tpjmiamifunny enough, that same webpage suggests replacing pulseaudio w/ esound: sudo aptitude purge pulseaudio && sudo aptitude install esound00:01
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tpjmiamiwill be back tomorrow, thks00:28
* GoddessNemesis is aka switchgirl00:38
Silver_Fox_Can see :)00:38
Silver_Fox_Did you fix your usb ?00:39
GoddessNemesisi thin it's the desktop to be honest00:41
Silver_Fox_What makes you think that?00:50
GoddessNemesisdarn missd him i was brushing my teeth00:54
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sinnetHi, I need to install cuda sdk for using md5 crack gpu... i didn't found it it on repos, so i started looking for information, and i found a way which is downloading from nvidia.com a .run file for ubuntu 10.4, getting ggc-4.3 and making a couple of symlinks02:05
sinnetthe thing is, i'd like to be able to remove the package02:05
sinnetjust not just compile it blindy using the script included in the .run file02:07
stlsaintyou should be able to purge anything you install on your system02:08
aveilleux"cuda sdk for using md5 crack gpu"?02:09
stlsaintyea that is a mouthful tbh02:09
aveilleuxThe um02:09
aveilleuxthe md5sum isn't anything you need to crack02:09
aveilleuxIt's not a code02:09
paultagsinnet: do you know what you are doing?02:09
paultagsinnet: you know cuda is only for nvidia, right?02:10
sinnetyeah, i want to experiment cracking MD5 hashes using GPU02:10
stlsaintdownload from nvidia????02:10
sinneti know cuda is from nvidia...02:10
paultagstlsaint: yeah02:10
paultagstlsaint: cuda is nvidia only02:10
sinneti have the nvidia driver installed of course...02:10
sinnetthe propietary one, and i have an nvidia card02:11
paultagsinnet: you're going to have a hell of a time. I worked with cuda for a while under gnu/linux, and it was rough around the edges02:11
paultagsinnet: you can try and write it in python in five minutes02:11
paultagsinnet: just don't save it to the disk, if you try and do all 8 length combos you will be well over a TB02:11
stlsaintpaultag: LOL...that was the first task you gave me and i still have yet to write that!! :D02:11
paultagsinnet: so start with md5 from 1-4 and learn from then up. Don't forget non keyboaord utf symbols02:12
paultagstlsaint: :D02:12
paultagstlsaint: sure was :)02:12
sinnetlol... paultag02:12
sinnetrainbow tables would be easier02:12
paultagsinnet: as you can tell, I've done all this before ;)02:12
paultagsinnet: but they take up terabytes to be useful02:12
sinneti know...02:12
paultagsinnet: and that's only for unsalted for under 8 chars02:12
paultagsinnet: write it in python02:12
sinnetlook, i just want to use cuda enabled software02:13
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paultagsinnet: it takes a few minutes02:13
paultagsinnet: it will take a long time to get CUDA running, and I spend my life on GNU/Linux02:13
paultagsinnet: it took me a long while, and I'm not a n00b02:13
paultagjsut saying02:13
paultagit's not easy02:13
sinnetI understand... and i am not that of a noob too..02:14
paultagsinnet: if you want to play with md5 hashes, write it. CUDA will only be more effective at large cracks02:14
paultagstlsaint: and since you are "just playing with it" I would strongly advise you don't do it that way02:14
paultagerm sinnet *02:14
sinneti wanna see if it is feasible to crack certain passwords... even cain & abel in windows is going slow02:15
paultagsinnet: then that becomes the grey area where we can't help02:15
sinneti could run md5 crack gpu in windows, but that wont mean learning02:15
sinneti am not cracking everyone mate...02:15
paultagsinnet: we can only help with 100% not-even-close-to-anything-that-can-be-illigal stuff02:15
sinneti generated my own hashes02:16
sinnetand i wanna crack them you see02:16
paultagsinnet: read what I just wrote02:16
paultagsinnet: that can be applied to illicit stuff, even though no one uses unsalted MD5s, we can't go there02:16
sinnetcant help with cuda??02:16
paultagNo sinnet, you are using it for that grey area. We can't help here02:17
paultagsinnet: go find some programming guides for cuda02:17
paultagsinnet: those will help get it installed02:17
paultagsinnet: good luck, don't fuck up :)02:17
sinnetso basically02:17
sinnettheres not easy way in lucid??02:17
paultagsinnet: there is, but we can not help here02:17
sinnetgood.. ok02:18
sinneti have another question02:19
sinnettotally unrelated02:19
paultagsinnet: what's up.02:19
sinnetI figured out a way to use ffado and jack with my external audio interface card02:19
paultagsinnet: kk, ye02:20
