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lagMorning hrq08:00
lagStupid fancy keyboard!08:00
cooloneylag: can you boot the .34 panda kernel which was built by yourself?09:07
lagI have been playing with it09:08
cooloneylag: excellent, man, good to hear that09:09
cooloneylag: thx09:09
lagcooloney: No problem09:09
lagDo you have HW yet?09:10
cooloneytoo bad, no09:10
cooloneyi don't have omap3 and omap409:10
lagAre you going to get HW soon?09:10
hrwigep v2 should be good omap3 testboard. compared to beagleboard (c4/xm) it is available09:11
cooloneyhrw: igep v2 is from TI or other vendor?09:11
cooloneylag: no, i think there is no OMAP4 HW for me09:12
cooloneylag: and for omap3, no idea about that09:12
lagThat sucks09:12
cooloneylag: maybe i need to order some omap3 boards and ship to folks in US, and get the board during next sprint09:12
hrwcooloney: spanish company09:13
cooloneyhrw: ok, let me search09:13
cooloneyhrw: thx09:13
lagI think I'd find it difficult working on an architecture without HW09:13
lagcooloney: Do you know if a console is configured on HDMI on the Panda board?09:14
cooloneylag: oh, not sure about that, let me check09:15
hrwcooloney: http://shop.igep.es/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=38&zenid=j4novjt0a4t4k1j0o2igoldhm609:15
amitkcooloney: we are trying to get some IGEPv2 boards for evalueation09:15
hrwcooloney: 130€ for no wifi/bt, 145€ for wifi/bt09:15
amitkthey should work with our kernel, i've enabled it in the configs09:16
cooloneyhrw: nice, ehe09:16
cooloneyamitk: good to know that. hope i can get one of them to play with09:16
amitkyeah, hope so too09:18
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cooloneylag: i am not sure about the HDMI console. so i believe you are using HDMI display with panda,09:27
lagI want to09:28
cooloneylag: can you see anything on it?09:28
cooloneyoh, you don't have09:28
lagNo, nothing09:28
lagI do have09:28
cooloneyoh, how about change some kernel cmdline to add 'console=tty0' or similar09:28
lagWhen I boot, I get 1,000's of these: omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT09:28
lagThat was my follow-up question - Which console ...09:29
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: I start merging your and mine patches now, OK?  (You're not in #armlinux, so this is slightly off-topic)09:30
lagI've been meaning to install a full desktop environment on my new SD card09:30
hrwI wonder how many working pandas are outside of TI09:30
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, i'm ok09:30
cooloneyhrw: skip me, i don't have any09:31
cooloneyhrw: ehe09:31
laghrw: o/09:31
cooloneylag: hmmm, actually, i have no idea about that.09:31
cooloneysebjan: do you not this console tty0 should be the right one for HDMI console?09:32
cooloneysebjan: i think lag is trying to output our UNR on it09:32
ndechrw: hi. not man panda outside of TI.. not many inside of TI anyways...09:37
ndeclag: which kernel are you using?09:37
amitkndec: panda (the board) as endangered as panda (the animal) ?09:38
ndecamitk: yep... we are trying to save the animal from disparation ;-)09:38
hrwndec: yep09:39
ndeclag: do you have a HDMI screen or is it a DVI screen using the HDMI output of the board?09:39
lagIt's the real deal09:41
ndeclag: ok. well this should work without any config change, assuming you have the right config in the kernel... but i have not tried on HDMI screen yet.09:42
lagndec: On which console?09:45
ndeclag: don't know. i had tried HDMI->DVI screen several weeks ago with the UNE UI09:47
lagI've just tested the monitor on my Revo running Karmic and it worked fine09:47
lagThe DVI port on the Panda has an HDMI socket, so I can't test that09:48
ndeclag: I am using the HDMI port (closest to USB). with the HDMI to DVI cable. I think we have problems with the DVI port. that one shouldn't work either...09:50
lagndec: No, that doesn't work as far as I can tell09:53
lagBut neither does the HDMI09:53
lagndec: Have you seen this message: omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT09:54
ndeclag: yes... something wrong in DSS2/OMAP409:56
armin76i want one09:57
lagDo you think it will be related to why I don't have HDMI?09:57
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: do you want to look into my patches 4 to 9 and comment/ack?10:00
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, OK10:00
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: well, my 7 = your 210:01
ndeclag: yes.10:01
armin76ndec: can i get a panda? :D10:05
ndecarmin76: why do you always ask me the same questions ;-)10:06
armin76last time it wasn't a question :P10:06
ndecarmin76: good point...10:06
ndecarmin76: let us know polish it first...10:06
armin76i want to polish it too :)10:07
loolhrw wants to polish it too!10:16
looland zyga!10:16
lool(zyga and hrw are in Poland)10:16
