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Kangarooohello. can anybody help on one linking in page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kangarooo ? theres subsection First Steps and there about apport i cant make correct link in apport page. anchor not working i tryd with spaces between names and also %20 instead of spaces nothing makes anchor work08:14
Kangaroooin https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnLinking i read examples markup and ive done all correct only the example theres not about anchor with more then one name08:16
Kangarooohow to make wiki page redirect to another page?08:40
cjohnstonmdke / cody-somerville / DarkwingDuck ping14:18
cjohnstonhey cody-somerville... I'm looking for some help.. ;-)14:19
cjohnstonI'm trying to redo the page http://ubuntu.com/community14:19
cjohnstonI'm trying to get information on a bunch of the different ways to contribute to Ubuntu...14:20
cjohnstonI need someone to write something for the docs team for the new page..14:20
cjohnstonMore information about what I need is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityContributePages14:20
cjohnstonThe 'Developers' section can be used as a reference.14:21
cjohnstonDo you think that you might be able to write something for the Documenation authors section?14:21
cjohnstonjjesse: ping14:38
cjohnstonWould you like me to show you the hack to fix your question?14:46
jjessewhich question?  sorry at work right now so14:46
jjessewas that the ground control one?14:47
cjohnstonGround Control / commit14:47
jjessenot now, don't have my ubuntu box up and running14:47
cjohnstonThere is a hack.. its pretty easy14:47
cjohnstoncody-somerville: is that something you could do for me?14:48
cjohnstonjjesse: you could you scroll up also and see if its something you could maybe work on? (community page)14:49
jjessesure can you email me at jjesse AT ubuntu DOT com to remind me?14:49
cjohnstonjjesse: sent.. thanks15:01
jjessecjohnston received thanks :)15:01
DarkwingDuckcjohnston: pong15:51
cjohnstonDarkwingDuck: http://paste.ubuntu.com/451640/16:03
DarkwingDuckcjohnston: Yes I can... Can you email me a reminder? I'm going out of town in a few and I can do it at the in-laws. david.wonderly@kubuntu.org16:44
cjohnstonDarkwingDuck: sent17:00
DarkwingDuckcjohnston: Thanks. I'll draft something up this weekend17:01
cjohnstonwonderful.. ty17:01
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