mbelothis is a test, if u see it please say something to me00:00
macombelo: something00:00
* Zoohouse is away: brb00:00
mbelomaco: thanks:)00:00
stathis<SoundProblem> hello I have a problem with my fresh install. The microphone is not working. I tried both an external and the microphone build on the laptop and none of them work. any ideas?00:02
LjL!away > Zoohouse    (Zoohouse, see the private message from ubottu)00:02
jamil_1 Hi, When I try to do apt-get update in terminal i get a 403 forbidden. I am behind a proxy and I have set the http_proxy variable. Synaptic runs fine.00:03
Loshkijamil_1: can you pastebin the output and send us the url?00:06
esjquestion on file sharing. I would like to be able to mount a directory from remote machine into a share on my Windows box. Yes, I know what Samba. What I'm looking for something with a much lower overhead for setup that I can do from user space for when I need this kind of service for only a few days00:06
Matiresj: does it need to be mounted as a share?  otherwise you could use sftp for file transfers00:07
jamil_1Loshki: here it is: http://pastebin.org/33676800:08
thune3jamil_1:  apt-get -s -o Acquire::http::Proxy="http://proxy.server.here" update ; if that works there is a way to make this permanent00:08
esjit would be best if it was a share. The problem with the data into places is synchronization00:08
stathisany ideas about the microphone problem?00:08
thune3jamil_1: forget the -s00:08
esj I've used unison to try and keep directory synchronized but, it's error prone. I frequently forget and change the same files on both sides00:09
TvmbleQuestion: I'm trying to put my current Hardy installation (on HDD 1, we'll call it) into a blank ext3 partition on another harddrive (call it HDD 2). How do I best go about this?00:09
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Loshkiesj: well, Samba *is* the method of choice for sharing filesystems with windows machines. Can we help you get it working?00:09
TvmbleI've read up on backing up and restoring my system, but I'm not sure if I need to install Ubuntu again on teh empty ext3 partition.00:10
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esjSamba is way too much overhead especially if I'm going to throw the configuration away after three or four days00:10
Loshkijamil_1: looks like it's ignoring the proxy settings. Are you sure it's set. What does echo $http_proxy say in the window you're running apt-get from?00:10
esjit's great for semipermanent slouch long-term setups but, for transient "get into the machine, fix some bugs, send the invoice" type of work it's not so good00:11
DJ_HaMsTahalp! how can i exit out of full screen in virtualbox ?00:11
esjalso, I don't always on the machine so I can't install it or configure it hence the user space part of the request00:11
esjI was thinking about something like webdav might be one possibility00:11
Loshkiesj: suppose we could give you a 20 line samba config? Would that do it?00:11
magicianlordwel, the module worked on ubuntu, but not on debian00:12
jamil_1Loshki: it prints the http_proxy variable's value. I thinks it is set properly because if I do wget google.com, I do get the page.00:12
esjit would work for cases where I own machine and have. It won't work on various web hosting sites00:12
esjyou know, that would be a really good tool so yeah, I would like it if you're willing to share00:12
jorechpany people have trouble with tty console out of frecuency with ubuntu 10.0400:12
dodyany help on the boot problem i having00:13
Loshkijamil_1: then I can't explain why it works for synaptic and not for apt-get. Did you try thune3's suggestion?00:13
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:13
DJ_HaMsTawhats a host key ?00:14
DJ_HaMsTais that the windows key ?00:14
Loshkiesj: my samba config is here: http://pastebin.org/336777. You'll need to make appropriate edits of course, and heed the comment on the first line00:15
esjthans very much00:15
X-Sleepy-XHow do I start an application like totem and make it play an mp3 file on the host when I am connected trough SSH?00:15
hiexpo1totem | X-Sleepy-X00:16
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wieshkaX-Sleepy-X: try to add before command DISPLAY=":0.0"00:16
setzSo I just installed 10.04 64-bit, desktop edition00:16
X-Sleepy-Xwieshka: ok thanks00:16
LoshkiDJ_HaMsTa: er, it's an ssh key which uniquely identifies a host, so you can tell if someone tries to impersonate the host or if it gets replaced. At least, that's one definition. Does it fit?00:16
setzand on the first boot (and subsequent boots), I'm getting grub error 1500:17
hiexpo!ask | setz00:17
ubottusetz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:17
LoshkiX-Sleepy-X: er, you know you can't get remote sound via ssh, right?00:18
X-Sleepy-XLoshki: I just want the host computer to start playing music00:18
X-Sleepy-XLoshki: not the client00:18
hiexpoLoshki,  - hello00:18
wildbatsetz, try reinstall grub200:19
wildbat!grub2 | setz00:19
ubottusetz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:19
DJ_HaMsTaLoshki, im trying to exit out of virtualbox but i cant seem to find the host key00:19
setzwill do. Does grub2 have any distinct advantages over grub?00:19
sebsebsebsetz: no00:20
wieshkaLoshki: why - you can restream sound with VLC over SSH tunnel :)00:20
LoshkiX-Sleepy-X: ok, that should work. For quick cli playback, I use mplayer mp3file...00:20
Loshkiwieshka: you can? I had no idea...00:20
sebsebsebsetz: Grub ok, Grub 2 :(00:20
Loshkihiexpo: hi there00:20
wieshkaX-Sleepy-X:  yeah - mplayer will be better for cli than totem00:20
X-Sleepy-Xok thanks00:20
wieshkaLoshki: there are many things what you can do with vlc :)00:21
wieshkaX-Sleepy-X: for advanced you can enable VLM interface for VLC and use webpage to control your player remotly :)00:21
Loshkiwieshka: I only use if for dvds. Otherwise I use mplayer. Is there some special tweak you need to restream sound over vlc?00:21
wieshkaLoshki: just listening and streaming interface00:22
albinssonHi every one,00:22
albinssonDo some one have time to help me with an autorun problem? I can't find a similar one on the internet or on the FAQ00:22
wieshkai mean, in ssh remote host stream your audio00:22
X-Sleepy-Xwieshka: nice, ty00:22
wieshkaon local listen :)00:22
wieshkabut i prefer VLM web interface for controling remotly00:23
wieshkathere are few other remote interfaces for VLC00:23
magicianlordwhere do you configure openbox to start automatically wiht startx for all users? usr share?00:23
TvmbleNeeding a hand: I need to copy my primary harddrive into a newly-formatted ext3 partition on another harddrive. I'd like to do this preserving all of my settings, files, permissions, etc. How?00:24
magicianlordwith a hadouken00:24
wieshkamagicianlord: there many variants how to run script on startup00:25
magicianlordwieshka: i know htat i can just edit xinitrc in home, but id like a common setting00:25
jorechphow to configure mys tty console but i see out of focus or in a corner of my monitor any guy can help me00:25
wieshkamagicianlord: you prefer GUI or CLI ?00:26
gdw2Tvmble: won't 'cp' work just fine?00:26
wieshkamagicianlord: hmm you can add your software to proper rc.d level00:26
jp77still trying to figure out how to apply an emerald theme i downloaded for lubuntu00:26
Tvmblegdw2: I'm a little hesitant about that comment, as the articles I've been reading have disagreed over whether or not that'll keep my permissions, hard links, etc. on the filesystem intact.00:26
wieshkato start it with gdm00:27
Tvmblegdw2: command, not comment*00:27
magicianlordalso, after i installed a command line system 10.04  and then xorg and openbox, i have no opengl acceleration with intel. should i reinstall the drivers? it worked in a gnome install00:27
wieshkabrrr openbox is a dekstop manager ?00:27
magicianlordwindow manager. plus some other stuff00:27
MonotokoTvmble, you could use dd00:27
magicianlordit is the best00:27
dlimagicianlord, glxinfo|head00:27
MonotokoTvmble, it will copy the contents of the HDD byte-for-byte00:28
magicianlordok dli . what does that do?00:28
wieshkamagicianlord: i prefer MAC OS X for grafic interface :)00:28
TvmbleMonotoko: Will it work to move from a full HD to a formatted partition on another HD?00:28
gdw2Tvmble: I think you're filesystems would ahve to be the same00:28
gdw2Tvmble: And you'd ahve to have the same MBR00:28
dliTvmble, if you want to back a partition, try partimg00:29
checkhello guys. sorry for posting my question again but I had a disconnection. I have a problem with my microphone. It seems that it is not working. Any ideas of how I can fix that will be appreciated :)00:29
MonotokoTvmble, it will copy the exact harddrive, you can shrink the partition etc when you get it all on the new harddrive00:29
HotTunacheck, run alsamixer from terminal and look for anything without 00 in the bottom00:29
wieshkacheck: check out alsamixer for begin00:29
dlicheck, if your microphone is plugged in properly(correct socket), try alsamixer00:30
Tvmblegdw2, Monotoko, dli: I currently have XP installed on one partition of the destination HD, and would like to move my existing Hardy install into another partition on that destination HD. Will dd do that?00:30
checkHotTuna: Line in and Mic 80pc do not have 00 in the bottom they have MM instead00:30
albinssonDo some one have the time to help my with a autorun problem were ubuntu can't find the autorun program in a CD/DVD when there is one there?00:31
HotTunacheck, hit m on it to unmute00:31
MonotokoTvmble: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88656900:31
DJ_HaMsTahow come flash content is as crappy in virtualbox using windows as in ubuntu ?00:31
dliTvmble, no need for dd, better to do it manually, mount the partition: rsync -axvHA /* /path/to/dest00:31
HotTunacheck, when ur done hit esc to exit alsa mixer00:31
dliTvmble, you will have to modify the /etc/fstab afterwards, though00:31
dliTvmble, and install grub on the new hdd00:32
magicianlordwhat's better: gnome-terminal or lxterminal? network manager or wicd?00:32
HotTunaTvmble, use sudo grub-install /dev/device00:32
dlimagicianlord, lxde + wicd00:32
magicianlorddats what i though00:33
Tvmbledli and HotTuna: Thanks... I'll give that a shot. :D00:33
HotTunaTvmble, make sure you do on root of drive00:33
HotTunalike /dev/sda not 1 or 200:34
MacGyver_This might be a bit of a weird question, but... I'm doing some research and for that I need Python 2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04. I'm going to assume there's no package for that anymore. If I compile from source, and run things directly from that 2.2 runtime in an isolated folder, will that ensure that any other installed Python-packages do not get used?00:34
magicianlordhow do i save an image of my current install with dd to an img file?00:34
checkHotTuna: Problem solved :) thank you the sound is very low when i record but thats not a serious problem00:35
HotTunacheck, turn volume up lol00:35
HotTunause arrow keys00:35
checkwieshka: Thank you too00:35
checkdli: thank you too!!00:35
dlimagicianlord, try partimg00:35
magicianlorddli: i will need to research that00:36
HotTunamagicianlord, what is meant by .img file00:36
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HotTunayou can name it whatever you like and copy it back with dd00:36
magicianlordi want an image file that i can boot from on a usb stick and then overwrite my hard drive, to restore it all with settings00:36
HotTunaname it .img then00:36
checkHotTune: what is the S/PDIF option? this one is on mute too..00:36
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wildbatmagicianlord, sudo dd if=/dev/sdX9 of=/path/to/img.file bs=409600:37
checkHotTuna: what is the S/PDIF option? this one is on mute too..00:37
magicianlordjust like dell did with their ubuntu 8.0400:37
magicianlordok wildbat ty00:37
HotTunasudo dd if=/the/old/drive of=/file.img bs=1M00:37
hiexpodon't make sense last night you appeared to not know anything HotTuna  now your giving help with knowing what your doing  lol  and by the help your giving it's obvious you do :)00:37
HotTunahiexpo, ?00:37
magicianlordwildbat: and how to restore for a bootable usb stick?00:38
hiexpoHotTuna,  you were lost last night trying to get wifi going /// oh ya not at proper speed00:38
HotTunamagicianlord, use unetbootin00:38
magicianlordon hte image file?00:38
HotTunahiexpo, I was lost because its broken in ubuntu not on my pc00:38
hiexpoHotTuna,  oh ok00:39
HotTunaforums have alot of info on it00:39
HotTunabut none has helped me the least bit.00:39
thune3MacGyver_: not an expert, but if in a shell you export a modification to PATH, putting your test binary dir first. And exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to any lib dir that is there too. It should all run using your local install.00:39
My-Computerwhat do i need to do to have those choices on login screens00:40
hiexpoHotTuna,  i don't rem what is the problem with it maybe i can help ?00:40
albinssonSorry for asking a third time:00:40
albinssonBut do any one know how to solve the problem were ubuntu can't find a autorun program in a CD/DVD (for example, asus installation disk for asus probe and other essential programs)? If no one has the time or knowlage, please send me to a place who can aid me. (I have scanned the FAQ and internet for help but in vain).00:40
HotTunahiexpo, its ok, I gave up but I appreciate your help.00:40
MacGyver_thune3: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.00:40
HotTunaalbinsson, you need to run a windows program on a cd?00:41
majuk[TXS]albinsson, Just a guess, but those auto-load programs are probably Windows based.00:41
thune3MacGyver_: there also may be some python specific environment variables you can set, i don't know00:41
albinssonI tried both windows and linux ones00:41
albinssonin wine and without00:41
HotTunaalbinsson, are you trying to install a driver or..? can you provide some more detail00:41
hiexpoHotTuna,  OK //// that ole saying goes if i quit i never succeeded if i kept trying but never succeeded   I won / because I never stooped trying00:42
albinssonI'm not trying to install a driver at the moment, but i'm trying to install programs that does this automaticly or others that let me acces part of my motherboard that now is blocked00:43
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robin0800albinsson: I would think asus probe is a windows only program00:43
HotTunahiexpo, ok. I get terrible speeds / signal strength from close distance on bcm4312 with any driver.00:43
HotTunahiexpo, also, It does work fine on windows xp.00:43
hiexpoHotTuna,  ok i will find a fix one sec00:43
albinssonI downloaded a linux version from the asus homepage but with the same result00:43
majuk[TXS]HotTuna, Get the latest firmware?00:43
HotTunaso the h/w is not failed.00:43
HotTunamajuk[TXS], I believe I have tried with the very latest but idk at this point I have tried everything b43 driver ndiswrapper broadcom sta.....00:44
hiexpoHotTuna,  bcm 4312 who's chipset is that what is the wifi card00:45
scottwolchokI'm trying to get a custom kernel to boot on a macbook pro. The vanilla kernel works fine. The custom kernel complains at boot that the Disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present. Any idea what driver I'm missing? I've included pretty much all the SATA drivers.00:45
HotTunabroadcom bcm4312 rev 0300:45
majuk[TXS]HotTuna, Well, to get my BCom card functional (4318), I had feed the firmware download from the site into 'bcfwcutter'00:46
majuk[TXS]Or something to that effect.00:46
HotTunamajuk[TXS], I have done that, but the driver provides bad speed, I even tried to cut the f/w out of my working xp driver but to no avail slow speeds / poor signal00:46
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HotTunamajuk[TXS], oh this also works alot better on 9.1000:47
majuk[TXS]HotTuna, :\ That sucks, my 4318 preforms great.00:47
HotTunamajuk[TXS], its ok I have a NIC ;-)00:47
majuk[TXS]Indeed, good sir.00:47
HotTunawhich someone helped me fix also00:47
HotTunaAAA helped me alot ;\00:47
HotTunaand someone else but I cant remember who00:47
scottwolchokverbose boot says that the ext3 filesystem on root is working. after a bit, "init: plymouth main process (78) killed by SEGV signal"00:48
hiexpoHotTuna,  - read this all of it and it will work OK   http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=281.000:48
HotTunahiexpo, ok ;-D00:49
hiexpoHotTuna,  i am a wifi guy just was tired last night and did not want to get into it00:49
ukixx-babyhi ppl any one now if is any ubuntu application folder whit icons like osx ???00:49
Maple12_Can anyone help with my computer repeatedly crashing?00:49
HotTunahiexpo, what is meant by 'wifi guy'00:50
hiexpo!asl | Maple1200:50
ubottuMaple12: Most of us don't speak American Sign Language, please try english instead. ✌00:50
* maco does00:50
hiexpoHotTuna,  i work wifi testing cards etc and making them work00:50
* maco wrote a program to teach it, if y'all want to learn00:50
Maple12_this is english00:50
albinssonMaple12 can you be more specific00:51
majuk[TXS]!ask | Maple12_00:51
ubottuMaple12_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:51
HotTunahiexpo, cool, I just saw on that website about low tx power with the sta drivers THAT is my problem i think.00:51
DJ_HaMsTamaco what program is it ?00:51
scottwolchokargggh who decided this was a good idea00:51
majuk[TXS]He didn't mean asl. :P00:51
hiexpoHotTuna,  with linux00:51
scottwolchokplymouth can't be removed?!00:51
StaticShockubuntu has some method of logging the actions of an installer program, doesn't it?00:51
macoDJ_HaMsTa: http://launchpad.net/gally-project00:51
StaticShockthere is some command line method of doing this? i used to know, but forgot00:51
ukixx-babyubuntu icon application folder? is it any00:51
albinssonMaple12 what do you do before the computer crashes?00:51
macoukixx-baby: do you just want to install an icon theme?00:52
macoukixx-baby: or are you looking for one location where all applications are stored? you wont find that00:52
checkHotTuna: I can hear my voice through the headset but when I use skype and when I record my voice cannot be heard any ideas?00:52
ukixx-babyno i need to get to the icon  application folder... like mac os u now00:52
macocheck: audio driver bug00:52
Maple12_Well, my computer crashes every few minutes and remarks "Check battery state... [OK]" and it is annoying. I can't live with it00:52
ukixx-babydo ubuntu have any ?00:53
macocheck: the hardware has an analogue feedback loop which is why you hear it live00:53
hiexpoukixx-baby,  - rem this is not mac00:53
Guest40101Newbie struggles: Things seemed to work on fresh install of lucid lynx until this week.  Now numerous problems, seems to be permissions related: sudo doesn't work ("must be setuid root") ; can't su ("Authentication Failure") ; Update Manager won't successfully install updates ; can't run Root Terminal ; CAN install new programs through Software Center.  Can anyone help?00:53
macocheck: but it's analogue... its built into the hardware, bypassing the OS. your driver needs a quirk to enable it00:53
albinssonMaple12 do you have a laptop or a stationairy computer?00:53
ukixx-babydaa i now00:53
HotTunacheck, hrm, does skype use specific devices for the mic00:53
macocheck: please file a bug against the "linux" package:  ubuntu-bug linux00:54
checkmaco, HotTuna: what's the next step I should take?00:54
HotTunahiexpo, um, forgive me but what does that website intend that I do ?00:54
ukixx-babyi m big time unix user but i m new to ubuntu00:54
majuk[TXS]HotTuna, I'm not sure, that was a 4 year old patch he directed you to.00:54
albinssonMaple12 check if ubuntu thinks you have a laptop00:54
ukixx-babyjust like now if that any application folder in side the root00:54
hiexpoHotTuna,  - it just will show you how to make more use of your wifi card00:54
StaticShockanyone know what i'm talking about? there's some program that helps me record all the side effects of a command. what is that program?00:55
ukixx-babyapplication plus icons....00:55
HotTunacheck, does skype ask for a device in the settings for your mic ...?00:55
hiexpoHotTuna,  - somethings  or most will not apply to your needs but the fisx will work so be ath00:55
Maple12_Well, I've made no sense with finding out my OS' assumptions00:55
checkok I will do that now00:55
arandukixx-baby: /usr/share/icons/* or /usr/share/pixmaps/ but that is only for icons /usr/bin/ is where most  binaries are I guess..00:55
HotTunahiexpo, all I see is some .patch file00:56
majuk[TXS]StaticShock, You're talking about logging in general, which is already done. You might be able to find the pertinent info in /var/log/messages or, if you're looking for install specific info, /var/log/apt/00:56
majuk[TXS]StaticShock, use 'cat' to see the content of those files00:56
hiexpoHotTuna,  - ok does it apply to your card?00:56
StaticShockmajuk[TXS], no, that's not what i'm talking about00:56
checkHotTuna: no everything is ok with skype00:56
thune3StaticShock: strace maybe?00:57
StaticShocksomething apt-related00:57
StaticShocki think00:57
Guest40101anyone see  / responding to my newbie struggles?00:57
HotTunacheck, and everything is unmuted and turned up in alsamixer ?00:57
checkHotTuna yes it is00:57
HotTunahiexpo, no.00:57
StaticShockit allows me to run arbitrary installation programs and maybe adds a revertible record of what happened to apt somehow00:58
checkexept the s/pdif sectio which is muted00:58
HotTunacheck, you got a volume icon in your top right?00:58
Maple12_How do I find out if it assumes laptop use?00:58
HotTunacheck, thats ur digital output00:58
StaticShocki've totally run into this program on the ubuntu wiki00:58
checkHotTuna: the S/PDIF is MM the S/PDIF D is OO should I change any of them?00:59
hiexpoHotTuna,  ok than don't do it if is it not your card than no if it is your card patch it bcm always has an issue in linux and we have to patch them to make them work00:59
Guest40101Newbie struggles: Things seemed to work on fresh install of lucid lynx until this week.  Now numerous problems, seems to be permissions related: sudo doesn't work ("must be setuid root") ; can't su ("Authentication Failure") ; Update Manager won't successfully install updates ; can't run Root Terminal ; CAN install new programs through Software Center.  Can anyone help?00:59
HotTunahiexpo, how do I use a .patch file anyway00:59
HotTunacheck, try unmuting everything00:59
StaticShockah, found it! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall00:59
arandHotTuna: You get the source, apply the patch and recompile00:59
HotTunacheck, pastebin aplay -L please01:00
arand!patch | HotTuna01:00
ubottuHotTuna: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.01:00
HotTunaarand, ty01:00
hiexpoHotTuna,  - there is instructions on how to do it there each patch is different  // all a patch is , is a fix modifying the driver to do what we want it to do01:01
checkHotTuna: should I type pastebin a play - L in the terminal?01:01
HotTunacheck, no.... copy the output of aplay -L in the terminal to www.pastebin.com and link me01:01
checkHotTuna: I can hear myself now in my testcalls at skype but the recordings are of very low quality01:01
HotTunacheck, what card?01:02
HotTunacheck, alsamixer has the info on the top left01:02
checkHotTuna: Chip: Realtek ALC26001:02
HotTunacheck, nice card i got a 26801:03
checkHotTuna: hope it works fine for u :)01:03
HotTunacheck, is only skype affected ?01:03
=== Guest40101 is now known as Falcon31
HotTunacheck, i never use the mic though... only output..01:03
gz0is anyone familiar with firefox running flash movies extremely slow or laggy in 9.04? I've tried several fixes with no change?01:04
checkHotTuna: everywhere I try to record01:04
Falcon31Newbie struggles: Things seemed to work on fresh install of lucid lynx until this week.  Now numerous problems, seems to be permissions related: sudo doesn't work ("must be setuid root") ; can't su ("Authentication Failure") ; Update Manager won't successfully install updates ; can't run Root Terminal ; CAN install new programs through Software Center.  Can anyone help?01:04
HotTunak hold on01:04
checkHotTuna: should I try to reboot for a sec?01:04
HotTunacheck, why?01:04
HotTunathis is linux ;\01:04
ChogyDangz0: I am on 9.10, but the solution is mainly to upgrade to 10.0401:04
checkHotTuna: Maybe it will help with the new changes in AlsaMixer01:05
sebsebsebgz0:  no what ChogyDan said is wrong01:05
HotTunacheck, no need I assure you...01:05
hiexpoHotTuna,  - http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=5675.0 i could have that card working in 5 minutes01:05
sebsebsebcheck:  gz0  soon if it hasn't already happended,  Firefox in 8.04, 9.04, and 9.10 will all get a proper upgrade01:05
con-manwhat has adobe done now01:06
sebsebsebChogyDan: ^ messed up auto complte01:06
gz0sebsebseb: is there anything I can do now to fix it? I can even full screen a flash movie and I have a 7000m nvidia video card :(01:06
checkHotTuna: It is so strange that I can hear myself from the speakers and I cannot complete a call01:06
ChogyDansebsebseb: ok01:06
gz0ChogyDan: any links you can point me to that explain what your saying?01:07
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sebsebsebgz0: theres a fix for the full screen Flash issue I can link you to, but  I don't know if it also works on 9.0401:07
HotTunacheck, please pastebin that or I don't know how to help you01:07
=== kyle_136 is now known as kyso1995
macocheck: i have the same thing on my other laptop. its a driver problem01:07
gz0sebsebseb: ok, link me anyways i definitely appreciate it, and thanks as well to ChogyDan for the response01:07
HotTunahiexpo, where do I get the source from and what .patch file is correct?01:07
macocheck: i used to live with ubuntu's audio guy. he taught me how to debug some of this, and i know for sure that finding the right quirk is what'll fix that on mine01:07
sebsebsebgz0: 9.04 is a great release, and you got until end of October with security updates01:07
hiexpoHotTuna,  - ok let me get it for you01:08
Falcon31Newbie struggles: Things seemed to work on fresh install of lucid lynx until this week.  Now numerous problems, seems to be permissions related: sudo doesn't work ("must be setuid root") ; can't su ("Authentication Failure") ; Update Manager won't successfully install updates ; can't run Root Terminal ; CAN install new programs through Software Center.  Can anyone help?01:08
checkHotTuna: Should I pm you the link?01:08
HotTunacheck, no paste link here01:08
Monotokohmmm...my 6.06 computer refuses to upgrade to the newer ubuntu's....yet its connected to the internet...how much of a vulnerability is it?01:08
checkHotTuna: http://pastebin.com/NPKwjbu001:08
HotTunacheck, so anyone could help you..01:08
hiexpoHotTuna,  - http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=broadcom01:09
ChogyDangz0: not really, it was just my experience that flash was terrible on 9.10.  I used a different kernel for a bit, but upgrading to lucid made most of what I did moot.01:09
checkmaco: Can you please take a look too? http://pastebin.com/NPKwjbu001:09
gz0sebsebseb: Its a fantastic release yes, but this flash issue slows down my entire system, so its making me say ew...01:09
sebsebsebgz0: well 9.04 is a great release, accept a little something I didn't like about it, but heres the link:  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/fixing-fullscreen-flash-in-ubuntu-1004.html01:09
sebsebsebgz0: so yeah that might work in 9.04 as well01:10
gz0ChogyDan: I was thinking of upgrading... but whenever i do all my stuff breaks hehe i spend more time fixing other things then being happy heh01:10
Monotokosebsebseb...i didnt like 9.04...my laptop hated it..nothing worked01:10
HotTunacheck, do you have a volume icon in your top right corner01:10
gz0sebsebseb: fantastic thx01:10
checkyes should i get there?01:10
macoFalcon31: that sudo one means something's wrong on the permissions on /usr/bin/udo01:10
macoFalcon31: boot into recovery mode and run: chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo01:10
HotTunacheck, yes click it and hit prefs01:10
checkHotTuna: I am in01:11
Falcon31maco - thanks much.  will try01:11
MonotokoFalcon31, try using gksudo01:11
hiexpoomg -\ check01:11
Monotokothats what the software center uses01:11
sebsebsebgz0: also I love Firefox, but if you got Flash issues in Ubuntu, other browsers such as Epiphany or Galeon, will probably work better with it01:11
Monotokojust noticed you said you can install from there...01:11
Jordan_UMonotoko: Actually, Software Center uses Policy Kit01:11
HotTunahiexpo, where is my kernel sources dir?01:12
macocheck: i dont even know what command that output came from...01:12
HotTunacheck, go to hardware01:12
MonotokoJordan_U, ahha...did it used to use gksudo?01:12
macocheck: im not used to that one... http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh has the usual debugging script01:12
Maple12I hate my computer... this "Check battery state" thing s annoying. Why does ths happen to old computers and comps with dual Nvidea cards?01:12
KnifeySpooneyHow do I start a program in the terminal but be able to close the terminal afterwards?01:12
HotTunacheck, select output + stereo analog input01:12
Jordan_UMonotoko: Software Center never did, but Add/Remove did (and synaptic and update-manager still do)01:12
thune3KnifeySpooney: prepend nohup01:12
HotTunacheck, go to input tab and put check in the internal stereo input01:13
thune3KnifeySpooney: or use ampersand afterward (sometimes fails)01:13
MonotokoJordan_U, ahha thanks...methinks my knowledge is slightly out of date01:13
HotTunacheck, close it and try01:13
wildbatKnifeySpooney, nohup command01:13
Jordan_UKnifeySpooney: thune3: If you use '&' after the command you also need to run "disown" before you can actually close the terminal.01:13
HotTunacheck, actually, also in the input tab, there is a slider for volume ( I think )01:14
gz0sebsebseb: ok ill try out ephiphany and galeon01:14
Maple12What do I use to check if Lucid's using my stsyem like a laptop?01:14
checkHotTuna: I am trying the sound right now01:14
sebsebsebgz0: sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser or you end up with a game01:14
HotTunacheck, if thats not it I really am not sure....01:15
gz0ahah thx01:15
hiexpoHotTuna,  that is for it kernals change daily  long as your running 2.6.20 or greater it should be ok if it don't work oh well nothing lost but it will most likely01:15
albinssonMaple12 dubble click on my name and I will try to help you01:15
HotTunahiexpo, where is my kernel sources folder?01:15
checkHotTuna: soulds from skype have disabled01:15
Maple12double clicks just pull up 2 WHOIS peices01:16
sebsebsebgz0: not sure when last Galeon was, but yeah that was the previous default Gnome browser before Epiphany,  however distros tend to use Firefox instead.  As also a secondary browser I really like Konqueror its a KDE app, but can run that in Gnome, its also rather fast.01:16
HotTunacheck, what?01:16
KnifeySpooneyJordan_U: thune3: thanks, both work fine.01:17
hiexpoHotTuna, - hold on01:17
checkHotTuna: I cannot hear the other end in the skype test call01:17
ChogyDangz0: it looks like you should disable compiz also01:17
HotTunacheck, :\01:17
Jordan_UKnifeySpooney: You're welcome.01:17
checkHotTuna: I restored the previous settings.. tried to make a test call.. I can hear myself louder this time... I cannot explain how and why01:18
HotTunacheck, so it works ??01:18
HotTunacheck, I have had very strange issues on 10.04 so I'd believe just about anything ;\01:18
extorIf I wanted to install ubuntu over PXE would I download the "alternative install CD" or is that meant for other stuff? I have a PXE server up and running already and want to install on a couple of boxes with no CDs...01:18
wildbat!pxe | extor01:19
=== maciek_ is now known as Guest34281
* extor whistles01:19
wildbathmmm, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer | extor01:20
checkHotTuna: It doesn't fully work but I guess it will be fixed soon!! :) thank you for everything01:20
Dargonif cron was encountering errors, they would be listed in the cronlog, correct?01:20
HotTunacheck, sorry to hear that but i'm glad you could get something out of it for now.01:20
wildbator this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot | extor01:20
extordoesnt answer my question01:21
extoralternate CD or regular?01:21
hiexpoHotTuna, - sorry didn't notice they did not give that let make a auto install out of thaT  patch for you i will have it ready tomorrow ok / cause if u goof it your screwed  and it will damage the operating kernak so back of it for tonight i will be back with a fix tomorrow  ok01:21
vanvanhi everyone01:21
checkHotTuna: Again thank you! have a great night!01:21
HotTunahiexpo, ok01:21
vanvani want to try UEC01:21
HotTunacheck, cya01:21
hiexpoHotTuna,  :)01:22
HotTunahiexpo, you wont make me sad will ya ;\01:22
wildbatextor, neither.01:23
HotTunahiexpo, what is this injection anyay for bcm4312 that is important?01:24
hiexpoHotTuna,  - of coarse not if i wanted to do that i would have already done it  i am not that kinda guy you can ask most in here that help also01:24
mib_mibhey guys, can someone help me get this package installed? i'm doing 'sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev' but it is saying "libxml2-dev: Depends: libxml2 (= 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4) but 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4.2 is to be installed01:24
mib_mibE: Broken packages" -- what do I do?01:24
HotTunahiexpo, only a joke ;-P01:24
jhiteWhat verizon phone shoudl i get if i want to tether it01:25
paul__LINUX ELSE01:26
jhitewith ubuntu of course01:26
gz0ChogyDan: compiz is disabled already01:26
hiexpoHotTuna,  - we do not use those procedures to hack we are penetration testers to see what a hacker can do  /// the only way to think like a hacker is be one  lol01:27
SlidingHornmib_mib: sudo apt-get build-dep libxml2-dev01:27
SlidingHornmib_mib: *then* run your apt-get install01:27
mib_mibSlidingHorn: okay cool, what does build-dep do? why's it getting the wrong packages?01:27
hiexpoHotTuna,  - there is a thing as good hacking changing anything on a comp is hacking it01:28
HotTunahiexpo, ok. well so you are going to make an ubuntu package for 10.04 or?01:28
ubottumib_mib: build-dep is a handy APT tool that will try to automatically install build (compile) dependencies for you. In the terminal: sudo apt-get build-dep package01:29
hiexpoHotTuna,  - no i don't like 10.04 it was a bad distro in my eyes so i am not gonna waste my time with it it hasto many bugs01:29
mib_mibubottu: oh nice, doesn't apt-get build and compile things?01:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:30
mib_mibubottu: or it just uses a package that is already compiled or something01:30
Monotokohmmm thats not good...i rebooted my VPS...it didnt come back up -.-01:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:30
HotTunaok well whatever you come up with ill give it a try, I have dd after all... I must go now but ill talk to ya tomorrow.01:30
xcanadianmanxi'm trying to disable home directory encryption and one step tells me to reboot into root via grub. I've selected the OS i want to boot into and pressed 'e' to edit the parameters but i have no idea what do do from there.01:30
AnxiousNuthow can i know how much battery left i have from the command line?01:30
JusticeZeroHey, I have a garbly error message on my bootup screen. I tried to get help on the forums and they fixed one of two problems.01:30
bhimremovable media01:31
mib_mibSlidingHorn: hmmm i'm still getting the same error when i do sudo apt-get install libxml2 now01:31
hiexpoHotTuna,  - if ubuntu don't get it together i am going to go back with gentoo /// in which what ubuntu stands for  but is a derivative of debian01:32
SlidingHornhrmm...have you tried to apt-get install the packages it says are broken?01:32
JusticeZeroSomething about "The di????r ?e f????w?n?o????is????????y?ye o?n???p?????se?? (overwriting it,) Continue to wait or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery." Does anyone have any ideas how to figure this out? I have a theory that it might be seeing the NTFS dual boot partition and choking on it, but I don't actually know what it's complaining about.01:33
mib_mibSlidingHorn: it says it depends on libxml2, which i already have installed, but i guess it needs version 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4 but 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4.2 is to be installed?01:33
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Maple12I'm back, with info on my BIOS01:33
mib_miblibxml2-dev: Depends: libxml2 (= 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4) but 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4.2 is to be installed01:33
mib_mibE: Broken packages01:33
test34gvfsd-http process is accessing many ip address on the internet, why?01:34
hiexpodual boot = train wreck to me01:34
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drunkNcrewI'm hoping this is an easy adjustment. But, could someone tell me how to make Pidgin show the chat history in a chat window? Like when I'm chatting with a friend and I close the chat window, the next time I get a message, all the past stuff we typed to each other is gone. I like to see the past stuff as well, like in Empathy.01:34
