TheMusorobert_ancell: DId pygtk get sponsored from yesterday for you? if not, I'll take care of it.00:57
robert_ancellTheMuso, hasn't been sponsored, thanks00:59
TheMusorobert_ancell: ok00:59
TheMusorobert_ancell: uploaded01:37
robert_ancellTheMuso, thanks01:37
robert_ancellDoes anyone know how the the /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties/*.desktop files work? RAOF perhaps?01:46
RAOFNot I, said the RAOF.01:47
TheMusoSorry no idea.01:48
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robert_ancellAmaranth, ping06:50
Amaranthrobert_ancell: pong06:50
robert_ancellAmaranth, hey, I've been merging the compiz packaging with the Debian package, but the one problem I have is when I start compiz the decorator doesn't start.  Any ideas where to look for problems?06:51
Amaranthrobert_ancell: If you're not using the wrapper you need to modify the default settings to put something in the decorator plugin to start06:51
AmaranthThe plugin has an option to run a command to start a decorator if it doesn't detect one running already06:52
robert_ancellAmaranth, I am using the wrapper (it should work as it did before, I06:52
robert_ancell'm just not sure what I've broken)06:52
Amaranthoh, hmm06:53
AmaranthWait, you're giving up the startup gain and going back to the wrapper?06:53
robert_ancelloh, no, I meant I was using the decorator wrapper06:54
robert_ancellI've just pushed the changes to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/compiz/ubuntu if you want to look06:54
AmaranthI actually just pointed the debian maintainer to my 0.9 package recently as well, I have a feeling you porting to their package and them (possibly) porting some of the way to mine is going to make more work for everyone06:57
AmaranthBut for the decorator you should make it log something so you can see what it is doing, I guess06:57
AmaranthI'm actually not booted in to Ubuntu right now since I needed an app for webOS development so I can't test the packaing06:58
robert_ancellAmaranth, oh, you have 0.9 packages ready?  I'm hoping by porting to the debian package it will be easier to use their changes06:58
Amaranthrobert_ancell: Yeah, I did core and libcompizconfig packages, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~amaranth06:59
AmaranthThe debian maintainer was looking in to use git submodules to package core and the plugin packs together so we don't have to worry about them getting out of sync so I think he is going to basically redo the packaging07:00
AmaranthHopefully he does it somewhat like I have already07:00
AmaranthAlso we already have bzr branches for compiz packages. If you move them to ~ubuntu-desktop I can't commit07:02
robert_ancellAmaranth, right, I'll move them back07:06
robert_ancellAmaranth, oh, that was a typo, I just did a push and they went to the right place anyway07:15
Amaranthrobert_ancell: Hrm, the whole reason I didn't want to merge with Debian was compiz-gtk07:19
AmaranthI got rid of it after a few people complained that we didn't ship a gtk-window-decorator without GNOME dependencies07:19
Amaranth(which we can't do without configuring and building compiz twice)07:19
robert_ancellAmaranth, oh, so that is a change worth keeping?07:20
robert_ancellWhat is Debian planning on doing?07:21
AmaranthI dunno, I haven't been able to have much communication with them07:21
AmaranthBeen rather busy working and trying to make apps for my new phone :)07:21
robert_ancellI figured it was a useful package for non-gnome distros, e.g. xfce07:21
Amaranthrobert_ancell: It would be if we actually made it07:26
AmaranthBut compiz-gtk just contains gtk-window-decorator which in our build almost literally depends on every part of GNOME07:26
robert_ancellAmaranth, do you have compiz upload privileges?07:44
Amaranthrobert_ancell: Yeah but I wouldn't be able to upload until tomorrow07:45
AmaranthAbout to head for bed, it's almost 2am07:45
robert_ancellAmaranth, np, I can't upload, but if you're happy to I'd like you to look over the changes in bzr and upload them if you're happy with them07:45
robert_ancell(no rush)07:45
* TheMuso sighs with relief.07:47
robert_ancellTheMuso, good news?07:47
TheMusoThats one package I'd rather not touch.07:47
didrocksgood morning08:02
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pittiGood morning08:28
seb128hey pitti08:28
pittibonjour seb12808:29
didrocksgood morning pitti, seb12808:32
seb128lut didrocks08:32
pittihey didrocks!08:32
