ubuntujenkinsmorning all08:47
thorwilgood morning!08:53
ubuntujenkinsmorning thorwil09:20
ubuntujenkinshello all14:41
dutchiequiet in here at the moment18:03
* ubuntujenkins agrees with dutchie 18:05
dakerhi everybody :)18:08
shrinithe room is so silent for a long time18:08
ubuntujenkinshey daker18:08
shrinihello all18:08
ubuntujenkinshey shrini18:08
shriniubuntujenkins: hey man18:08
dakershrini, so let's make noise :)18:08
shrinijust being happy today18:09
dakerlet's ping people è_é18:09
shrinii am moving to room18:10
shriniseems i have to sing and dance18:10
shrinimet a school friend today18:10
shrinitaking him to my room18:10
shrinibye friends18:10
shrinicatch you later18:11
ubuntujenkinssee you later shrini18:11
shriniubuntujenkins: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee18:11
ubuntujenkinshey nisshh18:12
nisshhhey ubuntujenkins18:12
nisshhjust thought id check in before i went to sleep18:13
dakernisshh, è_é hhhhhhh18:14
nisshhdaker: hey18:14
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thorwilgodbyk, godbyk-sagan: http://hotlead.levien.com/2010/06/nanum-korean-fonts-now-released-under.html19:43
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: / godbyk-sagan  ping20:13
godbykubuntujenkins: pong20:16
godbyk(beeps aren't working in xchat. it's irksome.  when it tries to play an ogg file, it just plays white noise. any ideas, anyone?)20:16
ubuntujenkinsame he20:17
ubuntujenkinssame here20:17
dutchieirssi: the IRC client of the future20:17
ubuntujenkinswhat are your thoughts on the extrending of help.ubuntu.com vs a program for files20:18
godbykdutchie: yeah, I'm gonna look at irsii at some point.20:18
dutchiei must get round to doing that thing so highlights on IRC pop up notification bubbles20:18
godbykubuntujenkins: why not both?  I think help.ubuntu.com is the eventual target of the USLC stuff.20:18
dutchiei suspect it is not so trivial as i hoped20:18
godbykdutchie: isn't there a little command-line app that can do that?20:19
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: brb20:20
dutchienot when irssi runs on my VPS20:20
godbykdutchie: ah, yeah. that's true.20:20
dutchiei've been thinking about DBus and ssh tunnels20:21
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: both could be done but the suggestion is to devlop yelp as aparntly it can view webpages so that it views the page on help.ubuntu.com20:25
ubuntujenkinsI have not replyied to the e-mails as I have not been very awake, hence make no sense20:26
godbykubuntujenkins: well, the benefit of the standalone program you were talking about the other day is that it would keep things up-to-date, right?20:26
ubuntujenkinsyep if the teams want to add stuff it can be done, I am thinking of some form off rss feed and update button20:27
ubuntujenkinsbut if yelp viewed a page on help.ubuntu.com can that not be updated mid cycle?20:27
ubuntujenkinsI would like to do the program because its fun :)20:28
godbykI'm under the impression that the help.ubuntu.com page is updated only once per cycle.20:29
ubuntujenkinsthats what i thought but i don't actually know, I will ask in #ubuntu-docs20:30
ubuntujenkinsthanls godbyk any other pros you can think of would be great20:32
godbykbasically, it'd be like synaptic but for documentation.20:37
godbykand we can update throughout the cycle instead of just once.20:37
ubuntujenkinsgood comparison, i do seeing it being more shiny :)20:37
thorwilsynaptic isn't a good model, though. software center might be20:40
godbykthorwil: you're probably right. I haven't played with SC yet though. I just use apt-get and synaptic for everything.20:40
ubuntujenkinssoftware centre even better20:41
godbykokay, off-topic question: what's up with the spell-checking in the empathy chat window?  it doesn't like inflected words (plurals, etc.).20:41
thorwilgodbyk: it thinks you should talk more simple and avoid more than ones20:42
godbykthorwil: It doesn't like 'thinks' and 'ones'.  Sorry, you fail.20:43
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: have you got any sound files in ~/.xchat2/sounds ?20:43
thorwilgodbyk: sure. many are my fail20:43
godbykubuntujenkins: nope20:43
ubuntujenkinsme nither I think you have to define a sound for every event.20:44
godbykubuntujenkins: right. but when I do that, it plays the sound -- only it's played as white noise (static).20:44
* thorwil has a completely silent desktop (regarding events/notifications)20:45
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: hmm so it does, och thats loud20:46
godbykWhat's the argument for using Empathy again?  Every time a new version of Ubuntu is released, I give Empathy another shot and it's still always a horrible experience.20:46
* ubuntujenkins should not have tried with a 4 minute song there is no pause20:47
godbykubuntujenkins: lol.  oops!20:47
godbykubuntujenkins: what file type did you pick?20:47
ubuntujenkinsmp3 loads of static20:47
