josephnexushello everyone!01:00
josephnexusare there plans for syncing with kontact?01:01
* josephnexus hasn't tried using ubuntuone under kde01:01
josephnexusi'm having trouble adding a machine to ubuntu one01:14
josephnexusFound it in the faq01:16
mkarnickijosephnexus: good for you :)01:25
mkarnickiverterok: blah x_X that nasty assignment took me hours :///02:14
mkarnickiverterok: and it's 3AM here already. wrrrr. as I'm getting up in 5 hours, I'll better call it a day and have a look on those .py sources and reading materials you gave me, tomorrow. (by that I mean today after I get up ;d )02:15
mkarnickiverterok: by the way, I like low lever programming, we'll see what I'll come up with ;)02:16
mkarnickiverterok: I'll be going now. Have a goog evening and night!02:16
mkarnickic ya everybody02:16
kiamothe tutorial on the website says to click "add this computer" however I am unable to find that link anywhere on the ubuntuone site.  Where is it?04:05
kiamonm found answers in the faq04:07
kermiachi kiamo04:27
mattgriffinkiamo: when you were going through the tutorial on the website, did opening the Ubuntu One Preferences application open a web browser?04:51
kiamoyea it did, but there wasn't a link on the page to add a new computer04:53
kiamos'ok, the faq offered a command to run in the terminal which got my computer connected to one04:54
mattgriffinkiamo: would you mind walking me through what happened when you were following the tutorial on the website and the browser popped up? we get at least 1 message a day from people who hit this same issue. i'd like to figure out how we can update the tutorial on the website.05:13
kiamono problem05:15
kiamomy default browser is google chrome05:15
kiamoI opened up the ubuntu one prefs and clicked manage account05:15
kiamoit opened a tab in chome (which was already open)05:16
kiamoI logged in05:16
kiamoand could not find a link to "add my computer" anywhere on the site.  I looked through most of the pages.05:16
kiamothen I saw there was an irc room, logged in, and read the faq and entered that cmd suggested.05:17
kiamoThen after a small delay chrome opened a tab confirming I wanted to my computer.  I confirmed and it was done.05:18
mattgriffinkiamo: ok... i think clicking "manage account" caused the problem. in order for Ubuntu One Preferences to know what Ubuntu One account to sync with, a token has to be stored on your desktop (found in Passwords & Encryption Keys). If Ubuntu One Preferences doesn't find that token when it's first run, it will open the browser to the Add A Computer process (which drops the token). I think when you clicked Manage Account, it 05:19
mattgriffinkiamo: this is very helpful. i'll see what we can do about changing the instructions so they're a bit more clear. thanks for your help :)05:19
kiamono problem :)05:20
* jblount notices that mattgriffin never sleeps05:23
mattgriffinjblount: what are you doing up?05:24
jblountmattgriffin: My AC is out, so I'm working in the evenings to try to get some things done.05:25
jblountMy laptop was too dang hot to be typing this afternoon!05:25
mattgriffinjblount: heh05:26
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mkarnickimorning guys08:31
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eugenioteHi there everyone! I bought some music for the first time on ubuntu one store, about a hour and a half ago, but I still can't listen to it. Does anyone know if this is normal?10:08
eugenioteok... so I'm new and alone...10:15
mkarnickihonk ^ eugeniote10:59
mkarnickieugeniote: you're not alone, wait for some help10:59
ryemkarnicki, he left before I noticed the message :(10:59
mkarnickioh ooops10:59
mkarnickididn't see him leave10:59
mkarnickiwell, happens :(11:00
ryemkarnicki, i need to poke alecu again since there appears to be some kind of intermittent issue with song downloads11:00
mkarnickirye: I see..11:00
duanedesignmorning all11:48
ryeduanedesign, morning!11:59
duanedesignmade a patch for a typo bug. bug 59537413:03
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duanedesignrye: the gnomekeyring.IOError can be worked around with gnome-keyring-daemon; ubuntuone-preferences13:57
