airlynxI'm just getting comfortable with making music with Ubuntu Studio, but I always find my music is lacking something, I would like to hear some samples of what others have made with this and maybe some explanations on how they made it, where would be a good place to start?09:12
mothersofinventiI'd like to troubleshoot my audio I/O, I really need it till today 16:00pm, someone could help me please?09:34
mothersofinventiis QAMIX a good place to start?09:36
mothersofinventisomeone could help me please ?09:47
mothersofinventihow to simply figure out if the inputs are okay in ubuntu studio?09:49
mothersofinventicome on, I know I may be forgeting something very stupid, but I'm not sure and I need it so much!09:53
airlynxI don't think anybody's around, I asked a question about an hour ago and got no reply, my experience with I/O is extemely limited and I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help09:55
airlynxpatience is a virtue09:56
mothersofinventiI'd really could use some help...10:02
airlynxwell you can describe what's going on and I might be able to provide some insight, but like I said I'm not really a guru by any means10:02
airlynxmothersofinventi: have you checked your input levels and mute options with alsamix10:05
mothersofinventiyes, it seems all okay  in alsamix, but I can't hear any sound from mic...10:06
airlynxif you use something like meterbridge or bitscope you may be able to see if the mic is transmitting anything at all, if you're running jack you can try hooking the input and output together to see if anything comes out of the speakers10:09
airlynxhas it worked in the past, or is this the first time you're trying it?10:11
mothersofinventiit's the first time I'm trying it, should I start jack?10:13
airlynxit's not always necessary to run jack but sometimes it can help to find the problem, using jack you can hook your system output to bitscope and see if you're mic is doing anything at all10:14
airlynxI've had a problem with my mic input for a while now, but that's because I've installed Ubuntu Studio on my laptop that has an unsupported soundcard, I was lucky to have any sound at all10:16
mothersofinventiI'm running a clean install of ubuntu studio, I can start jack but I don't know where bitscope is.10:16
mothersofinventiand, yes, I'n in a laptop.10:16
airlynxI have an older installation of Ubuntu Studio, I don't know if bitscope is bundled with it anymore, do you have meterbridge?10:17
airlynx(if anybody else wants to jump in on this conversation, please feel free to do so! lol)10:18
AutoStaticI didn't catch all of the conversation10:19
AutoStaticAn onboard mic that doesn't work?10:19
airlynxmothersofinventi is having a problem with his mic input, doesn't seem to be getting anything from it, that's about all you missed10:19
AutoStaticAh ok10:19
airlynxI'm no guru10:20
AutoStaticBest tool to troubleshoot with would be alsamixer10:20
mothersofinventiyes, I've just started meterbridge, but it doesn't move at all.10:20
airlynxwhat type of laptop do you have?10:20
mothersofinventia "NEXTERA"...10:21
airlynxnever heard of it10:21
AutoStaticWhat does lspci in a terminal output?10:22
AutoStaticYou could post it on http://pastebin.com/10:22
mothersofinventiok, I'll try lspci, wait a bit.10:22
AutoStaticAnd when you open alsamixer, there are no 'MM' underneath any Mic related sliders?10:23
mothersofinventiyes, there is an MM...10:24
AutoStaticICH7, that should be fully supported10:24
AutoStaticOk, MM means muted10:24
mothersofinventiwhat should I do?10:24
AutoStaticWith your arrow keys select the muted strip10:24
AutoStaticAnd press m to unmute10:25
AutoStaticJust unmute everything10:25
AutoStaticTo see all strips, press F510:25
mothersofinventiok, now there's a LL, but I still hear no sound...10:26
AutoStaticAnd then get rid of all the M&M's10:26
AutoStaticShoudl be 0010:26
mothersofinventiokay, ppl, you are the best, everything is fine, now...10:27
airlynxlol, I have no idea what LL means10:27
AutoStaticMe neither10:27
AutoStaticI can get no LL in AlsaMixer10:27
mothersofinventiLL is the oposite of MM...10:27
airlynxI was just trying, lol10:27
* AutoStatic sings along with Satisfaction10:27
mothersofinventiit means it is sendind signal.10:28
airlynxAutostatic, is there somewhere you checked to see that ICH7 is supported or do you just know that?10:28
AutoStaticICH7 is fairly old10:28
AutoStaticAnd should work with the snd-hda-intel kernel module10:28
mothersofinventithank you ppl, bye!!10:29
airlynxI have all sorts of funkiness with my soundcard sometimes, I can have output from my speakers and headphones at the same time sometimes, lol10:29
AutoStaticThen you probably have a newer chipset10:29
AutoStaticWith Jack Sensing10:29
AutoStaticThere were issues with that10:29
airlynxI dunno, it's strange, mic input has never worked10:30
airlynxthat's why I was a little lost in helping him, I was just going through some of the steps I've gone through in the past10:30
airlynxhttp://pastebin.com/JxAtjJZL <-- my lspci10:31
AutoStatichmmmm, ICH810:32
AutoStaticDon't know if that chipset has Jack Sensing10:32
AutoStaticOr maybe it's something completey different10:32
