flaccidsmoser: http://dpaste.org/Se9H/ only a couple of things - Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console; error: unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon; FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.32-305-ec2/modules.dep: No such file or directory (need to work out best way to install these on squeeze/debian);00:38
flaccidand Waiting for /dev to be fully populated...udevd-work[258]: kernel-provided name 'evtchn' and NAME= 'xen/evtchn' disagree, please use SYMLINK+= or change the kernel to provide the proper name00:38
flaccidand Setting kernel variables ...error: "net.ipv6.bindv6only" is an unknown key00:38
flaccidmost of the above is kernel related. smoser i just need to address/fix the above and all should be good. if you could also advise what the latest actual kernel is that would be great00:39
smoser"actual kernel"00:39
smoserall the ubuntu published items conform to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEC/Images/NamingConvention00:40
smoser(or close to it)00:40
smoserfor released kernels, they'll have ubuntu-images/<...> in their name (per describe-images)00:40
smoserer.. for kernels it will be00:40
flaccidyeah so what is the latest kernel id ?00:40
smoserwell, for us-east-1, and lucid (released) that would be:00:41
flaccidis there someone that lists these ?00:42
smoseri have considered putting kernels in the data at http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/00:42
smoserbut largely, we don't consider kernels aki to be a product as much as a side effect of the image00:42
smoserthat said, http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/lucid/server/released.current.txt00:43
smoserwill have a list of the latest ami00:43
smoserand their assicoated aki00:43
flaccidthanks that helps a lot00:43
smoserthere is 'daily.current.txt' there also00:44
flaccidnow back to the errors if you don't mind helping?00:44
smoserand maverick ...00:44
smoserso lots to chose from00:44
smoseri'vve seen the "Couldn't get a file descriptor" error before, but dont really recall what that was about.00:45
smoserfwiw, jjohansen is the kernel team member for this ec200:45
smoseri'm looking at some logs00:49
smoserwe see the "Could'nt get a file descriptor" on karmic currently00:49
flaccidcool thanks00:49
smoserand on lucid prior to alpha200:49
smosererr.. prior to alpha300:49
flaccidand would also like your advise on installing/enabling the kernel mods from the ubuntu package in debian and if this is an ok practice etc.00:50
smoserwhere did you get the ramdisk ?00:50
smoseror am i mistaken:00:50
smoserBegin: Loading essential drivers... ...00:50
smoserBegin: Running /scripts/init-premount ...00:50
flaccidits ubuntu lucid i386 linux image 2 6 32 301 ec2 v 2 6 32 301 4 ramdisk 20100114 100:50
smoseryeah, so we dont use ramdisk anymore00:50
flaccidright so set to default00:51
smoserset to default ?00:51
flaccidi'm assuming default=none now00:51
flaccidi'll relaunch with that00:52
smoseryeah, it probably wont hurt or affect it.00:52
smoserthat has been my experience.  the ramdisk doesn't hurt anything. just doesn't help.00:52
smoserregarding installing ubuntu packages, are you asking from licensing perspective ?00:53
smoserthose modules come from the packages... our ec2 kernels are normal kernle builds and have normal packages.00:53
smoseri dont know how well those would install onto a debian00:54
flaccidmore from an operational point of view. this is to address FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.32-305-ec2/modules.dep: No such file or directory00:54
flaccidso yes the question is regarding installing them on debian00:54
flaccidsee because the amazon kernels are not working with debian, i am having to use the ubuntu kernels00:55
smoseryeah. so i dont know whether or not the packages there will "just work" (ie install) on debian or not.00:56
smoserbut almost certainly a dpkg -x linux-image-*.deb would get you the /lib/modules/ tha tyou need00:56
flaccidwell i would either have to use the lucid repos briefly and install via apt or manually install the package and its deps via dpkg00:56