jr2just made ubuntu cluster with mpich2 system unstable01:34
JusticeZeroI occasionally have a couple programs that use .net that wine chokes on that I want to use.01:35
infidhow do you run a cronjob once every 4 hours,  * 4 * * * ?01:35
scyther3Hi there. Does anyone know  a good linux app (that can run on ubuntu) for recovering deleted files? thanks01:35
mib_mibshould i do sudo apt-get remove libxml2 and reinstall it? a lot of stuff will be removed it seems01:35
jr2just made ubuntu cluster with mpich2 system unstable HELP01:35
JusticeZerothus I have a small windows partition on the back of the drive.01:36
hiexpo!cron | infid01:36
ubottuinfid: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm01:36
kaflowskicould anyone tell me where I can find a "Bourne-type shell, typically bash or ksh", so I can run rkhunter?01:36
JusticeZeroI don't know if that's what's causing the FRICKING UNREADABLE error message though.01:36
JusticeZerobecause, well, I can't read the error message. :p01:36
hiexpoJusticeZero,  - relax no need to yell at the people helping here01:37
HermanDE_kaflowski, On most any consoles of Linux01:37
mib_mibinfid: use the / operator, i.e. * */4 * * *01:37
StaticShockin checkinstall, what is the "package group"?01:37
StaticShockwhat does that term mean?01:37
kaflowskiHermanDE: GNOME Terminal?01:37
mneptokinfid: 0 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * *01:37
JusticeZeroNot yelling at anyone here, yelling at whoever coded the boot screen to display a two line long error message on one single line. Bah.01:37
infidwhich one is it01:37
jr2made cluster with mpich2 master keeps freezing01:37
HermanDE_kaflowski, That would work....01:37
kaflowskiHermanDE thank you01:38
mib_mibwhat does 'broken package' mean when using apt-get?01:38
kaflowskimeans you have to ship it back to the post office01:38
fontisso where's mark shuttleworth hiding01:38
HermanDE_JusticeZero, Sounds cool....  :)  My framebuffer poops on the Ubuntu boot screen....01:38
mneptokinfid: either will work01:38
stercorIs it possible to install 10.04 without losing the contents of the hard drive?01:39
hiexpomib_mib, means it did not compleatly install something failed // so read to see what failed01:39
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:39
Arpad2after distro upgrade to lucid, there was a grub upgrade too, with the result that i cant boot win7 with grub. can smb help me with that? thank you for help!01:39
fontisstercor, what do you mean?01:39
mib_mibhiexpo: it says libxml2-dev: Depends: libxml2 (= 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4) but 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4.2 is to be installed, how do i get this to work01:39
=== funkyHat is now known as funkyWhat
JusticeZeroI get to the end of th "Ubuntu . . . . ." thing and get a line of garable at the bottom. obviously an error message, but the important part is covered up. =(01:39
HermanDE_stercor, It will replace applications on your harddrive....  So, what are you looking to do?01:39
stercorHermanDE_: Keeping /home, /etc, and /usr/local01:40
StaticShockwhat is a package group? what is it used for?01:40
HermanDE_JusticeZero, Is that in the GRUB Boot Loader ?01:40
hiexpomib_mib, open synaptic and type the package name and install it first01:40
Jordan_UArpad2: You probably accidentily installed grub to your windows partition.01:40
test34"netstat -tp" reveals lots of connection opened by gvfsd-http, why?  I tried to resolved some of the IP addresses but wasnt able to01:40
setzJusticeZero: check files in /var/log/01:40
Ademanhow can I bridge two network interfaces?01:40
HermanDE_stercor, Shouldn't touch /home or /usr/local....01:40
xTheGoat121xIs there a way to change UNE to regular Ubuntu?01:40
setzi'm not sure which one it'd be in, but probably in there01:40
MACscrI hope you guys dont mind, but im going ot list a test email address here of mine in hope it gets picked up by some email harvesters as i am going to use it to teach spamassassin on what is spam, etc. markc@peoriasoccer.com01:41
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay-l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:41
Arpad2Jordan_U: thx, do you know the "cure" for this? :)01:41
HermanDE_stercor, /etc may be modified depending on the application...  It will not remove items that are not part of the applicaton...  And will usually prompt about changed files....01:41
stercorHermanDE_: The partitioning instructions only have 2 partitions. A really big one (the whole disk) and a swap partition.01:41
Jordan_UArpad2: First make sure that the grub-pc package isn't set to install to any partitions by running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc"01:41
JusticeZeroGrub comes up, I select, it says 'Starting up..' then a graphical boot splash which is black with Ubuntu" ". . . . .", then after a little while, under those I get "Continue to wait or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery." "The di????r ?e f????w?n?o????is????????y?ye o?n???p?????se??"01:42
patrick_why does x keep crashig on me?01:42
HermanDE_stercor, Uh.....01:42
stercorHermanDE_: It seems as though the only option is to reformat the whole big partition.01:42
HermanDE_stercor, Are you installing from the CD?01:42
Arpad2Jordan_U: ok , I do what you say!:)01:42
JusticeZerodo you want me to hit S or M?01:42
HermanDE_stercor, That will blow out the whole hard drive.....01:42
stercorHermanDE_: That's what I figured...01:42
HermanDE_stercor, Just insert the CD from within Ubuntu....01:43
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:43
Jordan_UArpad2: That command will ask you some questions, the one you care about is the one about "install devices". Make sure that only your drive (/dev/sda) and *not* any partitions (like /dev/sda1) are selected as install devices. You can leave all other settings at their defaults (some will be blank, that's normal)01:43
HermanDE_stercor, Let ubuntu do the update.....01:43
JusticeZerothat's where i'm at on the laptop beside me. (S works but it bugs me to have to skip through an error message I don't understand for a normal boot.)01:43
stercorHermanDE_: Ooo...that sounds just fine!01:43
Jordan_UArpad2: Then, to recover your windows partition boot sector (and get windows bootable again) follow this guide: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector01:44
HermanDE_JusticeZero, Sounds like there is some data loss there.....01:44
Arpad2Jordan_U: ok, on sda is 7 os sdb is xubunt01:44
patrick_why does x keep crashig on me?01:44
HermanDE_stercor, Ubuntu is *smart* that way....01:44
HermanDE_stercor, Or use Synaptic/Update manager and let it do the right thing.....01:44
stercorHermanDE_: what command do I give it?  I'm on a CLI.01:44
kyso1995[3]nertia is 2nd lol01:44
JusticeZeroIt's illegible because the "Continue or.." is over the top of the error message, and I can't read it as a result.01:44
Arpad2Jordan_U: thank you for your help, I ll follow your instructions!01:45
kyso1995oops wrong chat01:45
Jordan_UArpad2: You're welcome.01:45
hiexpofresh install = success  upgrading from one to the other = a fragile train wreck and will take fatalities01:45
mib_mibi have to remove libxml2 and install a different version but it is removing a lot of packages, is this going to be a bad thing?01:45
mib_mibi mean a LOT of packages01:45
HermanDE_stercor, Then use "aptitude update" and "aptitude upgrade"01:45
stercorapt-get update fails with the GPG signature failure...01:45
stercorI'll try it your way.01:45
hiexpomib_mib,  post it in pastebin before hand to be safe01:46
HermanDE_stercor, apt-get is different than aptitude....01:46
HermanDE_stercor, Fix the keys for apt.....01:46
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:46
stercorHermanDE_: aptitude fails at the same place.  Where do I get the keys?01:47
mib_mibdammit, firefox stopped working, now i know i'm screwed01:47
JusticeZeroI'm just sitting at said error message right now, let me know how you want me to exit out of the error and I can start putting in commands to check.01:47
HermanDE_stercor, Here is a whole website that describes everything needed....  http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:47
stercorHermanDE_: Sounds fine.  I'll go there.01:48
hiexpoHermanDE,  who told u that01:48
ejvhelp! i just logged out and gnome crashed, now my gnome is all messed up!? does this have something to do with the nvidia update?01:48
mib_mibwow that was bad01:49
HermanDE_hiexpo, The wind.....01:49
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:49
stercorHermanDE_: Sounds good...01:50
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LoshkiJusticeZero: I think it means that something failed its fsck check. If I were you, I would boot the recovery cd and fsck all your partitions...01:51
=== Guest37317 is now known as Falcon31
mib_mibhow do i change out my libxml2 version if it has a lot of depedencies01:51
Loshkimib_mib: apt-cache rdepends libxml2 shows a ton of things depend on it. Why do you need to upgrade it?01:52
=== funkyWhat is now known as funkyHat
HermanDE_mib_mib, Just install a newer version.....01:52
HermanDE_mib_mib, dpkg --install (downloaded deb)01:52
Loshkimib_mib: usually, you don't remove something to upgrade it. You just upgrade it, to avoid exactly this problem...01:53
Falcon31maco - from earlier question on permissions, no luck booting into recovery mode (couldn't figure out how), but in neither xterm or Failsafe Gnome was I allowed to chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo . gksudo didn't work either.  Still can't make su or sudo work.01:53
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:53
hiexpowhat u think there is 2  different repos  one is apt and one aptitude ///  Re: What's differences between apt-get and aptitude ?01:53
hiexpoyes.. for installing, it is mostly the same.01:53
hiexpofor older version of ubuntu (6.06 or earlier), the main difference is when uninstalling packages.01:53
hiexpoaptitude will also remove unused dependencies while apt-get will only install the particular package.01:53
FloodBot1hiexpo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:53
mib_mibso i canceled it but my shit is screwed now that i remoed a bunch of packages - how cna i recover from this?01:53
ffffffhey guys, i'm trying to use a dual monitor set up but i can't get my primary monitor to be the one on the left & when i try to change it it just reverts back01:53
macoFalcon31: booting into recovery mode means rebooting and holding shift (if grub2) or esc (if old grub) and then when you get the menu, choose "recovery mode" and then choose "root shell"01:53
zombie-robotanyone got a tut on how to make a .deb package?01:54
macoFalcon31: you can only do that command as root, so since you cant use sudo for it, you need recovery mode01:54
ejvplease help, i updated nvidia thru apt-get, now my display is horribly broken...... :(01:54
stayfi am installing ubuntu desktop from live cd and it is taking me to login screen to login as "ubuntu" and i do not know the password01:54
mib_mibi need to get back to a stable build of the regular stuff is there somehow i can do this?01:54
hiexpozombie-robot,  - what u need on making a deb.01:54
JusticeZeroAh, I loaned out my burned copy, i'll burn a new one and try that, thanks.. is there any confusion in fsck that I should know how to do first?01:54
zombie-roboti want to make a theme pack01:54
HermanDE_mib_mib, Did you mix stable with (really cool unstalble stuff)?01:54
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:54
Falcon31maco - thanks. will try again.01:55
macostayf: it shouldnt do that, but the password is either also "ubuntu" or its just-hit-enter01:55
Loshkimib_mib: if apt-get still works, you can reinstall everything you removed. If it doesn't, you'll probably have to reinstall from scratch. A list of removed packages should be in /var/log/dpkg.log in chronological order...01:55
hiexpozombie-robot,  do you already have a package as a rpm or are u doing it from scratch ?01:55
zombie-roboti want to make a theme pack with wallpapers gtk themes icons etc.01:55
ejvit says "Failed to initialize nvidia kernel module" what do I do ?01:55
stayfmaco: thank you01:56
hiexpozombie-robot,  keep asking  / sorry i can't help ya on that one01:56
extorIs there any way to start a ssh server on a remote workstation that you are PXE installing to, so you can finish the installation without attaching a monitor and keyboard?01:56
mib_mibLoshki: okay, i'm going to try that -- can i list them all on one line? i.e. sudo apt-get install one,two,three?01:56
stayfmaco: i am still getting authentication error01:56
Loshkimib_mib: yes, but separated by spaces, not commas...01:56
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm01:57
macostayf: did you check the disc for errors? cuz it shouldnt be going to a login screen *at all* so maybe whats making it do that is also whats making it refuse passwords?01:57
HermanDE_extor, Sure...  Just install a static complied SSH server in the PXE bundle....  Ensure you have a username/password that matches the downloaded bundle....01:57
stayfmaco: yes, and strangly that selection leads me to login screen too01:57
wildbati have a problem with the lid button. the system won't react to the the button unless system was suspended once; and after the suspension, the screen off for 0.5 sec at the moment  the button is pressed and released01:58
macostayf: sounds like your disc is bad01:58
extorWhat on earth is a static compiled ssh server?01:58
kanhiyai want to know that how do i connect to internet using bluetooth modem as i do in windows01:58
extorAny chance I can start a vnc instead, kinda like with centos?01:58
stayfmaco: i installed it on another desktop a few days ago and it worked fine. the live test did not bring a login screen; i was lead straight to the desktop01:58
PianoManHi guys. Ubuntu one music is queued to download, and just stays queued.01:59
dsnydersHi all!  I have a wide screen monitor.  Is it possible to "divide" it so that it shows two workspaces?01:59
kanhiyai want to know that how do i connect to internet using bluetooth modem as i do in windows01:59
HermanDE_extor, a binary that does not have any library dependencies...  Just a flat binary that runs.....01:59
AAAextor  it means that ssh was compiled with everything it needs, it doesn't depend on dynamic libraries01:59
hiexpoHotTuna,  - wow u got quiet01:59
extorahhh ok...kinda complicated. Any other possibilities such as a vnc server like centos has?02:00
Loshkiextor: install either openssh-server or vnc. But if there's no keyboard, you're going to have to add it to the pxe image somehow..02:00
HermanDE_extor, Only if the xserver starts....  And you would have to setup the PXE to start X then VNC server....02:00
dsnyderskanhiya, You'll have to give us more info, such as the bluetooth modem model02:01
mib_mibLoshki: so i have a list of the packages, how do i make apt-get just skip them if it can't install them?02:01
slybootsHmm, anyone here setup AFP shares on ubuntu using netatalk? http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/06/ubuntu-as-mac-file-server-and-time-machine-volume/ Followed that guide..02:01
HermanDE_extor, This is kind of easy....  There are a couple of good static SSH server in the world....02:01
slybootsBut the problem is, the "share" shows up in OSX but it seems the server is rejecting my user/pass02:01
extorHermanDE, offtopic but if its so easy then why doesnt the ubuntu installer include such functionality? Or does it perhaps?02:01
HermanDE_extor, Just install it in your PXE...  And it starts immediatly....  user/passwords are static as well....  So that would be a simple text file.....02:01
setzHi again, I'm having a problem with nvidia drivers. I installed the current drivers using jockey-gtk. This allowed me to use 1024x768, which this monitor usually uses, but it only allows me to use it at 60hz, using gentoo, and older ubuntu distros, and windows, I can do 1024x768 at 75 and 85 hz. Why is nvidia-settings only allowing me to use 60hz?02:02
slybootsNow I followed this gudie in Ubuntu 9.10 and it worked perfectly..02:02
Loshkimib_mib: there's a -m option to ignore missing packages...02:02
HermanDE_extor, Putting unchangeable usernames/passwords into distributions is usually considered bad....02:02
extorHow exactly do I "install it in my pxe"? Do I need to mess around with kernel/append parameters? kickstart files?02:02
ejvhelp! i updated nvidia thru apt-get, and now my entire display is broken... what do I do?02:02
ejvI tried restoring xorg.conf, didn't work, i tried running 'nvidia-xsettings' didn't work.02:03
HermanDE_extor, Starting an SSH port automatically is again not in the interest of a distribution....  Because you would need a static user/pass....02:03
Loshkiextor: for better or worse, the developers decided an ssh server isn't part of the default desktop installation. That seems a reasonable choice...02:03
AAAejv  can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:04
slybootsAnyone? Im pretty stumped -.-02:04
HermanDE_extor, Open up the PXE image...  Look for the root filesystem....  Put the ssh binary into /usr/bin02:04
extorcentos includes vnc as an option02:04
extorHermanDE, and that's EASY? :o02:04
=== mikegerw1tz is now known as mikegerwitz
HermanDE_extor, look for the init.d or inittab...  And insert the command to start the ssh....02:04
HermanDE_extor, Ensure it is *after* the network detection......02:04
kbpright! does anyone know where is the location of the sound theme files in Ubuntu?02:04
Loshkiextor: centos isn't really a desktop distro. Now stop whining about what centos does, ok?02:05
stayfwhen i choose install on my live cd, am i supposed to be lead to the live desktop (there's an install icon there), but why am i not being lead to the install without having to boot into live cd first?02:05
calmsivaeven after installing thro synaptic - wine is not showing in the applications list - using 10.04 - need help02:05
sublimepuawow haha so this whole channel just has one room?02:05
sublimepuasounds crowded02:05
Out`Of`ControlHi all. I had problem with Flash player no sound.02:05
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:06
sebsebsebsublimepua: no02:06
sublimepuainstall firefox oss helper thing02:06
mib_mibokay, well my system is sscrewed and i'm reinstalling -- whats the most stable version with the best package support?02:06
sublimepuai had the same problem02:06
saad_the problem is in your graphics card man02:06
mib_mibor is that too new02:06
Out`Of`ControlI found what make this. When i install libxine1-ffmpeg i get no sound from flash player02:06
sebsebsebsublimepua: loads of Ubuntu channels, and other channels on this Freenode network,   /list will list loads of them02:06
saad_i know that02:06
stayfJon--: you've said that about 500 times now02:06
dalecheck 1 - 202:06
Out`Of`ControlBut when i remove it i get no sound from amarok.02:06
Loshkistayf: the idea is you get to test out the distro on your hardware before committing to an install. I think the alternate CD will allow you to go straight to install...02:06
sublimepua9.10 is stable, but i would advise the last LTS02:06
kbpOut`Of`Control: exit any music app then restart Firefox02:06
Jon--stayf: Saying it again => Still needing assistance. That is what this IRC is for.02:07
kbpOut`Of`Control: exit amarok, run firefox then run amarok (must be in order)02:07
deusex_flashplayer is very difficult to configure over linux02:07
sublimepuathats true02:07
PurpleyCan someone help me, ubuntu wont recognize my dvd and cd drives02:07
Loshkistayf: every 15 minutes is considered a reasonable repeat rate...02:07
PurpleyBut windows will02:07
gartral|pGwibber on unr is broken, facebook isn't autherizing like it should and I think its because the add button is below the screen boundery... and the window won't resize any smaller02:07
mib_mibwhat is LTS?02:07
stayfLoshki: i know, but even when i choose to go straight to the install (rather than selecting try ubuntu without changing your computer)02:07
=== moe is now known as Guest56582
prince_jammys!lts > mib_mib02:07
ubottumib_mib, please see my private message02:07
stayfLoshki: it still boots live cd02:08
=== david_ is now known as Falcon31
sublimepualong term support.= lts02:08
Out`Of`ControlBut i do get sound from flash player  and virtual box. When i remove libxine1-ffmpeg. But no sound from amarok02:08
kbpdoes any one know how to disable showing "Has join..." "Has left..." the channel?02:08
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)02:08
deusex_anybody who had problems with crysis over wine?¿02:08
Loshkistayf: sounds like a bug. You could report it...02:08
mib_mibokay so 10.04 is probably the best to get then02:08
sublimepuacrysis doesnt like wine. especially not if you have an intel gpu02:08
sublimepuayeah. use lucid02:08
deusex_nope nvidia gpu02:08
sublimepuathats the current one02:08
stayfLoshki: sounds like a waste of my time02:08
Out`Of`ControlBtw i am on 64 bit Ubuntu02:08
PurpleyCan someone help me, ubuntu wont recognize my dvd and cd drives02:09
Loshkikbp: depends on your client. What are you using?02:09
kbpLoshki: pidgin02:09
stayfOut`Of`Control: what is the browser?02:09
deusex_wtf cd dvd drives ?¿?¿02:09
sublimepuahave you tried crossover instead of wine? its got many fixes02:09
Falcon31maco - you're a genius.  Thanks so much.02:09
macoFalcon31: np02:09
Loshkistayf: you can't have it both ways. If you won't report bugs, you don't get to whine about how they aren't fixed...02:09
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:09
deusex_but will try it02:09
lee_Hello. I need help with grub. I have downgraded to legacy and lost my xp boot. Anyone know how to get it back?02:09
Out`Of`ControlWith browser all is fine now. flash works fine02:09
Loshkikbp: sorry, never used it. Check your docs for 'conference mode'...02:10
Jon--lee: Do you know where XP is? ie /dev/sda*?02:10
sublimepuadoes anyone know how penumbra works on wine?02:10
kbpLoshki: thanx! "conference" is the word im looking for02:10
AAAPurpley  are they plugged in and turned on? does the BIOS see them?02:10
PurpleyCan someone help me, ubuntu wont recognize my dvd and cd drives but yet windows vista will, They also open fine but wont eject via the terminal02:10
sublimepuais it supported well?02:10
stayfOut`Of`Control: there is not a 64-bit version of flash player, but there are alternatives. the only other option that should work is installing 32-bit firefox on a 64-bit system and installing 32-bit flash02:10
lee_it looks like its on dev/sda102:10
PurpleyAAA, Most likely considering windows can use them02:11
wildbatI have a problem with the lid button. the system won't react to the the button unless system was suspended once; and after the suspension, the screen off for 0.5 sec at the moment  the button is pressed and released.02:11
AAAPurpley  you have 2 disk drives, and ubuntu doesn't see either, correct?02:11
PurpleyAAA, Yes02:11
scyther3Hi there. Does anyone know  a good linux app (that can run on ubuntu) for recovering deleted files? thanks02:12
Jon--lee: Does it say it is NTFS?02:12
Out`Of`Controlstayf yeah thanks.02:12
lee_I ran sudo fdisk -l and it says HPFS/NTFS02:12
stayfOut`Of`Control: :)02:12
PurpleyAAA, But awhile ago I could install ubuntu via a cd fine02:12
Jon--lee: Have you tried sudo update-grub from the terminal? It should be able to detect XP.02:13
stayfLoshki: I found an alternative download with a text-based installer. thank you02:13
Loshki!recover | scyther3 none of the tools are great, in my opinion, but see here:02:13
ubottuscyther3 none of the tools are great, in my opinion, but see here:: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:13
Loshkistayf: excellent02:13
lee_I dont remember if I have. I'll try that again. I followed a tutorial so I may not have.02:13
PurpleyAAA, When I go to Computer I see both cd/dvd drives but I cant eject them and they dont detect disks02:13
mib_mibif i upgraded mmy version to 10.04 from the current one, would this fix all the missing packages?02:13
Jon--lee: Ubuntu 10.04?02:13
Jon--lee: Yeah, try a sudo update-grub. Should work for ya.02:14
AAAPurpley  do this $02:14
AAAPurpley  $ sudo  lshw | grep -iA4 cdrom02:14
lee_Awesome guys. Anyway I can tell if I got it back without rebooting?02:14
Out`Of`Controlstayf do i need to report it about libxine1-ffmpeg cousing no sound in flash and virtual box?02:14
Jon--lee_: Yeah, message me.02:14
Loshkimib_mib: I'm not sure. Would you consider installing 10.04 from scratch and then reconfiguring what you need...02:14
mib_mibLoshki: yeah.... its in a VM so its a little more work, but i'm going to try02:15
=== jimqode is now known as Guest27057
Jon--lee_: I'll have a look at grub.cfg and make sure it looks okay, but, 99% chance it will. It's very easy for grub to do XP on its own.02:15
PurpleyAAA, Listed some info about the two including the fact that one is a reader and ones a writer, want me to pastebin it?02:15
AAAPurpley  you should see both your drives. and what happens when you type $ eject ?02:16
Jordan_Ulee_: Why did you downgrade to grub legacy?02:16
Loshkimib_mib: well, backup anything important first. If you're willing to do a from-scratch install, you've nothing to lose by attempting an upgrade first. If it all goes wrong, well you were prepared to install from scratch anyway02:16
AAAPurpley  no need. put a cd or dvd in02:16
slybootsGah, stupid mac -.-02:16
PurpleyAAA, OK I just put one in02:16
comwilsonOkay, I accidentally deleted the network manager icon from the top panel, and I can't find it in the 'add to panel...' window, is there any way other way to get it back?02:17
AAAPurpley  this is ubuntu 10.4 correct? did anything pop up on the screen?02:17
PurpleyAAA, Yes and no02:18
fontisIs there any good currency comparing widget out there like the one for Windows 7 that I can use in ubuntu?02:18
khem_anybody now of some software to record a users input / output ?02:18
AAAPurpley  can you pastebin $ dmesg | tail -n 5002:18
fontiskhem_, sound or video?02:18
khem_fontis: no just keyboard02:18
Jordan_Ukhem_: Who are you spying on?02:19
fontisah, no idea then sorry02:19
khem_Jordan_U: a certain user :)02:19
fontisyou mean a keylogger :p02:19
kanhiya1dsnyders: i am using a chinese phone and it is working fine nder windows02:19
khem_fontis: yes that would be awesome. if possible to get his / her output aswell would be awesome but not needed 100%02:19
micaelis there a program like xnview for ubuntu 1002:20
slybootsAnyone nay idea, I've been logging but having *NO* luck with this at all02:20
slybootsanyone here used netatalk?02:20
PurpleyAAA, No need it just repeats two messages, [ 1621.828665] end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 002:20
Purpley[ 1621.828671] Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 002:20
AAAPurpley  sounds like a bad disk or reader02:21
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:21
PurpleyThe numbers inside the brackets change though, they increase buy 2s02:21
PurpleyAAA, Why can I boot up cd's burn cd's read cd's and eject it fine?02:21
LoshkiPurpley: Odd. fd0 is usually the floppy drive. I thought you were talking about dvd drives?02:21
PurpleyAAA, I also ran this disk in windows a few moments ago02:22
AAALoshki  that is what I was thinking too02:22
comwilsonI accidentally deleted the network manager application from the top panel, and I can't find it in the 'add to panel...' window, is there any other way to get it back?02:22
fontiskhem_, I googled and found this, check it out http://code.google.com/p/logkeys/02:22
kanhiya1i want to know that how do i connect to internet using bluetooth modem as i do in windows , i amunder windows using a chinese phone and it is working fine02:22
AAAPurpley  is it a data cd or music cd? is it mounted? $ mount02:22
khem_fontis: thansk02:22
SlidingHorncomwilson - sudo apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome02:23
fontiskhem_, no problem02:23
AAAPurpley  also, do you see both devices in $ ls -l /media ?02:23
PurpleyLoshki, I am, I dont have a floppy drive thats whats weird, although I do have a multi card reader below but nothing but a usb cable is connected to it02:23
kanhiya1i have seen many forums but did not find efficient way to connect to internet using bluetooth modem in ubuntu 10.0402:23
Out`Of`ControlIs there a way to get more fonts?02:24
comwilsonThank you, Slidinghorn02:24
PurpleyAAA, Nope, I see two floppy drives? and a mounted partition02:24
Out`Of`ControlIn appearance Preferences02:24
squigis there a way to supress debconf from running on an install of a package?02:25
kanhiya1is there amy GUI  like network manager to connect to internet using bluetooth02:25
PurpleyAAA, A data cd, Music cds wont work either02:25
xxthinkWhy I can't install insight in 64bit ubuntu 10.0402:25
adarshamy updates are not working in ubuntu lucid. can someone help?02:26
StonedSlackerHi guys. I just installed ubuntu 8.04/EMC on an extra partition but it does not show up as a choice. I have ubuntu 9.1 already as my main os and windows xp for no reason really. There is no menu.lst in my /boot/grub directory but there is in the /boot/grub directory of the ubuntu 8.04 partition and it has the new installation defined in it. Is that too rambling? lol02:26
adarshai get an error saying some packages could not be downloaded. it doesn't connect to the update servers.02:26
kanhiya1anybody listening me?02:26
AAAPurpley  can you pastebin ls -l /media; mount ?02:26
Jordan_UStonedSlacker: Boot 9.10, run "sudo update-grub"02:26
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:27
Loshkikanhiya1: yes, apparently you want to tether your ubuntu via a chinese phone. Maybe someone in #ubuntu-cn will know?02:27
StonedSlackerJordan_U:Done! Thanks! Now for a reboot to see if it worked.02:27
AAAPurpley  oh and also $ ls -l /dev/fd002:27
Jordan_UStonedSlacker: You're welcome.02:28
PurpleyAAA, Alright02:28
Out`Of`ControlIs there a way to get more fonts? In appearance Preferences. Any one please02:28
acovrigOut`Of`Control, gnome-look.org02:29
AAAOut`Of`Control  have you tried $ apt-cache search fonts?02:29
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:29
StonedSlackerJordan_U: What do you make of this? http://pastebin.slackadelic.com/p/CGOWO299.html02:30
Out`Of`ControlThank you folks! :)02:30
dsnydersHi all!   Is there a way to split a monitor so that two workspaces fit on it?02:30
Jordan_UStonedSlacker: You can ignore that error, it's harmless. If you want to get rid of it then "sudo rm /boot/grub/device.map".02:31
PurpleyAAA, http://pastebin.com/hPcGF7Ki02:31
* slyboots starts to chew on netastat02:32
AAAPurpley  for fun, try $ mount floppy002:33
* Purpley asks for a byte (HAHAHAHAHAHA)02:33
PurpleyAAA, zac@zac-desktop:~$ mount floppy002:33
Purpleymount: can't find floppy0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab02:33
PurpleyKind of ironic lol02:34
paul__hi guys02:34
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:34
trev_ok i just bought a netbook and just installed lucid netbook edition on it, how do I enable multitouch?02:34
trev_i am kind of confused and can't find any documentation on it02:34
cavej03hi guys, Need help with extracting in command line02:34
cavej03how would i extract a tar.gz file to another directory02:34
cavej03what modifiers?\02:34
comwilsonSorry, Slidinghorn, still there? "sudo apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome" didn't work02:35
AAAPurpley  try just $ mount floppy then pastebin your /etc/fstab .  I'm also curious about that usb device and if that isn't causing problems... pastebing $ lsusb also02:35
SlidingHorncomwilson: what error(s) did it give you?02:35
paul__how to share internet connection with another pc in ubuntu. Anyone02:35
Loshkicavej03: Something like: cd directory; tar xvzf /full/path/to/tar/file02:35
Jon--cavej03: tar -xvzf tarfile.tar.gz02:35
Loshki!ics | paul__:02:35
ubottupaul__:: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:35
AAAcavej03  can you not just cd into the dir you want it in?02:35
comwilsonI do have it installed, my problem is that I deleted the applet from the top panel (where the volume control, help button, etc are) and I can't get it back02:36
hypoHello, I am an Ubuntu 10.4 newbie, trying it for the first time right now.  I tried the last version and when I installed the graphics drivers, it completely broke my system (to the point that I couldn't boot properly anymore.   I was just wondering if this problem has now been solved?  (I have a ATI Radeon 4700)02:36
PurpleyAAA, Cant find floppy in /etc/fstab blahblah same as last message02:36
=== zkriesse is now known as ZachK_
PurpleyBus 001 Device 003: ID 13b1:000d Linksys WUSB54G Wireless Adapter02:36
Purpley AAA Thatd me it, its a wireless adapter02:36
paul__hey ! thanks i will try & get back incase....02:37
unopcavej03  tar zxvf foo.tgz -C your_dir/02:37
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:37
cavej03thanks unop02:37
cavej03that looks more like it02:37
AAAPurpley  I'm perplexed02:37
micaelcan i install files that end with tgz in ubuntu02:37
unop!source | micael02:38
ubottumicael: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html02:38
Jon--cavej03: Without -C it uses the current dir [pwd]02:38
cavej03jon, ya I knew about that modifier i just didnt know where to put it02:38
PurpleyAAA, As am I02:38
PurpleyAAA, Perhaps a modprobe might work?02:39
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:39
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm02:39
unopmicael, .tgz files usually contain source code .. see !compile02:39
AAAPurpley  what kind of drives are they? sata? ide? scsi?02:39
PurpleyAlso, I have a webcam that im pretty sure isnt supported by ubuntu, Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0595:4343 Zoran Microelectronics, Ltd Digital Camera EX-20 DSC02:39
Purpley Is there something like ndiswrapper for webcams?02:39
PurpleyAAA, Im not sure anyway to check without opening it up02:40
micaelunop thanks i am reading it now but i am new in this02:40
unopmicael, what software is this?02:40
marajais there a command to remove repositorys on terminal?02:40
micaelunop nxviewMP02:41
micaeli have downloaded the file and unpacked it02:41
unopmicael, is there a README or INSTALL file among the unpacked files?02:42
trimetaI have a couple of questions about disk drive checking; anyone want to reassure me that I didn't horribly mess up my system?02:43
comwilsonOh, wow... Okay, I found it in the 'add to panel' window. It wasn't called network manager, though.02:43
iflemamaraja    nano /etc/apt/sources.list    ctrl+o to save then ctrl+x to exit followed by a sudo apt-get update02:43
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wildbatI have a problem with the lid button. the system won't react to the the button unless system was suspended once; and after the suspension, the screen off for 0.5 sec at the moment  the button is pressed and released.02:43
ocatacooif using nscd do I need to set up the nscd.config or will it learn from somewhere02:44
micaelunop no install what i can see but a readme02:44
micaelunop To install XnViewMP in KDE/Gnome menu, change the pathname of xnview's folder in XnView.desktop (Exec & Icon)02:44
micaeland move it to /usr/share/applications02:44
micaelsudo cp XnView.desktop /usr/share/applications02:44
AAAmaraja  I usually just edit /etc/apt/sources.list and put a #comment in front of what I want to remove. then apt-get update02:44
acovrigAAA, what time is it 4u, u seem talkative when I goto bed lol02:45
unopmicael, right, so you'll have to decide where you want to place the xnview directory .. i suggest placing it in /opt/02:45
AAAacovrig  central02:45
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trimetaI mean, would restarting a disk check less than 15 minutes into checking a 4.5 TB RAID5 array mess up that array?02:45
marajahumm thanx, i was hoping to get some command inverse add-apt-repositorys02:45
unopmicael, then you change the location in the .desktop file to /opt/xnviewmp  (assuming that's the directory name)  and copy the .desktop file to /usr/share/applications/02:46
jillCan I ask a question...02:46
unop!ask | jill02:46
ubottujill: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:46
micaelunop ok i will try02:46
flaccidrecommended/de facto way to chroot/jail shell users in shell ?02:46
acovrigI have a laptop and a server, how do I have the laptop sync w/the server with a progressbar? I've tried rsync and unison02:46
trimetaacovrig: rsync --progress02:47
jillI am trying to install a Lexmark printer on Ubuntu 10.04 and it simply isn't cooperating. Does anyone know how to do this?02:47
fuzzybunny69yhey guys for some reason every once in a while my screen gets all corrupted. I believe the problem started happening when I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04. I have tried taking a screenshot but the problem doesn't show up in the screenshot, so I have taken a picture with my phone. http://i47.tinypic.com/oix7c2.jpg02:48
jillFuzzy, are you running Skype or anything when it happens?02:48