hrwPolish man meets English man and says: "I need to polish my English". English man replies: "No, your English is Polish enough".10:17
hrwjoke sounds better then looks10:17
ndechrw: nice...10:22
zygalol :-)10:38
bercoanyone knows if it is possible to tell debuild to generate both a -dbg package a striped binary version? I know that I need to set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt,nostrip for debug but this will provide me only the debug binary. I'd like to generate both in one command if possible10:52
loolberco: Is this a package with -dbg packages in control?11:00
loolberco: What you can do, and what Ubuntu does on all packages, is using pkg-create-dbgsym to achieve that11:00
loolberco: You would build the package as usual, but the build will output -dbgsym packages along the other ones11:01
bercolool: I have not changed the control file for this11:01
loolberco: Just install the package and it should work (you might have to turn it on in /etc)11:01
bercolool: I was looking more for the general rule to achieve this :)11:01
bercolool: thanks. I will give it a try11:02
* armin76 steals lool's panda11:03
hrwarmin76: since when he has one? ;D11:16
armin76he stole it too :D11:17
ogradyfet, how far are you with the gobject-introspection FTBFS ?11:36
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ukleineknpitre: ping14:16
ukleineknpitre: do you care to answer to http://mid.gmane.org/20100611045507.GA10894@pengutronix.de14:17
bercolool: ping14:21
loolberco: pong14:25
loolberco: Ideally, don't ping but just ask something so that I dont context switch twice  ;-)14:25
bercolool: thx for the dbg, seems to work.14:25
bercolool: I now face another issue14:26
bercolool: I noticed in my source package some files lost the execution privilege14:26
bercolool: any idea how to prevent this?14:26
loolberco: Sorry, what source is this?14:27
bercolool: package that contains source code (apt-get source <package name>14:27
loolberco: Yes, which one?14:27
bercolool: well not public yet, it's for omap4, this is the "tiler" package14:28
loolberco: Ok; would be easier to suggest a fix for a public source package14:28
loolberco: So which file is losing the +x bit exactly and at which point?14:29
bercolool: code has never been package. it's available but not in deb format yet. Am working on it...14:29
loolberco: There are two places where that can happen: in your source files, because of the source packaging format, or in the resulting .debs14:29
bercolool: this is bootstrap.sh file14:29
loolberco: are you saying that the +x is lost when you unpack the source package, or in the resulting .debs?14:29
bercolool: I need to check. I just did an "apt-get source" and noticed it's lost14:30
loolberco: Right, so while unpacking the source14:30
loolberco: So this is expected in the default source package format14:30
loolberco: you could of course change the source format, but there's something odd here14:31
loolberco: Usually, bootstrap.sh is part of the "upstream" tarball, the .orig.tar.gz14:31
loolberco: Files in this tarball wouldn't lose this bit14:31
loolberco: What might have happened here is that you intended to ship this file in the tarball, but it got shipped as part of the packaging instead14:31
bercolool: ok, so I need to check b'cos this file should be in my .orig.tar.gz14:32
loolberco: You really want this file to be in the upstream tarball I guess14:32
loolberco: Please do14:32
bercolool: thanks, that would make sense. I will check14:32
loolberco: Also, might be best to just ask the chan rather than me specifically -- will get you faster answers, spread the load, and also I dont actually work on omap4 stuff (yet?) but others here do14:32
bercolool: ok. Sorry I'm new to the Linux world so learning all the habits and stuff14:33
loolberco: This is fine; I hope you don't mind me telling you14:35
bercolool: not at all, just noticed you knew quite well the pcakaging topci14:36
bercowhen packaging from the .orig.tar.gz, I created a patch to move files but those that have +x attribute will lose it in the .deb source package. Anyone knows how that can be fixed. I want to keep the +x on these file.14:58
bercobtw, I'm using cdbs-edit-patch for creating the patch15:00
loolberco: Why do you move the files?  and why in a patch?15:02
bercolool: git tree has the source code in a subfolder15:03
bercolool: am not really allowed to change this and I created the orig.tar.gz with the simple "git archive" command15:03
loolberco: You could either tell your package to build in a subfolder rather than build from the top, or you could release tarballs from the proper level?15:03
bercolool: might be simpler in my case to build from the subfolder until the upstream maintainer modifies the git tree15:04
loolberco: Without moving files in the git repo, could you strip a component when creating the tarball?15:04