* pitti looks at NEW, sees that it's 520 entries long, and cleans up a bit08:32
seb128pitti, it's for sure coming from de debian sync run?08:38
pittiI'm running new-binary-debian-universe08:38
seb128pitti, thanks for cleaning ;-)08:38
pittisorry, accidentally had German keyboard layout enabled :)08:38
seb128lut baptistemm08:50
baptistemmsalut seb12808:53
didrockssalut baptistemm08:57
baptistemmsalut didrocks08:58
seb128I guess we will not get a new gdm version in lucid08:59
seb128jmccann seems to not have the same notion of stable serie as we have08:59
seb128he backported a zillion trunk change to stable09:00
seb128lot of those not being really needed in a stable, ie code refactoring09:00
robert_ancellpitti, are your sane-backends udev changes still applicable?09:00
seb128robert_ancell, hey09:00
seb128robert_ancell, you might want to send our changes to the debian bts when we have only small depends etc changes09:00
pittirobert_ancell: good morning09:00
pittirobert_ancell: the ones from 1.0.20-13ubuntu1 ?09:00
robert_ancellpitti, yes09:01
seb128robert_ancell, I noticed on some of the merges you did the diff could almost be dropped or easily included in debian09:01
pittirobert_ancell: yes, they look fine09:01
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I've been opening a bunch of bugs against debian09:01
pittiI wonder why Debian doesn't switch over to the current udev world09:01
seb128robert_ancell, excellent ;-)09:01
robert_ancellI don't have much hope they'll be taken though :)09:01
robert_ancellpitti, that was what I was going to ask!09:02
robert_ancellDebian needs a GnomeGoal type projects to unify a lot of things...09:03
didrocksseb128: there are some XDMCP fixes that can be interested to take, maybe?09:05
seb128didrocks, I've a bunch of commits in my backport queue yes09:07
seb128didrocks, I'm just saying it will be difficult to update the version09:07
seb128didrocks, ie we should rather backport fixes we want09:07
didrocksseb128: right, cherry picking is harder for maintainance, but it's clearly safer in that case09:08
seb128didrocks, well seeing the number of commits...09:08
seb128we already rolled back from 2.30.2 due to new bugs09:08
seb128I've little confidence in the new hundred commits to not have new bugs09:09
didrocksyeah, it's the right decision :)09:09
seb128especially that they did some refactoring and changes in the user loading and greater animations codes09:09
didrocksI was just hilighting the XDMCP fix (some discussion on gdm ML)09:09
didrocksurgh? that's risky…09:10
seb128didrocks, see http://git.gnome.org/browse/gdm/log/?h=gnome-2-30 commits09:11
seb128especially the serie 6 days ago there09:11
didrocksseb128: yeah, I was just looking at it, that's crazy for a stable release…09:12
seb128it goes over 2 screens09:12
didrocksso gdm 2.30.2 for maverick and cherrypicking for lucid?09:13
seb128that's what we have now09:13
seb128on the nice side if means we will get lot of those fixes in the 2.30 update09:14
seb128ie we will get the change without having to take the GNOME3 version09:14
didrocksright :)09:14
didrocksok, so I can switch between the two banshee interfaces reliably now, choose which interface to start, and add a button to main interface only if the netbook interface is installed \o/09:20
robert_ancellseb128, pitti, can one of you have a look at sponsoring sane-backends?09:37
seb128didrocks, great work09:41
didrocksseb128: thanks :)09:41
seb128didrocks, ^ can you do robert_ancell sponsoring?09:41
seb128I'm on SRU mode for now09:41
didrocksseb128: do, you know where is his branch? ~ubuntu-desktop?09:41
didrocksno, it's not09:42
seb128didrocks, let me check09:42
seb128didrocks, lp:~ubuntu-desktop/sane-backends/ubuntu09:43
seb128didrocks, seems it is?09:43
seb128didrocks, it changed 19 minutes ago it seems09:44
didrocksyeah, missing the final s probably :)09:44
didrockslaunchpad it great for having a view on it09:44
didrocksok, doing it09:44
seb128pitti, do you think we could move gdm in updates with 3 bugs confirmed fixed on 5?09:45
seb128pitti, if I get somebody to ack that gdm still works on the other 2 bugs?09:45
pittiit seems to work fine here, anyway, and it should avoid the new crash09:45
pittiseb128: sounds fine09:45
seb128pitti, I would like to move to another round of fixes backport09:45
seb128pitti, thanks09:45
pittiseb128: the .Xresources stuff is easy enough to test, I believe I added test cases09:46