sinnetbut i want to be able to connect what goes to pulseaudio to jack.. and i found a ppa that is supposed to have pulseaudio configured for jacksupport, you just have to edit the modules02:21
sinnetso well, darn, it didnt work, rhymbox or firefox would crash02:21
paultagsinnet: that ruins the reason you have JACK02:21
sinnetbut it replaced the original libpulse002:22
paultagsinnet: it's for low latency audio, pulse would bog down JACK02:22
sinneti know, but i just wanna listen to stuff with my external firewire card02:22
sinnetffado is not supported in pulseaudio02:22
paultagsinnet: use JACK apps for doing what those pulse apps do02:22
paultagsinnet: mplayer supports JACK02:22
sinnetrhymbox doesnt support jack02:22
sinneti use vlc for now02:22
paultagsinnet: rb sucks02:22
paultagsinnet: there is a winamp clone for it as well02:23
paultagsinnet: and mpd works too, I think02:23
sinnetaudacius, but jack plugin is wrong02:23
sinneti dont know why.... it outputs low volume02:23
paultagI've never had an issue with it02:23
paultagsinnet: turn it up :D02:23
sinnetit is really down02:23
paultagsinnet: run it through JACK Rack worst case02:23
paultagsinnet: and throw the gain up02:23
paultagsinnet: install patchage if you don't have it already02:23
paultagyou'll be needing that02:24
* zkriesse waves to paultag02:24
paultaghey zkriesse02:24
sinneti have jack control02:24
paultagsinnet: that's for controlling the jack daemon02:24
sinneti configure the patches there02:24
paultagsinnet: trust me, patchage02:24
paultagsinnet: I use jack in my recording studio, patchage is the way to go02:25
sinnetk will try mate02:25
paultagsinnet: good luck :)02:25
sinnethave you been using firefox in flash sites02:26
sinnetwith jackd daemon on??02:26
sinnetbecause it normally causes crashes here02:26
paultagsinnet: no, it's a recording studio. I take MIDI  and audio in and record it02:26
paultagsinnet: I have a desktop for my normal work02:26
sinnetyou are lucky02:26
Vantraxhey paultag02:26
paultagand a netbook02:26
sinneti wish i could just use ffado throught pulseaudio02:26
paultagheyya Vantrax02:26
Vantraxi have a challange for you02:26
paultagVantrax: sup brother02:26
paultagVantrax: I'm here02:26
paultagsinnet: aye02:26
paultagsinnet: talk with the programmers who designed it02:27
Vantraxive been trying to find a way to chance the face browser logo without using ubuntu tweak02:27
paultagVantrax: what face logo? the icon?02:27
Vantraxthe Ubuntu logo02:27
sinnetwell, they are not very active paultag, besides, you know, when i turn on the firewire interface, i have to boot to windows first02:27
sinnetso it can output sound02:27
paultagVantrax: /usr/share/icons02:27
paultagsinnet: wtf02:27
paultagVantrax: just replace the dist-icon ( or something like that )02:28
paultagVantrax: it's all in there02:28
Vantraxthat simple....02:28
paultagVantrax: just make gnome-vantrax and mod the gnome/ theme02:28
paultagVantrax: don't forget the scalable svgs as well :)02:28
sinnetits a bebob device, its just luck i can get it to work, because the developers dont have this exact model02:28
paultagsinnet: keep bugging them02:29
sinnetso it seems that when i start to windows it sends the mixer configuration02:29
paultagsinnet: developers love that02:29
sinneti might try that02:29
paultagsinnet: lets them know someone uses it02:29
Vantraxpaultag just want to change that one image, that is supposed to be a 64x64 png file02:29
paultagVantrax: wait... I think we are talking about two different things02:30
paultagVantrax: the GDM login, or once you are in GNOME ?02:30
sinnetpaultag, how much time do you have using ubuntu?02:30
Vantraxthe face browser02:30
paultagVantrax: even easier!!!02:30
Vantraxthe applet you see02:30
paultagVantrax: /usr/share/icons, there is a folder for the GDM icon set02:30
Vantraxwhich one is that?02:31
paultagsinnet: since 2007, before that it was Debian from 05 ish, and before that Mandrake from 200102:31
paultagVantrax: sec, let me look it up. 10.04, yeah?02:31
Vantraxbeen trying to work this out for a few days02:31
paultagVantrax: LoginIcons02:31
paultagVantrax: Vantrax /usr/share/icons/LoginIcons/apps/6402:32
paultagVantrax: eog computer.png02:32
paultagVantrax: that one ?02:32
Vantraxthat looks like it, ill back it up and swap it and see02:32
paultagVantrax: kk :)02:32
paultagVantrax: you can add a divert and add a .deb for your mod, and use that for your hack :D02:32
paultagVantrax: let me know :)02:35
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paultagewww ZachK_02:36
