Sarvattpixman in maverick is muuch faster on arm, I merged that as soon as I could :)00:54
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kaihi folks08:01
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kaiis there much of a difference in assembler code between armv5 and the newer systems like the cortex (apart from the stuff the newer systems add)?08:16
kaione of my co-workers is fiddling around with low-level kernel calls to get async file io going, and I'm wondering if I should get him an account on a shevaplug (faster, more ram) or on a beagle (newer cpu arch)08:17
loolkai: Depends whether he's optimizing for v6 or v7?09:00
loolkai: beagle's speed is decent, but I never tried the JTAG; sheeva is really great to JTAG-debug, so it might be relevant for him09:01
Lutinlool: if it's a matter of getting things /going/ , v6 vs. v7 shouldn't matter much though09:01
loolLutin: the question is sheeva versus beagle, I agree with you that the described work is likely not architecture specific, but apparently it's about writing some assembler, so it could make a difference09:02
hrwLutin: v5 vs. v709:03
loolif you want to ship a v7 based product and you dont care that your code works on v5, you might be able to use some v6 or v7 assembly to speed things up09:03
hrwsheeva has armv509:03
kailool: I don't actually know what's involved09:05
kailool: this is about some really low-level IO stuff in the linux kernel, that's about the point where the explanation turned into chinese09:06
hrwkai: sheeva + jtag access then would be easier and faster09:06
kaihrw: ok, thanks :)09:08
hrwsheeva cpu if much faster in integer then beagleboard09:08
hrwand in kernel you can not use vfp or neon so no big speed up would be archived on bb09:09
hrwshit. dpkg hang on my dekstop09:12
amitkogra_cmpc: what is the equivalent of qemu-arm-static in debian?12:37
loolamitk: qemu-user-static12:49
amitklool: thanks12:52
loolmpoirier: Heya14:23
mpoiriergood day.14:23
loolmpoirier: linux-image-omap depends on linux-image-2.6.33-500-omap in maverick14:23
loolmpoirier: Currently, linux outputs linux-image-2.6.35-4-omap14:24
loolmpoirier: There are two set of omap kernels in maverick14:24
loolmpoirier: One built from linux, and one built from linux-ti-omap14:24
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loolapt-get install linux-omap or linux-image-omap should do something useful, but is broken right now14:24
loolmpoirier: It's not clear to me whether you'll switch to a separate branch + source package for omap4 support, or whether it will still be linux source package?14:25
mpoirierit is still undecided.14:25
mpoirieraccording to the trail of email in my inbox over the last couple of days14:26
loolmpoirier: Is there any benefit for OMAP3 in running the OMAP branch from TI?14:26
loolIf you get a single binary kernel to work on OMAP3 + OMAP4 from the TI branch and it's strictly better than the mainline one, then I think the path is clear14:27
mpoiriermainline should follow quickly though...14:28
amitklool: omap4 support will come out of separate source tree (it resides as a branch in the maverick kernel)14:29
amitktim added it yesterday14:29
loolamitk: Yes, understood this bit; was it decided to use a single kernel for OMAP4 and OMAP3?  and is there any regression for OMAP3 from mainline to the TI branch?14:31
amitklool: there is not benefit is running omap3 with TI's code since TI's code is not upstream and hence will get refactored quite a bit before it all makes it to upstream.14:31
amitkalso, last I looked, TI's tree breaks OMAP314:31
ogralool, bug 59594914:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 595949 in linux-meta-ti-omap (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "linux-meta-ti-omap depends on the wrong binary kernel in maverick (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59594914:52
loologra: Thanks; I didn't know whether linux-meta was also concerned or not15:00
hrwhttp://people.canonical.com/~hrw/ubuntu-maverick-armel-cross-compilers/ -  new structure, new versions15:34
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sebjanogra: I just filed the bug 596004 regarding the UNE UI issue on Maverick17:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 596004 in netbook-meta (Ubuntu) "with 2D UI (une-efl) selected, the gnome desktop toolbar is also visible and seems to be running (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59600417:32
ogra_cmpcsebjan, great, thanks, i'll take care of it17:38
loolWow, my beagle has a /dev/ramzswap0 for some reason17:42
loolis compcache enabled on installed system as well?  i thought it was an install only thing17:42
markos_lool: hi, I have some initial results on the hardfp/softfp performance17:47
markos_tested on the iMX515 with karmic (ubuntu original vs my compiled with hardfp)17:47
markos_I tested glxgears to see how it would affect fp performance (using fbdev X, no 2d/3D accel)17:48
markos_so softfp gave me ~120 fps, while hardfp gives me 146 fps17:48
markos_I know glxgears is not a proper 3D benchmark, but I'm not interested in 3D, rather fpu performance17:49
markos_that's ~21% speed increase, dunno if it can be more, but it looks logical17:49
markos_I'll post this asap with more info17:50
loolmarkos_: markos_ That's interesting, thanks18:03
loolmarkos_: what about the archive, did you manage to setup a source one?18:03
markos_yeah it includes sources in the same url18:04
markos_most of them at least18:04
markos_I probably forgot to include sources for packages I built manually -not needing patching, just cyclic dependency probs,e tc18:05
loolmarkos_: http://freevec.org/repository/dists/karmic/main/ has no source index?18:09
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markos_strange, I did reprepro includedsc18:12
markos_that was on my local server, I have to rsync it18:12
markos_sorry bout that :)18:12
markos_I'll let you know when the rsync is over18:13
loolmarkos_: thanks a lot18:16
loolmarkos_: I'm away next week though, so I'll probably mirror the week afterwards18:17
markos_i don't think it's going anywhere18:18
markos_I mean I have no plans to move or remove it18:18
loolOk thanks18:19
markos_the past days I've been working on setting up wanna-build...18:23
markos_I have to say the documentation is *crap*18:23
markos_I still haven't managed to even setup the db18:23
markos_anyway, dinner time, later18:23
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GrueMasterogra: ping.  Do you know when jasper will be in the repo?19:40
loolmarkos_: An alternate wanna-build is being developed IIRC21:05
loolmarkos_: pkern was doing a python rewrite as a gsoc I thnk21:05
loolmarkos_: The documentation for the current version is the source I'm afraid21:05

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