seb128pitti, bug #586503 will fail verification09:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 586503 in gdm (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "/etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default file not run if automatic login is enabled (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58650309:47
seb128it fixes the Init script use not the PostLogin ones09:47
seb128it's not a regression but fixes a similar case not the bug one09:47
pittiah, ok; so we'd leave that open09:47
seb128bug #518810 is similar to one of the fixes verified09:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 518810 in gdm (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "gdm monitors for $HOME/.face even when IncludeAll is false (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51881009:47
seb128it's the one robert_ancell fixed09:48
seb128EtienneG confirmed the updated version fixes their issue09:48
Sarvatt\o/ http://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo/commit/?id=7a023a62f7517ad0d54f4d59c99909fadcc05e8210:00
slomopitti: ping? :)10:07
pittihello slomo10:07
seb128Sarvatt, well done!10:13
Sarvattwoohoo so gtk app x errors go to the gdm log again now? thats been a big pet peeve of mine since it changed to have x's stdout/stderr and only had the log10:16
RAOFSarvatt: Rock on!10:19
RAOFHm.  That “amd64 users, don't update due to broken initramfs-tools” would have been much more useful if I'd read it about 15 minutes ago :)10:19
hyperairnow don't reboot =p10:20
seb128is that still an issue?10:20
seb128the fix has been uploaded 15 hours ago10:20
seb128it built 7 hours ago and should be published for a while10:20
Sarvatti got a crapload of errors when i updated i386 earlier but they were for a kernel i dont have installed anymore, hope its not a problem :D10:21
RAOFubuntu4 is fixed?10:21
seb128ubuntu3 was the buggy one10:21
RAOFFailing to call dh_install seems unlikely to result in a working package :)10:22
seb128if you want to check look if initramfs-tools-bin has binaries10:22
seb128if not you are in trouble ;-)10:22
Sarvattwow is gdm 2.30 branch right? that looks like he pushed master to it a few days ago too :)10:23
seb128Sarvatt, see backlog10:23
Sarvattyeah thats why i was looking at it10:23
seb128the redhat guys don't have the same opinion that us of what stable means it seems10:23
Sarvattoh they do for RHEL10:24
seb128ok, the fedora guys don't ;-)10:24
Sarvattyeah they like to break everyone else and do the stable stuff internally it seems :)10:24
RAOFRollingish release for the strange.10:24
seb128Sarvatt, so where is your cairo update? want me to push it to the ubuntu-desktop ppa?10:25
Sarvattreally though it looks like that guy pushed master to 2.30 branch by mistake a few days ago and noone fixed it up10:26
seb128somebody raised it on their IRC channel10:27
seb128seems it's not an error10:27
seb128lot of those changes are required to get the new user account dialog fedora is using to work with gdm or something10:28
Sarvatthttp://sarvatt.com/downloads/merges/cairo/ i'm still trying to track down why it breaks chrome/chromium though, it looks like it draws the icons on the tabs as a crapload of animated cursors digging into the trace10:30
seb128Sarvatt, thanks10:30
Sarvattwatch it be fixed when i restart into the non CSD gtk :)10:31
seb128Sarvatt, lol10:31
seb128chrisccoulson, hey10:31
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, how are you?10:32
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Sarvattchrisccoulson: ever heard of xtruss?10:32
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks, how are you?10:33
chrisccoulsonSarvatt - i'd not heard of that until just now10:33
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i'm good thanks10:34
chrisccoulsoni think the karmic updates are ready to test now :)10:34
Sarvattyou got me hooked on xtrace and i found this other project that has a ton more options but it's lacking a bunch of protocols, i've been updating them here - http://sarvatt.com/git/cgit.cgi/xtruss/log/?h=working10:34
chrisccoulsoni fixed a couple of upgrade issues last night10:34
chrisccoulsonSarvatt - that looks interesting10:34
Sarvattlike you can hook into an existing window ala xwininfo, or launch an app as an arguement10:34
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chrisccoulsonhi ara, do you want to send out a call for testing karmic this morning?11:03
arachrisccoulson, sure, it is everything in place in your PPA?11:03
