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limonadaCan one delete their launchpad account?03:02
limonadaI've deleted all of my information, except for the email address that it's holding hostage.03:05
spmlimonada: 'one' can't, but an admin can. if you request here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion it will be sorted for you03:08
limonadaspm: Thank you.03:08
assadis thr any software which could show differennt revisions side by side. something like meld.07:19
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DavieyHey, Does Launchpad login service no longer work in w3m?09:58
Daviey"Continue" isn't an option09:59
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macohttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/260492  <-- every time a comment is added to this bug, i get 3-5 emails of the comment instead of just one. any idea why?15:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 260492 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "opening a directory using an application change associations incorrectly (affected: 21, heat: 417)" [Medium,Fix released]15:09
nigelbmaco: best guess - a team you're in is also subscribed15:10
macothe emails match exactly. they all say "because you are a direct subscriber"15:11
macooh wait15:11
maco"...of a duplicate bug"15:11
macodoes it send out 1 email per dup you're subscribed to? if so: GRRR15:12
nigelbI thought LP was smart to deal with that, guess not smart enough15:12
deryckmaco, we should only send one email to you.  If this is not the case because you're subscribed to multiple dupes, could you open a bug if one doesn't exist?15:47
deryckagainst malone15:47
MTecknologySo.. somebody just ran bzr push lp:.... --overwrite to recreate a branch - the "recent changes" shows that they're not at revision 1 (expected) but the changes log shows that he just added a revision (not expected) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-website-community/ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme/changes16:04
MTecknologyAny ideas what happened here?16:04
deryckMTecknology, are you saying the view on launchpad doesn't match the branch that was pushed.  Overwrite should make the local and remote branches the same, no?16:46
MTecknologyderyck: ya16:46
deryckrockstar or abentley, could one of you help MTecknology ^^?16:48
MTecknologyderyck: check out From: ram@strapp.net16:48
MTecknologyderyck: check out http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-website-community/ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme/changes and bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-website-community/ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme16:48
abentleyMTecknology, it appears the stored revno in the branch is out-of-whack.16:50
MTecknologyabentley: it should be 1 though; we overwrote the lp branch with a whole new branch16:52
abentleyMTecknology, that's not what I see.  "bzr log" on that branch shows has 30+ revisions16:53
MTecknologymhall119: could you pastebin the commands you used?16:53
mhall119one second16:54
abentleyMTecknology, I've fixed the revno on LP so that it is consistent.16:54
MTecknologyabentley: what did you do?16:55
abentleyMTecknology, I changed the stored revno to 32.16:55
abentleymhall119, yeah, you can't merge into an empty branch and expect good results.16:57
MTecknologyabentley: that's my fault - i thought that was how to do it correctly16:58
abentleymhall119, it will interpret the merged revision as the parent revision.16:58
abentleyIf you really want to break the association with previous history, you need to do revert --forget-merges after the merge.16:59
mhall119could I just delete .bzr, and re-run bzr init, then add everything?16:59
abentleymhall119, if you re-add files, bzr will consider them completely new files.17:00
mhall119which is what we want, right MTecknology ?17:00
abentleymhall119, so if you ever want to merge something in from the old branch or a derivative, you'll have problems.17:00
mhall119oh, ok17:01
abentleyBut breaking the association with previous history will already give you that problem.17:02
MTecknologymhall119: I think that's what we want actually - making a proper mergable branch will be up to me then17:03
mhall119MTecknology: which one is what we want?17:04
abentleyMTecknology, mhall119, unless you have any questions, I'll leave you to it.17:04
MTecknologyabentley: thanks much17:04
mhall119abentley: thanks for clarifying those things for me17:04
MTecknologymhall119: rm .bzr; bzr init; bzr add; bzr commit -m "Creating initial version from lp:ubuntu-drupal-theme at r28"; bzr push --overwrite17:05
MTecknologyrm -r .bzr *17:06
MTecknologymhall119: noticing the * is me correcting - not for you to type..17:08