fuzzybunny69yjill, no it happens randomly even when im just at the desktop it will do that then a little while later it will fix itself02:49
razz1I am moving from vista to ubuntu and was wondering what's the best partition scheme. I am thinking 10GB for root, 30GB for home, and rest 40GB for vista. I am not going for a separate swap partition as I have 4GB of ram. any suggestions?02:49
Jordan_Ufuzzybunny69y: Is everything actually upside down or did you just have the phone upside down?02:49
HotTunarazz1, I'd use atleast 1gb for swap...02:50
fuzzybunny69yoh sorry lol i had the phone upside down02:50
ocatacoocan someone give advice on nscd02:50
fuzzybunny69yit is just the screen splitting thing that is annoying02:50
iflemamaraja if you do manually remove, the sources you require may reside in the sources.list.d folder02:50
razz1Hottuna, If I really need swap I can switch it on later, right?02:50
HotTunarazz1, yea02:50
fuzzybunny69yoh and I turned compiz off and the problem still happens02:51
razz1hottuna, I just wanna keep my partitions to the minimum02:51
HotTunarazz1, why not just make a 1gb swap though, it only gets used if you need it.02:51
marajai found something here http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:51
d5005907hello niggas02:51
DG19075jill: This may help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4971402:51
jillAnyone have any luck with a Lexmark printer in Ubuntu?02:51
jillThanks, DG.02:51
Jordan_U!language | d500590702:52
ubottud5005907: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:52
d5005907Jordan_U: ?02:52
HotTunad5005907, the N word02:52
d5005907are you serious02:53
junior_mintwow fuzzybunny02:53
razz1hottuna, I used ubuntu before and it hardly uses swap. and I like to keep the partitions to a minimum02:53
HotTunapretty much02:53
junior_mintthat's pretty amazing02:53
d5005907the sociecity is messed up02:53
fuzzybunny69yjunior_mint, what do you mean02:53
cavej03so close02:53
junior_mintwhat on earth happened to your screen?02:53
unopd5005907, we're more surprised you think that word is even acceptable ..02:53
junior_mintdoes that happen all the time?02:53
HotTunarazz1, ok all I know is if a program locks up really good and then uses all of your memory, your system can crash w/ data loss just fyi02:53
d5005907unop: words are just words02:53
fuzzybunny69yjunior_mint, sorry it isnt supposed to be upside down02:53
Kardoshey guys, i just downloaded the ubuntu iso, how can i convert it to a Live USB ?   the website explains how to do it on windows/mac/ubuntu, but i am running Fedora..... and fedora's "liveusb-creator" failed02:53
HotTunarazz1, but some people get away fine without a swap02:53
junior_mintwhat have you tried02:53
d5005907they are not good or bad02:53
unopd5005907, and they have meanings and connotations - so just behave according to the rules here.02:54
junior_mintdid you try to reformat your entire drive?02:54
junior_minti've plenty of ubuntu user-friends02:54
IdleOned5005907: but that word is not acceptable in any Ubuntu forum.02:54
junior_mintand i've never seen that in my life02:54
razz1I am not saying  I will not use swap but just that not a separate partition02:54
micaelunop i cant move it it say i am not the root and when i  do sudo root then after the pass i get         sudo: root: command not found02:54
ocatacoois there a support channel for ubuntu02:54
HotTunarazz1, swap must be a seperate partition ?02:54
fuzzybunny69yjunior_mint, yeah it just started happening it is kinda annoying02:54
CineScopetuna, wouldn't that happen with swap too? it would just take some time to fill the swap.02:54
d5005907ok n word's02:54
Jordan_Uocatacoo: You're in it.02:54
dsnydersHi all!   Is there a way to split a monitor so that two workspaces fit on it?02:55
HotTunarazz1, sorry didn't mean to use a ? mark their.02:55
stayfmy cd drive is not fast enough to install ubuntu and i need an alternate install option02:55
unopmicael,  well,   sudo -i  will give you a root shell.  but perhaps all you want is this.   sudo cp your.desktop /usr/share/applications/02:55
HotTunastayf, usb ?02:55
razz1Hottuna, I am sure swap does not have to be a separate partition.02:55
HotTunarazz1, it does02:55
stayfHotTuna: how do i do that?02:55
unopd5005907, obfuscated swearing is still swearing.  please don't do that.02:55
Jordan_Ustayf: What do you mean "not fast enough"? Does the install actually fail, or is it just too slow for you?02:55
NetScr1beStayf I used SD card02:56
HotTunastayf, download an ubuntu desktop 386 or whatever iso and use unetbootin on whatever OS and it will turn a usb stick in to bootable, then set ur bios to  boot from usb.02:56
stayfJordan_U: it failed02:56
ocatacooohh my this is a support channel02:56
Jordan_Ustayf: What was the exact error?02:56
stayfHotTuna: what is unsetbootin?02:56
unopocatacoo, off course.02:56
d5005907unop: ok mr perfect02:56
ocatacooneeds some policing02:56
IdleOne!guidelines | d500590702:56
ubottud5005907: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:56
HotTunastayf, unetbootin its a program that puts .iso image files on to a usb stick and makes it bootable.02:57
stayfHotTuna: a program for what?02:57
HotTunastayf, ^02:57
NetScr1bestayf I don't have a CD02:57
unopHotTuna, did you manage to fix your issues yesterday?02:57
stayfHotTuna: i have no windows computers available, all ubuntu :P02:57
keffie_jayxgood evening all, what is the module that handles usb ports in lucid02:57
ocatacoohow many sqatters are there??02:57
HotTunastayf, its on ubuntu too...02:57
HotTunastayf, sudo apt-get install unetbootin02:57
stayfHotTuna: where?02:57
keffie_jayxmy usb hubs seem to be down02:57
stayfHotTuna: ok02:57
IdleOneocatacoo: Do you have a support question?02:57
ocatacoodoes anyone know nscd?02:57
HotTunaunop, um sort of02:57
razz1hottuna, are you sure that swap needs a separate partition, it's just a file and I am sure it can reside inside ubuntu partition02:58
HotTunaunop, it works at 10.0mbps consistently now on a dif kernel with the driver u suggested, but some times it works faster02:58
stayfHotTuna: so i can put it on a flash drive or something?02:58
ocatacoodoes it learn and if from what?02:58
HotTunastayf, its not just a file....02:58
unoprazz1, that's right, you can have a swap file instead of a swap partition.02:58
fuzzybunny69yhey guys i will brb I am just seeing if the problem happens with this livecd02:58
NetScr1bekeffie_jayx, what does lsusb do for you?02:58
stayfHotTuna: i know02:58
HotTunaoh yea?02:58
HotTunawell im sorry I learned something02:58
HotTunahowever I have never heard of a swap file.02:58
stayfHotTuna: i should've reworded that02:59
HotTunastayf, yea you can and I told you how already :-D02:59
unopHotTuna, very strange issue that - I hope you filed a bug report so that it can be looked into.02:59
HotTunaunop, i think AAA said he did02:59
stayfHotTuna: how large must it be?02:59
HotTunawe worked for a long time on it02:59
HotTunastayf, I don't know02:59
n2diyCan a standard install be used to do a network install on another box?02:59
ocatacooIdleOne: are you live or memorex?02:59
stayfHotTuna: ok02:59
HotTunastayf, probably atleast 1gb02:59
unopHotTuna, yea, I know, I had to get to bed02:59
keffie_jayxNetScr1be: Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:59
IdleOneocatacoo: I am alive.02:59
HotTunaunop, its cool man I wish it would work great all the time cause some times its like 50.0mb/s03:00
PurpleyIs there a way to compile support for my Zoran Microelectronics camera?03:00
stayfHotTuna: darn. i don't have 1gb. can i use my external hard drive?03:00
HotTunastayf, yea03:00
razz1unop, thanks mate. saved me a lot of time03:00
ocatacooyou asked I have asked did you not follow?03:00
keffie_jayxNetScr1be:  and two others one says 2.003:00
unoprazz1, np03:00
stayfHotTuna: ok thanks03:00
HotTunastayf, you will lose all the data probably though on the hard drive03:00
HotTunaso back it up03:00
IdleOneocatacoo: you mentioned policing. Can you please stay on topic. if you wish to chat you are welcome to join #ubuntu-offtopic03:00
rtronkby default is /var/www (apache2) owned by root on ubuntu?03:00
stayfHotTuna: it's empty :P03:00
HotTunastayf, :-D03:00
unoprtronk, yes03:00
IdleOneocatacoo: I saw your question. I don't know what ncsd is03:00
HotTunastayf, just point unetbootin to your .iso of ubuntu and ur usb stick03:01
rtronkhow can i change it so its www-data owner/group?03:01
PurpleyIs there a way to compile support for my Zoran Microelectronics camera? I have the drivers for windows03:01
unoprtronk, why do you want to do that? it's not recommended.03:01
ocatacoowhat are you refering to? the question is about nscd03:01
IdleOnesorry nscd03:01
razz1unop, what is the best way to move data from vista to ubuntu03:01
wildbatwhich package you ppl recommend for proxy server?03:01
unoprazz1, depends on what kind of data you're talking about.03:02
ocatacooOhh you are Idle Idle03:02
unopwildbat, squid03:02
keffie_jayxbut I plug a usb drive and it won't work03:02
razz1unop, just my files from user folder03:02
Jon--I am having an issue with sound in Ubuntu. I have an Acer Aspire 6530 with sound not working. alsamixer is all turned up. Output of aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/WuxCvHBm03:02
rtronki want to make it so that my user is in the group that has access to read/write,03:02
unoprazz1, well, just mount the windows partition -- and copy the files from there? simple actually.03:02
rtronkis it better to run apache2 as root?03:02
unoprtronk, well, if you want apache to be able to accomodate uploads.  create a new directory like /var/www/uploads -- and change the permissions on it03:03
NetScr1bekeffie_jayx, run tail -f /var/log/messages then connect something and see what you get03:04
unoprtronk, the reason why this is not recommended for /var/www is because if apache is compromised in anyway, then people can change stuff relating to your website -- and i'm sure you don't want that.03:04
HotTunaJon--, how are you testing ?03:04
pokoko222how can i join more iso parts in one?03:04
keffie_jayxNetScr1be:  is that the same as dmesg?03:04
Jon--HotTuna: YouTube and .mp3 in VLC03:05
razz1unop, so copy and paste is the best option. I was just wondering if there was a way ubuntu can scan my windows drive and move them to home folder and segregate them accordingly03:05
Jordan_Upokoko222: What are you trying to accomplish exactly?03:05
pokoko222Jordan_U i have 3 files with extensions iso.001, iso.002 and so on03:05
cavej03does anyone have experince with pvr on linux03:05
unoprtronk,  sudo mkdir -p /var/www/uploads;  sudo chgrp www-data /var/www/uploads; sudo chmod g+rwx /var/www/uploads;03:05
pokoko222i need to combine them somehow03:05
cavej03im looking for a good frontend to go with mythtv03:06
NetScr1bekeffie_jayx, except tail is live and -f(ollow) pots new messages03:06
cavej03xbmc is nice but doesnt support fastforwarding and rewinding03:06
unoprazz1, ahh, yes, there is something -- but as far as i know, it's part of the installer -- not sure if there's a package.03:06
Jordan_Upokoko222: cat iso.??? > iso.complete03:06
HotTunaJon--, is it a ati sound blaster ?03:06
Jon--HotTuna: I don't know how to tell03:07
pokoko222Jordan_U what?03:07
rjunewhen did ati make soundblaster?03:07
HotTunaJon--, I just see SB which is usually sound blaster03:07
HotTunarjune, exactly03:07
macorjune: uhhh didnt?03:07
rjunemaco, Creative Labs makes sound blaster. it's an audio card.03:07
rjuneATi makes Video Cards03:07
Jordan_Upokoko222: "cat" is a terminal command for "catinating" files. How comfortable are you with the terminal?03:08
macorjune: right... so "didn't"03:08
Jon--HotTuna: It works fine on Ubuntu 9.04 and up out of the box, this box is 8.10 though. [can't change it]03:08
HotTunawhat a dumb argument03:08
razz1cavej03, I am planning on using MYTHtv, I presently use vista media center, love it but will be moving to ubuntu soon, how good is it? and does it have any issues? I used media portal for some time, very disappointing. I hope MYTHtv is better03:08
stayfHotTuna: the drive is not showing up as an option03:08
rjunemaco, when didn't ati make sound blaster ... nmind.03:08
HotTunastayf, how is it formatted03:08
rjunerazz1, I've generally been happy with mythtv.03:09
HotTunastayf, try sudo unetbootin03:09
stayfHotTuna: it's fat iirc03:09
cdw32hey everyone. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I need to update my video driver, but i am unsure as to what version I already have and where to get a newer version03:09
razz1unop, doing copy and paste  manually is tedious.03:09
decay33AAA is there a program where there is a person on my desktop that talks to me03:10
stayfHotTuna: i am using sudo03:10
razz1rjune: is mythtv a resource hog?03:10
Jordan_Ucdw32: Why do you think you need a newer driver?03:10
HotTunastayf, not sure then, unetbootin see's my stick ;\03:10
rjunerazz1, I've not found it to be such, but I had a seperate server and client.03:10
unoprazz1, admittedly, yes.  but it's also the safest way.03:11
Jon--HotTuna: Did you say that to me? Awfully rude.03:11
rjunenote the past tense, my frontend died.03:11
cdw32Jordan_U: well my vid quality suck, thats the only thing i can think of03:11
HotTunaJon--, well I was going to try to figure it out ;\03:11
stayfHotTuna: is fat allowed?03:11
unoprazz1, i tried looking for something to help you, but it turns up nothing practical.03:11
pokoko222Jordan_U ok i got the iso file now. But now it wants me to burn it on cd, i cant open it otherwise, is there a way to mount it on virtual drive?03:11
HotTunaJon--, and say what to you03:11
Jordan_Ucdw32: What graphics card? In what way is the quality bad?03:11
HotTunastayf, umm fat32 ?03:11
stayfHotTuna: oh that was a stupid question considering unetbootin works on windows as well03:11
HotTunastayf, yea it does.03:11
Jordan_U!iso | pokoko22203:11
Jon--HotTuna: About the stupid arg03:12
ubottupokoko222: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:12
HotTunaJon--, didn't think you were involved actualy03:12
tyrosineIN 10.04 NVIDIA DRIVERS seem to force me to run dual-head with two separate X sessions.  This sucks, but I'm living with it.  I'm trying to view OO impress and OO writer on separate screens.  No matter which screen I launch it from, it always opens on the left and I can't drag it right -- what can I do???03:12
Jordan_Upokoko222: You can also right click the file in the file manager and choose "Open with archive mounter"03:12
Jon--HotTuna: Haha, thought you were referring to my 8.10 comment03:12
HotTunaJon--, i try not to argue on the internet since I can't shoot anyone ;\03:13
pokoko222Jordan_U tried that, does not open anything03:13
cdw32Jordan_U: to be honest i have no clue what card, let me dig around...the video does not match the audio track the picture freezes every second...not a smothe picture03:13
Blue1cdw32: sounds like windows03:13
NetScr1betyrosine, I have similar issues w/ OpenOffice presentation03:13
Blue1cdw32: or an old ati card03:13
tyrosineNetScr1be: how do you get over this?03:13
Jordan_Ucdw32: Have you tried System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?03:13
HotTunaJon--, sorry I really don't use 8.10 and this is a 10.04 support channel ;\03:13
pokoko222Jordan_U what is mountpoint?03:13
razz1unop, I am not getting rid of vista completely, so even if only folders like documents, pictures, music, etc, all the common folders are copied over I will be happy. I have a lot of data, to move it manually is a nightmare. and for the rest I can mount the vista drive and grab it when I need it03:14
danielmintercdw32: What kind of computer are you running this on? Laptop? Desktop?03:14
cdw32Blue1: ITS  everything presentations screen savers03:14
Jon--HotTuna: Well, what would you do if it was 10.04 with same issue? ;P03:14
HotTunaJon--, thinking03:14
cdw32Jordan_U: the onlything listed there is my wireless driver03:14
NetScr1beI changed the prefs to use two displays but it seems to mes sup future presentations03:14
decay33anyone? is there a program using ubuntu where person shows on desktop and talks to me?03:14
NetScr1bemess  up03:14
Jordan_Upokoko222: It is a directory that you will be able to access the iso's contents through. "/mnt" is a good directory to use.03:14
Blue1decay33: let's not go there03:15
HotTunaJon--, it shows up, but you hear nothing, do the programs complain about no sound device or do they play?03:15
pokoko222Jordan_U i execute that and i get: you must specify the filesystem type03:15
Blue1cdw32: what kind of card to you have?  hint:  lspci | grep VGA03:15
razz1rjune:  I will be running myth tv on the same system. I hope it does not stress the resources. and does it offer PIP03:15
Jon--HotTuna: Nothing complains so far. Want me to run VLC from CLI with verbose?03:15
decay33why not Blue103:15
HotTunaJon--, and ur sure alsamixer everything has a 00 under it and volume is up?03:15
cdw32Blue1: one second03:15
rjunerazz1, PIP only if you have two tuners I think03:16
Jordan_Upokoko222: Then it's not a valid iso for some reason. Where did you get this set of iso file parts from?03:16
HTT-BirdUbuntu's kernel-package spits out Ubuntu-ified kernels, right? :)03:16
razz1rjune: I have two HD tuners.03:16
cdw32Blue1: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) Graphics Controller (rev 06)03:17
decay33Blue1 why not?03:17
razz1rjune: PIP is the only one missing missing in vista MC and of the air epg sniffing03:17
Blue1cdw32: not an intel guy but let me schlep for a second03:17
unoprazz1,  apparently https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromWindows/TransferringFilesAndSettings says there's an application called "Open MoveOver" but the project seems to have disappeared. you might find it floating around the net tho.03:17
cdw32Blue1: thanks i am really flying blind here03:17
rtronkto add a user to a group03:18
rtronkdo i do groupadd or addgroup username group ?03:18
Blue1cdw32: it's been my experience (Ymmv) intel isn't well supported yet03:18
unoprtronk,  adduser user group  # will work03:18
unoprtronk, sudo needed off course03:19
HotTunaJon--, you got any .wav files03:19
eduhi hi03:19
Jon--HotTuna: I can find one on the internet well enough. This MP3 works fine though and it's VLC, I doubt it's a playback issue.03:19
HotTunaJon--, yea just aplay says to test with a .wav03:20
eduhey someone know how to sincronize and ipod shuffle 4gb?03:20
RxDxi have 3gb o ram.. do i need swap?03:20
edui can't03:20
Jon--HotTuna: I'll find one03:21
Blue1cdw32: this may/may not help:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance03:21
Jordan_Upokoko222: Ahh, it's not a data CD, it's an audio CD (which doesn't have "files" and therefore can't be "mounted")03:21
oobeubottu, hello are you just a bot03:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:21
Jon--HotTuna: Got a wav03:21
edufucking ipod shuffle03:21
cdw32Blue1: anything will help at this point, i cant stand the vid anymore...any thoughts as to why the driver didnt show up under hardware drivers?03:21
HotTunaJon--, get in the dir with the .wav and run aplay -ss file.wav03:21
|enigma|hi guys how to find whether I got the 3d Acc. on my laptop03:21
oobeubottu, so you are stupid?03:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:21
IdleOne!language | edu03:22
pokoko222Jordan_U what can i do about it?03:22
ubottuedu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:22
|enigma|my kubuntu verion is03:22
HotTunaJon--, sorry -vv03:22
|enigma|Linux shadow 2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 19:31:57 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:22
stayfHotTuna: i got it03:22
HotTunastayf, nice.03:22
Blue1cdw32: are you using 10.04?  32 bit or 64 bit?03:22
eduholy ipod shuffle03:22
stayfHotTuna: i selected "view all drives" and it's logical device name was there03:22
stayfit's working now :)03:22
HotTunastayf, good.03:23
cdw32Blue1: yes i am using 10.04, but ihave no clue what bit. I think 3203:23
|enigma|anyone out there to help me03:23
HotTunastayf, does the pc have usb boot option in bios?03:23
Blue1cdw32: uname -a03:23
Jordan_Upokoko222: Try opening it with Applications > Sound and Video > Rhythmbox Music Player (it might have a slightly different name, I don't have a GUI in front of me currently to check)03:23
stayfHotTuna: 'removable devices' ?03:23
stayfi'd assume03:23
HotTunastayf, you know what a bios is correct?03:23
stayfHotTuna: yes03:24
cdw32Blue1: 2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 22:02:19 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux03:24
HotTunastayf, it should say usb boot or something close...03:24
HotTunaor usbkey or something03:24
Blue1yea 32 bit03:24
stayfHotTuna: i set 'removable devices' as the first boot option03:24
stayfHotTuna: well it's still writing03:24
razz1unop: openmoveover sounds like the one I am lookin for. disappointing that it vanished.03:24
Blue1cdw32: yeah 32 bit03:24
cdw32Blue1: is that good or bad? lol03:24
HotTunastayf, never seen removeable devices, what kind of pc /bios?03:24
stayfHotTuna: when it finishes copying maybe i will see it03:24
|enigma|I just want to know whether I I got 3D acc. on my laptop which is running Ubuntu  2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 19:31:57 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linu03:24
HotTunaJon--, you did check alsamixer right, and everything does have a 00 under it to unmue it?03:25
Blue1cdw32: sometimes things work diff. in a 64 bit environ.  have you tried:  System/Administration/Hardware Drivers I assume?03:25
razz1unop: thanks once again. Do you know anyting  abt getting a bluetooth headset working in ubuntu.03:25
cdw32Blue1: yes and the only driver that shows there is the one for my wireless card.03:25
Jon--HotTuna: Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/WA9YCF8203:26
Jon--HotTuna: Yep03:26
Blue1cdw32: let me see if there are any other drivers -- I use nvidia, and ati when forced too03:26
edusomeone know a way to sincronize and ipod shuffle in ubuntu 10.403:26
HotTunaJon--, wow...03:27
edui have trouble in gtkpod03:27
cdw32Blue1: ok thank you03:27
Jordan_Uedu: It should work out of the box with rhythmbox (which comes with 10.04 by default)03:27
HotTunaJon--, from the looks of it its working just fine, im pretty stumped .... can you look in /proc/asound/cards03:27
razz1anyone using zimbra desttop mail in ubuntu03:27
HotTunaJon--, has it ever worked on 8.10 ?03:28
philsfedu have you tried rhythmbox or banshee?03:28
HotTunaJon--, lsmod | grep alc03:29
|enigma|how to enable 3D acc. on ubuntu03:29
Tommy_DOHi! Can someone tell me what Ubuntus new default GTK-font is called?03:29
philsf|enigma|, what's your graphics card?03:29
eduin all03:29
|enigma|intel gmx 950003:29
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:29
eduand rhythmbox03:29
FloodBot1edu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:29
edubut i can't03:29
HotTunaJon--, you could try OSS ?03:30
Jon--HotTuna: lsmod | grep alc  -> nothing03:30
|enigma|<philsf> any thoughts03:30
HotTunaJon--, lsmod | grep snd_hda03:30
|enigma|cus when I try glxinfo | grep rendering03:30
epalmthe little speaker is no longer in my systray after upgrading to 10.04 from 9.10.  i tried http://superuser.com/questions/73195/ubuntu-9-10-systraysystem-tray-icons-are-missing but that icon isn't in the list03:30
Jon--HotTuna: http://pastebin.com/cStuaiY703:30
epalmanyone know how i can get it back?03:30
|enigma|No protocol specified03:30
|enigma|Error: unable to open display :003:30
Blue1cdw32: i am on the intel site and don't see your card listed there -- I am here:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%22linux+graphics%2203:31
IdleOneepalm: right click the panel > add to panel > indicator applet03:31
philsf|enigma|, open System/Preferences/Appearance, and in the last tab enable the desktop effects03:31
cdw32Blue1: well leave to dell to f it up03:32
Blue1cdw32: yes...might give them a call because they DO ship ubuntu on some of their systems03:32
HotTunaJon--, well, your driver is loaded, looks like the right one, you checked your mixer settings they are ok, aplay says your playing audio. im stumped something is a miss, its either really not working on 8.10 or something is muted somewhere......03:33
cdw32Blue1: i called dell they say that they dont support linux issues...03:33
Blue1cdw32: yeah and they prolly don't do american express either03:33
IdleOneJon--: not sure if anyone asked yet but the speakers are plugged in right?03:33
HotTunaJon--, can you pastebin lspci03:33
Jordan_UBlue1: Canonical provides the support for their Ubuntu machines IIRC03:33
Jon--IdleOne: It has onboard speakers also tested with headphones.03:33
Jon--IdleOne: (laptop_03:33
IdleOneJon--: ahh ok03:34
Blue1Jordan_U: they do,but only if you want to pay03:34
cdw32Blue1: and bc my warranty was up last week they could talk to me with out my CC03:34
cdw32Blue1: does Canonical havne an IRC channel03:34
Jon--HotTuna: lspci   http://pastebin.com/29cz2frT03:34
wildbatI have a problem with the lid button. the system won't react to the the button unless system was suspended once; and after the suspension, the screen off for 0.5 sec at the moment  the button is pressed and released.03:34
Blue1cdw32: this is your best bet for ubuntu support03:34
Jordan_UBlue1: I only mentioned it because it means that calling Dell directly isn't likely to get you anyone with any knowlage of Linux :)03:35
Blue1Jordan_U: true that03:35
Jordan_Ucdw32: Canonical's support services aren't free.03:35
stayfHotTuna: turns out that it's not an option on this computer >_<03:35
HotTunastayf, thats not good.03:36
stayfHotTuna: well?03:36
stayfHotTuna: there's nothing else i can do?03:36
|enigma|<philsf> Hmm Appearance03:36
|enigma|is not there03:36
cdw32Blue1: what was the cmd to get my vid card info again03:36
Blue1Jordan_U: if they would charge a flat rate till the problem is solved, more people would be incline to try it03:36
danielminterJordan_U: calling dell support isn't likely to get you anyone with any knowledge...03:36
Blue1cdw32: lspci | grep VGA03:36
|enigma|can't I check with lsmod whethre 3D is enable03:37
HotTunastayf, if your cd drive doesn't work, no usb boot. im thinking .....03:37
cdw32Blue1: thanks so much i should really write that down03:37
jaynonI'm trying to access a portable hard drive via Ubuntu on Parallels. It recognizes the disk for some amount of time, usually about a minute, then it disappears. I have tried everything I can think of.03:37
jaynonDoes anyone know anything about this?03:37
HotTunaJon--, look at this.... he shows you something to put in modprobe.d maybe it would help you? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112404903:37
philsf|enigma|, have you recompiled your kernel or changed your Xorg config manually?03:37
Blue1cdw32: this might also help -03:38
Blue1jaynon: are they autofs mount?03:38
HotTunaJon--, post #403:38
decay33how do i open a .sit file03:38
HotTunaJon--, sorry #3.03:38
jaynonBlue1: what does that mean03:38
|enigma|where can I find xorg.conf03:38
stayfHotTuna: well my cd drive does work. i tried the normal installer and it said that it was too hot, not fast enough, or dirty disk. i even tried redownloading AND reburning.. all md5sums are correct, yet i'm still getting errors with the cd drive03:38
|enigma|is it in /etc/ or??03:38
Blue1jaynon: the device is mounted only when accessed needed then dismounted03:39
HotTunastayf, I really don't know then i'd like to help but im not sure what to tell you03:39
anthonyhi to all of my community.03:39
stayfHotTuna: :/03:39
Jon--HotTuna: Want me to try this?03:39
philsfdecay33, you can use FBreader, I guess03:39
HotTunaJon--, its worth a shot.03:39
Jordan_Udanielminter: Dell Support: Have you tried rebooting? Customer: I just told you that my computer is on fire...03:39
HotTunaJon--, give a reboot after you try it03:39
Blue1jaynon private message ok?03:39
philsf|enigma|, if you don't know, you didn't change it. you don't need to03:39
jaynonblue1: k03:40
Jon--HotTuna: /etc/modprobe.d/sound does not exist.03:40
HotTunaJon--, you can create it03:40
stayfHotTuna: well thanks for everything you've told me03:40
HotTunastayf, how old is the computer?03:40
|enigma|<philsf> when I tried to load my VM it says that 3D disable due to host not supporting 3D03:40
HotTunastayf, you could try a network install although I dont know how to do that03:40
decay33where do i find FBreader? not in terminal03:40
anthonyguy's why don't we have a AUR like in arch? why we don't have like that.03:40
cdw32Blue1: what might helo?03:40
|enigma|so I really need to know how to enable 3D on ubuntu03:41
dabaRget the glasses03:41
stayfHotTuna: it was manufactured in 2003. a friend of mine has the same model and somehow managed to install ubuntu so i'll ask him how he did it03:41
Jordan_U!minimal | stayf03:41
ubottustayf: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:41
Jon--HotTuna: How long you around for03:41
Blue1cdw32: beg pardon?03:41
philsf|enigma|, what exactly are you trying to do?03:41
HotTunaJon--, another hour and twenty mins or so or till my g/f comes and cries for me to come to bed ;-\03:41
cdw32you said this might help-03:42
junior_mintif enigma is asking about compiz03:42
|enigma|there are few VMs I need to enable the 3D for those03:42
philsfdecay33, try the software center03:42
junior_mintif anyone is able to offer me help with octave03:42
junior_mintpm me03:42
stayfJordan_U: that's desktop edition?03:42
|enigma|but apparently I guess my host laptop which is Compaq 6720s has Ubuntu and not enable for 3D03:43
Jordan_Ustayf: A smaller CD might be less likely to have errors. If you use the netboot CD rather than the minimal CD it's even smaller, and will only read the CD once during boot (everything it needs from the CD is loaded immediately into RAM, then the rest grabbed from the network)03:43
Jon--HotTuna: Alright. I'll do a reboot in a bit03:43
HotTunaJon--, wait03:43
stayfJordan_U: sounds great. it's ubuntu desktop correct?03:43
|enigma|trying figure out whether it is 3D enable or not even i tried glxinfo | grep rendering03:44
Jordan_Ustayf: It will result in the same installation (if you choose the defaults), but the installer is pseudo text based and ugly as sin :)03:44
HotTunaJon--, also add to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf03:44
HotTunaoptions snd-hda-intel model=dell-m4-2 enable_msi=103:44
|enigma|it gives error so, I really believe my 3D is not working03:44
stayfJordan_U: thank you so much :D03:44
Jordan_Ustayf: You're welcome :)03:44
dabaRpseudo-text based or pseudo text-based03:45
|enigma|do I have to do these03:45
|enigma|dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:45
HotTunaJon--, if that doesn't work I'd try OSS03:46
HotTunaJon--, do you have pulse-audio installed ?03:48
philsf|enigma|, try grep -i gl /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:48
HotTunaJon--, dmesg | grep -i hda03:48
decay33how do i open a *.sit file03:48
|enigma|grep: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory03:48
Dougdoug4Hello! I have a question regarding using the Pendrive Linux Universal USB creator thing. When using it with 10.04 i386 i have some issues... The flash drive is a 1GB Kingston drive, and it HAS worked before...03:49
Dougdoug4I select the 'format drive' option and format the filesystem of the USB as fat32 when i create the USB. I also choose 'no persistence'03:49
Dougdoug4are any of these settings incorrect? because when i boot the usb installer i create, it doesn't work03:49
stayfJordan_U: is this a minimal version of ubuntu?03:50
Jordan_UDougdoug4: What happens when you try to boot it?03:50
philsf|enigma|, try grep -i glx /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:50
philsf|enigma|, and pastebin the result03:50
stayfJordan_U: it's a full installation, just a minimal disk. correct?03:50
xanguaDougdoug4: If you have problems with usb creator try them unetbootin03:50
Jordan_Ustayf: Correct.03:50
stayfJordan_U: server edition / desktop edition? it reminds me VERY much of the server installation03:50
Jordan_Ustayf: It's exactly the same installer as used with Ubuntu server03:51
mdganyone here know how to use mplayer-nogui?03:51
HotTunamdg, man mplayer-nogui03:51
stayfJordan_U: so i'm installing ubuntu server?03:51
|enigma|that is my /etc/X11 struture03:51
Jordan_Ustayf: No, it's the same installer with different default options.03:51
mdgHotTuna: I tried -03:51
philsf|enigma|, grep -i glx /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:52
stayfJordan_U: it's desktop? just verifying in plain text03:52
Jon--HotTuna: Still nothing03:52
Jordan_Ustayf: Yes.03:52
stayfJordan_U: k03:52
stayfJordan_U: thank you03:52
Jordan_Ustayf: You're welcome.03:52
HotTunaJon--, are you running pulse audio ?03:52
HotTunaJon--, dmesg | grep -i hda03:53
|enigma|Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, up to 384-MB shared system memory03:53
philsf|enigma|, your 3D should be available03:54
|enigma|are you sure03:54
|enigma|why then glx out put is error03:54
Jon--HotTuna: http://pastebin.com/9gwQBpBP03:55
|enigma|it is error03:55
whileimherehi can anyone tell me what it means to have a file whitelisted by the host?03:58
razz1anyone have issues with bluetooth after installing ubuntu, when I use the live disk it does not enable bluetooth.03:58
bodzillawhite listed means okay-ed  generally03:59
acovrigI have a laptop and a server, how do I have the laptop sync w/the server with a progressbar? I've tried rsync and unison - a progress bar for the entire operation not for each file03:59
philsf|enigma|, dunno, sorry04:00
philsf|enigma|, but glx is what's required for 3D, and the easiest way to check is usually turning on desktop effects04:00
|enigma|okey thanks for helping me out04:00
philsf|enigma|, and your glx is loaded and working according to the log04:00
Jon--Whoever was assisting me04:01
|enigma|okey it is perfect then04:01
|enigma|got to figureout how to enable vms 3d04:01
HotTunaJon--, hey04:02
Jon--HotTuna: Hey, missed your reply.04:02
xxthinkHow to install the redhat insight in the 64bit ubuntu 10.0404:03
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whatzHello, I have had ubuntu installed for a while upgraded to 10.04 and in boot menu I use to be able to boot in win xp now it just goes to a black screen, it doesn't even try to start windows04:06
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decay33i am trying to install a file but it is not working can someone help me please04:07
jordanDoes anyone know the name of the arrow button on the tittle bar that when clicked all that is left is the tittle bar itself? The window kinda retracts into it?04:07
jordanNo it's to the left of Minimize04:08
jordanI'm on an Xubuntu session right now and it's not there on a GNOME session04:08
xxthinkHow to install the redhat insight in the 64bit ubuntu 10.0404:08
mlmg317-himtsHello.  Does anyone know what the command is in terminal to update clamav.  When you run clamscan in terminal - I want to be able to run it based on updated signatures ...04:09
jesstthis scroll back is going to take forever04:10
kanhiyahow do i connect to internet using bluetooth modem04:10
decay33can anyone help04:10
kanhiyai am new to linux04:11
acovrigI have a laptop and a server, how do I have the laptop sync w/the server with a progressbar? I've tried rsync and unison04:11
kanhiyai have browsed many pages but did not find a efficient way to connect to internet using bluetooth modem in ubuntu10.0404:12
th3manHello from Marietta, GA04:12
whatzwhats a good html editor for ubuntu almost like dreamweaver?04:12
xanguajordan xfce and gnome use diferent window managers, you can modify gnome's in system>preferences>windows04:12
whatzor web design app04:12
acovrigwhatz, scream, bluefish r good04:12
mlmg317-himtsDoes anyone know what the terminal command is to update the signatures when you want to run clamscan in terminal?04:12
decay33im in the folder where install-sh is located but i cant get it to install in terminal04:12
jordanxangua but what is the fourth button called? It kinda raises and lowers the window into the tittle bar, I just can't think of the name of it04:12
kanhiyais there any channel specific to wireless and internet04:13
xanguajordan don't know, I don't use xfce; maybe ask in #xubuntu¿04:13
xanguadecay33: what are you trying to install¿¿ better to install from the repository04:13
decay33im am trying to instal file-roller04:14
jordanHow do I do that? Sorry for being so dumb04:14
xanguadecay33: it's already incluided in ubuntu04:15
th3manTo update ClamAV I think you use "freshclam"04:15
kanhiyais there any channel specific to wireless and internet04:15
mlmg317-himtsth3man: Thank you.  Yes - that was the command.  I did it as sudo - and it worked ...04:17
decay33xangua i am trying to open a .sit file04:17
xanguadecay33: have you installed 7zip¿¿04:19
whatzwould I be better off to just install ubuntu on a diff HD then partition? everytime I do upgrade or something on the OS my bootloader gets all mixed up and stops booting up my windows xp04:19
* remex666 help me for usesing scrip in my IRC please04:19
decay33xangua i am trying to find 7zip04:20
xanguadecay33: sudo apt-get install p7zip04:21
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.04:22
decay33xangua ok i tried installing it before i didnt know about the p04:23