flaccidwell the linux-image-* pkgs have deps..00:57
flaccidok well no ramdisk fixed that00:59
flaccidzcat: invalid magic - another small one to address00:59
flaccidi mean no ramdisk fixed the console descriptor errors00:59
flaccidwell it still defaulted to ubuntu lucid i386 linux image 2 6 32 301 ec2 v 2 6 32 301 4 ramdisk 20100108 smoser001:10
flaccidthat must be tied to the kernel01:10
flaccidsmoser: if i do a reboot and i have installed these modules, this should remove the FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.32-305-ec2/modules.dep: No such file or directory message right?01:43
smoserwell maybe01:44
smoseryou may be getting that from the ramdisk01:44
smoserat least i'm fairly certain that ramdisks do 'modprobe' which will result in a message like that.01:44
flaccidbut if the file is there, it should not return No such file or directory right?01:45
smoserare you using a ramdisk ?01:45
flaccidthis kernel appears to default to ubuntu lucid i386 linux image 2 6 32 301 ec2 v 2 6 32 301 4 ramdisk 20100108 smoser001:45
smoserif you are using a ramdisk,and it was built with a differnet kernel then it won't have that /lib/modules/<kernel-ver> and it will try to modprobe01:46
smoserkernels dont default to a ramdisk01:46
smoserthis is something that sucks.01:46
flaccidoh but an image defaults to a ramdisk?01:47
smoserif you registered an image with a ramdisk and kernel, then you are not able (that I know of) to boot without a ramdisk or kernel01:47
smoserand, actually, it goes back step, since you can give ramdisk and kernel to the bundle command01:47
flaccidok so ramdisk is bogus, no need to build image with a ramdisk value?01:47
smoserif you've done that, then there is no way to specify "None'01:47
smoserthen, you can (if you wanted) specify --ramdisk <ari-abcdefg>01:48
smoserbut there is no --ramdisk <none>01:48
flaccidsweet then i'll omit ramdisk01:48
smoserright. thats a superset of the functionality, but then, if you ever wanted a ramdisk, the user has to specify one, which just isn't very friendly01:48
flaccidif ec2-bundle-vol rcvs --kernel --ramdisk --generate-fstab will it simply ignore the no param values01:49
smoserjust do not pass --ramdisk01:49
smoseror --kernel01:49
smoseron bundle or on register01:49
smoserfwiw, there are scripts 'uec-publish-image' that you could use that, in my opinion are more friendly than ec2-bundle, ec2-upload, ec2-register01:50
flaccidwell i still want a default kernel01:50
smoseri *think* (you'd have to test this)01:51
smoserthat you can bundle without anything01:51
smoserand then add --kernel when you register the image01:51
smoserwhich, in this case, would allow you to avoid re-bundling01:51
flaccidthats cool i'll test that01:52
flaccidhmm it doesn't specify params http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonEC2/dg/2007-01-03/CLTRG-register.html01:54
smosersee the date in that url02:23
smoseris what you want02:24
flaccidoh yeah thanks, eek on google!02:26
flaccidthanks muchly :)02:27
flaccidstandby, i'll have some results soon02:27
flaccid1 is building now02:27
flaccidthe good thing i've noticed so far is that these AMIs i'm creating work fine with the lucid kernel and boot up really fast02:30
flaccidhmm that doc doesn't mention -K and -C options yet i am using them currently..02:35
flaccidRequired option '-K, --private-key KEY' missing (-h for usage)03:01
flaccidheh its not in their doc03:01
flaccidah must be in http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/CommandLineReference/index.html?ApiReference-cmd-RegisterImage.html03:51
flacciderr http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/CommandLineReference/index.html?CLTRG-common-args-api.html03:51
flaccidUnable to read instance meta-data for ramdisk-id04:11
flaccidUnable to read instance meta-data for product-codes04:11
flaccid^^ from ec2-bundle-vol. what should i do about this ?04:12
uvirtbotflaccid: Error: "^" is not a valid command.04:12
flaccidsmoser: built and registered with no ramdisk, a launch with default assigns ubuntu lucid i386 linux image 2 6 32 301 ec2 v 2 6 32 301 4 ramdisk 20100108 smoser004:41
