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akgranerIf anyone has links and/or summaries you want to add to UWN Issue 198 - you can do so in one of three ways (just looking at different options for a couple weeks to see what people are more comfortable with)04:14
akgranergoogledoc - https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfODlkODNxNnRnZA&hl=en04:14
akgranerwiki page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue19804:14
akgranerand etherpad - http://ietherpad.com/UWN04:14
akgranerI'm off to bed  - catch you all in 8 hours or so.....04:15
akgranerhey all I am walking out the door for an hour or so this morning - if a Fridge Editor could add this interview from the US Teams site to the Fridge this morning that would be great :-)  http://ubuntu-us.org/?q=node/14370  PA LoCo Team Interview....  Thanks!12:28
nhandlerakgraner: posted12:50
scott_evakgraner: maybe later today.  I'm horribly under the wetther ritght noe14:48
akgranerscott_ev, no worries :-)  I hope you feel better soon!15:09
akgranernhandler, thank you!15:09
akgranerwho added stars to the events on the Fridge Calendar?17:18
akgranerI like purple stars - but never noticed them before?17:19
pleia2thanks for posting the ubuntu-us interview :)17:55
akgranerpleia2, USTeams has a great reporter there :-P18:17
akgranerso I think I have at least got a narrow set of people to assign to each of the sections of the newsletter to write summaries18:21
akgranerI'll  get the wiki updated18:22
akgranerthen start asking for more volunteers18:22
akgranerin those areas18:22
akgranerzkriesse, once I get some of this stuff added - take a look and see if it will need to be jazzed up at all18:25
akgranerI'll drop the links to the pages here as well18:26
zkriesseakgraner: hmmm?18:27
akgranernhandler, pleia2, highvoltage  (you all seem to add the most content lately) but I am asking everyone  - think about what content you would like to appear on the main page of the Fridge as well as what links you would like people so see on the Front Page of it as well....18:28
akgranerzkriesse, I wish I could just give you the info - but if I have to type it once  - I might as well put it on the wiki - that's all18:28
akgranerbut I am not a wiki expert by any means - so it may need some tweaking18:29
zkriessejust shoot me the link when you're ready18:30
akgranerwe need to give some kind of overview about why we put what we do on the Fridge so the whole community knows why things go where18:30
zkriesseakgraner: you have any idea as to why i try and save my user preferences on the ubuntu wiki and it tells me that the email "belongs to somebody else"?18:31
akgranerzkriesse, oh that happened to someone on my LoCo team18:34
akgraneryou will need to file an RT Ticket18:34
zkriessewhich is?18:35
akgranerthey got it fixed pretty quickly18:35
zkriesseHow do i file one of those18:35
akgranerand just let them know what is happening.18:36
zkriesseok thanks18:37
akgranerthe person in my LoCo team included a screenshot so they could see the error message18:37
akgraneras well well as the date it started happening18:37
akgranernewz2000, they call for people to test the wp theme - would you like that in UWN this week?19:28
akgraneror just the mailing list folks?19:29
akgranerbjf, hey!  did you see the new section in UWN?19:33
bjfumm, no19:33
akgraneryou need to go look - it's the meeting minute links for the development teams (or the ones I find each week)19:34
bjfakgraner, Kernel Team Meeting Agenda: Not listed as of publication19:37
bjfakgraner, our agenda is always at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting19:37
akgranerno not that19:37
akgranerI guess it's not been added to the Fridge Calendar19:38
akgranerI'll add that agenda link19:38
akgranerbjf - Number 10 on the table of contents - Ubuntu Development Teams Weekly Meeting Minute Links19:39
bjfyup, got it19:40
popeyjust off out for bithday meal with wifey.. talk at me and I'll see it later19:48
* popey pokes akgraner 19:49
akgranerwe need you to do a couple of interviews (recorded)19:49
akgraneryour birthday?  Happy B-day19:49
akgranerfor Issue 200  - would like to get Mark, Matt, Jane, and mdz - if I get you some questions - and CC you on the email to them - can you make it happen?19:50
newz2000akgraner: re: testing, no, I hope to have it be an official beta release tomorrow19:55
akgranernewz2000, okie dokie :-)19:57
akgranerpopey, did that make sense to ya?20:04
akgranernewz2000, I haven't forgotten about the wiki page - just had a couple of other things get bumped up on my todo list - should have things added in the morning though - I'll email you my comments as well  - if that is ok with you?20:07
newz2000akgraner: sure. tomorrow I'll be less accessible so you may want to temporarily join the ubuntu-website mailing list20:07
newz2000and mention it there20:07
newz2000stas in #ubuntu-website can also help out a lot with wp stuff20:07
akgranergotcha - can and will do20:08
scott_evakgraner: I'll be doing the news and events tonight and hopefully won't be ill on sunday22:32
akgranerscott_ev, awesome! thanks!22:35
scott_evspeaking of which, how are you feeling?22:40
akgranerstarting to get my energy back - the wonders of medicine and rest!22:44
scott_evwell, rest anyway.  what happened if I may ask?22:52
akgranerFood Poisoning at SELF22:53
akgraneron top of my shoulder and arm being injured22:53
scott_evewww....I've had food poisoning twice.  What did you do to yout arm?22:54
akgranerpinched ulnar nerve and damaged shoulder/rotator cuff22:55
zkriessedamn amber you are just tearin yourself up!23:00
scott_evsoftball injury?  or do you need to tell your husband to chill a little?23:04
akgranerI slipped with a 25+ backpack on my shoulder - the pinched nerve I've known about for a while....23:08
akgranerno big deal  - it all just decided to act up all at once - this too shall pass :-)23:09
scott_evtrue enough, at your age you should heal righer quickly if you pay  attention to what you're doin23:10
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scott_evvery soon, I'll be able to do all of my UWN work on my droid23:24
scott_evactually I can do all of it now through the ADB, but ai want to do iy with a Bluetooth Keybpard23:25
akgranerahh - sounds pretty cool23:34
scott_evit's gettin better all the time23:36
scott_evI love android especially the droid because that's where all the best enthusiast development it23:37
akgranerscott_ev, thought you were going for membership today?23:38
scott_evdidn't get my app in in time23:38
akgranerahh ok23:38
scott_evI won't mess next month23:39
macoakgraner: sorry, phone signal dropped23:39
scott_evI think I need a fre more testamonials23:39
akgranermaco, no worries - I'll email Joe/Rita and let them know all your info and see if they have ideas already23:39
akgranerI owe them my event report anyway - I'll do that 1st thing in the morning :-)23:40
zkriessescott_ev: ping23:56

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