CppIsWeirdafter installing ubuntu server the computer boots and just hangs. it wont go to the next boot device and it doesnt display anything from booting linux. it just stops.00:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #595216 in vsftpd (main) "SSL certificate for vsftpd is missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59521600:22
CppIsWeirdafter installing ubuntu server the computer boots and just hangs. it wont go to the next boot device and it doesnt display anything from booting linux. it just stops.00:50
sdfoj8how i can add new vps to my ubuntu server ? on 10.4 ?00:53
pwnguinok this has been bugging the hell out of me for some time01:38
pwnguinhow the hell do i turn off gnome terminal transparency?01:39
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CppIsWeirdpwnguin, iirc right click on the terminal, and click on edit options. but im not on a ubuntu desktop atm.01:40
pwnguinprofile is set to black01:40
pwnguinsolid color01:41
CppIsWeirdthere is no slider bar under the colors for adjusting transparency01:45
pwnguinits just rgb01:51
pwnguinalpha is done seperate01:51
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prestoncanyone here run Ubuntu Server virtually? I'm running it under vmware-fusion and having trouble with the arrow keys.01:55
CppIsWeirdprestonc, i run it in virtual box fine.01:56
CppIsWeirdnever tried vmware fusion01:57
prestonchmmm, rather01:57
prestoncnever had to mess with key mappings in virtual box to get the arrow keys to work? Basically my ubuntu server install isn't responding to arrow keys in bash for history. I assume this isn't a setting of server, but rather a vm issue.01:58
uvirtbotNew bug: #595341 in puppet (main) "type ssh_authorized_key ignores the metaparameter "require"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59534102:01
CppIsWeirdi could not imagine fixing 600,000 bugs02:05
pwnguindont worry02:07
pwnguinwe mark a ton invalid02:07
pwnguinand wontfix another ton02:07
pwnguinanother ton is fixed upstream, and makes its way to debian and ubuntu by sync, having never addressed the problem02:08
pwnguinyet another ton is just duplicates02:08
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CppIsWeirdany reason why the ubuntu server i just installed have internet access during installation but doesnt now?02:20
unewbiewhat is jeos?02:29
ubottuJeOS (pronounced "Juice") is Just enough Operating System.  It is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. See http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/jeos for more information.02:29
CppIsWeirdjust enough operating system02:29
unewbieCppIsWeird: use it as a guest os?02:30
CppIsWeirdi imagine so.02:30
CppIsWeirdmight have less driver support initially due to it expecting a virtual environment02:31
trimetaI have a couple of questions about disk drive checking.02:38
trimetaSo, I rebooted my system only to find I couldn't ssh into it or anything.02:39
trimetaI then rebooted the machine (the system was on for less than 15 minutes before this), and got the "disk drive checking" screen, which means that's probably what it had been doing beforehand.02:39
trimetaThe first question is, how likely is it that unattended, it had fully fsck'ed my 4.5 TB RAID5 array and had begun writing changes to disk, changes that I messed up?02:40
CppIsWeirddont waste your time, no one is around02:41
trimetaCppIsWeird: Ah. Oh well; how's the main channel? Or is this too esoteric a question for them?02:41
CppIsWeirddunno, im banned from the main channel for loosing my patience with no one answering my question and spammed the hell out of it02:41
CppIsWeirdchildish, but effective at expressing frustration02:42
trimetaWas it effective at getting an answer?02:42
CppIsWeirdoddly enough, yes.02:42
trimetaIn my experience, asking a second time 5 minutes later is usually helpful, but after that you just piss people off.02:42
CppIsWeirdnot that i suggest doing that.02:42
CppIsWeirdi asked intermittently throughout the day to no avail02:43
CppIsWeirdfor two days i think02:46
trimetaI can see how that would get frustrating, yes.02:46
Jeeves_MossI'm getting "dovecot: IMAP(scott@moseley.ca): Invalid data in file /mnt/raid/www_root/mail/moseley.ca/scott/.Sent/dovecot-uidlist" as an error.  What file is it requesting, and how do I repair it?.03:04
Error404NotFoundI am setting up a box that will be used as reverse proxy for some of my sites and will host some static content. What is the best option? Apache? Nginx? Lighthttpd?03:14
Jeeves_MossError404NotFound, I prefer apache.03:14
Error404NotFoundJeeves_Moss, i do as well, but isn't that an overkill for such a simple task?03:15
Jeeves_MossError404NotFound, I find that I usally "over build" stuff becasue I'm lazy03:17
Error404NotFoundJeeves_Moss, hmmmm03:18
sdfoj8how i can add new vps to my ubuntu server ? on 10.4 ?03:23
Jeeves_Mosssdfoj8, it looks like it's mostly dead in here tonight03:25
sdfoj8wmware is already installed with ubuntu right ?03:25
sdfoj8so i can add new vps03:25
sdfoj8also, i want to ask that, people are sometimes installing vps and run their works from virtual machines instead of running it from a dedicated pshyically03:26
sdfoj8what is the reason for that03:26
CppIsWeirdI installed ubuntu-server 10.04 on a server with multiple hard drives. upon installing ubuntu on one of these hard drives the computer would not boot into linux. removing all the hard drives except the drive i want to install ubuntu on and ubuntu will boot up. can anyone help me fix so that i can boot ubuntu and have all my hard drives installed?03:29
Jeeves_MossCppIsWeird,  lol, I'm guessing that the BIOS is setting the wrong drive to the first drive.  I would put everything back together the way you're going to keep it, boot from the CD, and do a GRUB repaie03:31
