twbSo I need some generic help with initramfs-tools.06:54
twbIn 8.04 I placed an extra script in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom/13home, which adds a line to /root/etc/fstab (prior to pivot_root).06:55
twbWhen I do the same in 10.04, and run "update-initramfs -u" to regenerate the ramdisk, I see that 13home is being executed *at update-initramfs time*.  That is insane, and I don't understand why it's happening.06:55
twbOK, I think I worked it out07:11
twbIt seems that nowadays update-initramfs calls *every script* at generate time, with a single argument "prereq".07:12
twbAnd all the scripts separately have a check "if $1 is prereq, exit immediately".07:12
cjwatsontwb: yup.  speeds up boot quite a bit, but it did require every script to be changed.11:49
cjwatsondoing the ordering at boot time with relatively few tools was slow11:49
twbHang on; are you saying that the files in casper-bottom/* are reordered, a la insserv?11:50
cjwatsonyes, initramfs-tools does that for everything - casper-bottom/* happened to be already ordered by way of numbers in the filenames, but not everything was11:50
twbI see.11:51
twbSo my casper-bottom/foo scripts should emit something like "X-Start-Before: pivot_root" and "Depends: rootfs" ?11:52
twbOr: where's the best place to read documentation about this11:53
cjwatsonno, it isn't *actually* insserv12:01
cjwatsonyou can just have them exit immediately when called with the 'prereqs' argument, and then filename order will be used12:01
cjwatsonotherwise, echo your script's dependencies to stdout when called with 'prereqs', and then exit immediately12:02
cjwatsonthat's about as far as it goes12:02
cjwatson/usr/share/doc/initramfs-tools/examples/example_script documents it12:02
cjwatson(and _hook)12:03
twbAFAICT nothing in my system has a non-empty PREREQS="" lst12:11
cjwatsonyou're not running lucid then?12:22
cjwatson$ grep ^PREREQ /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/console_setup12:22
cjwatson$ grep ^PREREQ /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/udev12:22
cjwatsonPREREQ="all_generic_ide blacklist"12:22
cjwatsonalthough casper doesn't use it, we use it fairly extensively in initramfs-tools itself12:23
twbI was looking at Sid12:24
twbIt is still synchronous?12:25
cjwatsonunstable's initramfs-tools doesn't appear to use it, though it has the facility (merged from Ubuntu)12:25
cjwatsonyes, it's still synchronous12:25
twbOK, thanks12:25
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CIA-4debian-installer: cjwatson * r1320 ubuntu/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Argh. It'\''s console-setup-udeb, not console-setup.14:36
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EtienneGrepost of a question send to #ubuntu-devel: is there any way we can force installation of a restricted driver at install time, through preseeding?  Would invoking "jockey-text -e nvidia" as a late_command be sufficient?20:46

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