olskolircwhat happened?00:26
bukayoowhat is recommended dock for kubuntu?01:01
sivaodf files!01:28
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tech9iner!seen kkathman01:46
ubottuI have no seen command01:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:48
JontheEchidna~seen jontheechidna01:48
JontheEchidnahmm, maybe that was kubotu that had seen01:48
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:48
tech9inerhehe.. chillax ubot ;]]]].. nickserv info shall do do me apropos..01:49
tech9inerCiao4now peep'holes'N'hoes;]]01:49
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binaryflowHello everyone!  I am trying to set up Facebook in Gwibber on Kubuntu netbook edition.  I can get through authorizing with my facebook account but there is not add button after that.  How do I click the final add button?02:21
bjb1959good place for questions about kde 4.5 beta 2?03:02
bjb1959best place for kde 4.5 beta 2 questions?03:05
chirpisI'm having a lot of trouble getting my microphone recognized.  Can anyone help me?03:18
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chirpisI guess I'll never be able to suspend/hibernate my laptop or use anything requiring a microphone unless I go back to windows.  It just doesn't work, and no one has any answers. No one cares.03:35
pidusI am facing a strange problem after I upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10. My apt-get is not making connections through the proxy though I am able to able to get synaptic to work by specifying the proxy. This is happening even though in my environment variables, proxy has been correctly set.04:35
pidusOk, specifying sudo -E apt-get worked. But why this change?04:37
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duckx0ri'm having a problem that kdm seems to be coming up, but as soon as i log in, the x server restarts and i go back to the login screen04:42
duckx0ri just updated my ati drivers to the latest ones from the amd website04:43
duckx0rx doesn't come up when i use the radeon driver, only when i use vesa04:44
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guesti need help with grub rescue? i disconnected my kubuntu hdd and plugged in a different hdd so i can try out ubuntu (both 10.04) and when i went back to my kubuntu hdd it says no such partition. there isnt another os on my kubuntu drive06:14
ofirkWhen I click on a remote video file (over samba or ssh), dolphin copies the file locally and than plays it06:22
ofirkIs there a way of just streaming the file?06:22
ofirkI mean, like in gnome when clicking on a file placed on a remote location (smb/ssh) the player opens immediately06:22
brayanque  tal so ynuevo06:49
brayansoy lammer06:50
DarthFrog!es | brayan06:50
ubottubrayan: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:50
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santoshdo anyone know about byobu07:17
santoshdo anyone know about byobu07:18
gnachow can I set a directory to allow users write access for any new directories that might get created there in the future?08:11
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olskolircI can't seem to get this adobe flash player 10.1 loaded - this upgrades bypasses adobe's new injection that came out on June 10th they gave us a new one08:42
olskolircanyone get theirs loaded?08:42
bazhang!es | nandychu08:44
ubottunandychu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:44
nandychuok, sorry :P08:44
olskolircI can't seem to get this adobe flash player 10.1 loaded - this upgrades bypasses adobe's new injection that came out on June 10th they gave us a new one08:46
brayanspanish ubuntu09:30
evilsherpahey all, um, for some reason i cant get kubuntu to automount an hdd on my machine09:38
evilsherpaits not visible in fstab, but i can see it in gparted09:40
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greenmang0hello friends, i am using ktorrent 3.3.4 on kubuntu 10.04 with kde 4.4.4, in ktorrent the `country' column in `peers' tab doesn't show country names, what can be done for this?11:03
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:04
lexrhey guys, can anyone tell me what is on DVD edition of kubuntu 10.04? what is added in diff with cd edition?11:06
lexrI cannot find filelist anywhere11:06
EagleScreenif I want to view pdf documents embebed in Firefox, have I to install Adobe reader? or is there any other free solution?12:50
frogonwheelsTry okular12:50
frogonwheelsEagleScreen: ^^12:51