duanedesignis their a long term workaround so they dont have to do this every time13:58
ryeduanedesign, most likely gnome-keyring-daemon died (why - this is strange)...13:58
ryeduanedesign, could you please provide the bug #?13:58
duanedesignyes. I have a couple....13:58
duanedesignbug 59048913:59
duanedesignrye: actually here is one Mitch worked on with more info14:00
duanedesignI think this was the first bug on that. bug 56719414:07
duanedesignrye: this might be the upstream report? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61686114:11
ryeduanedesign, it may be but it is strange that it is not that easily reproducible14:14
ryeduanedesign, if there is a bug in startup sequence and gnome-keyring does not get started then it should be more visible... my systems depend on gnome-keyring very much (empathy, nm, ubuntuone) and even autologged ones work fine14:15
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* verterok waves14:43
mkarnickiverterok: you're waving to say hello or goodbye ^ ^ ?14:45
mkarnickiverterok: I just came back from classes.14:45
verterokmkarnicki: hi!14:46
mkarnickiverterok: hello ^ ^14:46
mkarnickiverterok: you recovered my hopes yesterday, you know!14:46
mkarnickithough I finished at 3 AM and didn't have strength to work on that, I'll start that really soon.14:47
aleksander_mdoes ubuntuone look for modified chunks in the files and only sync those, a-la-rsync? or just file is compressed and always sync-ed completely?15:06
duanedesignaleksander_m: the latter.15:07
aleksander_mduanedesign: aha, thanks15:09
dobeyaleksander_m: currently the latter, anyway15:50
aleksander_mand... how does this couchdb sync work? is it just some file which is synchronized as any other file? or do the couchdbs have some special treatment?15:57
ryealeksander_m, couchdb replicates vis it's own HTTP/JSON-based protocol15:58
aleksander_maha, I see16:01
aleksander_mrye, thanks16:01
lapionhello, I have a runaway desktopcouch process, and I cannot login to it using: $HOME/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html16:04
duanedesignlapion: killall beam.smp; killall beam16:10
duanedesignlapion: to restart:  dbus-send --session --dest=org.desktopcouch.CouchDB --print-reply --type=method_call / org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort16:11
CardinalFangWow, I'm ever more impressed with Thunderbird.  Version 3 is almost not-at-all-sucky.16:11
duanedesignCardinalFang: nice. I have not tried it.16:12
CardinalFangSince 10.04, it's pretty good.16:12
CardinalFangThe v2 was awful.16:12
CardinalFangThe search and IMAP in v3 is great.16:12
duanedesignive started using the calendar in Evolution. I like the alarm for ToDo items. Works through the clock/date applet so you dont have to have Evo open to get the reminder16:14
lapionCardinalFang, does it still move mails to local mailboxes ?16:15
CardinalFangMove?  No, not unless I want it to.16:15
CardinalFangI am using IMAP, not POP3, note.16:16
lapionCardinalFang, I use imap and anytime I move mail from mainbox to one of the serverbased boxes it copies the mail to a files with the same name as the mailbox on the server16:16
dobeythunderbird would be nice if it weren't so upsetting16:16
dobeyit has an offline cache, yes16:17
dobeybut it doesn't *move* it16:17
lapionCardinalFang, it copies the mail to a local file with the same name as the mailbox on the server16:17
lapiondobey, yeah but it doesn't put the file in the correct sub-folder in the mailbox on the server16:18
lapionokay let me elaborate and clarify.16:20
dobeyok, well i've never seen that problem16:21
dobeygranted i only use tb on windows16:21
lapiondobey, on the server I have a user, for which I have several folders within it's account, however whenever I move mails around from the mainbox to one of the sub-boxed the mail get moved to a local-box in the home folder16:22
lapionhome-folder, that's the folder on the localcomputer16:22
