apersonevilnhandler: look into pysdm00:01
apersonerr, evilsherpa00:01
apersonor wait, is the music directory remote?00:01
cato37i am still having difficulty extracting data (backup copies on dvd) made using winrar set to 0% compression and 500:11
cato37i am still having difficulty extracting data (backup copies on dvd) made using winrar set to 0% compression and 5% recovery record. it is one archive split at 4.7 gig on 5 disks. unrar keeps crashing. is there a better alternative to use?00:20
cato37*ark keeps crashing00:20
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harjothow do you remove vt's in kubuntu 8.04?00:37
lovrei have just upgraded to 10.4... What is this all Activity business? How do i change plasma appearance?00:46
basajaunhirunning 10.4 suddenly can't shut down properly  help?00:49
ussher_how do i change the system date format?  if i go to SYSTEM SETTING-> DATE & TIME  the date says 06/18/10  i want it to say 18/06/1000:50
ussher_sorry, kubuntu 10.0400:50
harjotHow do i remove a vtt?00:52
ussher_I've already tried under "Regional and language" -> "date and time" but these settings have no effect on the date displayed at SYSTEM SETTING-> DATE & TIME00:52
harjotussher_: It should change00:52
ussher_harjot: should and do are different though.  I thought it should too.00:53
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harjotHave you tried right clicking on the calendar thing at the bottom on your taskbar?00:53
ussher_havent got one there, ill put one there then right click it.  nice idea.00:54
lovrei dont get this activity concept, and tips?00:54
billlovre:is your home folder visible on your desktop?00:56
harjotlovre: What where you on before?00:56
harjotlovre: 8.04?00:56
ussher_harjot: no love.  just the clock settings.00:56
lovreharjot: i was on 9.10 before. my home is not visible on the desktop00:57
ussher_im rebooting that system now to see if it needs a reboot.  shouldnt think it would, but worth a try.00:58
billlovre: are you on 10.04 now00:58
harjotlovre:: Im stilll on 8.04 but i think the activites thing are like widgets and things that move about00:58
lovrebill: yes00:58
harjotussher_: Ok00:58
billlovre: do you see the icon in the top right of your desktop00:58
lovrethere are buttons for "add new activity" but i dont get it, what do i add? nothing seems to change :s00:58
lovrebill: yes, i do00:58
lovrebill: says "Desktop" on oit00:59
lovrebill: says "Desktop" on it00:59
harjotlovre: drag widgets to your desktop00:59
harjotlovre: For example pull out the red bouncy ball00:59
billlovre: click on it and the click on Desktop Activity Settings00:59
lovrebill: ok00:59
ussher_harjot: that did it.  guess it needed a bit of force.  Thanks very much01:00
billlovre: do you see Activity01:00
lovrebill: yes01:00
harjotussher_: No probs01:00
billlovre: if u click on it what do you see on the right side of the window01:00
harjotussher_: I guess it didnt refresh but it changed it01:01
lovrebill: only two fields, first is "Type" and it says "Desktop" and the other is "name", also says "Desktop"01:01
ussher_harjot: the settings in  SYSTEM SETTING-> DATE & TIME  started to obey the preferences in  "Regional and language" -> "date and time"  after the reboot01:01
harjotussher_: So basically the values may not change, because they are in use already, and when you shut down, then it changes cause nothing uses it then.01:02
billlovre: if u click on Type, do u get a drop down01:02
lovrebill: yes, i can choose between "Desktop" and "Folder view"01:03
ussher_harjot: yeah there is usually a message saying the same sort of thing "you need to restart applications in order for settings to take effec" but i didnt think that would apply to the settings setting area.  Guess it does.  Learnt something.01:03
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cato37can anyone help with a good prog that can help me unrap the customized rar files used for backup? ark with unrar keeps crashing when i try to extract.01:20
solifugusIs there an Intel64 version of the ISO download?01:23
solifugusI only see i386 and AMD64...01:23
billlovre: r ustill here01:24
billlovre: I just added DILBERT Comic as a widget01:25
solifuguslovre: r u a grl?  your nick comes up pink on my irc client..01:25
maco2solifugus: that's your irc client. it has nothing to do with the other person's gender01:26
maco2!u | solifugus01:26
ubottusolifugus: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.01:26
