lifelessthe machine as a whole doesn't lock up or anything.00:00
manjolooks more like a firmware issue to me00:01
ogasawarabjf: let me restart mumble, just a sec00:01
manjolifeless, what driver is series 6000 use ? 00:07
lifelessmanjo: oh, I'm not assuming anything about where the bug is; firmware makes sense to me00:08
manjodoes it help if you do sudo rfkill unblock wifi ... just a shot in the dark this one ... 00:08
manjodoes rfkill list say it is soft blocked or hard blocked ? 00:09
manjolifeless, there is new microcode for this device ... http://intellinuxwireless.org/iwlwifi/downloads/iwlwifi-6000-ucode-
lifelessmanjo: I'll install rfkill and try those commands next time it goes awol00:10
manjodo rfkill list 00:11
manjoand that should tell if it is blocked.00:11
manjobut I suspect it is firmware issue 00:11
lifelessmanjo: I'm quite sure its not, but it is worth checking00:11
lifelessmanjo: I says it not, because nm doesn't think its blocked00:11
lifelessit thinks it can't associate00:11
manjolifeless, ah worth a try00:12
manjolifeless, I also posted a link to the current firmware 00:12
lifelessmanjo: indeed, its worth checking00:12
lifelessI've pulled that down00:12
lifelesswhere does that go these days ?00:12
lifelessah /lib/firmware00:13
lifelesslucid has it00:13
lifelessrobertc@lifeless-64:/lib/firmware$ diff iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode ~/source/iwl/iwlwifi-6000-ucode- 00:13
lifelessrobertc@lifeless-64:/lib/firmware$ 00:13
manjolifeless, can you enable power mangement for the card ? 00:16
manjoiwconfig wlan0 power on00:16
manjolifeless, microcode errors might be due to card over heating ... are you running in N mode ? 00:16
lifelessmanjo: am running in N mode; am in new zealand so its not very warm :)00:17
lifelesshave done the power on00:17
lifelessand will do so after firware reloads from here on in00:17
manjolifeless, it might be also interesting to test the over heating theory ... 00:18
lifelessmanjo: other than putting it under the hot water tap, do you have any suggestions ? :)00:19
manjolifeless, I see an upstream bug on this ... https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1537400:20
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 15374 in network-wireless "iwlagn Microcode SW error detected" [Normal,Resolved: code_fix]00:20
lifelessmanjo: the problem is that the restart error is very generic00:22
manjolifeless, I will pull in the upstream patch for you and build a kernel if you like 00:22
lifelessmanjo: that would be totally awesome00:22
lifelessI'm running 2.6.32-22-generic x86_64 00:23
lifeless(just the stock lucid 64 bit kernel)00:23
manjolifeless, it is towards the end of the day for me. I can have it uploaded to my people page by tomorrow AM00:23
lifelessmanjo: there is no panic00:23
manjolifeless, :) cool talk to you tomorrow then00:23
lifelessmanjo: let me know in the bug where it is and I'll spin it up asap00:23
manjowill do00:23
ogasawaramanjo, lifeless: I wonder if  linux-backports-modules might help as I think that contains and updated compat-wireless stack00:25
manjoogasawara, thanks totally forgot about the backport modules 00:25
manjolifeless, try what ogasawara suggests 00:25
lifelessdoes it contain the patch from the upstream bug report ?00:26
ogasawaramanjo: no idea if it'll really help, but for testing it wouldn't hurt and might save you having to build a custom kernel00:26
ogasawaralifeless: not sure on that, would have to dig around00:26
ogasawaralifeless: if the patch in the upstream bug report hasn't been applied to mainline, then lbm won't have it00:26
manjolifeless, I will have a kernel for you as well & point you to it on the bug ... just in case lbm does not work00:27
lifelessogasawara: can you tell from https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15374 if its applied ?00:28
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 15374 in network-wireless "iwlagn Microcode SW error detected" [Normal,Resolved: code_fix]00:28
lifelessogasawara: to mainline, I mean..00:28
manjoogasawara, lifeless, there was commit to mainline 00:29
manjocommit 74e2bd1fa3ae9695af566ad5a7a288898787b90900:29
manjoAuthor: Wey-Yi Guy <wey-yi.w.guy@intel.com>00:29
manjoDate:   Wed Feb 3 09:28:55 2010 -080000:29
manjoogasawara, so lbm should have them ? 00:29
manjothere are a total 4 patches to fix this issue00:29
ogasawaramanjo: would have to cross check and see what latest version of compat-wireless was updated to00:30
lifelessdon't stress00:30
lifelessI'll run manjos build tomorrowish/whenever00:30
ogasawaramanjo:  it looks like that patch didn't land till 2.6.34-rc100:30
lifelesswhich as an isolated change will be valuable to confirm/deny the change works.00:30
manjoogasawara, right... that is what I was just about to say00:30
manjolifeless, in that case don't bother with lbm, I will have a kernel for you tomorrow AM00:31
lifelessif it doesn't, I'll try lbm and hope; if it does we know whats up and can look at SRU inclusion or whatever.00:31
ogasawaramanjo:  in that case, might not hurt to give tgardners LTS backport kernel a try00:31
manjoogasawara, can you please point lifeless to it ? 00:31
* ogasawara digs for the link, just a sec00:32
lifelessit has 2.6.34rc1 ?00:32
ogasawaralifeless: it's up to 2.6.35-rc1, it's basically a maverick kernel backport00:32
manjoogasawara, remember lifeless does not want to try experimental stuff on his production machine 00:32