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directhexcan someone rescore https://launchpad.net/~directhex/+archive/ppa/+build/1798238 to some large number, to ensure it builds before 7 other packages in my ppa which build-depend on it? their builds will fail if they build against the previous version, which is a big waste of builder time18:09
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shadeslayerdirecthex: just re upload with version ~dhx2 ?18:22
directhexshadeslayer, re-upload 7 source packages with a version bump to prevent the old version from building when it wants to?18:23
shadeslayerdirecthex: no need to upload new sources.. just do debuild -S18:24
shadeslayerand upload the new dsc...18:24
shadeslayershouldnt be more than a few kb's18:24
directhexi built & uploaded those on a different machine. so i would need to reboot to the right os, dget all seven packages, dch and add a new changelog entry, re-sign, and re-upload. my time is worth more than that, easier to allow it to fail then click the "retry" button.18:25
shadeslayerdirecthex: ahh... ok didnt know that now did i :)18:26
directhexoh, a whole load more VMs just got booted. that'll help18:33
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assadhow to do a "review approve" and "merge approve" through the launchpad ticket interface? it is available through the email service but what about the ticket interface on launchpad for merge approve?20:06
beunoassad, you can't do that rhough bugs20:09
assadbeuno, i am talking about this: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Review#Proposing%20a%20merge20:10
assadminus the email interface20:10
assadbeuno, there is a proopse for merge button on the branch page on lp20:11
hazmatcan you create a ppa for a group? or is it only for individuals21:36
salgadohazmat, teams can have them as well21:39
SEJeffWill lp ever support git natively like it does bzr now?21:50
SEJeffAs in if I wanted to setup a lp instance of my own and have it manage git repos + bug tracking instead of bzr repos + bug tracking21:50
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thumperSEJeff: unlikely22:07
SEJeffthumper, So if someone wrote patches for lp to do that, they wouldn't be accepted?22:10
SEJeffI was envisioning freedesktop and/or gnome using launchpad as a platform, but not as a hosted service.22:11
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thumperSEJeff: not likely to be accepted right now22:42
SEJeffthumper, Alright. Any specific reason other than it causes some things to be generic-ified?22:43
SEJeffI'm not against bzr, but for some massive projects to use lp, it would need git support22:43
thumperit comes down to strategic22:44
SEJeffDo you want to use lp to push people towards bzr?22:44
SEJeffAgain, I'm just curious. If you don't want me to keep asking questions, just tell me so :)22:44
thumperit is more about providing a single way of dealing with packages and branches for ubuntu22:45
SEJeffI use ubuntu and love lp either way22:45
thumpersince bzr can work with svn, git and hg (to some extent)22:45
thumperthe plan was to provide a bzr based workflow22:45
thumperit is outlined in the ubuntu distributed development docs22:45
SEJeffSure, but imagine how great it would be if a project like f.d.o or gnome moved completely to their own hosted lp instance?22:46
SEJeffThen you could get more than just canonical hackers working on it22:46
thumperright now, that would be bad22:46
SEJeffOk fair enough22:46
SEJeffI guess you move too fast?22:46
thumperwe don't have any federation22:46
thumperbug numbers get lost again22:46
thumperthere were some pie in the sky plans to have some form of federation22:47
thumperthat would allow launchpad instances to collaborate22:47
SEJeffoauth/openid or something?22:47
thumperbut it hasn't moved22:47
thumpermore about sharing information22:48
SEJeffI wasn't really talking about having different lp instances share data22:48
SEJeffso much as I completely and totally hate bugzilla22:48
thumperI know you weren't22:48
thumperbut we care about that22:48
SEJeffAnd as a gnome sysadmin, I would be the first to put up a lp POC for gnome to play with if it was actually viable22:48
SEJeffBut those are understandably difficult problems. Perhaps someday you can make lp talk to another lp instance via oauth. My last question is, do you think this will be implemented in the long-term future?22:50
SEJeffPerhaps 1-2 years or more?22:50
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doctormoEmpathy keeps crashing :-(22:55
thumperSEJeff: hopefully22:56
SEJeffthumper, Thanks. If you ever want someone with a giant bugzilla instance to play with federated lp feel free to hop on #sysadmin on gimpnet and ask me22:57
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thumperSEJeff: ok, thanks23:21

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