EagleScreenokular is what is opening them now12:51
frogonwheelsah, not embedding.12:51
EagleScreenbut it is not embebed it open the file in a separate application12:51
jocelynsomeone could explain me why does kde from a kubuntu on a livecd run better than a kde on a debian installed on my desktop ?12:53
jocelyndrivers ?12:53
EagleScreenjocelyn: what is "run better" exactly?12:55
jocelyni don't know how say it in english but something like : smoother12:57
jocelynit the google traduction >>12:57
jocelynon the live cd is more fluid than on my desktop12:58
frogonwheelsjocelyn: could be drivers? on the debian desktop, what happens if you run glxinfo in a konsole?12:59
jocelyni have the same idea13:00
jocelynbut on my debian I've the proprietor drivers13:01
jocelynand i think on the livecd there are the free13:01
jocelynNvidia 9400Gt13:01
frogonwheelsmaybe you just don't have enough memory...13:01
jocelynram ?13:02
jocelynor dd ?13:02
jocelynhard disk*13:02
jocelyni've 2go13:02
frogonwheels(knew what you meant - dd as in hdd no?)13:02
frogonwheels.. that was '2gb' rather than  I've got 2 go I assume13:03
frogonwheelshow much gui crud do you have enabled?13:03
jocelyngui crud ?13:05
EagleScreeni have found mozplugger package13:12
dave19901hi guys13:15
user___hello, i am having trouble with linux when i enter sudo apt-get update i get http://pastebin.com/2QpCza2N13:20
user___is there a way to solve this i have already tried google and renamed cp status-old status13:20
user___ can anyone help me ?13:20
user___i would be very grateful13:22
ToxinPoweI think you /etc/apt/sources.list are wrong13:24
ToxinPoweonly a clue =)13:24
ToxinPoweyou can try with other maybe13:25
user___what do you suggest i use?13:25
user___i used apt-get clean && apt-get update and everythign was solved thnx guys13:32
nano-21hi i have problem in my  cdrom , i can play dvd films but i cant write dvd iso file or any type of files13:34
Andrew9hey guys. how to disable password authentication for mounting ntfs drives?13:43
BluesKajnano-21, install kubuntu-restricted-extras and check out medibuntu13:43
BluesKaj!medibuntu | nano-2113:43
ubottunano-21: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org13:43
BluesKajnano-21, after setting up medbuntu repos , then install libdvdcss213:44
mfraz74blueskaj: he's having trouble burning not watching films13:46
nano-21BluesKaj, and that solve the prolem ? , let me try13:46
BluesKajmfraz74, yes and that's what he needs to do to write dvds13:47
mfraz74not to write an iso though13:47
nano-21BluesKaj, i have kubuntu-restricted-extras13:48
mfraz74have you tried kdesu k3b?13:48
Andrew9how to disable password authentication for mounting ntfs drives? i did it before but now i'd need some help please13:50
nano-21BluesKaj, my os read my mobile broad as cd http://yfrog.com/7e124qp look13:57
BluesKajnano-21, are you on lucid ?14:00
nano-21BluesKaj,  sorry i dont understand what do u mean what lucid14:01
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100414:01
Andrew9yeah sure thanks for your HELP!!14:01
nano-21BluesKaj, yes 10.4 kubuntu14:01
BluesKaj!patience |Andrew914:02
ubottuAndrew9: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.14:02
taha_How can I know which version of ubuntu is installed on my computer?14:02
nano-21taha_, in terminal , uname -a14:03
BluesKajtaha_, in the terminal , lsb release -a14:03
taha_thank you14:03
BluesKajnano-21, sorry it's lsb_release -a14:04
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BluesKajnano-21, that's k3b interpreting a USB card as a drive ?14:06
taha_nano-21, uname -a give the kernel version only14:06
BluesKajtaha_,  lsb_release -a14:06
nano-21BluesKaj, yes14:06
nano-21BluesKaj, and i dono why :s14:07
nano-21BluesKaj, root@i2:~# growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=/media/disk/tor/Metal\ Gear\ Solid\ 2\ -\ Sons\ of\ Liberty\ \ NTSC\(USA\)\ \ PS2DVD.iso14:07
nano-21:-( /dev/dvd: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 014:07
BluesKajnano-21, neither do I :(14:07
nano-21BluesKaj, /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       014:08
nano-21 that is my fstab14:08
taha_thank you BluesKay14:08
BluesKajnano-21, your fstab seems ok, what is the dvd , -r  or -rw ?14:09
nano-21BluesKaj, my dvdrw and my cd dvd is dvd-r 16x14:10
BluesKajnano-21, think you need to get better Hardware recognition , one way is to make sure all the available repositories are enabled including 3rd party sources.14:13
