pleia2wow, thanks for that link, I'm working with another group in california which is doing the same thing,06:54
pleia2oh, he's gone :\06:55
* pleia2 emails06:56
alkisgGood morning08:20
Lnspleia2: ping?20:49
pleia2Lns: hey! just sent an email to you and a couple of the partimus folks20:51
Lnsoh good!20:52
LnsI am really happy you contacted me, it's surprising how synchronous our timing was yesterday.20:52
pleia2yeah, I think all the timing here was quite fortunate, partimus has been chugging along for a few years but I just got on board a couple weeks ago20:53
Lnsthat's awesome20:53
Lnswhat are you doing there primarily?20:53
pleia2I'm a linux sysadmin by trade, but they brought me in to help get the word out about the organization, help create partnerships, help document their infrastructures and get more stuff put on their website20:54
Lns<-- well here's a partnership for ya right here!20:55
pleia2woohoo :)20:55
pleia2ok, I'm running off to lunch and then I have to get back to work, but I'll certainly be in touch20:56
LnsBasically, with my business, I've been steering toward Linux in schools (primarily LTSP installations) but yesterday I came to sort of an epiphany that I want to focus even more on helping underpriveleged students with technology (linux specifically), whether LTSP or standalone installations.20:56
LnsOk I'll copy that to the e-mail =)20:56
* pleia2 nods20:56
pleia2I believe partimus is almost all stand alone installs (but they're installed with an automated system somehow, so it's not like they're popping a CD in every machine and doing an install)20:57
pleia2anyway, sounds great :)20:57
Lnsfor sure, have a good lunch, we'll be in touch for sure20:57
pleia2thanks, take care20:57
Lnsyou too20:58
Lnshttp://partimus.org/ - everyone here should check this site out, great little non-profit out in Berkeley, California for getting technology and Linux into underpriveleged schools21:00

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