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MTecknologymhall119: um- I was just looking at how you merged source into the branch - I might have a tip for you when you're online04:45
mhall119MTecknology: I'm always open to tips12:56
cjohnstonmhall119: you are disturbing me13:57
mhall119cjohnston: I do what I can ;)14:08
MTecknologycjohnston: you are not distrurbing me15:05
MTecknologymhall119: so.. my suggestion is to do an actual merge rather that a pull/push - that's going to kill youi down the road15:07
MTecknologymhall119: I'm guessing what you did was bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-drupal-devs/ubuntu-website/xyz; cd xyz; bzr push lp:light-drupal-theme15:10
MTecknologyWhat I would have done (for a new branch)15:10
MTecknologymkdir light-drupal-theme; cd light-drupal-theme; bzr init; bzr merge lp:~ubuntu-drupal-devs/ubuntu-website/xyz; bzr commit -m "blah"; bzr push light-drupal-theme15:11
MTecknologymhall119: then it's a single revision with all the changes you're signing off on15:12
MTecknologymhall119: for updating - bzr brach lp:light-drupal-theme; cd light-drupal-theme; bzr merge lp:~ubuntu-drupal-devs/ubuntu-website/xyz; bzr commit -m "foo"; bzr push lp:light-drupal-theme15:13
mhall119MTecknology: the light-drupal-theme was already there, I did a branch of that, then pulled from yours,then pushed back15:19
mhall119I guess I should have merged instead of pulling15:19
mhall119I'm still learning the "proper" way of doing things in bzr15:19
mhall119going between that and hg at work, sometimes I get confused15:20
MTecknologymhall119: i bet - I could walk you through it if you want15:25
mhall119no need, I understand what you're saying15:25
mhall119and thanks15:25
MTecknologymhall119: hope i helped some15:25
mhall119absolutely did15:26
MTecknologymhall119: doing that will let you 1) sign off 2) ignore first branch in future 3) keep revisions (changes) low (100 revisions in a testing branch turns into one15:34
MTecknologymhall119: it might not be a horrible to remake everything to revision 1 for those branches either - just a thought15:39
mhall119yeah, I'd have to delete the branch and start over15:40
mhall119newz2000: is it okay if I delete the lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme branch and redo it the way MTecknology recommends?15:42
MTecknologymhall119: you don't need to delete15:42
mhall119I don't?15:42
mhall119okay, now you've got my full attention, how do I get rid of the pull history on a branch already in launchpad?15:45
MTecknologythere's two options15:46
MTecknologythe long way; and the fast way15:46
* mhall119 is listening15:46
MTecknologythe long way is better for established branches that are regularly used - the fast way is great to just quickly change it15:48
mhall119would you mind explaining both, so I know the difference and which to use in future cases too?15:48
MTecknologybzr uncommit will let you roll back changes - if somebody branched that version, then get the sync on bzr pull, either way their own changes get broken15:49
MTecknologyyou usually use that if you're rolling back only one or two changes15:50
MTecknologythe other way; you start fresh - but with no previous deletes15:50
mhall119if I uncommit on my local branch, then push to LP, will it uncommit the ones in the LP branch too?15:50
mhall119oh, I had just assumed it wouldn't15:51
MTecknologythe way i'd suggest will do essentially the same - but it'll bring you back to revision 015:51
MTecknologymkdir tmp; cd tmp; bzr init15:53
MTecknologybzr merge lp:ubuntu-drupal-theme15:53
MTecknologybzr commit -m "Your own message"15:53
MTecknologybzr push lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme --overwrite15:53
MTecknologyeither way you need to attach --overwrite because you're going back in time - and developers don't like time travel :P15:54
mhall119okay, that makes sense15:54