ogasawaramake that 2.6.35-rc300:32
lifelessmanjo: I'm happy to try whats in maverick00:32
lifelessmanjo: because we're supporting that :>00:33
manjosure 00:33
ogasawarait would be good to know if it exists in Maverick sooner rather than later00:33
manjolifeless, ogasawara will point you to the lts backport kernel 00:33
lifelessif its good enough for the distro, I think the risk is reasonably assessed ;)00:33
lifelessogasawara: absolutely.00:33
manjoogasawara, the microcode failure is not fixed so far, the real problem still exists coz its firmware00:33
manjoogasawara, fix is to make sure that the link does not go down even if there is a microcode crash00:34
manjoogasawara, so that the connection is maintianied 00:34
ogasawaralifeless: "The LTS backport kernel and meta packages at http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu are up to 2.6.35-3.4"00:35
* manjo heading out for dinner ... adios amigos00:36
ogasawaralifeless: I've got an hp mini here which uses the iwlagn driver running up to date maverick and haven't seen any issues, but I haven't been hamming it that hard00:36
lifelessogasawara: I didn't see any issues at all until I got the N wifi point00:36
ogasawaralifeless: ah00:36
lifelessogasawara: I don't know if you folloed the details in the bug, but there are two separate issues:00:36
manjoogasawara, you need a 6000 series, N mode & huge file tranfers00:36
lifeless* the microcode is shit00:36
lifeless* When the microcode fails, the recovery was broken00:37
lifelessso the 'fix' here is to recover and reload the microcode better00:37
lifelessif you're not triggering the underlying microcode problem, you won't have any issues at all.00:37
lifelessand the kicker is, that the bug count in the microcode is unknown - there could be 20 different bugs00:37
lifelessor 100:37
lifelessand we'll never know00:37
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amitkericm|ubuntu: what is 'git blog'? An alias?08:14
ericm|ubuntuamitk, heh, my alias - git config alias.blog "--pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit"08:15
ericm|ubuntuvery useful08:15
jk-damn, i thought it makes a blog entry for your commit :)08:15
ericm|ubuntujk-, haha - it's not that smart08:16
amitkyeah, that was the first thing I thought of - how and WHY?08:16
ericm|ubuntuconfusing, heh08:16
ericm|ubuntumeans brief log, cannot find any other word from my poor vocabulary, you know08:16
ericm|ubuntujk-, btw, is it convenient to setup patchwork for linux-arm-kernel ML?08:18
ericm|ubuntujk-, guess will be much useful08:18
jk-yeah, it's easy to do, but someone has to maintain it08:19
jk-and rmk has his own patch system, so I don't think he'll be doing that08:19
ericm|ubuntujk-, there lot of effort to maintain that?08:19
ericm|ubuntujk-, nah - just hundreds of patches flooding, and SoC patches are all over08:19
jk-well, it's really to make the maintainer's life easier, and since rmk doesn't need it, I'm not sure it'll be useful08:19
ericm|ubuntuguess will at least make us sub-maintainers life easier08:19
apwjk-, oh can you tell if brad figg has an patchworks account?  we need him to be maintainer on the ubuntu pwks thingy08:20
amitkI think omap list already uses it08:20
jk-apw: will check08:20
ericm|ubuntujk-, indeed rmk is a bit stubborn - and he seems to use his own patch system for things other than kernel, which I have no idea :-X08:21
ericm|ubuntujk-, another thing - there is patchwork.ozlab.org and patchwork.kernel.org, seems they are not linked and I need to register on both sites08:22
jk-apw: looks like he doesn't.08:22
jk-ericm|ubuntu: yes08:22
apwjk-, ok i'll hastle him to make one then08:22
jk-ericm|ubuntu: I maintain the patchwork.ozlabs.org site, the kernel.org people (ie, warthog9) maintain patchwork.kernel.org08:23
ericm|ubuntujk-, I see08:23
jk-they're separate setups08:24
ericm|ubuntujk-, mmm... so I guess would make more sense to first setup linux-arm-kernel on ozlab?08:25
jk-ericm|ubuntu: it's just going to fill up with patches if there's no one to update the patches in it08:27
ericm|ubuntujk-, but with a filter, is it still possible that, let's say, all pxa patches can be picked up there?08:28
* smb grumbles at his ThinkPad for "forgetting" to turn on the backlight after suspend08:28
amitksmb: it was scared at night?08:29
ericm|ubuntusmb, turn on or turn off?08:29
smbCannot say. But the same seems to happen now every time08:29
smbericm|ubuntu, It rurns off on suspend which is what I expect08:30
jk-ericm|ubuntu: patchwork doesn't have a filter on incoming patches at the moment08:30
smbIt just does not turn on on resume08:30
jk-but interesting idea08:30
smbWhich it had been done until recently08:30
smbOn the good side, this happens with the previous kernel, too08:30
ericm|ubuntujk-, mmm I guess it's also useful for the linux-kernel ML, as patches toward different sub-maintainers are all flooding there08:31
ericm|ubuntusmb, that means a fix of a regression is seamlessly merged without our awareness?08:32
jk-ericm|ubuntu: most sub-maintainers have their own lists though, so it's not too bad08:32
jk-and akpm pick up a lot of the generic stuff08:32
smbericm|ubuntu, I'd rather hope for the regression not being in the kernel08:32
smbThere have been X updates too08:33
ericm|ubuntusmb, I see - now quite a work to find out that regression08:33