godbykI've tried with the .ogg sound effects in /usr/share/sounds/* and it hates me.20:47
* ubuntujenkins hunts for bugs20:48
godbykI looked a while back and didn't notice any, but figured someone must've filed one and I was searching with the wrong keywords.20:48
godbykthorwil: I only want it to beep at me if someone says my name or sends me a direct message.20:49
godbykOtherwise, I'm quite likely to not notice that the envelope has turned green and end up ignore everyone all day.20:49
godbykEmpathy doesn't pop up a chat window when someone sends me an IM.  So I've been missing a lot of them lately.20:49
thorwilgodbyk: you don't have a trained squirrel for that?20:50
godbykI've been missing things on IRC because xchat doesn't want to play ogg files to alert me.20:50
ubuntujenkinsbrb i have to quit because it will not shut up20:53
* thorwil initially read that as "brb i have to quit because i will not shut up"20:54
dutchiesee, irssi is silent :)20:54
ubuntujenkinslol thorwil20:54
godbykdutchie: silent is bad, though. I'm usually busy working on code or something and ignore irc until it beeps to get my attention.20:54
ubuntujenkinsits still not shut up I think a reboot may be in order20:54
ubuntujenkinsI can't find a bug on it godbyk20:55
godbykmaybe just restart pulseaudio?20:55
godbykubuntujenkins: I couldn't either.20:55
godbykFile one, please!20:55
godbykI'll subscribe and add my 'me too'.20:55
ubuntujenkinsI will, how do i restart pulse?20:55
ubuntujenkinsxchat uses bugzilla20:55
thorwilgodbyk: but doesn't a beep invade your mind to brutally rip you out of your flow, leading to a loss of productivity that you will never ever able to balance?20:56
godbykthorwil: nah, I choose subtle beeps that I can ignore easily.  something that's soft and not grating.20:56
godbykthorwil: if there's a lot of beeping, though it's irksome.20:57
godbykbut it serves its purpose of getting my attention to see what's on fire in #ubuntu-manual. :-)20:57
thorwilthe roof!20:57
ubuntujenkinsjust hope noone goes godbyk20:57
ubuntujenkinsyou get the idea :)20:57
godbykheh.. it happens sometimes. :)20:57
ubuntujenkinshttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/xchat so where do i file them launchpad is helpful20:59
ubuntujenkinsI can't find xchat to file it against on bugzilla but there is xchat gnome21:00
ubuntujenkinsyey the song stopped21:00
* thorwil doesn't even look down with his behind on xchat gnome21:01
godbykI agree, xchat-gnome sucks.21:01
ubuntujenkinsi also agree21:01
thorwileven with xchat proper, i need to change quite some options to make it lean21:02
godbykI have the channels as buttons/tabs at the bottom of the window instead of along the left.21:02
ubuntujenkinshttp://xchat.org/docs/ so where do i file a bug?21:03
godbykI enable timestamps, logging, and a few other options.21:03
godbykubuntujenkins: bugs.gnome.org maybe?21:03
ubuntujenkinsfound it sorceforge21:03
godbykAll right, I'll give irsii a shot.21:06
godbykJust a moment.21:06
godbykHey, godbyk-irsii.21:06
* ubuntujenkins is not a fan of irssi21:06
thorwilif you want to be really cool, you have to combine irsii with screen21:07
godbyk-irsiithorwil: Yeah, I do like screen.  It's awesome for sysadmin work.21:07
thorwilgood night! :)21:07
godbyk-irsiiG'night, thorwil. :)21:07
godbyk-irsiiOkay, dutchie.  What do I need to know to make irsii awesome?21:08
ubuntujenkinssudo apt-get remove -purge irssi21:08
godbyk-irsiiubuntujenkins: lol21:09
dutchiegodbyk: scripts.irssi.org21:10
dutchiealso, it's double-s, single i21:10
godbyk-irsiidutchie: yeah, I just noticed that.21:11
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-irsii: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3017739&group_id=239&atid=10023921:12
manualbotubuntujenkins: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Sourceforge instance at 0x869706c> bug 3017739 not found21:13
ubuntujenkinsmanualbot: fail!21:13
manualbotubuntujenkins: Error: "fail!" is not a valid command.21:13
manualbotFactoid 'fail!' not found21:13
godbyk-irsiiheh. nice.21:13
ubuntujenkinsI am glad sourceforge does open id o could not be bothered to set up another bug account21:15
godbyk-irsiiokay, ubuntujenkins. I'm 'monitoring' that bug on sf.21:15
godbyk-irsiiAh, I already had an sf account.21:15
ubuntujenkinscool we shall see what response we get21:15
godbyk-irsiiFrom eons ago.21:15
godbyk-irsiiHaven't logged into their site for a few years, I think.21:15
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-irsii: / godbyk in the program is it a good idea for people to add their own documentaion feeds? as a long term plan ie logos22:07
ubuntujenkins*ie locos22:11
godbykubuntujenkins: Hmm.. not a bad idea.  Maybe for the second version of it, though?22:46
ubuntujenkinsthats what i thought yey \o/ now i can send my e-mail22:47
ubuntujenkinsthis program still needs a name23:09

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