paultaghowdy cjohnston00:18
cjohnstonhey paultag00:18
paultaghow goes?00:18
cjohnstontired... its been a long day after an almost sleepless night... i have to find a new station... i cant handle all this no sleep anymore00:18
paultagaye :/00:19
akgranerpaultag, was it you I was supposed to touch base with on status.net?00:19
akgranersorry  - I was in the middle of publishing the newsletter and didn't send myself a reminder :-/00:20
akgranerbbiab - if it wasn't you then just remind me who if you remember - if not I'll check the logs :-)00:21
paultagit's quite alright akgraner -- mhall was being a stickler on my verbage, he insisted I not refer to identi.ca as status.net, and was quite particular that I talk with you to clear up misconceptions, although I'm quite sure we won't be going in that direction anymore :)00:21
paultagakgraner, nah, it was me :)00:21
akgranerok I'll be right back - my kids just put dinner on the table :-)00:21
cjohnstoni wish my kids could cook00:21
paultagakgraner, :)00:22
paultagcjohnston, I'm a friken chef, both my parents live like kings when I am at the house00:22
cjohnstonwant to come visit?00:23
cjohnstonI have a guest room00:23
paultaghahha :)00:23
paultagI'm headed down south to the cape to stay with my dad for a bit. Have not seen him in a long while :)00:23
cjohnstonI assume your talking about our cape down here00:24
paultagcjohnston, in the morrow, and the cape in Mass :)00:24
paultagcjohnston, narry two hours for me :)00:24
cjohnstonthat aint south00:24
paultagit's south to me00:25
cjohnstonI have a co-worker from mass, and every few days there is a news story out of there that i will harass her about00:25
cjohnstonakgraner: whenver you come back.. trying to plan the weekend.. am I publishing sunday?00:30
cjohnstonjono: fwiw take a peek at bug 256615 when you get a moment please.. just as a heads up00:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 256615 in ubuntu-website-content "Get Involved page should list 'translations' as a way to contribute (heat: 2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25661500:38
dholbachgood morning07:23
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
aramorning all07:34
dholbachhola ara!07:34
ddecatormorning ara and dholbach07:34
dholbachhiya ddecator07:34
aramorning dholbach, ddecator07:35
* nigelb waves to all :)07:44
nigelbddecator: I see michigan has wildly altered your sleep pattern ;)07:44
ddecatornigelb: songbird has wildly altered my sleep pattern :p07:46
* ddecator has stayed up to 4:30am two nights in a row, hoping it doesn't happen again tonight07:46
nigelbddecator: developing on it?07:46
ddecatornigelb: they bumped the daily up to 2.0.0, and with that they officially transitioned to xulrunner-1.9.2 which has required a lot of changes to make it build right. it's almost building now, so i'm hoping to get it done tonight07:47
ddecatorright now i'm just enjoying some popcorn while i wait for it to build. anybody want some? :)07:50
* nigelb growls at ddecator 07:51
ddecatordown boy07:51
nigelboooh ^ skynet!07:52
jono_hey czajkowski07:52
ddecatorskynet? where? <.<     >.>07:52
nigelb02:51 -!- czajkowski [~cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-community-team07:53
* ddecator has joins hidden07:53
nigelbI thought about it, but no, not worth it07:53
nigelbnice to know if the person your talking to disappeared ;)07:53
ddecatortrue, but i like my channels showing activity only when people talk :)07:54
nigelbyeah, that's nice07:55
ddecatorhey czajkowski08:23
dpmgood morning all08:26
ddecatorgood morning dpm08:27
nigelbmorning czajkowski, dpm :)08:27
dpmhey ddecator08:27
dpmhey nigelb :)08:27
dpmhey dholbach, here's some motivation for later on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW_fJAiPx_w08:33
nigelbdpm: haha08:40
dholbachdpm: oh, my, god :)09:18
popeydpm: how did the screencast turn out in the end?09:47
dpmpopey, I'm still working on them, but good. I started playing with subtitles and it seems YT allows uploading them as well, so that's quite cool to have them translated. What I'm still not sure about is what resolution to use. I've been using both 1024x768 and 800x600 so far, and it seems with 800x600 you can still see quite a lot of detail with less size10:35
popeythe only problem with 800x600 is that you can end up scrolling around and moving windows, because many things dont fit in 800x600 :(10:37
