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reappare any of the devs of ubuntu studio here?14:23
reappwhattewa, if anyone reads this, here's what i wanted to say:14:27
reapp1. Where is the feedback email/interface for the developers? Are the forums the only way to say what I think about the distribution?14:27
astraljavareapp: There's the mailing list(s).14:29
ndfhi, i'm about to buy a korg microkontrol, but can't seem to find much info on how much functionality i can expect from a linux+ardour/rosegarden setup with it. anybody here own one?15:47
tucemiuxndf, if you dont get much input here you can also try #opensourcemusicians15:51
DarkNemisishay is there a proghramme that pools together the bbc archive, youtube, iplayer, and other sources of new media together on the ubuntu desktop?15:52
ndfDarkNemisis: totem has iplayer+youtube sidebar plugins15:53
ndftucemiux: connection troubles? :P15:54
tucemiuxyup yup15:54
DarkNemisisndf the bbc has a whole shed load of stuff from the archive they have put online so i was wondering about thta15:55
ndfi imagine you have to install their adobe AIR based iplayer application in order to watch the archive, totem only shows current iplayer stuff (the last 2 weeks or whatever).15:56
DarkNemisishttp://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/ eg15:56
DarkNemisisndf,  i'm watching the archive without the app15:59
ndfyeah they have a flash player on the site16:00
ndfwhich totem 'exploits'16:00
ndfmuch in the same way as it gets videos from youtube16:00
ndfit kinda pretends to be the flash player and gets the direct .flv stream16:00
DarkNemisisnope its the normal flash16:04
ndfyeah that's what i said16:05
ndf16:00 < ndf> yeah they have a flash player on the site16:05
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RickRaveni heard that ubuntu studio uses real time kernel. what is the difference with standard and real time kernel?17:36
holsteinhey RickRaven17:38
holsteini would suggest starting with the normal kernel17:39
holsteina lot of what makes the RT kernel what it is has been absorbed into the generic kernel17:39
RickRaveni am already using ubuntu 10.04 but now i heard ubuntu studio and i am curious about it17:39
holsteinits really just a collection of apps17:40
RickRaveni think i can install the apps from synaptic17:40
holsteinRickRaven: you can go to synaptic17:40
holsteinand search ubuntustudio17:40
holsteinand read about the metapackages17:41
holsteinand also17:41
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation17:41
holsteinyou can read about them in the hardy section there17:41
holsteinthe names are the same17:41
holsteinyou can also just get the apps you want17:41
holsteinlike jack and ardour17:42
holsteinor blender17:42
holsteineither way17:42
RickRavenyou are great thank you i am going to look at it now17:42
holsteini would say try the generic kernel until you have ned for the RT one17:43
holsteinRickRaven: also17:43
holsteinthere is a review of lucid studio17:43
holsteinat that podshow ^^17:43
RickRaven:) ok thanks17:43
holsteini think its called lucid-lovefest ;)17:43
holsteinand theres an interview with an ubuntustudio dev in there17:44

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