smbEven more as I see no error message anywhere, yet08:34
smbHm another x-org-server-core update... Lets see08:34
ikepanhcsmb: good morning. I read your feedback but do not understand. you mean I did not update abi information?08:55
smbikepanhc, If I looked right, you forgot to update and commit the generated files08:55
smbOh good morning08:56
ikepanhcor you mean debian/control?08:56
smbcontrol control.stub and kernel-versions08:56
ikepanhcoh. in netbook-lpia delta, no commit update the three files08:56
ikepanhcthese three file is the same in master branch and netbook-lpia branch08:57
smbHm... I thought the rscript might change that. Give me a sec08:58
smbNo ok, you are right that the files are ok as they are now09:02
ikepanhcyeah, I check again too. you update them for me :)09:02
smbYes, I will pull those in09:03
ikepanhcthanks, I will upload now09:03
ikepanhcE: bzrlib must be instyalled to use sftp transport.09:06
ikepanhceh, anyone know what package I shall install?09:06
apwikepanhc, wasn't that announced recently, the sftp support ?  per09:09
apwperhaps the announce tells us09:09
ikepanhcapw: let me check my email09:10
smbThough I thought that sftp wasoptional09:11
apwsmb, it is for the normal archive, not for ikes use09:12
smbapw, Oh right I forgot, they always had sftp09:12
ikepanhcyeah, I try ftp, connection refused09:13
apwikepanhc, ask on #ubuntu-devel, they'll know09:18
ikepanhcapw: I find the answer09:18
ikepanhcapw: seems because I apt-get remove bzr09:19
ikepanhcso I install it again09:19
apwi wonder why those would be related without a dep09:19
ikepanhcyeah, I wonder too09:20
amitkapw: http://blog.namei.org/?p=258 (why is jj not attending?)09:27
apwamitk, i wasn't aware of it, are you sure he isn't ?  but you should ask him when he wakes for sure09:28
amitkjj is sleeping!! (the horrors...)09:29
amitkhis name is not on09:29
smbikepanhc, Ok, your trees have been pushed. Don't forget to make a meta-package, too09:32
ikepanhcsmb: eh. because of ABI bump?09:33
ikepanhcoh, I did not aware of that, checking09:33
smbikepanhc, To make it more fun, we don't seem to carry a branch for that on git. I am not sure, maybe OEM did the meta package on their own09:35
smbapw, RAOF On of you got an idea how to kick a radeon based system in the a** to turn on the backlight?09:36
apwsmb, which kernel is this on ?09:37
apwsmb, i assume xset dpms force on doesn't do anything09:37
smbLucid, either -22 or -2309:37
ikepanhcsmb: yeah, I can not find it on repo, I guess I need to ping steve magoun for making sure he knows there is an ABI bump09:37
smbAnd the other backlight controls also think its on09:37
apwsmb, hrm, no idea at alll, hopefully RAOF has some ideas09:38
apwsmb, did you see the console suspect patch being talked about, how it might cause backlight issues (reported on .35 though)09:38
smbapw, Yeah, it seems to turn on when shutting down to show me plymouth... Not too useful. :-P09:38
smbapw, No not yet09:39
apwUBUNTU: SAUCE: pm: Config option to disable09:39
apwthat thread09:39
smbapw,  But somehow it worked before erecently09:39
apwyeah very odd, but it may be a stable update perhaps ?09:39
apwsmb, did you try switching VTs ?09:39
smbThats why I loaded the -22 kernel which now behaes the same09:39
smbSeems no reaction09:40
amitkapw: as I mentioned in that thread, that config should be disabled and a test kernel posted to all suspend/resume bugs to see if helps some of them09:40
smbBut somehow this would not affect the timeframe from one week ago in Lucid and now...09:41
smbI try to go back one abi version further ...09:41
apwsmb, yeah that does seem right ...09:41
smbapw, Doh! From time to time this stupid laptop just sits on the bios screen thinking. Gues thats why its called thinkpad09:45
apwsmb, heheh nice09:51
smbapw, Grr, -21 seems to work but -22 not.Which would throw a strong suspicion on a EC patch we know of09:51
ckingsmb, the thinkpad isn't the one that's thinking, it's making *you* think09:57
smbcking, No, just grumpy09:58
apwsmb, i wonder why you didn't notice it before though10:06
smbYes that is odd like hell. I thought to have updated before that. Well, I try to revert that one patch and test again10:06
apwfingers crossed that does not help you10:07
RAOFsmb, apw: I don't have any secret sauce to prod backlights on radeon.  Intel have some patches wending their way through, though.10:27
apwRAOF, interesting though not helpful for smb's issue :)10:27
smbRAOF, Ok, thanks. Actually I went on on suspecting some stuff with the embedded controller10:28
apwsmb, you are always dissing that poor EC patch, it is so going to get a complex10:28
smbapw, Oh, well. Maybe I find out in a second its not its fault.:)10:29
apwi do hope so10:30
smbI would actually, too10:30
tseliotapw: what's smb's issue with the backlight?10:36
smbtseliot, It does not turn back on after suspend10:37
apwtseliot, stops working on  suspend/resume 10:37
apwsmb, when did it appear10:37
tseliotapw, smb: I have a patch that fixes the issue10:37
smbtseliot, In Lucid?10:37
apwtseliot, oh ?10:37
apwtell all10:37
smbtseliot, right, what does it change?10:38
tseliotapw, smb: it simply turns dpms back on on resume: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=2673310:38
tseliot(for radeon)10:38
tseliotand it works well here10:38
smbapw, So good new, it definitely is not the EC patch10:39
apwsmb, as in you have tested it, or that you are assuming its tseliots fix ?10:39