ZachK_paultag: well i'm gonna connect on my ipod02:36
ZachK_paultag: so i change the nick and boom...there i go02:36
ZachK_paultag: suck it up pretty boy02:36
paultagzkriesse: you should fix up yer cloak02:38
paultagzkriesse: it's still zackk02:38
zkriessepaultag: I know...I've asked02:38
paultagzkriesse: what did they say?02:39
Vantraxthat did it paultag thanks02:39
paultagVantrax: sure thing, bud. Have a screenshot for me? I'd love to see the mod :)02:39
Vantraxcan you do a printscreen on the login?02:40
zkriessepaultag: Dont remeber02:40
paultagVantrax: not sure02:40
sinnetpaultag: when you use a software that is not available or updated in repos, do you checkinstall or create a package??02:40
paultagsinnet: me personally?02:40
sinnetYes, what the seasoned users prefer02:41
sinnetwhat's your approach02:41
paultagsinnet: I wrote my own package manager I usually use, but before that I usually rolled a crude .deb. Checkinstall has issues, but is nice for the new user02:41
Vantraxdo we know what the screenshot app is called, i can run the desktop file on startup02:41
paultagVantrax: sec02:41
paultaggnome-screenshot something02:41
paultagOh that's it02:41
paultagVantrax: gnome-screenshot02:41
sinnetpaultag: what kind of issues? (send me a link if you want)02:41
paultagsinnet: with non-libtool make files I think it threw a shitfit. I can't recall exactly, but I remember it giving me shit, and one day I decided to ditch it02:42
paultagit's debs sucked as well ( the output debs )02:42
paultagyou would never give them to anyone02:42
sinnetoh, yes, i read about that02:43
sinnetso maybe the best approach would be to make crude debs??02:43
paultagsecond best is never the best02:44
sinnetdid you release the packet manager or is just a little private project??02:46
paultagsinnet: it's not done yet02:46
paultagsinnet: I never release unstable code as production02:46
sinnetbut the source is public?02:47
paultagsinnet: yes, but undocumented, buggy and apt to drive one insane02:47
sinnetgood luck with it mate02:47
sinnethave a good day, night, whateaver it is for you02:48
paultagsinnet: thanks, I enjoy working on it02:48
sinnetgotta go now bye02:48
paultagsinnet: later02:48
JackJelinekhey guys first time Ubuntu user, loving it so far but i have one question: does anyone know how to get a Creative Labs SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio 24-BIT PCI Sound Card working on the newest ubuntu distro?04:58
ddecatorthat's very specific :)04:59
JackJelinekwell I've tried to google it and i can't find anything before 2008 and none of those have worked out for me04:59
ddecatorhm, i'm wondering where to look to see if the kernel supports the card..05:00
JackJelinekim trying to follow this to see if it even sees my card but i dont know05:01
ddecatorlspci | grep Audio05:02
ddecatorthat command might show the card05:05
JackJelinekthis is what i got: 00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)05:05
JackJelinek01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc HD48x0 audio05:05
ddecatorhm, a couple years ago they started adding X-Fi support to ALSA..05:05
JackJelinekwhat is ALSA?05:06
goodtimei think its a script05:07
goodtimelike java05:07
ddecatorit used to manage sound on ubuntu, now pulse is used on top of it05:07
JackJelinekany idea what i can do to get this working then? its very boring being in this house with it totally silent :P05:08
goodtimego to system topp bar05:08
goodtimehardwear drivers05:09
ddecatorit sounds like it should work out of box. it could be a few different things05:09
ddecatorthe driver went opensource two years ago05:09
JackJelinekokay when i pressed hardware drivers i got ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver and thats it05:10
ddecatorand the area on the creative site that hosts the opensource drivers won't load for me atm :/05:10
goodtimeits what i did though i run 2 monitors well also05:11
JackJelinekoh yeah if we're on the subject of that how do i enable both my monitors? hah im full of problems05:11
ddecatorgoodtime: wanna help with that? ^ :)05:11
goodtimetook me 1 hour to figure that out05:11
ddecatorJackJelinek: the best i can find for the sound issue at the moment is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems05:12
ddecatordefinitely not ideal, it _should_ work automatically from the sound of things..05:13
goodtimei just go to the nivdia drive settings there and set it05:13
goodtimethis one will have togo to it anyhow05:13
ddecatoroh yah, nvidia has the separate xorg settings thing05:13
