Picimaco: shadeslayer does have quite a number of entries in the bantracker, but all from last year.00:53
PiciBut I still don't like seeing people making accusations behind peoples backs in our channels.00:54
macoi see00:54
elkyPici, he's starting back up01:29
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Jordan_Ud5005907 in #ubuntu02:52
IdleOnein -ot Anti-Gov is schooley03:07
IdleOnementioned by bazhang yesterday03:07
alabdGood day all , my user is banned from #ubuntu by ikonia cause of flood , why humble can not send to #ubuntu-offtopic ???07:48
bazhangalabd, you are banned in both #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic08:23
alabdbazhang:  hello  yes but humble flood was in ubuntu not ubunutu-offtopic08:26
bazhangalabd, correct; you were banned in #ubuntu-offtopic for another reason altogether08:27
bazhangoops seems you are just quieted there; topyli are you around?08:31
alabdbazhang:  which reason ?08:34
alabdit was not banned from ubuntu-offtopic08:34
bazhangalabd, you were quieted there, not banned; trying to see if topyli is around to discuss with you08:35
bazhangalabd, he seems not to be around right now; if you could stop by sometime later then he may be around at that time09:18
bazhangalabd, I will mention your issue of being quieted in #ubuntu-offtopic09:18
alabdbazhang:  k thanks will beack later God give you peace bye 4 now09:19
ubottuIn ubottu, aretrfre34 said: which is the best browser09:40
bazhangmobyli, alabd was here earlier asking about being unmuted in #ubuntu-offtopic10:09
mobyliah. could someone please do it, I'm not on a very comfortable client10:12
mobyliunless he gave some reason why we shouldn't10:12
ikoniahe' still a problem in every channel he's in ?10:17
ikoniais that a good enough reason10:17
ikoniahence why he's currently banned in #ubuntu10:17
bazhangjust informing you, I don't have access in there at any rate10:18
mobyliok, I'll think about it later, look at backlog etc10:20
mobylitechnically he was never in violation of the guidelines10:21
mobyliexcept the don't be annoying part: )10:22
mobyliin -ot that is10:22
mobylithanks for telling10:24
ikoniamobyli: he was out of line asking the same questions over and over again10:38
ikoniasame way he's now in #fsf asking the same questions10:42
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from mercury_)11:26
bazhangmobyli, you around?11:43
bazhangalabd, just a moment, mobyli (topyli) was just here11:45
alabdbazhang: thanks a lot11:46
mobylimore or less, quite busy11:46
elkyalabd, can you explain in your own words what happened in #ubuntu-offtopic?11:46
mobylialabd, hello11:47
alabdhello mobyli11:47
alabdelky: wait11:48
alabdelky:  may humble link log ?11:49
mobylialabd: I'm afraid i can't remove your mute on #ubuntu-offtopic right now11:49
elkyalabd, no, i want you to explain to me what happened.11:50
mobyliI trust the operators here, they will make a call11:51
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:51
mobylialabd: let elky help if she wants to tske thid on please11:52
alabdhumble rephrased a sentence and asked users to check if it is ok or not11:53
alabdsome users asked me to copy the main sentence humble told them can not do this cause of license11:54
elkyWho is humble?11:55
alabdsome other said don't rephrase it will be good some other told me to learn english and ....11:56
alabdcheck log before 11:45 GMT 2010 - 06 -11 for more information11:57
alabdor ask topyli for reason11:58
alabdhumble don't know really what was illegal there12:00
elkyi am checking my logs, it takes time12:02
mobylialabd: i was forced to mute you as you were asking the same questions over snd over for months an refused to listen12:03
mobyliyour contribution consists of nothing else and makes the whole channel unhappy12:05
elkythe logs read like a kid asking homework questions to get answers without actually knowing12:07
alabdmy question was "is that rephrased sentence true" some users were answering something else about copying or licensing or citing .....12:08
elkywhy are you asking those questions to begin with?12:09
alabdwhy not ?12:09