smbapw, I tested with the EC patch reverted10:39
apwPHEW good10:39
smbI now can test with tseliot s patch10:39
smbtseliot, I am just a bit surprised that in started to fail between the -21 and -22 kernels10:40
tseliothere's the upstream report: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1618010:40
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 16180 in Video(DRI - non Intel) "radeon regression with 2.6.35-rc2-00001-g386f40c: black screen after resume" [Normal,Resolved: patch_already_available]10:40
smbtseliot, Which are the day0 update with only two patches and the security update which also does not touch drm iirc10:40
tseliotsmb: it's not the 1st mysterious regression I've dealth with...10:41
tseliotsmb: wait is this in lucid's kernel?10:41
smbtseliot, Yes, thats what I mentioned erlier. :)10:42
tseliotright. I tested the patch in 2.6.35 and I'm not sure about Lucid's kernel10:42
tseliotstill the patch should hurt10:43
tseliotsmb: does vtswitching to vt1 and then vt7 restore the backlight?10:44
smbI will surely give it a try after wondering a bit more what changed between .32-21 and .32-22 to make that happen10:44
smbtseliot, no10:44
tseliothmm.. ok10:44
smbtseliot, Funnily the moment I say shutdown it turns on to give way to plymouth10:45
tseliotsmb: maybe switching to graphics mode turns on the backlight10:46
tseliotKD_GRAPHICS mode, that is10:46
tseliotwhich is what plymouth does to show the splash10:47
smbtseliot, killing X works too. gdm comes up and backlight is on...10:47
smbthough there seems to be something going wrong now10:48
smbno network anymore10:49
apwsmb, sounds well broken10:49
smbyeah, magic sysrq worked. But everything else.. 10:50
tseliotI have a similar problem with 2.6.35. I can't reconnect (using eth0) on resume10:51
smbtseliot, For me it worked well until I killed the X server10:51
tseliotok, it must be a different problem then. I don't see how X can block the network10:52
smbapw, Oh crap -21 was not a .32-21 but a .31-21. Now there is enough difference to behave differently. But I am really really sure I did suspends with a Lucid kernel before10:56
apwsmb, you got the wrong one ?  oops10:57
apwbfore the .33 drm update perhaps10:57
smbapw, Yeah, the Karmic kernel worked. But that could be just to different interaction with something else that broke10:57
apwwell i say leave tseliot's patch building and try it after lunch10:59
smbThat sounds like a good plan10:59
tseliotmjg59: I spoke with Alex about the atif method. Do you know of any code samples or documentation that I could look at to implement this in the radeon driver?13:52
tseliotso that I can see what headers I should include and what function I should call (I already know what arguments I should pass)13:54
mjg59tseliot: You could look at the acpi calls in nouveau13:56
mjg59I'm planning on implementing it next week - I'd have got to it this week but it turns out some of our customers can't write firmware13:56
apwmjg59, you _must_ be mistaken surely14:00
mjg59Who'd have thought?14:01
mjg59So now I need to hack qemu to let me reproduce the behaviour under Windows in order to justify our position14:01
apwmjg59, that sounds _so_ familiar ... sign14:02
tseliotmjg59: does nouveau use atif (isn't it only for ATI?)?14:08
mjg59tseliot: It uses a different ACPI interface14:09
mjg59Just grep for acpi_evaluate_method14:09
smbtseliot, apw, Ok, so the backlight issue is the same with the patch of tseliot. But it works if I disable KMS. Why this seems to have changed recently is beyond my understanding.14:09
tseliotmjg59: nothing in drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau14:12
apwsmb, thats a bit mental me thinks14:12
tseliotacpi_get_name is the closest thing, I guess14:12
mjg59tseliot: Sorry, acpi_evaluate_object14:12
tseliotsmb: so, it's not dpms. Is it that the backlight is off or just a black screen with the backlight on?14:13
smbapw, It is mental. Especially without knowing the exact state before. Just thinking it worked.14:14
smbtseliot, No backlight. The screen is really block without any ambient14:14
smbI am trying to see what happens to another laptop with ati. But it would be another card.14:15
mjg59Without knowing the background, on several GPUs the backlight will refuse to turn on if LVDS has been set up incorrectly14:18
tseliotmjg59: what's the acpi_string pathname for atif?14:18
tseliotsmb: can you access the laptop via ssh?14:19
smbmjg59, In my special case I believe to have had it working at some point14:19
smbtseliot, Yes14:19
smbtseliot, Until I kill X which seems to take the whole system into a bad state14:19
mjg59tseliot: You need to get the acpi_handle for the PCI device you're working with14:20
tseliotsmb: anything interesting in dmesg and Xorg.0.log? Also maybe you could dump the registers after resume with the driver that works and with the driver that doesn't (with avivotool regs all)14:20
tseliotmjg59: right but that's the 1st argument14:21
tseliotacpi_evaluate_object(acpi_handle object,14:21
tseliot                     acpi_string pathname,14:21
tseliot                     struct acpi_object_list *parameter_objects,14:21
tseliot                     struct acpi_buffer *return_object_buffer);14:21
smbtseliot, Nothing obvious in the logs (radeon seems happy with things). But I will dod the dump with and without kms enabled14:22
mjg59tseliot: "ATIF"14:23