aramozilla's ppa, sorry11:04
chrisccoulsonyeah, everything is in there now with the exception of any xulrunner rdepends (we don't need those just yet for karmic, so i will port those once I have jaunty ready)11:05
arachrisccoulson, OK, I will prepare the tracker and the call and will send it out in the next hour11:06
chrisccoulsonara - excellent, thanks11:06
arachrisccoulson, do you want me to hide Hardy on the tracker to avoid confusion? is the hardy testing done? are you happy with it? or you prefer to keep it active just in case someone wants to test it as well?11:07
chrisccoulsoni think we should keep it active for now11:07
Sarvatthah! the chrome/chromium issues I was having *were* caused by the CSD stuff11:08
chrisccoulsonara - we should probably reiterate too that there are still quite a lot of applications on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Lucid/FirefoxNewSupportModel/xulrunner-list which need testing for hardy11:09
Sarvattso much for that 6 hours or so of debugging :)11:09
chrisccoulsoni've been testing most of them myself, but i haven't had very much feedback on them11:10
arachrisccoulson, ok11:10
seb128Sarvatt, ok, your cairo is in the ubuntu-desktop ppa now11:24
seb128Sarvatt, can you open a bug on launchpad about the chrome issue and tag it gtk-csd so it's tracked?11:25
seb128asac, ogra: hey11:33
ograyes ?11:33
seb128asac, ogra: who cares about armel builds?11:33
seb128the gobject-introspection build failure impacts on other things11:34
seb128ie the telepathy stack is failing behind now11:34
ograseb128, NCommander and me11:34
seb128I'm just raising it in case you do care for alpha211:34
seb128ogra, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gobject-introspection/0.6.14-1ubuntu111:34
seb128ogra, that makes telepathy-glib being outdated11:34
seb128which breaks telepathy-mission-control now11:34
ograoh, wait, thats on dyfet's list+11:35
seb128ogra, ok, I'm just telling you it has impact on other components11:35
seb128you do what you want with the information ;-)11:35
Sarvattseb128: I was wrong, you need to have a ton of tabs open to trigger it :(11:39
asacok seems maverick will not produce images soon then ;)11:39
Sarvattstill getting it11:39
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seb128slomo, there?12:44
didrocksslomo: hey, I'm having troubles in patching valac to build it (bootstrap issues)12:44
seb128slomo, there for a vala build question?12:44
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i just set up my new network scanner, and simple-scan crashes when i try to scan from it :(12:50
RAOFWoo!  Compiz works pretty nicely as a WM for Unity.  I can have my <Super> key back!13:07
didrocksRAOF: you mean, you have mutter -> unity plugin and compiz ?13:07
RAOFdidrocks: No, just Compiz.  So unity's WM integration - presenting the windows on pressing the Ubuntu icon, presenting the app windows on right click of their icon - doesn't work.  But that's moderately well handled by existing compiz plugins anyway.13:09
didrocksRAOF: oh nice13:12
RAOFAnd I prefer compiz as a window manager :)13:13
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tseliotRAOF: how did you do that? compiz --replace?13:31
RAOFtseliot: Yup.  Followed by running /usr/bin/unity13:31
slomoseb128, didrocks: yes?13:42
Sarvattso are we going back to having a compiz wrapper again?13:43
seb128Sarvatt, no, why?13:43
seb128slomo, the changes are applied to the source13:43
slomoto the .vala files?13:43
Sarvatti just read the scrollback from yesterday and robert_ancell talking about merging it from debian13:43
seb128slomo, or if you change a vapi it tries to call valac on build to update the .c13:43
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seb128slomo, or valac is not available, at least not in the first build13:43
seb128which is trying to build it for the second build13:43
seb128slomo, how do you solve this?13:44
seb128slomo, should changes be applied only to the normal build?13:44
slomoeither that or patch the .c/.h files too13:44
seb128Sarvatt, right, merging means taking what debian has and applying our changes over that no?13:44
Sarvattthe wrapper has a plus side, gtk-window-decorator actually stops when you switch away from compiz with it, we could just leave the checks in compiz and make a minimal wrapper or something13:44
seb128slomo, we tried that but it triggers some valac call during the first build13:45
