dholbachgood morning07:52
nigelbmorning dholbach :)09:34
dholbachhi nigelb09:53
nigelbdholbach: would it be too cruel to pull ara's and dpm's leg about yday? :D09:54
* nigelb plots evil09:54
dholbachnigelb: I doubt dpm would care much09:54
nigelbdholbach: hm, I'll reserve that for when germany loses then :D09:54
dholbachhe just cares about his small part of Spain09:54
dholbachhe's a separatist :)09:54
dholbachyou must be familiar with the concept of separatism in india :)09:55
nigelboh yes :)09:55
dholbachnigelb: let's see what happens :)09:55
nigelbhaha :)09:56
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dakervish, Wow 14%20:15

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