yofelarand: really? for me it was the previous one that broke the kernel upgrade00:03
arand 1.98+20100614-2ubuntu1 is my culprit00:04
yofelthat one works fine here00:04
arandWell, not for me it don't..00:04
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akioAre the alternate installs working?05:21
akioI just tried using them on usb with usb creator and failed hard05:22
akioit got to "boot:"05:22
akiopressing enter gets to a scary white screen that reminds me of a nasty bug I heard about in X05:23
akionot X, kms05:23
akioanybody here even use the alternate install method?05:23
holsteinakio: let me see if i can find a link05:24
holsteinive heard this works with the alternate installers via USB05:26
akiosweet a script05:28
akioholstein: it does the same thing06:06
akioI think there is something fishy going on here.06:06
akioI don't think they would have tested it by now.06:07
akioThere is no reason to this early.06:07
akioOr at least that would be what I would assume.06:07
akioI have an external drive but now I must waste another cd.06:08
gnomefreakhow do you change the login screen themes? example change xubuntu login screen back to gnome's11:11
* gnomefreak drawing blanks11:11
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VigoIf I backup /home can I use it in a 10.10 dual boot until October?13:00
gnomefreakVigo: you should dual boot anyway if you plan on upgrading to 10.1013:03
VigoNevermind, and Thank you.13:03
Vigognomefreak: I just had a face/palm moment, Thank you.13:03
VigoI am still messing with csh stuff, I blanked for a moment there, so I asked, again, Thank you.13:05
repeteanyone else having problems w/ swap?13:10
* gnomefreak smoke be back13:11
repeteI'm getting system hangs because of some massive i/o op and it _seems_ to be swap, but having trouble getting good information.13:12
repeteany hints are welcome. :-)13:12
Ian_corneI don't advise running to gnome versions on the same /home13:16
cjohnstonDoes anyone else have problems playing wmv files on +1?15:05
DrHalani think mediubuntu istn uptodate jet15:15
gnomefreakit is for 10.1015:22
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arand[cjwatson] enable installer support for btrfs: DONE   \o/16:10
* arand waits eagerly for upcoming dailies16:15
cjohnstongnomefreak: any idea then why it wont play wmv?16:20
DaekdroomHas the GNOME been updated to 3?16:37
arandDaekdroom: Not that I know of, and I think it isn't planned for MM anyways, at least not all of it..16:40
Daekdroomarand, oh.16:40
arandTo late.16:40
arandDaekdroom: However a lot of gnome 3 will be available for optional install, like shell, I guess16:44
Daekdroomarand, some digging got me to this link: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-gnome16:45
DaekdroomSo yeah, pretty much that16:46
VigoAny documentation on Drop Elevated Privileges?17:16
VigoFound it, nevermind17:22
quentusrex_Anyone know how to turn up the cpu fan in 10.10?17:38
quentusrex_I want to manually set it to the max17:39
holsteinbios ?17:41
quentusrex_asus k50ab the bios doesn't have a setting for it.17:41
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VigoI think you can try pwmconfig , but look it up.17:44
VigoThere are many,many warnings about setting CPU fan speeds.17:45
rippsThe new ffmpeg is being held back by a bunch of packages, when is theis going to be fixed?18:34
DanaGHow do I get my automounted ntfs USB drive not to be 700 permissions?  That is, it's mounting as readable only to me, and screwing every other user in the system, including the samba daemon.  Where the heck do you set drive automount permissions now?18:37
DanaGNote that this is not a Maverick-specific issue, but the system with the issue IS using Maverick.18:37
arandDanaG: umask=### in fstab?18:39
DanaGIt's a USB drive, so if I put it in fstab, it would complain.18:40
DanaGYou used to be able to right-click the thing in Nautilus and go to "set mount options".18:40
DanaGI mean, it would complain when the drive is not present.18:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 482501 in devicekit-disks (Ubuntu) "Karmic incorrectly mounts USB disk (NTFS) as 700, cannot change behavior. (dup-of: 453605)" [Medium,Triaged]19:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453605 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Make default mount umasks configurable" [Wishlist,Triaged]19:01
DanaGActually, that's more than just wishlist... it's a regression.19:03
DaekdroomDefinitely a regression19:04
Daekdroom2 or 3 versions ago, I didn't have to set my NTFS directly in fstab :(19:04
DanaGwhich regression tag would that be, though?19:05
arandSounds like something that would go upstream though...19:05
arandMight be yet more of the lost-in-new-version stuff of gnome's ?19:06
ubottuGnome bug 586708 in general "User Choice of VFAT Mount Option" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]19:06
rippsI anybody else having ffmpeg upgrade issues?19:10
DanaGInternal Server ErrorNotImplementedError19:21
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zniavregood evening20:35
avi_Will Maverick support waking the machine from suspend mode? I miss this feature from OSX and Windows.21:09
avi_As in, apps being able to wake the machine say, for use as an alarm clock.21:10
dupondjeseems like copying to cifs share keeps showing icon21:26
dupondjeeven if copy is done21:27
* gnomefreak not sure but i doubt it21:39
DanaGnice: indicator-applet shows "Show Copy Dialog" on any file operation... including deletion.22:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562033 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Inconsistent user interface between File Operations dialog and Indicator Applet icon." [Low,New]22:35
NitsugaDanaG, I have the indicator always, doesn't mind if i'm actually copying or not.22:39
Nitsugawell, in fact i don't have it right now... weird22:39
Sarvattok fglrx-installer for 10.6 is in x-updates now, still doesnt work with xserver 1.8 though :(23:20
Sarvattat least lucid gets the massive 2D speedup23:20
DanaGOpenGL version string: 3.3.9901 Compatibility Profile Context FireGL23:22
DanaGyup. Lucid, of course.23:31
DanaGMy netbook is on Maverick, though.23:31
gnomefreak10.4 == lucid i thought23:32
gnomefreak10.04 even23:32
DanaGNaming collision.23:48
DanaGATI names things year.month, with no leading zeroes.23:48

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