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wgrantspm: Users can deactivate their accounts, right..?03:14
spmwg-rant: deactivate yes; purge no03:14
spmif you appreciate the difference. we get very few requests for the latter, but enough.03:14
wgrantHow do you purge? Merge them away?03:14
spmsql nullify the relevant bits in the appropriate tables03:15
spmnot ... pretty, but.03:15
spmactually.. I think that's correct. verifying...03:15
spmbleh. it's not docco'd. but that'd be the likely way.03:17
spmwgrant: heh, ref the 'ssh codebounce' I'd typed that much and was starting to get frustrated at why ssh tab completion wasn't. then the light came on. whee. :-D03:18
wgrantIt's not a DNS alias yet? :(03:19
spmthat would be .. unwise :-)03:23
spmi know we have cocobanana as an alias for a rollout target. but generally we do limit our moments of ... public silliness :-)03:24
lifelessthumper: hi05:45
lifelessthumper: Can we have a 5 minute pre-impl call ?05:45
thumperlifeless: sure05:48
lifelesswhen suits? now would be great for me05:49
thumperlifeless: now is fine05:49
thumperlifeless: you dropped05:51
lifelesscan you hear me ?05:53
lifeless[120531.779865] iwlagn 0000:02:00.0: Microcode SW error detected.  Restarting 0x2000000.05:53
ajmitchiwlagn isn't the most stable of wireless drivers, I've had problems with it at times that required rmmod & modprobe05:54
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adeuringgood morning08:22
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kb9vqfwgrant: You around?09:23
kb9vqfAny idea why this might be happening? https://quickbuild.pearsoncomputing.net/builders/vidar09:23
* kb9vqf wonders if it's unique to Debian09:25
wgrantkb9vqf: Not sure. Maybe check Ubuntu's console-data diff?09:31
kb9vqfOK, just wondering if you guys had seen it before ;-)09:31
kb9vqfThose almost look like drawing commands for the text-based interactive mode09:31
kb9vqfHmmm...why does the build farm ignore the remaining idle builders insead of assinging them chunks of the build queue?10:05
kb9vqfI have two active and two idle with a long build queue...10:06
kb9vqfI don't see any errors anywhere10:06
wgrantCheck the buildd-manager log for references to those builders.10:07
kb9vqfwgrant: The only thing in the log are references to the broken builders10:08
wgrantWhat if you edit lib/lp/buildmaster/manager.py, replace logging.INFO with logging.DEBUG, then restart buildd-manager?10:08
kb9vqfwgrant: Not much, just a bunch of10:12
kb9vqf2010-06-17 04:11:32-0500 [-] Considering odin10:12
kb9vqf2010-06-17 04:11:32-0500 [-] No build candidates available for builder.10:12
kb9vqfStrangely both builders work, just not simultaneously10:12
wgrantI bet it's the 80% restriction.10:12
wgrantThat is, no PPA is allowed to use more than 80% of the builders for any architecture.10:13
kb9vqfMakes sense10:13
kb9vqfCan I override it?10:13
wgrantNo, but you can delete it.10:14
wgrantSee the end of addCandidateSelectionCriteria in lp.soyuz.model.buildpackagejob10:14
kb9vqfOK, thanks (Each of my builders is a separate physical machine, so adding more builders isn't a very palatable solution)10:14
wgrantremove the num_arch_builders stuff and everything from there until the return.10:14
kb9vqfIt looks like I could override it (sort of) by just changing the 80 to something else10:16
kb9vqfThat way it's a small change from production Launchpad, not a big one ;-)10:16
wgrantOr just delete the bit that adds the clause.10:16
kb9vqfI assume a simple restart of the buildd manager will apply the change?10:17
* kb9vqf needs to get to bed...it's way to early here10:19
kb9vqfThanks for your help!10:19
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deryckMorning, all.11:10
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leonardrChex, i filed an rt earlier this morning to ask for help running a performance test. it should only take a few minutes, so let me know when you can spare the time14:26
leonardrargh, where's my receipt?14:29
sinzuimars: I did not get an email from ec2 this morning. The instance finished, but not success or fail email15:05
marssinzui, did it finish in a reasonable amount of time?  Also, was it an 'ec2 land' mail?  Those can take forever sometimes.15:30
sinzuiHow could I know it finished in a reasonable amount of time?15:30
mars(just noticed how ridiculous that sounds - if it took forever, how would I know when it finished?)15:30
sinzuiI used ec2 test15:30
