totorohi, how can i enable wobbly windows and the 3d window switcher00:31
Sysi!compiz | totoro00:32
ubottutotoro: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz00:32
totorosysi: i have those already, but it doesn't work00:34
Sysihave you set those to be in use?00:34
Sysiwith ccsm00:35
totoroyes, they are in use00:35
totorobut they don't take effect00:35
Sysidoes any effects work?00:35
totoroi have the drivers installed, and it worked fine on gnome, compiz and everything00:36
Sysicompiz and xfce can be tricky combination00:37
totoroah, it takes some editing?00:38
totoroi'm not sure how to do that...00:38
Sysigoogle knows00:38
Sysii tried it long enough to see that it won't work with xfwm4 window borders and is irritating to configure00:39
Arpad2after distro upgrade to lucid, there was a grub upgrade too, with the result that i cant boot win7 with grub. can smb help me with that? thank you for help!01:38
jordanDoes anyone here know what the fourth button on the title bar is called? The one that retracts the window into the tittle bar?04:18
n2diyjordan, a PITA?04:21
SoBehi guys06:49
SoBei need help06:50
SoBesetting up dialup06:51
lightaask your question06:54
SoBei wanna set up dailup using the instructions that come with xubuntu06:56
SoBei got scanmodem06:56
SoBebut it says i need gedit06:56
SoBewhere should i get that from06:57
SoBeand when i want to install gnome network admin, theres an error07:02
SoBeit says "error: dependency is not satisfiable: libiw29 (>= 28+29pre7)"07:03
SoBecan anybody help me please07:03
pleia2SoBe: gedit is just a text editor, it should be under Accessories07:04
SoBeit says i dont have it07:05
pleia2unfortunately I can't really help with dial-up07:05
SoBethe only problem is getting gedit and i dont know what that error means07:06
pleia2libiw29 is a package (http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libiw29), and for some reason you can't get the right version07:08
pleia2how are you installing gnome network admin?07:08
SoBeso theres nothing i can do?07:08
SoBethe installing thing07:09
SoBeits a .deb so i just double click it and it opens the installation box07:09
SoBebut the error comes up07:09
SoBeand i cant install it07:10
pleia2SoBe: gnome network manager depends on a lot of other things, are you online with this machine?07:12
SoBeno i use dialup07:13
pleia2that's going to be tricky then07:13
pleia2if you really need gnome network manager, there are a lot of packages you need to download and install on the machine07:13
pleia2including libiw2907:13
SoBeand i need gnome network manager to use gnome network admin?07:14
pleia2I think so, I'm not all that familiar with it07:14
SoBethen im screwed07:15
pleia2is there any way you can get online elsewhere just to download the packages?07:15
SoBeno its dual booted on my desktop07:15
SoBei could use my dad's laptop to get the packages, put em in my usb, and transfer them over07:16
pleia2yeah, that's really difficult because it depends on a lot of things07:17
SoBebut until the weekend07:17
SoBeabout how much would that be in size?07:17
pleia2I'm really not sure07:17
pleia2sorry :\07:18
SoBewell my dad has fast internet07:18
SoBeit wouldnt be too hard to put the files in my usb flash drive07:18
SoBethen transfer and install07:18
SoBeby the way im using xubuntu07:19
SoBeare there links to download these packages?07:20
pleia2SoBe: do you have a regular ubuntu cd? that comes with network manager so you can probably add the cd to synaptic and install it from there07:23
pleia2unfortunately it's late here, time for me to head to bed07:24
SoBeyeah i have a regular ubuntu cd07:24
SoBewhat's synaptic?07:25
SoBeso ubuntu has all the packages?07:25
SoBealright so can i install gnome network manager from an ubuntu cd using synaptic package manager?07:41
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_chris__how can i connect to a windows share ?14:52
knome!smb | _chris__14:52
ubottu_chris__: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:52
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_chris__heja. i mounted a windows share to my linux , now i want to copy some folders from linux to the windows share. i did it with "cp /folder/ -R /share/ .. now some files and folders have special german chars like 'รค' and when the file/folder arrives on the windows share the names with special chars are pretty fuxxed lol15:54
_chris__is there a parameter ican add or so to solve this ?15:55
gnomefreakxubuntu-desktop doesnt like ubuntu-desktop, they should be able to both be installed as it is with everyone other *-desktop16:19
likemindeadAnyone else love the Shiki themes? :D18:20
narfjebushi all19:03
narfjebusi got a very annoying problem, since i installed xubuntu 10.04 on hardware that worked flawlessly with 9.10 and earlies releases, my mouse or keyboard suddenly begin to stutter or stop operation completely19:05
narfjebusthis happens even while there is absolutely no userinteraction with the system and the problem persists until reboot - this is driving me crazy as it may happen several times a day19:06
Sysiare they wireless, usb or ps2?19:07
narfjebusthe mouse is a wired USB mouse, the keyboard is PS/219:08
narfjebuschanging USB ports didn't work, btw.19:09
narfjebusso there's no idea about that odd problem?19:16
narfjebushell yeah, it just happened again ...19:19
narfjebusjesus christ, i'm even thinking of simply installing a MSDNAA Windows 7 :(19:19
likemindeadXfce isn't notifying me when my battery gets low. :-\19:39
schlaftierseems his battery's empty... seriously: why do people always leave when I'm about to answer them :(19:51
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