BluesKaj!repositories |nano-2114:14
ubottunano-21: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories14:14
nano-21BluesKaj, ok thanks14:14
apparleguys how to delete the Kubuntu-IRC information in quassel, I changed my password and don't wan't it to be visible14:16
BluesKajapparle, do yo mean cloaking your IP etc ?14:18
Andrew9where did firelight go? i can't find it in the repos ?14:18
nano-21BluesKaj,  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm14:18
nano-21BluesKaj, ithink the problem with my os because i upgraded my os from 9.10 to 10.4 and my os did`t put the new repositories14:19
apparleBluesKaj: "looking up your hostname" etc and all the other information available about freenode, and wher the messages from NickServ are visible14:21
BluesKajnano-21, it may not be your repos , i think you have a Hardware recognition problem, especially if you added new hardware after installation14:22
apparleluesKaj: "looking up your hostname" etc and all the other information available about freenode, and wher the messages from NickServ are visible14:23
apparleBluesKaj: ^^14:23
apparleBluesKaj: but I don't want to delete the other channel info14:24
BluesKajapparle, i don't understand , sorry14:24
apparleBluesKaj: I'll send you a screenshot14:25
BluesKaj!hardware |nano-2114:26
ubottunano-21: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:26
apparleBluesKaj: I want to delete this info, http://imagebin.org/10163014:27
BluesKajapparle, I'm not real familiar with quassel14:27
apparleanyone else here, used to quassel?14:27
BluesKajapparle, that info is only available to you afaik, no one else sees it , if you want to hide your location/IP etc then cloaking is the best way to go14:29
apparleBluesKaj: multiple computer users14:29
BluesKaj!cloak | apparle14:29
ubottuapparle: Want to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode14:29
apparleBluesKaj: actually I had give the message "/msg nickserv set password <mypass>" and I got the message on the screen, "your password is set to <mypass>", and now it is visible to everyone, so how to delete it14:31
BluesKajapparle, log out and back in , your pw is now set and it won't be shown again ...I hope14:33
apparleBluesKaj: i know that, but quassel keeps the history14:34
BluesKajso does freenode logs, but i dunno about nickserv14:35
apparleBluesKaj: obviously nickserv won't keep public logs of 'set password commands' :)14:36
BluesKajlet's hope not :14:37
apparleBluesKaj: I am currently worried, how to remove that in quassel14:37
BluesKajdunno , sorry14:37
BluesKajlogin and out , at least the reset pw won't show anymore14:38
apparleBluesKaj: its not the problems of freenode, quassel records everything shows it, even if you exit and start quassel14:39
BluesKajok then don't use quassel , use konversation ...I prefer it to quassel anyway :)14:41
BluesKajquassel never appealed to me ...ever14:42
PiciIt must log into a file somewhere on your filesystem, find and remove the information.14:42
BluesKajquassel records everything...glad i don't use it14:45
daedaluzhow do I install latest Amarok in Kubuntu?14:59
daedaluzaside from make config make install make clean wizardry15:00
BluesKajdaedaluz, is it a dev /alpha/beta?15:00
daedaluzlatest stable, I think. in opensuse we had this backport/community repo15:00
BluesKajdaedaluz,  it should have installed by deafult with the OS15:02
daedaluzlatest upstream stable, I mean. 2.3.115:03
gorgonizerdaedaluz: 2.3.1 can be installed as indicated here:  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2.3.115:03
daedaluzgorgonizer: thanks, I'm new to this ppa & apt hoodlum15:05
gorgonizerdaedaluz: no problem :)15:06
nano-q8i have problem in my dvdrw , i can`t burn any thing , when i try to mount the cdrom , i got this (root@i2:~# ls -l /dev/cdrom15:31
nano-q8lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2010-06-17 17:15 /dev/cdrom -> sr015:31
nano-q8)  ( mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only )15:31
daedaluzare Yakuake and Amarok really dependant on Plymouth?15:35
Picidaedaluz: Not directly, but the entire boot process requires plymouth to be there.15:38
daedaluzPici: what? really? so apt is not going bonkers here: http://pastebin.ca/188508915:40
Picidaedaluz: Yes, you will break your install if you remove plymouth.15:41
* daedaluz tossess Kubuntu to trash15:42
Picidaedaluz: You can use a text-based plymouth theme if you don't care for the 5 dots thing.15:42
