kermitwhy does he leave at all00:00
tonyyarussobeats me00:01
sparklehistorymmm, pizza00:08
sparklehistoryIt's like popcorn...first a few kernals pop and then the whole thing goes nuts!00:13
sparklehistoryAt least this time around when the banks closed, most of the time the deposits were just transferred to another bank rather than being completely gone and having to be replaced by the FDIC.00:16
=== diablo_ is now known as _diablo
h00k_diablo: myself too :(03:21
_diabloh00k: I guess we'll have to trust the rest to rep us well enough :)03:21
h00k_diablo: I talked to Jono briefly, apparently there won't be any podcasts or videos from it :(03:22
_diabloweird... any reason given?03:22
h00kno, I didn't ask, he was off to a conference call03:23
_diablohmmmm, that's a little worrisome.03:23
_diabloI get a bit paranoid whenever canonical meets and doesn't make its notes public :)03:24
* tonyyarusso stabs h00k 03:28
tonyyarussoYou know python, right?03:28
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: That's a bit violent ;)03:29
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Did you at least do it with a lightsaber or something equally geeky?03:29
_diablotonyyarusso: see, it's hard to talk with a dagger in your throat.03:40
h00ktonyyarusso: what what.06:02
h00ktonyyarusso: kinda/sure06:02
tonyyarussoh00k: I'm trying to modify feedparser to understand CAP...06:03
h00ktonyyarusso: I'm half asleep, what is CAP?06:04
h00ktonyyarusso: I may be able to assist during the day better tomorrow if you're available06:04
tonyyarussoCommon Alerting Protocol06:06
tonyyarussoIt's an XML format for public safety announcements.06:06
h00kOoh, gotcha. okay.06:06
h00kI've done similar feedparsers in php :)06:07
h00kfor instance, twitter, flickr, and lastfm (see anthonyrhook.com)06:07
h00kand google calendar on another supersecret prokect06:07
h00kproject rather06:07
h00ktonyyarusso: interesting, I was looking at NOAA feeds and parsing them recently, maybe I'll try with some pythons06:08
h00kthis might be fun.06:10
tonyyarussoh00k: The goal is to make a Nagios plugin that will check the status of alerts in your area.06:13
h00ktonyyarusso: I'd try and help, if applicable06:14
h00kalthough, i really need sleep atm06:14
tonyyarussohttp://code.google.com/p/feedparser/issues/detail?id=58 shows a patch that someone else made to add support for a format.06:14
h00kI can try to check this out tomorrow06:14
TakyojiHeh http://yizzle.com/whatthehex/08:21
TakyojiI'm surprisingly quite accurate. xP08:22
h00kand I'm settled in for the day14:45

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