lovresolifugus: lool, no, and why does name color mean anything? i dont have any colors :s01:26
billthis is not english..it is a new language01:27
solifugusEnglish evolves according to improper changes in use that become common and then become real English.. every year, new words enter that way.01:28
billyup like the word aint01:28
solifuguswe'll be teaching our grant kids how to say, "l8r" properly and they'll be disobedient saying "later, sir".. "sir" will have become a dirty word.01:29
lovrei cant run firefox anymore....?01:29
solifuguslovre: it might need to walk a while.. catch its breath.01:30
lovresolifugus: haha, nice one01:30
lovrebut i need firefox browser application, not the fox01:31
solifugusWhat happens when you try to run it?01:31
billsentences will be required to have the word "like" at the beginning, middle and end of every sentence.01:32
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cato37englitch haz bin gud two mee.01:34
harjotHow do i remove a vtt?01:35
cato37have a good day all.01:39
billlovre:doo u no how 2 access the KDE Help manual on ur pc01:40
lovrebill: pressing F1?01:40
billhavent tried that but I do it by clicking on the Kickoof Application Launcher01:41
billthen type help in the search box b01:42
billlovre:have u tired that01:47
lovrei didnt01:49
lovrei will though01:49
lovreusually those help things dont help much to be honest01:49
billit explains about the Plasma desktop and about widgets etc01:49
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lovrei am getting this error when trying to install kdevelop; http://pastebin.ca/188551602:11
solifugusWhat are the alternate ISO images?02:24
vale_maioehy there, anyone knows a way to have changing wallpapers on kubuntu?02:26
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ussher_vale_maio: like this stuff? http://3dfiction.com/02:38
vale_maiolet me see02:39
Andrew9solifugus: mdf/mds02:40
ussher_vale_maio: I thnkin i remember an app that was in the repos for streaming fractals.  tried it out about 8.04 ish  trying to find what it was called now.02:41
solifugusAndrew9: what is mdf/mds?02:41
vale_maioussher_: yes, but I was looking for something can change wallpapers with personal images02:42
Andrew9solifugus: mdf image file and mds control file. alternative to iso02:42
ussher_like a different still image each time you log in?02:42
vale_maiono, like a different image every 10 minutes02:42
ussher_ah like a slide show.02:43
solifugusi c.. i think02:44
vale_maiook, it's not so important02:44
vale_maiomaybe I'll search something tomorrow02:45
vale_maionow it's so late02:45
ussher_vale_maio: could be this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhYinDOKbE802:45
vale_maioi'll watch it02:46
vale_maiobut tomorrow02:46
ussher_seams to indicate that a folder contents can be used as backgrounds for the desktop02:46
ussher_vale_maio: or maybe this http://lifehacker.com/400505/rotate-desktop-backgrounds-in-ubuntu02:47
vale_maioit may be right02:49
vale_maiotomorrow i'll try it02:49
vale_maiothank you!02:49
josianDoes someone knows how to prevent Kbluetooth and Printer applet from autostart everytime i log on to Kubuntu?02:59
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ravhello. does anyone know of an application/widget to count throughput of a network interface?03:32
solifugusSo I installed the latest i386 kubuntu into a virtualbox vm (latest version from sun).....04:03
solifugusI get a text login and "sudo apt-get upgrade" gives me this error: segmentation fault tree: 50%04:03
solifugusanything to do?04:04
solifugusreboot again and it appears to have frozen at its boot screen..04:18
solifugusI haven't been able to get a kubuntu version to install in virtualbox in a very long time now..04:18
solifugusIs this likely to install on real hardware and work?04:24
solifugusI am presuming I need to use the i386 version instead of amd64, because I have a 4 core intel64 box..04:25
solifugusany nobody here ever talks..04:26
solifugusSo I might as well recite poetry..04:26
solifugusif i can think of any04:26
Erodrm /var/cache/apt/*.bin04:27
ErodFor the segfault04:27
ErodAnd amd64 refers to both amd 64and intel64.04:31
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maco!es | juanbeto__05:59
ubottujuanbeto__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:59
avishekHi! Does anyone have any experience setting up an Ubuntu server with no-ip?06:36
