akgranerjono, ping-a-ling-ling03:39
nigelbJFo: around?05:34
dpmgood morning all07:31
ddecatorgoooooood morning dpm :)07:34
dpmhey ddecator :)07:34
ddecatori really should be more active in this channel..07:35
dholbachgood morning07:52
ddecatormornin' dholbach07:52
dholbachhi ddecator07:52
dpmmorning dholbach07:52
dholbachhola dpm07:52
aramorning ddecator, dpm, dholbach09:10
nigelbdpm: still crying? :D09:33
nigelbgah, missed him09:34
nigelb aloha czajkowski :)09:43
nigelbhaving a good morning so far?09:43
czajkowskisister missed her flight to rome by 2 mins as they'd closed gates as plane was full, and she was still early, not a happy camper09:43
czajkowskinigelb: up since 4:3009:44
czajkowskifound free wifi in her apt09:44
nigelbczajkowski: ouch for your sister and good for ya with the free wifi09:48
nigelbczajkowski: she caught a later flight or just gave up the trip?09:49
czajkowskinope flying out tomorrow09:50
czajkowskishe is obsessed with rome09:50
dholbachhola ara, hey czajkowski and nigelb09:53
czajkowskidholbach: ello09:53
czajkowskinigelb: she goes about 3-4 times a year09:53
czajkowskii suspect there is some cute italian waiter over there she has her eye on09:53
nigelbczajkowski: whoa...hahaha!09:53
jussiargh hungry... no foor for at least 45 mins :(09:54
jussifood even09:54
* nigelb just had a good lunch09:54
jussinigelb: what did you have?09:58
nigelbjussi: chilly chicken and rice :)09:58
jussicold chicken and rice?09:59
jussichilli ;)09:59
popeymmmm chilli chicken is what I usually order in a new indian restaurant as the reference dish10:00
popeyom nom nom10:00
nigelbjussi: oh yeah, chilli :)10:00
dholbachif anybody wonders where dpm went: his power and internet went away but he'll be back soon10:02
dholbachcall his mobile if you need his help10:03
nigelbI don't have a camera or else I could have taken a pic10:03
dpmback from electrical failure...10:23
czajkowskidpm: welcome back10:24
dpmmorning czajkowski, thanks :)10:25
dholbachwelcome back dpm10:28
dpmthanks dholbach :)10:31
dholbachdpm: remember when we talked about i18n'ing the daily builds docs - I'll send a mail about that to ubuntu-translators@lists.u.c in a bit, is that OK?11:37
dholbachdpm: sent11:43
dholbachmy first spec done!11:44
dholbachmy second spec done!11:59
dholbachI'd appreciate if you could all RT http://identi.ca/notice/36650090 and http://twitter.com/dholbach/status/1637948929912:13
dholbachit'd be nice to get as much feedback as possible12:13
* dholbach adds to UWN12:13
dholbachara: gracias12:26
aradholbach, np :-)12:26
aradholbach, I don't have that many followers :-( it would be better if you could make lady gaga retweet it12:27
dholbachara: good idea, I'll talk to a friend who works at Universal - I'm sure he can wangle it12:28
jussiAlanBell: ping12:57
AlanBellhi jussi13:00
jussiAlanBell: got a quick vtiger question if youve a min?13:00
jussiI have a list of leads. is there someway I can pull a list of their email addresses in a sane sort of format? (comma or space separated?)13:01
* AlanBell returns with a cuppa13:11
AlanBelljussi: from the leads page there is an export leads button (sheet of paper with green splodge on it)13:11
AlanBellthat does csv exports13:11
jussiaah, nice13:12
AlanBellyou can also create filters with just certain columns showing, not sure how to export these in a sane format off the top of my head13:12
jussiAlanBell: yeah, I seem to have something at least :) thanks!13:21
popeyczajkowski: manage to get the car sorted?13:34
czajkowskimy day of hell13:34
czajkowskipopey: aye reprogrammed the key13:34
czajkowskibut missed the interview13:34
doctormoczajkowski: *hug*13:35
AlanBellczajkowski: seen the tweets! hugs from me too. What a day13:40
JFonigelb, I'm here now14:05
nigelbJFo: mind a PM?14:06
JFoworks for me :)14:06
nigelbI'd like to hear the thoughts of folks here on on something14:07
nigelbI've often noticed that unless someone actually takes an interest in a bug to get it fixed etc, I find that a lot of fixes don't get through14:07