tseliotsmb: hopefully we'll see the difference in the dumps14:23
tseliotmjg59: "ATIF" or "_ATIF" (sorry to be such a pain)14:25
mjg59All ACPI methods are four characters long14:25
tseliotaah, it makes sense now. So if it's 3 characters long you prepend a "_" or something like that14:26
mjg59A leading _ indicates that it's a reserved ACPI name14:29
* smb like those well written tools, avivotool has two possible outcomes: called non root -> segmentation fault. Called with sudo -> lockup system14:30
tseliotmjg59: ah, thanks for the info14:31
tseliotmjg59: if it locks up, I have a patch that can help14:31
tseliota patch for avivotool14:32
tseliotsmb: here's the patch: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=3481014:33
smbtseliot, Thanks. This gets more and more complicated. One thing I just noticed. The pitch black screen is what I get when I switch to a text console. IOW those do not work, So the problem with resume is more likely that I fail to switch back to graphics. 14:36
smbAnd I cannot do manually14:36
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tseliotsmb: does anything change if you suspend with "sudo pm-suspend --quirk-vbe-post" ?15:01
smbtseliot, That probably made no difference. But I had the funny idea of removing radeonfb from the backlist-framebuffer.conf. Which caused it to be loaded in parallel with vga16fb which presumably is bad. Though right now this not only seems to make resume work but also give me usable text consoles...15:05
smbHeck, I thought radeonfb will get loaded automatically...15:05
tseliotsmb: I don't think you need radeonfb as the KMS driver already provides a framebuffer device. The console driver should work15:09
smbtseliot, I don'T think readeondrmfb showed up on this piece of hw before. But I revert that blacklist change15:11
mjg59smb: radeonfb is superceded by radeondrmfb15:11
mjg59Which is automatic if you have kms15:11
smbmjg59, So it is on the other laptop I got15:12
tseliotI've never noticed radeondrmfb15:13
smbmjI see it starting on the Dell15:13
smbBut I thought I had not seen in on the T42p15:13
smbtseliot, Hah, it _is_ there, but too late. It becomes fb1 after vga16fb is claiming to be fb0 before. Probably taking too long to initialize15:16
tseliotyes, initialisation could be slow15:19
smbEspecially on this reasonable quick but still only single core machine15:20
ckingmanjo, ping15:21
smbtseliot, Ok, blacklisting vga16fb to give the late radeon driver a chance, results in a corrupted but after switching to an (after suspend black) text console and back give me a working X screen.15:29
smbtseliot, I think I will file my theory that it worked before into the myths drawer. At least the seems to be no regression15:29
tseliotsmb: :-)15:31
ckingbjf, hey, able to mumble to me?15:32
smbDamn seems mumble lost its marbles for me15:36
bjfcking, getting there15:39
bjfcking, am mumbling, shall we step out onto the balcony?15:50
nealmcbwhen I run memtest86+ on my dell 1012, it runs clean for hours, except when I insert or remove the usb connection I use to charge my android phone.  Then I get an error at 0x0004c509 where the right-most byte is always "01" rather than what memtest is looking for.  Can someone tell me what that address is normally used for?  I get corruption of filesystems on this box regularly some time after doing a suspend and an otherwise successful resume15:53
nealmcbi.e. how to check the physical memory map for that addr...15:54
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ogasawaraapw: I notice you've got work items on the delta-review blueprint and the union-mounts blueprint which accomplish the same thing ie evaluate union-mount as a replacement for AUFS16:09
ogasawaraapw: care if I delete one16:09
apwogasawara, not quite sure how that occurd, but yes kill the one on delta-review i say16:10
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks16:10
* ogasawara tries to find two more work items to close and drop us below our alpha2 trend line16:10
* apw added a work item for 'you' onto a foundations-m-686-something blueprint16:10
ogasawaraok cool16:10
* tgardner thought ogasawara was running out of things to do16:10
* apw has closed two already today16:10
* amitk invents two new arm flavours to keep ogasawara busy ;)16:13
tgardneramitk, I see omap4 coming down the pipe. whats the second flavour?16:14
amitktgardner: nothing concrete yet, but perhaps we'll take the pain there in npitre's arm tree. We've got all these partners now :)16:15
jcastrotgardner: fs-cache is working as expected on all the maverick machines I've tested it on!16:16
tgardnerjcastro, ack. good to know.16:16
tgardnerjcastro, is there a notable performance difference?16:16
jcastrotgardner: hard to tell with one person on one NFS share, client side, when gigabit NFS mounting not really, however over wifi on a laptop it feels nearly-local16:17
tgardnerjcastro, how does it behave when you lose your wifi link? do things recover OK ?16:18
jcastrotgardner: it /seems/ too but I only ran outside with it once, I will get more testing done this next week16:18
jcastrotgardner: I think it would be interesting to test something like an LTSP client with local storage with an NFS /home16:19
tgardnerjcastro, feel free :) I'm off on other tasks....16:20
jcastrono worries, I'm on it!16:20
