Vantraxwe know'00:01
paultagaveilleux, >:(00:14
goodtimei hat ipods lost all my music filles and 600 songs on a ipod 80gig00:17
aveilleuxPaultag <300:17
aveilleuxgoodtime: Are you sure?00:17
paultagaveilleux, thanks, man I wish I could figure this out00:17
goodtimeidk man what happend reay to tell the truth00:17
paultagnot thanks man, thanks. man, I wish...00:17
aveilleuxgoodtime: Are they not appearing on your iPod's library?00:18
goodtimenope there arnt any00:18
aveilleuxgoodtime: Because newer-generation iPods use some weird SQL system to store the songs, even if they're physically on the iPod00:18
goodtimeplus the dude left with his ipod missing 6000 songs and some movies and etc etc00:19
goodtimeill see him tommrow and try to rectify the seen00:19
iceflatlinehi there zkriesse00:35
iceflatlineI'm terrible at using Away00:36
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frank1_anyone help me figure out how to set up a dual boot on an existing system03:47
holsteinyou want to boot ubuntu and what?03:48
frank1_windows xp that i have an iso of on a cd03:48
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holsteini like to do the windows install03:49
holsteinand then the ubuntu install03:49
holsteinthats what i consider the 'easy way'03:49
frank1_i have been running ubuntu for a while and love it but need a small partition of windows for my berry03:49
holsteinUSB sync?03:49
darkNemisis how'd i wget without robots? is it just --no-robots03:49
holsteincan you get away with virtual box?03:49
aveilleuxfrank1_: To be honest, installing XP and _then_ Ubuntu is the easiest way arounf03:49
frank1_yea backup03:49
frank1_so......i have two drives now, one is just my os and the other is all my media03:50
aveilleuxfrank1_: Also Holstein has a point, why don't you just use VBox?03:50
holsteini would back up EVERYTHING03:50
holsteinmaybe even consider imaging if your really worried about it03:51
holsteinyou just need to shrink a partition03:51
frank1_its all on a seperate drive. cant i just pull that drive to be safe and do the windows/ubuntu install on the other03:51
holsteinand claim that space with the XP installer03:51
frank1_thats what i thought03:51
holsteinthen you'll have to re-do grub03:51
holsteinive never had to do it that way03:51
frank1_i have instructions on how to redo grup03:51
holsteinbut it should work fine03:51
frank1_but im not sure how to repartition a mounted drive03:52
holsteinstill, vBox is nice with windows03:52
holsteinwith the snapshots03:52
frank1_does vbox work with blackberry backup and itunes?03:52
holsteinvbox just hosts an OS03:52
frank1_the only reasons i would ever use windows03:53
holsteinand supports USB passthrough03:53
aveilleuxfrank1_: It works if you install the PUEL version from the Oracle website03:53
aveilleuxfrank1_: ...yes, as holstein mentioned, it supports USB passthrough03:53
holsteinSO if you need a USB port to sync03:53
holsteinyour good to go03:53
holsteinXP runs well in there too03:53
frank1_hmm so this sounds to good to be true03:53
holsteini had it running with 256 of ram03:53
frank1_how hard is it to set up vbox03:53
holsteinvirtual ram i should say03:53
aveilleuxfrank1_: Once you get used to virtualization, it really makes a lot of sense03:54
holsteinits easier than what your trying to do ;)03:54
aveilleuxfrank1_: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads Download the .deb file here03:54
frank1_easier sounds better03:54
aveilleuxfrank1_: Because only the Open Source version is in the repos, and you want the Personal Use and Evaluation License version (because of the USB passthrough support)03:55
aveilleuxfrank1_: VBox is very easy to use.03:55
frank1_ok im lost already03:55
holsteinwith the 2 versions03:56
frank1_how do i know if im running a 64 bit kernal03:56
holsteinyou need the one that supports the USB passthrough03:56
frank1_whatever that is03:56
aveilleuxfrank1_: in Terminal, type uname -m03:56
aveilleuxx86_64 of amd64 is 64-bit, i686 is 32-bit03:56
holsteinyou can do 32bit guests on a 64bit host right?03:56
aveilleuxholstein: Yes03:57
aveilleuxholstein: You can do the other way 'round as well, but you have to fully virtualize the CPU and it's slow as heck03:57