lapioncheck it out, later I found out that may of the mails I had been moving on the server where in a file on the local computer and the mails where just marked as deleted on the server, and nowhere to be found the the destination folder on the server16:36
lapiondobey, CardinalFang have you found the same behaviour ?16:37
CardinalFanglapion, I use a hierarchy of folders on the server  archives/YYYY/MM  My only access to that is through IMAP.16:44
CardinalFanglapion, I don't use local files at all, except for catching spam.16:44
lapionCardinalFang, I also use many folders on the server however thunderbird keeps on putting the mails locally16:46
CardinalFanglapion, Nope, never seen that.16:47
lapioncheck your homedir for file with the same name as folders to which you copy regularly16:50
CardinalFangHomedir locally?  What would that tell me about what's on the server?16:51
lapionthat would tell you that something is not going according to play16:51
lapionof course I have not checked th 3 out yet..16:53
CardinalFanglapion, I have a tree that matches the IMAP layout, and it has one file per directory tip.  Some extended with ".msf", others not.16:54
CardinalFangNo, all tips have a file with the name of the tip and ${tip}.msf .16:55
CardinalFanglapion, and each tip is a mail archive.  .msf is some structured data.16:57
CardinalFangNone of this alarms me, though.  All these folders are marked for use offline.16:58
lapionCardinalFang, yeah I think the problem I used to have is solved..17:00
lapionCardinalFang, but the problem was truly a pain in the ....17:01
CardinalFanglapion, the IMAP subsystem is rewritten, I think.  If you only used v2 before, then v3 will be very different.17:02
lapionCardinalFang, you can say that again..17:02
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dobeylapion: by locally do you mean in "Local:/Inbox/folder" or do you mean in "$HOME/folder" on your filesystem, here?17:10
lapionyes dobey thunderbird used to put the files in $HOME/foldername-file17:13
* CardinalFang boggles.17:13
dobeywere you dragging to outside the thunderbird window?17:14
dobeysounds like you were having a drag and drop problem17:14
lapionnot even when clicking on the mail and selecting from the menu17:15
dobeymaybe there is some (mis)configuration on your system or something, causing it to do that. i've never seen that happen17:15
lapionfor the longest time I took it for granted but when I started working on different systems I stopped moving mails around using thunderbird, and settled for moving them around in webmail17:16
lapionlast time I had that behavior was on ubuntu 8.10 ( don't remember thunderbird version)17:17
dobeydon't know. i just use evolution17:19
dobeybut e-mail makes me sad17:19
lapionbut I ahd the same behavior on several different systems17:19
lapioneven on a mac at the office but that was no problem because I was only using it to expunge a gigbyte of spam17:22
lapionfrom a server17:22
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runaheyas :) I use Xmonad, and I would like to know what services do I need to have running for Ubuntu1 to sync my folders17:31
runaie, I have ubuntuone-syncdaemon running, but files are not sync from diff computers17:31
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runaum. not sure if I understand this correctly, I do a u1sdtool --list-folders and is empty, but I see folders in the web interfase17:54
ryeruna, what is u1sdtool --status ?17:55
runarye: connected, online, no error17:56
ryeruna, queues = ?17:56
runahave to go now, brb. thanks!17:57
ryeruna, it looks like it is working, what ubuntu version are you running ?17:57
rye10.04 i believe17:57
ryeruna, if you put a file to Ubuntu One folder does it get synced /17:58
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iRcNoAsEHow long does it take to experience a purchased song from the "Ubuntu One Music Store" in their own "Ubuntu One" visible? The receipt mail is from 14:30 CET in Rhythmbox but since the title is to "Queued".18:23
mkarnickihonk ^ ?18:25
beunoiRcNoAsE, hi18:27
beunohas the song downloaded to the web ui?18:27
iRcNoAsEbeuno: no, there is no song in den web ui18:27