nano-q8i have problem in my dvdrw , i can`t burn any thing , when i try to mount the cdrom , i got this ( mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only ) and this dmesg: http://pastebin.com/F6UVF5eM , this lshw -C disk: http://pastebin.com/wFLTjwFh that lshw -C disk15:44
daedaluzPici: so.. plymouth is actually a dependency of upstart?15:48
Picidaedaluz: No, plymouth is a dependency of mountall, which is required to boot.15:49
nano-q8i have problem in my dvdrw , i can`t burn any thing , when i try to mount the cdrom , i got this ( mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only ) and this dmesg: http://pastebin.com/F6UVF5eM , this lshw -C disk: http://pastebin.com/wFLTjwFh15:51
daedaluzPici: my heavens...15:53
alf__Riddell: Hi!15:54
Torchnano-q8: the message about write protection when mounting is a warning, you can disregard it15:54
Torchnano-q8: how are you trying to burn something? what goes wrong?15:55
Riddellhi alf__15:55
nano-q8Torch,  in gnomebaker i got this : :-( FORMAT allocaion length isn't sane15:56
alf__Riddell: I am trying to make a Qt embedded based on the qt-x11 packages and I am having some issues with the symbols files.15:56
nano-q8Torch,  in k3b i got : there is no empty dvd15:56
Riddellalf__: I would expect the symbols to be different, that's why we need a different package :)15:57
alf__Riddell: Basically, dpkg-gensymbols doesn't seem to respect the (subst) tags there and substitutes instead of just keeping them the same15:57
alf__Riddell: eg http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/45112115:58
alf__Riddell: any ideas about that?15:58
antonellahi everybod16:00
Riddellalf__: I must confess to not knowing what (subst) is16:00
antonellaanybody listening?16:01
alf__Riddell: Don't worry, no one seems to know much about it :)16:02
Riddellalf__: developer stuff best in #kubuntu-devel in general16:03
Riddellantonella: the whole channel is listening16:03
alf__Riddell: ok16:03
antonellaeh eh16:04
antonellai'm sorry i'm newbe...16:04
antonellanewbe here and to ubuntu16:04
* maco covers Riddell's ears16:04
macohe's not listening now, go ahead16:04
antonellai'm on mythbuntu and i'm trying to setup my tv cards16:04
macoi think you want #mythbuntu16:05
antonellai don't know cause i'm in difficult also with kaffeine16:05
bazhang#ubuntu-mythtv perhaps16:05
macoboo :(16:05
antonellabriefly I have 2 cards: YUAN EC300 and MSI Digivox Micro HD16:06
bazhangits !mythbuntu16:06
antonellaby lsusb the YUAN is warm and the MSI is completely absent16:07
antonellaso i'm trying to configure the YUAN16:07
antonellaseems ok, I've just installed non free drivers with the hardware drivers gui16:07
antonellaboth mythtv and kaffeine are unable to manage it16:08
antonellai cannot scan for channels16:08
antonellakaffeine says "No device found"16:09
antonellaand mythtv says all device busy16:09
antonelladon't know what else to do....16:09
dave19901whats faster for netbooks, desktop edition or netbook edition=16:12
apparlewhy isn't KDEDIRS or KDEDIR set in kubuntu?16:32
apparlewhat should I set it to16:32
apparleoh comeon guys, someone must be knowing this. I have a plugin installed in /usr/local, but KServiceTypeTrader is not able to find it?16:44
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lyhana8hi, how can I chroot to my kubuntu from LinuxMint ?17:00
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ARelicAlrighty, latest 26 bug fix/upgrades broke kubuntu "Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation", what is the easiest way to get grub to show up so I can try to get into the system somehow and fix this?17:26
EliripsHello. I had a power-failure during the dist-upgrade to 10.04. :( Power went out after everything was downloaded, and aptitude was installing new packages. Good-thing: I can still boot into a console (with many errors/warnings appearing). Is there a "magig" command to tell aptitude to try to reinstall everything it tried to do last time?17:34
Eliripsor should I just go ahead, download 10.04 iso and re-install from scratch?17:35
Elirips.. magic instead of magig..17:35
James147Elirips: try "sudo aptitude install -f"17:37
ARelicgot to a termial mode to edit stuff but now sure what to change to fix the "Counld not start ksmserver. check your installation" problem17:40
oxymoronIs there ANY IM client out there for Kubuntu that supports Firewire cams?17:42
James147ARelic: make sure you dont ahve any root owned files in ~/17:44