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sebsebseb!wireless | kanhiya04:25
ubottukanhiya: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:25
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micahanyone know how to transfer files from ubuntu hardy heron to a flash drive?04:25
matt_keysI'm running 10.04 desktop. When I click Places -> Computer it shows "Multi Disk Device". It creates a UUID of 54a91ca4-1805-47ee-80d5-eb2d98e7ffab, but until I do that the UUID doesn't show up in blkid04:25
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matt_keys(when I double click the multi disk device)04:26
micahanyone know how to transfer files from ubuntu hardy heron to a flash drive?04:26
matt_keysHow do I tell it to auto start that?04:26
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micahanyone know how to transfer files from ubuntu hardy heron to a flash drive?04:27
sebsebsebmicah: Put Flash drive in and it should detect it.04:28
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sebsebseb!pm > micah04:30
ubottumicah, please see my private message04:30
aLemmer1With Gnome how can I add a menu entry for opening a directory?04:30
micahOperation not supported by backend04:30
micahis what it says when i try to transfer the file to the usb drive04:30
xanguaaLemmer1: just bookmark it in nautilus and it will show in Places04:30
decay33xangua it wont extract with 7zip04:30
john__does anyone have issues with nvidia drivers smushing or distorting text when scrolling04:31
sebsebsebmicah: not sure,  wait around and someone else will be able to help though I guess04:31
ejwaxxjohn__: *scroll scroll scroll* nope, not here...what driver version are you using?04:31
daveyboyjohn__, i don't right now04:31
StupendoussteveHey how can I manage the running services in Lucid? They got rid of Administration > Services?04:31
sebsebsebmicah: and repeate question after a while, if no reply04:32
Nomad_grrr,  my machine is stuck at hardy, trying to take it to karmic but do-release-upgrade does either nothing or lucid04:32
sebsebsebNomad_: good04:32
john__newest version, doesnt happen everytime but i have experienced it in both my hdd or when i boot into my usb04:32
sebsebsebNomad_: you can directly upgrade hardy to Lucid04:32
micahok thanks04:32
sebsebsebNomad_: in fact hardy is better in certain ways, and still supported untill end of April next year :)04:32
Jordan_U!upgrade | Nomad_04:32
ubottuNomad_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:32
Nomad_sebsebseb: don't want to go to lucid yet.  not until the nfs bug in my other systems is worked out.04:33
micahanyone know what "operation not supported by backend" means when trying to transfer a file to a usb drive?04:33
sebsebsebNomad_: well karmic won't offer you much advantage04:33
sebsebsebNomad_: stay with Hardy for now then I would suggest :)04:33
Nomad_and I'm getting a kernel panic in hardy, want to go to karmic since my dev box isn't showing the same bahavoir04:33
sebsebsebNomad_: kernel panic aye?  that doesn't sound good04:33
Jordan_UNomad_: What NFS bug?04:34
sebsebsebNomad_: failing hardware?04:34
Nomad_no, it's a virtual host04:34
Nomad_Jordan_U: autfs isn't starting in lucid on any of my other hosts right now04:34
Nomad_have to do a cheap work around with rc.local04:34
ZeromobiHi, I have an ubuntu laptop that is locking up when I insert a "pc card" How can I catch the kernel error? I tried looking through syslog but it doesn't even show the module being loaded04:35
mib_mibhey guys, can someone clear something up? When i want to install, say, some packages, why do i always need to install the package-dev version of it?04:35
StupendoussteveYou shouldn't always need to04:35
mib_mibStupendoussteve: or, when is it appropriate? i.e. when do i need the header files and stuff04:36
Nomad_how do you upgrade to karmic, not lucid,  "do-release-upgrade -r karmic" needs to be an option04:37
decay33how do i install file roller from tar.gz file?04:37
john__ejwaxx, is there a site were i can show you a picture explaining what im talking about, i dont think pastebin supports pics....to my knowledge04:38
Zeromobiwhy would you want to install from a gz?04:38
decay33idk im new to ubuntu04:38
Jordan_UNomad_: You can only skip releases when you're going from LTS to LTS, and you really don't want to upgrade through intrepid and jaunty to get to karmic04:38
Nomad_Jordan_U: if it's the only way to get to karmic, I do04:38
Nomad_oh well, wife wants to go to bed, I'll fight it tomorrow04:39
greezmunkeyjohn__: imagebin.org will work04:39
john__greezemunky: thanks04:39
Jordan_UNomad_: Have you tried asking about your aufs problem in #ubuntu-server? (it seems rather dead at the moment, but it can't hurt to try)04:39
Nomad_Jordan_U: it's a known bug that just hasn't been fixed yet04:40
Nomad_thus the cheesy work around04:40
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Jordan_UNomad_: Link?04:40
Zeromobidecay, just install it through synaptic04:40
Nomad_don't have it handy04:40
Nomad_wife+bed > non-critical upgrade04:40
Nomad_I'll see you tomorrow04:41
decay33seen that a few times what is it?04:42
IdleOne!synaptic | decay3304:42
ubottudecay33: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto04:42
john__if anyone could shed some light on this it would be awesome, if not nbd http://imagebin.org/10158704:43
IdleOnedecay33: read the the info ubottu just gave you then click on the link04:43
JackJelinekhey I was wondering if someone could help me enable sound on my new installation of Ubuntu? It's my first time really looking around on here and i can't figure out how to get my sound card to be recognized04:44
greezmunkeyjohn__: paste the contents of xrandr to http://paste.ubuntu.com04:45
wraangermy question may sound stupid, but anyway ... what is real difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu releases ? ( 10.04 )04:46
thon0925Xubuntu is designed to be lightweight, using a different graphical system04:47
soreau! bluetooth | kanhiya04:47
ubottukanhiya: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup04:47
thon0925it's mainly for old/low Ram systems04:47
john__greezmunkey , should i paste this link instead?04:47
soreaukanhiya: You can install most packages from the ubuntu live cd instead of the internet. See sys>admin>software sources04:47
greezmunkeyjohn__: yeah, the link that you get after you hit paste :)04:48
john__of course haha04:48
riz0nHi guys, I have an ubuntu 10.04 server in operation running apache. Is there a way to have http://host/~user go to /home/user/www ? Thanks04:48
aLemmer1Are there emblem icon replacements available on the web?04:49
aLemmer1For Gnome, that is.04:49
thon0925Just installed Xubuntu on my friends inspiron 1000 (much faster than XP @ 256 mb of RAM)04:49
Jordan_Uwraanger: Different set of default applications. While that may not sound like much, in linux pretty much everything can be replaced, so it can make a huge difference.04:49
greezmunkeyjohn__: heh, did you type xrander in a terminal?04:49
acerimmer_aLemmer1: http://art.gnome.org/04:49
wraangerthon0925 : my system is more or less new, but ... i don't like installing unused things ... and after instaling Ubuntu 10.04, I have found MANY things that I am not using or will ever going to use ... so I decided to look for some information )04:50
thon0925anyway, he told me that he had all of the pictures on his other computer, and that I could format the drive04:50
greezmunkeyjohn__: type it in a terminal, and paste the output.04:50
mib_mibhey guys, what happened to /etc/ssh/sshd_config in ubuntu 10.04?04:50
john__greezmunkey: nah i did a file search, must of made a noob mistake04:50
acerimmer_aLemmer1: http://gnome-look.org/ also04:50
thon0925wraanger : you could remove unused apps in Ubuntu04:50
Jordan_Uwraanger: I recommend trying an Xubuntu LiveCD to see how you like it (note that LiveCDs run slower and use more RAM than the actual installed system will)04:50
greezmunkeyjohn__: at least you know how to find a file :)04:50
Izinucsmib_mib: it's there04:50
decay33how to extract a file called virtualfriend.sit04:50
Izinucsmib_mib: unless you don't have the server portion installed..04:51
mib_mibIzinucs: i only have /etc/ssh/ssh_config04:51
duckx0ri just updated my video card driver and now i'm having a problem that the radeon driver doesn't work, but when i use vesa kdm comes up and i can log in, but before the desktop loads, i go back to the login screen. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.04:51
acerimmer_wraanger: might also want to peek at Lubuntu04:51
Izinucsmib_mib: sudo apt-get install ssh .. will pull in the server..04:51
mib_mibIzinucs: okay kewl04:51
JackJelinekdoes anyone know how to get a Creative Labs SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio 24-BIT PCI Sound Card working on the newest ubuntu distro?04:51
aLemmer1I'll check that out.04:52
john__greezmunkey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450887/ is this what your looking for04:52
thon0925anyway, I've done data recovery before, but how would I go about retrieving photos from a drive that has been formatted over in EXT4?04:52
greezmunkeyJackJelinek: if you take it out of your computer, and throw it really hard it makes a whooshing shound.04:52
wraangeracerimmer_ : thanks, will look04:52
Jordan_Uwraanger: If you really want a mininimal install, then you can use the minimal CD and only install what you want.04:52
wraangerthanks for answers, ppl04:52
Jordan_U!minimal | wraanger04:52
ubottuwraanger: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:52
tucemiuxthon0925, has it been long since the hard drive was formatted over??04:53
JackJelinekhmmm, i'll try that. i'll get back to you on how that worked ;) buyt really do you have any idea how to get it working?"04:53
thon0925no, just recently04:53
greezmunkeyjohn__: yes, see if you have a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf - if so paste the contents.04:53
tucemiuxthon0925, if you havent written to it there's a **big** chance you can recover the entire partition, head over to the forum, the same thing happened to me and I was able to recover a partition04:54
thon0925I know some of the files will be gone, since it's a small drive and system files were probably written over some pictures04:54
john__greezmunkey: you got it04:54
decay33nothing is working for my .sit file no is helping me04:54
whitechapI am installing some CPAN modules on Ubuntu.   Some of the dependency modules are not installing.  The error message is I do not have the rights to install.04:55
thon0925He's bringing the laptop back tomorrow, so I'll see if TestDisk can recover it04:55
kiamoWhen I try to access sync options in evolution it says "the GNOME pilot tools do not appear to be installed".  Do I need them in order to sync my calendar with my phone?04:55
cuwoomCan I upgrade Maverick alpha?04:56
duckx0ri just updated my video card driver and now i'm having a problem that the radeon driver doesn't work, but when i use vesa kdm comes up and i can log in, but before the desktop loads, i go back to the login screen. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.04:56
acovrigI have a laptop and a server, how do I have the laptop sync w/the server with a progressbar? I've tried rsync and unison04:56
greezmunkeydecay33: where did you get the file?04:57
wraangerJordan_U: thanks04:57
=== no-name is now known as Guest77020
Jordan_Uwraanger: You're welcome.04:58
tucemiuxkiamo, what type of phone do you have?04:58
decay33greezmunkey tucows.com for linux04:58
john__greezmunkey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450890/04:58
greezmunkeydecay33: better question, what is it? maybe a "site"??04:58
tucemiuxacovrig, you dont use the GUI unison?04:59
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
Asquadjust got U.E 2.704:59
Asquadso awsome04:59
hagebakeWhen I try to install sysprof-module-source with module-assistant, it says "the headers for the target kernel could not be found". But I already installed the headers package, and m-a said that same package is already the newest version.04:59
tucemiux!ot | Asquad04:59
ubottuAsquad: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:00
rollmanhmmm i noticed if you have a problem and want to know where to go if you got a working computer you can usually find it on youtube ;)05:00
acovrigtucemiux, how do i have it quit when done?05:00
kiamotucemiux, its a nokia 6120c05:00
kanhiyais there any GUI TOOL to connect to internet using bluetooth modem05:01
greezmunkeyjohn__: If you change your resolution to 1024x768, do you see the tearing?05:01
greezmunkeydecay33: how big is the file?05:01
john__greezmunkey: ill let you know05:02
tucemiuxacovrig, first fire up unison and it'll check for changes, if it finds any changes it will show you graphically what location will be updated, afterwards all files get updated, you can see the progress on ALL files05:02
decay33greezmunkey 565 kb05:03
acovrigtrucemix, it works just fine for syncing, but when it is done, it just sits there til I click Quit05:03
=== charlie is now known as grumete
john__greezmunkey: yea it still tears and it looks like crap05:03
greezmunkeyjohn__: ok, put it back for now.05:04
tucemiuxkiamo, ive never had a nokia but on my HTC phone I had to install the software that allows you to see the phone, I think it was nsync, cant remember, after that I installed the modules I use with the software, like for example evolution for e-mail contacts.  If your phone is configured similarly you might have to download the app that lets ubuntu see the hardware then the module that you want to sync, like some module for evolution05:04
=== hagebake is now known as hagabaka
kiamotucemiux, aaah ok, thanks :)05:05
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
rollmankanhiya have u tried the ubuntu software center? click applications, ubuntu software center and search internet icon maybe can find what u are looking for05:05
tucemiuxacovrig, that's pretty much how unison works unless you want to try the non-gui way05:05
tucemiuxkiamo, head over to the forums, you might find step by step instructions05:06
yillkidHi all ! I have a question .05:06
Dougdoug4Alright I need serious help! When trying to boot desktop i386 Ubuntu from a CD I get this error05:06
yillkidI construct the ubuntu base system, and I want as small as possible .05:06
Dougdoug4"stdin: I/O error05:07
blue_foxgood evening all05:07
Dougdoug4udevd[68]: worker [161] unexpectedly returned with status 0x010005:07
tucemiux!hello | blue_fox05:07
ubottublue_fox: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:07
blue_foxDougdoug4, did you try google first?05:07
yillkidBut I want just using official installation method .05:07
kanhiyarollman: RIGHT NOW  AM USING WINDOWS and i unable to connect to internet while using ubuntu05:07
Dougdoug4udevd[68]: worker [161] failed while handling '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/host2/traget2:0:0/2:0:0:0/BLOCK/sda'05:08
yillkidNow I install base system using "debootstrap" and version is lucid.05:08
Dougdoug4Any ideas?05:08
tucemiux!google | blue_fox05:08
ubottublue_fox: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:08
Dougdoug4Alright I need serious help! When trying to boot desktop i386 Ubuntu from a CD I get this error05:08
Dougdoug4"stdin: I/O error05:08
yillkidI got a base system the size is 538 MB.05:08
Dougdoug4udevd[68]: worker [161] unexpectedly returned with status 0x010005:08
rollmanoh oops i tried :(05:08
Dougdoug4udevd[68]: worker [161] failed while handling '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/host2/traget2:0:0/2:0:0:0/BLOCK/sda'05:08
FloodBot1Dougdoug4: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:08
blue_foxlol, i didnt.... i asked if he already looked05:08
yillkidI want to know other method to install ubuntu base system .05:08
yillkidThe official method, thanks. :)05:09
blue_foxyillkid, where are you held up?05:09
tucemiuxyillkid, ask again -- all in one line-- so that people can understand you05:09
yillkidblue_fox: Hi, I want to install ubuntu base system less than 538 MB, using any official install method .05:09
yillkidHi, I want to install ubuntu base system less than 538 MB, using any official install method .05:10
wildbatI have a problem with the lid button. the system won't react to the the button unless system was suspended once; and after the suspension, the screen off for 0.5 sec at the moment  the button is pressed and released.05:10
blue_foxyillkid, ok.. sorry i just signed on, didnt get what u need help with05:10
kanhiyamy laptop is capable of providing 1280x800 but in ubuntu 10.04 it is providing just only 800x600 and it was looking very ugly. how to get rid of it , i have tried to change resolution from system>prefence>monitor but there were only two options 800x600 and 640x??? . howdo i get higher resolution05:10
greezmunkeyjohn__: the tearing you are seeing has to do with your vsync, but there is possibly a way to fix that without having to manually edit your xorg.conf file. Have you run 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' at all?05:10
yillkidblue_fox: Hi, I want to install ubuntu base system less than 538 MB(using "debootstrap"), using any official install method .05:11
john__greezemunkey: i have not ill give that a try05:11
wildbat!resolution | kanhiya \05:11
ubottukanhiya \: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:11
yillkidblue_fox:  Or give me any google keyword, but I want not the base system un-support ubuntu package server (source.list)05:12
wildbatyillkid, you mean RAM or hdd sapace?05:12
yillkidwildbat: HDD .05:12
oligothe internet slows to a crawl on 8.10, 9.10 and 10.04 when using ethernet what can i do about this05:12
tucemiuxkanhiya, first of all, have you installed the drivers for the video card on your laptop?05:13
wildbatyillkid, just use minimal CD05:13
kanhiyatucemiux: i have checked from hardware drivers but no propertiary drivers was used05:14
yillkidwildbat: How many the system size after install minimal CD?05:14
tucemiuxoligo, does your internet work fine using another computer on the same connection?05:14
drizzt_kanhiya, what in your video card?05:14
wildbatyillkid, i forgot ~ i think is about 100MB05:15
tucemiuxkanhiya, there's your first clue, what type of machine do you have? manufacturer and model?05:15
Dougdoug4I finished Step 2 of the Ubuntu 10.04 install, but it isn't making it's shift to step 3...05:15
oligoyes, it even works fine on wireless but that's not a problem. I've tried the common things suggested on the forums; disabling ipv6 etc , but it doesn't seem to help05:15
tucemiux!hello | Dougdoug405:15
ubottuDougdoug4: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:15
Dougdoug4It's been loading for like 10 minutes05:15
yillkidwildbat: The minimal CD is : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD ??????05:16
tucemiuxoligo, it could be the NIC is going bad, have you tried testing with a live CD?05:16
rollmanin my my other laptop the sound driver is missing how do i get that back i have no sound?05:16
wildbatyillkid, yes05:16
tucemiuxrollman, did you use to have sound at some point?05:16
calmsivaeven after installing thro synaptic - wine is not showing in the applications list - using 10.04 - need help05:16
kanhiyatucemiux: i have a laptop and it sis m671/771 graphic card05:16
yillkidwildbat: OK ... thanks a lot . :)05:16
rollmantucemiux yes05:16
wildbatyillkid, you won;t have gui ~ btw05:17
daveyboycalmsiva, occasionally the menu does not update right away. I've found I needed to log out and back in sometimes.05:17
calmsivawine not displayed in the system tools05:17
drizzt_kanhiya, then linux isn't your OS05:17
tucemiuxrollman, run lspci -v and let me know what sound card you have05:17
calmsivadaveyboy :  did that twice yesterday, and also restarted twice - still no luck05:17
oligowell, what's really strange, and makes me think it's not the NIC is that using google (maps, images, shopping etc) is very quick, but any other website will not load, yet i can ping some of them, like ubuntuforums.org with a fast reply05:18
rollmantucemiux k i go get it and boot i'll be back let u know05:18
Dougdoug4Hello. The Ubuntu 10.04 install has been stuck on Step 2 for over ten minutes... It won't load past it....05:18
calmsivainitially installed wine using ubuntu tweak - No display in the System Tools.  then uninstalled, then installed using Synaptic - the same problem persists05:18
Dougdoug4Any help?05:19
calmsivayeah - need help on this05:19
daveyboycalmsiva, wine isn't in the system tools entry for me05:19
daveyboyIt has it's own05:19
[BG]ZlobiHello from Bulgaria, I am tryying to set the encoding of 10.04 here, for CP1251, KOIR8, UTF8, so that all of them work at the same time05:19
calmsivaOops - sorry.  But still it does not show anywhere05:19
tucemiuxkanhiya, sounds like you want to use the forums, my own video card on my laptop didnt get all of its functionalities implemented in ubuntu, the resolution works fine though but that's about it, I suggest you hit the forum or keep asking here until someone that has the hardware you have knows a fix05:19
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, you need only utf-805:19
[BG]ZlobiNo I don't05:20
daveyboyMaybe that's an idea why05:20
[BG]ZlobiWant a screenshot?05:20
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, iconv support all cyr encoding out-of-box05:20
calmsivaI dont understand what you were trying05:20
calmsivahow do I check whether it was properly installed or not !!!05:20
[BG]ZlobiOK, will apt for iconv05:20
[BG]ZlobiThanks, brb :)05:20
tucemiuxkanhiya, you can try this thread: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-sis-771671-mirage-3-video-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid.html05:21
[BG]Zlobireferred by another pachage05:21
calmsivais there anywhere I could get this resolved - please05:23
rollmantucmiux my bad it rebooted with sound thx it's working now05:23
tucemiuxrollman, :-)05:24
rollmanyeah it's working :)05:25
=== growlinux__ is now known as growlinux_
[BG]Zlobiwell, seems like no fix...05:26
rollmani don't know why it works now i rebooted 3 times with no change05:26
[BG]Zlobirollman, it is having Windows manners05:27
greezmunkeyoligo: when you ping, you can increase the size of the packets sent: ping -s 512 {ip addr} , then ping -s 1024 {ip addr}, etc to see if the size of packet is the source of the problem, it the performance drops off severely, then perhaps it's an MTU issu.05:27
kanhiyadrizzt_: i have ubuntu 10.04 but right now i am using windows to assist from all of you because i can't connect to internet via bluetooth using ubuntu05:27
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, what's your problem exactly?05:28
rollmani haven't used windows in awhile05:28
=== tohomas is now known as twoflowers
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, I have old files (NTFS, inherited from windows days)05:28
[BG]ZlobiAnd they show as ??? and (invalid encoding)05:29
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, with bulgarian names?05:29
[BG]ZlobiAnd I cant manipulate them, for example DC++ crashes on hash05:29
Tac_Homeso, I installed the LAMP server via tasksel, but I can't figure out what to do next.  going to 'localhost' in a browser doesn't work, I tried 'service httpd start' and it says it's an unrecognized service...05:29
[BG]ZlobiYes, mainly, a Russian folder too05:29
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, are they on NTFS drive now?05:29
[BG]ZlobiYes they are05:29
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, are you using ntfs-3g driver?05:30
[BG]ZlobiYes, I mean I mounted them...05:30
[BG]ZlobiSo my NTFS partitions are writable05:31
drizzt_with "-t ntfs3g"?05:31
[BG]ZlobiNo, with a GUI NTFS tool from Administration :P05:31
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, could you paste the relevant line from 'mount' output?05:32
[BG]Zlobiwell, let me copy a single one to ext305:32
[BG]Zlobiok, sec05:32
drunkncrewhello all05:32
[BG]Zlobi/dev/sda2 on /media/ARCHIVE type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)05:32
HotTuna[1160996.523321] b44: eth0: powering down PHY means my NIC is dead right ?05:33
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, try remount that drive adding 'utf8' option05:33
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, could you please give me the line to paste at the term?05:34
drizzt_sudo umount /dev/sda205:34
=== andrewconrad is now known as grandy
=== grandy is now known as yodar
drizzt_sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro,nosuid,user,utf8 /dev/sda205:35
scottjIs there a command that allows you to click on a window and it will display it's geometry values?05:35
rollmananyone know if ubuntu has a safemode or something that allows you to restore the system settings in the event that something goes amiss?05:37
[BG]Zlobino, gives help, imo needs ntfs after -t?05:37
JackStonerscottj, i think there's a setting for that in compiz05:37
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, wait a sec, need to check something05:38
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, ok, thank you for your time05:38
greezmunkeyscottj: xwininfo05:39
scottjgreezmunkey: thanks05:40
greezmunkeyscottj: bookmark this: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/XWindow-User-HOWTO.html05:40
SRejectNeed some help with Wine. I have a partion of my drive for ubuntu. and a partion for windows. How do i set up wine so it uses the windows partion05:44
wildbat#winehq | SReject05:46
[BG]ZlobiSReject, why do you need this, if I may ask?05:46
SRejectwildbat thank you05:46
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, it's strange, i have just 'rw,user,exec,nosuid' in options and unicode characters work fine; do you have ntfs-3g installed and system locale set to 'bg_BG.UTF-8'?05:46
greezmunkeySReject: I think that maybe your question is based on the presumption that wine and windows are the same. They're not.05:46
SRejectgreezmunkey i know they aren't :)05:46
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, these ARE NOT unicode :)05:46
[BG]ZlobiI suspect they are cp125105:47
[BG]ZlobiI can create new fine05:47
[BG]ZlobiBut cant read these05:47
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, you cannot have cp1251 names on NTFS partition. did you create them from Linux?05:47
[BG]Zlobiok, win1251 then05:48
[BG]ZlobiI have always thought these are sinonims05:48
[BG]ZlobiBecause we linux folks hate the win part05:49
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, filenames on NTFS partitions are always unicode05:49
drizzt_was the files with incorrect names created in windows or in linux?05:50
SRejectbasically it's seeing "/home/user/..." as vitual drive C and i want it set to the windows partion05:50
drizzt_SReject, there must be Wine control panel where you assign drives for wine05:50
artinstartinin sound settings is a function to amplify the sound. how can i permanently set it to high?05:50
[BG]Zlobioh well05:51
aLemmer1Google Chrome informs me that it shutdown incorrectly upon launching, unless I manually press 'x' to close it. I believe this is because how my shutdown is handled.05:51
aLemmer1Oh nevermind, coded it.05:52
MK-ULTRAanybody here know if Linux has burning software that handles mds files with iso's?05:52
MK-ULTRAI've been looking around can't fine anything.  Closest thing was acetone 12005:52
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_,  http://tcd.zapto.org/b/scr.png05:53
xpikeCan someone help me install this package : sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6 --> E: Couldn't find package libssl0.9.605:53
xpike 05:53
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_,  http://tcd.zapto.org/b/Scr.png05:53
ejwaxxMK-ULTRA - there is a package mdf2iso in the repos that will convert an mdf to iso, if that's any help05:54
AAAxpike  on 10.4 it should be $ apt-get install libssl0.9.805:54
MK-ULTRAejwaxx:  thanks, but what about mds?05:54
[BG]Zlobixpike, try with libssl and pressing TAB05:54
[BG]Zlobixpike, will give the available ones05:55
xpikeim getting the 9.8 one05:55
[BG]Zlobiso use it :)05:55
drizzt_i had that once, but it was on fat32 drive...05:55
ejwaxxmk-ultra: an mds isn't a disc image, just metadata05:55
xpikeit says I have to reboot my system, is it really required?05:55
greezmunkeyMK-ULTRA: Have you seen this? :http://sathyasays.com/2008/11/11/mounting-and-burning-iso-mdf-nrgnero-files-and-cd-images-in-linux-in-1-click05:56
[BG]ZlobiProbably yes05:56
MK-ULTRAejwaxx:  I know but i think it may have important layer break info on it05:56
Guest27198hi you bun too!05:56
artinstartinxpike: to make the system changes complete yes05:56
[BG]Zlobixpike, at least we don't support old boots :P05:56
Guest27198whats the best os05:56
drizzt_Guest27057, debian sid05:57
MK-ULTRAgreezmunkey:  yeah, I'm using acetone to mount05:57
[BG]ZlobiGuest27198, no such os05:57
[BG]ZlobiDepends on application05:57
[BG]ZlobiEven Windows can do smth05:57
SirMoo:/ You can't have a best when there are flaws.05:57
xpikeall I wanna do is install yahoo instant messenger05:57
xpikefor linux05:57
uBenAny help converting a .rpm to a .deb?05:57
[BG]Zlobixpike, there are alternative messengers05:57
SirMooWhy not use Pidgin, xpike?05:57
xpikewith webcam and mic features?05:57
[BG]ZlobiOn the same protocol05:57
Jordan_UuBen: What are you trying to install?05:58
drizzt_uBen, man alien05:58
AAAuBen  alien05:58
wise_crypt!find alien lucid | uBen05:58
ubottuuBen: Found: alien, alien-hunter, alienblaster, alienblaster-data, libalien-wxwidgets-perl (and 4 others)05:58
xpikepidgin sucks, it only works well with aim lol05:58
spicyWithanyone know how to install phpmyadmin in ubuntu as a virtual host in apache, so as phpmyadmin.domain.com?05:58
=== prof_away is now known as Prof_BiG_BanG
MeatCurtainsAm I disconnected?05:58
Jordan_UuBen: pitpim is available in the repositories05:58
[BG]ZlobispicyWith, why not MySQL Admin?05:58
Jordan_UMeatCurtains: Yes.05:58
SirMooo.O Pidgin is the best. I use it on Windows. It's kind of nice to have a good  multi protocal messenger that does not kill my computer ( compared to yahoo! and live. )05:59
xpikeAlso, is there a way I can recompile my 64bit hardy heron version to a 32bit hard heron version05:59
uBenJordan_U: BitPim, or was that a typo?05:59
spicyWith[BG]Zlobi: never tried it, is it better?05:59
[BG]ZlobiSirMoo, ;)05:59
wise_cryptxpixe: eh ? i use pidgin with two account with yahoo and it works flawleslly what do you mean ?05:59
xpikerecompile the kernel for cpu archecture or does that require a new install05:59
Jordan_UuBen: That was a typo, sudo apt-get install bitpim05:59
[BG]ZlobispicyWith, Well I use it, creates users, chemas, grants permitions05:59
xpikewell the pidgin that I have does not work with yahoo or msn05:59
[BG]Zlobiwhat more :)05:59
greezmunkeyMK-ULTRA: the only other thing I found that may be of help is here: mdf audio extractor did the job for me: http://www.sqweek.com/sqweek/index.php?p=506:00
SirMoo... Are you using the actual bird?06:00
uBenoh...duh. stupid website and their rpm files...06:00
[BG]ZlobiuBen, there was an rpm to deb convertor...06:00
gonzobuenos dias06:00
MK-ULTRAhmmm, alright anything helps.  I appreciate the help folks.06:00
Guest27198SirMoo, y does it kill your computer06:00
uBenZlobi: Alien didn't work for me for some reason, something about scripts06:01
abuayyoubhi all, can someone please help me with a question I have about Par and Par2?06:01
Jordan_UuBen: Always check the repositories first.06:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:01
n2diyuBen, alien converts RPMs to Debs06:01
SirMooMSN/Live and YIM are not friendly if you have older windows computer, or if you're trying to multi task. :/ They're slow.06:01
MK-ULTRAya know what I think it is.06:01
wise_cryptxpike : sudo apt-get remove pidgin --purge sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt-get install pidgin ( i use finch and its also works)06:01
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
[BG]ZlobiuBen, have you tried command line?06:01
uBenJordan_U: Thanks, will remember06:01
SirMooFince is for Apple I thought?06:01
xpikewhoops i forgot to remove and purge06:01
[BG]ZlobiuBen, look for a manual to install Alien and proceed06:02
uBenZlobi: That's what I was using06:02
Jordan_UuBen: You're welcome.06:02
abuayyoubI have a folder wiith 25 files in it, and 25 par2 files is there a way I can check them all at one time as opposed to one by one?06:02
spicyWith[BG]Zlobi: any reason you use it over phpmyadmin? Not questioning, just curious, i.e. is it better in any way?06:02
n2diyZlobi, it is in synaptic.06:02
MK-ULTRAmaybe the mds has information about the sessions.  like maybe it is mixed audio and data.06:02
[BG]ZlobispicyWith, much less nerves on deployment06:02
[BG]ZlobiJust a program06:02
xpikewow now its taking long to load06:03
greezmunkeyMK-ULTRA: That's what I understand...06:03
xpikepidgin doesnt work for me now :(06:03
xpikeholy smokes06:03
LexArthi2all :)06:03
xpikepidgin crashed on me06:03
MK-ULTRAI guess just like a bin/cue06:03
wise_cryptxpike: you have remove it you need to install it again after purgin06:04
wise_cryptxpike: *purging06:04
[BG]Zlobixpike, Iro Maiden ruleZ \__/06:04
spicyWith[BG]Zlobi: how so?06:04
unopabuayyoub, check them for what?06:04
[BG]ZlobispicyWith, I just have bad memories of my attampts to make PHPMyAdmin work06:05
[BG]ZlobiI know many people use it, I also did on Windows06:05
wise_cryptxpike : 1. sudo apt-get remove pidgin --purge 2. sudo apt-get autoremove 3. sudo apt-get install pidgin << folow this step one by one06:05
spicyWithyour memories are my present feeligns..06:05
xpikei did that06:06
spicyWith[BG]Zlobi: your memories are my present feeligns..06:06
xpikei did it in order06:06
xpikei think its because i have the 64bit edition06:06
[BG]ZlobispisyWith, Ok, then just stfu and try MySQL Admin :D06:06
xpike64 bit of everything just sucks06:06
wise_cryptxpike : have you installed pidgin from source ?06:06
Guest27198xpike, y06:06
unop[BG]Zlobi, language ...06:06
xpikeskype doesnt work, gyachi doesnt work06:07
wise_cryptxpike : owh i c 64bit i wonder lol06:07
xpikeim afraid to even update xchat06:07
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[BG]Zlobioh well, there was an emo at the end of line06:07
iswAnyone ever hear of anyone getting 3 monitors working on ubuntu with one of those ati 5870 cards?06:07
xpikethis is great now my pidgin doesnt work06:07
xpikeis there a way I can find which version I had before06:07
MK-ULTRAwell I went ahead and used wine with magiciso06:08
Guest27198any good linux books06:08
[BG]Zlobixpike, yes, ask for the default from smo with a fresh install06:08
SirMoo._. You've broke pidgin?06:08
sebsebseb!manual | Guest2719806:08
ubottuGuest27198: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:08
ubottuearthman: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:08
sebsebsebGuest27198: Ubuntu Pocket Guide06:08
wise_cryptxpike: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65824406:08
xpikewhy do they release 64 bit editions of stuff if it doesnt work06:09
xpikeim seriously thinking about going back to 32 bit06:09
n2diyOuest27198, yes, the Rute Manual, it's online, and in synaptiic06:09
sebsebsebn2diy: the what?06:09
[BG]Zlobixpike, because it is the mid-period now06:09
spicyWith[BG]Zlobi: I feel like installing it would be pretty much as complicated, if I want to put it in a subdomain in apache2....06:09
wise_cryptxpike: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=658244 << this is a good tutorial about that06:09
acerimmer_xpike: it does work it's just not for everyone and the documentation isn't clear on who the best candidates are06:09
n2diysebsebseb: the Rute Manual06:10
sebsebsebn2diy: not heard of it06:10
[BG]ZlobispycyWith, it is not even the same, you do not need a browser06:10
xpikei thought this was the time for 64 bit to shine lol06:10
acerimmer_xpike: if you're running 4 g or less ram 32 bit is better for you06:10
MK-ULTRAha ha great, didin't find my burner now.06:10
n2diysebsebseb: check it out.06:10
sebsebsebn2diy: its in the repo?06:10
xpikei got 3g of ram06:10
[BG]Zlobiacerimmer_, not true :P06:10
acerimmer_xpike: then you should run 3206:10
n2diysebsebseb: yes, and online.06:11
wise_cryptxpike: just foolow the link i gave you in the forum hope that would help06:11
xpikehow do i find out the error message of a program that doesnt run06:11
MK-ULTRAxpike:  check /var/log06:11
[BG]Zlobiacerimmer_, and what about the new multicore CPUs, optimized for 64bit?06:11
MK-ULTRAer dmesg?06:11
xpikei wanna see why pidgin crashes06:12
SRejectanyone know of a decent media player(must be able to play mp3's and 4's) that is able to search a network drive/folder to obtain it's libary?06:12
acerimmer_[BG]Zlobi: i don't know anything about that.06:12
=== BengtRibba is now known as dennis__
wise_cryptxpike: ?06:12
SRejectbesides rhythembox06:12
MK-ULTRAalright, is an mds file even needed?06:12
xpikelike ~$ pidgin -debug mode or something06:12
[BG]Zlobiacerimmer_, on 32 bit you kinda loose many features of your CPU and speed06:12
SirMooCan Audacious search for files?06:12
AAAxpike  you can try using strace06:13
SRejecthello doug_06:13
