LnsThought I'd share this article with you guys, I submitted this to a California local educational tech magazine, hopefully they'll be publishing it in their next issue which is focussed on open source - http://www.logicalnetworking.net/?p=924 (sorry about the dupe if you're in #ltsp as well)20:59
bencrisfordLns: cool! :)21:13
Lnsthanks bencrisford =)21:18
Lnsi hope it gets published21:18
bencrisfordLns: Will be good if it does, it really sells the whole open source philosophy perfectly :)21:19
LnsI really dug deep to get the core points across in a readable manner, glad to hear it worked for you :)21:20
bencrisfordLns: it sort of has the feel of a richard stallman essay, its definately a winner :)21:22
Lnswell thank you...i've got nothing on richard stallman, but thanks! Hehe21:23

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