holsteinthats right03:57
holsteini read that somewhere03:57
aveilleuxholstein: I think he's looking for which package to install03:57
frank1_uname -m yields i68603:57
aveilleuxfrank1_: That means you're running 32-bit03:58
frank1_so dl the i686 package next to lucid?03:58
aveilleuxfrank1: Yes03:58
frank1_ok 3.5 min of dl03:59
frank1_so in 4 min ill be totally lost asking for help03:59
aveilleuxfrank1_: Don't worry, that's what we're here for -;)04:00
aveilleux;-) *04:00
darkNemisis how'd i wget without robots? is it just --no-robots04:00
aveilleuxdarkNemisis: What do you mean, robots? wget downloads individual files04:02
aveilleuxdarkNemesis: Also, man wget04:02
holsteinim not sure i know how to wget with robots04:02
darkNemisisi need to scan a site for unlocked directories04:03
darkNemisisor unprotected04:03
holsteintry wget -help04:04
aveilleuxdarkNemesis: I'm not helping you crack into public FTP servers04:04
holsteinthat spit out a bunch of options04:04
holsteinis that whats up ;)04:04
aveilleuxholstein: Someone a few days ago was saying they had to use CUDA to crack md504:04
aveilleuxholstein: I was like "...... what?"04:05
darkNemisisholstein, not doing that04:05
* zkriesse the bot is here04:05
* aveilleux wabes to zkreisse04:06
aveilleuxwaves, even04:06
aveilleuxdarkNemesis: Then can you explain why you need to scan for unprotected directories on a system?04:06
frank1_aveilleux: how much ram should i be allocating04:07
aveilleuxfrank1_: How much physical RAM do you have?04:07
holsteinXP is old04:08
holsteinits likes 512 just fine really04:08
frank1_3gb but its saying i only have 2560mb available04:08
aveilleuxfrank1_: Okay, allocate 512 MB to the guest machine04:08
frank1_ok now im actually los04:09
frank1_  Select a hard disk image to be used as the boot hard disk of the virtual machine04:10
aveilleuxfrank1_: Create a new hard disk image04:10
holsteinnow you get to make a 'fake' hard drive04:10
frank1_yea thats my only choice i just dont know what it means04:10
holsteinon your exisiting filesystem04:11
holsteintheres one04:11
holsteini think its called 'dynamically expanding'04:11
aveilleuxfrank1_: Now you're creating a fake hard drive. It looks like a single file on your host machine04:11
holsteini like that one04:11
aveilleuxholstein: There's no reason to use the static imahe04:11
holsteinaveilleux: i read something about speed04:11
holsteinbut i didnt notice really04:12
aveilleuxholstein: Only very, very slightly. It decreases fragmentation.04:12
frank1_if im doing dynamic why do i need to select the size of the vitual drive in mb04:12
frank1_  This size will be reported to the Guest OS as the maximum size of this hard disk.04:13
holsteinmake sure you give it enough room for whatever you need to do over ther04:13
holsteinyour backups and what-not04:13
holsteinit will 'grow' in ubuntu04:13
aveilleuxfrank1_: Yes, that. You can't have an infinitely large image. Operating systems can't handle that04:13
holsteinBUT the fake XP will think its whatever size you tell it to be there04:13
frank1_oh i was getting the impression that it would just take as much space as it needed04:14
frank1_if it needs more itll just take it04:14
aveilleuxfrank1_: Yes, that's how it works04:14
aveilleuxfrank1_: But you have to report a maximum amount to the gues OS04:14
frank1_so.......how much should i be reporting04:14
aveilleuxfrank1_: Because a computer can't say "you have a disk that's just as big as you need it"04:14
aveilleuxfrank1_: VBox should give you a default, if you selected XP on the first screen04:15
frank1_so really it doesent mater how much i repost04:15
holsteini think its 8gb right?04:15
aveilleuxfrank1_: It does.04:15
holsteinthe default04:15
aveilleuxfrank1_: The max is the cap, you can't increase it past that04:15
holsteinnot going to hurt to say 20gb or so04:15
aveilleuxfrank1_: No, you don't need that much. Leave it at 1004:15
holsteinif you got the space04:15
holsteinim just thinking about he itunes management04:16
aveilleuxholstein: shared directories :304:16
holsteinif he wants to store audio files over there at some point04:16
holsteinthat would be cool04:16
