qclibrehi all, love mythbuntu 10.4, thanks. However, a little problem - getting a segfault when entering a dvd, have run all updates - anyone seen anything similar?03:14
mrandqclibre: yep... sounds like are running an older revision (there is an update available in auto-builds that is newer than 10.04 which contains many, many bug fixes).03:15
mrandHaving said that, there is something that needs to be fixed in it... I think it is supposed to be building now.03:15
mrandYeah, it got built 2 hours ago, so hopefully it should be good to go.03:16
rhpot1991"entering a dvd" == playing a dvd?03:18
mrandinserting, I'm sure.  It's a known problem with the 10.04 release03:19
qclibreturns out I lied, really sorry - I ran the updates but had been careless, a restarting the app after updates have finished seems to behave much better.03:22
mrandqclibre: no problem.03:23
qclibreout of interest, before I figure this out for myself (!:-)) .. I have a backend I'm putting in the cupboard which has the cable signal and the tv capture, but I have a frontend that I intend to use in the lounge, and will probably put the package on my (conventional) ubuntu workstation in the office too. If I want them all to share the same music, videos, [etc], should I just samba-mount the backend's directories onto the front-end ones?03:25
rhpot1991qclibre: if you don't need windows, then use nfs to share them03:30
rhpot1991same end results, but more efficient in a linux only world03:30
mrandyou can actually enable both, of course.03:30
rhpot1991yep that too03:31
qclibrethe missus has windows. More specifically, and worse, she has *vista*. I know. So samba is obligatory anyway. So if I just mount the server's directories into the various /var/lib paths that the front-ends use, that should "Just Work(tm)"?03:33
Pwenqclibre: My /var/lib/mythtv/videos directory is actually a mount on my NAS. so when winblows clients grab stuff off there, it's actualyl coming off the nas. convoluted, but it works04:58
qclibrepwen: cool, thanks. Any issues with doing the same for music? My concern is when ripping dvds or cds on a front-end, I'd like them to store direct to the server-side, figured there might be some kind of locking/sharing complication with that. If your NAS share was replaced with a mount to another mythtv box's /var/lib/mythtv/videos, would you expect any issues? (Eg. if other mythtvs are looking at the same dir?)05:07
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mcastlesis there a way to turn off the back button (looks like a reload button) in mythvideo's gallery view?13:39
st8ofmi9dI'm running a MythTV frontend out of the VGA port to a 1366x768 TV. Is that a non-standard resolution that may cause the GPU to work harder and overheat?I apologize if this is someone off-topic, but I don't know where else to ask this question. My Dell Zino's GPU seems to be overheating (or getting warm enough to slow itself down) It's my third unit and they all had the exact same problem when the ambient temperature15:06
st8ofmi9d in the room rose.15:06
superm1that's a common resolution for TVs15:09
superm1have you tried using the closed source driver instead of the open source?15:09
Jay2k1what about buying a better cooling solution?15:09
superm1the closed source driver has better power management15:09
superm1that or yes, cooling solutions :)15:09
Jay2k1additional case fan(s), replace stock cooler etc15:09
st8ofmi9dI will try a closed source driver for the ATI:15:09
superm1well the zino is a pretty small form factor, so i think modifying it's cooling solutions isn't much of an option15:10
st8ofmi9dI put a floor fan blowing high directly into the unit with the cover off and the problem still happened but just took a few minutes more.15:10
superm1but you can always put it on a cooling pad or throw a small fan over in that area15:10
st8ofmi9dIt was one of those typhoon fans that sound like a plane taking off so i can't see anything else moveing much more ait.15:11
st8ofmi9dThank you for the suggestions. Chances are I'll return the unit to Dell (they offered me a refund) but it's just such a nice small (and cheap) unit that I really wanted to get it working.15:12
st8ofmi9dI'm just a little concerned that I'll have a problem with other units and maybe won't find such a nice return plicy.15:13
st8ofmi9dAnyone using the Zotac HD-ID11-U? I'm thinking about getting one of those as a replacement and PXE booting.15:15
rhpot1991!frontend | st8ofmi9d15:15
Zinnst8ofmi9d: Ion Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/215:15
rhpot1991I use that15:15
st8ofmi9drhpot1991: Yes, now I know that IONs are the only way to go in Linux15:15
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SpiffydudexHello all, I have a strange crash I started recieving yesterday. It happens when I exit from live TV mode back to the main menu.  I checked the logs and this error is one I really dont know how to solve.19:52
Spiffydudex*** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real: free(): invalid pointer: 0xb585c010 ***19:52
SpiffydudexEverything seems normal up until this point in the changing process from TV to Menus. Anyone have any idea what is going on?19:53
SpiffydudexI can also provide the backtrace that is printed out as well, and I will gladly give any other information that I can.19:54
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].21:02
mrandSpiffydudex: please check out !debug21:03
ZinnTo report crashes, please follow the directions outlined under the "Basic backtrace" section of http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Debugging#Debugging_with_Ubuntu_packages21:03
ultradj83hi everybody!22:29
ultradj83i'm new to mythbuntu, can anybody help me configuring the http proxy?22:30
ultradj83hi everybody23:29
ultradj83briefly... how to configure TV cards?23:29

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