seb128slomo, the .vapi was before the .c in the patch so the timestamp should have been correct13:45
slomoseb128: gnar, AM_MAINTAINER_MODE :)13:45
slomook, only apply those changes to the builds after bootstrapping13:45
Sarvattor else make disabling effects in the capplet forcibly stop gtk-window-decorator13:45
seb128slomo, that's why I was thinking as well13:46
seb128didrocks, ^13:46
slomoseb128: not sure how to do that with the quilt source format though13:46
slomoyou probably have to add a second patches directory and call quilt by hand13:46
seb128sabdfl, but Amaranth said the decorator should not do anything if compiz is not running13:46
seb128sabdfl, sorry that was for Sarvatt13:46
seb128Sarvatt, ^13:47
seb128slomo, right, it's a bit hackish, other option is to build-depends on valac13:47
seb128slomo, now that vala is available I'm not sure how much of an issue that is ;-)13:47
Sarvattone sec, let me trace it and see what its doing when its on after disabling compiz13:47
slomoseb128: that would be like gcc then, not too bad ;)13:48
slomodo you have 0.9.1 in ubuntu btw? or 0.8.1?13:48
seb128slomo, 0.9.113:48
Sarvattits sure as heck not not doing anything - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/gtkdecorator.txt13:54
seb128we should fix that13:56
seb128but having a slow wrapper running at login is not the way to go13:56
Sarvattjust making it stop when effects are disabled in the appearance preferences would probably be the best bet, but i dont think the wrapper is that bad of an idea if the checks could be kept in compiz since those are what made it slow14:02
Sarvattbut right now its kind of sketchy, compiz starts and starts gtk-window-manager before the checks are done14:03
Sarvattso if compiz fails its still running, and you get bug reports from people with crappy video like mga with the panel disappearing :)14:04
Sarvattanyway with compiz 0.9 it wont really be a problem anymore since GL is optional14:05
didrocksseb128: slomo: ok, thanks :)14:10
slomodidrocks: please send me a diff with your changes or file a debian bug :)14:11
didrocksslomo: it's already in trunk and I guess you don't use dbus wrapper yet (it fixes that), do you think it worth patching it for you or wait for next upstream release?14:12
didrocksslomo: it's just that our dx team needs it, that's why we can't wait :)14:12
Sarvattcompiz is on life support in debian though, it hasn't really been updated outside of taking patches from ubuntu since october which is why we're on this old 0.8.4 still14:12
seb128didrocks, I guess he was saying that rather for the packaging changes we do14:13
seb128didrocks, not especially for the one diff we apply now to the code14:13
seb128Sarvatt, there is a newer 0.8?14:14
didrocksseb128: yeah, I have to sent the LD_PRELOAD in debian/rules/ (not sure about how it work though), as its in "if ubuntu" already14:14
slomodidrocks: fwiw, i'd prefer to not b-d on valac but call quilt with a different patch directory ;)14:14
Sarvattyeah 0.8.6 came out 3 months ago14:14
slomodidrocks: i'll include that patch with the next upload, i already wanted it in the last one but forgot about it :(14:15
didrocksslomo: do you understand what it does? I don't understand how "LD_PRELOAD= make check" call the testsuite not under fakeroot. The fakeroot is a library which is added as LD_PRELOAD for each call? (or it's just for this testsuite?)14:19
didrocksslomo: right now, I'm build-dep on vala, but next time we will have a patch needed for a vala file, I'll do a separate patch directory14:19
slomodidrocks: yes, fakeroot is a library added by LD_PRELOAD14:20
didrocksslomo: ok, that explains it so, thanks :)14:20
seb128didrocks, <didrocks> seb128: yeah, I have to sent the LD_PRELOAD14:26
seb128didrocks, the patch is waiting in the bts, I already pinged slomo about it but it seems he forgot to ship it in the update yesterday14:26
didrocksseb128: he just told me that above, I was surprized if didn't send that :)14:27
didrocksseb128: sorry for the wrong ping :)14:27
slomoseb128: yes, sorry... i remembered that there was a patch while dput was running :(14:27
seb128slomo, that's ok no hurry ;-)14:27
didrocksseb128: I'll probably have to ship some additional desktop files for evolution and banshee, launching them with different parameters for UNE, how do you want we handle that?14:45
didrocksI mean, UNE is a gnome session, so OnlyShowIn won't work14:46