holsteinsounds like the kind of thing itunes wouldnt like ;)04:16
holsteinbut, that was my only agrument for the 2004:16
frank1_i have the space but the only thing im planning on storeing is my berry backup04:17
holstein10'll do it :)04:17
frank1_so ten it is04:18
frank1_now how do i install xp on this fake hd04:18
aveilleuxfrank1_: Open up the settings (gear icon)04:19
aveilleuxfrank1_: under Storage, select the optical drive and choose to open an ISO. Open the XP ISo04:19
aveilleuxFrank1_: Then just start the VM (virtual machine) and you're good to go04:19
ubot2Factoid 'portscan' not found04:20
frank1_in storage i see no optical drive04:21
aveilleuxdarkNemesis: If you're still on that, you might want to look at Angry IP Scanner04:21
frank1_theres a storage tree04:21
aveilleuxfrank1_: Should be the CD-looking icon04:21
aveilleuxfrank1_: Labled "empty"04:21
frank1_yea empty04:21
aveilleuxfrank1_: Click on it, then in the right sidepane click ont he folder with an up arrow04:22
aveilleuxfrank1_: Then click "add" and find the ISO, then select04:22
JackJelinekis there a way to restart a Ubuntu installation without loosing everything? I screwed up my audio files and I need to reinstall Ubuntu to fix it. Is there a way to do it without having to repartition?04:22
aveilleuxJackJelinek: Yes, if you choose manual partitioning you can opt to not format anything. I think.04:23
JackJelinekokay, i installed this from Win7 will i have to go back to it and do it there? or can I do something on Ubuntu itself?04:23
frank1_looks like its working. got a blue screen running windows setup04:24
aveilleuxJackJelinek: You used Wubi? I have no idea then, sorry. Not my area of expertise04:24
JackJelinekno, I installed ubuntu using the iso in Windows 7. do I need to boot over to windows 7 to do this?04:24
aveilleuxfrank1_: Change the storage controller type for the hard drive to ICH6... you'll see it04:25
frank1_uhh crap?04:25
acerimmer_JackJelinek: that is wubi04:25
frank1_i didnt04:25
aveilleuxJackJelinek: you're not making any sense. You can't install Ubuntu from Windows without using Wubi.04:25
frank1_and its installing already04:25
aveilleuxfrank1_: Um... problem solved, yay?04:25
frank1_is that a problem04:25
JackJelinekall i did was mount to Ubuntu .iso with daemon tools and installed it from there.04:25
aveilleuxfrank1_: You mean the XP install blue screen? Not the fatal error bluescreen?04:26
aveilleuxJackJelinek: That's Wubi.04:26
frank1_aveilleux: yea the install blue screen04:26
aveilleuxfrank1_: Okay, don't scare me like that x304:26
JackJelinekah okay, so just go back there and reinstall? I tried that before and now on my boot screen I have windows 7 and two Ubuntus but only one works04:26
frank1_aveilleux: am i going to need to go through all this everytime i wanna run xp04:26
frank1_aveilleux: or will i just select xp and hit run04:27
aveilleuxfrank1_: No, it's just like installing Windows on a normal computer. You'll have to unmount the CD once you're done though.04:27
aveilleuxJackJelinek: That seems like you don't want to do it.04:27
frank1_aveilleux: ok not sure what that means.. when i had to find and select my iso i just found and selected the copy thats on my desktop not the copy on my disk04:28
JackJelinekall I want is to fix my audio issues. apparently when i installed it it totally skipped the subsystem required to even have sound. thats what someone in here told me04:28
aveilleuxJackJelinek: Then you don't have to reinstall! just run sudo aptitude install alsa-utils and it'll install what you need.04:28
aveilleuxfrank1_: N-no, you have to unmount the ISO from the virtual machine04:29
frank1_aveilleux: ok well i hope youll be able to help me with that04:29
JackJelinekokay because yesterday they had me check /dev/mixer and there was nothing there which they said was amazing04:30
aveilleuxfrank1_: After you're done installing Windows (there's two reboots in between), go to Devices > CD/DVD Devices Unmount CD/DVD Device04:30
aveilleuxJackJelinek: It is, but run that command anyway and see how it goes04:30
JackJelinekdo i need to restart after installing this?04:30
aveilleuxJackJelinek: no, but you should log out and log back in.04:30