AutoStaticIt should work10:33
airlynxI've been through alsamixer before and don't see anything wrong, tried all combinations I could think of, but nothing10:34
airlynxI have a dual boot system and mic works fine in Windows10:34
AutoStaticAh, then it should work in Ubuntu too10:34
AutoStaticMaybe you could post a screenshot of AlsaMixer somewhere?10:36
AutoStaticThere's a pastebin for screenshots also10:36
AutoStaticforgot the exact URL10:36
AutoStaticAnd then a screenshot of AlsaMixer after you pressed F5 so it shows all strips10:36
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airlynxlooking for screenbin, lol10:37
airlynxah screw it, uploaded to my personal site, lol10:39
airlynxeverything else works fine, I've been using it this way for about a year, just never had mic input10:43
airlynxI just realized that I had my jack inputs backwards in the screenshot, hooked vu bridge up to the speakers, I switched them around and mic input is just putting out steady noise if I turn the input volumes up, any suggestions?10:48
airlynxholy crap, I just fixed it11:04
airlynxamazing what a few minutes dedicated to google will do11:05
airlynxI had to edit my alsa config to include the model of my laptop, and when I restarted alsa and pulseaudio it just worked11:06
AutoStaticYeah sorry, I'm at work and got some questions11:08
AutoStaticSo now it works, cool :)11:09
airlynxI love that feeling, this is why most people hate linux, and why I love it11:09
AutoStaticHe he11:10
airlynxyup, thanks for inspiring me to spend some time actually looking at it, lol11:10
AutoStaticYou're welcome11:10
airlynxwell I'm out of here then, gonna go do some recording11:12
natschilHello. I would like to get jackd working on lucid, without installing the whole ubuntustudio... someone in #ubuntu recommended I install some of the ubuntustudio meta-packages... does anyone know which ones these would be?18:09
natschilHello. This question is probably really easy to answer, I just can't seem to find the answer anywhere... What is the name of the ubuntu-studio-ppa so that I can install ubuntustudio packages onto "normal" ubuntu18:24
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jussi!vanilla | natschil21:49
ubottunatschil: To install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation21:49
natschiljussi: thanks!21:50
om3anyone here?22:38
om3hi acerimmer22:42
om3do you know this proggie "Impro-Visor"?22:43
acerimmer_like i said, the REAL party is over on #ubuntu  and impro-visor is unknown to me .  lemme snapresearch22:43
om3well, it's about making it run with midi22:44
acerimmer_om3: ok so this package is NOT in the ubuntu repositories is it?  and there ARE repo'd music tools available?22:44
om3no, there's nothing equivalent22:44
om3and the programme itself does run22:44
om3the problem is timidity22:45
om3i need to connect improvisor to some midi device22:45
om3and i used to use timidity22:45
acerimmer_om3: just not linking with the timidity.  OK, (1) idk.  (2) suggest the multimedia forums22:45
om3together with aconnect and the snd_virmidi modules22:45
acerimmer_om3: all kinds of timidity threads over there.22:46
acerimmer_om3: http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=7390096222:46
om3yea, read a lot of them22:46
om3but nothing seems to fit for me22:47
acerimmer_om3: dang.  you're just 8 steps aheada me.22:47
om3because im not even sure if timidity is the problem22:47
acerimmer_om3: any chance of support from the package maintainers?22:47
om3just thought, might be someone here who encountered similar problems22:47
om3and found a solution22:47
om3no clue...22:48
acerimmer_om3: sorry man.  keep looking.  maybe even send a note to the ubuntu studio list?22:48
om3maybe i should start a topic in ubuntuforums22:48
acerimmer_ok.  good luck.22:48
om3well, thanks for your attention :-)22:49
rlameiroom3: try to use aconnectgui to connect the midi paths to whatever midi player you want22:54
om3hmmm... should it be any different than aconnect?22:56
om3now, i don't even see timidity anymore in aconnect, nor in aconnectgui22:58
om3though i just did restart the timidity server22:59
om3 pulseaudio[2990]: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink" (argument: "device=hw:2"): initialization failed.23:06
om3that's in syslog23:06
om3well i think i have to sleep now23:08
om3good night everyone23:08
om3or whatever time it is in your region :-)23:08
ScottLrlameiro, do you prefer to use aconnectgui over patchage?23:19
* ScottL asks because he's never seen any recommend aconnectgui and has only seen people mention patchage when not using qjackctl23:19
ScottLerrr, anyone, not any23:20
rlameiroScottL: well, i dont know if patchage works without jack23:27
rlameiroso i didnt wanted to give a bad advise23:27
ScottLgood thinking23:31
ScottLi don't know either if patchage works without jack and quite frankly i didn't think about it either23:32
ScottLi might try that out later tonight :)23:32
ScottLi was mainly curious (and maybe learned something as well) because i didn't know that people actually used aconnectgui23:32

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