oxymoronor is it ANY apps at all supporting Firewire cams except for Kino? :S17:45
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP317:46
oxymoronThere is Amsn I think, but it doesnt have same features as other apps.17:49
sheytan_Hi there17:55
sheytan_doesn anybody know if the Pentagram p 6132-08 wifi card work under kubuntu/17:55
ARelicstill not finding a way to fix it17:56
ARelicnot sure where to look either, is there  a way to list the last set of updates/installs?17:57
apparleoxymoron: is there any problem with kino?18:09
oxymoronapparle: Well Kino is for video editing, I want to use my cam as a webcam in A IM client ...18:10
oxymoronI am almost able to make Skype works with it, but just almost.18:10
apparleoxymoron: what happened with skype?18:10
oxymoron"[19:08] <apparle> oxymoron: I don't think the question is IM client, but it must be driver for that cam. But can't say... never used cams" - The good thing with Firewire cams is that it doesnt need any drivers, or well iee1394 drivers, but thats built in in Linux core. If I do dmesg it shows that its initialzing /dev/raw139418:12
oxymoronapparle: Skype isnt able to detect cam, or well its not their fault, the problem is video4linux, v4l protocol.18:12
oxymoronvloopback doesnt do the trick either.18:12
apparleoxymoron: I don't think a normal cam runs as /dev/raw1394. so you can say its a driver problem18:13
apparleoxymoron: what does a normal cam known as /dev/??????18:13
oxymoronapparle: A "normal" should be detected as /dev/video0 I think but that doesnt work for my cam either if I use USB instead of firewrie'.18:15
oxymoronapparle: A regular doesnt use Firewire at all, but this is a DV cam.18:16
apparleoxymoron: you mean your camera connects via USB or firewire?18:16
oxymoronapparle: BOTH!18:16
oxymoronapparle: But I want Firewire because USB cannot show the good picture I want.18:16
apparleoxymoron: I don't think what you are talking is as simple18:16
oxymoronThen theres no USB support either for cams so ...18:17
apparleoxymoron: you know any windows or mac app, capable of your purpose?18:17
oxymoronapparle: Why not? video device => map to v4l => voila ...18:17
oxymoronapparle: yes Windows is capable of it.18:17
gnachow can I set a directory to allow users write access for any new directories that might get created there in the future?18:17
oxymoronIn Windows I can use my cam in WLM.18:17
oxymorongnac: sudo chmod 0777 /folder would allow ANYONE todo whatever they want. bnut be careful with that one.18:18
apparleoxymoron: it seems, you will have to fool IM client into believing it as a webcam device18:19
apparleoxymoron: but I don't think it would be as simple as soft linking18:19
oxymoronapparle: Well, the problem isnt Im clients or Linux Core, the freaking problems is Kubuntu that isnt able to map ALL kind of video devices into V4l or v4lv218:19
apparleoxymoron: you mean it works on ubuntu? or anyother distro18:20
oxymoronapparle: Linux finds the cam and Kino can show image perfectly. Now I want it to work in Skype and Kopete/Pidgin or similar.18:20
gnacoxymoron: so the issue is, I can give 777 access to a directory, or 770 or whatever, but if I create a new subfolder in that directory (or copy from a camera etc) it reverts to the default, namely 0755.18:20
gnacCan I set the default to always be 0775 for newly created folder in a directory?18:20
oxymorongnac: Sorry, I have no idea, anyone else maybe?18:21
apparleoxymoron: so that's what I am saying, linux treats it as a camcorder used for video recording. IM clients look for a webcam18:21
oxymoronapparle: And no it doesnt work in any *buntu.18:21
oxymoronapparle: No, IM Clients looks for video devices in v4l protocol18:21
oxymoronMost of them ...18:22
gnacI thought you could do it with a sticky suid bit or some such, but the exact meachanism escapes me.18:22
oxymorongnac: I dont understand why it would revert into 0755 if you create a subfolder in it? :S18:22
oxymoronapparle: So the problem isnt IM-clients or Linux core as I said, the problem is distro specific.18:22
apparleoxymoron: have you given try to anyother distro?18:23
apparleoxymoron: if that is the case, I myself would confirm that it works on a different distro and then try to fix it on the one I like18:23
oxymoronAll you have todo is mapping new video devices detected into v4l and both Skype and Kopete should be able to use it.18:23