Jeeves_Mosssdfoj8, I just run VMWare03:32
CppIsWeirdJeeves, i installed it once with all drives the way they are. that did not work. so i removed all the drives and installed ubuntu again, then it worked. use same course of action?03:32
Error404NotFoundIf i am creating a reverse proxy, does it actually have to a AMP server if the server behind it is a AMP?03:33
Error404NotFoundI mean, does the reverse proxy box even need php5 mod and all that?03:33
Jeeves_MossCppIsWeird, you need to get the drives installed the way they're going to stay, then install the OS?03:48
CppIsWeirdi did that. and nothing worked.03:50
Jeeves_MossCppIsWeird, you need to get the drives installed the way they're going to stay, then install the OS?04:36
Jeeves_MossI'm getting "dovecot: IMAP(scott@moseley.ca): Invalid data in file /mnt/raid/www_root/mail/moseley.ca/scott/.Sent/dovecot-uidlist" as an error.  What file is it requesting, and how do I repair it?04:36
jmarsdenJeeves_Moss: That's a file tracking what messages scott@mosely.ca has read in his Sent folder.  You can probably just delete it and it will be rebuilt when needed.04:39
jmarsdenHe may end up re-downloading some of his Sent messages, but it should solve the error.04:39
riz0nHey guys, I m running an Ubuntu Server w/ Apache. Is there a way to make http://host/~user go to /home/user/www ?? Thanks04:50
twbIt should go to ~user/public_html if the appropriate module is enabled.04:50
riz0nok, that will be fine too04:51
riz0nhow would i go about enabling the module for that04:51
riz0nand is there a way for me to choose which "virtual server" it would place the /~ directories under, or would it apply to all virtual servers running on the machine04:51
twbI imagine it's a2enmod(8) with some form of argument.04:51
twbI don't use apache myself.04:52
twbITYM "virtual host".04:52
twbAnd I don't know.04:52
jmarsdenuserdir, I think.04:52
riz0nI will ask the guys in #httpd and see if they have any further info04:53
jmarsdenLooks like    sudo a2enmod userdir04:53
jturekriz0n: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDirectoryPHP04:58
jturekmight help as well04:58
riz0nThanks for your help guys. Got it all set up and running!05:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #595395 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "double stop / start upon upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59539508:56
RoyK^what does it take to make canonical fix a bug? bug 579267 has been open for quite some time now, and the debian bug for this issue is even older. the problem is fixed in redhat and upstream kernels09:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579267 in language-selector "language-selector doesn't allow to change system language (dup-of: 368848)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57926709:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 368848 in language-selector "Russian breaks langsel drop down" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36884809:05
RoyK^ubottu: bug #57926709:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579267 in language-selector "language-selector doesn't allow to change system language (dup-of: 368848)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57926709:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 368848 in language-selector "Russian breaks langsel drop down" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36884809:10
RoyK^erm, I mean bug 57927609:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579276 in linux "Lost network in KVM VM / virtio_net page allocation failure" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57927609:10
corpsegrindrSome days streaming tv from my server works just fine and some nights it wants to buffer every 3 sec. I have no other down/uploads going and minimal use of bandwidth. Is there any key targets i can look for to fix this problem?09:28
alvinThanks RoyK^. This bug explains a few things.09:28
corpsegrindror is there a way to have a video file temp load well on pause (kind of like youtube)09:29
RoyK^alvin: _09:50
RoyK^alvin: ?09:50
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dsfwea23can someone tell me how I can change drupal to work in the root directory of apache2 in 10.04?  Default install wants /drupal6/*12:54
trapmaxquestion about confluences webdav-plugin: the plugin is enabled, but when i try to connect to webdav://<server>/plugins/servlet/confluence/default, i get only get prompted for username/password12:55
trapmaxthen get "file or folder does not exist" -error12:55
trapmaxtesting with konqueror12:55
Davieydsfwea23: I've never used drupal from the repo, but i would imagine the setting is in /etc/apache/conf.d/*drupal*12:59
Davieydsfwea23: If you are using it with a virtual host, then you should be able to make the setting in the /etc/apache2/sites-avaliable/$somesite13:00
dsfwea23Daviey, the config in the repo actually has to be copied in, by default to /etc/apache2/sites-available, then enabled... but what I'm running into is that it doesn't play well when I tell it to use root directory13:00
Davieydsfwea23: Hmm.. i don't know..  I'd need to know the error, as i say - i've never used drupal from the archive13:01
Davieydsfwea23: The other thing you could do, is an internal rewrite from your docroot13:01
ttxhallyn: I edited the server-maverick-hypervisor whiteboard: the comments you added were considered as new work items. If you want to make comments, use a separate section... or the wiki spec.13:01
dsfwea23basically I'd like to run drupa6 for my root site with clean urls, but still have access to things like /squirrelmail etc.  But once I change the directory for drupal to root apache doesn't like the other aliases anymore.13:02