beunoalecu, mattgriffin, ^18:28
alecuiRcNoAsE, we are currently experiencing some problems with song downloads; can you please tell me the name of the song and album?18:29
iRcNoAsEalecu: Herbert Grönemeyer - song "Video" - album "Luxus"18:31
alecuiRcNoAsE, ok, we'll look into it. Sorry for the delay.18:32
iRcNoAsEalecu: thx18:32
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runarye: sorry, back. yes, I copied my files to the Ubuntu One dir in one box, and synced from the other. that worked perfect. but then, I modified the files in the 2nd box and changes were not synced to the first box19:19
ryeruna, were these changes synced to the web storage?19:20
runarye: letme see19:20
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runarye: yep19:21
runathey're synced now19:22
runaok, sorry for all the hassle ;)19:22
ryeruna, you are very welcome19:25
ezra-sI don't see the syncing progress in my tob bar in gnome any more with ubuntu one.. Is there something I am missing?19:30
nhainesezra-s: is this just randomly or is this after an update from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 LTS?19:41
beunoezra-s, you upgraded to Lucid?19:41
ezra-sbeuno, yes19:41
beunoright, so it's gone19:41
ezra-supdated from 9.10 to 10.0419:41
nhainesezra-s: this is the expected behavior in 10.04.19:41
ezra-sit's kind of hard to know how the process is going and how long will it last until it ends...19:42
nhainesezra-s: you can use System > Preferences > Ubuntu One to see the current status.19:42
nhainesBut knowing what's left and so forth is more difficult.  Hopefully they fix it in 10.10.  :)19:42
ezra-slast night I set some folders in my home to synchronize and today the option in the menu was available again, so I had to re-set them to synchronize19:42
ezra-sit just says sync in progress19:43
ezra-sI don't want to sound annoying but at least in the earlier version you would see a status icon and a number of files pending for synching19:43
beunoezra-s, I completely agree with you19:44
beunoChipaca, hai!19:44
beunois there any plan to improve this for M?19:44
ezra-sbtw, this command is supposed to list the folders Im syncing? -> u1sdtool --list-folders?19:45
beunothat is a question for verterok19:45
ezra-sit is saying "No folders"19:45
ezra-sand that has me puzzled because Im syncing a few19:45
ezra-ssame here -> u1sdtool --current-transfers 0 uploads and downloads19:46
beunoand what does -s tell you?19:46
Chipacato improve what, sorry?19:46
ChipacaI've got my head buried in some forms :-/19:47
beunoChipaca, ew19:47
ryefacundobatista, magicicada - i remember you were talking about ppa - ?19:47
beunoChipaca, the visibility of what's going on with syncing on the desktop19:47
verterokezra-s: --list-folders will list the "user defined folders", not the directories inside ~/Ubuntu One19:48
ryefacundobatista, https://launchpad.net/~chicharreros/+archive/ppa - found, thanks!19:48
ezra-sverterok, you mean those I right-clicked and selected "Sync with UbuntuOne"?19:49
Chipacabeuno: I'm afraid it's not going to get dramatically better for M, no. It's on the map, but probably for N; for M we're focusing on making it better in the you-don't-have-to-worry-about-it department. Meanwhile I'm recommending magicicada as much as I can.19:49
facundobatistarye, np19:49
beunoChipaca, sounds like I need to spend some time with balsamiq and help out facundobatista and nessita19:50
verterokezra-s: I think si19:50
Chipacabeuno: yes19:50
Chipacabeuno: :)19:50
ryeezra-s, https://launchpad.net/~chicharreros/+archive/ppa19:50
ezra-sverterok, well not in my case then... :P19:50
ezra-slots of spanish stuff around I see.. chicharreros, haahah19:50
facundobatistabeuno, "balsamiq"?19:50
Chipacafacundobatista: ui design thing19:51
Chipacafacundobatista: voodoo yuyu19:51
facundobatistaChipaca, jaja19:51
verterokezra-s: mm, what's the status of syncdaemon: u1sdtool -s19:51
ezra-sverterok, the results -> http://pastebin.org/33766119:55
verterokezra-s: syncdaemon is working on metadata stuff, try running: u1sdtool --waiting-metadata and u1sdtool --waiting-content19:56