gnacoxymoron: the parent doesn't reveert, only the children.  Heres a use case:18:23
oxymoronapparle: I dont think any distro would be able todo it. Kubuntu is the one with most IM-clients.18:24
apparleoxymoron: I mean any distro is capable of doing mapping to v4l18:24
oxymorongnac: That is because default is 0755 when doing mkdir. You need to use 0777 when creating subolders.18:24
oxymoronapparle: But they dont?18:24
gnacI create an nfs directory to share images on the local network.  I give all system users rw access. u+rw to that directory.  I then create a new subdirectory to for a new set of images ...18:25
apparleoxymoron: anyways I came across this GUI which is capable to mapping . Have you seen it http://damien.douxchamps.net/ieee1394/coriander/18:25
oxymoronapparle: Not everyone, and then most USB webcams doesnt work at all. This have been a issue for a LONG time now, I dont understand why nobody figured it out yet.18:25
gnacoxymoron: other than manually setting the permission after each new folder addition, how would I use 777?  Again, I seem to recall a way to sticky bit the folders and any new subfolders.18:26
oxymoronapparle: I think I tried Coriander before.18:26
oxymoronapparle: if theres no NEW firmware or something I have tried most of them out there.18:26
oxymoronNEW = 201018:26
apparleoxymoron: firmware=? you mean the software inside the cam18:27
oxymorongnac: Whats your end purpose with this?18:27
oxymoronapparle: Sorry meant protocols and drivers.18:27
oxymoronapparle: I tried this before http://www.lavrsen.dk/twiki/bin/view/Motion/VideoFourLinuxLoopbackDevice - But I wasnt able to fix vloopback to work with v4l18:28
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apparleoxymoron: that's surely not firmware :P. Anyways I suggest you start afresh again, I had similar problem with my sound, when I tried again after an year I was successful18:29
apparleoxymoron: were u able to see the video in coriander ?18:30
oxymoronapparle: Yeah I try it out again, hopefully 10.04 use better Linux core and upgrades here and there ... I was having SERIOUS issues with ALSA, Xine and PulseAudio before as well ...18:31
oxymoronapparle: I am able to see it in Kino as for sure, but not remember Coriander.18:31
oxymoronThen Coriander is from like 2007 ....18:31
apparleoxymoron: I think you will be able to18:31
apparleoxymoron: also, my own experience, don't sit and wait for things to get fixed. Find a the problem and try fixinig it on you own. Most of the times it is only 1 line addition to source code :)18:32
apparleoxymoron: fixed my audio and video drivers that way18:32
oxymoronapparle: I dont like all Gnome apps on Kubuntu, it installs a lot of crappy packages :P Mostly I try out to fix it, but I usually not manipulate source code to fix it.18:34
apparleoxymoron: that is the last stage, it is usually soft linking and some environment variables and some edited conf files :)18:35
apparleoxymoron: i also have gnome apps, but I usually start a seperate partition for fixing things (and install crap in it)18:36
apparleoxymoron: that was *hate*18:36
oxymoronapparle: Most times I do it, I break other things in the system ... which means incompability with other apps if I change settings and confs too much.18:36
apparleoxymoron: that's why use a seperate partition, find the solution and bring it to your stable system18:37
apparleoxymoron: wubi installtions are best for this purpose18:37
oxymoronapparle: Btw, do you know if theres any application that can send image automaticly to imagebin or imageshare when pressing printscreen button on keyboard? :)18:37
apparlenope, I rarely do it18:38
oxymoronapparle: Well one option is to use a VM-environment but then you got other problems and VM doesnt work same way as a regular.18:38
Torchoxymoron: you know the plasmoid for pastebin?18:38
oxymoronapparle: Well like pastebinit for Konsole :)18:38
apparleoxymoron: wubi is best if you already have windows18:39
oxymoronTorch: Yeah? :) I tried it, but its complex using it. I want to choose in a list when pressing the printscreen button what I want todo with the screenshot. WOuld be nice editting it first as well, like cropping and scaling :P18:39
oxymoronapparle: I dont use Windows anymore, seriously I couldnt stand it. Now I use Linux/Kubuntu fulltime.18:39
Torchoxymoron: printscreen shows you ksnapshot. use it. drag the result to the plasmoid. doesn't get much better than that imho.18:40