dsfwea23Daviey, rewrite might work better for me.13:03
Davieydsfwea23: Rewrites are pretty good.. i'm sure you'll be able to work out how to get started with that13:03
dsfwea23Daviey, =)13:04
dsfwea23gets kind of complicated with drupal's clean urls since that does it's own rewrite13:04
Davieydsfwea23: Sounds like this is an ideal oppertunity to document how you resolve the issue on the wiki :)13:10
dsfwea23well seems it won't matter, there is an issue with drupal6 in 10.04 with php 5.3.13:23
screen-xThe UEC image store is mentioned here: http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/private/deploy is it possible to browse the available images without having a UEC installation? I want to see what's available.13:28
hallynttx: k13:28
ttxhallyn: this spike in WI caused a near heart attack to me this morning :P13:29
hallynit should've showed up in monday's chart too right?13:30
ttxah ?13:30
ttxit's been there since Monday ?13:30
ttxthen... someone else must have been adding WIs :)13:31
ttxsmoser: around ?13:31
hallynttx: yeah they were there last week, assuming you're talking about what i think you're talking about13:31
smoserttx, here.13:31
ttxsmoser: -> pm13:32
ttxwell no.13:32
ttxsmoser: just as a reminder...13:32
ttxsmoser: alpha2 freeze is next Thursday13:32
smoseryeah. thanks.13:32
ttxsmoser: so I suggest you concentrate on what would land in main packages... cloud-init.13:32
smoseri'm making progress on the cloud init stuff.13:32
ttxsmoser: the kernel upgarde stuff can actually be handled during the freeze.13:33
ttxsince it won't result in formal landing in packages yet.13:33
ttxSpamapS: same for you... everything that lands into main packages on your side should be completed by next Thursday.13:34
ttxSpamapS: (that should include cloud-utils and web20-workloads)13:34
ttxkirkland, Daviey: I propose that we have a quick Mumble session when you're both around, to prepare the euca call.13:36
ifoohi, i'm trying to install ubuntu server 10.04 on my intel ss4200 NAS box. for the system drive i use an IDE DOM. problem is the ubuntu installer doesn't load the right IDE module (ide_generic + ata_piix).13:39
ifooand it seems they are not even contained on the installation cd. the SATA controller is an intel ICH7 chip. It works with the debian installer. are these modules removed from the default ubuntu installer?13:42
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amstanhey guys, i'm looking to regular backups with a script14:11
amstani know how to use cron and copy files, the interesting part is getting the script to keep only the latest 5 backups for example14:12
ElTonerinoamstan, I use rsnapshot.  More than hapy with it.14:14
ElTonerinoamstan, http://rsnapshot.org/14:16
amstani like that idea of hardlinks14:16
ElTonerinoI use it to back up a server and a couple of laptops.  It's saved me a few times.  Yesterday being the most recent.14:17
amstandoes it delete old backups automatically?14:18
Kartagishow do I generate some passwd.db out of passwd file?14:31
sorenpasswd.db for what?14:38
konrydhello everyone. How do I connect to a freshly-baked vm instance?15:00
konrydI prepared one with vmbuilder. It has openssh-server installed, and I know the username and the password15:01
bogeyd6konryd, which virtualization package did you use?15:03
konrydbogeyd6: kvm15:03
bogeyd6sorry but i only use vmware15:04
tio_can somebody help me<15:18
guntbert!ask | tio_15:18
ubottutio_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:18
tio_ok, so Hello, I need help with RTL8111DL 1gbps wired and broadcom4311 wireless network interface. I have mainboard d945gsejt. I have in PCI one 100Mbps wired network interface. When I was installing system know both wired intrfaces. I select 100Mbps as primary (will be WAN port). 1Gbps will be bridged with wireless to LAN. Problem is, that system not recognize these two cards. after install15:19
tio_root@atom:~# ifconfig15:19
Kartagissoren, I figured out thanks15:20
Kartagisthe command was postmap15:20
tio_This show only one - primary. So I downloaded latest realtek driver and install it. But no change. So I fix kernel modules, because was loading r8169 instead r8168.ko. It is ok now. But no change15:20
_rubenfirst mistake: forget about the existence of ifconfig (and route)15:20
tio_Broadcom have same issue. I installed drivers -- package b43-fwcutter - extracted fw, rebooted. But no change. So I looked here15:20
tio_root@atom:~# lshw -c network15:21
tio_I see, that these two cards are recognized but disabled15:21
tio_I attached this output (look last three devices)15:21
tio_root@atom:~# lspci -v15:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #595501 in libvirt (main) "iptables rules for NAT break ufw setups" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59550115:22
tio_Would somebody help me? I have installed Ubuntu server 10.04 LTS 32bit. Thanks15:22
hallynhm, centos 5.5 won't boot (once installed) in lucid kvm - whines about apic.  sounds like a 3 year old kernel!15:25
hallynah, it's a xen kernel thing15:33
tio_haha, I am lama, I just add interfaces to /etc/network/interfaces and its ok now15:41
zulhallyn: smoser had some documentation about that15:43
hallynoooh, cool, thanks15:43
smoseroh yeah, documentation is my specialty15:44
smoserbut, no, i dont know much about that.15:44
kirklandsmoser: speaking of documentation ....15:45
smoseri did get centos 5.3 booting in kvm, and running xen inside it15:45
kirkland<kirkland> smoser: could you take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Provisioning/DD-WRT15:45
smoserthat was probably what zul was thinking of.15:45
hallynsmoser: i'm just surprised that even booting with --no-acpi didn't work15:45
zulsmoser: yeah it was15:46