doug_I have a question maybe someone here can answer06:13
SirMoodoug_ I'm pretty sure you're suppose to just ask the question flat out.06:13
SRejectdoug_ then ask it :)06:13
[BG]Zlobiacerimmer_, I would say if the PC is x64 compliant, install x6406:13
doug_if I download 10.4 today will it be more updated version than the one I got a month ago06:13
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:14
AAAxpike  I suggest using -o filename to redirect all the output06:14
SRejectdoug. Yes.06:14
doug_oh ok great06:14
SRejectthen recently updated the kernal06:14
n2diydoug, what did you dl a month ago?06:14
acerimmer_[BG]Zlobi: even though the 64 bit kernel is fairly robust, 32 bit apps are not perfectly ported to 64 bit.  the general recommendations i've read are specific regarding the cost benefit to wit; more gigs of ram, try 64.  <=4 gigs, stick with 32.  YMMV06:14
[BG]Zlobii. e. updates are periodically included, do reistall with the latest copy (kill the servers ;) )06:15
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, there's also "locale=xx_YY.UTF-8" option for ntfs-3g06:15
=== LexArt is now known as arciomau
ActionParsnipacerimmer_: there's the pae kernel which can access 12gb in 32bit06:15
doug_another question then, I have an intel centrino pentium M laptop that would not load 10.4 do you know if they have fixed the problem with this?06:15
[BG]Zlobiwb drizzt_ ok be specific about what I can do06:15
acerimmer_ActionParsnip: good to know.  ty06:16
ActionParsnipDoug_: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded06:16
xpikeHaha I foudn out why lol06:16
xpike01:15:55) main: exiting because another libpurple client is already running06:16
[BG]Zlobiacerimmer_, With the speed of SATA2 RAM is not so important as it was06:16
xpikei used --debug06:16
ActionParsnipDoug_: did you check the burned cd for defects once booted to?06:16
n2diydoug, did you send it back to get repaired?06:16
doug_ActionParsnip, it was a good ISO I md5sum it, it does not like the hardware on this laptop06:16
wise_cryptxpike: killall06:17
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, first, what is your LANG variable?06:17
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | doug_06:17
ubottudoug_: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions06:17
doug_ActionParsnip, yes, CD worked in other machine passed self test06:17
xpikeyahoo still doesnt work06:17
=== arciomau is now known as LexArt
xpikeon pidgin06:17
[BG]ZlobiI think you asking this06:17
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, and encoding? 'UTF-8'?06:17
ActionParsnipXpike_: have you use the pidgin ppa?06:17
[BG]Zlobinope, win125106:17
[BG]Zlobinow cp1251 I guess06:18
doug_ActionParsnip, it was not a problem with the iso or cd, cd was/is good it did not like my hardware on this laptop06:18
xpikeand msn says  : Our protocol is not supported by the server06:18
wise_cryptActionParsnip: he uses 64bit arc06:18
xpikepidgin ppa? what is that?06:18
ActionParsnipDoug_: I know. I read it last time you said. Try some boot options06:18
[BG]ZlobiBut I have created some utf-8 content06:18
wise_crypt!info pidgin-data | xpike06:19
ubottuxpike: pidgin-data (source: pidgin): multi-protocol instant messaging client - data files. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.6.6-1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 1212 kB, installed size 24896 kB06:19
ActionParsnipxpike: its a repo which will have a later build. It may help06:19
yillkidwildbat: Hi ... :)06:19
wildbatyillkid, hi06:20
xpikeall I really want is a yahoo instant messenger that has access to the chatroom and webcam and microphone features06:20
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, going for a breakfast... be back :)06:20
wise_cryptxpike: mean while you can also ask in #pidgin06:20
[BG]ZlobiPlease tell him, so that he doesn't need to scroll06:20
ActionParsnipxpike: gyache does that I believe06:20
yillkidwildbat: I install ubuntu with minimal CD. But my base system size is 678 MB.06:20
xpikei dont wanna mess with pidgin anymore, pidgin is for  the birds06:20
doug_ActionParsnip, I was able to getit to install with an xubuntu alt iso then boot into something like safemode then ran updates installed but still it would not boot normally06:20
xpikegyachi i have but it doesnt work either lol I may need help with that one06:21
ActionParsnipDoug_: sounds like video is screwing you. Set the safe vga boot option and it may help06:21
LexArthello, world! What impressions about Ubuntu 10.04? Now I'm using 9.10 and I don't know if it's needed to update :)06:21
xpikegyachi: error while loading shared libraries: libgtkhtml-2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:21
wildbatyillkid, and ?06:21
ActionParsnipXpike: that's all I know. I haven't used yahoo chat in years. I definately recommend the pidgin ppa06:22
ActionParsnipXpike: if you get errors like that, search for the file online and you will find the package it belongs to06:22
yillkidwildbat: But you tell me the base system of this version is 1xx MB. I don't  know what mistake I do.06:23
doug_ActionParsnip, well I don't want to install it ifvideo will only workin safe mode after that you know06:23
doug_ActionParsnip, I mean once I get it on there then is there likely a way to make it operate normally?06:23
AAAxpike  libgtkhtml2-006:23
ShroudedCloudHey, can I get some assistance on a Notify-OSD issue? It displays system things, but not common things (like messages from RhythmBox or Empathy)06:24
ActionParsnipDoug_: you said updates fix it so i'd roll with it. You can always run a backup of the OS files / partition then go for it and restore if its bad06:24
drizzt_yillkid, if you want to play, try dsl06:24
wildbatyillkid, yes it should be just 100MB ~ unless you install GNOME or KDE06:24
drizzt_yillkid, ubuntu is for the work06:24
doug_ActionParsnip, no I said updates did not fix it but that was a month ago06:24
wise_cryptxpike: apt-cache search << kick ash06:24
drizzt_wildbat, if you install  gnome or kde , the system will be > 2GB06:25
doug_ActionParsnip, I don't careabout any dataon this hdd though nothing valueable06:25
yillkiddrizzt_: I know DSL, but I don,t want to out of ubuntu official support.06:25
drizzt_yillkid, you cannot make it 100 MB, never06:25
drizzt_drizzt_, the kernel only is 90 MB06:26
yillkidwildbat: Yes, just only base system, I have not install any packages yet.06:26
Tac_Homeso, I did 'sudo tasksel remove lamp-server' and it GUTTED my machine... .no gnome, no anything, can't even boot up to anything but a command prompt.... anyone know how in the world that happened?06:26
ShroudedCloudHey, can I get some assistance on a Notify-OSD issue? It displays system things, but not common things (like messages from RhythmBox or Empathy)06:26
ActionParsnipYillkid: xpud is only a few meg in size but I don't think it will support all your (no doubt) fancy hardware06:26
doug_I have a toughbook CF-29 by the way06:26
xpike64 bit of everything sucks06:26
wildbatyillkid, and you used 678MB ??06:26
xpikeim sick of this lol06:27
xpikeim going to 32 bit06:27
yillkidwildbat: Yes , 678 MB.06:27
yillkidI just want to install ubuntu as minimal as possible, but I still want the official support .06:27
ActionParsnipDoug_: i'd try some boot options to get safe vga then see if after you drive up etc it's nice06:27
doug_should be pretty standard parts it's intel graphics and intel chipset, full centrino notebook06:27
ActionParsnip!minimal | yillkid06:28
ubottuyillkid: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:28
doug_ActionParsnip, drive up? what does that mean?06:28
wildbatyillkid, you can try du -h ~ see what's taking the spaces06:28
xpike~$ sudo apt-get remove gyachi06:28
xpikeReading package lists... Done06:28
xpikeBuilding dependency tree06:28
xpikeReading state information... Done06:28
xpikeE: Couldn't find package gyachi06:28
FloodBot1xpike: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:28
drizzt_yillkid, you just did06:28
ActionParsnipDoug_: get drivers for hardware etc06:28
xpikehow come i cant remove gyachi06:28
ActionParsnipXpike: its not on the ubuntu repo06:28
yillkidExcept for "debootstrap" (538MB) What could I do ?06:28
ShroudedCloudNo one?06:28
ActionParsnipXpike: you need a deb or ppa06:28
doug_ActionParsnip, wherecan I obtain hardware drivers ? perhaps I should do that in advance of installing the new version as this is the only pc I have on me right now06:29
shadows090Hello all. I have a ssh server set up on my LAN (static ip), I can ssh into it while on the lan and have set up port forwarding on my router for port 22 (both incoming and outgoing). I cannot ssh into my server if i attempt to connect through the external IP. Is there anything additional I need to do on my ssh server? I am concerned that the packets from my server may just have the router IP as the source destination06:29
xpikehow did i install gyachi ? from source? I dont remember doing that06:29
ActionParsnipXpike: search software centre for it. Maybe its called something different06:29
drizzt_yillkid, you have no debootstrap folder if you've finished intalling06:29
xpikewhere in nautilus/gnome i need to go to uninstall a program06:29
=== hamish is now known as firepilot
yillkidwildbat: Yes, I do. I using df -h to calculate the space, 678 MB, I sure .06:29
ActionParsnipDoug_: depends hugely on the hardware. Some will be supported by default. Some may require compiling06:30
bodzillaxspike look in synaptic06:30
doug_ActionParsnip, I have a toughbook cf-2906:30
wildbatyillkid, you can uninstall it if you are done with the debootstrap, du -h not df -h06:30
xpikewhere in nautilus/gnome i need to go to uninstall a program from source06:30
=== jay is now known as Guest75657
firepilotHi there, I'm compiling a kernel for a macbook and I need to include efivars but I don't know how to do this.06:30
doug_ActionParsnip, all intell stuff inside06:30
firepilotCould anyone point me in the right direction?06:30
drizzt_xpike, system, administration, sunaptic package manager06:30
acerimmer_firepilot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:31
ActionParsnipDoug_: doesn't mean much dude. We need chip versions etc. Ubuntu can tell you those once booted and you can find guides06:31
doug_ActionParsnip, I'm booted in ubuntu 9.10 now06:31
xpikenothing shows up06:31
xpikei installed something I cant remove06:31
ShroudedCloudNo one for Notify OSD?06:31
xpikegyachi doesnt show up06:31
ShroudedCloudBeen trying to fix it for days, at a loss.06:32
yillkidwildbat: Sorry my poor Englist, I say, don't using minimal CD installation any more, change to the "debootstrap" method?06:32
firepilotthanks acerimmer_ although I'm actually just looking for help compiling a kernel.06:32
AAAxpike  dpkg -L gyachi show files?06:32
greezmunkeyshadows090: remove both rules on your firewall, then restart it, then create an inbound only port 22 to your sshd server - then test again.06:32
drizzt_xpike, go to source dir and try 'make uninstall'06:32
ActionParsnipdoug_: then run: lspci;lsusb ,and find guides etc. 9.10 is supported until april next year so you can comfortably hang with karmic06:32
doug_ActionParsnip, is there a term command tomake it tell me about my hardware or do you mean through the gui somewhere?06:32
bodzillaxspike synaptic will also show dependencies if you add the bar from setting preferences in synaptic for the info widow06:32
FloodBot1xpike: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:32
wildbatyillkid, you sadi yo installe the debootstrap? and it took 538 MB ?? right?06:33
doug_ActionParsnip, I need to reinstall anyway cus sound is not working and I broke some other stuff trying to fix it so that's why I was thnking of trying 10.4 again06:33
ShroudedCloudHey, can I get some assistance on a Notify-OSD issue? It displays system things, but not common things (like messages from RhythmBox or Empathy)06:33
yillkidwildbat: Yes "debootstrap is 538 MB", but the minimal CD install is "678 MB"06:34
xpikeim so fustrated >.<06:34
AAAxpike  hrm. you could try dpkg-reconfigure gyachi then apt-get remove06:34
ActionParsnipDoug_: then boot live lucid cd with the boot options to make it fly then update / install drivers. Should be ok as karmic works :)06:34
doug_ActionParsnip, most companysdon't have linux drivers do they though?? I never had to install a driver forlinuxbefore everyting has just worked06:35
wildbatyillkid, so you just delete/uninstall the debootstrap to free the space?06:35
ActionParsnipYillkid: could try lubuntu. Its using about 1.5Gb here I believe.06:35
ShroudedCloudAnyone at all?06:36
wildbatActionParsnip, he have 6XXMB only06:36
yillkidActionParsnip: 1.5 GB is too big.06:36
ActionParsnipyillkid: or there's featherlinux, DSL, puppy linux (puppy uses apt-get afaik now)06:36
ActionParsnipyillkid: lots of small distros to run at.06:36
Tac_Homeso, I did 'sudo tasksel remove lamp-server' and it GUTTED my machine... .no gnome, no anything, can't even boot up to anything but a command prompt.... anyone know how in the world that happened?06:36
doug_Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device <<< I have that vid card06:37
yillkidwildbat: No, I using a new HDD to install ubuntu minimal CD.06:37
Sc00t3rThat's not a video card, Doug.. That's a integrated graphics controller.06:37
ActionParsnipDoug_: ok then see how it is with lucid using websearches06:37
shadows090greezmunkey: I apologize for misstating it in my post. I actually only have an inbound port forwarding set up.  I have it set up as external: 22 Internal: 22 protocol: both to ipaddress: (mystaticip). i have enabled and saved changes :-/06:37
Hilikus_how can i tell which users are using a database?06:37
drizzt_Tac_Home, who said tasksel works?06:37
yillkidActionParsnip: Thank you, but I want not out of support with official ubuntu .06:38
unopHilikus_, depends on the database management system.06:38
Tac_Homedrizzt_: well, I sure won't be using it again....06:38
Hilikus_unop: MYISAM06:38
greezmunkeyshadows090: in a terminal: sudo netstat -antp | grep "LISTEN" - see if sshd is listening...06:38
unopHilikus_, probably a question for #mysql then06:38
greezmunkeyshadows090: see what port, etc...06:38
Tac_Homedrizzt_: is there a way to enable wireless, and somehow fix it and get everything back to normal from commandline?06:38
wildbatyillkid, then use 'du -h' to figure out what took the space, i think is just cache06:38
yillkidI just want to find a way to install ubuntu, and the size must less than 538 MB .06:38
Sc00t3r-sigh.- I wish I could get the fan controller to work in 10.04.06:39
ActionParsnipyillkid: your small space reuirement may force you away from ubuntu. It isn't always the answer06:39
fcwlxdlivecd may be a good choice.06:39
Flannelyillkid: You can't realistically install Ubuntu on 500MB.  But there are a plethora of other Linux choices06:39
Sc00t3ryillkid, You can't. Compressing folders from Ubuntu can cause major instability, because of the fact that the more you compress flies, the greater the chance is that something is going to go wrong during the decommpression/compression.06:39
acerimmer_yillkid: im thinking you might be a candidate for a USB startup disk...06:39
ActionParsnipDoug_: sudo lshw -C display ,will tell you more about your video card06:39
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, I am here :)06:40
Sc00t3ryillkid, If you want an Ubuntu installation like that, try Lubuntu. It is a 520mb Live CD I believe.06:40
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: the livecd uses squashfs. Livecd runs stable no?06:40
geekphreakhowdy all06:40
Sc00t3rActionParsnip, The LiveCD is still 680MB.06:40
Flannelyillkid: Wait, this is a new harddrive that is only 500MB?06:40
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: yes but the squashfs allows it to hold nearly double that amount once extracted06:41
Sc00t3rActionParsnip, Realistically, unless you want absolutely no room for a cache or anything of the likes..?06:41
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
MeatCurtainsHow can I make my main login root? I'm trying to add folders but it tells me I don't have permission06:41
drizzt_ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro,nosuid,user,locale="bg_BG.CP1251" /dev/sda2 /media/ARCHIVE or whatever applies06:41
xpike./configure --disable-rpath --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix /usr06:41
FlannelMeatCurtains: Don't use root, use sudo instead.06:41
geekphreakMeatCurtains: use sudo06:41
Flannel!sudo | MeatCurtains06:41
ubottuMeatCurtains: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo06:41
yillkidFlannel: Yes, 538 MB, install using "debootstrap".06:41
xpikewhoops i mean06:41
xpikeconfigure: error: cannot find include file gpgme.h. Perhaps you need to install the gpgme development package?06:41
doug_ActionParsnip, I found a post on forum with exact sameproblem and hardware as me06:41
Flannelyillkid: Your physical hard drive is only 500 MB?  What does debbootstrap have to do with it?06:41
doug_ActionParsnip, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/10919306:42
geekphreakMeatCurtains: enabling root is nto recommended06:42
doug_ActionParsnip, that is it ifyou are curious06:42
Sc00t3rsudo facepalm -self06:42
ActionParsnipyillkid: you could modify the iso to have waaay less apps then reburn that. If you are expecting full media codecs and flash etc then its not going to work with ubuntu as far as I can see. I'd go for puppy. Its awesoem06:42
xpikehow do i install  gpgme.h06:42
doug_ActionParsnip, I think I will try the solution which worked for that user though, thank you for you assitance06:42
MeatCurtainsI know its not recommended, but I have to have unhindered access to these directories I'm making. I can't even paste files into them06:43
drizzt_all major distributions use root and have no dangerous sudo06:43
stupidxpflash and codec not working in ubuntu?06:43
greezmunkey500MB HDD, it would hold 20 pics from my camera, heh06:43
yillkidFlannel: No, my HDD size is 2GB.06:43
acerimmer_yillkid: consider also DSL - damn small linux06:43
geekphreakMeatCurtains: well use sudo then :)06:43
Flannelyillkid: Oh, what is 538MB then?06:43
Flannelyillkid: Your RAM?06:43
Sc00t3rFlannel, the Ubuntu installation.06:43
Sc00t3rFlannel, Or at least, that's what I think he wants?06:43
shadows090greezmunkey: i have copied and pasted the results to http://pastebin.com/SwVUuTVL06:43
stupidxp538mb is like 200 hd pics06:43
yillkidacerimmer_: Thanks, but I want not out od official ubuntu support.06:43
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, used it, but... not working, it is working as sudo mount /dev/sda206:43
Sc00t3rstupidxp, Welcome to high quality, high resolution photos.06:44
Tac_Homedrizzt_: is there a way to enable wireless, and somehow fix it and get everything back to normal from commandline?06:44
ActionParsnipMeatcurtains: use sudo and gksudo. You have full access if you are a member of admin. Logging in as root is no advised and if you start loading apps like irc and web browsers then its hugly foolish06:44
doug_whatis the latest kernel version they are on now?06:44
[BG]ZlobiAnd with BG gives: mount: can't find locale=bg_BG.CP1251 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:44
drizzt_Tac_Home, what was problem with wireless?06:44
shadows090greezmunkey: i'm not familiar with that, but i assume that it is listening since I have been able to ssh into the server if I am on the same LAN; only not when i try to use the external IP address06:44
stupidxpi need an external hd for my camera or a new sd06:44
stupidxp12megabixels xD06:44
geekphreakMeatCurtains: if you want gui based  >> press alt+f2 >> then use gksudo command06:44
yillkidFlannel: 538 MB is the base system size. My ram size is 2GB.06:44
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, that mean you made a space somewhere06:44
Tac_Homedrizzt_: no idea how to enable it from the commandline, then is there even some way to fix everything that tasksel broke once I get networking up?06:44
Flannelyillkid: So, what's your question or problem?06:44
Sc00t3rstupidxp, Hahah'. You can get yourself a nice 500GB E-HDD for about $80 nowadays.06:45
ActionParsnipyillkid: ubuntu just isn't gonna work for you dude. Your storage is way too small. Xpud is about 10mb and boots faster than most people can sneeze06:45
geekphreake3a133: hello hi and howdy06:45
drizzt_Tac_Home, if it's your desktop machine, install 'ubuntu-desktop'06:45
stupidxpah, anyone know windows well? where do i find and replace the registry?06:45
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e3a133how are you06:45
Tac_Homedrizzt_: netbook remix06:45
Sc00t3rActionParsnip, The newer release of XPud is 83MB.06:45
Flannelstupidxp: ##windows can help you06:45
geekphreakstupidxp: eh?06:45
Sc00t3re3a133, I think we heard you the first time.06:46
geekphreake3a133: is that all you can say?06:46
greezmunkeyshadows090: yeah, I know - that last bit was to verify. pm me /etc/ssh/sshd.conf06:46
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, no i copy-pasted06:46
FlannelHi e3a133, this channel is for Ubuntu support.  If you're looking for a social channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic, Thanks!06:46
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: nice. Haven't been keeping up recently. I guess he rolled in the driver pack now?06:46
doug_anyone know what version of the kernel they are on now?06:46
yillkidFlannel: I want to find a way to install ubuntu base system, and the OS size must less than 538 MB.06:46
stupidxpah but you see i'm using ubuntu and my old ntfs06:46
Flannelyillkid: Why do you need to do that?06:46
Sc00t3rActionParsnip, Yeah. It's a lot like Ubuntu NR. Pretty decent, except for it lacks for what I want- You know, OpenOffice and such.06:46
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: still its smaller than puppy now which is up to 120mb these days06:47
Sc00t3rActionParsnip, Honestly, I think I'd want to smack someone who has less than a 80GB HDD.. Who's not willing to spend the $40 for a 500GB SATA2?06:47
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: googledocs takes care of office dude. Less impact on the system itself ;)06:47
shadows090greezmunkey, on my server correct? I am still new to this so sorry if that's a stupid question06:47
greezmunkeyshadows090: yes06:47
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: my drives are all about 40gb. They work fine06:48
FlannelSc00t3r, ActionParsnip: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.06:48
ActionParsnipSc00t3r: except my fileserver.06:48
ActionParsnipOk Flannel06:48
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, there should be no spaces in text between -o and /dev/sda206:48
Sc00t3rFlannel, Sorry. Mind if we just move it to PM and stay here in case others need some support?06:48
acerimmer_yillkid: just create a USB startup disk already06:48
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, only commas, =s and "s06:48
doug_does anyone know what the latest versionof the kernel is version number/06:48
FlannelSc00t3r: You can be in more than one channel at a time, but a query would work just as well if you prefer, sure.06:49
AAAdoug_  uname -a will tell you what you're using06:49
xpikecannot find include file gpgme.h. Perhaps you need to install the gpgme development package?06:49
Slart!info linux-image-generic06:49
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)06:49
xpikewhere do I get that from?06:49
Slartdoug_: see ubottu answer above06:49
unop!info libgpgme11-dev | xpike06:49
ubottuxpike: libgpgme11-dev (source: gpgme1.0): GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.0-1.2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 505 kB, installed size 1356 kB06:49
yillkidFlannel: because the OS just for a server work.06:50
[BG]Zlobisudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro,nosuid,user,locale="bg_BG.CP1251" /dev/sda206:50
[BG]Zlobiis what I use06:50
yillkidacerimmer_: a USB startup disk already ? I do not understand .06:50
[BG]Zlobiand many combos around it, tbh...06:50
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, you need specify mount point after /dev/sda206:50
doug_Slart, I don't want to know what I'm using I want to know what is the latest one available06:50
Flannelyillkid: Ah.  So, you don't need the full GUI, just a "base system".  That's easy then.  Grab the alternate CD and install a "command line only" system (f4 or f5 or something like that will let you choose that option from the boot menu of the CD), or alternatively, use the server CD to install, which installs GUI-less by default.06:51
Sc00t3ryillkid, A USB startup disk is like the LiveCD, except on a USB device. You know, on a flash drive.06:51
shadows090greezmunkey. I am not sure how to PM. would it be bad practice to show the pastebin url for this?06:51
xpikewhat about mcrypt.h06:51
Slartdoug_: ehm.. that is the latest one available.. I have absolutely no idea which kernel you're using.. for all I know you could be using an old Amiga or something right now06:51
acerimmer_Flannel: I do believe you've presented the best solution06:51
greezmunkeyshadows090: I would say so, yes06:51
greezmunkeyshadows090: /msg greezmunkey text...06:52
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, it worked! :)06:52
[BG]Zlobilet's see06:52
stupidxpwindows users are soo stupid..06:52
prince_jammysxpike: probably libmcrypt-dev . what are you doing?06:52
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents06:52
fcwlxdi am using windows.06:52
xpiketrying to install gyachi over again06:52
drizzt_all users are stupid.06:52
xpikenew version06:52
doug_Slart, oh I was looking at AAA post not ubottu06:52
[BG]Zlobistupidxp, yes, but they are happy... happy are the stupid ones... :P06:53
Sc00t3rstupidxp, They are not stupid, they simply do not have the knowledge of things that are not as User-Friendly as Windows.06:53
stupidxplol that just ignorance..06:53
fcwlxdi both use windows and linux.06:53
acerimmer_yillkid: Under System>Administration>Startup Disk Creator you can create a memory stick with live CD functions.  Just boot from that and you've got ubuntu06:53
randerzanderis there an easy way to manually control fan speed on my T60 thinkpad with 10.04?06:53
doug_Slart, also, I using a c64 right now06:53
abuayyoubhi, anyone here know anything about a program called HellaNZB?06:53
xpikeWhy is it keep asking me for a whole bunch of .h's06:53
Slartdoug_: awesome =)06:53
yillkidFlannel: Yes, but I install minimal CD, and I have not install any package, icluding "x, gnome ... ..." --- ---> 678 MB.06:54
drizzt_xpike, you should run ./configure --prefix=/usr before compiling06:54
drizzt_yillkid, that's ok06:54
* wise_crypt have not used win since 2003 gosh that long06:54
dotblankxpike? probably means you don't have the dependencies to whatever you are trying to compile06:54
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, it looks mounted, but not able to explore the drive06:54
[BG]Zlobiwaits and jumps to the one above06:54
Flannelyillkid: So, that's the base system size.  If you'd like, you could trim it down by 100MB, or just live with it being 140MB larger than you planned06:54
stupidxpwell i'm trying to repair my win xp by importing a new registry file...but it doesnt boot and i'm using ubuntu??06:55
xpikeis gyachi under a ubuntu packge?06:55
xpikeim sick of installing stuff from source06:55
[BG]Zlobistupidxp, use grub06:55
Flannelyillkid: If you don't have immediate plans for the other 1.5GB, I'd say you'll be alright.  If you do, you should already know what you do and don't need, so you could easily remove what you won't be using06:55
fcwlxduse ubuntu to repear xp?06:55
[BG]Zlobigrub should detect windows06:55
wise_cryptxpike: as i told you before apt-cache search kick ash06:55
stupidxpwinxp will not load...regardless of boot loader.. i removed all permissions on the xp06:56
[BG]Zlobium, try a repair06:56
dotblankstupidxp, um yea... thats not smart06:56
stupidxpnow i want to re enstate a fresh registry06:56
[BG]ZlobiWith a win install cd06:56
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, use not the icon in sidebar, go to mount dir manually06:56
prince_jammysxpike: yes, from a ppa06:56
stupidxpdot well i was under a ddos06:56
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, ok...06:56
Flannelstupidxp: ##windows is the place you need o go to get help.  This channel doesn't have the technical knowledge of Windows in order to support you effectively06:57
stupidxplol safe mode wont boot..06:57
dotblankstupidxp, try using the install disk and repair the windows partition it will reset the registry06:57
doug_is it possible to somehow make a 10.4 disk with kernel 2.6.33 or 34 or 31 anything but 32 really06:57
Sc00t3rstupidxp, If the Windows installation is on the same computer as the Ubuntu installation, you should just be able to run update-grub to add it to the GRUB Bootloader, right?06:57
xpikeholy smokes i feel like im on gentoo doing all this stuff...the GUIs in this OS are meaningless lol06:57
doug_I have reason to believe .32 is EVIL06:57
[BG]Zlobithere :)06:57
drizzt_stupidxp, why did it stopped to boot?06:57
dotblankstupidxp, I would goto #windows06:57
Sc00t3rstupidxp, And if you added a registry file, you might be able to remove it from the installation to get it to boot- considering you can still access the files from ubuntu.06:57
stupidxpscoot grub wont fix this, its not apart of the boot process but loading of winxp itself06:57
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:57
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geekphreakwise_crypt: :)06:58
stupidxpscoot i have yet to figure out where to"add" my new registry file06:58
yillkidFlannel: Sorry my poor English, You say, my way is the right way to get the minimal system using minimal CD? And the next step, I should remove any packages that I don't need?06:58
ActionParsnipstupidxp: you can edit the reg from ubuntu I believe. You can also boot to xp install cd to recovery mode and edit it at command line06:58
stupidxpwindows has one guy in it dishing out ifo...06:58
Sc00t3rstupidxp, Apparently you can download Windows XP repair disks. Not too sure about it though since it might just be for Vista and 7.06:58
FlannelGuys, take the windows discussion elsewhere.  Thanks.06:58
dotblankstupidxp, oh I ment ##windows06:59
prince_jammysxpike: if you can't find it in the repositories, go to gyachi's site and follow the links to the ppa.06:59
DebolazHow can I make gdm execute a system command after a given number of login failures?06:59
stupidxp-.- downloading repairs disks an d such is like asking strangers for candy xD06:59
Sc00t3rstupidxp, Mind coming to #ubuntu-offtopic? I can try to help ya' more there.06:59
xpikehttp://anipossible3.blogspot.com/2009/01/gyache-on-ubunt.html I am doing this EXACTLY06:59
geekphreakDebolaz: afaik there is no such feature07:00
Flannelyillkid: Minimal CD will work to get the installation you want, yes.  You said it was 678MB and you want it to be 538.  Your only choice is to either live with it using an additional 140MB of space, or find a way to make it smaller (by removing packages you won't use)07:00
prince_jammysxpike: gyachi's official site.07:00
yillkidacerimmer_: Thank you, I will try, but do you know waht size will I get?07:00
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, no, opens another disk...07:00
wise_cryptSc00t3r: i gues ot is also for ubuntu related :)07:00
[BG]Zlobithe neighbour NTFS07:00
Debolazgeekphreak: Is there another login manager I can use that has such a feature? Basically, I want the machine to power off after 3 login failures.07:00
ActionParsnipstupidxp: http://www.google.com/m/url?client=ms-android-tmobile&ei=rLkZTIihApO4jAebzavqAg&gl=gb&hl=en&q=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D624943&resnum=0&sa=X&source=android-browser-key&ved=0CA4QrAIoAA&usg=AFQjCNFVOZGUYR4IB-8AG4ILVj8HOavhBA07:00
[BG]ZlobiUnmounted, remounted, checked /bbb/ff/ stuff07:00
ActionParsnipSorry :(07:00
FloodBot1ActionParsnip: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:00
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, then unmount it and mount again with "bg_BG.UTF-8" locale07:00
ActionParsnipStupid google poisoning links07:01
geekphreakDebolaz: there are other managers yes, do they have same feature, not sure07:01
acerimmer_yillkid: USB stick has to be at least 1 gigabyte.07:01
prince_jammysxpike: those are directions to compile it. you can instead try the ppa repository.07:01
FlannelDebolaz, geekphreak: I'm pretty sure you can do that, it wouldn't be a GDM feature though, probably a PAM feature.07:01
wise_cryptActionParsnip: need a better isp i gues lol07:01
wildbat_laptopis there a command to reset the NIC's MAC back to its own one ?07:01
yillkidFlannel: Why? I can use "debootstrao" directly, and I will get the 538 MB base system .07:01
xpikeim on the ppa page, Im running 8.04 amd6407:01
geekphreakFlannel: how so sir, please guide, i would be interested too07:01
xpikenot listed there07:01
dotblankxpike, whoa thats old07:02
yillkidacerimmer_: And it will less than 538 MB ?07:02
ActionParsnipWise_crypt: its the combination of google search and googles browser on g1. Nothing to do with isp07:02
Flannelgeekphreak: I'm not entirely sure, but it makes sense that it'd be doable from what I understand of PAM modules07:02
DebolazFlannel: Interesting thought.07:02
drizzt_wtf is debootstrap?07:02
xpikeyea i know07:02
Flannelyillkid: How did you install via deboostrap?07:02
* Debolaz has full disk encryption, so a shutdown would basically lock the user completely out of the system. 07:02
ActionParsnipDotblank: its a supported release so gets updates just like lucid does.07:02
geekphreakFlannel: well i am all ears, will check on it too07:02
xpikeso theres no such thing as backwards compadability now? lol07:03
wise_cryptActionParsnip: owh android hihi okey07:03
yillkidFlannel: hmm ... I mount the HDD to a floader, and #debootatrap lucid /mnt/xxxx07:03
ActionParsnipwise_crypt: exactly07:03
prince_jammysxpike: if you're going to end up compiling it, see the INSTALL or README files provided in what you downloaded.07:03
xpikeIm not doing anything anymore lol07:03
xpikeim done07:03
drizzt_xpike, don't be a c..t and update to a modern system07:03
Flannelyillkid: What are you saying?  You have a single install, and you look at the space two ways and it's different sizes?07:03
yillkidFlannel: And mount /dev ... /proc ... to the target, and intall kernl image, reboot .07:04
xpikei may update to 10.1 32 bit07:04
Flannelxpike: If it depends on a library version that's newer than the one you have then you wouldn't be able to use it07:04
stupidxplol shutting down would lock alot of people out of  the pc?07:04
doug_okay, I think this is my planim going to install 10.4 then upgrade to mainline kernel 2.6.34 on scale of 1 to 10 how hard is that going to be for a noob?07:04
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, ?07:04
[BG]ZlobiI love U07:04
yillkidFlannel: No. The minimal size I can make, the via debootstrap ... 538MB, just all .07:05
Slart!language > drizzt_07:05
ubottudrizzt_, please see my private message07:05
[BG]ZlobiUTF-8 works07:05
[BG]ZlobiNow how to automate this? :)07:05
xpikedo i have to install a from a new disc for 8.04 to 10.1 or  can i recompile everything?07:05
Flannelyillkid: No, you could certainly make a smaller system.  But, I'm not sure what you're looking for anymore.  Are you wondering why the server install isn't the smallest possible?07:05
drizzt_[BG]Zlobi, put the record in /etc/fstab07:05
Flannelxpike: You can upgrade from 8.04 to 10.0407:05
dotblankxpike, you'd be btter off downloading the 10.04 cd and installing fresh07:06
Flannelxpike: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades07:06
xpikeyea im gunna do it that way07:06
jaybinkshey .. ive got 64bit version of 10.04 installed...    its only saying I have 8gig of ram, but I have 12... how do I fix this ?07:06
xpikei have a feeling once i upgrade my compiz fusion would stop working07:06
geekphreakjaybinks: send 4 to me ;)07:06
jaybinkshaha ... thats 1 option...07:06
Slartjaybinks: perhaps your motherboard has a limit on how much memory it can handle?07:07
yillkidFlannel: Yes, and I want to find a way to install the minimal-est ubuntu. :)07:07
jaybinksbios shows 12 gig fine..07:07
drizzt_xpike, do you work on your computer or play with compiz?07:07
Flannelyillkid: Take what you've got, remove everything you don't want.  That'll be the easiest way.07:07
dotblankI never have compiz enabled07:07
yillkidFlannel: Any way, just the OS DO NOT out of the ubuntu official support .07:07
xpikeboth lol07:07
xpikeI know compiz is a resource hog07:08
Flannelyillkid: What do you mean by "official Ubuntu support"?07:08
geekphreakxpike: i love it07:08
xpikebut ti was the easiest thing to do on ubuntu07:08
Debolazgeekphreak: It seems pam_tally.so counts the number of failed attempts. But it only supports locking the account, not executing a specific command. Might be possible to modify it.07:08
jaybinksalso has anyone got compiz working over 2 Video cards ??? ( Nvidia )07:08
xpikei didnt wanna bother struggling to get compiz to work on another distro lol07:08
dotblankjaybinks, yes... and no07:08