apparleoxymoron: you could use the concept of wubi though18:40
apparleoxymoron: i mean if you get the list of things wubi does.18:41
oxymoronTorch: I always use Ksnapshot and then drag it into plasmoid require me to switch to desktop, right? Thats to many steps and doesnt make it comfortable. It goes faster do printscreen, save, upload to imagebin and send the link.18:41
oxymoronapparle: What you mean? :)18:41
oxymoronapparle: http://imagebin.ca/view/ovW26m.html18:41
gnacoxymoron: I simply want to be able to allow users to copy image folders on to a shared drive, and not have to dork with permissions to let other people add to or modify the contents of those new folders.18:42
oxymoronTorch: Its not that I cant do it, but make things go faster and smooth when need to pastebin images and text to show people is always wanted :)18:43
apparleoxymoron: basically in wubi the main fs is in a .disk file, the /boot is in a normal folder on an existing partitoin and you just need to make proper grub entries18:43
oxymorongnac: I dont understand the purpose for that one, why should people be able to modify others content?18:43
oxymoronapparle: How does Wubi helps me in Linux environment? :S18:44
apparleoxymoron: you don't need to make a new partition.18:45
gnacoxymoron: if you are working in a collaborative environment, thats what you do.18:45
oxymoronapparle:  Sounds the same as using Virtualbox.18:46
Torchgnac: i don't know of a way to solve your proboem with sticky bit magic, but you could run some script triggered i/d/xyz-notify that just sets the permissions you want.18:46
gnaceg joe and I need to work on a set of images.  Joe creates a new folder on the shared drive.  He copies some of his images in there and starts working on dsc001.jog.  Jill starts working on dsc002.jpg.  Jill want to save it as dsc002-tmp.jpg.  Jill can't.18:47
apparleoxymoron: i never tried virtualbox, but here only the main filesystem is virtual. everything else is very real18:47
oxymoronapparle: Mostly I prefer just to have one real desktop environment and maybe a backup partition to boot into. But then I always have Hirens Boot CD and *buntu LiveCD18:48
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apparleI am telling you that option for fixing and messing stuff, when that if finished just delete the file18:49
James147gnac: you could do it via a samba share...18:50
oxymoronapparle: Would be nice getting advice how to fix it as well, not just how to prepare a environment to fix the REAL problem :P Most things works in Kubuntu now, its so tiny things left to make it like perfect.18:52
apparleoxymoron: :)18:52
apparleoxymoron: If I had any experience with cams then I could have helped18:53
oxymoronapparle: The release cycle doesnt do any big changes after each release. Not that it should because of the fast development and 2 releases per year :P It took forever to make the system boot faster.18:53
apparleoxymoron: anyways.... lets start with coriander if nothing else. you running lucid right?18:54
oxymoronapparle: If I wasnt hating C++ and Python I would MAYBE code my own drivers and protocols. But then its REALly not my thing, I seriously hate system programming it make me go nuts.18:54
apparleoxymoron: :D I like programming, but don't have enough time18:54
oxymoronapparle: This happened when i tried to run Corinader: http://imagebin.ca/view/ovW26m.html - And yes my cam is detected and turned on.18:54
oxymoronapparle: And yes Lucid.18:55
oxymoronapparle: Soon Maverick MAYBE if it entices me enough :P18:55
gnacJames147: had thought about that.  seems kind of basswards to use samba on a linux only network.18:55
apparleoxymoron: is your camera supporting the required specs18:56
oxymoronapparle: I like programming when I can do it independent and combine it with design and huge challenges.18:56
oxymoronapparle: I mean system programming isnt independent, it depends on other hardware and other protocols depending on what you do.18:56
oxymoronapparle: It supports AV/C controlling and all thar standard things, its webcam compliant ;)18:57
apparleoxymoron: check why is camcorder not seeing it19:00
oxymoronapparle: How?19:00
apparleoxymoron: awwww... you are already running it off konsole, and still not getting any errors :(19:01
oxymoronapparle: Yeah ... too bad :P My usual unluckyness :P19:02
oxymoronIt feels like I have detected like almost every single problem you can reach on a computer. One time I was afraid I couldnt to ANYTHING on my computer, was locked out from BIOS and everything I think.19:02