hallyn(http://us.generation-nt.com/bug-528077-kvm-fails-setup-timer-interrupt-via-io-apic-help-168961491.html suggests there's not much to be done)15:47
smoseri think that looks reasonable, kirkland15:48
kirklandsmoser: cool, anything to add?15:48
kirklandsmoser: i'm working on documenting all of the uec auto provisioning steps15:49
smoserkirkland, you might want to point at that page from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Tips15:50
smoseror replace that one15:50
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hackeron_hey, I have ubuntu set up as a nat router to share the internet connection. I also want to add NAT-PMP/UPnP for automation NAT traversal so I don't have to manually manage the firewall for games/bittorrent - how would I set that up?15:58
kirklandsmoser: yeah, when it's all ready to go15:59
kirklandsmoser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Provisioning will be the entry point15:59
smoseryeah, i dont really care.15:59
kirklandsmoser: so far, i've documented dd-wrt and setting up a mirror15:59
smoserjust pointing at the old tips page, at least put that all together15:59
kirklandsmoser: i still need to do the pxe, tftp, wakeonlan, preseed, and web front end docs15:59
Genk1I just want to find a way to disable nat in my station16:01
Genk1how can I proceed16:01
_chris__heja. i have mounted a windows share to my server. now i want to copy a folder from linux to windows share. ive done t hat with "cp /folder/ -R /share/" problem is: i have some folders/files there with german chars in it lik 'äöü' and when they are copied to the windows share the names are pretty weird cause he makes stranges things out of the special chars16:05
_chris__is there a way to solve this ?16:05
nimrod10is there a way to force passwd to unlock users without a password ?16:06
bogeyd6nimrod10, can you be more general16:06
bogeyd6_chris__, is the windows share a en_US bawx?16:07
nimrod10what do you mean bogeyd6 ?16:07
_chris__no its german16:07
_chris__ad bogey16:07
bogeyd6nimrod10, you mean when they login to a box, a samba share, or the http, what have you?16:07
bogeyd6_chris__, did you set your term to UTF8?16:08
_chris__bogeyd6, u mean while mounting the drive ?16:08
nimrod10:) creating a user as a linux account with a blank password is possible but the account is locked, and doing passwd -u username won't unlock the user. Is there a way to force passwd ?16:09
nimrod10that is on a ubuntu-server 9.1016:09
bogeyd6_chris__, your system locale should be UTF8 to include those16:09
bogeyd6nimrod10, so you want a user to have a blank password and then upon login they are forced to change it?16:09
_chris__bogeyd6, okay, im pretty new to linux, how can i set this ?16:10
_chris__bogeyd6, its just a virtual machine for testing purpose16:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #595528 in nagios3 (main) "nt.cfg" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59552816:11
nimrod10bogeyd6, the user logs in via ssh keys auth, after that I want them to be able to set the passwd they want. If I create their account with an empty passwd then when they set the pass it won't ask for the old pass16:11
bogeyd6_chris__, server or desktop?16:11
bogeyd6nimrod10, i guess you answered your own question. set it to a generic password first16:11
nimrod10but if  they have a blank pass ubuntu locks the account. and passwd -u won't unlock it16:11
bogeyd6this command will solve it too # usermod -p “” foo # chage -d 0 foo16:12
_chris__bogeyd6, the machine with the share is a desktop16:12
amstanElTonerino: thanks for that suggestion, rsnapshot works great16:12
nimrod10bogeyd6, if I set it to a generic pass then everyone knows the pass and they can become the other user that hasn't changed his pass yet16:12
ElTonerinoamstan, Glad to hear it.16:12
bogeyd6_chris__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf16:14
bogeyd6i dont know if you can make a blank password and login through ssh with it16:15
bogeyd6i know you can use an ssh key instead of a password16:15
bogeyd6but as far as just a str8 up blank login, dont think so16:16
hackeron_anyone? I have ubuntu set up as a nat router to share the internet connection. I also want to add NAT-PMP/UPnP for automation NAT traversal so I don't have to manually manage the firewall for games/bittorrent - how would I set that up?16:16
bogeyd6hackeron_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers#UPNP%20Mediaserver16:17
corpsegrindrSome days streaming tv from my server works just fine and some nights it wants to buffer every 3 sec. I have no other down/uploads going and minimal use of bandwidth. Is there any key targets i can look for to fix this problem?16:18
corpsegrindror is there a way to have a video file temp load well on pause (kind of like youtube)16:18
_chris__bogeyd6, set it to de_DE.UTF-8 now, but still same :/16:18
hackeron_bogeyd6: I don't want to set up a media server, I just want to enable NAT traversal16:19
bogeyd6_chris__, you didnt log out and log back in16:19
_chris__true :)16:20
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SpamapSttx: should make some progress on cloud-utils today. :)17:11
jdstrandhallyn, kirkland, smoser: fyi-- I uploaded libvirt 0.8.1 yesterday. the only oddity is 0.8.1 ftbfs on powerpc because of a test case failure. I'm not sure that is a problem for you, but wanted to explicitly mention it. I don't plan to look at that any time soon17:16
ttxSpamapS: good :)17:16
* ttx disappears17:16
jdstrandhallyn, kirkland, smoser: I can say that redhat disabled some tests in their builds because of powerpc test suite failures, but not this one. In other words, our powerpc build didn't fail the one they blacklisted and their powerpc didn't fail on the one that ours did17:17
jdstrandthe test suite has always been a little fidgety...17:18