ddecatori know xrandr was used to handle multiple monitors, but i can't remember if that's the current or the old way of doing it..05:14
goodtimeyeah thats true05:15
JackJelineki recently reinstalled this and i did it somehow last time by getting the catalyst control thing... but i cant figure out how to download it again. Linux is confusing...05:15
ddecatordoes System > Preferences > Monitors give the option to add multiple monitors?05:15
ddecatorJackJelinek: any new OS is confusing at first :)05:16
goodtimeoh yeah05:16
JackJelineknope it says it only detects the one... except its on both at the same time05:16
JackJelinekill be right back05:17
JackJelinekokay got both my monitors working :)05:18
ddecatorthat's progress :)05:20
JackJelinekif i install the alsa driver for this will that maybe enable sound?05:20
goodtimeupdate your system05:20
GoddessNemesisanyone know about how much of the uk cant get online05:21
JackJelinekupdate my system how exactly? I hate being such a noob in this.05:22
ddecatorGoddessNemesis: nope05:23
ddecatorJackJelinek: alsa is installed by default. you can update by using the terminal or running the update manager05:23
JackJelinekhmmm... okay.05:24
JackJelinekokay i just downloaded 201mb of updates so hopefully it will be somewhere in there05:29
ddecatorJackJelinek: Ubuntu 10.04?05:30
JackJelinekwhichever is the most recent.05:30
JackJelinekthat sounds right...05:30
ddecatoryup :)05:30
ddecatorsounds like you may have never updated since installing05:30
JackJelinekyeah i havent... so lets hope this works!05:31
* ddecator crosses fingers05:31
Megamoosetrying to boot ubuntu 10.04 with old dv1000 hp laptop - hangs at broadcom bcm43# driver loading - i've turned off the wifi transceiver, no luck.  Any ideas?  thanks,05:31
Megamooseinstructions on updating firmware are very complicated - not something I know much about05:32
ddecatorMegamoose: did you install the proprietary broadcom driver?05:33
Megamooseno, have not tried that as I don't get past the booting process - i'm working off a usb stick - gets hung up and doesnt let me get into ubunut05:34
Megamooseis there a05:35
ddecatorah, ok. did you see a log that told you it was freezing when trying to load the driver?05:35
Megamoosea "safe" mode to boot up in?05:35
ddecatorthere's a recovery mode you can choose from the GRUB boot menu05:35
Megamooseyea, gave me a web page for firmware updates05:36
ddecatora web page?05:37
goodtimethats differnt05:37
Megamoosetrying to re-create to read the message05:38
Megamoosethe message reads (in part) [36.951154 ] ERROR:  firmware file "b43-open/ucode5.fw" not found, go to http:/wireless.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/b43#device and download the correct firmware for this driver version05:43
Megamoosealso missing are "b43-open/ucode5.fw05:43
ddecatorwell that's strange..05:44
Megamoosemy laptop model is not listed - when i go to that page05:44
ddecatorunfortunately i've never run into a firmware issue like that before, so i'm not sure what needs to be done..05:46
kermiacMegamoose: can you boot into the recovery console?05:47
ddecatorkermiac: hey mate :)05:47
kermiachowdy ddecator :)05:48
Megamoosesorry - dont know how to boot into recover console.05:48
Megamoosei can get to the boot prompt - what do i do then?05:48
goodtimetasksel i thing Megamoose05:49
kermiacok, when you're booting hold the left shift... ok, then select the 2nd line (should have  recovery mode in brackets at the end of the line)05:50
Megamoosesorry - i'm a REAL newby!  is "tasksel" a command?05:50
goodtimeMegamoose: what kermiac said05:51
kermiacMegamoose: from the boot menu - select the 2nd line (should have recovery mode in brackets at the end of the line)05:52
Megamoosei'm booting from usb stick - it tells me "loading /casper/vmlinuz05:52
kermiacMegamoose: then press enter... after it continues to boot you should have another menu. ensure your ethernet cable is connected & select netroot05:53
kermiacMegamoose: hang on05:53
kermiacMegamoose: are you using a live usb?05:53
Megamoosepluging in ethernet05:54
Megamoosethe usb stick is one i just made a few days ago - ubuntu 10.0405:54
kermiacMegamoose: ok, at the bootmenu do you have something similar to http://apcmag.com/system/files/images/ubuntu30.jpg05:56
Megamooseno, i dont get that far - i'm at the installer menu05:57
Megamooserun ubuntu from this usb, install ubuntu on hard disk, etc.05:57
Megamoosei have to stop the running to get to the boot prompt05:58
goodtimeso ypur live05:58
Megamooseif i type "live vga=771 noacpi nolacpi" at the boot prompt, then i get to the point where it hangs with that message abt the b43 firmware missing05:59
