Brianwhat are some of the best tools for creating artwork for... say... dialog box layout, welcome screen box and what are the specifications?15:38
thorwilubuntu should _so_ have a vuvuzela start-up sound!!20:46
* thorwil looks at the rock hyperair is living under20:53
hyperairit's cosy here. don't you want to come in? =)20:53
* thorwil prefers hos own rock20:54
zniavreooops sorrry for that20:55
kwwiiproving that nobody except thorwil and myself are watching footbal21:32
kwwiihyperair: american or canadian by any chance?21:33
hyperairkwwii: malaysian.21:33
kwwiilol, well so much for cultural bias21:34
kwwiiI'm american but have lived in germany for 15 years21:34
kwwii15 years ago I would not have known anything about football21:34
kwwiinow I do :p21:34
kwwiithe vuvuzela is the horn that *everyone* attending the world cup matches in south africa are blowing21:35
kwwiithey play a B or flat C note...really annoying21:35
kwwiivery loud21:35
hyperairi'm chinese but have lived in malaysia for all my life ;-)21:35
kwwiithat is how the world works :p21:36
hyperairi see.21:36
kwwiiI have met so many people from so many parts of the world through ubuntu21:36
kwwiiit is really amazing21:36
kwwiihalf of the people I meet say "I am from X but live in Y"21:37
kwwiifor whatever reasons21:37
kwwiihey ian_brasil: haven't seen anything on the list lately...are there any art needs from your side we could help with?21:38
ian_brasilkwwii: hey kwwii ..we will just use the default plasma-mobile shell for now21:41
ian_brasilbut thanks for the offer21:42
ian_brasilprobably for maverick +1 we will want to modify the defaults a bit21:43
kwwiiian_brasil: cool, plasma is really easy to theme so if you need anything please let me know :-)21:44
kwwiinight all21:58

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