alabdand elky how did you find it is homework ? would you give me proof ?12:09
elkyalabd, my experience is what makes me believe it's homework questions. No I'm not going to send you a piece of my brain, I can't spare any.12:10
alabdbut you should know it was not homework and it is part of my book am reading about ubuntu and wanted to know tohers opinion , if you in say my experience is my proof in court , will they accept ?12:11
alabdreally humble am very complaint with some op's judge here12:12
IdleOnealabd: this is not a court room.12:12
elkyalabd, we get complaints every single time you start repeatedly asking questions over and over. Why should we let you continue annoying everyone. You'll end up making everyone leave.12:13
alabdyou should bad answering and give not relating answers are also annoying12:15
alabdbut humble try to explain them then you say why you have repeated12:15
alabdshould know*12:16
IdleOnealabd: The problem is not from only one incident, it has been months that you continue to act the same way and it is very disruptive to the channel12:16
elkyalabd, you seem to be treating us as an answering service. We're *not* a free human encyclopedia.12:17
alabdif you want say something and reply me sequentially it's better humble go away , maybe better to talk with canonical members , and elky sure you are not answring machine but someone in channel can be quiet while he/she does not know the answer . it is annoying when you have a question others answers something else and it's more annoying when you repeat main question they are answering the same thing yet , and it is more more annoying when you are banne12:47
elkyI'm not actually sure what he just said.12:48
elkyI *think* it might be "Maybe you're not my answering service, but you should just shut up and let me treat you as one anyway."12:50
IdleOnesomething that amounts to " it's your fault I repeat myself and not follow the rules"12:50
funkyHatelky: yes I think you got it12:51
tsimpsonhe was saying "it's annoying when you ask a question, no one replies because they don't know the answer, and someone else is getting the answer to their question"12:54
tsimpsonquite childish, imo12:54
IdleOnelooks like it is going to be a full moon tonight12:59
IdleOnelater gators12:59
funkyHatIdleOne is a werewolf?12:59
IdleOneno but I can smell the trolls getting ready13:00
IdleOnegotta run. have a good day13:00
funkyHatA good day to you too sir!13:01
gnomefreak:09:46:38:. ==> #ubuntu-ircbots-team #ubuntu-bots-team Forwarding to another channel   << i thought we had those still, what channel are they fowarding to?14:48
gnomefreakoh the -ircbots-team is fowarded to * bots-team14:49
h00kI like when I leave for the evening and don't see any ! ops calls in #u-o or #u14:50
h00kin the morning14:50
bazhangknock wood14:50
h00kI already did14:51
tsimpsonthat has never happened to me14:51
funkyHath00k left for the evening at 11:59 and came back at half past 12 in the morning ⢁(15:09
h00kfunkyHat: yeah :(15:10
h00kI had things to play with like a remote control plane15:16
h00kand Brittany wanted me to watch 'Revolution OS'15:16
elkyI still haven't seen that.15:23
macome neither15:23
elkySo long as it doesn't feature eating stuff from between toes I probably will at some point.15:24
* ikonia watches alabd ask questions about wikipedia in #fsf15:24
ikoniaPici: ;)15:33
bazhangthe gnaa guy is in -ot15:33
ikoniais he being a problem ?15:34
PiciNot yet.15:34
Picielky is on the case15:34
ikoniacrossing line now15:34
* elky compares him to her list15:34
bazhangalready banned in several channels for the same stuff15:35
Piciyeah, quieted in #freenode and #defocus recently.15:35
bazhangand ##politics15:35
h00kbazhang: the knock-on-wood didn't help.15:58
bazhangh00k, we cursed it!15:58
PiciSo, we need to figure out whether lubuntu is supported or not.15:58
bazhangthought it was, no question15:59
gnomefreaklooks like a busy day15:59
Picibazhang: I thought so too, but now I'm confused.15:59
ikoniaPici: I don't see why we can't extend support cover it15:59
bazhangwell lubuntu-desktop exists15:59