goodtimeso the copy is bad06:00
Megamooseive tried the same with a cd rom, downloaded twice the iso file...06:01
goodtimeidk about that much im a noob in many ways06:01
Megamoosegootime: you prob have this stuff more in your head then others since it's still fresh! I appreciate the help!!06:02
kermiacMegamoose: did you check the md5sum of the iso to ensure it is not corrupted?06:02
Megamooseyea, i should do that - but the stick works on a newer fujitsu laptop06:03
Megamoosethe fujitsu loads just fine06:03
kermiacMegamoose: if it works on another pc fine then we can rule that out06:03
kermiacMegamoose: have you tried booting with the wireless disabled?06:04
Megamooseyes, disabled and still same06:04
Megamoosei can upload the error message as i took a pic06:04
kermiacMegamoose: that would be good06:05
kermiacMegamoose: also, what model laptop are you using?06:05
Megamoosehp dv100006:05
MegamooseOK, here's the error message i get:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/17789024@N03/4708440572/sizes/l/06:10
kermiacMegamoose: can you try booting by adding "nomodeset" to your boot paremeter? so that would make it ""live vga=771 nomodeset"06:13
Megamooseok, will try06:13
Megamoosegiving me the littledots below ubuntu06:15
Megamoosenope, no luck - same error message06:15
Megamooseabout the b43 firmware file06:15
Megamooseeven if i found the right firmware file, where would i put it?  in the usb stick i would guess, but anywhere?06:16
kermiacMegamoose: do you know what video card the laptop has? nvidia, intel or ati?06:20
Megamoosekermiac; gotta reboot in windows to get the model06:21
kermiacMegamoose: can you please try adding "i915.modeset=0" (w/o quotes) to your boot options06:23
Megamoosekermiac:  ha!! i tried a brief other experiment:  loading ubuntu 8.04 - it splashed the same error message but i'm in now - on 8.04 running off cd-rom!!06:28
kermiacMegamoose: yeah, I am thinking that is more of a warning message & that the intel graphics & KMS is more likely to be the issue06:29
Megamoosei'm trying your suggestion now06:29
kermiacMegamoose: I can't find the ubuntu wiki page right now, but the kubuntu wiki page should be the same - https://wiki.kubuntu.org/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes06:29
Megamoosekermiac: running your suggestion now06:31
kermiacMegamoose: found the ubuntu wiki doc - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes06:31
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Megamoosekermiac:  sorry, same error message - only in bright red font color, go figure!06:33
kermiacMegamoose: please look at the wiki page i linked above. I messed up the command option06:34
kermiacMegamoose: please see the "From the Live CD Section" - Add "i915.modeset=1" after "quiet splash".06:34
Megamoosekermiac: the "quiet splash" being the ubuntu logo with four dots below?06:36
kermiacMegamoose: no, that should be part of the boot options on the livecd06:37
kermiacMegamoose: 1) At the purple screen with a keyboard and stickfigure, press Enter to get to the menu.06:37
kermiac2) Hit Enter to select your language, and then press F6 and then Esc.06:37
kermiac3) Add "i915.modeset=1" after "quiet splash".06:37
kermiac4) Press Enter to boot the LiveCD.06:37
kermiac!pastebin | kermiac06:37
ubot2kermiac, please see my private message06:37
ddecatorkermiac: you can message ubot if you want info for yourself :p06:43
Megamoosekermiac: i'm in!!06:43
Megamoosei did the complete line "live vga=771 noapic nolapic i915.modeset=106:44
Megamooseit worked!06:44
kermiacvery good :)06:44
Megamoosekermiac:  thank you very much!! it's just about 11 pm in CA - i'm going to call it a night!!  thank you very much again!!06:46
kermiacno problems Megamoose, I'm glad it got sorted out for you :)06:46
ddecatori think kermiac has earned some extra BT karma :)06:47
kermiacthanks Dray :)06:48
kermiacok, I'm outta here - finally finished work, time to head home. I'll bbl06:48
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JackJelinekhey guys can someone help me enabling sound on ubuntu with my creative x-fi extreme audio18:26
JackJelineki had some people help me last night on this and i finally got ubuntu to recognize my card but on my KDE control module my card is greyed out and i can't actually use it. something came up saying KDE thought the sound card was unnessisary and could be removed.... any idea how to enable this card?18:27
ubot2If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:28
JackJelineknow it says there is no hardware...18:31