ezra-su1sdtool --waiting-metadata shows a lots of garbled stuff19:56
ezra-sI just did19:57
ezra-swaiting-content on the other hand showed nothing19:57
ezra-sverterok, lots of Unlink(share_id=None, node_id=11a5c9d4-5215-4742-818e-d8c799317d9d, parent_id=9f5396d5-bc3b-44ee-8c81-ea85feb84a6d)19:57
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verterokezra-s: do you deleted a lot of stuff?19:58
ezra-sverterok, from the ubuntu one folder yes19:58
verterokezra-s: ok, it's deleteing all that stuff19:59
ezra-sverterok, will it help if I remove it from the ubuntuone site first?19:59
verterokezra-s: it will be faster, don't know if it will help :)19:59
ezra-sverterok, thanks for the help man! ;)20:00
* ezra-s cheers for verterok20:01
mhall119is http://one.ubuntu.com done in Django?20:02
nhainesOoh, snazzy.20:03
mhall119just wanted to let you know that I'm doing the Django template for the new website theme20:04
mhall119if there were plans to make one.ubuntu.com use the new look20:04
ezra-sso that was it20:05
ezra-sI can confirm it20:05
jdobrienwgrant, the GET/POST Share name issue has been fixed20:11
ryefacundobatista, why is magicicada in notification area?20:16
facundobatistarye, it's in the "systray" area... in the future you'll be able to configure if you want it (and how minimize and close will work if you have it)20:19
ryefacundobatista, ... which will not be present in maverick by default...20:20
facundobatistarye, ok, if you want the icon, you'll have to add the systray to your panel20:21
facundobatistarye, I know I will20:21
dobeyfacundobatista: why isn't it an application indicator instead?20:21
dobeyIt Is The Future (TM) you know20:22
facundobatistadobey, I don't know the dynamics of application indicators20:24
facundobatistadobey, can you click on it and hide/show the main window?20:24
dobeyno. you click on it and get a menu. it's a menu. because it's meant to provide consistency :)20:26
dobeynot arbitrary action20:26
dobeybut you can have a show/hide menuitem in the menu20:26
facundobatistadobey, I can get a menu with right-click on the icon20:28
facundobatistadobey, so, I would actually be losing functionality?20:28
dobeyfacundobatista: no. because the 'systray' is going away anyway. didn't you pay attention at UDS? :)20:29
facundobatistadobey, I did pay atention20:31
facundobatistadobey, but I like systray20:31
facundobatistadobey, so, the user can add it to the panel, right?20:31
dobeyfacundobatista: afaik, gnome 3 won't have a systray, and will have some other thing, and in 11.04, we won't be shipping the tray either.20:35
dobeyusing the tray as a means to replace the window manager's functionality is awful. you really shouldn't do it :)20:36
facundobatistadobey, do you know which other thing will gnome have?20:36
dobeyfacundobatista: something like indicators afaik20:36
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mkarnickiwhat does this python code mean SIZE_FMT = "!I" ? (yea! it's from U1 protocol source, so related :D ! )21:05
iRcNoAsEalecu: Is there a solution to the problem with the transfer of Herbert Grönemeyer - song "Video" - album "Luxus"?21:23
alecuiRcNoAsE, we are currently experiencing music download problems because we are updating our server infrastructure. I understand that this updates will be done in a few hours, so your songs will show up on your ubuntuone storage shortly after that.21:29
alecuiRcNoAsE, sorry again for the delay.21:30
beunomkarnicki, ping21:32
iRcNoAsEalecu: okay, no problem. I can wait ;-) ... Thanks anyway. bye21:32
mkarnickibeuno: pong21:33
mkarnickimy pings are low, good21:33
beunomkarnicki, hi!  quick question, are you doing oauth authentication on the android client yet?21:33
mkarnickibeuno: done that, implemented.21:34
mkarnickibeuno: what's up?21:34
beunomkarnicki, I'm thinking of a way to provide a mobile web ui from a native app21:34
mkarnickibeuno: sorry, I'm being rude. hello ^ ^ !21:34
mkarnickibeuno: aha. AHA! nice idea =)21:35
beunodon't tell anyone21:35
mkarnickibeuno: but you're thinking of Android?21:35