nigelbIs it just my feeling or have you folks felt the same? ^14:08
vishnot just you .. to fix a bug sometimes the upstream must be interested or a huge crash or someone must poke really hard! ;)14:09
nigelbno I mean cases where even the fix is there14:10
nigelbstuff like SRU14:10
vishnigelb: half my work on papercuts is talking to upstream/waiting for them to look at a bug and bah :(14:10
nigelbvish: I know, thats the tough part14:10
vishyeah , i was mentioning the bugs *with* patches14:10
nigelbbut I'm talking about cases were *we* are slow to act unless its something someone is interested14:10
vishnigelb: SRU is nearly the same , if it aint a huge crasher or a regression it gets little attention unless someone is interested14:11
nigelbso, its not just me.  I have to poke someone to get a discussion on improving this situation14:12
nigelbgah, I wish my mails to -devel were not moderated14:12
vishnigelb: its not an unknown thing, its just shortage of sufficient hands14:13
nigelbI dunno, it would be nice to see if someone has any thoughts regarding this14:13
JFonigelb, it could be similar to the kernel team14:16
JFothere may just be not enough bandwidth14:16
nigelbJFo: I think its worth a talk at next uds.  Perhaps brainstorming on what else we could to improve this situation. dholbach, thoughts?14:17
JFoit is a tough thing14:17
JFoI think that process may help, but it will still probably be an issue14:18
JFothere is a BP we are working on to improve upstream14:18
* dholbach hugs czajkowski too, just read scroll back14:18
JFoby looking at how we process bugs with patches14:18
dholbachnigelb: about what?14:18
nigelbfor example - for sru, we can have things like peer review of sru, etc14:18
nigelbdholbach: improving the sitation where things move only when "somone from inside gets it moving"14:19
nigelblike someone new submits an sru proposal, it sometimes just stays and not reviewed14:19
nigelbI'm wondering if we should think of those situations and document it14:19
nigelbeven revu for that matter tends to be a bit slow14:20
nigelbblackZ raised something similar on debian-mentors that got me thinking about ubuntu14:20
vishnigelb: the solution has always been the same : trying to get more people involved. *not* trying to discourage you , but all such discussions always end up with here ;)14:21
nigelbvish: I'm thinking the same, but I'm sure someone who's more optimistic than us can think of something ;)14:21
dholbachnigelb: you mean sponsoring does not work?14:21
vishnigelb: heck i have an SRU waiting for it to be sponsored for more than a month, ;p14:22
nigelbdholbach: things apart from sponsoring not working - sru, revu, etc14:22
nigelbsponsoring has become awesome now after archive reorganization I think14:22
dholbachrevu is definitely a problem14:23
dholbachsru should be brought up on ubuntu-devel@ or something, if it's slow14:23
dholbachI think it's partly because we have no dedicated release manager right now14:23
dholbachor something14:23
nigelbslangasek quit? ;)14:23
nigelbok, so its not just me14:29
dholbachnigelb: he works on some other interesting bits and pieces now14:33
nigelbdholbach: aha :)14:40
akgranerdholbach, what's the link the blog post you added  :-)  thanks as well!!15:10
dholbachakgraner: http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=691 :)15:11
akgranerThanks a bunch :-)15:11
nigelbjcastro: poke15:28
nigelbjcastro: I was talking earlier about slowness in everything except sponsoring - do you have any additional thoughts? (you'll have read a bit of scrollback)15:29
jcastrooh, lemme read up15:30
jcastroI agree with vish, insufficient hands15:31
jcastrounfortunately bobbo's don't grow on trees. :(15:31
nigelbheh, I was thinking we had a peer network to "help" thngs like sru or revu15:31
jcastrowe do, it's just always overworked15:31
nigelbno, I mean before it goes to the overworked sru team, perhaps, have another peer review it15:32
jcastrolike a prereview?15:32