frank1_aveilleux: is that in vbox on in windows04:30
JackJelinekokay i will be right back then04:31
aveilleuxfrank1_: VBox, look at the top menu bar04:31
frank1_aveilleux: not seeing it04:32
aveilleuxfrank1_: Send me a screenshot? http://imgur.com/04:32
JackJelinekyep, I don't have any sound still04:32
aveilleuxJackJelinek: That was... really fast04:33
JackJelineknewly built custom computer?04:33
aveilleuxJackJelinek: I'm more speaking in terms if the package downloads... linux-sound-base is a pretty hefty DL04:33
JackJelinekoh yeah, it was done before i asked if i should reinstall04:34
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aveilleuxno, frank1_, of the running VBox window....04:34
JackJelinekis that bad that it went so fast?04:35
frank1_well ok than i see the device menu04:36
aveilleuxJackJelinek: I think your sound hardware isn't being detected04:36
aveilleux!audio |JackJelinek04:36
ubot2JackJelinek: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:36
JackJelinekive been through all those. the guy i talked with yesterday says it can detect it but i dont have the audio subsystem to use it or something like that04:37
aveilleuxHardware audio problems is really one of my vague spots04:37
frank1_aveilleux: after i unmount the cd can i delete the iso from my desktop?04:37
holsteinJackJelinek: can you run this in the terminal?04:38
holsteinaplay -l04:38
holsteinyou dont have to post it here04:38
JackJelinekaplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...04:38
aveilleuxfrank1_: Well not quite yet. You have to remove it from the media manager. It's in the File menu04:38
JackJelinekthis stumped everyone last night.04:38
JackJelinekI have a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio soundcard just fyi04:39
holsteinthe sound work under windows?04:39
aveilleuxJackJelinek: I don't think the X-Fi series has great support... I could never get mine working04:39
holsteinwell, at least its creative04:40
JackJelinekis it possible to use my onboard then?04:40
frank1_aveilleux: will you be here for a lil while? its got 11 min remaining and i wanna go eat04:40
aveilleuxfrank1_ Probably all night04:40
holsteini wouldnt cry about replacing a creative sound device04:40
frank1_aveilleux: cool brb04:40
aveilleuxJackJelinek: I don't think so, without removing the X-Fi04:40
JackJelinekI'm not even sure if this mobo has onboard actually...04:40
JackJelinekI don't really have any money right now to be buying a new card...04:41
holsteinyou could just get a crap card at the second hand shop04:41
holsteinfor a couple bucks04:41
JackJelinekbut there is no way i can get this card to work on this? this card isn't that new is it? i would think someone would figure out how to get it working on linux04:42
holsteinlooks like support use to be there04:43
holsteinand sketchy04:43
holsteini bet its been taken out04:43
holsteinused to *04:43
JackJelinekthats really annoying hah04:43
holsteincan be04:44
aveilleuxI think the guy working on it left to do other things04:44
JackJelinekso i'm SOL then?04:45
JackJelinekalrighty well i guess its good bye to ubuntu04:46
JackJelinekthanks guys04:47
holsteindid you try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106398704:48
frank1_aveilleux: alright i think its done installing04:48
JackJelineknope, ill do that and get back to you04:48
holsteinJackJelinek: looks promising04:49
holsteingood luck :)04:49
JackJelinekwhen i tried to force-reload alsa i got this: lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/jack/.gvfs04:49
JackJelinek      Output information may be incomplete.04:49
JackJelineklsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/jack/.gvfs04:49
JackJelinek      Output information may be incomplete.04:49
JackJelinekUnloading ALSA sound driver modules: (none loaded).04:49
JackJelinekLoading ALSA sound driver modules: (none to reload).04:49
aveilleux!patebin |JackJelinek04:50
ubot2Factoid 'patebin' not found04:50
aveilleux!pastebin |JackJelinek04:50
ubot2JackJelinek: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:50
holsteinJackJelinek: yeah, i would try all the steps04:50
holsteinand see if that works still04:50
JackJelinekyeah, sorry about that04:50