loolberco: Ok; if you're not upstream, then just go for the sub-folder build15:05
loolberco: Set DEB_SRCDIR near the top of your rules if you're using cdbs15:05
bercolool: yes, am using cdb15:05
loolThe default is ".", you could set it to subfolder or to $(CURDIR)/subfolder if you need an absolute pathname15:06
bercolool: cdbs. I will try this, that sounds the most reasonable at this point15:06
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in-gameanybody formilliar with the sharp netwalker?16:48
lagin-game: What's up?16:56
GrueMasterin-game: persia might be the one to ask, but he's on holiday.16:57
GrueMasterI believe he has one, though.16:57
in-gameahh ok16:57
in-gamesweet device but the ubuntu running is 9.0416:57
in-gameso i am searching for a  way to upgrade somehw16:58
in-gamenow running lxdm to make it some faster16:58
amitkin-game: unlikely you'll be able to upgrade16:58
GrueMasterI don't think it supports 10.04.  Iirc, it was a hardware issue.16:58
amitkthe kernel hasn't been mainlined16:58
in-gamethought so16:59
in-gamepitty, the arm packages are some what lagging behind16:59
amitkin-game: it is mostly kernel and any binary drivers if reqd.17:00
GrueMasterThere were some hardware changes between 9.04 & 10.04.  The newer kernels in 10.04 were never made to support the older hardware rev.17:00
npitreukleinek: sorry17:00
GrueMasterIf you are kernel savvy, you could probably forward port the changes though.17:01
amitkin-game: the rest of the arm packages have been carried forward just fine17:01
in-gameok, yeah i wanted to update lxdm because of the network xplore function17:02
GrueMasterUnfortunately 9.04 packages are built for ARMv5 and 10.04 were built for ARMv7.  It would be like running x86_64 code on an Intel Pentium (P5).17:03
amitkin-game: you could enable the lucid repo in /etc/apt/sources.list and only upgrade certain packages17:04
amitkGrueMaster: the processor is a ARMv717:04
GrueMasteramitk: The processor may be, but the kernel doesn't have support for it.17:04
in-gameamitk tried that, but it deleted my x packages somehow17:04
in-gametried it twice now17:05
amitkGrueMaster: in-game does NOT want to upgrade the kernel, just the desktop. He can do that if the dependencies were carried over correctly17:06
amitkin-game: it is quite possible that the new version of the desktop brings in a new version of X which ofcourse doesn't have new version of some display driver or similar. That could kill your X17:07
in-gameso hm first uprade the x17:10
in-gamecan add 10.04 to the repro and upgrade just without the kernel?17:10
amitkin-game: are you trying a 9.04->10.04 upgrade direct?17:11
amitkthat is probably untested. Have you tried a 9.04->9.10 ?17:11
in-gamemaye first 9.1017:11
in-gamenot yet17:11
in-gameheh that is pretty good one :)17:12
NCommanderamitk: in-game: this is probably a bad idea. Netwalker kernel is very dated, and doesn't have proper thumb2 handling support which is required for lucid (you might get karmic to work)17:12
amitkNCommander: that is what I just suggested ^^ :)17:13
in-gameyep :)17:13
* NCommander brain farts, and goes to hide in a corner17:13
in-gameno need for hiding, I tried it twice.... ><17:15
in-gameWell lets try a update!17:21
in-gamethanks for the info people17:21
in-gameSpeak to you later, if it works I will be back soon17:21
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ojnLucid isn't built with neon enabled by default, right?20:52
cwillu_at_workneon in what?20:54
cwillu_at_worklibpixman includes neon routines for instance20:54
cwillu_at_workbut as far as I know, gcc never outputs neon instructions automatically20:54
ojnhuh. that won't run on Dove then...20:54
slangasekvarious packages include neon-optimized routines as alternatives but they're expected to work on non-neon systems too20:55
cwillu_at_workI'll check, but I'd expect there to be guard clauses20:55
armin76ojn: its not20:55
ojnok, thanks.20:56
armin76ojn: last time i checked ubntu had an old version of pixman which didn't had the neon routines20:56
armin76iirc pixman compiled automatically with neon, but it gets disabled/enabled at runtime20:57
armin76ssvb: is the master here :D20:57
cwillu_at_workarmin76, pixman-0.16.4 has some neon fastpaths20:59
cwillu_at_workI'm looking at apt-get source libpixman-1-020:59
cwillu_at_workdoesn't have the more recent work done in january though21:00
armin76cwillu_at_work: as i said, ssvb should know for sure :)21:01
cwillu_at_workarmin76, argument screens off authority :p21:01
armin76iirc the neon stuff was reworked on >0.16 by ssvb itself :)21:01
cwillu_at_worki.e., I'm looking at the source code :)21:01
loolojn, armin76, cwillu_at_work: lucid's and maverick's pixman have some NEON bits which are detected at runtime (via /proc/self/auxv)22:44
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