nealmcbwhen I run memtest86+ on my dell 1012, it runs clean for hours, except when I insert or remove the usb connection I use to charge my android phone.  Then I get an error at 0x0004c509 where the right-most byte is always "01" rather than what memtest is looking for.  Can someone tell me how to check the memory maps to find out what that address is being used for?  I get corruption of filesystems on this box regularly some time after doing a suspen16:22
nealmcb(running lucid)16:22
apwnealmcb, the e820 is reported in dmesg and should tell you somthing about whats there16:31
nealmcbapw: thanks - I'll learn about e820's  But I also recall that the kernel may change what the bios passes on for memory mapping - is there a way to get up-to-date info?16:33
apwit reports both the bios and the one it goes a head and uses16:34
apwnealmcb, what filesystem are you using which shows the corruption?16:34
apwcould be bios low memory curruption, thats a low page i suspect16:36
apwcnd, whats the low-memory bios corruption detection limit normally ?16:36
cndapw: I think manjo knew more about that16:37
apwcnd, ahh fair enough thanks16:37
nealmcbfsck reported a few times that "inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found"...16:42
nealmcba manual fsck seemed to clean it up, but dpkg was hosed a bit too - haven't finished cleaning that up16:43
apwnealmcb, i think we have other people with that machine and i've not heard it reported16:43
apwcnd, you have a 1012 i think16:43
JFotgardner, do you think it worthwhile to post an fs-cache CFT?16:43
cndapw: what's the issue?16:44
apwnealmcb is seeing oddness including fs corruption on lucid ext4, possibly related to plugging in a smart phone16:44
tgardnerJFo, I dunno if its really worth the effort. It _is_ mainline (and has been for some time), plus its elective, so I don't expect it'll cause any regressions.16:44
JFook, was just catching up on scrollback16:45
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nealmcbcnd: I saw memtest86+ report memory errors at 4c590 every time I plugged an android phone in or out of usb.  very odd - as if something in usb was mapping to that address and yielding a "01" on read access16:48
cndI can try that here16:49
cndI have a nexus 116:49
nealmcbI should try it with other usb devices....  mine is a g116:49
cndnealmcb: is there a way to test this without having to boot into memtest86?16:49
nealmcbcnd: that is the most easily reproduced oddness I've seen16:50
nealmcbin memtest16:51
nealmcbbeyond that I see regular crashes some time after resuming from suspend16:51
nealmcbI'm wondering if the suspend moves the memory error around and makes it worse16:52
nealmcbbios-e820 in dmesg says that 0 - 9dc00 is "usable"16:53
apwso its meant to be 'ram' there16:54
apwand i would not expect it to change16:54
nealmcb(in karmic usb-boot anyway....)16:54
cndnealmcb: ok, can you run me through the steps required to recreate the issue in memtest8616:54
cndI'm not terribly familiar with it16:54
mjg59nealmcb: Almost certainly the BIOS scribbling on stuff16:54
nealmcbI guess I can reserve the memory on boot16:55
apwyeah likely, i thought we had bios corrupter detection turned on by default16:55
mjg59USB insertion is a prime candidate for triggering SMM16:55
mjg59On the other hand, we disable USB SMIs when the hcd driver bind16:55
cwillu_at_workanyone have any wisdom re: compiling the xfsqa tool from the kernel tree?16:57
nealmcbcnd: I happened regularly yesterday when I was doing this in the car, and I'll post a picture of the screen.  this morning I can't reproduce it - wonder if it was hotter then or something.  I just ran the normal memtest from the grub menu, and while it was running test 3 or 4 I plugged a usb cable in and out with my android g1 attached.17:02
cndnealmcb: I just tried running both tests 3 and 4 while continuously plugging in and removing my n117:10
cndno issues here17:10
nealmcbcnd: thanks for checking.  my memtest screen is shown here (I'll resize the picture to make it easier to see soon): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NealMcBurnett/dell101217:31
nealmcbthat shows the errors in test 6, but I think it happened with most any test17:33
cndwell, the simplest solution is to try new memory :)17:33
nealmcbI'll try to reproduce it some more at this end.  I had the filesystem problems with the original 1GB memory card, so I think it is more likely to be some problem with the usb or bus or something.  but I'll try to reproduce it more17:34
ogasawaraapw: just browsing through the debian commonisation patch for Maverick and notice we had to hard code "series := maverick" in debian/rules.d/0-common-vars.mk17:54
ogasawaraapw: so presumably whomever open the M+1 release will have to remember to update that bit17:55
apwogasawara, yeah there are a couple of places the series is used, and over time i am going to convert them over to that17:55
ogasawaraapw: cool17:55
apwogasawara, the plan is that the update-debian script will use that17:55
apwsorry apply that as its copied in, its @SERIES@ in the orignal17:55
apwright now there are other places which have lucid say in, like control.stub.in, which i want to convert to using that one instance17:56
apwbut tis a bigger job than i wanted to bite off at this point17:56
ogasawaraapw: ok so still some cleaning up but getting us in the right direction, I'll get it applied17:56
apwyeah, adding one to remove 5 others long term, in this one it adds one and removes one17:57