frank1_aveilleux:so is now the time to unmount the cd?04:50
aveilleuxfrank1_: Are you at the Windows desktop?04:51
aveilleuxfrank1_: Then go ahead04:51
frank1_aveilleux:anything else i should be doing04:51
aveilleuxfrank1_: Installing the Guest Additions. Devices > Install Guest Additions04:52
aveilleuxfrank1_: This will activate screen resizing, USB support, shared folders, etc04:52
frank1_aveilleux:ok ill let this tick awau04:53
frank1_aveilleux:anything else after i reboot04:54
JackJelinekyeah, none of that helped. all that comes up is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/451440/04:54
holsteinyou edited /etc/pulse/daemon.conf ?04:55
holsteinand rebooted?04:55
holsteinor logged out04:55
JackJelinek...be right back.04:55
frank1_ aveilleux:so it this good to go now?04:56
aveilleuxfrank1_: Basically, yeah04:56
frank1_ aveilleux: i can remove the iso from my desktop and not suffer catastrophic failure04:57
aveilleuxfrank1_: Assuming you've removed it from the media manager, yes04:57
frank1_ aveilleux:and that is/04:57
aveilleuxfrank1_: File > Virtual Media Manager04:58
holsteinwhats the good news JackJelinek ?04:59
frank1_ aveilleux:find the iso and hit remove?04:59
aveilleuxfrank1_: Yes04:59
JackJelineknothing :(04:59
JackJelinekstill no audio04:59
JackJelinekstill no soundcard listed05:00
holsteinwell, that was my big google-fu effort05:01
JackJelineki have google-fu'd for daaaaays05:01
frank1_ aveilleux: fail05:01
holsteinthis doens really address the fact that its not showing up either05:01
JackJelinekeverything is for a previous version, 10.whatever-is-the-most-recent is supposed to have supposed05:01
holsteinJackJelinek: do you see in in lspci?05:02
holsteinit in*05:02
aveilleuxfrank1_: I'm going to just choose to ignore the piracy <_<;;05:02
aveilleuxfrank1_: Shut down the guest machine, see if that does it05:02
holsteini was about to say :)05:02
frank1_acpi shutdown05:03
aveilleuxfrank1_: Just Start > Shut Down in Windows05:03
frank1_i spent hours today looking for that disk. i know its somewhere i just cant find it. i gave up and took the easy way out05:03
holsteinyou could team up on this post JackJelinek05:04
aveilleuxfrank1_: I'm ignoring it. Move on.05:04
frank1_just saying05:04
JackJelinekI don't even have alsamixer so that guy is ahead of me haha05:04
holsteinyou dont?05:04
aveilleuxJackJelinek: sudo aptitude install alsa-utils should have installed alsamixer05:05
frank1_ok now what05:05
aveilleuxfrank1_: Now try removing the media05:05
holsteinJackJelinek: if that were my box05:05
JackJelinekthis is all i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/451444/05:05
holsteini would probably get a hardy live CD05:05
holsteinand some other live CD's05:05
holsteinsee if i could learn something that way05:05
frank1_ aveilleux:seemed to work05:06
holsteingetting SOME kernel to see it05:06
holsteinand use it05:06
frank1_ aveilleux:should i now delete the iso from desktop05:06
JackJelinekwhat do you mean? some kernel?05:06
holsteinyou should have alsamixer05:06
aveilleuxfrank1_: If you want05:06
holsteinJackJelinek: just in the spirit of troubleshooting05:06
aveilleuxJackJelinek: Alsamixer is installed!05:07
holsteinid try an older kernel05:07
aveilleuxJackJelinek: But since it's not detecting your audio hardware, it can't open the mixer for it05:07
JackJelinekyep, like i said some guy told me yesterday that im just flat out missing part of the subsystem, is that what that is?05:07
JackJelinekhow do i change kernels?05:07
holsteinJackJelinek: i would just boot live CD's05:08
holsteinto test05:08
frank1_aveilleux: awesome. seems to be working05:08
holsteinmight just not happen05:08
JackJelinekohhh okay i get you, like previous versions of ubuntu?05:08
holsteinthat would be the one i would go to05:08
holsteinubuntu 8.0405:08
ubot2Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.05:08
JackJelinekalrighty, im gonna go boot up windows to burn these since im not 100% sure how to do that on here. and I miss my music :P05:09
JackJelinekthanks guys, if i can do this quick enough i miiiight be back05:10
holsteinnot to bombard you with links05:11
holsteinthese guys say they had success too05:12