oxymoronCMOS sprinter reset theres always, but I dont prefer that method ...19:03
apparleoxymoron: you haven't tried running my computer (which *sometimes* runs)19:04
ToxinPoweI don't see KDE panel on my desktop, how can I start it?19:05
oxymoronapparle: I havefigure out that most things thats good to use a smooth desktop expiernce is to have nice CPU, monitor and hdd.19:05
oxymoronSSD OS disk, at least Core 2 CPU and nice monitor that works well with graphic card and support good refresh rates and resolutions in Linux :)19:06
James147ToxinPowe: Right click the desktop > Add panel19:06
apparleoxymoron: you forgot the main problem causing thing is MoBo19:06
ToxinPoweok, thx19:06
oxymoronapparle: I have never get any problem because of my MB :P Mostly its only one component at the time that doesnt work well.19:06
oxymoronModular power supply is nice as well :P19:07
apparleoxymoron: my motherboard s***s and due to that nothing works right :(19:07
oxymoronapparle: Buy a new one then?19:07
apparleoxymoron: world runs on money, I am running after it :P19:08
oxymoronapparle: join #kubuntu-offtopic19:08
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soeeif i want to open windows partition i have to type in password but how can i make it open without password every time ?19:27
James147soee: look up ntfs-config19:38
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x_linkIs there any player that supports .img-files? Or do I really have to burn it on a CD first?19:53
Picix_link: I'm pretty sure that vlc does.19:53
x_linkPici: Hmm yes it worked, I was pretty sure that VLC didn't support .img19:56
x_linkMaybe I was thinking of another filetype.19:56
x_linkPici: Thanks! =)19:56
Picix_link: You're welcome.19:57
x_linkHmm what the heck, can't fastforward the movie then it starts from the beginning =)19:57
christaHello. I just installed kubuntu 10.04. everythings fine, except the fonts look somehow "ugly". i have turned on antialiasing in the control center- what else could be the cause?20:29
appleseedchrista, maybe you need to restart to see the effects?20:30
christaappleseed: i just rebooted20:31
christaappleseed: might it be, because i'm *not* using the proprietary nvidia-driver for the gpu?20:31
christa(i had some troubles with it - freezing the system when screensaver came up)20:31
christawell, maybe thats better now with 10.0420:31
appleseedchrista: I've sort of noticed a font change when I updated to the 2.6.32-22 kernel, but maybe it was just my head playing with me. When I first installed 10.04 beta the fonts also looked a bit off to me, it could be the nvidia driver though20:34
christaappleseed: it is somewhat strange - i can't tell you what *exactly* looks "bad" - its just compared to gnome it is somewhat.. uhm.. hard to tell.. worse :P20:35
christawell, i'll try with the nvidia-thing20:35
christaand play around a little bit with the settings20:35
christathanks anyway for your help20:35
appleseedalas I think I'm going to switch to gnome-ubuntu anyhow, kubuntu lucid has given me way too much grief20:36
appleseedI understand ubuntu is more stable20:36
christabut kubuntu looks much more modern20:36
christaand kmail is just way better than evolution (imho)20:36
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appleseedI also like KDE, but the builtin apps like Kate, and Dolphin and the temperature sensor module and firefox and chrome keeps crashing on me, and I don't think it's my hardware either. So I think I'll give gnome a try again christa, but I hope you find your sweetspot.20:38
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christahello again. another question: where has sun-java6-bin gone to?20:56
christa(i also search for oracle-java6-bin20:56
christabut its not there too)20:56
christaokay, found it20:58
christa(btw., i'm starting to hate oracle)20:59
cannonfodderhow do i look up my wireless driver?21:36
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evilsherpahey all, i havea  bit of a twisted problem, i have 1 ntfs drive, that is where my media is stored, its ntfs as in the future ot will be accessed by my windows box. but when i use amarok, i need to remap the media dir every time i start amarok23:55
evilsherpai dont think it has a permanent mount point23:55
evilsherpaive been reading fstab23:57
evilsherpahelp files23:57

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