MTecknologymkdir tmp; cd tmp; bzr init; bzr mergelp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme; bzr commit -m "foo"; bzr push lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme --overwrite15:55
MTecknologyyou can exclude any other branches from it :P15:55
mhall119pushing now15:56
MTecknologyRemaking branch to merge instead of pull from drupal dev's branch15:56
MTecknologynewz2000: You should fix up 'bzr whoami' It's kinda ugly right now - Matthew Nuzum <matt@matthew-nuzums-macbook-pro.local>15:58
mhall119MTecknology: did I do that right?15:59
MTecknologymhall119: yup15:59
MTecknologymhall119: take a peak - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-website-community/ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme16:00
mhall119but the changelog still has it as revision 3216:00
MTecknologynot here16:00
MTecknologyRecent revisions16:00
MTecknology1. By Michael Hall <mhall@mhall-laptop> 1 minute ago16:00
MTecknologyRemaking branch to merge instead of pull from drupal dev's branch16:00
MTecknologymhall119: that's odd16:02
* mhall119 hopes he didn't screw things up16:03
mhall119oh, interesting, I now have negative revision numbers16:04
stashey guys16:04
mhall119previous rev 31 is not rev 0, previous 30 is not -1, etc16:04
mhall119that's a cool way of doing it16:04
stasI got some updates: http://stas.nerd.ro/pub/light-base-theme/wp/16:05
* newz2000 is still on the phone, bb soon16:05
MTecknologymhall119: I just asked what happened with that in #lp16:05
mhall119I saw16:05
mhall119I wonder if it's just sequentially numbering revisions, instead of using the actual revision #16:06
MTecknologyit's odd - /me looks16:08
MTecknologyBranched 1 revision(s).16:09
MTecknologymhall119: the only thing I could think of is 1) something is messed up on their end or 2) bzr branch lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme; cd light-drupal-theme; bzr reconcile; bzr push lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme --overwrite16:14
MTecknologymhall119: or your original plan of deleting - I'd wait a bit though and see if maybe it's a loggerhead bug16:14
newz2000hi gang, I'm here17:22
* newz2000 reads the history17:22
newz2000that is ugly17:23
* newz2000 will do17:23
jcastrohi webbers! We'd like to give more visibility to operation cleansweep, I'd like to ask/wonder what it would take to get the patch review slider we made on planet? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OperationCleansweep17:26
stasnewz2000: I tagged the theme as beta http://stas.nerd.ro/pub/light-base-theme/wp/17:27
stascode is on lp, rev 617:28
newz2000stas: it's looking good, did you get help on the comments?17:29
stasnewz2000: nope, done by myself17:29
stasI will post a video on how to manage it17:30
stassince there are 8 or 9 widgets17:31
stasand some of them offer fantastic content management17:31
stasalso, there are some css/js easter eggs like .awesome class and .slider class17:32
stasawesome generates those fancy buttons and .slider generates a slider from an element's children img tags17:33
stasbtw wp.30 is out :)17:37
newz2000I just updated17:37
newz2000as in, 15 seconds ago17:37
newz2000I wonder if I should switch from svn to a normal release17:38
stasI've been on 3.0 since beta/alfas and it was pretty stable17:38
newz2000yeah, me too17:38
newz2000haven't had one issue17:39
staswp-devs are celebrating :)17:39
stasknome: when you got some time, test the new theme rev.6 in lp17:44
newz2000stas: jono is excited by your theme, he wants to use it right away18:00
newz2000but he has to use it on 2.x, do you think he'll be OK?18:00
stasnewz2000: give me a sec so I can add some compatibility checks18:00
stasnewz2000: oh, no I think he's safe, I rewrote today that part with required wp3.0 api18:02
stasto be sure I can make an install locally with 2.918:02
newz2000stas: I'll test too18:03
newz2000btw, I will be very difficult to reach tomorrow, I may have Jono or his minions come here for help if they need it18:03
stasnewz2000: that means I will do the most today so there be no problems tomorrow18:05