marssinzui, ok, so there may still be problems, barring a few-hours delivery delay.  I have a follow-up branch that should address that.15:31
sinzuiI resubmitted the test. I hope it to be complete in 4 hours15:32
marsok, please let me know what the result is.  If it is a success, then we have an intermittent failure.  If it eats it again, then I might have something I can reproduce.15:33
Ursinhasinzui, hi16:36
sinzuiHi Ursinha16:38
* sinzui was lost and could not find the window that wanted his attention16:38
Ursinhasinzui, :)16:39
Ursinhasinzui, about your email: the bugs marked as fix committed without qa tags weren't marked fix committed by my script, but manually16:39
Ursinhathat's why they don't have the tags16:39
Ursinhawhen the script runs on them, it will mark them properly16:40
* sinzui nods16:40
UrsinhaI've stopped the script for now, I'm putting newer code there, but it should happen rsn16:40
sinzuiUrsinha, is it a concern that they are not being tracked?16:41
* sinzui QAs every fix-committed in answers, blueprint and registry regardless of tags16:41
Ursinhasinzui, I'll run the script and check if they will be properly tagged16:41
Ursinhasinzui, yes, I often monitor those16:42
Ursinhathe fixed but untagged16:42
sinzuiI will not worry then16:42
Ursinhasame way I monitor the orphaned ones16:42
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sinzuimars, ec2 sent me emails this time. Both instances ran about 4 hours17:52
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cody-somervilleIf anyone asks, it appears PPA publishing is broken at the moment. Working on fixing it.18:26
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jmlg'night all. see you next week.18:47
jmlcody-somerville, btw, if it's down for more than 15 minutes, it's an incident. Please find someone to manage it.18:48
* jml flees the scene18:48
cody-somervillejml, trying to. It seems all the Soyuz people have EODed18:48
marsflacoste, ^ ?18:49
cody-somervilleIt appears to have been broken now for four hours and 5 minutes now.18:53
cody-somerville* 10 minutes18:54
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sinzuiIt looks like the devel build will fail. I have a fix for the two failing tests that I know about22:26
* sinzui waits for the official failure message22:26
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wgrantU1 is very good at 'fixing' major security flaws but somehow managing to leave them wide open.23:33
beunowgrant, that's not exactly useful23:35
thumperbeuno: hi23:36
beunowgrant, there is a roll-out to production that has been delayed 3 times already23:36
beunowgrant, that contain the actual fixes23:36
beunoheya thumper!23:36
wgrantbeuno: Ah. That makes more sense.23:36
beunowgrant, hence, the fix-committed and not fix-released23:36
wgrantJust jdo said it was fixed... and it's not. Which reminds of last time someone said it was fixed, where the fourth fix finally worked.23:36
wgrantMmm, no, the bug in question here is Fix Released.23:36
beunowgrant, I would of expected you to know that by now  ;)23:36
beunoit's wrong then23:37
beunohe probably thinks the roll-out happened23:37
wgrantBug 59054023:37
beunowgrant, right, no deployed23:37
beunotomorrow, hopefully23:37
wgrantAhhh, good. Sorry about that.23:37
beunoI see where the confusion came up23:38
beunoif PQM behaves the roll out tomorow will include all fixes23:39
beunothe branch for #535651 is bouncing with an unrelated error23:39
beunothe rest are all landed23:39
lifelessbeuno: 'if' :)23:40
beunoheh, yes23:40
beunomay be all of them minus one23:40
wgrantOK, great. Thanks.23:40
beunowgrant, thanks for the reports23:40
beunoit was a bit of a shock to see those open23:40
beunowe did some db mangling to make sure they hadn't been exploited23:41
beunothey haven't23:41
* thumper afk23:41
wgrantbeuno: It returned no results at all?23:42
wgrantBecause I did try it.23:42
beunowgrant, I didn't see the query, but it may of been "nobody except wgrant"  ;)23:42
lifelesswgrant: now try % encoded path seperators23:43
wgrantsinzui: +participation 403s sometimes.23:46
wgrantYou, for example.23:47
sinzuiI will investigaste23:48
sinzuiha ha, there are 17 deprecated private membership teams, and I appear to be a members of a few. and since the new page shows the path to membership, it breaks23:52
sinzuiI will land a fix for this tomorrow. I wish I could remove the teams too23:53
wgrantWhy can't you?23:59

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