holsteinby upgrading alsa05:12
holsteinthis is recent activity too05:12
JackJelinekhow do i upgrade alsa? i went onto the alsa wiki and i tried to do it there but i wasnt too sure how to install a .tar.bz205:12
holsteinthis is what is suggested http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6589810#post658981005:13
holsteini dont like creative enough that i think i would get another card05:14
holsteinbut this shouldnt hurt anything05:14
frank1_aveilleux: how do i get vbox to recognize a cd? or is that not an option05:14
aveilleuxfrank1_: One of the options is "Physical Drive: <whatever>"05:15
aveilleuxfrank1_: Oh, trust me, VBox can do many things :D05:15
frank1_aveilleux: physcial drive?05:16
JackJelinekwhat directory is my desktop so i can cd to it?05:16
aveilleuxJackJelinek: ~/Desktop05:16
aveilleuxJackJelinek: Case-sensitive05:16
aveilleuxfrank1_: in the Settings (again), one of the options for the CD drive should be Host Drive <whatever>05:17
JackJelinekall this code going on in the terminal is looking promising hah05:20
frank1_aveilleux: when im done with that cd should i set it back to guest additions iso?05:21
aveilleuxJackJelinek: You compiling? (make, sudo make install, etc)05:21
aveilleuxfrank1_: You don't have to, no.05:21
JackJelineki just did this:05:21
JackJelineksudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.sh -d05:21
aveilleuxfrank1_: I'm going off for the nifhg. Good luck!05:21
JackJelinekand its been going for a while05:21
holsteinthat would be nice JackJelinek05:21
aveilleuxJackJelinek: Oh cool, an upgrade script. That's nice of them.05:22
frank1_sir thank you much05:22
JackJelinekthe people who make these things are amazing05:22
holsteinamazing right?05:23
zkriesseduanedesign: ping05:39
Darkness_DesI'm having another problem with BASH, although this one is only a one line Alias and not a large script.05:42
Darkness_DesI'm putting it into pastebin right now.05:42
Darkness_DesI keep getting "find: missing argument to -exec", although there clearly is one.05:45
tenachDarkness_Des, perhaps you were missing what I added.06:01
Darkness_DesI'll go try it now.06:02
zkriesseNight team06:02
* zkriesse out06:02
tenachnight zkriesse06:02
Darkness_DesStill no luck.06:03
Darkness_DesAlright, I'll figure that one out later..06:04
Darkness_DesI have a new issue.06:04
Darkness_DesI wish to combine several Live CD ISO files into one bootable flash drive.06:04
Darkness_DesAny way to do that?06:04
mohi1hiya te`06:19
mohi1err tenach06:20
tenachHello mohi106:20
mohi1howdy tenach? anything special?06:20
tenachNot that I know of.06:20
tenachhow are you mohi1 ?06:24
mohi1now only woke up tenach =]06:24
tenach:D got a whole day ahead of you then.06:24
mohi1its june 18 here =]06:27
ddecatorit technically is here too :p06:30
tenachNot for me, for a few more hours06:33
Puck`good morning07:19
Puck`joy of todaY: Wordpress 3.0 has been released (:07:19
tenachGood mornin' Puck`07:25
tenachPuck`, I know!07:25
tenachI'm fiddling with it07:25
Puck`hi tenach07:27
tenachHow are you today?07:28
Puck`just got to work07:29
Puck`kinda sleepy too (:07:29
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nose_pick0hey baby'08:20
aluexhi, i met a problem while installing virtualbox12:00
Silver_Fox_Please describe your problem aluex12:08
aluexwait,i m pasting. thank you in advance. :)12:11
aluexOutput is here :http://pastebin.com/1etdeahR12:14
aluexSilver_Fox_, poke12:16
geirhaHave you installed the kernel headers?12:20
geirhaaptitude search "linux-headers-$(uname -r)"12:20
aluexwhat's that?12:20
aluexnothing appears12:21
geirhaOdd. Do you have a self-built kernel?12:21
aluexNo,i used Ubuntu Tweak to clean some old kernel12:22
geirhaHm. What does uname -r say?12:22
aluexOh, god.12:22
geirhaLatest is 2.6.31-2212:22
aluexI dont know.12:23
geirha(for Ubuntu 9.10)12:23
aluexHmm, i use 10.0412:24
geirhaWell, you want to install the linux-headers package for that version.  Should be  linux-headers-2.6.31-19-generic12:24
geirhaAh, that explains it12:24
geirhaYou are using a 9.10 kernel in 10.0412:24
aluexoh,maybe a wrong selection in grub caused that12:25
aluexI m going to restart12:25