jaybinksI currently have 3 x 24" monitors rotated 90 degrees ...07:09
jaybinksand compiz dosnt want to play nice07:09
yillkidFlannel: Using "debootstrap" way, I tried, not many change, because too dependency problems, it will cause the broken packages .07:09
dotblankjaybinks, nice07:09
jaybinksthe mouse works ok on 2 monitors, ( on same card )07:09
geekphreakDebolaz: thats interesting , will look into it :)07:09
dotblankjaybinks, I have a 24" and a projector07:09
jaybinksbut then if I move the mouse to the 2nd card ...  it starts freaking out07:09
jaybinksbe nice to get compiz going07:09
dotblankjaybinks, are you using them as seperate xservers or are you running xinerama07:10
yillkidFlannel: I want to use the official ubuntu apt server, because I want not to maintain my OS by myself .07:10
jaybinksat the moment ive got it running as separate X Screens..07:10
jaybinkscoz twinview wouldnt work for me :(07:10
dotblankjaybinks, twin view only works on a single video card07:10
jaybinksyea .. separate X Servers ...07:10
Flannelyillkid: Ah, well, you can remove anything you want and still use the repositories.  Upgrading would be different, but nothing's going to kick you off the repositories.07:10
jaybinksyea so there is my problem with twinview :P its not triview :)07:10
xpikeoh I have another question... i have saved passwords in my firefox on my windows partition, is there a way I can access it by mounting the drive and exploring the firefox directory?07:10
jaybinksseparate X servers just feels a little slow...07:11
dotblankjaybinks, actually there is a card that lets you do it07:11
drizzt_yillkid, install dsl and stop trolling that channel07:11
dotblankjaybinks, but its expensive07:11
prince_jammysxpike: hopefully not.07:11
=== dabomb69 is now known as Chazz
xpikei need those passwords lol07:11
kbrosnanxpike: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Recovering+important+data+from+an+old+profile07:11
jaybinksyea I could get one of those funky 4 or 6 output cards right :P07:11
prince_jammysxpike: perhaps you can use some of the settings from the window installation.07:11
kbrosnanprince_jammys: fairly trivial07:11
xpikethanks alot07:12
drizzt_should I install the recent kernel update?07:12
yillkiddrizzt_: What mistake I make?07:12
dotblankon those cards you can used the sli cards outputs as well07:13
alex87anyone else *still* having issues with 64-bit? ie, the latest version of flash. i have 4GB of ram (which i never fill), not sure it's worth bothering yet07:13
drizzt_yillkid, Ubuntu is not supposed to be small07:13
geekphreakDebolaz: it has other options i see, nothing to execute a command perhaps if it makes sense to you07:13
dotblankalex87, I don't have issues with 64 bit... just flash07:13
drizzt_drizzt_, Debian and Ubuntu are built around the functionality, not efficiency07:13
Debolazgeekphreak: I'm looking into pam_exec now. It's not exactly what I want, but could provide a useful way of plugging into the pam system without having to resort to C.07:13
alex87dotblank, yeah, i haven't had many other issues. another reason to oust adobe i guess07:14
drizzt_you may try other distros, like arch or gentoo07:14
dotblankbut thanks to webm and html5 my system is slowly using flash less and less07:14
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, all ready :)07:14
drizzt_what's ready?07:14
[BG]ZlobiAll my three NTFS partitions07:14
dotblankI love html5 youtube07:15
yillkiddrizzt_: I just want to find a official way ... minimal CD is a way... I do not think this is a bed idea, or a unused information for this channel, thanks . :)07:15
[BG]ZlobiEdited entries, commented the original lines :)07:15
dotblankbest thing EVER!07:15
andrewfreeSo you guys think if I was booted up running linux, and plugged a typical PC into my mac via usb on both ends, think I could access the windows drive on linux?07:15
=== thb_Sux is now known as thibow
dotblankandrewfree, ummm no07:16
dotblankandrewfree, well actually you sorta can07:16
dotblankwith g_file kernel module07:17
r0zzhi somebody can help me ?07:17
unopandrewfree, you'll need a special usb cable and drivers for both OSes to do that.07:17
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:17
r0zzi have problem with a usb live07:17
unopandrewfree, why not use the network instead?07:17
dotblankunop, not true.. you can still use normal cables for it07:17
dotblankunop, but it is very complicated07:18
stupidxphow do i force mount? how do i list drives?07:18
drizzt_andrewfree, USB connection of computers are NOT supported07:18
geekphreakstupidxp: guess who is back :p07:18
andrewfreeok makes sense, so better question. I have a drive with linux on it,  can I boot a PC up from that drive to do repairs to the drive.07:18
geekphreakr0zz: as in?07:18
unopdotblank, i've tried this before -- and had to resort to buying the cables .. in anycase, you need the drivers07:18
stupidxpi googled and think i found where it is07:18
geekphreakstupidxp: sudo fdisk -l07:18
r0zzim using a iso, before my iso was 700 mb but now i need other package and is 1.4gb when boot tell me need to in congous area07:19
dotblankunop, umm have you tried the usb gadget modules?07:19
ziohi everybody07:19
geekphreakr0zz: huh what?07:19
drizzt_r0zz, the usb device is too fragmented to boot from07:19
r0zzwhat do i need to do?07:20
zioi need help :(07:20
unopdotblank, umm no, but that would constitute using drivers right?07:20
drizzt_r0zz, probably reformat and recreate it07:20
fcwlxdzio:what is wrong07:20
kelvinellahi, is xubuntu or ubuntu netbook remix is better for an old laptop?07:20
dotblankunop, well everything uses drivers.. but I think on most machines its already there07:20
dotblankunop, it emulates a flash drive... so you don't need to install extra drivers07:21
[BG]Zlobiandrewfree, afaik usb can't be used between two PCs07:21
ZorkyHEy all. I have a HP DC5100 Computer which supports 4GB ram. after a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 it can only detect 3GB what can I do?07:21
dotblankunop, I stand corrected on the cable thing actually.. but you don't need special drivers07:21
[BG]ZlobiBut IEEE1394 aka Firewire can07:21
drizzt_kelvinella, linux is not good for old laptops, because hardware support is lacking and no drivers are developed for old hardware07:21
unopdotblank, well, the one I used simulated that bi-directionally and you could enable networking if you wanted.07:21
zio fcwlxd: whats the difference between installing grub on entire disk (dev/sda) or istalling it in the first partition?07:22
stupidxphow do i force mount?07:22
drizzt_Zorky, pae07:22
kelvinelladrizzt_, what?07:22
[BG]Zlobistupidxp, with -f or smth...07:22
drizzt_kelvinella, linux is usable on modern hardware only07:22
stupidxplike mount -f /dev/sda1 ??07:22
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r0zzi found an aplication called WinContig for desfragment but there is other problems07:23
kelvinelladrizzt_, but everything work in puppylinux here, even the wireless pc card07:23
dotblankif you use kernel 2.4 it might work on older hardware07:23
[BG]Zlobistupidxp, yes, try07:23
Zorkydrizzt_, change kernel to pae? please explain some more on how.07:23
drizzt_oh thats good07:23
drizzt_Zorky, yes07:23
andrewfree[BG]Zlobi: yea I think I am going to just boot ubuntu from a flash drive. How well does that work? Can I install tools on it and have them stay there?07:23
drizzt_kelvinella, i'd tryed ubuntu remix, because xubuntu is unusable07:24
kelvinelladrizzt_, how usable?07:24
kelvinelladrizzt_, how unusable?07:24
happosadeWhat does mean that mdadm says, when I am creating new raid5-system: mdadm: Cannot open /dev/sdd: Device or resource busy07:25
drizzt_kelvinella, it misses most Gnome tools, and support is third-rate07:25
mneptokdrizzt_: Kubuntu "misses most GNOME tools" as well. this is what happens when *you don't use GNOME*.07:26
[BG]Zlobiandrewfree, I think you can, at least have separate folder on usb and use from there once booted07:26
zioplease somebody07:26
kelvinelladrizzt_, what gnome tool missing?  i thought xubuntu and ubuntu are the same except using different x windows07:26
drizzt_mneptok, kubuntu have equivalent tools, xubuntu has nothing07:26
[BG]Zlobiandrewfree, however some stuff does not work w/o real install, you know...07:26
r0zzhow can virtual box recognize usb07:26
mneptokdrizzt_: ost of them are an apt-get away.07:27
mneptokr0zz: Vbox has host add-on tools you can install from the client OS.07:27
[BG]Zlobiwell, xubuntu is quite usable, tho the diappering panels can piss you off07:28
drizzt_xubuntu have no nautilus, no gnome-control-center, no gnome-panel, etc...07:29
r0zzmm need bot from usb in vbox to avoid fatigue restart07:29
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, but can be controlled just as well for basic tasks, and it is aimed at low-end machines, so it's worth07:29
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andrewfree[BG]Zlobi:  meh I think ill just use a ubuntu live cd and install the tools I need each time I need to fix someones computer.07:30
drizzt_the only good thing in xubuntu is the keyboard switcher07:31
kelvinellawhats kayboard switcher?07:31
[BG]Zlobiandrewfree, if you can always have internet :)07:31
vikasapHello all, I am not able to find cups header files in ubuntu. I have already installed cups through ap-get install cups07:31
mneptokdrizzt_: you're wandering far offtopic for #ubuntu at this point.07:31
dotblankandrewfree, you can create a custom live cd by remastering07:31
HemebondWhat would I search for to find a fix for the "pulse audio breaks on switch user"?07:31
[BG]Zlobiandrewfree, some older PCs don't do USB boot also07:32
dotblankandrewfree, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization07:32
[BG]ZlobiBut CD + USB is fine07:32
vikasapDo I need to install any other package to get the cups headers ?07:32
drizzt_offtopic? I liked to have a flag for layout in gnome 2.26, but they scrapped it in gnome 2.28 or whatever it is right now, and I cannot put it back!07:32
andrewfreeWell I mainly want to do Mac repair, Im good at that. I want to start learning more PC stuff but I guess ill figure it out as it comes07:33
kelvinelladrizzt_, the laptop only has 256 mb ram, 1.6GHz pentium M07:33
kelvinelladrizzt_, unusable in ubuntu, but quite fast in xubuntu07:33
stupidxp sudo mount -t ntfs -o force /dev/sda1 what is wrong with this?07:33
drizzt_stupidxp, no mount point07:33
[BG]ZlobiAh, he as me07:34
[BG]Zlobidrizzt_, aren't you tired :D07:34
stupidxpdrizzt? how so?07:34
[BG]Zlobistupidxp, add /media/SOMETHING at the end07:34
nomad77stupidxp: try ntfs-3g? and a mountpoint07:34
[BG]Zlobisudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sda1 /media/Mydisk07:35
[BG]Zlobiand - for -force...07:36
ziowhat is the command to remove grub from ubuntu live session?07:36
drizzt_zio, chroot to target system and remove it07:36
Sam_FisherGood da mate07:36
ziodrittz: and that means?07:37
r0zzthanks, i could mount iso in vbox, now, if my image is 1.4 is necesary have a memory with more capacity?07:37
stupidxpomg the drive disapeared and renamed all drive <drive size> media :  sudo mount -t ntfs -o force /dev/sda1 /media07:38
stupidxpbrb lemme restart07:38
Sam_FisherI need/want a widget to show CPU/temps/etc I have Xsensor but gawd is it boring looking! What can I use? I use Docky but all I have is the sun sensor that glows red all the time07:39
dotblankSam_Fisher, tried conky?07:39
Sam_FisherI beg your pardon! I am a gentleman07:40
Sam_Fisherdotblank, what is conky?07:40
prince_jammys!info conky07:40
ubottuconky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.0-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 31 kB, installed size 68 kB07:40
prince_jammysthough i suspect you'll find it "boring looking"07:40
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dotblankprince_jammys, you have great bot fu07:40
Sam_Fishersynaptic has Conky?07:40
geekphreakSam_Fisher: yup07:41
llutz!info gkrellm | Sam_Fisher maybe this07:41
ubottuSam_Fisher: gkrellm (source: gkrellm): GNU Krell Monitors. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.4-1 (lucid), package size 775 kB, installed size 2156 kB07:41
Guest18330hello everyone, just installed ubuntu, how to install wifi driver07:41
geekphreakSam_Fisher: sudo apt-get install conky-all07:41
prince_jammys!wireless | Guest1833007:41
ubottuGuest18330: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:41
soreauGuest18330: Which wifi chip is it?07:41
Sam_FisherGuest18330, which wifi do you have? or which laptop etc?07:41
firepilotI'm currently compiling a kernel and I need to include efivars, but I'm not really sure how to do that. Any help?07:41
Guest18330i dont know which wifi chip, compaq 61007:42
Sam_FisherGuest18330, And why do you think it didn't install one?07:42
ziosudo aptitude purge grub2 grub-pc  will this remove grub installed with 10.04?07:42
prince_jammysfirepilot: try ##linux07:42
soreauGuest18330: Is it a pci (internal) card or usb?07:42
dotblankGuest18330, try running lspci -v07:42
firepilotprince_jammys, kay, thanks :)07:43
Guest18330ints internal card07:43
soreauGuest18330: look at the output of 'lspci' in your terminal07:43
Guest18330yeah checking that07:43
geekphreakGuest18330: good luck :)07:44
geekphreakzio: mind if i ask, why toy are purging it?07:44
Sam_Fishergeekphreak, only positive sentiments here buddy07:44
wildbatzio, y don't you try and tell us ^^07:45
Guest18330Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)07:45
geekphreakSam_Fisher: excuse me?07:45
Guest18330thats my driver07:45
Sam_Fishergeekphreak, so where will conky run? Widget toolbar?07:45
ziogrub got corrupted somehow07:45
plitterhey everyone, i am trying to fix a mic on an acer aspire, and i got it to work but then suddenly the driver disappeared (or thats what i think happened) since i couldnt choose device in pulsaudio. can someone help me?07:45
geekphreakSam_Fisher: desktop as a widget07:45
dotblankSam_Fisher, desktop as a widget07:45
wildbatGuest18330,  intel 3945 you don't need driver07:45
dotblankgeekphreak, your my typing clone07:45
zioand i dont have windows disc to restore mbr from07:45
soreauGuest18330: Now, what makes you think the driver is not already working? (if 'iwconfig' shows a wlan0 or wifi interface, the driver module is already loaded)07:45
Sam_FisherStereo help! How great is that07:46
geekphreakdotblank: i typed first ;) , that makes u the clone :p07:46
zioi need a way to eradicate grub without windows disc07:46
soreauwildbat: You do, it's just included in the kernel and loaded by default07:46
Guest18330then how to enable wifi, i installed desktop version07:46
Guest18330of ubuntu07:46
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dotblankGuest18330, did you check for any restricted drivers?07:46
soreauGuest18330: Do you not see wlan0 interface from the output of 'iwconfig'?07:46
geekphreakzio: so u can just run windows?07:46
Guest18330i did, no result07:46
soreaudotblank: There are no proprietary drivers for intel chips07:46
geekphreakzio: which windows is this?07:47
zioim typing from there07:47
dotblankGuest18330, what version of ubuntu07:47
ziowin7 ultimate build 760007:47
geekphreakzio: if you have the dvd , u can fix it07:47
Sam_FisherGuest18330, here is what I did on my laptop. Open the Ubuntu software Center and search for wifi radar and install that.07:47
soreauGuest18330: You may need a newer kernel for that card to work so you might try a 10.04 live cd07:47
zioi dont have windows disc07:48
dotblankGuest18330, or have you tried updateing the system?07:48
Guest18330no yet07:48
kurtisHey, I'm trying to figure out how to get my fan working on my laptop. I have ACPI working finally (acpi) but the only temp. I can find for it to turn on is at 105C07:48
dotblankGuest18330, update my very well help your situation07:48
soreauSam_Fisher: If he has no wifi interface as reported from iwconfig, any program that attempts to use the driver (like wifi radar) will be useless07:48
ziois there a command  to delete grub from the live ubuntu07:48
Sam_FisherGuest18330, makes finding and managing wifi much easier07:48
Guest18330i'm going to install wifi radar07:49
geekphreakzio: why not just make windows default?07:49
ziogrub will still be there07:49
dotblankSam_Fisher, if he doesn't have the drivers that won't work07:49
zioi dont want it anymore installed07:49
acperkinszio: fixboot and fixmbr from the command prompt should get rid of grub, but I don't remember if they get installed to the hard drive or if they only run from the Windows recovery console07:49
stupidxpugh i wish i could remember what i typed earlier to get it mounted...07:49
soreauGuest18330: wifi radar will not help your driver situation at all07:49
geekphreakacperkins: they need the cd07:49
ghufranhi, i have 9.1 64 bit and copying files to external storage via usb. file operation doesnt seem to end now (used to work fine earlier). it keeps sitting at a 100% but never closes. if i close it myself, the file is corrupted07:49
zioacperkins: recovery console i think07:49
Guest18330then what else to do07:50
Maks1Hello can't find Compiz Manager in fresh installed ubuntu. USC sais that its already installed!07:50
kurtiszio: You used to be able to do fdisk /mbr, but I haven't done that in a long time07:50
dotblankstupidxp, mount -t ntfs-3g -o force drive mountpoint07:50
soreauGuest18330: Upgrade to 10.0407:50
soreauMaks1: What does 'ccsm' in your terminal say?07:50
xrohi, i would like to use kate on ubuntu... i installed it but i don't have the console.... have xou an idea?07:50
acperkinszio: does 'fdisk /mbr' still work in Win7?07:50
soreauxro: What console?07:50
Guest18330i dont want to upgarde, shall check updates07:50
Maks1i dont know what is ccsm :)07:50
zioacperkins: works from the disk07:51
prince_jammysxro: you might have to install konsole07:51
soreauMaks1: Run 'ccsm' in your terminal without tick marks and view the output07:51
geekphreakzio: cant you borrow the disc?07:51
jzacshis there a decent peice of documentation of how to install ubunt w/raid -- not just how to install RAID, but specifically, how to do it during installation?07:51
dotblankMaks1, its the compiz setting manager07:51
geekphreakwho had compiz issue?07:51
soreau! ccsm | Maks107:51
ubottuMaks1: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz07:51
jzacshraid 1 to be specific07:51
geekphreakis compizconfig-setting-manager installed?07:51
Maks1you mean apt-get install ccsm? :)07:51
acperkinshmm, in that case I'm out of ideas07:52
zioisnt there a command to run in terminal from ubuntu live session to get rid of grub?07:52
kurtisAny suggestions on how to force a laptop fan on?07:52
soreauMaks1: No, 'ccsm' is the command. compizconfig-setting-manager is the package that provides it07:52
geekphreakMaks1: compizconfig-settings-manager07:52
llutzzio: if you don't have a backup of the original MBR, no07:52
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:52
cgethycxHi, I am using ubuntu 10.04 and I am unable to get my audio input to work correctly. I can record sound coming into the computer but I can't hear it until I play It back. Also I am a noob so please be nice.07:52
geekphreakcgethycx: do we have to lol07:52
Guest18330no information regarding wifi driver in updates07:52
zioi didnt lost grub after installing windows07:53
dotblankcgethycx, You would want your audio to playback whilst speaking into the microphone07:53
zioi already googled it all day yesterday07:53
dotblankcgethycx, right?07:53
geekphreakzio: man  you need the dvd07:53
cgethycxI am trying to capture audio and I need to know when to stop07:53
cgethycxyes I need to here it07:54
Maks1Thanks a lot!07:54
geekphreakMaks1: did it work?07:54
dotblankcgethycx, If that is the case then press alt-f2 and type "pactl load-module module-loopback"07:54
kurtiscgethycx: If you used audacity you can see the sound waves. Not sure about having it output while receiving input though07:54
zioi will try find the dvd but i dont remember seen any command prompt in win7 boot from dvd07:54
xroprince_jammys, works... thanks a lot... i didn't think that kde have a specific console!07:54
plitteris there a way to install the kernel module for sound again? seems i made them go away07:54
geekphreakzio: it has resuce mode, to enter recovery console , from there >> bootrec /fixmbr07:55
Maks1thanks again :D07:55
Sam_Fishergeekphreak, Where do I configure Conky? I am not seeing it in Applications07:55
cgethycxyes I am using audacity and i can see the waves and i can hear it on play back07:55
llutzSam_Fisher: "vim ~/.conkyrc"07:56
geekphreakSam_Fisher: edit cofig files07:56
geekphreakconfig too07:56
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geekphreakllutz: thanks07:56
tgywawhat are the major paremeters to set for a mail relay server based on postfix?07:56
dotblankcgethycx, audacity has an option to enable local playback of recording audio if that doesn''t work then you may want to try the command I gave you07:57
geekphreakSam_Fisher: i dont use such application, dont like em :)07:57
llutztgywa: those dpkg asks you when installing. more info at #postfix07:57
cgethycxgreat i will try it now07:57
tgywallutz, not clearn ...07:57
tgywallutz, not clear ...07:57
zio geekphreak: thanks.. if i decide to reinstall ubuntu in the future  whats the difference between installing grub in dev/sda or in a partition?07:58
llutztgywa: tyoe "/join  #postfix"  make sure to have read the postfix-docu before you ask faqs there07:58
wildbatzio, you just don't install grub in partition07:58
Sam_Fishergeekphreak, whaaaat? You told me to get Conky and  now you tell me it's not good enough for you. Great. lol07:58
geekphreakzio depends on situtations07:59
Sam_Fishergeekphreak, Vim-gnome not installed07:59
Sam_Fisherwhat is Vim ?07:59
geekphreakSam_Fisher: type vi07:59
llutzSam_Fisher: use nano, or any editor you know/like07:59
geekphreakSam_Fisher: its the editor07:59
geekphreakSam_Fisher: try nano, you will find it easier to work with07:59
Sam_FisherHow many here use Irisi IRC chatter? I am using Xchat and it does the job but keep hearing about Irisi08:00
drizzt_Sam_Fisher, don't run vi if you don't know what it is08:00
chu_Sam_Fisher: irssi?08:00
geekphreaki am on irssi , love it08:00
KeypadHi, does anyone have any problems with the ubuntu installer. Nearly all the disks cause my PSU to crash*08:00
geekphreak!info irssi08:00
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.14-1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 1064 kB, installed size 2872 kB08:00
Sam_FisherI bet that's why I didn't find it! misspelled08:00
wildbatKeypad,  PSU to crash ? ~ sound more like a hardware problem?08:01
cgethycxthe option is not available but is there but it has a recommendation to not do it during stereo mix.  when i am done recording i will try the code you gave me.  thanks08:01
Keypadwildbat: thats what I thought too. But it works fine in winblows08:01
geekphreakSam_Fisher: its worth a shot, good tool to work with08:01
wildbatKeypad, what you experiencing?08:02
geekphreakSam_Fisher: lol sorry mate, but i do hate those application, you asked for it :p08:03
Keypadwildbat: I cant install off USB Media, It says the HDD is fucked or it changes its mind and says the CD is scrached lol08:03
pmjdebruijnI'm using the foo2qpdl driver for a Samsung Laser printer, however the halftoning gives weird patterns08:03
chu_when I upgrade from Karmic to Lucid, what gets changed?08:03
Sam_FisherI know the hard core geeks use irssi and I want to be kool to. LOL08:03
geekphreakSam_Fisher: lol08:03
pmjdebruijnchu_: always use the live cd first, to try out08:03
chu_Gah, can't be bothered downloading!08:03
stupidxp sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sda1 /media/g:\  it keeps cutting the \ off how do i rename or create a new folder in /media?08:03
Zorkyhey all. while viewing a file using "less" can I start editing from there? (like in vi) if so, how?08:04
wildbatKeypad, huh? may be you wanna copy down the error msg?08:04
llutzSam_Fisher: it's hard to be 133808:04
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geekphreakstupidxp: what are you trying to do now?08:04
stupidxpforce mount this ntfs..08:04
ziosfdisk -d *device* > *filename*.partTable08:04
Keypadwildbat: So I swapped the HDD out, but now it installs the core package and while its taking its sweet time to do that it will just restart / hang08:04
prince_jammysZorky: 'v'08:04
Sam_FisherDid we fix that Guestxxx wifi problem?08:04
Keypaddoesnt even post08:04
ziois this how you backup partition table in ubuntu?08:04
geekphreakzio: cfdisk?08:04
stupidxpit keeps deleteing one charecter and the prevents the command from working08:05
wildbatKeypad, did you check your iso file against checksum ?08:05
cgethycxwhile I am here are there any good guides on setting up a home network, I have 2 pc running 10.04 but the do not see each other, but I can see a laptop running win7 and my network drive that is connected to my router.08:05
geekphreakzio: dont play with something,y ou dont know off :)08:05
geekphreakzio: will caus e more harm then good imo08:05
stupidxphow would i rename a folder or tell it to create one?08:05
geekphreakstupidxp: mkdir?08:05
zioi already did it from sysrescuecd08:05
llutzzio: sfdisk or just "sudo dd if=/dev/sdX of=mbr.img count=1"08:06
Zorkyprince_jammys, great, but that is not vi, what is it?08:06
Keypadwildbat, yep even changed to USB then switched to the alternative iso because, I find the live CD tends to hang more often.08:06
ziollutz: thanks08:06
prince_jammysZorky: probably nano. set your EDITOR and VISUAL environment variables to whatever editor you want08:06
Maks1Hello one more time) I am trying to do panels (task bars) transparent, but somewhy buttons applications places system arent transparent why/08:06
Zorkyprince_jammys, great. thanks m808:07
pmjdebruijnchu_: why would anybody further bother to help you out, if you're to lame to download a live cd?08:07
geekphreakMaks1: is compiz enabled?08:07
prince_jammysZorky: welcome08:07
pmjdebruijnchu_: you need to be willing to help yourself :)08:07
Sam_FisherI want to be Z3r0 C00l like in hackers. lol08:07
stupidxpmuahaha i'm so stupid..you guys are awesome heheh08:07
indusfor gmail, in the cc field, you can drag and expand it with chrome but not with firefox, any tips regarding that08:07
Zorkyprince_jammys, may I ask on how to set the default editor to vi or vim?08:07
geekphreakMaks1: right click on desktop08:07
sikuni am having some problems getting my mic to work on my desktop, not sure where to really start on troubleshooting it08:08
prince_jammysZorky: in ~/.profile : '' export EDITOR=vim VISUAL=vim08:08
geekphreakMaks1: choose chaneg desktop background >> visual effects>> enable it08:08
prince_jammysZorky: err, ignore the quotes.08:08
KeypadThe funny thing is im sure my PSU is sweet, Its a Ernamax.08:08
llutz!pm > zio08:08
ubottuzio, please see my private message08:08
ziohm ok08:08
Maks1they are enabled08:09
zioi read that swap partition is not necessary with more than 2gb ram is that true?08:09
wildbatKeypad, hmmm no idea ... try to get the error msg out ~ or check the dmesg08:09
prince_jammysZorky: you'll have to log out and back in.08:09
induszio, yeah08:09
cgethycxneed help or links to any good guides on setting up a home network, I have 2 pc running 10.04 but the do not see each other, but I can see a laptop running win7 and my network drive that is connected to my router.08:09
geekphreakMaks1: shold work then, if it is enabled, just log out, log back in08:09
induszio, really not necessary but i hear it wont hibernate properly08:10
geekphreakzio: swap is always good too have imo08:10
Maks1o ok08:10
prince_jammysZorky: your profile is sourced upon login, so re-login for changes to take effect with any terminal you open.08:10
induszio, i have 2 gb swap though i have 3 gb ram08:10
wildbatcgethycx, define seeing ... can;t you ping the ubuntus machine?08:10
ziouhm maybe its better08:10
geekphreakMaks1: listen08:11
cgethycxnot sure how to ping,08:11
geekphreakMaks1: try something for me ,will you08:11
ziocan i create root partition (the one with mount point /) and swap both primary?08:11
ziowould it work?08:11
geekphreakMaks1: press the window key + tab kew on your pc08:11
wise_crypt!ics | cgethycx08:11
ubottucgethycx: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:11
wildbatcgethycx, open !terminal and type ping <target ipaddress>08:11
geekphreakMaks1: just try it08:11
geekphreakMaks1: do effects work?08:12
geekphreakMaks1: you see windows animating?08:12
wise_crypt!ebox > cgethycx08:12
ubottucgethycx, please see my private message08:12
Zorkyprince_jammys, thank you. vm08:12
geekphreakMaks1: ok great, then its enable, i was just making sure :)08:12
Maks1same as SUPER+SHIFT+S08:12
Maks1thanks :D08:13
geekphreakMaks1: ctrl+alt+down arrow ;)08:13
geekphreakMaks1: anyways good luck08:13
Maks1o one more :)08:13
Maks1how to put compiz in autostart08:13
Maks1Startup apps08:13
geekphreakMaks1: it iwll start, every time with pc08:14
geekphreakMaks1: its enabled now :)08:14
Maks1its not in there!08:14
cgethycxI am not trying to set up a server I just want to be able to mount drives and share a printer and things of that sort08:14
indusfor gmail, in the cc field, you can drag and expand it with chrome but not with firefox, any tips regarding that08:14
cgethycxwhat is !ebox08:14
wildbatcgethycx, in that case you want sshfs or nfs08:15
wildbat!sshfs  | cgethycx08:15
ubottucgethycx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS08:15
stupidxpok i replaced the old "default file in windows/system32/config with the new registry file ...08:15
wildbat!nfs  | cgethycx08:15
ubottucgethycx: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.08:15
stupidxplets see if it workx XD08:15
wise_cryptcgethycx: if you plan to expand your connection more than 2 pc i would recommend ebox its very easy to be configured just add http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox/1.5/ubuntu lucid main in your synaptic repos and choose ebox-gateway08:15
stupidxpwish me luck heheh08:16
wise_cryptcgethycx: * deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox/1.5/ubuntu lucid main08:16
indusis chromium available for karmic ?08:16
iguannahi all08:17
sreedoes i386 isos work on mac book pro also?08:17
Maks1didnt work :(08:17
Maks1maybe i should install kde?08:17
iguannaI have to write in my browser the next address: http://localhost:8080/sial , How could I set up the hosts file to access at this address typing www.sial.com?08:18
indussree, yes i belive08:18
indussree, but not easy08:18
Maks1Why buttons applications places system logout and so on arent transparent? Compiz enabled08:19
phaniHi.. I am having Hardy 8.04 and having machine Optiplex Gx620 and having issues with audio.. Volume icon is mute and when i type asoundconf list it doesn't show any card but when i use lspci -v | less audio i can see the intel card.. when i click on voulme icon it says Gstreamer plugin needed any ideas how to fix it08:19
geekphreakMaks1: ?08:20
wise_cryptiguana: that dns stuff and you had to buy the www.sial.com for that08:20
soreauMaks1: You mean the panel is transparent but it's menus arent?08:20
Maks1i dont know that is menus :)08:20
Maks1well only free space on panel is transparent08:21
Maks1but the buttons arent08:21
* soreau calls for screenshot08:21
Maks1o its because of theme! :D08:22
geekphreakMaks1: which video card you have?08:22
Maks1i dont know :D its not my comp08:23
geekphreaklol :d08:23
Maks1i think ati08:23
ennuiclan talk any suggestions for a ubuntu <-> OSX network? I take it samab is more for windows...?08:23
geekphreakMaks1: even if it aint your pc, you did a good job08:25
cgethycxjust to be clear after i add repo do a search for ebox in synaptic package manager and get the latest version?08:25
wise_cryptcgethycx: sudo apt-get update08:26
Maks1:D thanks but i think u did the most ;D08:26
geekphreakcgethycx: i normally run an update before it08:26
phani Hi.. I am having Hardy 8.04 and having machine Optiplex Gx620 and having issues with audio.. Volume icon is mute and when i type asoundconf list it doesn't show any card but when i use lspci -v | less audio i can see the intel card.. when i click on voulme icon it says Gstreamer plugin needed any ideas how to fix it08:26
cgethycxand will i need to do this on all machines running 10.0408:26
geekphreakwise_crypt: long time :)08:26
wise_cryptcgethycx: sudo apt-get install ebox-? ?=the suite you want (gateway, webmail, webserver and etc)08:26
geekphreakMaks1: :)08:26
wise_cryptgeekphreak: :)08:27
Maks1geekphreak is there any combination to scrool down all the windows? :)08:27
cgethycxwould gateway suit normal home user stuff08:27
Maks1i mean like in windows SUPED+D08:28
geekphreakMaks1: u mean minimize?08:28
geekphreakMaks1: ctrl+alt+d08:28
Maks1thanks :D08:28
notrackingr irc.malvager.com08:32
zio cat *file*.partTable | sfdisk *device*08:33
geekphreaksoreau: welcome back :)08:34
ziosfdisk command to restore part table am i correct?08:34
* soreau grumbles08:34
lgeesfstjhow could I get ruby to run on system startup08:35
sreeindus, do you have any pointers/ url that i could refer to08:35
indussree, old link i found08:36
indussree, can ruin your mac so careful08:36
indussree, i suggest you see the installation and upgrades section of ubuntu forums for current info08:37
cgethycxI have looked at ebox and it seams like a bit of over kill. Is that what would be best for a simple home network. Keep in mind that I am coming from a world of windows.08:37
statimim running ubuntu in vmware, no gui, just server.  anyone know how to go about making /mnt/somefolder map to my host computer at a particular directory?08:38
kurtisHey, I'm trying to customize Gnome/Metacity's appearance. So far everything is going well except I can't figure out how to change "Disabled Text". Currently it gives it this ugly embedded appearance08:38
wise_cryptcgethycx: what do you mean its very easy https://localhost/ebox and enter the password you give in installation08:39
kurtisFor example, in my terminal window "Change Profile" is disabled and it has that appearance08:39
kurtis*terminal window menu08:39
kurtisAny suggestions?08:40
geekphreaktime to go , cya folks :)08:40
Kartagishey. what are my options to import a certificate into thunderbird if I am getting an error like http://people.sabanciuniv.edu/mtozses/cert.png ?08:40
Vigokurtis: Have you reverted to Gnome Default?08:41
kurtisKartagis: I would personally recommend asking in a Mozilla channel08:41
Kartagiskurtis, #mozilla ?08:42
kurtisVigo: nope, I haven't tried that. Let me give it a spin as long as i can save my current setup08:42
VigoOr #thunderbird08:42
=== dexter is now known as Guest51773
kensanataDoes anybody know how to remove most of the English language variants in Firefox? I installed German spellchecking and switch often. I'd prefer not to see the seven unused English variants when switching.08:43
wise_cryptcgethycx: after that just click network modul set your first interface which is usually eth0 as the wan(go to internet) << you dhoukd click wan and then set your second interface and then set up your dns resolver with and add dns that given by your isp remember to put on top the other and then ativate your configuration in modul status and then bang your client will go through internet if you set up your client ip with the same ...08:43
cgethycxnot that it minght not be easy, but while looking at screen shots of ebox it seam that i would be setting but my home like an office building and was just wondering if that was the best option for home use08:43
wise_crypt... subnet eith your eth108:43
Vigokurtis: Ok, I found a few posts on that, here is the one from Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/40508908:44
olskolircI can't seem to get this adobe flash player 10.1 loaded - this upgrades bypasses adobe's new injection that came out on June 10th they gave us a new one- anyone get their loaded?08:44
kurtisvigo: That changed the font so it looks a lot better but I'm not sure where that option would be found08:44
Maks1Guys forgot what to write to activate emerald theme?08:44
kurtisvigo: Sweet I didn't even see your previous message. Thanks08:44
Maks1replace emerald-compiz?08:44
wise_cryptcgethycx: http://www.howtoforge.com/using-ebox-as-a-gateway-firewall-traffic-shaping-http-proxy-and-more << lots of screenshot about that08:45
VigoYou are welcome, I hope that helps.08:45
kurtisIs there a Gnome channel on Freenode or would I have better luck hitting up their IRC servers?08:47
wildbathow do get the lid button working? it can't turn off the screen08:49
arvind_khadrikurtis, there is the gnome network08:49
the_filewhy is ubuntu 64bit not recommended for daily desktop usage????.08:50
kelvinellahow to install all codec for movie?08:50
kelvinellasudo apt-get install restrict?08:50
wise_crypt!multinedia > kelvinella08:50
bazhangkelvinella, install ubuntu-restricted-extras would be your first step08:50
wise_crypt!multimedia > kelvinella08:50
ubottukelvinella, please see my private message08:50
Type-Othe_file, x64 runs fine08:51
the_filekelvinella: keylite codec pack I think they have a version for linux08:51
kurtisarvind_khadri: Yeah I'll probably go ask over there. Thank you08:51
bazhangthe_file, no that's not correct08:51
