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thorwildjsiegel: hi, so this Applications Place will blur the line between installed and available-to-be-installed applications, too?09:39
djsiegelthorwil: yes09:47
thorwildjsiegel: excellent. that's what i would push for, too :)09:48
hyperairwhat if i don't want to see available-to-be-installed applications? can i hide them?09:49
hyperaire.g. i hate evolution's guts and i don't want to ever see it anywhere on my screen.09:50
hyperairdjsiegel: ^^09:50
djsiegelhyperair: hmm?10:03
djsiegelhyperair: is you're browsing, you just see what's installed10:03
djsiegelif you start searching, you see what's installed and what's available10:03
djsiegelbut the available stuff is in a separate group at the bottom10:03
hyperairah i see.10:03
hyperairokay, that's cool then =)10:04
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htorquehello, should i file new bugs as duplicates of those three master bugs in indicator-appmenu or should i leave it up to you to categorize them?13:00
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jcastrovish: is it worth papercutting example-content? I thought kwwii and crew were redoing the whole thing15:28
vishjcastro: well , anyone can fix papercuts :)  just because kwwii et al fix it , it aint much lesser , but that bug was more about the naming than about gathering content..15:33
vishwe just need to ensure naming, for the "fix" ;)15:33
jcastroI was just saying, all those files are going away at some point15:33
jcastrobut I haven't talked to him about it since UDS so I don't know his plan right now15:34
vishjcastro: cool , its david's baby , we can probably leave that bug as a reminder to ensure we dont fallback to our historical naming scheme ;p15:38
* jcastro nods15:38
seifjcastro, how are the windicators coming along15:43
seifjcastro, we have our first hack ideas :)15:43
jcastroseif: hi seif!15:44
jcastroI don't know anything about windicators, I'm your man for appmenu though!15:44
hyperairtedg: appindicator# is screwed. again.16:21
hyperairwhat happened this time?16:22
tedghyperair, I think there's a bug in libappindicator itself -- is that what you mean, or specific to C#?16:25
tedghyperair, I think there's a bug in libappindicator itself -- is that what you mean, or specific to C#?16:29
hyperairtedg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application/+bug/592706 this one probably.16:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 592706 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "apps using the mono bindings fail to load (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [High,Triaged]16:30
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bcurtiswxFuture work with windicators may be one for empathy (didn't see it listed in the 5 or future work, and I'm not gonna go Wiki spam :P)20:19
bcurtiswxsorry got DC if anyone replied to my posting20:27
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