popeyweb pages included10:37
dpmah, yeah, good point. The one I've been doing on making translations suggestions on lp.net is ok, I don't have to do much scrolling, and I used Ctrl-- to scale down the font10:39
* popey wonders if doctormo has seen http://svg-edit.googlecode.com/svn/branches/2.5/editor/svg-editor.html10:51
popeywhich is very cute10:51
nigelbspeaking of doctormo - his new animated hackergotchi looks good :)11:00
nigelbpopey: it is awesomeness! we move more and more into the cloud :)11:01
AlanBellany news on availability of the new shiny Ubuntu font?11:54
nigelbAlanBell: only suggestion I've got is to poke ivanka12:03
nigelbevery day somone *has* to comment on atleast one bug saying "canonical is lazy to fix bugs, I'm moving to centos or fedora"12:23
AlanBell12:24 < ivanka> hi AlanBell - it is coming along and I think we are all set for beta testing. Actually, if you ping me Monday I should be  able to give some actual dates!12:27
nigelbwell, better than "not yet" :)12:29
nigelbooh, someone from some magazine called linux identity mailed me asking me to write articles for ubuntu oriented to beginners12:32
nigelbwonder if I can write something and also advertize about ubuntu user days :)12:32
duanedesignhey there nigelb12:37
nigelbhello duanedesign :)12:38
duanedesignalways good to read you :P12:38
nigelbheh :)12:38
duanedesignnigelb: do you have quick sec for a PM12:38
nigelbduanedesign: sure12:38
nigelbgo ahead :)12:38
popeyhttp://www.bobbinbicycles.co.uk/epages/rzjy48f9ghvy.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/rzjy48f9ghvy/Products/MRBEN   bike helmet doctormo might light13:22
cjohnston|celldpm: Ping13:22
jussipopey: awesome!13:23
dpmhey cjohnston|cell13:24
cjohnston|celldpm: Any chance you can get to writing that info for the community page today?13:26
dpmcjohnston|cell, it's on my todo list, but there is no chance I can do it today, unfortunately. Do you need all the community contribution pages to be done today for publishing them?13:27
cjohnston|cellNo. Jono was wanti13:28
cjohnston|cellWanting to try to have it done today. Your not the only one though13:28
dpmcjohnston|cell, ah, ok, thanks for following up. I'll talk to jono when he comes in and tell him that the translation section is pending on me13:31
cjohnston|cellThanks dpm13:38
Pendulumakgraner: ping14:02
cjohnstonhey Pendulum14:05
* nigelb waves to Pendulum 14:46
Pendulumhi nigelb14:54
akgranerPendulum, pong15:38
akgranerdpm ping15:50
dpmhey akgraner :)15:50
akgranerhey milo sent me his answers too  - I'll publish them today if that is ok with you?15:50
akgranerdpm - I apologized for any confusion and told him you were taking up my slack on that :-)15:51
dpmakgraner, no worries, you did all the hard work on setting up the document and the schedule :-)15:52
akgranerPendulum, they snake has now been successfully removed from my house - whew!15:52
dpmakgraner, I'd like to publish a picture with each interview. I've got the one Milo sent me15:52
akgraneroh cool can you send it to me15:52
Pendulumakgraner: that's good. I like snakes, but not where they're not supposed to be15:53
akgranerPendulum, exactly!15:53
czajkowskiakgraner: snakes?15:55
dpmakgraner, yeah. I'd like to add a standard footer as well: a link to "Contribute to the <language> team". I told Milo I'd target Monday for publishing the interview, but we can do it today if you like. Do you mind if I create the preliminary post in the Fridge so you can see which structure I was thinking of? I can do it straight away. You are a Fridge editor as well, so you should be able to publish the post whenever you think we should15:56
akgranerdpm, go for it! :-)15:56
akgranerand thanks :-)15:57
dpmakgraner, cool, I'll come back to you in some minutes :)15:57
akgranerMonday is fine :-)  stick to your schedule15:57
akgranerdpm, can't wait to see it  - just ping me on Monday so I can make sure I know the format and stuff :-)  Thanks!   off to Dev Week stuff now :-)16:00
dholbachalright my friends17:56
dholbachI call it a day17:57
czajkowskifriggin hillarious!20:44
bencrisfordczajkowski: Lol, I rofl'd when the scotch turned up :P21:35
czajkowskicjohnston: ping22:11
cjohnston|celljono_: Can we schedule a 5 min call?22:29
jono_cjohnston|cell, I am pretty slammed right now, can we talk on Mon?22:30
cjohnston|cellczajkowski: Thanks!!22:31

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