didrocksdealing with applications.menu for not showing them in GNOME for instance (I don't like that idea)?14:46
seb128didrocks, is unity using gnome-menus?14:47
didrocksseb128: not sure about that, but I'm thinking about gnome first there14:48
didrocksseb128: if I had some .desktop file, they will show up14:48
seb128if you use GNOME you can have normal modes for those14:48
seb128well use desktop with NotShowIn=GNOME14:49
didrocksok, if unity isn't going to use gnome-menus14:49
seb128well in any case standard launcher are optin14:49
didrocksnjpatel_: btw, will you use gnome-menus for showing applications ? ^14:49
seb128they should probably display what they are asked to list14:49
seb128not respect ShowOnlyIn14:49
didrocksseb128: right, but it will be so "hide normal evolution and show evolution for UNE" in unity, doesn't sound good14:50
njpatel_didrocks, erm, probably14:51
njpatel_didrocks, actually, yes, we will14:51
didrocksnjpatel_: ok, thanks :)14:51
didrocksso, that's an issue14:51
njpatel_heh, I just seem to cause issues these days :)14:52
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
didrocksnjpatel: heh :-)14:52
seb128didrocks, I don't understand14:53
didrocksseb128: will it be unreasonable to hack gnome-menus to say "add UNE session and consider UNE derived from GNOME"14:53
didrockswell, consider evolution14:53
seb128didrocks, do you have a menu displayed?14:53
seb128I though you just listed some desktop names14:53
seb128you could list evolution-express.desktop14:53
didrocksseb128: I'm speaking about the places to launch applications14:53
seb128what is that?14:53
seb128I can't comment I've not seen that yet and I don't know how it works14:53
didrocksone sec14:53
seb128I guess you can have a new desktop value14:54
seb128like GNOME XFCE LXDE etc14:54
didrocksseb128: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/38314:54
seb128and have NotShowIn=UNE14:54
seb128for normal evo14:54
didrocks3rd mockup14:54
seb128and get UNE to respect it14:55
didrocksbut is it possible to say the "UNE" is GNOME + UNE14:55
didrocksbecause I guess we want to take as well OnlyShowIn=GNOME14:55
didrocksand not patching the whole world14:55
seb128it's not the world14:55
seb128it's only your launcher that need to get the UNE variants no?14:56
didrocksthe launcher needs to show UNE and GNOME variants14:56
didrocks(I don't know the gnome-menus API, can you say "show me UNE and GNOME" or is it internal?)14:56
seb128seems there is no clear way to solve what you try to do14:57
seb128you say you have 2 GNOME sessions14:57
seb128they both are GNOME14:57
seb128and they should display different things14:57
didrocksright, that's the issue14:57
seb128I need to think about it14:57
seb128I don't see a clean way to do it right now14:57
didrocksapart from patching gnome-menus, which should be doable, I don't see with what I know from GNOME. That's why I prefer some brainstorming on it first. No hurry though :)14:58
seb128I'm still unsure why you can't have both listed14:59
seb128and pick the UNE variant to list it in the launcher14:59
didrocksso, for UNE, we will have in UNE: OnlyShowIn=GNOME -> Show; OnlyShowIn=UNE -> Show; (OnlyShowIn=GNOME and) NotShowIn=UNE -> Don't show15:00
didrocksseb128: let me look at gnome-menus API, I don't know if it filters itself all "GNOME", or if you can give it a name of a session15:01
* ayan waves.15:03
seb128hey ayan15:06
didrockshey ayan15:10
tremoluxhello seb128, I'd like to do a software-center upload today; do you think you may have time to sponsor?15:19
seb128tremolux, hey, sure, is it ready now or do you want an upload later?15:20
tremoluxseb128: cool, thx!  ok, I just need to update the changelog for the release15:20
tremoluxseb128: I'm not sure of the process - so I can upload to bzr trunk, can you take it from there?15:21
seb128tremolux, ok, let me know when it's ready for upload15:21
seb128tremolux, yes, I will roll the update from bzr when bzr is ready15:21
tremoluxseb128: awesome, thanks a lot15:21
seb128you're welcome15:22
ftaSarvatt, if you pull my dashboard branch, you'll get more readable big tables (hopefully)15:46
tremoluxseb128: ok, everything's all ready in trunk at lp:software-center16:08
tremoluxseb128: please let me know if there's anything else I need to do16:08
seb128tremolux, ok, let me check that16:08
tremoluxseb128: k16:08
seb128tremolux, do you know if s-c should build on lucid?16:34
seb128tremolux, I've current aptdeamon from the ppa16:34
seb128tremolux, I get16:34