jdstrandit shouldn't be hard to disable that test on powerpc only, but like I said, I don't have a lot of time for that atm17:19
jdstrandactually, it wouldn't be earth shattering if just the nwfilterxml2xmltest was disabled... but rather than just disabling it, I think it should be investigated, which is precisely the part I don't have time for17:22
jdstrandhallyn, kirkland, smoser: ^17:23
hallynjdstrand: so if i update a maverick box i'll get the new package?17:24
jdstrandhallyn: oh yes :)17:24
hallynrockin'  thanks17:24
jdstrandhallyn: sure! :)17:24
jdstrandhallyn: I cleaned out some old packaging cruft too. the delta is still significant, but at least it is smaller than lucid17:25
jdstrandhallyn: and upstream didn't break apparmor this time either :) only thing I added for the apparmor driver was a patch that they forgot to commit to 0.8.1 that will be in 0.8.217:26
jdstrand(I did fix some profiling bugs, but that is ubuntu-specific)17:27
jdstrandhallyn: if you are interested in the powerpc ftbfs (and I hope you are ;), this would be a good opportunity to become acquainted with porting boxes (ie davis.canonical.com for powerpc)17:29
hallynjdstrand: IIUC you're saying the new package does not build from source on powerpc, and I should take a look at why...17:32
hallyni'll take a look at that - if nothing else it'll test my account's ability to get into the machines :)   (after testing lxc merge)17:33
jdstrandhallyn: that is exactly what I am suggesting :) though, it builds, it fails a test in the test suite (which is enabled in the build). See http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50454753/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-powerpc.libvirt_0.8.1-2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:34
kirklandhallyn: jdstrand: powerpc is *very* low priority for us, however17:38
kirklandshould be fixed, but should not consume your time17:38
smoserSpamapS, i just shoved a 'Usage.txt' file to lp:~smoser/junk/uec-run-instances/ that describes kind of what we're hoping to hvae.17:39
LowValueTargetI have a deb package directory structure I built with dh_make..... is there an easy way to increment the package version without having to manually put entries in the changelog etc?17:39
* jdstrand nods17:40
jdstrandpart of why I can't jump on it atm17:41
jdstrandhallyn: I neglected to mention that only amd64, i386 and armel are officially supported architectures. all others are community driven. I brought this up cause I don't know how important powerpc is in reality to the server team, which kirkland answered17:43
jdstrandhallyn: earlier releases have a different list, but last few releases are those 3 archs17:43
jdstrandhallyn: my rule of thumb when working on devel is to not break the community archs needlessly, but I'll fix when I have time for it17:47
jdstrandmdeslaur: oh, I forgot to mention to you that I uploaded a new libvirt yesterday (0.8.1) in case you want to refresh virt-manager and friends17:51
mdeslaurjdstrand: ok, thanks17:52
SpamapSsmoser: thats super helpful thanks. :)17:57
SpamapSsmoser: should I branch your uec-run-instances and work from that? It looks to have quite a few things different from the one in lp:ubuntu/cloud-utils18:00
smoserSpamapS, you can start from that branch that i have (the junk one).18:01
SpamapSsmoser: sweet thanks18:01
smoseri hope to basically be bacwards comaptible with the cloud-utils/uec-run-instances18:01
smoserbut a whole lot more powerful18:01
unlexanyone using a dual p4 xeon as servers?18:10
JackTOhi all, i'm configing my ip for the first time ibn linux, in the /etc/networks/interfaces file, what is the field "network" for, its under netmask, i nebver had this in wondows18:13
steffanJackTO: "man interfaces" explains that18:16
JackTOjust says requied for 2.0 kernels, but what does it do, mean?18:18
JackTOif my address ip is, does that mean that addess always ends in a 0, like
kaushalAnyone using collectd on ubuntu ?18:22
unlexi have a dual P4 Xeon and was wondering if i should derack it considering it's got only two physical CPUs with one core each which is rathr quaint in my opinion but would it fit to buoild a cluster/server?18:29
unlexor replace it with an entry level X3430 single socket quad core box ?18:30
elnurHow to force bind9 to update its cache?18:39
_rubenelnur: rndc flush (it doesnt really update it, it flushes it)18:47
jillyhi. im setting up dns18:47
jillyhow do i find my network address?18:47
jillylike 192.168...18:47
SpamapSjilly: whose network adress?18:49
SuperLagSpamapS: I want yours, so I can set up some scripts on your server. :)18:49
SuperLagSpamapS: and don't tell me, either :)18:50
LowValueTargetwhy would apache freeze on serving up css files18:51
kirklandSpamapS: what's your LP id?18:53
SpamapSkirkland: clint-fewbar18:54
SuperLagYou're fubar, alright :)18:54
SuperLagHow goes it, dude?18:54
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SuperLagI'm just in one of those moods.18:55
SuperLagSpamapS: are you working hard, or hardly working?18:55
SpamapSSuperLag: a bit of both :)18:55
owen1i created new user. when i run something with sudo i get:19:00
owen1sudo: must be setuid root19:01
owen1any clues?19:01
jonny2Hi, I am trying to setup a server with 6 IP addresses on 1 card, but only one IP address works, /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/bX7nEsFW, ifconfig output http://pastebin.com/sU31SMys, any pointers would be helpful, I have based /etc/network/interfaces on the server guide19:04
Rigorm0rtisHello, I am having problems with Ubuntu crashing when I copy a large file to it over the network. Whenever I transfer a file > 60GB the system crashes. I have had this happen over ssh and samba. If I write a large file locally, the system does not crash. I have logs. This is happening on Ubuntu 10.04 server x64 on an EXT4 partition that is 2tb. I have run memtest on the machine and it held...19:07