JackJelinekno one has any clue?18:37
zkriesseJackJelinek: Ok please be patient...18:41
zkriesseJackJelinek: If those are here that are in the channel then they are most likely trying to search for an answer....remember, we are all here on a volunteer basis...we do have lives too...well, some of us do anyway18:42
paultagJackJelinek: have you tried this == http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64990818:44
JackJelinekyes, i have been trying to install OSS (which it says on a link i went to from there)18:45
paultagJackJelinek: no need18:45
paultagJackJelinek: it is already on ubuntu iirc18:46
paultagJackJelinek: looks like it worked for Bruno there18:46
paultagJackJelinek: so try his stuff18:47
paultagJackJelinek: and this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571656&highlight=xfi18:47
JackJelineki'm super new to Ubuntu and Linux so all this on this page is alien to me.18:48
JackJelinekhow do i install a .tar.bz2?18:50
paultagJackJelinek: it's kind hard. What are you tring to install?18:51
paultagJackJelinek: that is a downgrade18:52
paultagJackJelinek: that's new in 2007, it's 1.0.1518:52
paultagJackJelinek: we are on
JackJelinekgaaaah why isn't this working then18:52
paultagJackJelinek: is the volume unmuted?18:53
JackJelineki can't mute or unmute because it says i have no sound hardware18:53
paultagJackJelinek: is this internal or external18:53
paultagJackJelinek: e.g. pci or usb18:53
paultagJackJelinek: pastebin lspci18:54
paultag!pastebin | JackJelinek18:54
ubot2JackJelinek: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:54
paultagwell good news is that it sees it18:55
paultag03:07.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster18:55
JackJelineknow i just wish i could enable it :P18:55
paultagsec JackJelinek18:55
paultagJackJelinek: pastebin the following two commands18:56
paultagsudo aplay -l18:56
paultaglspci -v18:56
paultagI need to see if you have a module for it18:56
paultagyou don't have aplay ?18:58
JackJelineki dont know what that is?18:58
JackJelinekso guess not? hah18:58
paultag\Kernel driver in use: oss_audigyls18:58
paultagso the card is working, you just don't have the subsystem18:58
paultagsec JackJelinek18:58
paultagJackJelinek: sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils gstreamer0.10-alsa18:59
JackJelinekokay done18:59
JackJelineknow do you want me to sudo aplay -l?18:59
paultagJackJelinek: please19:00
JackJelinekaplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...19:00
paultagrestart alsa19:00
paultag/etc/init.d/alsasound restart19:00
JackJelinekit says no such file or directory19:01
paultagJackJelinek: sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart19:01
JackJelineksudo: /etc/init.d/pulseaudio: command not found19:01
paultagJackJelinek: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-esound-compat pulseaudio-module-gconf pulseaudio-module-x11 pulseaudio-utils gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio19:02
JackJelinekokay done now sudo /ect/int.d/pulseaudio?19:02
JackJelinek* PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions19:03
paultagJackJelinek: kk, sec19:03
paultagJackJelinek: run19:03
paultagpulseaudio --check19:03
JackJelinekhow exactly? sorry for not knowing anything about this yet19:04
paultagJackJelinek: run that command in a terminal19:04
paultagJackJelinek: and no sorry here19:05
JackJelineknothing happened19:05
paultagJackJelinek: this is a beginners channel for a reason19:05
paultagJackJelinek: OK, that's good19:05
paultagJackJelinek: you will need to restart. Please come back and let us know if it's worked or not19:05
paultaghe did not have alsa or pulse19:06
JackJelinekdoesnt look like anything has changed19:08
JackJelinekwell, my sound icon in the top right is totally gone now19:10
paultagJackJelinek: od19:10
paultagJackJelinek: open up "alsamixer"19:10
paultagJackJelinek: is there a "master" channel?19:10
JackJelinekwhere is alsamixer?19:10
paultagJackJelinek: it's on the command line19:11
JackJelinekso input it in a terminal? i got this: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory19:11
paultagoh interesting19:11
paultagJackJelinek: you look like you are missing the whole subsystem19:11
goodtimeapps/sound and video19:12
paultagJackJelinek: your sound card is working fine, but the audio system is borked. Did you do anything toy our install?19:12
JackJelineknot that i know of.19:13
paultagJackJelinek: did you install or remove anything that might be noteworthy19:13