seb128Testing ./test_apthistory.py16:34
seb128[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/history.log'16:35
tremoluxseb128: hmm, I haven't tried building on lucid, I build in a maverick chroot16:35
seb128tremolux, does that test work for you?16:36
seb128cd tests16:36
tremoluxseb128: hmm, it doesn't when run standalone, I get that error16:39
tremoluxseb128: let me look at this16:39
seb128tremolux, thanks16:39
seb128tremolux, the package build target does run the tests and break on that16:39
tremoluxseb128: ok, thanks for letting me know16:41
seb128tremolux, ./test_software_channels.py fails as well16:43
seb128tremolux, out of those I can build and run it fine16:43
seb128tremolux, in fact it works now, dunno why it broke before, so only the history one is an issue16:45
tremoluxseb128: yeah, it's test problems, we added some new ones very recently and all the kinks aren't worked out yet clearly16:46
seb128tremolux, I can skip the test if you want16:46
seb128tremolux, I don't know what the policy is for those usually, I guess mvo try to get those to work before rolling a new version usually knowing him16:46
tremoluxseb128: yes, it'd be best16:47
tremoluxseb128: hrm, getting the same error at -r837 (which was the 2.1.2 release)16:56
tremoluxseb128: (just wanted to make sure it wasn't new code breaking it legitimately)16:56
seb128tremolux, ok, so let's assume the test is buggy and skip it?16:57
tremoluxseb128: yes, I think that'd be fine; and I will fix the test after16:57
tremoluxseb128: also, the case is for a *very* corner condition16:58
tremoluxseb128: but somebody out there hit it so we added the case16:58
tremoluxseb128: thanks again, sorry for the trouble16:59
tremoluxseb128: (and I know the fix works in the code, it's a test case problem)17:02
seb128tremolux, uploaded17:10
tremoluxseb128: thanks!  \o/17:10
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jcastrodidrocks: I think it would be handy if apport kept track of wether a person is in UNE or desktop. Does it do that and I'm just not seeing it?17:39
jcastrodidrocks: for example appmenu bugs, they could be in unity or normal GNOME for all I know17:39
didrocksjcastro: no, but that can be a good idea to do at apport level17:39
didrocksjcastro: we have the GDMSESSION variable for that17:40
* didrocks adds to TODO, shouldn't be hard17:40
jcastrodidrocks: if you file a bug pls sub me to it!17:41
didrocksjcastro: done17:43
chrisccoulsonyay, jaunty langpacks uploaded :)17:44
jcastrodidrocks: yeah I think it will be useful too when we triage bugs from banshee-meego vs. normal banshee, etc.17:44
chrisccoulsoni bet my ISP hates me, i was only 2GB under my bandwidth limit last month17:44
didrocksjcastro: maybe add it as a tag?17:44
jcastrodidrocks: yeah, I see people adding "ubuntu-une" tags already17:45
didrocksjcastro: right, ubuntu-une and ubuntu-desktop can be good :)17:46
jcastrosounds good to me17:46
htorquejcastro: i think the ubuntu-une tag already gets added automatically17:51
jcastrohtorque: oh ok, so you didn't add that by hand on the bugs you just filed?17:51
htorquejcastro: nope17:51
jcastrodidrocks: wow, you fixed the bug already! :)17:52
didrocksjcastro: false alert? I'm working on banshee now ;)17:52
didrocksmaybe that can have an incidence on apport, but it wasn't intentional :-)17:53
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pittigood night everyone!17:56
didrocksenjoy your evening pitti17:57
seb128'night pitti18:00
dobeyseb128: hey18:02
dobeyseb128: do i actually need to put python-support in the Build-Depends-Indep? Or does it really only need to be in the Depends: on the binary package (and i presume cdbs adds it to python:Depends automatically anyway)18:02
seb128dobey, it needs to be in the build-depends18:05
seb128dobey, since it ships dh_pysupport18:05
seb128which is used in the rules at build time18:05
dobeyah ok18:06
Sarvattfta: looks great! http://sarvatt.com/xorg-edgers/18:37
Sarvattdefinitely a lot better at 1024x600 :)18:37
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rickspencer3didrocks, around at all?20:49
didrocksrickspencer3: yeah20:49
rickspencer3hey didrocks I have a totally random question for you20:49
rickspencer3I'm trying to figure some stuff out about the Ubuntu work items20:49
didrocksrickspencer3: do you want random answers too? ;)20:49
rickspencer3a whole bunch looked like they were added on June 1th20:50
didrocksoh really?20:50
didrocksfor alpha2?20:50