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olskolirccan I NOT use Klipper?  Will it disable my c/p if I "quit" it?07:44
olskolircI'm tired of cleaning this stupid thing just to c/p its holding me up07:44
MusiCrazYnesesito ayuda08:25
MusiCrazYcual es el canal en español?08:25
kleopatraHello. i would like to know one thing: can i assume that a Level1-Cachemiss will take a constant amount of time, if there is no L2-Cachemiss? Or generally does it take a constant amount of time to access L2-Cahce or MainMemory on a certain system?09:14
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mika__hi, i've attached an external monitor on my notebook... it works... or at least the clone mode works, how can i change the setting in order to have an extend desktop instead of a clone one ?09:48
phoenix__i feel that the taskmanager in kde is not powerful, when a program hangs, and i press the keys to get taskmanager, it is not starting. i am using kde 4.5 beta 2. can anyone help me10:02
rohdefdoes anyone know a good program that can be used to keep track of my DVDs, books and CDs, who I borrowed them to and such?10:11
phoenix__rohdef: you need an inventory program10:14
ylalI have install Kubuntu Lucid on my Laptop ( Compaq CQ-40 536tx ), its having sound problem, audio out put is pulsating. Any idea why it so.10:16
ylalPrevious version like Jaunty, Karmic is working fine10:17
evilsherpahey aLL, SO ive installed a second hdd, ive formatted it in gparted, and rebooted, but i dont see it in fstab10:23
evilsherpahow do i add a ntfs drive to fstab with write priveledges ?10:24
evilsherpaim googling10:24
maverick_ny1 interested in chat10:34
ionutdoes anyone knows a software which i can install to see all  my computer hardware specs?10:43
evilsherpahey all, ive mounted a ntfs hdd, and addedd it to fstab, now when i reboot, surely enough its there, mounted to the mount point, but its read only, how do i add write access?10:46
Hazamonzoomg these ATI drivers suck!10:47
ionutdoes anyone knows a software which i can install to see all  my computer hardware specs?10:47
evilsherpacurrently its /dev/sdb1    /media/windows    ntfs-fuse    auto,gid=1002,umask=0002    0    0 should it be /dev/sdb1    /media/windows    ntfs-fuse    auto,users,umask=0007,uid=1000         0       010:50
greenmang0evilsherpa: what is the output of "mount" command?10:55
evilsherpagreenmang0, i think i broke it10:56
tanderson__ionut: terminal, sudo lshw10:56
evilsherpagreenmang0, i did unmount it though10:57
evilsherpagreenmang0, because i was messing in fstab and it stopped working10:57
evilsherpagreenmang0, i made that change mentioned above10:58
likeu hi i have problem with wmv and avi file , when ever download torrent files wmv type , i got messege when i played the file  , :( To play this movie you need to download vidplayer )10:58
evilsherpalikeu, get vlc and if that doesnt work its a crappy rar file that you cant play10:59
likeuevilnhandler, not rar10:59
likeuevilnhandler, wmv and not one file many files download from torrent11:00
greenmang0evilsherpa: do you have ntfs-3g installed?11:01
evilsherpagreenmang0, i dont think so, il check, i had it installed when it automounted11:02
evilsherpawith write access11:02
evilsherpagreenmang0, yeh i do have it installed11:03
greenmang0likeu: i might be a fake torrent... are you able to play other wmv/avi files you have?11:04
likeugreenmang0, yes :D11:05
greenmang0likeu: then it must be a fake torrent11:05
likeugreenmang0, but the file have 780 mb , how come be fake , i mean how did it11:05
greenmang0likeu: yeah.. so what? i also get fooled sometimes... i downloaded whole 750mb stuff and it was fake11:06
greenmang0evilsherpa: did you try mounting manuallly?11:06
greenmang0evilsherpa: mount -o remount rw /dev/sdb111:06
likeugreenmang0,  so , what the most trusted website for torrent ?11:07
greenmang0likeu: i use isohunt.com all the time but can't say it's trusted.. always check user comments before downloading torrent file11:07
likeugreenmang0,  ok thanks man :)11:08
evilsherpagreenmang0, mount manager sorted it out11:08
evilsherpawill check whats been added to fstab to see what it means11:08
greenmang0evilsherpa: ok.. let me know.. does this mount manager writes to /etc/fstab?11:09
rogeriobom dia!!11:13
rogeriorrsrsr... nunca pensei q eu estaria num IRC do kubuntu uma hora dessas...11:14