the_filetype-o: but look here: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download08:51
the_fileit CLEARLY states not recommended for daily desktop usage08:51
Type-Othat's for linux new users afraid of googling answers08:52
Sky[x]how to fix blank page when come into desktop, radeon 9600xt and upgrade 9.04 to 10.04 :>08:52
bazhangthe_file, regarding the klite codec pack, and 64bit08:52
cronosaAnyone know how to spawn a process in ssh and it will stay alive when you disconnect?08:52
cgethycxI am going to give ebox a try but i am unsure of some of the questions during installation. for example "this account will be used when root changes password. Note Account has to be privileged account." what do I enter?08:52
kurtiscronosa: <filename> &08:52
lesscronosa: check out the screen command.08:53
the_fileis the 64bit version compatible with 32bit sofware?.08:53
Type-Othe_file, it works fine but some things require knowlege of the ia32 stuff08:53
wise_cryptcgethycx: ebox use sudo08:53
arvind_khadrithe_file, no...08:53
wise_cryptcgethycx: ebox it is trustable08:53
the_filehmm I think windows has compatibility08:53
the_filefor that kind of version08:53
arvind_khadrithe_file, i read you wrong, sorry08:53
cronosakurtis: Perfect! that worked08:54
Type-O64 runs 32bit apps just fine08:54
bullgard4'detlef@T43:~$ file ~/Datenbanken/dbBegriffe2.cfg; /home/detlef/Datenbanken/dbBegriffe2.cfg: data'. Why does mc indicate thid file as "executable"?08:54
wise_cryptcgethycx: all it want to do is to be in admin group but no root password given08:55
jigalcan someone help me with this error?08:55
wise_cryptcgethycx: not like other gui i met all want the root wonder why they just  give stdin to sudo08:56
arvind_khadrijigal, ask your error08:56
llutzbullgard4: because the executable-bit is set?08:56
cgethycxI used sudo for the commands to install but Package configuration about dns service provider?08:56
jigalarvind_khadri: sorry http://pastebin.com/Dm2BYaiX08:58
IncarnationWhy is version 10.4 followed by the letters "LTS"?08:58
IncarnationWhat does that mean?08:58
rich_long term support08:58
rich_updates will be supported for several years.08:58
IncarnationOh... why did they put that acronym after the version number?08:58
bullgard4Why did OpenOffice.org set the executable bit in a configuration file?08:58
eichiIncarnation: means, you have langer time for supporter ubunt version, 3 years package update i think08:58
rich_Does anyone know how to mount the ipod? I cannot get a signal from the kernel? Which package do I need to install?08:58
eichiIncarnation: better for companies etc08:59
MinifigureI installed Ubuntu using Wubi to see how it is and what it can do and I like it.  How can I make a copy of it so I can get it in a new HD without re-installing everything ad redoing my settings?  IS it possible?08:59
Incarnationbetter for me08:59
eichiMinifigure: backup home folder?08:59
arvind_khadrijigal, its pointing to /bin/java , it should be pointing to /usr/bin/java, as thats where java is08:59
eichiMinifigure: there are all user settings inside08:59
MinifigureI would like to backupthe whole system if pssible.08:59
llutzbullgard4: what filesystem is " /home/detlef/Datenbanken/" on?08:59
eichithen you only have to reinstall system and packages09:00
arvind_khadri!ipod | rich_09:00
ubotturich_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod09:00
MinifigureAny way to backup everything I have on here, pacages, settings, etc?09:00
eichiMinifigure: should work too, but you have to understand partition, copieing from live cd and things like that09:00
bullgard4llutz: ext309:01
kurtisDoes anyone know how to change the "Disabled menu-item font"?09:01
ojiihi everyone09:01
MinifigureI will do some more research.  Thank you09:01
llutzbullgard4: and "umask=0002"? then you'd better ask the ooo-guys09:01
jigalarvind_khadri: how can i change that?09:01
eichiMinifigure: its not that hard, but there is no tool, which does all the things automatically ;D09:02
MinifigureI would like to make thi wubi install into a true install on a clean new hard drive.09:02
ojiia few days back i added the american keyboard layout to my machine for a friend, but now I can't get rid of it. Every time i remove it from the list it comes again after boot and even worse it's always the default, how can I fix that?09:02
MinifigureOkay eichi.09:02
arvind_khadrijigal, do you have the source with you ? and first of all do you have installed in your machine ?09:02
kurtisojii: haha america is forcing their (our) way of life upon you09:02
ojiii guess so kurtis09:02
ChickeneryHello, when I am shutting my ubuntu box off, it always freezes, and I have to force shut it. Where do I find the logs of the shutdown?09:03
MinifigureWhere do you suggest I start researching eichi?09:03
kurtisojii: You might as well get used to it. Next thing you know you'll be working at McDonalds and getting gas at Shell09:03
basncyalvin_, sdfasdf09:03
jigalarvind_khadri: which source are you talking about09:03
ojiikurtis, sad thing is, i already work at mc donalds09:03
jigalarvind_khadri: sorry but i tried to install java vm09:03
arvind_khadrijigal, you mean sun-java6 ?09:04
jigalarvind_khadri: and i think something went wrong with setting paths or so just don't know how to correct it09:04
MinifigureThis system at this time is dual-boot Win 7 and Ubuntu Linux.09:04
inktrihow can i transfer a file from another computer in the same network to my computer?09:04
inktriwith ssh09:04
MinifigureBoth LInux?09:05
kurtisojii: lol. Well maybe this well help? http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Keyboard-Layout-in-Ubuntu09:05
jigalarvind_khadri: yes09:05
kurtisinktri: Setup an SSHd on the server side and use an sftp client on the client side (like filezilla)09:05
arvind_khadrijigal, sudo dpkg-reconfigure sun-java6-jdk09:05
MinifigureI have problems with networking two Linux machines.  I know they do see eachothr via Windows Network.09:05
inktrikurtis: how would you accomplish that with command line?09:05
ojiikurtis, that's how i added it, I wanna get rid of it tho09:05
Inferushow do i alter the boot options and keep them, i want to add nomodeset to the boot options09:05
Inferuswhere do i edit it? is it grub config?09:06
kurtisinktri: Not exactly sure, try "man sftp"09:06
kurtisojii: You could give this one a try ...09:07
jigalarvind_khadri: ok did it then run again the shell script but still the same error09:07
kurtisOjii: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf09:07
bullgard4llutz: The execute bit is set for user, group and rest-of-the-world. Strange. --  Thank you for commenting.09:08
eichiMinifigure: do you have a second hardisc in pc for trial and error? ;)09:08
eichior just one you want to share both OS09:08
MinifigureYes and I also have some external drives.09:09
alvin_join #ubuntu-cn09:09
kurtisDoes anyone have experience with getting SSH to work with color codes, ncurses, and all of that fun cli stuff?09:10
llutzbullgard4: exec-bit isn't related to the contents of a file. so openoffice seem to set it, which sounds pointless to me09:10
alvin_join #ubuntu-cn09:10
kurtisalvin: Who?09:10
bullgard4llutz: To me too.09:10
j800rwhere is the ubuntu png icon stored? i wanna switch my lxde menu icon with the ubuntu main one.09:11
freapwaranybody know how to make xchat open up irc:// sites from google chrome?09:11
eichiMinifigure: then you can learn without big problems ;) read about gparted (its very very easy) and use it from ubuntu livecd, make an partition on the new haddisc. then read some lines about the linux root strukture (easy too) then find them in wubi and copy to new driver. then you have to read about your windows bootloader, to make the right entry. that should be all, you have to do09:11
kurtisfreapwar: you _might_ be able to use the "default application" dialog09:11
om26erfreapwar, do they open with firefox?09:11
kurtisfreapwar: Although it's probably an option in google chrome09:11
ChickeneryHello, when I am shutting my ubuntu box off, it always freezes, and I have to force shut it - here are the logs, I have no idea what to search for: http://pastebin.com/j8hXReA209:11
LolzAnyone here familiar with backtrack distro?09:12
freapwarI haven't tried with firefox09:12
ChickeneryI use ubuntu 10,0409:12
freapwarI'm just trying to do some good old xdcc snatching09:12
freapwartrying to make things easier09:12
MinifigureThank you.  I am off to look that up.  I appreciate the assist.09:12
LolzI feel like a hacker using xchat09:12
eichiMinifigure: dont know, if windows bootloader can boot from ext4 filesystems, you have to read. never used windows for years sorry09:12
kurtisfreapwar: Google 'chrome file type handler' or something similar09:12
fircI am using Ubuntu 9.04. And I downloaded vlc. But i'm unable to play most of my video files, MKV for instance? How can i fix this?09:13
kurtisfirc: Codecs09:13
MinifigureMy plan is to scrap Windows altogether and just run Ubuntu Linux.09:13
fircI've tried installing a lot of packages as mentioned on the internet09:13
fircBut, i can't seem to figure out which one is the right one09:13
fircis tehr an official list somewhere, which might help me?09:13
firckurtis: which one?09:14
eichiMinifigure: i would recommend to backup the whole homefolder and  then make new install, then copy the files back09:14
GeppyZhi all. I have a question. I have written a C++ program and created a debian package installer for it. After it is installed, i'd like to autostart the program. How can i achieve this? I've tried adding a postinst script wich does the following: /usr/bin/myapp& however the application stops as soon as i close the debian installer.09:14
eichiits the fastest and easyiest09:14
eichithere are all your configs from browser, email client, background, all the things09:14
john__quick question09:14
kurtisfirc: Actually I think VLC usually embeds its own codecs...09:14
john__if i upgrade via cd will i lose all my files09:14
AdvoWorkive downloaded acrobat reader 9 for linux, and its a .bin   how do i go about installing this :S09:14
kurtisfirc: What's going wrong with it?09:15
fircI have, vlc version 0.9.9a-2ubuntu109:15
eichiMinifigure: i dont think, you did much system changes, means you only have to install and reupdates all, would need 30 min09:15
_zuxhi all09:15
kurtisAfvoWork: form the command line, chmod u+x <filename>; ./<filename>09:15
fircwhen i try to play a MKV file, vlc shows : "Streaming / Transcoding failed: VLC could not open the encoder."09:15
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
eichiMinifigure: then insert the backup disc and copy all files from homefolder to homefolder, incl. then hidden files (view -> hidden files)09:16
eichithen logout and login again09:16
eichiall should be as on wubi before09:16
ennuiclan talk anyone know how I can make an alias of a folder I am sharing over samba? I want to make an alias of my music collection directory so I can use it as the library for the guayadeque music player09:16
kurtisfirc: hmm did you install it through synpatic?09:16
firckurtis: i did, sudo apt-get install vlc09:17
92AAAKEFBspeaking of players, is it possible to get the Totem Movie Player to output using GLSink? Basically, Gnome MPlayer seems to have a problem when rescaling the image in fullscreen, i get thin bars at the top and bottom that are not covered by the black bar....and MPlayer is perfect with GL output, however I would like a "nicer" gui...like that of Totem09:17
rich_i think my ipod is broken as it refuses to mount in windows too09:17
eichiennui: you can make softlinks from folder to folder from everywhere t everywhere. you know them?09:17
csaba__hi, anyone here with ldap experience?09:17
kurtisfirc: you could try getting a package straight from the videolan website. im pretty sure it self-contains all of its' codecs.09:17
firckurtis: hmm. Is there no other way?09:18
kurtisfirc: You could also look for log files possibly. I'm not sure where they would be stored. maybe ~./vlc or something similar09:18
firckurtis: ok09:18
csaba__I am trying to authenticate an ubuntu 10.04 against an ldap on another ubuntu09:18
kurtisfirc: I mean ~/.vlc or something similar09:18
dassoukiin empathy, when changing status to online, it only enables one and not all accounts09:18
csaba__getent group and getent passwd works09:18
csaba__btu can not login with any ldap users09:19
eichiMinifigure: got to go, good luck ;)09:19
cgethycxfirc- vlc is up to 1.0.5 and is working perfectly on 10.04 and i got it from ubuntu software center09:19
csaba__I would appreciate any help09:19
MinifigureTake care and thank you09:19
eichiMinifigure: you can reach my by jabber at jab@der-eichi.de is you have questions again09:19
MinifigureWill do.09:19
csaba__I am trying to folow http://opengo.wikidot.com/samba-ldap-in-ubuntu-8-1009:19
csaba__but no luck so far09:19
jigalcan antone help me with this? http://pastebin.com/Dm2BYaiX09:20
ennuieichi: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.09:20
csaba__any ideas?09:20
ennuieichi: I tried "make link" thinking that was like an alias but it told me the source didn't "support symbolic links"09:21
kurtisjigal: Looks like you need to install a Java Runtime and possibly create a /bin/java alias as well09:21
jigalkurtis: but i think that i did something wrong with the paths or so09:22
=== hamish is now known as firepilot
kurtisjigal: Yeah I would think Java would be found in /usr/bin or anyonewhere but /bin/09:22
firepilotI'm recompiling the ubuntu kernel on my macbook. how do I add the efivars module?09:23
kurtisjigal: You can try closing and opening your terminal window unless you've modified your .bashrc (or other shell configuraiton) file09:23
ennuithe directory I'm trying to alias is on OSX being shared via smb09:23
kurtisennui: So you want to make it look like its a directory on your own system?09:23
kurtisennui: Basically, mount it?09:23
ennuikurtis: exactly, I'm afraid I don't know much about networking.09:24
kurtisennui: no problem. Are you sure it's a samba share?09:25
kurtisennui: Samba is/was generally a Windows service but I haven't used a map in a while09:25
jigalkurtis: still the same error09:25
ennuiwell, I have smb as my sharing method on the osx machine. and I connect to server on the ubuntu machine with "windows share" as the option09:26
=== 92AAAKEFB is now known as vulf^86
kurtisjigal: can you run "whereis java" for me?09:26
kurtisennui: Okay sounds like it then09:27
jigalkurtis java: /usr/bin/java /etc/java /usr/lib/java /usr/share/java /usr/share/man/man1/java.1.gz09:27
ennui<-- idiot09:27
kurtisennui: Check out this site. This guy is doing something similar to you but not using a mac. (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=280473)09:28
kurtisjigal: Are you running a script that is executing those commands you posted?09:28
jigalkurtis: what do you mean09:28
kurtisjigal: Are you manually typing in /usr/bin ....., or are you running some kind of program or script that is trying to start a java program?09:29
maxieneed a way to fix a corrupted folder on a external hdd,any idea?09:29
kurtisI mean /bin/java ...09:29
jigalkurtis: no i am running a .sh script09:30
chandru_inHD videos are very choppy when played with Totem/VLC/gnome-mplayer.  Graphics card: Built-in Intel09:30
kurtisjigal: Okay I have 2 options for you. First, you can cahnge the script to replace /bin/java with /usr/bin/java or you can make a link09:30
kurtisjigal: I would recommend modifying the script, personally09:30
chandru_inrelevant part of lspci "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)"09:30
csaba__so any ideas?09:30
jigalkurtis: i think the problem appeared after i set the JAVA_HOME and the $PATH i think something is wrong over there09:31
kurtisjigal: oh are you trying to install a java web server or something?09:31
jigalkurtis: i am trying to install cruisecontroll and phpUnit09:32
corpsegrindrSome days streaming tv from my server works just fine and some nights it wants to buffer every 3 sec. I have no other down/uploads going and minimal use of bandwidth. Is there any key targets i can look for to fix this problem?09:33
corpsegrindror is there a way to have a video file temp load well on pause (kind of like youtube)09:33
chandru_inIs there anyway to fix this?09:33
rich_how do i get the fan sensors applet?09:34
kurtisjigal: You could possibly try 'sudo ln -s /usr/bin/java /bin/java' and then just make sure you remove the /bin/java file when you're done09:34
rich_i have lm-sensors installed09:34
kurtisrich_: sudo apt-cache search fan sensors09:35
skramer_I want to access my USB scanner from other PC in my Home-LAN, what do I need to do?09:36
kurtisjigal: If you messed up your paths, you should fix them. Or at least bring them back to a "default" state.09:36
jigalkurtis: well messing up is easy but fixig ;-09:36
kurtisjigal: breaking and fixing is how you learn09:37
kurtisskramer_: What exactly do you mean? Like how do you want to access it?09:38
kurtisskramer: There's probably a solution out there somewhere but if not, you could just write a script to scan and put the file in a shared directory or something similar09:38
kurtisjigal: Let me know if that symbolic link works out for you09:39
skramer_kurtis: the scanner is connected to desktop PC, but I want to use scan program on my laptop09:39
skramer_kurtis: so far, the laptop says it could not see any scan device09:39
kurtisskramer_: I'm not really sure how easy that would be to do. You'd have to have some sort of USB over Lan type of thing09:39
zijohow can i change display resolution in xubuntu ???09:40
skramer_kurtis: I believe saned has to run on desktop, but all information I found was for older versions of Ubuntu09:41
kurtiszijo: What's the problem? Do you only have one resolution listed or do you not know where to look?09:41
skramer_kurtis: it seems there are some changes since the switch to Upstart?09:41
Radican you please tell me how to install intel 4500 graphics drivers under 64bit ubuntu 9.1 ?09:42
zijokurtis: no i have 3 rezolution listen and de max is 1024x768 but i can it be higher ?09:43
cgethycxwill ebox ever finish installing?09:43
kurtisskramer_: Sorry, I'm not really familiar with using sane. But I did find this (alternative) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67902809:43
kurtiszijo: Do you know if your hardware supports a higher resolution?09:43
kurtisRadi: When you installed Ubuntu, did it not automatically configure it properly or something?09:44
zijokurtis: yes , on win xp it is on 1240x1024 (or so )09:45
skramer_kurtis: I'll give it a try, thank you09:45
Radiscreen resolution is fine, but graphics works slow ...i think i need good drivers ...am i right ?09:45
kurtiszijo: You might be able to get by with just editing the xorg.conf file. (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83973)09:46
kurtisskramer_: No problem and good luck09:46
zijokurtis: ok ill try it09:46
freenode-fanhello! can someone please help me with the sort command?09:46
kurtiszijo: And the resoultion you're probably thinking of is 1280x102409:46
kurtisfreenode-fan: Out of curiosity, is that a script?09:48
freenode-fanno, i just copy pasted what the script produces, then i illustrated what i've tried and what the result should be...09:49
kurtisfreenode-fan: Oh. Here's a little tutorial I google'd up real quickly on using sort. (http://lowfatlinux.com/linux-sort.html)09:50
kurtisfreenode-fan: It looks like its sorting your third column instead of second column. But you're using variables for those options. Possibly (x - 1) for whichever field it is?09:51
kurtisAnyone know of any overseas (not USA) VPS providers, preferably supporting Ubuntu, that respects your privacy (as opposed to USA)09:56
majuk[TXS]kurtis, Quite a few Euro admins in #gentoo and #gentoo-chat, might ask09:57
SirMooOne that you can potently do illegal things on you mean?09:57
majuk[TXS]Though I'd omit the Ubuntu bit09:57
kurtismajuk: Sweet I'll check it out. Thank you09:58
mnemonkurtis: i'd imagine they're law bound to respect your privacy even in US?09:59
kurtismnemon: Nope. Good ol' Patriot Act of 200409:59
industrialI have a laptop (Dell Vostro) and a 24" dell monitor. I have both configured correctly right now; the right resolution for each. However I want the 24" one as the master. The one having the panels etcetera. How do I do that?09:59
SirMooYup. Unless you commit a crime...09:59
mnemonah, true09:59
SirMooNormally if the company feels you've done something illegal they'll hand over the data.09:59
kurtisEverything is logged these days09:59
majuk[TXS]SirMoo, Or transmit over ATT10:00
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Guest38506
industrialAlso; Is it possible for the panels to stretch across all monitors? or to have different panels on different monitors?10:00
SirMooHaha. Yeah, I use ATT DSL, It's fast where I am... However their past things tend to worry me.10:00
kurtisSirMoo: Yeah. I like AT&T DSL service but it's too slow these days10:01
SirMooWhere are you located?10:01
ennuiwhen sharing with smb i have permission to write in the top most directory but not any of the subdirectories. what gives? :o  I have read & write enabled10:02
SirMooIf you're in one of their high traffic areas then yeah. o.o But I don't notice too much of an issue and I have lots of computers using the same connection.10:02
=== S0REAU is now known as soreau_
kurtisSirMoo: Just Dayton, Ohio. But I could never get the 1.5MB/s+ I get with Roadrunner10:02
kurtisennui: Did you give permission recursively?10:03
ennuiwell it is the OSX machine's directory I'm trying to access. In the OSX sharing settings I have this user set to be able to read and write. I don't see any other options10:04
kurtisennui: under osx's command line you should be able to run a BSD commandline to acheive the recursive affect. I'm just not sure if you would use regular chmod or some type of samba permissions program10:05
ennuikurtis: how would i tell which is running?10:07
cgethycxHow do I change the name of my computer? The name that shows up under network?10:09
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.10:09
=== PriitM is now known as Guest40590
firepilotHas anyone here used refit?10:11
bullgard4 /usr/share/applications/ shows three times the file 'F-Spot' but with different file sizes. Similarly, Braser. Why?10:12
olskolircwhat is refit?10:12
bullgard4olskolirc: In what environment?10:13
cgethycxhow do i edit /etc/hostname?10:13
olskolircwhatever firepilot is talking about bullgard410:13
olskolircsudo gedit /etc/hostname cgethycx10:13
bullgard4olskolirc: I do not know.10:14
cgethycxthank you10:14
erUSULcgethycx: with a text editor ?10:16
firepilotWell I'm trying to bless my ubuntu partition but I don't have osx, and I heard tell that rEFIt might be able to do it.10:17
industrialHow do I change my master display from my laptop to my 24" monitor? Don't just say 'monitor settings' because obviously I've looked.10:18
cgethycxerUSUL: thanks, olskolirc actually gave me an answer that I could use.10:18
industrialI want my panels,, gnome do etc to appear on the big screen.10:18
erUSUL!gksudo | cgethycx olskolirc a wrong one at that10:18
ubottucgethycx olskolirc a wrong one at that: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:18
cgethycxis the "!" needed?10:20
cgethycxnever mind10:20
cgethycxthanks for the link10:21
wqeeqeqavrei bisogno di un aiuto10:22
industrialI have a laptop (Dell Vostro) and a 24" dell monitor. I have both configured correctly right now; the right resolution for each. However I want the 24" one as the master. The one having the panels etcetera. How do I do that?10:22
wqeeqeqper l'installazione di  un pakketto su ubuntu10:22
erUSUL!it | wqeeqeq10:22
ubottuwqeeqeq: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:22
lera_zedHello, I am thinking about running KVM virtual machines on my server, at the moment it configured with eth0:*, I need to switch to br0:*, I dont have kvm (keyboard,video,mouse...) attached to it, is it safe to just run  ifdown eth0;sleep 3;ifup br0 in tmux/screen ?10:23
kurtisI can't beleive I'm running my laptop at 800mhz (given its' dual-core) and ubuntu 10.04 is just blazing fast10:23
=== wqeeqeq is now known as P3teer
bullgard4 /usr/share/applications/ shows three times the filename 'F-Spot' but with different file sizes. Similarly, Brasero. Why?10:25
llutzbullgard4: ls -l  /usr/share/applications/F-Spot*10:26
bullgard4llutz: '~$ ls -l /usr/share/applications/F-Spot*; ls: cannot access /usr/share/applications/F-Spot*: No such file or directory.'10:27
chandru_inHow to enable hardware acceleration for HD video playback in ubntu 10.04?10:28
ohirlera_zed: I'd append it with ; sleep 30 ; ifdown br0 ; sleep 3; ifup eth0;10:28
induschandru_in, nvidia ?10:28
ohirlera_zed: so you have 30 secs to test if you can connect thru br010:28
induschandru_in, it works fine with software anyways10:29
chandru_inIntegrated intel graphics which comes with core i3 CPU10:29
chandru_inindus: The playback is very choppy10:29
erUSULbullgard4: different names here for different actions of the same app [ f-spot.desktop f-spot-view.desktop f-spot-import.desktop ]10:29
chandru_init is a 1080p video10:29
induschandru_in, intel , forget it10:29
ohirlera_zed: also you need to be sure you have _not_ interface bind fw rules10:30
induschandru_in, i have same but i do it finw with software acceleration10:30
induschandru_in, but any ways , HD is only possible with a good graphics card10:30
chandru_inindus: Did u have to do any configuration to avoid choppiness?10:30
induschandru_in, integrated cards possible only with nvidia or ATI, ATI integrated are great10:30
induschandru_in, yes in player you can trychaning settings output to xv10:30
induschandru_in, in vlc10:31
chandru_inindus: which player do u use?10:31
induschandru_in, i have an ATI 4850 but i dont have hardware accel due to driver problem10:31
llutzbullgard4: so its f-spot, not "F-Spot"10:31
induschandru_in, but it plays fine 1080 p or 720 p10:31
dajxdany popular reason why my eee pc won't boot off the ubuntu disc image written to a thumb drive?10:33
JuicyFruitwasn't aware that they didn't to be honest10:34
chandru_inindus: changing output to "XVideo extension video output"?10:35
chandru_inThat didn't help me10:35
induschandru_in, ya try it10:35
induschandru_in, try others then like x11 iam not sure what they do though :)10:35
induschandru_in, which movie is this ? 1080 p? do u have a monitor for that ?10:35
=== aronxu is now known as happyaron
bullgard4llutz: '~$ ls -l /usr/share/applications/f-spot*; -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 466 2010-04-13 01:13 /usr/share/applications/f-spot.desktop; -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 502 2010-04-13 01:13 /usr/share/applications/f-spot-import.desktop; -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 792 2010-04-13 01:13 /usr/share/applications/f-spot-view.desktop.' But Nautilus shows the three entries as "F-Spot".10:36
llutzbullgard4: GUIs even, useless and not to be trusted10:37
chandru_inindus: Why does the monitor matter?  I'm playing it on my laptop and it works fine on nvidia laptops :(10:37
JuicyFruitI'm having trouble syncing my ubuntu one application to the ubuntu one cloud which has been set up correctly online through the website.  It simply won't connect to the cloud when I try it.  Any idea's??10:37
bullgard4llutz: Right you are. Thumbs up!10:37
induschandru_in, you can never see the detail of a 1080p clip on a normal laptop or desktop screen10:37
chandru_inindus: Wel I'm not very specific about the detail and at least it must play smoothly, rt?10:38
squigindus, you cant?10:38
induschandru_in, yes and it does10:38
chandru_inindus: For some reason it doesn't work out for me10:38
indussquig, well frankly i dont see visible difference between 720 p and 1080 p10:38
indussquig, anyways, 1080p is 1920 x 1080 resolution you need a monitor for that res10:39
squigindus, you dont look closely!10:39
squigi spend all day looking at hd images10:39
indussquig, yes because i sit back and watchthe movie , dont peep into the screen10:39
indusits like a game , when playing you never notice all the detail except textures10:39
induschandru_in, intel is pathetic for full HD playback10:40
dieInstanzhello, i am searching for a german ubuntu chat. i have a few questions about developing software with and for ubuntu (i think it will be python).'maybe somebody knows a german developerchat?10:40
squigi guess I tend to its my work10:40
squigdieInstanz, visit #python10:40
induschandru_in, an nvidia or ATI integrated will play it , the ati 4000 series playes fiull HD fine10:40
indussquig,  what is your work10:40
induschandru_in, in windows i mean :)10:41
squigI make film/tv animation/vfx10:41
dieInstanzsquig, thanks. i'll test10:41
induschandru_in, nvidia will play on linux with mplayer , but ATI are still trying to get drivers right10:41
indussquig, i watched big buck bunny10:41
chandru_inok thanks indus10:41
bullgard4erUSUL: Great! Thank you very much for your help. --  Why have the 3 files /usr/share/applications/f-spot.desktop, f-spot-view.desktop and f-spot-import.desktop the same entry "Name=F-Spot"?10:42
squigindus i do more holywoodish things10:42
indussquig, any open source tools used ?10:43
erUSULbullgard4: as i said; they seem to correspond to different actions that the same program can do. import for importing pics from removable media / camera ; view to simply view pics ( when you right click/ double click on one ) etc ...10:43
squigindus, ubuntu :)10:44
SeySayuxHi, I know I can use CUPS to share a printer. Is there something like that (cross platform) which I can use to share a scanner over the network?10:44
SOundprHello!! even if I can hear myself from the speakers when I speak on the microphone. Skype doesn't work or any other application that records my voice.. any help?10:44
evilsherpahey all, so in media, i have 3 local hdds listed, as well as file system, but i cant access any of them10:45
zhenbeijujinds s10:45
llutzSeySayux: (x)sane can do that, if it supports your scanner10:45
FloodBot1zhenbeiju: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:45
squigindus, python is hugely popular in our work10:45
indussquig, for ?10:45
SeySayuxllutz: I'm quite sure it supports my scanner (I already used it on one computer). However, is it cross-platform? (and I don't mean GTK-style cross platform)10:46
llutzSeySayux: look at sane-project.org10:46
squigindus, for every thing, from automatically creating rocks and trees that exist in the backgrounds of the films to tracking systems to see who did what when10:46
SeySayuxllutz: ok10:47
erUSULSeySayux: http://sanetwain.ozuzo.net/ this can e used to make windows clients access an scaner shared via sane10:47
GryllidaWhat should normally happen when I click a weblink in Terminal? As for now, I click it, nothing happens10:47
the-dudeis there a kerberos ubuntu channel?10:47
skramer_SeySayux: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/5779810:48
erUSULSeySayux: google has many other hits if you search " share scanner network linux sane windows "10:48
rtronkwhat command would i type to give /var/www and all its sub directorys group ownership of www-data10:48
SeySayuxerUSUL: why do you assume that I want to share a scanner with Windows?10:48
llutzrtronk: sudo chgrp -R www-data /var/www10:48
indussquig, yes nice language10:48
erUSULSeySayux: then you do not nedd the first web i posted only the second one10:49
mynickHow to add language support to iBus?10:49
mynickHow to add language support to iBus?10:50
mynickHow to add malayalam support to iBus?10:50
mynickHow to add malayalam support to iBus?10:50
=== n is now known as Guest96946
wildbatmynick, system >admin > language10:51
evilsherpahey can any plz assist me in adding a boot partitian to one of my hdds, i think i kinda destroyed my old boot partitian\10:52
evilsherpai think10:52
ubottuIBus is used to allow input of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) characters in !GUI applications - See also: !SCIM10:52
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php10:52
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto10:52
relentlessPlease dont abuse the bot.10:52
wildbatgrub2 | evilsherpa10:52
Gryllida!grub2 >> evilsherpa10:53
Gryllida!grub >> evilsherpa10:53
Gryllida!grub2 > evilsherpa10:53
ubottuevilsherpa, please see my private message10:53
unopyay, you made it!10:53
evilsherpaGryllida, my fear is taht i completely removed it10:54
evilsherpaGryllida, my boot partitian i mean10:54
=== Guest96946 is now known as Lazydude
unopllutz, you should make people aware of the implications of changing the group on /var/www - there's a reason root owns it out-of-the-box.10:54
relentlessevilsherpa: Use the directions in Pm to reinstall grub10:54
erUSULevilsherpa: you can create a new partition the problem is repopulate it with the files it needs ...10:54
Gryllidaevilsherpa, seeing the grub links, you _might_ be able to install it from scratch10:55
cyraxmanрусские есть?10:55
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:55
evilsherparelentless, and erUSUL how do i tell if i have accidentally removed it without rebooting?10:55
adarshai'm not able to update in ubuntu lucid. whenever i try, i get an error saying couldn't connect to server. please help.10:55
erUSULevilsherpa: "ls -R /boot/"  ?10:55
relentlessevilsherpa: touch /boot/10:56
relentlessIf there is not error it is still there. But, to be sure, reinstall it.10:56
KeypadCan some one help me, im having problems installing the latest ubuntu distro. Never had a problem before10:56
KeypadIm getting stdin: error 010:56
evilsherparelentless, and erUSUL  it showed a whole bunch of files, and relentless it woujldnt allow non sudo, but when i sudo'd it didnt error10:57
=== sree is now known as sreR
KingOfTheKIllKeypad: is this during boot ?10:57
erUSULevilsherpa: then boot is still there... what makes you thing you removed the partition ?10:57
evilsherparelentless, and erUSUL  awesome it appears that the drive i formatted was not the one wth the boot partitian10:58
KeypadKingOfTheKIll: Yeah, the Live CD10:58
relentlessevilsherpa: cool10:58
evilsherpaerUSUL, i had a drive that was not shoing up in fstab, and in gparted it had some flag, but it was marked as "boot" and when i formatted the hdd, i was aftaid that i killed the boot partitian10:58
KingOfTheKIllis it a official cd or have you burned it ?10:59
erUSULevilsherpa: the partition marked boot on a partition table has nothing to do eith a linux /boot/ partition10:59
llutzunop: they wouldn't care about it, let them shoot themselve in the foot11:00
KeypadKingOfTheKIll: It doesnt matter the USB Install did the same thing11:00
evilsherpaerUSUL,  yeh i just read that it merely means it is bootable11:00
unopllutz, come on, that's not the attitude we should take to support in here.11:00
KingOfTheKIllKeypad: yeah well if there is something wrong with the .ISO file11:00
KeypadKingOfTheKIll: USB Alternative / Normal as well11:00
cavej03hi guys11:00
evilsherpaerUSUL, thanks for your help11:00
cavej03I have a problem with Heroes of Newerth (Computer Game) and ubuntu 10.411:01
cavej03Getting major frame skips in game11:01
cavej03using an ati 4890 with latest drivers11:01
loopidityis there a way to reload the usb ports and devices without restarting the computer?11:01
llutzunop: my experience is, this is the only way most of them will learn something. sad but true11:01
evilsherpaerUSUL, or anyone really, how do i tell if the mount points in /media/ have anything attached to them?11:01
cavej03what is the best old install of ubuntu to use11:02
KeypadKingOfTheKIll: The Live CD fails, says the media is borked. I just got the Install encounted an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will be run so that you may find the problem11:02
cavej03ie 8.04 or 8.1011:02
llutzevilsherpa: "mount" tells you11:02
GryllidaWhat should normally happen when I click a weblink in Terminal? As for now, I click it, nothing happens11:02
cavej03i need to go back11:02
rtronkllutz does apache2 make a user www-data? if so would www-data:www-data /var/www make it do the same and make user/group owner www-data?11:03
unoprtronk, you are aware that what you are doing there is not a good thing to do, right?11:03
Gryllidacavej03: if an old one, choose an lts one, 8.04 iirc, why do you have to downgrade though?11:03
unopllutz, there's something called - raising consciousness through education. I'm not saying don't dish out stuff like this, just stick the disclaimer on afterwards.11:03
cavej03Gryllida, Game Im playing doesnt like 10.411:04
KingOfTheKIllKeypad: have you tried the cd in a another computer11:04
cavej03Gryllida, Stutters badly and frame skips. Do u have any advice on this matter?11:04
Gryllidacavej03, ah what error does it say?11:04
cavej03Gryllida, No errors11:05
cavej03Gryllida, just unplayable11:05
evilsherpallutz, Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 12: Failed to read last sector (312576641): Invalid argument seems to be the rror11:05
Gryllidacavej03, what are your specs? (cpu, ram)11:05
cavej03core i5 OC 3.411:05
cavej034 g ddr 3 cl9 ram11:05
unoprtronk, yes, to answer your question, that's how chmod works.11:05
cavej03clock on that is 1440 mhz i think11:05
Gryllida? cpu in MHz, RAM in MB?11:06