aluexgeirha, something is odd.12:28
aluexthe latest kernal choice in my grub list is 2.6.31-1912:29
aluexi dont know,but something called vmcoreinfo-2.6.32-22-generic really exists in my /boot/ folder12:31
aluexgeirha? poke.12:32
Silver_Fox_aluex,  Rather odd12:45
aluexI've solved the problem by remaking grub.cfg12:47
aluexthank you all.12:47
aluexby the way,what does "vga=786" mean?12:49
Silver_Fox_Just a VGA Resolution aluex12:52
aluexwhat does it refer to?12:52
Silver_Fox_Set your framebuffer resolution to VESA mode 78612:53
aluexi saw some information about changing screen resolution12:53
aluexwhen i start up12:53
aluexmy screen resolution is 1024x600 in reality12:54
Silver_Fox_For the boot only12:54
aluexyou mean it doesn't affect my session?12:55
Silver_Fox_No, I do not believe so12:56
Silver_Fox_It is for boot only :)12:56
aluexplease more detail? .. i cannot catch your words.12:58
Silver_Fox_aluex, I will be back shortly.13:02
aluexOk :)13:02
Silver_Fox_Perhaps someone else can reword / explain better while i am gone13:02
aluexoh,anyhow, thank you very much.13:03
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goodtimeok i messed up real good14:59
goodtimei pluged in a ipod that was a mistake14:59
goodtime i prob can recover my music because the space didnt change ,but i cant see the files anymore15:00
goodtime i was loading a ipod then i did it wrong15:00
goodtime then i trashed my mistake and everything is not showing anymore thoe it still is useing space15:00
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goodtime any commans i need to recover?15:01
goodtimecan i get some help fellas15:01
goodtimeman ill never use a ipod again15:02
Danawari dont quite understand what you are trying to do :p15:04
goodtimerecover files15:04
Danawarrun apple15:04
goodtimeha never15:04
Danawarwith ipod plugged in15:04
Danawarthat will recover every thing wont it15:05
goodtimeas root?15:05
goodtimeim sorry i thought you ment something eles15:05
Danawardo you have a mac or a windows machine15:05
goodtimei dont15:05
Danawarif you run itunes on linux15:06
Danawarand do a recovery15:06
Danawaryou might find you can recovery everthing off itunes15:06
Danawarbecause im sure a backup of your ipod is helf on thier server15:06
goodtimei tryed i need a link for that app15:07
Danawarwhat app15:07
Danawarhow did you remove everything from your ipod in the first place?:15:08
Danawaryou plugged it in and it all just disapared>15:11
phillwDo you have a "Recycler" or "$Recycler" folder? Sometimes when you delete files, they just go to the recycler.15:11
Silver_Fox_I have no idea about iTunes on Linux. Sorry.   Did you unplug it in middle of sync ?15:12
DanawarHe was not using itunes15:12
Danawarfrom what i can gather15:12
Silver_Fox_iPod on linux, was a typo on my part15:12
goodtimeryth box15:12
Danawarso you were running rythbox when it happened?15:15
goodtimeSilver_Fox_: i think i did middle sync15:15
goodtimeits ok ill take this thing to a dude i know its counfuseing to me15:16
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nUboon2AgeQ: Somewhere in Ubuntu-land is there a web page w/ ubuntu t-shirt art?18:37
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: http://store.canonical.com/18:40
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nUboon2Ageaveilleux: i mean of art that can be used on t-shirts rather than the shirts themselves.18:46
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: http://ubuntu-art.org/index.php?xcontentmode=8126&PHPSESSID=94e58ff85a39870d34eb4ff5b53cc890 ?18:46
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: thank you I hadn't seen that web site before. I'm still looking though.18:53
DarkNemisiser einhver íslensk hér?19:15
nUboon2AgeI think DN is asking if Icelandic is spoken here.19:27
geirhaNo, if there are any icelandic people in here19:41
phillwDarkNemisis: have a look at http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-is-kerfisstjorar@lists.launchpad.net/msg00000.html there seems to be an Icelandic Loco19:46
DarkNemisisphillw, thanks19:47
phillwÞað er íslensk Loco19:47
mohi1phillw, the translator ;)19:48
phillwÉg vona að hjálpa19:48