beunoI wanted to get an idea of how much I can re-use of what you have21:35
beunoyes, Android21:35
beunoprobably iphone as well, but lets start with android21:35
mkarnickibeuno: oh. I think pretty much :) if it's not logged in, it lands on a login-screen (Activity), with a log-in button.21:36
beunomkarnicki, great news21:36
mkarnickibeuno: you press it, browser pops up, authenticate, press "Add this computer", drops back to the app21:36
mkarnickibeuno: and there you have it21:36
mkarnickibeuno: that's competition to what I'm working my ass off right now xD21:36
beunomkarnicki, not at all!21:36
beunoyou're doing the hard part21:37
beunothe actualy syncing21:37
mkarnickibeuno: oh. right21:37
beunowe may work on a basic client that serves as starting point to all the services21:37
mkarnickibeuno: but that's scheduled for the end of the project, right now it'll be browsing, uploading, etc21:37
beunoyeah, we may talk in a few months about integrating everything  :)21:37
mkarnickibeuno: wait wait wait, isn't that what you wanted to talk about?21:38
mkarnickibeuno: like access to notes, bookmarks, playlist, etc ?21:38
mkarnickibeuno: I think I'm missing the point. explain how whould that differ from an app I'm currently doing (let's omit the real sync part right now)21:38
mkarnickibeuno: I mean, please clarify  :)21:39
mkarnickibeuno: me and aquarius have tons of ideas for those21:39
beunomkarnicki, well, we want to start integrating more things21:39
mkarnickibeuno: true :)21:39
beunolike the contact syncing app (funambol)21:39
beunoand other hand-wavy services21:39
mkarnickibeuno: true - I will steal that functionality into my app muahahah :>21:39
mkarnickibeuno: but I didn't want to make if official ;d I think I just did21:40
beunoso, in a few weeks, we can get together and talk a bit about how to merge the two ideas and maybe even codebases21:40
mkarnickibeuno: but that's just for Android devices, right :) ? funambol will be still up and good for JavaME handling devices, like SE, Nokia, etc21:40
mkarnickibeuno: but but... ok :3 I know I can't keep everything for myself haha :>21:41
beunowe will probably develop native apps for iphone/android, and leave the rest of the platforms as-is21:41
mkarnickibeuno: we'll talk about that, right know I'm fixing21:41
mkarnickibeuno: a major flaw of Android - bugs in apache harmony, so we need to downgrade to old Java OIO instead of NIO21:41
beunoyeah, I don't have a super clear idea of where we're going to go yet21:42
beunoso we may end up doing a mobile version of the web ui's to make this nicer21:42
mkarnickibeuno: all I know is that I have planned to make AndroidU1 (or whatever it will be called) an entry point to all those services21:42
beunoso, I would suggest to focus on file syncing, and we can figure out how to split some of this work in a few weeks21:43
mkarnickibeuno: Web UI has: info on the account, notes, files, and.. ?21:43
beunomkarnicki, contacts, bookmarks21:43
mkarnickibeuno: right.21:43
mkarnickibeuno: bookmarks are already in the web UI ?21:43
beunophone set-up21:43
beunoit does on edge  ;)21:43
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mkarnickibeuno: I see you're as full of ideas as we are, nice to see that21:44
mkarnickibeuno: we'll have tons to talk about21:44
beunoI've been quiet21:44
mkarnickibeuno: we've been hiding too, to first focus on little things21:44
mkarnickibeuno: the project is ~1,5 behind the schedule due to that Android bugs (fixed on Froyo 2.2)21:44
mkarnickibeuno: but I hope to get up and running again no further than end of this week (and hey there, my exams start then =_= )21:45
mkarnickibeuno: ok, I'll head back to work21:45
beunomkarnicki, sounds greatm ttl!21:45
mkarnickibeuno: there's plenty of time to talk those over :)21:45
mkarnickittl? :_:21:45
beunosorry, irc-ism21:45
beunotalk to you later  :)21:46
* mkarnicki what was that acronym21:46
mkarnickiah!! like ttfn :D21:46
mkarnickita ta for now :)21:46
mkarnickiok, bye beuno !21:46
* beuno waves21:46
* mkarnicki goes back fixing the protocol21:46
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