rickspencer3June 15th, that is20:50
rickspencer3didrocks, well, according to the database20:50
rickspencer3didrocks never mind20:51
didrocksrickspencer3: I'm looking20:51
rickspencer3didrocks, don't20:51
didrocksrickspencer3: ok ;)20:51
rickspencer3there's something weird in the data, but it's not because of you20:51
didrocksrickspencer3: I didn't add anything or target a spec IIRC20:52
rickspencer3well .. I never thoguht it was "because of you"20:52
rickspencer3but I mean .. nm20:52
didrocksor maybe, my "evil me" :-)20:52
* rickspencer3 pulls on clumps of hair20:52
rickspencer3didrocks, I only asked you specifically because I knew you would answer20:53
didrocksrickspencer3: heh :-)20:53
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ftaSarvatt, versions should now be properly sorted (it was a basic string sort before), let me know if you notice something weird22:27
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Sarvattfta: are 502: bad gateway errors common? :)22:47
ftaSarvatt, no, i run it every 15min, i just get a handful per week22:48
ftabut it's often slow :(22:48
ftai will add caching soon22:49
Sarvatti'm just updating it locally, my server is limited to jaunty because of upstart and haven't gotten around to building everything from bzr22:49
Sarvattdarn 3 in a row, takes 10 minutes to time out22:50
ftaSarvatt, go complain to #lp ;)23:07
faganfta: I thought its #launchpad23:09
faganoh you just shortened it :)23:09
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ftaSarvatt, fixed the css in my last commit for today.23:14
ftai like chromium's inspector to debug css23:15
faganfta: ive been using the opera one its really nice23:28
Sarvattfta: btw does this make any sense for chromium? http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/chromium-colormap-fix.patch23:32
ftaSarvatt, iirc, bratsche discussed about that with upstream (evmar), i don't remember how it ended23:39
bratscheSarvatt: What is that colormap for?23:41
bratschefta: btw, I think the rgba stuff is temporarily out of gtk+ in Meerkat for now.  I will be reintroducing it I think, but I'd like to create a different environment variable than the one you were using.23:42
Sarvattlooks like video controls23:43
ftabratsche, noted. this rgba thing's been causing me lots of issues (with no visible benefits) but as long as there's a workaround, i'm fine.23:44
bratscheSarvatt: Do you still have the rgba patch in your gtk+?  Does this patch actually make a difference?23:44
Sarvatti'm test building it, and yep i have the previous 12 gtk's in archives23:45
ftaSarvatt, just one comment about chromium patches, i use the same packaging from maverick to hardy, so all patches are shared. i hope it won't break backports23:45
bratscheSarvatt: Cool, let me know how it works out.  And make sure you remove fta's patch which sets the environment to disable rgba colormaps.23:46
bratscheIs there a url to view this source file online?  I don't have the Chromium code on my machine and I don't really want to pull it down.23:46
Sarvattyeah i'm trying to track down a problem with chromium with cairo 1.9.823:47
Sarvatteasier :)23:48
Sarvattthats the patched one, sorry23:49
bratscheThis looks like it's just going to revert all drawing to using the system colormap instead of the default one.23:49
bratscheI don't see anything specific to plugins or video here.23:49
ftaiirc, the rgba patches caused two issues in chromium: 1/ flash crashing and 2/ the tab transparency gone when dragged23:49
bratscheOr maybe I don't understand which situations drawable == NULL and which it's not NULL.23:50
fta(well, 2/ is caused by the workaround)23:50
bratschefta: The tab transparency being gone was a result of your patch, because you disabled all RGBA colormaps.  That's why I am going to introduce a toolkit-level environment variable.23:50
bratscheSo when this lands again, it will have an environment that reverts the behavior of gdk_screen_get_default_colormap().23:51
bratscheAnd we can use that until evmar gets us a real fix.23:51
Sarvatttab transparency being gone? thats actually somewhat like what i'm seeing with the new cairo, by patch do you mean just the XLIB_SKIP_RGBA_VISUALS in the wrapper?23:57
Sarvattah ok not the same thing thing, i'm getting screwed up loading animations on the tab icons and the tabs themselves disappear when i open enough tabs to make the icons go away23:59

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