jcastrodunno, I am in general not a fan of adding more stuff on top of something that is slow15:32
nigelbso the low hanging ones without obvious problems can be weeded out15:32
nigelbwhich means the ultimate decision makes get a smaller queue which they really need to go through15:33
jcastrobut I know the feeling with feeling like you're the only person in the world trying to push that bug forward15:33
nigelbI saw that feeling in a lot of people during patch review15:33
nigelbI've had a fair number of patches going to sru too, but that was always because *I* took an interest in it15:33
nigelbIf there was noone there, that would have just rotten there - hence the prereview which I'm trying to think of15:34
nigelbits just an idea forming in my head, dunno where it goes15:34
jcastrothink of it this way15:35
jcastroif we had 400 more developers, we'd still have the same problem, it'd just be more and more bugs15:35
jcastroso either way you've got to keep chipping away at it15:35
jcastrook, maybe not 400, that might solve alot of problems. :p15:36
nigelbdebian has 1000s and still has athe same problem15:36
jcastroas long as we keep streamlinging the bit that makes it easy for people to fix a bug I think we'll be ok15:37
nigelbits something to do with the process and trust and all sorts of things - like if its someone you know and trust coming to you with a patch - I'm sure you'd try to help15:37
jcastrowe're always going to be shorthanded15:37
nigelbtrue. so its probably just feeling overwhelmed :)15:38
jcastroit's ok, if makes you feel better you should have seen years ago when it was dholbach, ogra, and like 3 other guys all by themselves15:38
jcastroactually, you know which ones annoy me the most, are the ones which are fixed upstream and not in ubuntu15:40
jcastrodo an lp query on fixed upstream but not fixed in ubuntu15:40
dholbachit's great that we have all these buckets of patches now15:40
dholbachmakes it so much easier to go and just take a look at a specific lot of them15:40
jcastroactually, that would be a good bucket for next time15:40
dholbachwe can even feed them into harvest easily15:40
nigelbjcastro: ooh, I did that once15:41
jcastronigelb: don't do it now, we're doing a good job with cleansweep I don't want to get depressed, heh15:42
nigelbI didn't do a LP query, I did an api search15:43
jcastrook ok15:43
nigelbit was depressing, took around 24 hours to run15:43
jcastrowhat's the # then15:43
nigelbeventually I stopped the thing15:43
jcastrogood, that gives me 24 hours to mentally prepare15:43
jcastrothough, you'd think that /theoretically/ they would be fixed next time we synced with debian and/or the upstream15:44
nigelbAgree there.  I saw a lot of low ahanging fruit that were closed in debian, but just not closed in ubuntu15:44
dholbachjcastro: zack just gave me some great feedback on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Intro/PatchesForwarding and I improved a few things16:20
dholbachhey jono16:20
jonohey dholbach16:21
jcastrodholbach: next week I am talking to lucas about submittodebian16:21
dholbachjcastro: I had it as a TODO item to talk to him about "when do I send stuff upstream, when do I send to debian"16:21
jcastrodholbach: and how to make that easier16:21
dholbachjcastro: and I <<Include()>> that snippet in loads of places now16:21
jcastrodholbach: he's been busy all this week so I have a bunch of stuff to talk about with him next week, want to do it together?16:22
dholbachjcastro: awesome - I hope it's going to work out16:22
dholbachjcastro: sure why not, when do you want to do it?16:22
dholbach(I never used submittodebian much.)16:22
dholbachI think soren wrote it initially16:22
jcastrodholbach: depends on when he's around, he'll let me know16:23
jcastrodholbach: did you see the thread on -devel about them grabbing ayatana stuff to put in debian?16:23
dholbachparts of it - I was too busy to follow all of it16:24
dholbachbut buxy had a longer chat with me in #debian-ubuntu on OFTC yesterday16:24
