to go one way, and then change around and do it another a month or so down the track is a pain.00:51
TheMusorlameiro: Yep.00:52
rlameiroTheMuso: So, when does debian freeze?00:52
rlameiroi tought they already frozen it...00:52
TheMusorlameiro: I don't know.00:52
rlameiroTheMuso: well, i think we need to lower expectations for maverick then00:53
TheMusorlameiro: We still have time to make it all happen, its just a pain in the backside00:53
rlameiroTheMuso: well, if i can help in something, please tell me00:55
TheMusorlameiro: thanks00:56
TheMusorlameiro: We need jack2 to be in universe first, that will probably be a week or so. Only once we have jack2, will I update jack-audio-connectino-kit from Debian.00:56
rlameiroTheMuso: well, i will need to test it, so i can implement the configurations into ubuntustudio controls00:57
rlameiroTheMuso: will it be on maverick daily builds?00:58
TheMusorlameiro: Not for a while00:58
ScottLdebian import freeze is on june 24th01:16
ScottLTheMuso, just as rlameiro said, if there is anything i can do to help please let me know01:17
ScottLTheMuso, did debian say why they decided to do this?01:17
TheMusoScottL: They are transitioning jack packages such that people can choose which jack implementation they use.01:31
TheMusoScottL: We can still request syncs after DIF.01:34
ScottLTheMuso, is there a good reason to allow choosing which jack version? 01:37
ScottLshould we be doing it too? do we have developer support to do so?01:38
TheMusoScottL: We will get the packaging for it from Debian with no extra work on our part, however we should stick with shipping jack2 by default.01:40
TheMusoi.e jack2 in main, tied to pulse/firewire.01:40
ScottLthat sounds like a very good idea...i hope it is TheMuso ;)01:43
ScottLbut i do have a consideration:  i presume then that jack1 will be available to install if one prefers it over jack201:45
ScottLi wonder how installation and calling the application will work01:45
ScottLwill the user be required to call 'jack1' and 'jack2' respectively to execute jack1 and jack201:47
ScottLor will it be a drop in replacement01:47
ScottLwhich then gets into dependencies (hard vs soft) as i recall trying to remove ardour also removed jack, et al01:48
ScottLwill one be able to remove jack2 to install jack1 without having to remove all audio apps and settings01:48
ScottLbut i don't think many people (or at least a *very* select subset) will want jack1 since it will effectively break compatibility with pulse01:54
ScottLunless performance with jack2 is horrid01:54
TheMusoScottL: it will be a drop-in replacement, so you switch what jackd- package you install, and the other one will be removed02:20
ScottLTheMuso, has qjackctl been moderated yet to remove the wrapper script that executes pasuspender?04:29
* ScottL has tried to test maverick but installations have failed so far, here's hoping for tomorrow and a new build :)04:30
ScottLin good news, quadrispro helped fix the bitmeter uninstallable binary situation and abogani fixed up the -preempt kernel uninstallable binary problem04:39
ScottLhopefully this means no email from colin watson on the morrow and a officially released testing ISO from the qa tracker04:40
TheMusoScottL: Not as far as I know of.05:06
TheMusoAnd I haven't seen anything for it in maverick-changes.05:07
scott-workabogani2: the -preempt kernel was fixed, thanks!12:45
scott-workno email from colin watson this morning :)12:45
scott-workTheMuso: i found the web page that persia had linked to me about all files in an ISO, it wasn't the .manifest file rather it was the .files file12:47
scott-workerrr .list file (not .file file)12:47
TheMusoah ok12:48
abogani2scott-work: :-)14:01

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