Rigorm0rtis...up for three passes. Any ideas?19:07
elnur_ruben, it didn't help. my server still has old domain's data. maybe i should flush something else, not bind?19:09
_rubenelnur: it depends on your dns infrastructure19:11
kaushalCan someone please guide me about my query regarding collectd on ubuntu server ?19:19
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:27
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hggdhRigorm0rtis: what do you mean by "crashing"? You get a kernel OOPS?19:58
Rigorm0rtishggdh: The system completely locks up. I can't get a picture from attached monitor, and any network connections drop.20:00
hggdhRigorm0rtis: yeah, sounds bad. Is this a server?20:15
corpsegrindrSome days streaming tv from my server works just fine and some nights it wants to buffer every 3 sec. I have no other down/uploads going and minimal use of bandwidth. Is there any key targets i can look for to fix this problem?20:24
PleceboI'm having trouble getting postfix to send mail on my server. I tried testing with telnet but i've never tested postfix before so not sure what success/failure looks like. Can someone help me?20:27
pmatulisPlecebo: telnet is just a means.  the result is that mail is sent.  check /var/log/mail.log or recipient inbox.  however, i'm sure googling for 'testing smtp telnet' will help20:40
jeremynPlecebo: i like to use nc to the smtp port and then type "ehlo <domain>"20:42
jeremynPlecebo: or submission port, like run, on the server "nc localhost 587" and then type "ehlo <domain>" and hope you get back some responses that sound like mail20:43
Rigorm0rtishggdh: Yes, a file server primarily.21:17
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, are you familiar with netconsole?21:18
_rubencwillu_at_work: netconsole as in performing the install procedure over ssh?21:19
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, also, do the magic-sysrq keys work?  (alt-sysrq-[r, e, i, s, u, b] to cleanly reboot)21:19
cwillu_at_work_ruben, no21:20
cwillu_at_work_ruben, netconsole is a low level output for the kernel log, which usually allows you to capture oops and such when the system goes down21:20
Rigorm0rtiscwillu_at_work: I am about to leave work right now. I will return in about 30m.21:24
Ichatcan someone help me with an upgrade issue....21:27
guntbert!ask | Ichat21:27
ubottuIchat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:27
Ichatatm im running ubuntu 8.04 - with ebox    on a   3TB raid5  array (ext 3)21:27
Ichatnow i want to install  the new lts,  with  it converted (if posible and safe)  to  ext 4 ) can i do that21:28
Ichatas its being  3tb data,   id dont like the idea of loosing it,   even though i have backups  (on mostly old  160gb spares..     one can emagine that  restoring data wont be an option to consider light21:30
cwillu_at_workIchat, for the most part, ext4 is just ext3 with some extra features turned on, in the same way that ext3 is just ext2 with a journal21:30
cwillu_at_workhowever only newly written files will gain benefit from things like extents21:31
cwillu_at_workinvestigate "tune2fs"21:31
Ichatmeaning it should be done after i installed the new server and server software21:32
guntbertcwillu_at_work: and a few bugs added as anyone can tell who tries to use a virtual box guest with a virtual SATA adapter when the host FS is ext421:32
Ichatso i should just 'install'  the new server, and ebox  (im not going to try upgrading it) ....  than get my / old     /home   partition mounted again,   and than worry about convertiong it to  ext 4  ???21:34
Ichatstrange (i think) that the server cdrom didn't  offer me an upgrade ?21:35
SpamapSgrr.. why doesn't vim have the modeline option on by default!? argh.21:35
* SpamapS wants his 5 minutes back21:35
_rubenSpamapS: "security feature" i think21:38
SpamapSsmoser: so I think I'm going to use twisted.conch for the ssh not paramiko.. that way we can check all the instances asynchronously :)21:42
smoseri have no opposition to that.21:43
smoseri had gone the twisted route, but then decided that it wasn't terribly useful21:43
SpamapSsmoser: The bash script calls the euca/ec2 tools for describe.. is there an API equivilent?21:44
smosera.) we dont want to finish until all things are finished21:44
smoserb.) i forget what b was.21:44
SpamapSsmoser: yeah b was probably that you can't start ssh'ing until you have the console scrape anyway.. right?21:45
smoserthere are definitely api equivalents to describe images anda get-console-output21:45
smoserthat might have been it :)21:45
smoserone thing the twisted would really help witih, that we dont want to be serialized on is multiple instances running a long running command21:45
SpamapSsmoser: if I can use twisted for that step then if nothing else we can finish a little earlier. Is this so people can start 100 instances efficiently, or 5?21:45
smoserso the reason for execing PREFIX-run-instances, PREFIX-describe-images, PREFIX-get-console-output21:46
smoserinstead of using an API is that you can the assume that the user has set those commands up21:46
SpamapSsmoser: ah, the API's don't share the same setup as the tools?21:47
smoserwell, euca and ec2- use different ways.21:47
SpamapSmakes sense21:47
smoseri didn't want to invent another.21:47
smoserbut, yeah, that is prettier.21:47
smoserSpamapS, i dont know if its 100 or 5.21:48
smoseri'd say "and run command" is likely a 1 thing21:48
smoserbut can't hurt21:48
smoseri'm not at all opposed to having things twisted wher epossible.21:48
SpamapSsmoser: I mean, part of me just wants to do exec("ssh blah &") for that. ;)21:49