dholbachjono: I have two blueprints done now :-D16:24
dholbachjono: do I get a pay raise?16:25
czajkowskidholbach: why is the channel of OFTC when both ubuntu and debian are on freenode??16:26
dholbachczajkowski: debian's not16:26
nigelbjcastro: can I join you both for that?16:27
nigelbI'm writing (or trying to write) something that can take an LP bug number and forward to debian16:28
czajkowskidholbach: 998 in #debian on freenode :)16:28
nigelbczajkowski: all official debian channels are on oftc, they just have presence here16:28
dholbachczajkowski: I think that's a forward or something -I dunno16:28
jcastronigelb: absolutely!16:28
jcastronigelb: basically, the idea is submittodebian should make it easy to forward a patch to debian16:29
jcastronot just buugs!16:29
jonodholbach, nice work!16:29
nigelbjcastro: yep, its a bit clunky now and I'd like to adress that16:29
czajkowskinigelb: dholbach ah fair enough so16:29
jonodholbach, no :)16:29
jcastronigelb: I like the way you roll!16:29
dholbachjono: worth a try :)16:29
jonodoing your actual work is not worthy of a pay rise :P16:30
nigelbdholbach: I think if you spread publicity of severth fifth you might have a chance ;)16:30
jonobrb, grabbing a coffee16:30
nigelbjcastro: heh :)16:30
jononigelb, lol16:30
nigelbjono: its not what he's expected to do, so might be worth it :D16:31
doctormonigelb: Shouldn't we all be getting pay rises then? I'm going to start paying popey 200% more than normal for his good work.16:33
nigelbdoctormo: about time I got a pay rise then :P16:34
nigelbanyways, its 9 pm, I should get off work16:34
nigelbcatch you all tomorrow16:34
jcastrohey popey16:36
doctormonite nigelb16:36
jcastropopey: has elmo responded to you wrt. videos?16:36
jcastropopey: he hasn't responded to me yet I'm afraid16:36
czajkowskihe's afk today16:38
jcastro<--- lunching16:58
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you tomorrow! :)17:01
doctormobye dholbach17:02
dholbachbye guys17:03
dpmok, done with spamming with blueprints, time to call it a day. See you tomorrow everyone!17:20
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
akgranerpopey, ping19:31
akgranercan you pop into -news - we need your services for issue 200 :-)19:31
akgranerand I would rather explain your mission should you choose to accept it there :-)19:32
* JFo becomes curious19:40
JFoerrr nosey19:41
jcastrojono: hey, I found an old video from your wedding band days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZyaOlrb7E&feature=related19:50
jonojcastro, lol, I saw that guy19:50
jonohe is a legend19:50
jcastrosomehow my life goals all of a sudden don't feel complete.19:51
jonoso tonight I audition a drummer for SF19:51
akgranerBecca says  - she can yell into a microphone - can she audition19:52
JFoakgraner, mail on call for experts sent19:52
akgranerI laughed19:52
akgranerJFo, roger that!19:52
akgranerso look how devious my daughter looks - http://frylock.redvoodoo.org/~akgraner/37357_837362337127_12603821_45600542_4499492_n.jpg19:52
JFolooks like whe is plotting evil19:53
akgranerI know19:53
akgranerI didn't realize until I looked at the pic 3 times that Pete and I are both in it19:53
akgranerthat's rare19:53
akgranerThat's interesting  - jcastro19:54
jcastroakgraner: did marjo find you?19:56
akgraneryep we got it all worked out19:57
jcastro<3 thanks for your help on that19:58
akgranerno worries - anytime19:58
akgranerjcastro, do you think it would be helpful just to give all the Foundations Team Leads/Managers access?19:59
jcastroor someone they designate20:00
akgranernods - I'll email everyone tomorrow about that20:01
jcastroakgraner: is there a way to grant access to an lp group?20:02
akgranerfor a google Calendar?  hmmm  - I dunno20:02
jcastroah, right. :-/20:02
jcastroakgraner: or just add me, they'll end up just asking me anyway20:03
JFoyou da man jcastro :)20:03
akgranerI'll throw you under the bus as contact then :-)20:03
jcastrodoctormo: I don't understand your blog post20:09