newz2000:-) I'm going to email some people to help test the theme18:06
dakernewz2000, i'll test it18:06
newz2000daker: awesome18:07
dakerstas, wp 2.9 or 3.0 ?18:07
newz2000I think we'll have more 2.9 users initially, if you can test with that it'd be awesome18:08
dakerstas, just to make sure i am right,  bzr branch lp:~sushkov/ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme ?18:13
newz2000we should merge that in I think18:14
stasnewz2000: works flowlessly with 2.918:14
stasdaker: yes18:14
stasnewz2000: got a vide, posting it in a second18:15
* stas zomg on core 2 duo 2.4Ghz and still coding 5m of ogm vide18:19
newz2000yeah, I've been creating some ogg video this week too18:19
newz2000the crazy thing is that h.264 takes about 1m per 1m of video, ogg takes like 5m per 1m18:20
stasyeah... it takes as long as creating one :)18:20
newz2000stas: what do you use for screencasts?18:21
stasis there something better?18:21
newz2000I don't know, when I tried that a while back it crashed my desktop18:21
newz2000so now I boot into another os and use a non-free tool18:21
mhall119I've used gtk-recordmydesktop18:22
stasit worked for me, but afaik it works ok only on gnome wm18:23
mhall119I've used istanbul before too18:23
newz2000I should try again I guess18:23
* stas ~80%18:24
newz2000It would be awesome if vimeo could do it. Then one tool for editing and capturing.18:25
newz2000oops, not vimeo18:25
stasok i got the ogm18:27
stasim trying to put it on youtube but its really slow18:27
stasnewz2000: http://ubuntuone.com/p/7LP/18:45
newz2000stas: is that a video?18:45
stasamazingly ubuntu one was the fastest :)18:45
stasusing 2.918:45
newz2000cool, I'll send an email18:45
newz2000then I think I'll get some lunch and come back and help test myself18:45
newz2000stas: should we ask people to file bugs or do you want emails back to the list?18:46
stasnewz2000: great, I'll be waiting, till then Ill finish some wp localizations18:46
stasnewz2000: bugs18:46
stasI love lp18:46
stasor if they are easier with emails18:46
stasbe then emails18:46
newz2000Is there a way to link new bugs with the branch?18:47
stasthe video is shows how to install the theme, set up the main page and blog page and how to add menus18:47
stasnewz2000: dunno18:47
mhall119newz2000: what do you mean?18:48
newz2000so when someone reports a new bug we know it's for the wordpress code, not drupal or something else18:48
newz2000ah, found it18:48
mhall119usually branches are associated with bugs when the branch contains a fix18:48
newz2000we have a series for each project (wordpress, drupal, base, etc)18:49
mhall119oh, you mean against the series18:49
mhall119thought you were talking about the bzr branch18:49
newz2000well, I was but the series seems to be the answer18:50
newz2000ok, I better go eat, be back in a bit18:52
mhall119moved light-django-theme to a branch owned by ~ubuntu-website-community18:57
dakerstas, how can i add a sidebar ?19:03
stasdaker: the sidebars are available only for news aka blog pages and single post pages19:04
stasthere's no need for sidebar for static pages19:04
stasI wanted to save more space for content19:04
mhall119the default.css is still pointing to http://s.ubuntu.ru/ for a lot of images19:13
mhall119I've submitted a merge proposal to light-base-theme19:14
mhall119I added light-wordpress-theme and light-drupal-theme to the bug, because I'm not sure if you're using the same css or not19:14
mhall119stas: MTecknology ^^19:15
stasmhall119: nope light-wordpress-theme doesn't depend on light-base-theme css19:15
dakerstas, http://imagebin.org/10165719:16
stasdaker: thats why I posted the video19:17
dakerah :)19:17
stasdelete the widget title for pages widget19:17
MTecknologymhall119: hm?19:18
mhall119MTecknology: the default.css from light-base-theme was referencing images on another server19:19
MTecknologymhall119: the drupal version isn't yet based on the base theme19:19
mhall119oh, I thought that's what the new branch was that I was screwing up earlier19:20