cavej034890 ati11:06
Gryllidaooh, looks ok11:06
cavej03hardware isnt a problem11:06
rtronkunop, could you recommend how i would do this properly then? im the only person who will ever have access to this server i have my user in the group to be able to edit files only11:06
cavej03game is nativly supported in linux11:06
cavej03and runs fine on windows11:06
cavej03drivers are installed fine as well11:06
Gryllidacavej03, does this game say something about supported software? do you ever see it working ok on any platform?11:06
Gryllidafine on windows.11:07
cavej03fine on windows11:07
cavej03fine on linux until 10.411:07
cavej03and 9.10 started to show problems11:07
Gryllidado they say something about supporting linux on their website?11:07
cavej03they have a dedicated forum11:07
cavej03but i cant find much on my problem11:07
cavej03sounds like its me11:07
KeypadKingOfTheKIll: No I havent but the MD5 is sweet11:07
Gryllidaok, try to find out what parts of os it integrates with, then hit this site:11:07
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/11:07
cavej03game is heroes of newerth11:07
SomelauwCan you limit a program's io to stdin/stdout?11:08
plasticdocCould you please point me to documentation on how to configure & fine-tune heartbeat 3 + pacemaker within Ubuntu 10.04 ?11:08
unoprtronk, well, you can do what you wanted - just know that it leaves your /var/www/ directory (and all content you have under it) open to abuse if apache is ever compromised.  best thing to do is use sudo if you want to change anything in there.11:08
silverfox_can someone help with getting a webcam working... cheese works, but not skype11:08
cavej03ok ill check LP out11:08
Gryllidasilverfox_, looks like cheese problem, not a linux one11:08
cavej03do you know if any, dunno how to ask, like x has been upgraded11:08
mercury_where's a good spot for some support?11:08
v1echi was trying to install ubuntu from my windows machine, i downloaded the ubuntu windows installer from ubuntu.com and everything worked fine but when i restarted the pc and booted ubuntu, the installation got stuck at some screen telling me "getting time from a network-time-server"11:08
cavej03in 10.411:08
mercury_it appears ubuntu doesn't support the atheros drivers11:08
v1echanybody knows how to fix it?11:08
Gryllidaer skype problem, silverfox_11:08
mercury_or my system is totoally unable to compile stuff out of the box11:08
mercury_or something11:09
mercury_but i have no wireless.11:09
cavej03perhaps maybe i should just try 8.04 to rule the game being a problem out11:09
Gryllidalol v1ech unplug ethernet cable and try again11:09
cavej03maybe latest upgrade in game is the problem11:09
silverfox_cheese works... can see pics etc - skype don't11:09
v1echthere is no ethernet cable11:09
SomelauwCan you limit a program's io to stdin/stdout?11:09
Gryllidasilverfox_: maybe #skype or something11:09
cavej03which brings me to my next problem....11:09
v1echi m on wlan11:09
cavej03cant mount ide drives in 8.0411:09
mercury_i'm not11:09
mercury_never will be11:09
SomelauwCan you limit a program's io to stdin/stdout?11:09
mercury_not at this rate11:10
cavej03when trying to install11:10
mercury_I think it's a side effect of ubuntu being an unsupported pile of shite next to windows.11:10
Gryllidav1ech: wireless? disconnect from it to experiment11:10
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:10
* mercury_ kicks feet11:10
v1echok i ll try11:10
Gryllidacavej03: there is a reason why it would be much better to ask all your question in one line11:10
cavej03yea sorry old habbits die hard.11:10
cavej03so my problem is i cant mount ide drives in 8.0411:11
induscavej03, whats an ide drive11:11
induscavej03, a cdrom drive is one11:11
cavej03indus, yes and harddrives11:11
induscavej03, so what drive is this in your case11:11
SomelauwI want to run a program and limit it's input/output to stdin/stdout.11:11
indusmercury_, this is11:11
cavej03i cant mount ide harddrive to install ubuntu on it11:11
vulf^86what noticeable changes will a normal user see when installing the real-time kernel?11:11
induscavej03, how exactly are you trying to mount it11:12
mercury_+++ WHY IS THIS +++11:12
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:12
indusmercury_, no caps please11:12
cavej03i.e the only drive i see upon partition editor is the flash drive or cd im trying to install from11:12
llutz!caps > mercury_11:12
ubottumercury_, please see my private message11:12
v1echcan i also download the ubuntu installer, mount the image with a virtual drive and install it directly from windows onto my free and freshly formated hdd?11:12
cavej03i thought it would just mount it self11:12
induscavej03, you mean with live cd ?11:12
SomelauwI want to run a program and limit it's input/output to stdin/stdout.11:12
mercury_+++ i seek atheros drivers for ubuntu +++11:13
induscavej03, hmm partition editor doesnt see cdroms i believe11:13
induscavej03, for hdd only11:13
cavej03ya or live usb stick, they both dont detect my hard drive... I think it is a problem with my mobo and ubuntu 8.04...11:13
induscavej03, total how many hdd you have11:13
cavej03indus, ya i understand that what i mean is it doesnt see anything else... just the media i have.11:13
cavej03to instal *11:13
induscavej03, sorry but i like to get a summary of all things11:13
flamboI don't know where this came from, but my mouse has suddenly start sliding to the center of any window i alt-tab to11:14
v1echcan i also download the ubuntu installer, mount the image with a virtual drive and install it directly from windows onto my free and freshly formated hdd?11:14
flambohow's that happening?11:14
cavej03np, 2 harddrives of the one ide cable 1 save 1 master11:14
flambohow do i turn it off, i don't like it.11:14
induscavej03, sure the hdd works in windows etc?11:14
cavej03hard drive is working now with linux 10.411:14
induscavej03, in bios, see if options are set for hdd ide mode11:14
cavej03tryed that11:14
induscavej03, oh11:14
Lazy^Hello, seems that my Ubuntu/Firefox3.6.3s shockwave player isnt working ?11:14
mercury_+++ i seek atheros drivers for ubuntu +++11:14
induscavej03, doesnt work in 8.04 but works in 10.04 ?11:14
cavej03i have a feeling its 8.04 is to old to support my mobo11:15
mercury_+++ i seek atheros drivers for ubuntu +++11:15
cavej03as my mobo is farely new11:15
cavej03yes thats correct11:15
indusmercury_, yes that is possible. which mobo is this11:15
mercury_+++ i seek atheros drivers for ubuntu +++11:15
SomelauwI want to run a program and limit it's input/output to stdin/stdout.11:15
induscavej03, i have same issue with older ubuntu11:15
cavej03so in 8.04 if i use gparted i cant see my hdd11:15
blockcoldindus: how to mount cd drive in vbox11:15
cavej03do you know how to solve it11:15
indusblockcold, heh sorry dont know all vm stuff11:16
cavej03i.e can i mount the drives though terminal11:16
induscavej03, well, sudo fdisk -l should show the drives at least11:16
induscavej03, then manually might do it11:16
anodesniHi, how can I change the font size of QT apps?11:17
induscavej03, sudo mount -t vfat /dev/name of device11:17
cavej03ok nice11:17
indusanodesni, install qt4-gui11:17
cavej03do you also have network problems with 8.0411:17
induscavej03, fdisk will tellyou which device is which with size11:17
SomelauwCan I make sure that if I run a program it can only only stdin and stdout?11:17
induscavej03, well i use wired always so no11:17
cavej03i 2 use wired11:17
cavej03doesnt matter11:17
cavej03main problem solved11:18
cavej03if i get in i can solve the rest hopefully on a working install11:18
cavej03not ya11:18
cavej03yet* but im confident ur correct =)11:18
anodesniindus, I can only find  libqt4-gui11:18
induswell, cant mount unless system boots :)11:18
indusanodesni, wait 1 sec11:18
cavej03ok indus im off 2 try11:18
induscavej03, ok gluck11:19
cavej03wish me luck ill come back here and report if it works11:19
cavej03thanks heaps11:19
induscavej03, use correct file system type11:19
induscavej03, vfat or ntfs etc11:19
induscavej03, ya or that11:19
cavej03um ok bit more info11:19
cavej03do i use the file type it already has11:19
SomelauwCan I make sure that if I run a program it can only only stdin and stdout?11:19
strwgdo you know such company 'Good RAM'? is it worth buying?11:19
indusanodesni, ya that one11:19
cavej03or the file type i want to install with11:19
indusstrwg, nope11:20
indusstrwg, but if its a new company, check if it comes in a nice detailed box, if yes then its good11:20
ukixx-babyhall thare any one now how the multitouch mouse click work ore install code ?11:20
strwgindus: not worth or do not know?11:20
indusstrwg, check for spelling mistakes, if no it means they pay attention to detail11:20
indusstrwg, do not know :)11:20
indusstrwg, makingram is easy these days with monry11:21
ukixx-babymultitouch mouse ? on acer spire d25011:21
quietonei've just setup my partner laptop as dual boot (lucid/XP) and it takes a long time to get to the grub screen. Why? How can I fix this?11:21
indusanodesni, then from menu you can run it and it will do it11:21
KeypadUrhh, Ive used the normal iso / the alternative iso on a DVD and tryed a USB stick. Replaced the HD .but the installer fails one way in another in all of them11:21
ukixx-babyi hate evil pip win11:21
indusanodesni, i used it once for skype11:22
anodesniindus, which menu?11:22
KeypadThe old version worked sweet Q_Q11:22
strwgindus: they produce sd card too but o had only kingston and sandisk11:22
indusanodesni, main ubuntu menu > utilities11:22
ukixx-babysome who any one how to enable the multi-touch mouse ?????;(11:22
indusanodesni, or programming11:22
indusukixx-baby, hi11:23
indusukixx-baby, patience11:23
mercury_Hello, I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer, however it is not only unable to detyect my Dlink dwa rangebooster n650, it is totally unable to compile the madwifi tar.gz stuff.11:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.11:23
mercury_leaving me completely with out wirelss11:23
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
rich_can i get a FW to usb cable?11:23
ukixx-babyindus ?11:23
anodesniindus, no, it's not there, not even in alacarte. Are you sure it was "libqt4-gui"?11:23
indusanodesni, ok wait i check11:23
mercury_Hello, I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04, however it is not only unable to detect my Dlink dwa rangebooster n650, it is totally unable to compile the madwifi tar.gz documents. leaving me with no option but to return to windows, as linux once again lets me down. this is my final port of call before giving up, it's been 6 and a half hours and i'm tired. can anyone help? at all? can you hear me? hello? anyone? please?11:24
anodesniindus, I think it's qt4-config11:24
SomelauwCan I make sure that if I run a program it can only only stdin and stdout? It shouldn't be able to open any other files.11:24
ukixx-babyi just need to enable the  multi-touch mouse u now any one now how??11:25
indusanodesni, hmm yes i think but i found a qt4-gui11:25
ukixx-babyon a touch pad11:25
mercury_Hello, I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04, however it is not only unable to detect my Dlink dwa rangebooster n650, it is totally unable to compile the madwifi tar.gz documents. leaving me with no option but to return to wiHELLLOOOOOO?11:25
tic^!wifi | mercury_11:25
ubottumercury_: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:25
mercury_oooh no11:25
mercury_don't give me that11:25
mercury_it's been 6 and ahalf hours11:25
indusanodesni, ah yes qt4-qtconfig11:25
mercury_of reading every damn wiki11:25
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
indusmercury_, ok11:26
anodesniindus, but thanks11:26
indusanodesni, so you need for q3 then use qt3-qtconfig11:26
redHey, I'm coding some PHP on a webserver which has errors hidden, so they only appear in a certain error.log file - is there any way I could tap into the error.logs stream so when a new error appears I see it immediately rather than having to cat error.log11:26
rabidweezledid someone tell him to RTFM or something?11:26
indusmercury_, whats your network card again11:26
mercury_tic^,  -> the documentation can not help me at this point - dont give me a fkn RTFM response kthx.11:27
mercury_because i've been there11:27
indus Dlink dwa rangebooster n65011:27
mercury_inuds - h thank god.11:27
tic^mercury_: bad manners won't get you anywhere to.11:27
cavej03indus, sorry so with mount the disk manually11:27
mercury_indus - dlink dwa 547 rangebooster n65011:27
cavej03do i use what its currently formatted as11:27
indusmercury_,  does it appear in hardware drivers11:28
cavej03or what i want it to be11:28
induscavej03, yesssssss11:28
mercury_no :(11:28
induscavej03, currently11:28
mercury_it doesn't appear anywhere.11:28
cavej03ok thankyou so much11:28
mercury_can't be seen, it's not activcated on boot.11:28
mercury_so it's not even turned on.11:28
indusmercury_, madwifi tried?11:28
mercury_as I've been saying11:28
mercury_i can't use madwifi11:28
mercury_i can't compile things11:28
indusmercury_, why11:28
indusmercury_, why11:28
mercury_bceause all it does it spew errors at me11:29
tic^mercury_: what errors......11:29
johndoes anyone have apparmor installed or is it not neccesary with SElinux11:29
indusmercury_, did you install the build-essential package11:29
rabidweezlemercury_, have you tried the wrapper package?11:29
mercury_" /usr/src/madwifi-0.9.4/ath/if_ath.c:402: error: 'struct net_device' has no member named 'priv'11:29
mercury_ "11:29
zambahow can i see what certificates openssl is bundled with?11:29
mercury_and open11:29
mercury_on and on and on11:29
mercury_" /usr/src/madwifi-0.9.4/ath/if_ath.c:9686: error: initialization from incompatible pointer type11:29
mercury_ "11:29
mercury_there's some more11:29
indusmercury_, build-essential is required for all compilations, except music or video compilations :D11:30
mercury_there's about 6 dozen different error messages.11:30
anodesniindus, unfortunately qtconfig does not remember the font  settings, any idea...11:30
buppa_Anyone know how to open a certain file, like if it's .diz, .asc I want it to be opened with NFO viewer and if its .txt or .log I want it to be opened with GEDIT by default, how can i do that?11:30
mercury_build essentials is installed11:30
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:30
indusmercury_, did you install it11:30
mercury_of course!11:30
indusanodesni, it will if you select save from file menu11:30
bazhangmercury_, dont use the enter key for punctuation11:30
|ns|nR8mercury_,  you will probably have to use ndiswrapper with that particular wifi chipset11:30
johndoes anyone know of a GUI for Snort?11:30
anodesniindus, I did11:30
mercury_|ns|nR8,  - I've installed ndiswrapper11:30
mercury_I'm m still totally unable to compile11:31
indusanodesni, because you need to close it to save it i think, its quite bad application11:31
mercury_linux still doesn't support -anytihng- :(11:31
indusmercury_, paste output of lspcmcia11:31
mercury_indus - ok,11:31
johnno luck?11:31
mercury_there is no output11:31
anodesniindus, no, sorry still not working, isn't there a .qt file?11:31
mercury_it does nothing11:31
|ns|nR8mercury_, i believe that has a atheros chipset and you need to follow these instructions http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4804935#post4804935  .. goodluck11:31
SomelauwCan I make sure that if I run a program it can only only stdin and stdout? It shouldn't be able to open any other files.11:31
indusanodesni, which app are you configureing11:32
indusok brb 15 min11:32
anodesniindus, texmaker11:32
indusmercury_, stay tuned11:32
indusmercury_, i have to go now and be back in 1511:32
mercury_|ns|nR8, once again, those are instructions to compile the atheros driver11:32
indusmercury_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60765911:32
mercury_|ns|nR8, IO am here because i cannot compile the atheros driver11:32
mercury_indus - that is the exzact same thing11:33
mercury_indus - a forum telling emt o compile madwifi11:33
KeypadCan some one help me, I just got error5 when installing from a USB stick11:33
mercury_inuds - i am here because i can NOT compile madwifi11:33
mercury_oh god, linux zealouts..... "this won't compile" "oh,..then you should compile it"11:34
mercury_like talking to a fucking wall11:34
FloodBot1mercury_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:34
strwgindus: now i know wahy you dont hear about 'good ram' this poland company, they made vary chip sd cards 16 gb11:35
Lazydudehas anyone tried clamtk?11:35
Lazydudeis it good?11:35
buppa_Anyone know how to open a certain file, like if it's .diz, .asc I want it to be opened with NFO viewer and if its .txt or .log I want it to be opened with GEDIT by default, how can i do that?11:35
johnlazydude its not bad at all, if you have a good internet connection it works fast. The GUI Freezes at time, Its best to read the documentation and use the terminal11:36
Lazydudek, thanks john11:37
ManDayI've got a problem with Java - both Sun and OpenJDK ... !11:38
johnLazydude if you using it for windows.......  http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page11:38
Cavej03hi all i was talking to someone before about mounting partitions in ubuntu 8.0411:38
Cavej03sadly if forgot your name...11:38
johnboth work11:38
linxehManDay: what problem ?11:39
notmorewindowshi, i cant upgrade to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel does not settle11:39
ManDaylinxeh, very simply put: It does not what it's supposed to do. Specifically, certain JMol Java Applets fail to work due to errors.11:40
ManDaylinxeh, on the other hand these applets work on a machine with simlar configuration (that is Ubuntu 10.4)11:40
quietoneI have another machine with similar problem, very slow to get to grub and then lucid is so slow to be unusable. and now that XP won't boot at all. Is there a fix or do I reinstall?11:40
notmorewindowshi, i cant upgrade to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:42
ManDayHello guys, I need advice - feel free to comment whatever you like - ANYTHING is appreciated as I am completely stuck: A end-user applet complains about a line " >>>> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"> <<<<" in a file which it got from a server on port 8080 - YET when I check out the file myself THAT LINE is not there and the file looks all proper!11:42
Lazy^Hello, how i can get Adobe Shockwave Player working on Firefox 3.6.3 ?11:42
ManDay^ linxeh , to me more specific11:42
Black_PhantomLazy^ no shockwave for linux to my knowledge11:42
buppa_How do I set mime types in Ubuntu -- like if it's .diz, .asc I want it to be opened with NFO viewer and if its .txt or .log I want it to be opened with GEDIT by default, how can i do that?11:42
isbricerror: wlan0 no private ioctls. is due to a bug?11:43
kc_hello, I am new to ubuntu11:43
indusstrwg, hi11:43
linxehManDay: well that sounds more like a problem with the applet. do you have the specific errors (stack traces?) that you can pastebin?11:43
Lazy^hmm... Black_Phantom so you mean, that i can get videos working from www.southparkstudios.com or sites like that ?11:43
linxehManDay: oh I see11:43
dli__buppa_, right click on the file, select "Properties"->"Open with"11:43
linxehManDay: can you paste the url ?11:43
indusstrwg, stick with transcend or other good brands because cheap ones have lot of defects and will overheat or fry etc11:43
notmorewindowshi my kernel is 2.6.32-22 generic, but i cant upgrade to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:43
SomelauwCan I make sure that if I run a program it can only only stdin and stdout? It shouldn't be able to open any other files.11:43
indusstrwg, and the contacts will wear out11:43
Black_PhantomLazy^ Adobe Flash Player or Shockwave ?11:44
buppa_dli__, yes but by default it will open with abiword -- how can i change that to gedit?11:44
Black_PhantomThere is a difference11:44
Lazy^Flash Player is working... But Shockwave isnt ?11:44
Cavej03indus, hi i made it into 8.04 and got internet access11:44
Black_PhantomLazy^ to view southparkstudios you only need flash player11:44
notmorewindowshi, i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:44
Lazy^Black_Phantom: if you can go to http://www.southparkstudios.com and tell me which plugin that site needs...11:44
Cavej03however the commands you gave me only detected my usb stick i am trying to install from11:44
ManDaylinxeh, yes, http://localhost:8000/home/admin/0/cells/1/sage0-size500.jmol?1276349004  - or, if you need something usable, check out the online SAGE-Nb at http://t2nb.math.washington.edu:8000/11:45
Black_PhantomLazy^ install it from ubuntu software center easy way, search flash player11:45
linxehManDay: yeah, I was hoping for something I could pull down myself to inspect :)11:45
Black_Phantomit will install in seconds, restart ur browser and southpark studios should work.11:45
Cavej03search restricted extras?11:45
ManDaylinxeh, set up a account at the site I gave you (no email whatsoever required)11:45
ManDaytell me when you did, please :)11:45
Lazy^Black_Phantom: i got these installed: i   flashplugin-installer           - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer11:46
Lazy^i   flashplugin-nonfree             - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer11:46
kc_I have installed my first ubuntu server, and FTP server. When I use FTP to connect to my ubuntu, it works. But can not change any files? In fact, I do change the vsftpd.conf. Anyone can help me, please?11:46
LazydudeLazy^ that site works for me. .11:46
linxehManDay: ok I did11:46
LazydudeLazy^ you should install adobe-flashplugin11:46
ManDaythen, log in and create a new worksheet (link on the first page) linxeh11:46
andi_any ideas for the webcam to work with Skype?  I cant test it ok but I can't send the video. On another webcam i got it working with a terminal command but that doesn' twork with this webcam. I've tried the Ubuntu webcam section but that hasn't helped.11:46
andi_sorry, type, I CAN  test it OK in the options and Cheese11:47
notmorewindowshelp,,my kernel is, but i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:47
Lazydudei would uninstall flashplugin-nonfree and then install adobe-flashplugin11:47
Cavej03indus, hi i made it into 8.04 and got internet access, however the commands you gave me didn't detect my harddrives11:47
Lazy^Lazydude: there isnt package named: adope-flashplugin in the repos.. ?11:47
linxehManDay: ok11:47
Lazy^Lazydude: No candidate version found for adobe-flashplugin11:48
LazydudeLazy^ what version of ubuntu are you on?11:48
buppa_How do I set mime types in Ubuntu -- like if it's .diz, .asc I want it to be opened with NFO viewer and if its .txt or .log I want it to be opened with GEDIT by default, how can i do that? --11:48
Lazy^Lazydude: 10.0411:48
ManDaylinxeh, i could have made it more convenient for you, sorry - click http://t2nb.math.washington.edu:8000/home/pub/2111:48
Lazydudei may have installed it from the adobe site11:48
Cavej03search for ubuntu-restricted-extras11:48
ManDaythats *my* worksheet linxeh11:48
Cavej03search for ubuntu-restricted-extras11:48
ManDayyou should get the applet right there linxeh11:48
Cavej03lazydude, search for ubuntu-restricted-extras11:48
Cavej03sorry for the triple post.11:49
Lazy^Cavej03: full address of that repo ?11:49
Cavej03its part of ubuntu repo11:49
notmorewindowshelp,,my kernel is, but i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:49
Cavej03lazydude, did you get anything?11:49
leagrisLazydude, package is flashplugin-installer or flashplugin64-installer for 64bit systems11:49
Lazy^Cavej03: i assume that i need to enable it from sources.list11:49
ManDaylinxeh,  http://t2nb.math.washington.edu:8000/home/pub/21/11:50
ndxtgone note: update kernel may mess up the graphics driver + compiz fushion (if have)11:50
Cavej03lazy^, no it should just be in add software11:50
Lazydudei have already have it installed cave.  i just dont remember where i installed it from.11:50
Cavej03or type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:50
Cavej03in terminal11:50
zambai have a certificate in pem format.. it has both the private key and the certificate in it.. how can split these two into separate files?11:51
Lazydudeohh yeh, thats where is is.11:51
Lazy^if i do aptitude search adope-flashplugin it wont give me anything11:51
notmorewindowshelp,,my kernel is, but i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:51
Cavej03lazydude, did it work?11:51
ManDaylinxeh, I'm very sorry I have to leave now. I really appreciate you taking a look into that. I'll be back in approxmately 2 hours and hope to see you then, bye and thanks!11:51
Cavej03ubuntu-restricted-extras will install flash for u11:51
notmorewindowsS.O.S help,,my kernel is, but i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:51
quietonebuppa_, i've had success using nautilus, right clicking a file and selecting properties11:52
LazydudeCave it worked for me.11:52
linxehManDay: ok11:52
Cavej03great np11:52
Cavej03should also update flash when new flash comes along11:52
ManDaylinxeh, i just noticed that... ermmm.... i somehow get an apllet now and i played arround with it for 5 minutes without even noticing it...11:52
ManDayim confused11:52
Lazy^Cavej03: lets see,11:52
ManDayill take a look at it later and report back.11:52
notmorewindowshelp,,my kernel is, but i cant update to kernel  in xubuntu 10.04 lts the kernel I cannot install it11:53
Cavej03and it has alot of other stuff that can be useful when playing videos and music11:53
buppa_quietone, yes but by default NFO viewer isnt show at "open with" and GEDIT is not shown on .txt .log files by default in the "open application with.."11:53
Cavej03should help avoid problems ;)11:53
Cavej03lazy^, how'd you go?11:53
dli__notmorewindows, you'd better report the error message, "doesn't work" along is not welcomed by most11:53
dli__notmorewindows, s/along/alone/11:54
linxehManDay: heh might just have been a server glitch11:54
madjoeDoes anybody use Chrome here? After I leave my Chrome browser for a few hours, my CPU goes to 100% of usage and I assume it's because of excessive amount of RAM taken by the Flash plugin so it uses HDD afterwards. I don't know if there is a workaround for this (except using another browser)?11:54
quietonebuppa_, select use a custom command at the bottom of the properties and enter whatever cmd you want11:54
ManDaylinxeh, no11:54
Lazy^Cavej03: installed that package but flash there =)11:54
notmorewindowshow i cant to make a report on myb problem?11:54
Cavej03lazy^, so it worked11:55
notmorewindowshow i can?11:55
dli__madjoe, try chrome with html5 video, like youtube11:55
madjoedli__: I did, but there are tons of other websites that don't support html5 yet11:55
Lazy^Cavej03: noup11:56
Lazy^Cavej03: installd, no flash update from there, rebooted browser and not working11:56
Cavej03so why did you use a smiley face11:56
dli__madjoe, flash is hopeless, I got 50% cpu load on intel i511:56
Cavej03so your trying to install flash for what browser?11:56
Cavej03ie what browser are you using11:57
madjoedli__: same here... and my CPU temperature increases rapidly11:57
Cavej03flash is bad.11:57
linxehdli__: flash is only really optimised on windows11:57
madjoeflash sux11:57
Cavej03but its part of life11:57
Cavej03new flash with gpu offloading is ok11:57
linxehCavej03: it will die back soon enough imo11:57
linxehanyway, OT :)11:57
Cavej03my dual core atom and 9400m11:57
Lazy^Cavej03: Firefox 3.6.311:57
Wormsmadjoe: press shift+esc and you will get chrome taskmanager with ram and cpu usage by each component of chrome like plugins.11:58
Cavej03runs flash with 10% load on cpu11:58
Cavej03flash did something right finally11:58
madjoeflash is going down, but in the meantime, I have to use this plugin to be able to see the content before all sites become html5 friendly11:58
Cavej03but html 5 ftw11:58
notmorewindowsmy language is spanish and  i cant update to kernel
gothenburgflash </311:58
Cavej03and my iphone concers ^^11:58
GryllidaLazy^: tools addons plugins, is flash listed11:58
gothenburgflashplugin-nonfree ?11:58
Cavej03iphone *slap*11:58
madjoeWorms: thanks for the hint11:58
Cavej03ok lazy11:58
kaiser2011hey guys11:58
LazydudeLazy^ try going to system>administration>Update Manager11:58
Cavej03try sudo apt-get purge flash*11:59
Lazy^Gryllida: Showave Flash 10.1 r999, Gnash 0.8.711:59
Lazy^Lazydude: i prefer aptitude ;)11:59
kaiser2011i need help in installation. Doing a single boot ubuntu. :)11:59
indusCavej03, Hello11:59
Lazy^i'm just wondering why it isnt working ... since it's working on debian ...11:59
Cavej03no dice11:59
ziohi all11:59
indusCavej03, does fdisk -l show it11:59
fulldarknessmy flash always crash too11:59
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indusCavej03, hmm does live cd boot12:00
Cavej03indus, na it doesnt12:00
gothenburgLazy^: because debian is better12:00
Cavej03im in 8.04 live now12:00
indusCavej03, can i see output of sudo fdisk -l12:00
dli__Lazy^, gnash works on some sites, but support is still very limited12:00
Lazy^gothenburg: hehe, in server use yes.. but as desktop ubuntu has some better  things..12:00
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:00
indus!paste > Cavej0312:00
abhijaini justinstalled tomcat now where i paste my file12:00
ubottuCavej03, please see my private message12:00
gothenburgLazy^: no12:00
madjoeChrome's Task manager says 50-60% of CPU for playing a single youtube video...12:00
indusmadjoe, is normal12:01
gothenburgLazy^: ubuntu is a distribution with to many GUI apps12:01
bazhanggothenburg, please stay on topic12:01
ziois better swfdec or gnash?12:01
gothenburgbazhang: nah12:01
Cavej03indus ok used pastebin12:01
abhijainin ubuntu tomcat where i paste my project file of jsp12:01
gothenburggiving the truth12:01
madjoeAnd when the video stops, my CPU is still at 20%.12:01
indusCavej03, so give me the link12:01
kaiser2011hey guys. can some one help me out ?12:01
bazhanggothenburg, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here12:01
madjoefor that plugin!!!12:01
Cavej03how do i phttp://paste.ubuntu.com/451029/12:01
gothenburgkim__: tjöta12:02
Lazydudegothenburg, we live in a GUI world now12:02
dli__zio, I think swfdec is not under active development any more12:02
abhijaini installed tomcat12:02
gothenburgkaiser2011: what's the problem?12:02
Cavej03lazydude, did you use that purge command12:02
abhijainno i dont know where to paste my files of jsp12:02
dli__kaiser2011, please don't ask to ask, just ask your second question12:02
LazydudeCavej03, my flash works fine.  I was just trying to help out Lazy^. thanks though12:02
Cavej03lazydude, oh ok he said it was working12:03
kaiser2011hi gothenburg. i was installing single boot ubuntu. last i did, i remember people told me to partition my disk in such ways that i get swap etc. i kind of need to those details again. i have a 500 gb hdd with 2 gb ram12:03
Cavej03lazydude, if you have flash restricted extras isnt going to to much12:03
indusCavej03, what is .dev.sda12:03
ziodli__: what about adobe default one?12:03
indusCavej03, its a hdd12:03
ziodoes it work well in 10.04?12:03
Cavej03no its a flash driv e12:03
Cavej03the one im using to install from12:04
indusCavej03, ah ok12:04
Cavej03and i get the same problem on live cd12:04
Cavej03i tryed both12:04
notmorewindowshi, my kernel is 2.632.22 but i cant update to kernel go to :   http://picasaweb.google.es/112370194056728732538/Notmorewindows?authkey=Gv1sRgCIOQk9zP5NPbBQ#548369612880939739412:04
indusCavej03, hmm hmm12:04
anodesniHi, remote desktop + vnc doesn't work, I get a "connection to host .... was closed"12:04
gothenburgkaiser2011: I belive it will help you with "automatic partitions" ?12:04
Cavej03indus, its a toughy12:04
indusCavej03, does it work in windows12:04
Cavej03indus, the drives work fine everywhere12:04
indusCavej03, good12:04
Cavej03indus, have done for years12:04
gothenburgkaiser2011: or "use what's left"12:05
Cavej03indus, tbh i think the mobo is to new for ubuntu 8.0412:05
indusCavej03, how are the jumpers set12:05
Cavej03indus, 1 is master and 1 is nothing for slave12:05
indusCavej03,my ide cd drive only worked after i switched cable from slave to master,12:05
Cavej03indus, try 1 drive at a time?12:05
indusCavej03, me ?12:05
Cavej03no me12:05
Cavej03indus, do u think it would help me>12:06
kaiser2011Gothenburg: i do not remember what all partitions they told me last time. i want to use ubuntu as my main OS now. infact i am not planing to use any other. If i remember clearly, for the OS to sleep, i had to make certain partitions. I just need to know which ones and what were they12:06
indusCavej03, ah12:06
indusCavej03, i want to see output of dmesg12:06
kaiser2011I remember doing it from manual (advanced).12:06
Cavej03? ok so how do i use that12:06
indusCavej03, and make of hdd12:06
indusCavej03, in terminal type dmesg12:06
Cavej03ok done ya12:06
Cavej03and u want to know what my hard drive model is12:07
Cavej03bugger i have to oopen her up12:07
indusCavej03, is it a intel moterboad12:07
kaiser2011i have booted in from live CD and am on the "prepare disk space" option12:07
notmorewindows hi, my kernel is 2.632.22 but i cant update to kernel in xubuntu lts  go to :   http://picasaweb.google.es/112370194056728732538/Notmorewindows?authkey=Gv1sRgCIOQk9zP5NPbBQ#548369612880939739412:07
dli__kaiser2011, if you want "suspend to disk", you need a swap partition12:07
Cavej03indus, no its a asus p7p55lx12:07
Cavej03indus, quite new, so I reckon the ide controller is too new for 8.0412:07
abhijaintell me plz i want to run my project on tomcat on ubuntu12:08
indusCavej03, possible but hardy should update12:08
indusCavej03, its not rocket science12:08
v1echi now kept uplugging the wlanstick, i have no ethernet cable plugged in and still when starting ubuntu to complete the installation it gets stuck at "getting the time from a network-time-server"12:08
Cavej03indus, sorry rocket science?12:08
Cavej03indus, so i should update hardy in live cd?12:09
Cavej03indus, so i should update hardy in live usb*12:09
AAA_awrightA process called mlocate keeps starting up, thrashing my HDD as much as possible, and using 100% CPU and eventually 100% memory killing off several processes in the process. What is going on!12:09
v1echi now kept uplugging the wlanstick, i have no ethernet cable plugged in and still when starting ubuntu to complete the installation it gets stuck at "getting the time from a network-time-server"12:09
v1echanybody knows how to skip that?12:10
kaiser2011dli__ : i did not understand what you meant to say by "suspend to disk". I just want to install Ubuntu as my main OS. I wiped out windows. I have booted in from Ubuntu Live CD. An now i am on "Prepare Disk Space". I already ended up formating the disk from windows because i got really pissed at windows for something. was going to re instal windows but then i was like hell with it12:10
notmorewindowsok linux is easy and xubuntu more..  hi, my kernel is 2.632.22 but i cant update to kernel in xubuntu lts  go to :   http://picasaweb.google.es/112370194056728732538/Notmorewindows?authkey=Gv1sRgCIOQk9zP5NPbBQ#548369612880939739412:10
indusCavej03, ok do this , file a bug and watch if similar bugs pop up12:10
indusCavej03, then go to #ubuntu-bugs and ask , then go to #ubuntu-kernel12:10
Cavej03indus, i have lost you?12:10
indusCavej03, ubuntu bugs channel12:10
indusCavej03, do you know how to file  a bug ?12:11
Cavej03indus, no idea sorry12:11
indusCavej03, hmm12:11
indusCavej03, ok 1 sec12:11
drbobbI think some udev rules or something are broken in lucid, usbnet drivers don't load automatically when a usb network device is connected - it did work in karmic12:11
madjoeGot it! Flashblock extension is an acceptable solution for this issue.12:11
mgolischAAA_awright: probably a cronjub that runs mlocates updatedb12:11
Cavej03indus, i knowledge in some things but not others lol12:11
dli__kaiser2011, if you don't need windows later, you can do manually partition12:11
erUSULAAA_awright: locate is a command to search archives. it periodically updates the database it mantains of the files in the hard disk12:11
erUSUL!info mlocate12:11
ubottumlocate (source: mlocate): quickly find files on the filesystem based on their name. In component main, is standard. Version 0.22.2-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 50 kB, installed size 564 kB12:11
AAA_awrightI know about locate, is mlocate some variant? I just uninstalled a locate variant because of this exact problem a few months ago12:12
OrigenAGWill the  Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics card (used in the Thinkpad 400s) work with Compiz?12:12
erUSULAAA_awright: if it ends up triggering the OOM killer something is wrong... but i dunno how to debug it12:12
AAA_awrightMost of the time I can't even Ctrl-alt-F1 and kill it it completely locks up the system12:13
indusCavej03, dmesg output can i see12:13
dli__kaiser2011, I suggest you go with primary partitions, from beginning: about 100MB /boot (ext2), about 2GB swap, all the rest to / (ext4)12:13
Cavej03its so long i cant get it all12:13
erUSULAAA_awright: did you fsck your filesystem? maybe it is chocking in some corrupted filesystem ?