plattdeutscherI try to backup a dying hard disk with rsync. The system tries many reads at each file, even if it is broken. How can I reduce this? I.e. I only want those files that are correct and fast to backup11:25
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thom_Wow... this is crowded...11:49
SiVA_My mic input doesn't work on my laptop. I think it's a linux issue, but I'm not sure how to determine that. Any suggestions?12:49
pratik_narainI'm getting temp about 61 deg c on my dell inspiron 1545 laptop with kubuntu lucid and it was about 46 deg c with ubuntu lucid. Is it too high to damage the system13:26
James147pratik_narain: that should be fine, most mordern computers have a cutoff threshold to shutdown the system if the computer gets too hot. If you want to lower it consider disabling some effects or turning of strigi (or other process hungry tasks)13:28
mika__hi, how can i extend a desktop on a second external monitor? (now it's mirrored)13:28
James147mika__: what graphics card do you ahve?13:28
mika__James147: nvidia13:28
James147mika__: have you enabled the propriety drivers for it?13:29
mika__James147: yes, i've them13:29
James147mika__: run: "sudo nvidia-config" then "kdesudo nvidia-settings" and enable twinview13:30
mika__James147: i don't have nvidia-config, but i have nvidia-setting13:31
James147mika__: think you can just use that13:31
mika__yes, i'm in it13:31
mika__James147: it's working, thank you :)13:36
gorgonizerIs there an easy way to downgrade from KDE 4.5 Beta 2 to KDE 4.4.4?  Other than reinstalling the system?14:36
James147gorgonizer: downgrading is not supported and I don't think is easy to do :(14:40
James147gorgonizer: you could try removing kde completely and then removing the ppa and reinstall it... not sure how much truoble you would have with that though14:41
gorgonizerJames147: oh well, cheers for the info, guess I will have to reboot every 24 hours until a release candidate is realeased..14:42
James147gorgonizer: :) once every 24 hours aint that bad... most people do that normally, it should be too long before rc is realeased though14:43
* James147 goes to look up the schdual14:43
gorgonizerJames147: with KDE 4.4 I only ever rebooted when kernel upgrades occurs, with KDE 4.5 plasma-desktop leaks memory like a sieve14:44
James147gorgonizer: anyidea what is leaking? you might be alb eto turn it off :) looks to be realeas about the 7th july - http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.5_Release_Schedule14:45
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gorgonizerJames147: I have read on various webpages that it may be either the systray or Ktorrent, either which I currently cannot do without..14:47
James147gorgonizer: if it is ktorrent, then would not restaring ktorrent fix the problem (rather then restaring the system)14:47
James147gorgonizer: also you could try to find out what is actually causing the problem... ksysguard or top can help with that14:49
gorgonizerAfter 24 hours palsma-desktop uses 1.5GB of system memory, and closing KTorrent makes no difference at this point.. I would need to restart the system with KTorrent closed and run the system for 24 hours to fully test that it is Ktorrent causing issues, however, I am testing things with KTorrent at the moment..14:50
James147gorgonizer: sounds like its plasma-desktop then, you should just beble to restart that without needing to restart the system though14:51
James147gorgonizer: hell, you could write a script to restart it every few hours without much problem :)14:51
James147gorgonizer: as a temp fix untill rc14:52
mimehi everyone, afetr all, thanks for the help. my issue is with an external hdd, correctly detected in wind*ws, but once pluged in ubuntu 9.04, it makes a noise and is not detected. it is in nfts, and formmated, i dont have data inside. thanks again14:52
gorgonizerJames147: ture, I could, but I restart in that hope that plasma-desktop will remember my plasmoid settings (position and size, rather than just position), which it never does :)14:52
gorgonizerJames147: will try the restarting of plasma-desktop next time it ruins my KDE experience :)  cheers for the advice.14:53
James147gorgonizer: kquitapp plasma-desktop   might be more frendly then killall :)14:53
James147gorgonizer: although I am not sure of the difference between them14:53