tseliotmjg59: shall I check the existence of the ATIF method before calling it or is it fine to just call acpi_evaluate_object?18:06
mjg59tseliot: You can call it, but you should handle the failure appropriately18:07
mjg59status will be AE_NOT_FOUND if it's not there18:07
tseliotmjg59: ah, but it should suffice to check ACPI_FAILURE(status)18:09
mjg59Check status18:09
mjg59if (ACPI_FAILURE(status) && status != AE_NOT_FOUND) {printk("Things are broken\m"); return -1}, or something18:10
tseliotok, thanks again18:11
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tseliotmjg59: do you think we should print something if atif is not there too (without failing)?18:17
mjg59I don't think so18:20
mjg59There's no point in printing kernel messages when something valid happens18:20
tgardnerapw, how are you intending to apply debian commonization bits from ubuntu-debian ? are you using initial-rollout/MAKER to splatter the various branches?18:37
apwtgardner, that is the initial-rollout yes, next step for me is distill out just the updater from it18:38
apwand that stuff will get removed and replaced by 'UPDATE' sort of thing18:38
apwand a 'README' of course18:38
tgardnerapw, so, I'm working on the maverick ti-omap4 branch. shall I just rsync the debian directory and go from there?18:39
apwtgardner, ahh you need to change the @SERIES@ to the right thing18:40
apwthere is a log generator in there as well, but you could just steal the commit message from maverick18:41
tgardnerapw, not sure to what you are referring?18:41
tgardnergot SERIES fixed18:42
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apwyeah the idea is the updater will do that as it copies it in, and will do the changelog as per mavericks update for example18:43
apwsee how the changelog contains the buglinks etc from the ubuntu-debian changelog18:43
apwif you are commiting the tip of u-d as of now, then whats in maverick should be the same, so youc ould cut-n-paste it18:43
apwthe updater will know how to do that18:43
tgardnerapw, for this first time I probably don't have to worry about that, right?18:44
tgardnerits an initial commit18:44
apwtgardner, oh i see, yeah its the initial version of the branch ...#18:44
johanbrthis is weird... under 2.6.35-3, /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq always reports maximum frequency18:46
johanbrondemand governor, negligible load18:46
apwjohanbr, its not systemic as my local machine has that on and is at 800MHz mostly18:46
apwjohanbr, do you have lots of kslowd's eating CPU?18:47
johanbrno, I don't think so18:48
johanbrI have some other kernels installed, will reboot a few times and see when it started appearing...18:48
johanbrhmm... OTOH, powertop says CPU spends 99.6% of the time at 800 MHz18:50
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tgardnerapw, wrt to the config checker, why is debian.master/config required? ti-omap4 is currently 2.6.34 based, so it seems a bit odd to require 2.6.35 config options.19:04
* tgardner lunches19:11
* cking calls it day19:29
bcurtiswxwith 20 people affected it may be worth looking at bug #548992, with some recent good information for debugging19:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 548992 in debian (and 1 other project) "Wireless connection frequently drops [deauthenticating by local choice (reason=3)] (affects: 21) (heat: 152)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54899219:36
bcurtiswxnow 21 apparently, lol19:36
* JFo looks19:37
JFolooks like someone changed it to confirmed before it hit my radar19:38
JFoso bcurtiswx am I right in my assumption that this issue now appears to be a result of network-manager and DHCP?19:39
JFoif so, this may need to be looked at by the n-m folks19:39
JFobcurtiswx, are you affected by it as well?19:40
bcurtiswxJFo: well, i don't know enough to say its not one or the other.  I have been affected by it, and actually will look to see if its happening again as i have been disconnected on occasion today without warning19:41
JFohmmm, if it still seems to be the case, are you willing to try some other network manager?19:41
JFoto see if using that resolves it?19:41
JFoso that we can narrow?19:41
bcurtiswxi'd be happy to help, what should I try19:41
JFoon that I am not completely certain19:42
JFoI have seen other cases reported like this where they tried a different connection manager19:42
JFolet me see what I can find19:42
bcurtiswxand I apologize if i get DC.. i'll try to recognize it and get back ASAp19:43
JFobcurtiswx, I am under the impression that we are looking at connection-manager for maverick, but don't quote me :)19:43
JFobcurtiswx, no problem19:43
bcurtiswxJFo: OK19:44
JFolooks like WICD is one that has been tested19:44
JFolet me see if there are others19:44
bigcx2hey all, i kinda have an off the wall question for all you gurus :)19:46
bigcx2i'm trying to create a custom live cd and i have a custom squashfs image i would like to mount for it19:47
bigcx2but everytime i boot it up, it says that it can't find a bootable medium19:48
bigcx2i can succesfully mount the squashfs image by hand19:48
bigcx2from the initramfs prompt i get dropped into19:48
bigcx2but how do i get past the initramfs shell and into my squashfs image?19:48
bigcx2i've seen stuff around with mount -o move but i can't quite get it right19:49