MTecknologynope, that's the ubuntu-drupal version that we've been working on for a while now19:20
mhall119oh, ok19:21
mhall119I'll take you off the list too then19:21
MTecknologyI need to fix some bugs and start taking some parts off and basing against the base-theme version19:21
MTecknologymhall119: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme/+bug/59564419:52
mhall119MTecknology: cool, are you on the ubuntu-website-community team?19:58
MTecknologymhall119: no19:58
newz2000hey stas, around still?19:58
stasnewz2000: yep19:59
newz2000hey jono19:59
newz2000stas: I just got back, jono is trying to test19:59
MTecknologymhall119: it's just cjohnston, newz2000, and you19:59
newz2000says its not listed in his themes… any tricks?19:59
stasoh cool, hey jono19:59
jonohey stas19:59
mhall119newz2000: can you add MTecknology to the ubuntu-website-community team so he can maintain the light-drupal-theme branch?19:59
staslets see if you guys can build a cool website out of it without my help :)19:59
newz2000mhall119: yes, what's his lp nick?19:59
MTecknology<- newz200020:00
MTecknologythat's not pretty.... :(20:00
* MTecknology <- newz200020:00
MTecknologythere :)20:00
jonoso I am running the branch on my new website I am building for ubuntu.com20:01
newz2000ok, give me a moment20:01
jonohappy to test20:01
stasjono: what wp version?20:01
jonoping me when you have an update, I am just working on something else at the moment20:01
jonostas, most recent 2.x20:01
jonoI am running it out of svn so I can upgrade easily20:01
stasok, should work20:01
newz2000stas: do we just cd wp-content/themes && bzr branch lp:~sushkov/ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme20:01
stasjust tested it with 2.9, there's a video if you got 5m free20:01
jonoahhh it is in the broken themes section20:01
jonosays the template is missing20:01
jononewz2000, thats what I did20:02
stasjono: its a child theme, install thematic framework20:02
jonoinstall what?20:02
newz2000stas: ah20:02
stasa theme, called thematic20:02
jonook, have a link?20:02
stasuse themes -> add new20:02
newz2000stas: do we put this theme inside the thematic folder?20:03
newz2000or next to it?20:03
dakerno outside20:03
stasnext ot it20:03
stasits a dependancy20:03
stasthematic for wordpress is like zen theme for drupal20:03
stasi should add a screenshot to it btw20:04
newz2000ok, I see it now20:04
newz2000jono: if you're in a rush, you may need to wait...20:04
newz2000it will take a little time to get it looking good20:04
newz2000I mean you need to fiddle with it a bit20:04
jonook it works20:05
jonothanks chaps20:05
jonoI will wait for you to refine it and in the meantime I will check the video20:05
jonostas, do you have a feature so I can exclude pages from the nav bar?20:06
jonothat will be key for me20:06
stasyou need a plugin for wordpress 2.920:07
stasin wordpress 3.0 its all included20:07
stasI need to check exactly what can we use in 2.920:07
jonostas, odd, with other themes I have used it has been of the theme20:08
jonoI ask because IS are really uncomfortable about including lots of plugins20:09
jonoso I am trying to keep the plugin count *really* low, and preferably no plugins20:09
newz2000stas: this will be a reoccurring prob since the locos often use canonical's hosting20:10
jonocan you build this into the theme stas?20:10
stasjono: yes, I think I can20:10
newz2000stas: do you like working on your own or do you want me to push for more wp help?20:10
stashow hard would be to upgrade to 3.0?20:11
jonostas, awesome20:11
stasnewz2000: i can handle everything by myself so far, though i avoid doing tests, too lazy :)20:11
jonostas, unlikely20:11
jonoeasy for me to upgrade, but IS won't run it20:12
newz2000stas: not going to be at the top of IS's priority list20:12
jonothey will run 2.x until 3.x is fully stable20:12
newz2000jono: went stable today!20:12
stasIS means what?20:12
newz2000sys admins20:12
jononewz2000, hah, it is a .0 release thoiugh20:12