jaimehi, 10.4 here. including an attachment in sent mail makes the machine terminally freeze in mid of sending. happens with thunderbird and kmail. reinstalled th and kmail, fresh profies, checked disk and filesystem thoroughly. i'm desperate. any ideas?14:53
gorgonizerJames147: I have heard that, and have tried it as well, didn't help with the plasmoid size issue :(14:54
James147gorgonizer: if not a logout/login should work just as well as a reboot :)14:56
gorgonizerJames147: okay :)  will keep that in mind :)14:56
James147gorgonizer: since the problem is with user level programs and not the system its self14:57
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James147gorgonizer: form what i can tell it looks like kquitapp is ment to save plasma-desktops settings (same with logout) not sure why it wouldnet on your comp14:59
gorgonizerJames147: good to knwo that my PC and me are being weird, as usual.15:01
neha_i am using kubuntu 10.04,and i am having problem with my wireless in dell inspiron 1525.problem is that it does not connect to any wireless network.it shows only activating some times and some times does nothing.this problem is only with kde,wireless is working perfectly in gnome.15:05
Blueskajneha_, is the network manger asking for a pw thru kwallet after login ?15:08
mimehey neha use wicd15:08
mimewell, i will try to install suse, once there formatting my external hdd, lets see if it works15:09
angelubuntu spanish please ?15:25
Piciangel: /join #ubuntu-es15:26
Blueskajangel try #ubuntu-es or #kubuntu-es15:26
angelthank you15:26
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EvilSeedthe Kubuntu bluetooth manager returns "sorry your device doesnt support input services " whenever I try to pair my phone with my computer , how can I fix that15:32
EvilSeedany help ?15:37
BlueskajEvilSeed, you may need to search for a driver for your phone . I have a motorola phone that is supposed to work with the default moto driver but unfortunately it doesn't se the phone's dirs15:40
BlueskajEvilSeed, some ppl have had better luck than me of course15:41
EvilSeedI thought pairing a phone using bluetooth technology doesnt need any drivers15:42
EvilSeedps : it paired with no issues on Gnome's bluetootyh manager15:43
EvilSeedhence being on the internet right now15:44
Blueskajoh sorry , forgot about the kbluetooth app , right15:45
EvilSeedwhat about kbluetooth ?15:47
=== hhlp_ is now known as hhlp
EvilSeeddoesnt pair with phones or something ?15:47
Blueskajit's the bluetooth client on kde15:47
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lovrehi all. i am new to eclipse, just trying to get my first simple C/C++ application to build. But i get this error: http://pastebin.ca/188582416:29
James147lovre: cant really tell you much without more information :S but you might want to consider asking in ##c++16:34
lovreJames147: ok, thanks16:34
mimehello, i try to access my external drive but get that error msg: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb116:46
mimentfs-3g: Failed to access volume '/dev/sdb1': No such file or directory16:46
mimePlease type '/sbin/mount.ntfs-3g --help' for more information.16:46
avihay_mime, ls /dev/sd*16:51
philmonhie guys16:56
LightningI need help with an atheros wifi thing.17:16
LightningKubuntu Lucid;17:16
LightningIt was working since I updated with ath5k now it just radomly sropped.17:17
Lightning279 users and nobody can help me?17:18
EvilSeedpatience my friend17:18
LightningHmm... contrast isn't here.17:19
FloodBotK1Lightning: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:20
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LightningI need help with an atheros wifi thing.17:37
LightningKubuntu Lucid;17:37
LightningIt was working since I updated with ath5k now it just radomly sropped.17:37
EvilSeedtry to downgrade17:38
BlueskajLightning, open network manager / manage connections , check to make sure your settings wre saved17:39
LightningIt wasn't owrking on Jaunty.17:40
LightningI upgraded to Lucid. It started working. Around a week later now, it's stopped.17:40
BlueskajEvilSeed, no need for frivilous suggestions17:40
LightningIt was using ath5k. I just checked my BL and it has ath5k on it :S17:40
BlueskajBL ?17:41
EvilSeedwhat ! I was serious :)17:41
Lightningblacklist. no no. It was commented17:41
=== pete_ is now known as Guest2005
LightningI just uncommented it.17:41
LightningSo should I try without ath5k or with?17:41
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