SpamapSsmoser: I'll keep it in mind... paramiko *is* simpler... and I like simple21:50
ghost_hi all I'm having a problem running rails I get a could not find RubyGem active support error http://pastebin.com/NgRh2fLz21:50
ghost_any help is appreciated21:50
SpamapSsmoser: but I can see waiting for 100 ssh's taking a long time if not done in parallel somehow.21:50
smosermostly i was going th eparamiko route for verifying keys21:51
smoseri didn't know about twisted.conch21:51
smoserand also, paramiko can read .ssh/known_hosts and such21:51
smoserbut... id ot know what others can do21:52
smoserSpamapS, one thing i'd really like to do well is get the command execution remotely done well21:54
smoserthere are a couple thing si dont know really what to do about21:55
SpamapSsmoser: when spawning instances, how is the stuff in .ssh/known_hosts useful ?21:55
smoserwell if you're connecting to them21:55
cwillu_at_workSpamapS, making sure you're logging into the machine you think you're logging into is good21:56
smoserthe idea was that --known-hosts would update your known-hosts such that subsquent 'ssh host' would have the entries21:56
SpamapScwillu_at_work: spawning EC2 instances means not necessarily having a known key.21:56
smoseryou scrape console for keys, verify that versus ssh-keyscan, and then write the entry to the users known hosts.21:56
SpamapSsmoser: ah, so its more about saving to it21:56
smoserright, but in saving to it, you also have to remove21:57
smoserand remove with hashed values21:57
smoserwhich, i had no idea how i was going to do. paramiku does that sort of thing . i've not actually done it, but read about it.21:57
smoserthe things i want to well but dont know exactly how to do are in remote execution:21:57
smoser- ssh somehost foo bar "wark two"21:57
smoser  that always gets screwed up. the commands are never delimited correctly as they go through multiple levels of shell interpretation21:58
smoser i'd like to make it work correctly. i'm not sure if the deficiency is in the ssh client, or the ssh server.  ie, i dont know if going through a library rather than system(ssh) is going to help that.21:59
SpamapSsmoser: right you have at least 3 shells to screw it up (your login shell, the shell that the script uses to run ssh, and the shell on the other side)21:59
smoser- for a long running command on the remote host, your network connection could get lost21:59
smoseri'd like to somehow recover or "be correct"22:00
cwillu_at_workyou're using python?  Don't use os.system or any of the routines that do shell calls if you can avoid it, having the extra shell just causes problems22:00
SpamapScwillu_at_work: we're more talking about how it has been done in the past. I intend to send the command directly down the pipe w/ either paramiko or conch. :)22:01
cwillu_at_worknone the less, os.system calls are a bad sign in a codebase22:01
cwillu_at_worksubprocess.popen is the correct approach, where you pass a list of strings rather than allowing the shell to perform the splitting for you22:02
cwillu_at_workignoring the conch approach :p22:02
SpamapScwillu_at_work: noted.. since I may be calling some commands as well. :)22:02
smoserSpamapS, i dont know if "right down the pipe" is truely "right down the pipe"22:04
smoserin the end, the thing that i want is 'sudo' like behavior rather than 'su' like behavior22:04
smosersudo -u ${USER} sh -c 'for f in "one 1" "2 two" "three 3"; do echo $f; done'22:05
smoserone 122:05
smoser2 two22:05
smoserthree 322:05
SpamapSsmoser: playing w/ paramiko, I can feed it a raw key and it will save to a known_hosts file. :)22:06
cwillu_at_workugh, sudo -u ${USER} -i 'for f in "one 1" "2 two" "three 3"; do echo $f; done would work22:06
SpamapSsmoser: so while it seems strange, I can use paramiko for the local key management while still using conch for the transport.22:07
SpamapSwhich it doesn't seem to do22:07
smosercwillu_at_work, the above command and output is correct22:07
SpamapSconch doesn't seem to do local key management22:07
smoserbasically, su takes '-c' "command string"22:08
smosersudo takes -- command arg arg2 arg322:08
smoserthe latter is greatly superior in my experience22:08
SpamapSsmoser: I believe su simply switches user and runs a shell whereas sudo execs the binary you told it to exec22:12
holmseris there any way to forcibly unbind a port without rebooting my server?22:15
SpamapSholmser: kill the process that has it bound22:15
holmseralready did22:15
SpamapSkill -9 ?22:15
SpamapStry the same killall but 'killall -9 whateveryoudidbefore'22:16
holmsergot it... thanks22:17
Rigorm0rtisHello, I am having a problem with Ubuntu 10.04 server. When I transfer a file >60 GB over the network to the server hard locks after about 60GB is transferred. This happens over ssh, and samba. The destination directory is an ext4 2tb hardware raid10 array. When I create a large file locally on the machine it does not crash. Memtest reports no errors after 3 passes. Does anyone have any...22:34
Rigorm0rtis...ideas? I have a few logs.22:34
Ngkirkland: hrm, I'm trying to test that qemu-kvm upload and getting weird failures - I don't appear to even be able to start a VM22:35
Ngkirkland: I dug in some logs to find the command libvirt is executing and got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/451300/22:35
qman__Rigorm0rtis, sounds like a bug in the ext4 driver to me, is your kernel up to date?22:38
qman__if it were something else, it probably wouldn't hard lock, but rather fail in some other more graceful manner22:39
qman__that, or hardware failure22:39
Rigorm0rtisqman__: I'm using the most recent kernel on 10.04.22:39
Black_Princebad sector looks like hw problem22:40
Rigorm0rtisBut then why would it work when I create a file locally?22:40