JackJelineknope. I gave up about a month ago and never booted into ubuntu since yesterday when i wanted to get this all running so i dont really remember if i did or not19:14
JackJelinekis there anyway i can fix it?19:14
paultagJackJelinek: it's very complex, there is a lot that makes up the sound system. The easiest way is to reinstall. This problem should _never_ happen, but for some reason you got lucky and got no sound daemons19:15
JackJelinekive had to reinstall ubuntu so many times. sometimes when i installed it the GRUB or something was gone i guess19:15
JackJelinekother times my video card wouldnt work19:16
paultagJackJelinek: man you are not lucking out :(19:16
JackJelinekubuntu does not like me...19:16
paultagJackJelinek: you can try #pulseaudio19:16
paultagJackJelinek: they should know better then me, just explain your whole soundsystem is missing and you don't have /dev/mixer19:16
paultagJackJelinek: be sure to tell them you are new and to go easy on the terminal stuff ;)19:17
JackJelinekthanks a lot for all your help19:18
paultagJackJelinek: sorry I could not help more19:18
JackJelineklets hope these people here can :)19:19
paultagJackJelinek: aye aye!19:20
kaushalthe email body to a particular team. I do have multiple hosts with multiple plugins. is there a easy and efficient way to do it ?19:26
kaushalI am using collectd on ubuntu server 8.04. I have a special requirement is that i need to send png graphs which has to be embed on19:27
kaushalthe email body to a particular team. I do have multiple hosts with multiple plugins. is there a easy and efficient way to do it ?19:27
=== kaushal is now known as krssup
=== krssup is now known as kaushal
TheoI am trying to get my vpn (ultravpn) working again, but i always get this error: The VPN connection "UltraVPN" failed because there were no valid VPN secrets. What does it mean?21:11
TheoAnyone here who could help me out with a VPN Connection problem?21:13
frank1_how difficult is it to find a copy of windows and than use that to install onto a separate partition?21:47
pedro3005it's easy. just buy it21:48
frank1_that goes against almost all my beleifs21:49
frank1_i really just need it to backup my blackberry21:49
pedro3005well we can't advocate piracy here21:50
zkriessewhat up punks21:59
IronreaperOk, I updated and now my window manager will not work upon startup, I go into system and preferences, Visual effects and set it to Normal and it works.22:07
IronreaperAnyone have an Idea of why its doing this, did not happen till after I updated22:07
zkriesseIronreaper: how did you install22:07
IronreaperThe updates?22:07
zkriesseIronreaper: did you upgrade or do a full fresh install22:07
zkriesseNo, Ubuntu22:08
zkriesseI assume that's what you're using22:08
IronreaperFull fresh install, about 2 months ago.22:08
zkriesseWhat distro22:08
zkriesseI mean what version22:08
IronreaperNo problems till after recent updates22:08
Ironreaper10.04 64 bit22:08
IronreaperThe updates have ruined everything22:09
zkriesseMight be because of the 64 bit22:09
IronreaperI used to play games, using Wine emulator22:09
Ironreaperand the recent Nvidia update that I installed yesterday has rendered my computer useless to games22:09
Ironreapersays I do not have a 3D accelerator22:09
IronreaperI do believe I will reinstall completely and never update.22:10
zkriesseWell it's good to update as it fixes bug patches and such22:10
zkriessehave you tried searching for any length of time or are you just frustrated and don't care22:11
zkriessebecause being frustrated about this will NOT solve anything22:11
IronreaperI have been searching for 3 days now22:11
Ironreaperfinally figured out it was my window manager22:11
pedro3005hey guys.. does anyone feel like a quick lesson in C#?22:12
zkriessepedro3005: You giving the lesson22:12
pedro3005zkriesse, no22:12
pedro3005It's gonna happen in the channel ##learners22:13
zkriessepedro3005: who is22:13
pedro3005to whoever may interest it22:13
Ironreapersorry, more interested in figuring out my problems first.22:14
IronreaperI'm do think I may buy Windows 7, I am an avid gamer and do miss playing Crysis22:14
zkriesseIronreaper: ok well that has nothing to do with your issue22:16
zkriesseand windows seven sucks22:16
zkriessecase in point22:16
zkriessehe was a little bit of an ass22:23
ZeRoDeAtH50435does anyone know how to install regnum online for linux I downloaded the linux version but it will not install22:30
Vantraxwhat format is it in22:32
ZeRoDeAtH50435never mind I got it22:33
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok now it says that my video card is unsupported22:35