ikoniait's not that much of a deal in terms of base differences, just need to pickup some more experience with the desktop15:59
elkyDoes this mean you'll have to rename all the lubotus? Can you rename them to lobotus plzkthx for my amusement. Silly lobotomised things.16:00
h00ksounds Latin16:01
Picisounds like that guy with the head things from Star Wars16:01
gnomefreaklubuntu has deps on xfce. is it faster than xfce?16:12
bazhangmost certainly16:12
* gnomefreak thinks of trying it. thanks16:13
h00kgnomefreak: no. thank *you*16:14
gnomefreakinstalling it ina  few minutes when i go to lunch16:15
gnomefreakmake that 2 minutes16:16
oCean_please notice <GaneDolares> in #ubuntu spamming16:36
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (GaneDolares)16:36
bazhangthanks oCean_16:36
oCean_ok, bye16:36
ubottuoCean_ called the ops in #ubuntu (RickRaven wants us to use dangerous commands)16:49
RickRavenwhy i am parted from ubuntu chat?16:55
ikoniaRickRaven: you where removed for using a command that could potentially cause people issues16:56
RickRavenit wasnt me : gdw2: RickRaven:It could protect you from screwing your system over, ie rm -rf /16:57
RickRavenso then i asked if it is really possible to use that command?16:57
ikoniaRickRaven: yes, that was also delt with16:57
ikoniaRickRaven: he wasn't telling you to use that command, he was explaining the danger16:57
ikoniaRickRaven: well, it appears you may have been removed in confusion #16:58
RickRavenand i wasnt also telling to use the command16:58
ikoniaI can see that (looking at the logs now)16:58
RickRavenit is not a confusion it is a paranoia16:58
ikoniait's not quite, it looks like someone was under the impression you where trying to offer that command, and at a glance it does look like that16:59
ikonialooking back at the logs, I can see it was just a discussion that touched on the subject16:59
ikoniaif you'd be happy to accept our apologies, you're of course welcome to rejoin #ubuntu16:59
RickRavenok thank you16:59
ikoniahello again17:01
RickRavenbtw what does really happen if i use rm -rf / just curious17:02
ikoniaRickRaven: the long story is it used to remove your root file system, and in certain situations still can, the sort answer is, thanks to coreutils protection, almost always nothing17:02
RickRavenhmm ok thanks again17:03
RickRavensee you17:03
ubottuScottK called the ops in #ubuntu-motu ()21:07
Seveas--> FotherMucker (50c2ed21@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-offtopic22:06
Seveas<FotherMucker> Just having a power fap22:06
Seveasprobably something to watch out for22:06
ikonianot again22:06
ikoniaI'll sort him22:06
ikoniahe's been asked to change his nick22:06
FotherMuckerI've been asked to come here by ikonia?22:11
ikoniathat ship has sailed22:11
FotherMuckerOh wow22:11
ikoniayou have only come here after being banned and laughing about it in ##club-ubuntu - so take your troll activities elsewhere22:11
FotherMuckerI didn't know you had op powahs :o22:12
ikoniaplease leave the channel22:12
FotherMuckerLol k22:12
FotherMuckerI was gonna congratulate you22:12
h00kI wish I was that cool22:13
h00kIf you'd like, I can carry that over to #ubuntu if it's not already set22:15
h00kikonia: ^22:15
ikoniacan't pre-emptive ban like that, however, I think he's already banned for other reason from #ubuntu22:16
h00koh, we can't, alright22:16
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IdleOnein cases like the one above. I think we should reconsider the rule about preemptive bans.23:31
ikoniaI don't see why, it was only a minor issue23:31
IdleOnenot in every case but in the more then "normal" troll cases23:31
ikoniaI don't see him as a big deal,23:32
ikoniahe's not exactly got a history in ban tracker23:32
IdleOneI didn't read all the scroll back but a week or so ago I had a run in with him also23:32
ikoniaI think someone has to be a serious issue before that sort of thing is considered23:32
IdleOnedon't believe I had to ban/remove23:32
IdleOneanyway, wasn't here,didn't read, spoke to soon perhaps23:34
IdleOneI been doing that all day :/23:34

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