doctormojcastro: Which part?20:10
jcastrothe article you reference20:10
doctormojcastro: The article was about the new Unity design.20:12
doctormojcastro: Will go offline for a few mins and be back, did you want me to answer some questions for you?20:18
jcastroI am just puzzled by the comments on the article20:19
jcastrobut whatever, I'll get over it20:19
jcastrowas just checking things out while something built20:19
doctormojcastro: There may be a case that a section of ubuntu people only hear bad news when they hear design news.20:21
jussiakgraner: meet scott-work, the Ubuntu Studio lead20:43
scott-workhello akgraner , how are you?  nice to meet you.20:44
akgranerhey scott-work!20:44
jussiakgraner: scott-work also goes by the nick ScottL20:44
akgranerlikewise scott-work20:44
akgranerscott-work, looking at my Calendar now - how does 2nd week of July sound for an interview?20:44
jussiok, so now we are all met :)20:45
akgraner:-) Thanks jussi!20:45
scott-workakgraner: it sounds brilliant20:45
scott-workthanks jussi20:45
akgranerscott-work, wants a good email address for ya?20:45
scott-workakgraner: scottalavender@gmail.com20:45
jussiright, Im off for a bit20:46
akgranerand I'll get you questions and other info that way20:46
akgranerand we can do a follow-up in IRC20:46
akgranerwill that work for ya20:46
scott-workakgraner:  absolutely!  thank you very much for the interview, it's all rather exciting actually :)20:46
akgranerscott-work, I added you to July 11-16th (1st full week of July)20:48
akgranerI'll do my absolute best to get you questions the week prior20:48
akgranersorry 2nd full week of July20:49
scott-workakgraner:  i look forward to the email and thank you again for the interview20:52
akgranerscott-work, so if you haven't gotten the initial round of questions by at least the week prior - hunt me down....20:53
scott-workakgraner:  I shall20:53
akgranerscott-work, thanks in advance for your time  - catch you in a few weeks then!20:53
czajkowskipaultag: aloha :)21:19
paultaghowdy czajkowski :)21:19
czajkowskipaultag: add to autojoin21:20
paultagalready done21:20
paultagGrrr. I don't think xchat likes the length of this channel, it kills it at t in team21:57
paultaghumm. looks like the xchat idiots have that field mapped to a char * that's too small. It just chopped off the last channel in my list ( now this channel works but not my new last one )21:59
paultagTime to file a bug report :)21:59
czajkowskipaultag: are you breaking things21:59
paultagalways :)21:59
paultagThere we are22:03
paultagI think I just guessed the bug22:03
paultagmy chan char count is 303, and it truncates the last 3 chars, so I think they must do a char * chans = malloc( sizeof(char) * 300 );22:04
paultagwhich is dumb btw, 256 would be more memory effective :)22:04
jcastrojono: I'm ready to mumble!22:25
jonojcastro, can you give me a few?22:26
jonojcastro, logging in22:41
doctormojono: I wonder if other VCS users have been looking at GC: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/rabbitvcs-easy-version-control-for-linux.html22:42
paultagdoctormo, git ftw :P22:43
doctormopaultag: You'll get your git when I get my million pounds.22:43
paultagdoctormo, start eating ;)22:43
doctormo£ not lb22:43
paultagdoctormo, you know, you brits have no sense of humor22:44
czajkowskifor conference folks http://knittedsteel.blogspot.com/2010/04/pax-prime-already-gearing-up.html`22:44
paultagdoctormo, http://bash.org/?36880822:47
doctormopaultag: It's not the brits who lack humour, it's the mericans who can't understand it. :-P22:56
jcastroend-o-weeking - going to fosscon for the weekend, I'll see you all on the flip side!23:41
doctormojcastro: Say hi to Mike Rushton (leftyfb) he'll be there.23:42
doctormojcastro: I would have been there but there is a family thing in the cape.23:42
jcastroah ok23:44
jcastroI saw him post, he's already on my "make sure I meet" list!23:44

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