DarkNemisisi'm english but wanting to find an icelander to talk to about immi http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2010/06/17/iceland-passes-law-on-press-freedom-and-protection/19:48
mohi1I cant google it right now phillw. If i do, my internet will be gone :(19:48
phillwDarkNemisis: I think that link should be of help19:49
DarkNemisisphillw, i work in the area and want to find solutions to uk liable tourism19:49
phillwDarkNemisis: https://launchpad.net/~jakobjs has signed the Code of Conduct, it should be quite safe to email them to the email address on their launchpad page19:51
phillwIt also has the links to the Icelandic team19:52
DarkNemisisthanks phillw19:53
phillwyou're welcome :-)19:53
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Darkness_DesIs there any way that I could possibly build a script to go to ~/bin, copy all files to ../bin.sh, and give them all an extension of .sh?20:05
Darkness_DesEverything but the extension giving seems possible so far.20:05
aveilleuxDarkness_Des: Why would you want to to that?20:07
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aveilleuxDarkness_Des: This is what you want http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/15020:08
Darkness_Desaveilleux: Well, I'm trying to distribute various scripts that I make on my website. The only problem with this is that my hosting, uCoz, will rename everything with no extension to have an extension of .noext20:08
Darkness_DesOh, thanks.20:08
aveilleuxDarkness_Des: Well that's an extremely obnoxious behavor.20:09
Darkness_DesExtremely, considering I can't turn it off.20:09
Darkness_DesThough it is free hosting.20:09
aveilleuxDarkness_Des: It sounds like they're all Windows techies who play around with Linux hosting. Unless it's actually Windows hosting?20:10
Darkness_Desaveilleux: I have no idea. I just kinda use it to host a few webpages and the latest projects I'm working on.20:10
Darkness_Desaveilleux: Thank you VERY much for your help. I can now update my installer and upload a few tools I've recently developed20:18
aveilleuxDarkness_Des: No problem20:20
sergioIn a terminal text editor like nano, how can I select all the text and copy it? I need to copy/paste a config file into a pastebin online20:31
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aveilleuxHipster: can you not use gedit?20:36
phillwHipster: depends how big the area is, you can click and drag in a terminal to highlight then use Ctrl-Shift-C to copy from, then the usual Ctrl-V to post to pastebin20:37
Hipsteraveilleux: I don't have GNOME installed, so unfortunately I can't use gedit :/  I'm using a window manager called dwm and stuck with terminal applications atm, but it's okay because I just found out about a program I can use called curlpaste. Thanks for the help, though!20:45
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kdotjhey people, does anyone have any experience with java-gnome?21:09
zkriessekdotj: meaning?21:12
kdotjzkriesse, well i have been looking into GTK with java21:13
kdotjand installed the bindings from the repo's21:13
kdotjthe example code from the java-gnome website wont compile21:13
kdotj"no such package" for the imports etc21:13
kdotjmaybe CLASSPATHS or seomthing?21:14
zkriesseI honestly don't know21:15
kdotjno worries21:16
kdotjthanks anyway21:16
zkriesseSorry...I'll look in a few21:16
zkriesseI'm sending in Resume's right now though21:16
kdotjseems not many people know, my thread on the forum has 0 replies21:24
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: just to let you know, I found some art in the second linke you sent (ubuntu-art.org) that worked out for me.  Thanks!!!21:26
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: You're welcome!21:26
zkriessehey aveilleux21:28
aveilleuxhello zkreisse21:28
aveilleuxI'm leaving for camp soon :)21:28
zkriesseaveilleux: cool21:29
aveilleuxzkreisse: Apparently "soon" meant "now". See you on Wednesday.21:30
phillwkdotj: I don't really know about java-gnome but http://java-gnome.sourceforge.net/4.0/HACKING.html may be of help, also the irc channel #java-gnome may also be of help?21:30
kdotjphillw, thank you21:31
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