jononewz2000, dude, you know what IS are like :-)20:12
newz2000yeah, totally20:13
jononewz2000, maybe we should not second guess IS and check with them20:13
jononewz2000, let me do this now20:13
stashow bad are your sysadmins? If they need help I can assist them :)20:14
* mhall119 is once again amazed by bzr20:14
jonook talking with elmo now20:15
newz2000stas: they've got a lot of responsibility and if they mess up they end up on the front page of slashdot and digg20:15
* newz2000 has been there, that kind of popularity is no fun20:15
stasok, now I understand their position :)20:15
stasthere some good features added into wp 3.0 so I would consider upgrading, even if it's a .020:16
jonostas, newz2000 ok elmo confirmed 3.x will be fine20:17
jonowhich is awesome20:17
newz2000wow, I'm stunned20:17
jonosame here20:17
jonoso stas, focus on 3.x20:17
jonoI will upgrade my test site and test there too20:18
stasmaybe 3.x has something they're waiting some long time so it worth20:18
jonohe may have been drunk, also20:18
newz2000stas: you're right, actually… it lets them ditch mu20:18
stasjono: I will try to create an export xml with a demo wordpress loco website so you can test everything without creating content and stuff like that manually20:19
jonostas, its ok, I have the content already in place, I just need to make sure the theme can display it right20:20
stasalso that xml file can be used as a skeleton for loco websites as we discussed it with newz2000 yesterday20:20
jonoI will keep developing my content in another theme and then move it to the new theme when ready20:20
jonostas, I assume the nav bar shows the pages on the site20:20
jonoand the lower nav bar are subpages?20:20
stasjono: yes, in wp 3.0 you got a new feature where you can create custom menus, so you can place whatever you want in those nav bars20:21
jonostas, awesome20:21
jonoi will play with it and see what I can do20:21
stasjono: yes, but not necessary, I placed there sublist pages, but you can place there a twitter status20:21
jonostas, so just so you know, you new theme will be driving developer.ubuntu.com and uds.ubuntu.com20:21
jonothose are the sites I signed up to work on20:21
stasjono: wow, thats awesome, you better keep me updated if there's something broken or that requires attention, so I can fix it asap20:22
jonostas, will do, I will be testing on my local sites, so we will stay in touch20:23
mhall119you're on the hook now stas20:23
jonothese will not be blogs but conventional websites20:23
mhall119don't want to be on the frontpage of slashdot20:23
jonostas, does your theme support widgets?20:23
stasgreat, I need to write some docs for it then20:23
knomestas, was ;)20:23
jonomhall119, lool20:23
knomehey jono :)20:23
jonohey knome20:23
stasjono: yes, but I moved them only to blog view, and left the above footer widget area and asides for the rest20:24
stasjono: I'll post a video with all those features ok20:24
stasknome: thanks for the tips on those widgets/asides :)20:25
knomestas, no problem20:25
jonothanks stas20:25
knomestas, if you need more ideas, just poke me20:25
jonoso where do I configure the nav?20:25
jonoahh I see it20:25
knomestas, which theme were you talking about? the wp?20:25
stasknome: wp20:25
knomestas, okay20:25
jonoit says the current theme doesnt support menus in the menu editor20:26
knomestas, i'll give it a go later today or tomorrow20:26
jonois that right stas?20:26
stasjono: did you create any menus?20:26
jononot yet20:26
jonomy previous theme just used the pages20:26
stascreate a custom menu with some pages/links20:26
* stas going to rec a video how to use the theme brb20:27
jonodone that20:27
jonohow do I add it to the nav?20:28
MTecknologyjono: HI!20:29
jonohey MTecknology20:30
MTecknologyjono: haven't noticed you in a while - figured i have to pounce20:30
jonostas, ^^ how to add the menu to the nav?20:34
staslook at widgets20:34
stasthere should be a widget called custom menu20:34
jonoahhh ok20:35