LightningI'm restarting with ath5k blacklisted. Just to see what happens.17:43
BlueskajLightning, is that a usb adapter wifi , or builtin ?17:44
LightningI BLed ath5k and restarted.17:48
BlueskajLightning, just for my info ; is that a usb adapter wifi , or builtin ?17:48
LightningWith ath5k commented it still gave me a an "enable wrless button but faded out. ath5k BLed just gives me manga connections17:49
LightningIt's builtin17:49
Blueskajlaptop >?17:51
LightningCompaq Presario C70017:52
LightningAny suggestions?17:53
=== rackIT is now known as rackIT_AFK
Blueskajcan you click on manage connections to make sure your settings haven't changed , it's stating the obvious , but I must ask17:55
LightningIt doesn't detect my wireless.17:55
LightningAs far as y card is concerned NM thinks it doesn't exist.17:56
LightningI'm getting help in #wireless17:56
=== minior is now known as cojack
bazhanglinux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic Lightning tried installing that?17:59
LightningLemme try. Then restart?17:59
LightningIf you don;t mind waiting :)18:00
bazhangassuming you are on lucid, though18:00
=== joseph is now known as cannonfodder
Blueskajbazhang, will that work with usb wifi adapters ?18:06
bazhangBlueskaj, dont see why not18:06
BlueskajI have one that even ndiswapper can't help18:07
bazhangworth a shot certainly18:07
Blueskajrt 2870 driver18:07
^Lightning^bazhang: I LOVE YOU18:11
=== d is now known as Guest89448
bazhang^Lightning^, working?18:12
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)18:12
Blueskaj!cookie | bazhang18:13
ubottubazhang: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:13
bazhangwe should may be have a factoid for that atheros fix18:13
bazhangthe current one links to only Intrepid18:13
Blueskajyeah, no doubt18:13
bazhangthe !atheros one18:14
bazhangcompletely different named package in lucid18:14
Blueskajlinux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic, seems to cover a lot of ground18:15
bazhangthere is also the -pae one if you use that kernel18:16
^Lightning^Guide to ar5001 in Lucid:18:16
^Lightning^1. Make sure ath5k isn't blacklisted18:16
^Lightning^2. Download linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic18:16
FloodBotK1^Lightning^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:16
^Lightning^FloodBotK1: Shut the hell up.18:16
^Lightning^See you guys18:16
Blueskajit's an auto script18:16
Blueskajwell, time to do some errands ....bbl18:17
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XRandRi'm trying to get a Logitech webcam to work in kubuntu so that i can stream video on the web. Any ideas how to accomplish this?19:09
otswimhello, my mouse acceleration is at minimum; can i decrease the mouse sensitivity further?19:11
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jmuxHi - is there a way to disable the http cache (/var/tmp/kdecache-*/http) for "manual" downloads? Currently a manual download is saved to the target location and the cache which prevents me to download larger files, as my /var/tmp isn't that large.19:21
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harmanhi guys20:36
harmannewbie here20:36
shadeslayerharman: hi!20:37
AAU|Vincewhat's is your problem ?20:37
harmananyone here to help with ATI prop Driver MANUAL installation in Ubuntu Lucid20:37
shadeslayerharman: Welcome to #kubuntu :)20:37
shadeslayerharman: manual install? why not use the repository to install stuff?20:37
shadeslayerharman: assuming you know about repositories .....20:38
harmanyes i know20:38
harmanjust wanna do it MANUALLY20:38
harmanrepositories serving Catalyst 10.4 ATM20:39
shadeslayerharman: um... may i ask why>20:39
harmanand 10.6 is out20:39
harmani wanna try that20:39
macothere is no 10.620:39
macooh wait20:39
harmanheard at forums , it serves better 2D Acc20:39
shadeslayermaco: :)20:39
macoi thought you meant a kubuntu release number and got confused20:39
shadeslayerhehe :P20:39
Blueskajharman, which ati card ?20:40
shadeslayerharman: is your card compatible with the new drivers?20:40
shadeslayerusually older cards get phased out with newer drivers....20:40
shadeslayermaco: i wish we could do this : http://flic.kr/p/8br4mW : with kde :(20:41
harmanIts integrated ( 785g Chipset ) AKA Radeon HD 420020:41
harmanyes its compatible20:41
harmancurrently , UBUNTU installed by default ... X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI Radeon display driver20:42