ZeRoDeAtH50435I do not know what drivers to download22:38
ZeRoDeAtH50435what is the command to look at my hardware22:44
phillwZeRoDeAtH50435: try lspci22:48
phillwlspci | grep video22:49
ZeRoDeAtH50435did nothing22:51
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: do it in the terminal22:51
ZeRoDeAtH50435I did22:51
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: try this: lspci | grep VGA22:52
Flare183phillw: I hope that helps22:52
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok that worked22:52
ZeRoDeAtH50435my system is up to date but I still get "video card unsupported"22:56
ZeRoDeAtH50435downloaded the linux version but it was a exe file22:57
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: that's wubi22:57
* Flare183 doesn't think that's the real linux22:57
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: that's really windows adapted linux22:57
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: The real linux, is only seen by you burning the ISO to a CD, and booting off the CD22:58
ZeRoDeAtH50435but it was not a ISO22:59
Flare183then you got the wrong thing23:00
Flare183ZeRoDeAtH50435: 32bit or 64bit?23:00
* Flare183 tried regnum23:00
Flare183a while back23:00
Flare183I never could get it to work23:01
Flare183So I went with Eternal Lands23:01
phillwsays it works well with wine?23:05
ZeRoDeAtH50435yeah the MMOs I played on win will not work on linux23:05
phillwwinehq.org has a list of various ones, along with how well they work.23:07
phillwregnum is rated platinum, which is the best rating.23:07
ZeRoDeAtH50435I do not know what drivers I need to install to get it to work23:09
* phillw is not a gamer, but it is often asked questions. There are two places you can look for things on wine, http://forum.winehq.org/ and the ubuntu area at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=313 either should be able to help you.23:11
ZeRoDeAtH50435do you know anything about openGL23:12
phillwfraid not, the people at the gaming section may be of help http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=9323:17
phillwthe ubuntu forum is not just about fixing broken installations :-)23:17
ZeRoDeAtH50435is their a way to make a recovery disk on ubuntu23:24
Flare183!recovery | ZeRoDeAtH5043523:26
ubot2ZeRoDeAtH50435: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"23:26
ZeRoDeAtH50435that will not here me if I put win7 back on my laptop23:27
phillwit depends one what you define as a rescue disk, you can 'photo-copy' your installation to use in case you really break something. having a seperate /home area is always a good idea if you like tinkering with things, as that stores all your own data23:27
phillwZeRoDeAtH50435: you can make an area under the ubuntu installation that win will 'see' and install on, if you're using a win rescue disk, then you need to take a partition backup of your system to ensure you have everything23:28
paultagHey all, I have a question about file systems. I'm looking to layer two filesystems, read from the primary one, and if it's not there, read from the secondary from the same mount point23:29
paultage.g. mount partition 1, with a pristine tree, and then mount partition 2 over partition one to catch all writes23:29
phillwas a win rescue disk, as opposed to a 'real' win disk will re-format your hard drive.23:29
ZeRoDeAtH50435I plan on removing win when I find the exact graphics card that this laptop uses23:30
paultagthen unmount partition one, and have all changes on partition 223:30
ZeRoDeAtH50435then this will not work because all I have is a win7 recovery disk23:31
phillwZeRoDeAtH50435: well, it depends on what you have to use a backup media as to how & what to backup23:31
ZeRoDeAtH50435I will to back up my hole system the way it is right now23:31
ZeRoDeAtH50435I have a few OS in vbox also23:32
phillwZeRoDeAtH50435: you could at using pybackpack http://www.ubuntugeek.com/pybackpack-a-user-friendly-file-backup-tool-for-ubuntu-linux-desktop.html or clonezilla http://clonezilla.org/  they are both fairly straight forward to use23:33
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok I'll check them out thanks23:34
phillwpaultag: AFAIK you cannot mount two partitions on one mount point, but i think you can divert writes.23:36
paultagphillw, do you know how, perchance? Even a write redirect would be a godsend23:38
phillwpaultag: 'fraid not.23:42
paultagkk ty phillw23:42
paultag/away bbl23:42
aveilleuxawayfail, paultag :P23:43
zkriessehello iceflatline23:55
* zkriesse is a bot23:57

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