stasadd it, a dropdown list shold appear in options20:35
jonoawesome it20:37
jonoso to have the submenu in the grey bar20:37
jonohow does that work20:37
jonohow do I define a subpage for a page?20:37
jonoto put in that menu20:37
jonooh hang on20:41
jonoI might have this20:41
jonoahhh no it didnt work20:41
jonostas, ^^20:43
jonoso I just need to figure out how to get subpages in the gray sub-nav20:43
* newz2000 has to move on to other tasks now20:45
jonothanks newz200020:47
mhall119progess so far on updating loco-directory to the new theme: http://family.ubuntu-fl.org:8001/20:51
mhall119only teams pages and about are using the new theme so far20:52
stasjono: i finished the video20:57
jonostas, cool20:57
stasjust a sec so I can upload20:57
stasjono: I think I will remove that secondary widget menu and add there automatic subpages listing20:58
stasits the best afaik and will require no additional plugins20:58
stasjust the theme20:58
jonostas, would would be perfect20:58
jonostas, although you will want to make sure you can exclude pages from the submenu20:59
stasI was using widget context for that20:59
stasit adds some nice controls over widgets20:59
stasadds that wide widget context options panel21:00
jonois that a plugin?21:00
stasits not included in core21:01
stastoo bad actually21:01
* stas video is still encoding ~20%21:01
jonostas, so I have a proposal for you:21:02
stasjono: shoot21:02
jonook, so imagine we have:21:03
jono  Sub-page21:03
jono  Sub-page 221:03
jono Sub-page 321:03
jonoone page with three sub-pages21:03
jonothe optimal workflow for me is that I set it up like this in WP and then when I click on Page in the nav, the sub-pages automatically appear in the grey bar21:04
jonobut then I can somehow explicitly exclude a sub-page from the nav21:04
jonowithout plugins21:04
jonocan you do this inside the theme?21:04
jonoactually, dude21:04
jonoignore me21:04
jonoignore the excluding pages requirement21:04
jonocan you just have the grey box just automatically show the sub-pages?21:05
stasjono: sure, thats what I was talking right before you started the proposal :)21:05
jonostas, perfect!21:06
jonothat would solve me problem perfectly21:06
jonoif you can hack on this, I will update my branch21:06
stasok commit to follow soon21:06
jonothanks stas21:07
jonostas, what is an "aside" in the widget view?21:14
stasthe're named21:14
stasactually the widget areas21:15
stason the right listed21:15
stasjono: try pulling the changes21:31
jonothanks stas21:31
jonogood work stas!21:32
jonoworks great21:32
stasok the video with all the features is comming along21:32
stasnow uploading to ubuntuone21:33
jonothanks stas!21:34
jonostas, how is the ordering of the sub-pages handled?21:36
stasI think alphabetically21:37
staslet me check21:37
jonocould we use the Order in the page to handle this?21:37
jonoevery page has an Order numerical reference21:37
stas'post_title' - Sort Pages alphabetically (by title) - default21:38
jonothat might no work so well21:38
stasjono: ok I'm setting it as by order21:38
jonowould it be ok to remove the tagline from under the logo?21:39
jonoI think most users will want to use an image the full height of the header21:39
jonostas, btw, the site I am building is at http://developer.recreantview.org/21:39
stasjono: here're some tips21:40
stasget some <img tags inside a <div class="slider">21:40
stasand those will slide21:41
jonowe support the lider?21:41
jonodo I do:21:41
stasotherwise wp will add <br/>21:41
jonocan I hyperlink each image for a clickthrough?21:41
stasyou can also add titles21:42
stasjono: you should get something like this http://nivo.dev7studios.com/21:42
stasalso, add the class 'awesome' to a link, and it will look like a big fat orange button :)21:42
stas<a class="awesome" ... >t</a>21:43
jonoyou have done awesome work here, stas21:45
jonothankyou so much21:45
jonook I am headed back hom21:46
stasglad I could be useful :)21:46
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