bcurtiswxJFo: would it help to say that at home I don't get this problem, but here at work I do (Campus network)19:49
JFoit would help very much19:50
bcurtiswxlemme know anything you need from my comp and i'll pastebin it19:50
JFowill do19:52
jjohansenLunch ->19:52
ogasawaraapw: CONFIG_INIT_PASS_ALL_PARAMS I'm assuming it's not necessary to have that turned on for ports? ie I can disable it for ports.19:53
tgardnerogasawara, won't they have the same upstart?19:54
ogasawaratgardner: that's true19:54
tgardnerI don't think CONFIG_INIT_PASS_ALL_PARAMS is arch dependent19:55
JFoit annoys me to no end that e-mail I send to ubuntu-devel must await moderator approval19:58
bcurtiswxare you a devel member? i think they wanted devel for members only and devel-discuss for anyone.. no sure tho20:01
unlexwhat is the use of afence register?20:02
JFobcurtiswx, just griping. I think it is something I could fix if I were so inclined :)20:04
JFoI just like to gripe every so oftn20:04
bcurtiswxnothing wrong with that :)20:04
unlexanyone understand fence registers here?20:04
bcurtiswxunlex: IDK, but my google search returned http://is.gd/cT98f20:08
JFomanjo, where is the git repo for the kernel-qa bits? /me forgets20:09
JFocould have sworn I had a cloned branch of it, but I can't find it20:10
bcurtiswxJFo: got DC20:27
apwogasawara, doh yeah, should be on for ports as well yes, sorry20:32
ogasawaraapw: no worries, enabled it and it's building nicely now20:33
ogasawarampoirier: bug 591941 is on the release meeting agenda tomorrow.  is there any update there and if so, could you post it as a comment to the bug?20:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 591941 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "SDHC card not recognized (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59194120:39
mpoirierogasawara: hold on a sec, I'll look at it.20:39
mpoirierogasawara: I am currently working with TI people on it.20:40
ogasawarampoirier: ok thanks20:43
ogasawarampoirier: any idea if a resolution will happen before next friday (as that's the cut off date for our Alpha2 kernel)?20:44
ogasawarampoirier: else I'll bump the milestone on the bug out to alpha320:45
mpoirierogasawara: it is hard to say if we'll have a solution.20:45
mpoirierwe are faced with a timing issue introduced by the preemption model.20:45
mpoirierI will bump the milestone to alpha3.20:46
mpoirierThat way no one is disapointed.20:46
ogasawarampoirier: perfect thanks.20:46
mpoirierogasawara: done with comments and bumped milestone20:50
ogasawarampoirier: sweet thanks, it makes my life easier for tomorrows meeting20:51
Sleep_Walkeramitk: there is even no DMA support for MX5 :/20:54
* ogasawara lunch21:20
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tseliotmjg59: I'm getting "Return, Return, Super_L" if I press that key with atif (and acpi_osi="!Windows 2009")22:01
tseliotstill no event is listed in acpi_listen22:01
mjg59Unsure what's wrong then, I'm afraid22:02
tseliotI didn't get anything before calling atif22:02
keesthe strangest things appear in kernel builds:22:05
keesII: New modules (you've been busy, wipe the poop off your nose)22:05
tseliotmjg59: is there some acpi spec I can look at with all these methods (including atif)?22:05
mjg59No, atif is entirely specced by ATI22:05
kamalkees: yeah, when there are no new modules then it calls you a "slacker"22:06
keeskamal: hah!22:06
tseliotmjg59: ok22:06
mjg59Everything that's standardised is in the ACPI specification, which you can get from www.acpi.info22:07
tgardnerkees, thats a BenC original :)22:09
tseliotmjg59: great, thanks for the link22:12
tseliotmjg59: does _DOS have anything to do with this?22:19
tseliotnot that it would explain the lack of that acpi event..22:20
mjg59tseliot: If _DOS isn't set correctly then you won't get hotkey events22:22
tseliotmjg59: ah, so brightness keys shouldn't work22:22
mjg59Hm. Brightness typically will22:24
mjg59But not display switch22:24
tseliotmjg59: ah, so you're saying that I might be on the right track?22:25
mjg59It's possible22:25
tseliotmjg59: if so, I would just have to implement another function and set the right bits. That would be great (if it worked)22:29
mjg59tseliot: _DOS should be set at boot time22:30
mjg59You can alter it through /proc/acpi/video/DOS22:30
tseliotmjg59: ah, how? It says DOS setting: <4>22:32
mjg59Just write to it22:32
mjg59Hang on a moment...22:32
tseliotin /proc/acpi/video/VGA2/DOS22:32
mjg594 should be correct for getting events22:33
tseliotthe default should be 1 though22:33
tseliotmjg59: "The system BIOS, when doing switching of the active display, must verify the state of the variable set by the _DOS method. The default value of this variable must be 1"22:36
mjg59Yeah, which means you don't get events22:36
mjg59That's why it's changed by the OS22:36
tseliotmjg59: I guess I should set the 1st bit to 322:38
mjg59tseliot: You can try, but 0 or 4 is correct for getting hotkey events22:38
tseliotI see22:39
tseliotright, nothing changes22:41
tseliotmjg59: I guess my only chances are _DCS, _DGS and _DSS22:46
tseliotaccording to the acpi spec 40a they are all "Required if the system supports display switching (via hotkey)"22:48
mjg59The spec requires them, but they do nothing useful22:50
tseliothmm... maybe it's worth bugging AMD about this22:52
tseliotanyway something I can do tomorrow22:55
tseliotgood night22:55
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