Ngkirkland: hrm, belay that, qemu-common wasn't installed properly, so /usr/share/qemu was empty22:41
Ngyep that was it, VMs start now :)22:42
mathiazNg: is there a missing dependency in qemu-kvm22:42
mathiazNg: ?22:42
Rigorm0rtisBlack_Prince: If I just copy from /dev/urandom to a file it gets past 100GB no problem. But if I try to send a file over the network via ssh, or samba it consistently dies around the same point. The outfile shows as being ~60GB.22:42
Ngmathiaz: no, I'm not really sure what happened - I was downgrading from packages I'd backported from debian to the ones in -proposed to test a bugfix there, and somehow qemu-common was installed, but empty22:43
qman__Rigorm0rtis, could be the NIC too, try copying several smaller files, like 10GB, then start the big file22:43
qman__if the failure point changes to ~50GB, then the network card is a real possibility22:44
Rigorm0rtisqman__: I regularly copy copy windows images and partimage captures over the network. Today alone I probably transferred >100GB. It very much seems to be the size of one transfer.22:45
kirklandNg: why wasn't qemu-common installed properly?  archive, package, or user error?22:52
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, does anything show up in kern.log from the actual crash?22:55
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, do the sysrq key-combo's do anything22:56
cwillu_at_workand you should really set up netconsole and reproduce the crash to make sure you're getting any panic or oops messages22:56
Rigorm0rtiscwillu_at_work: I can check kern.log tomorrow when I am at work. I am not familiar with the sysrq key combos (but I do know that the capslock and numlock keys stop responding). I don't know how to set up a netconsole.22:57
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, then I suggest you google them :)22:57
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, the sysrq combos may allow a clean shutdown even with a partially hung system, and netconsole will allow you to capture kernel messages on a different machine using a very low mechanism that generally still operates during all but the worst crashes22:59
Rigorm0rtisI have noticed that right before a crash, I start getting these errors in syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450086/22:59
Rigorm0rtisthey also pop up on the terminal.22:59
Rigorm0rtisthe first two lines, not the entire thing. Right after that seqence in the log file, there is usually another, or messages from the system booting after I reset it :)23:00
Ngkirkland: I'm honestly not sure, but since I was downgrading let's go with user error :)23:01
kirklandNg: heh23:01
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, yes, the first two lines are at a different debug level than the rest, this is configurable23:01
kirklandNg: how long to tell if it's still memleaking?23:01
Ngkirkland: I'm just setting up the tests now, but to be fair I should leave it running overnight23:02
Ngit ought to be obvious when I check in the morning23:02
kirklandNg: cool23:02
kirklandNg: take your time, just respond in the bug23:02
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, might try mounting with nodelalloc23:03
Rigorm0rtiscwillu_at_work: So is this netconsole thing equivalent to remote syslog?23:03
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, yep23:03
cwillu_at_workbut at a low level that survives most crashes23:03
Ngkirkland: I want to get it done so I can get back to setting up my new server as a VM host ;)23:03
Rigorm0rtiscwillu_at_work: I guess I do know how to set that up then!23:03
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, it's a kernel module you load with parameters23:04
Rigorm0rtisnodelalloc is an fstab mount option correct?23:04
cwillu_at_workbelieve so, although if it's your /, you might need to pass it in a different way, not sure23:05
cwillu_at_worki.e., via rootflags= on the kernel command line or some such23:06
Rigorm0rtisThe drive that the writes are occurring to is separate from the root. This is a storage server, I've got one drive each for / and /home, and then a 2TB raid for the general storage.23:07
Rigorm0rtiscwillu_at_work: So, tomorrow I should remount the drive with nodelalloc, set up the netconsole, crash it again (if possible) and then grab the logs?23:10
Rigorm0rtisI'm at home right now and the machine isn't configured for remote access. :(23:11
cwillu_at_workRigorm0rtis, you need another local machine anyway to capture the netconsole output23:11
cwillu_at_workbut something like that, yes23:11
Rigorm0rtisI'll use my personal linux box to capture it. I just have to enable the receipt of syslog messages from remote hosts correct?23:12
cwillu_at_workno, you need to read the documentation :p23:12
Rigorm0rtisI am looking at this doc you sent me, and it says The remote host can run either 'netcat -u -l -p <port>', 'nc -l -u <port>' or syslogd.23:13
cwillu_at_worklooks like it can talk to syslogd though, yes23:13
Rigorm0rtissyslogd seems like a cleaner way to do it to me.23:14
Rigorm0rtisI will do this and report back tomorrow. Thank you for you help. FYI I've got a thread on the ubuntu forums about it I'm keeping updated as well. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151023323:20
Rigorm0rtisThanks again. I know my way around Linux I would say, but I don't have much troubleshooting experience (never really have problems ;) ).23:21
cwillu_at_workah, ubuntuforums, where good information goes to die :p23:22
Rigorm0rtisYeah I hate it when I google a problem and the top result is an ubuntuforums post with zero replies. :(23:23
raphaHi all!23:28
raphaRegarding the dovecot-postfix meta-package ... what would the proper way to set that up with MySQL be?23:28

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