macoshadeslayer: i thought kde had that before gnome... i recall one of the guys in the loco who used kde before me having a wallpaper that changed by timezone20:43
harmanGuys, i had been following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI20:44
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harmanbut the issue is that in above link, 6 deb packages are generated , whereas i am able to generate only 420:45
harjotharman: Reading it currently20:45
harmanalso followed this for 10.6 and lucid specific ...20:46
harmanGuys, do i need to remove existing installed Xorg ATI driver before generating DEB Package for FGLRX ?20:47
harjotHow can you do that?20:48
harjotXorg is running currently isnt it?20:49
harmannewbie , can do everything  :(20:49
Blueskajharman, normally yes because the installed driver is the working default and usually you have to drop to a ttym stop the kdm service , then remove the old driver and install the new dribver20:49
harmani had installed ubuntu 7th time after corrupting Xorg Configuration20:49
Blueskajerr sudo service kdm stop20:50
harmanand Even Getty consoles don't view a login prompt ... :(20:50
harjotharman: Did you downlaod it of the ati website repository20:50
harmanATI Website20:50
harjotSo i think those instructions on the ubuntu page will work20:51
Blueskajproprietary ati drivers are notoriously unreliable ...I know , cuz I used one for a while20:51
harjotI agree20:51
harmanyes , they shud , but in those instructions , they generated 6 deb packages , whereas mine PC does generate only FOUR DEB PACKAGEAS20:51
Blueskajharman, you need only one driver20:53
Blueskajanyway , gotta go20:53
harman@ Blueskaj , i m talking about required packages generated by ATI Prop Driver , which install ATI Driver ( Single Driver Ofcourse )20:54
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m250wassup everyone?22:07
m250anybody here for a quick help?22:08
m250hellooo... (echo... echo... echo...)22:08
m250hi slow-motion22:09
shadeslayerm250: hi22:11
shadeslayerany issues?22:11
m250quick question;22:12
shadeslayerm250: also try to be patient and search other channels for generic help,like #ubuntu :)22:12
shadeslayerm250: shoot22:12
m250just installed kubuntu 10.04, how do i change the grub menu order or default OS? i went thru the 10.04 man pages, but the info is wrong22:12
m250i do not have a menu.lst22:12
shadeslayerm250: ah right22:13
shadeslayerm250: thats because we have grub2 now22:13
m250o i c22:13
shadeslayerm250: well i have a quick fix but it will get overwritten on next grub update22:13
m250lol, any idea when that will be?22:13
m250but that;'s ok anyways, 'cuz the update is optional, right?22:14
shadeslayerm250: nope.. its run everytime theres a new kernel installed22:14
shadeslayerm250: found this http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3107328.022:14
shadeslayerm250: first hit on google ;)22:15
shadeslayerm250: and this one : http://www.hackourlives.com/change-default-boot-order-ubuntu-10-04-lucid/22:15
harmandeepGuys, anyway via which mine Active VMware Virtual Ethernet Adaptors can be managed via Network Manager Applet in UBUNTU LUCID ~22:16
m250doh! thanx :) didnt know i should be searching for grub222:16
harmandeepi.e VMnet Adaptors22:16
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications22:18
cato37my toshiba laptop has no sound. how do i fix it?22:19
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:19
cato37what does it mean when a command has to have today's date--is that like 6182101?22:25
cato37upgrading alsa by compiling looks complicated. is there safer way to uprade it?22:33
claydohcato37: why do  you need to upgrade alsa?22:34
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yaniyakovyes why?22:34
cato37i dont have any sound on my laptop.22:34
cato37it had sound when i installed the distro cd, but after the upgrades the sound stopped22:35
Walexcato37: there are no easy ways. Note that you need to upgrade only the kernel drivers.22:35
Walexcato37: also it is likely that there is another reason why the sound stopped.22:35
cato37the speaker icon is in the task tray and the slider bar shows when i manually change the volume22:37
cato37i was hoping going to the latest version would get the sound going22:38
kubuntu10may filipino ba d2?22:46
kubuntu10any filipino here?22:46
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