flaccidthe default kernel being assigned is ubuntu-kernels-testing/ubuntu-lucid-i386-linux-image-2.6.32-306-ec2-v-2.6.32-306.11-kernel04:41
smoserthose errors don't surprise me.04:42
flaccidi guess we'll see in console output if it is wanting 306 or 301 modules that will determine if the ramdisk is asking for it or not04:42
flaccidyes but i want to get rid of those errors :)04:42
smoserno, the "unable to read instance metadat" errors from bundle-vol04:42
smoserthey dont surprise me04:43
flaccidyeah i want to fix those..04:43
smoserbundle-vol is a yucky hack. you shouldn't rely on it.04:43
flaccidwell thats what aws publishes..04:43
smoserbundle-vol basically has to "un-boot" a system.04:43
smoserwhich is just simply going to require a bunch of distribution/OS specific HACKs04:44
smoserits much cleaner to use debootstrap and bundle-img04:45
flaccidwell FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.32-306-ec2/modules.dep: No such file or directory. so its the kernel that wants it. i'll extra the mods in this build04:45
flaccidwhere is bundle-img ?04:45
flaccidi am using debootstrap04:45
flaccidoh you mean ec2-bundle-img04:47
smosercan you give me output of describe-istances for the image you booted ?04:47
smoseri think you booted with a ramdisk.04:47
smoseror, you dont 'have those modules in the root filesystem04:47
smoserec2-describe-instances i-abcdefg04:47
flaccidfor some reason that returns Client.InvalidInstanceID.NotFound: The instance ID 'i-ba897dfe' does not exist04:49
flaccidyet its running04:49
flaccidi didn't include the modules in that build however04:50
flaccidrightscale dashboard is indicating use of ubuntu lucid i386 linux image 2 6 32 301 ec2 v 2 6 32 301 4 ramdisk 20100108 smoser004:50
smoserit maybe that rightscale is buggy04:51
smoserif you did not bundle with '--ramdisk'04:51
smoserand did not register with '--ramdisk'04:51
smoserthen you should not have a kernel04:52
smosererr... you should not have a ramdisk04:52
smoserit is possible that rightscale is being nice, and trying to use that one, in which case, that really sucks.04:52
smoserbut describe-instances certinaly should be able to give you output04:52
smoserwhat about describe-images of the ami04:52
flaccidthat returns does not exist as well. no idea why04:54
flaccidhmm are these region specific?04:54
flaccidi think its only returning us-east when i need us-west04:55
smoseryes. all of it is region specific05:00
smosereach region is its own "cloud". the only data they share is your account id05:00
flaccidthis is the image05:02
flaccidthis is the instance05:03
flaccidINSTANCEi-ba897dfeami-e7b6e7a2ec2-204-236-179-7.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.comip-10-162-143-68.us-west-1.compute.internalrunningCJF: AWS US-West (testing)0m1.small2010-06-18T03:39:43+0000us-west-1baki-c18edf84ari-8f2978camonitoring-disabled204.236.179.710.162.143.68instance-store05:03
flaccidso i guess either rightscale is allocating ari-8f2978ca or ec2 (likely rightscale)05:04
flaccidcan you help confirm that there is no such thing as a 'default' ramdisk when registering or launching?05:06
flaccidwe seem to be using 'default' with a reserved ari then..05:07
smoserits rightscale is being "nice"05:08
smoserwell, when you register or bundle and pass '--ramdisk' that gives you a "default ramdisk"05:08
smoserand if you do that, you can't ever run an instance without a ramdisk.05:08
smoserbut, the describe-images info above shows that the image has no ramdisk associated with it.05:09
smoserwhich means either05:09
smosera.) the user must provide one in run-instances05:09
smoserb.) there will not be one used05:09
flaccidthat would of came up in the describe-images but right? i took this out of the build process05:09
flaccidyep we are on same level05:09
smoserright. it would be shown in describe-images output05:09
flaccidi will raise a bug for the rightscale dashboard issue05:09
smoserlook at any other one, you'll see an ari05:09
smoserfwiw, that 'smoser0' is a debug ramdisk :)05:10
smoser(with some interesting characteristics, it can process user data)05:10
flaccidhehe, looks like we chose your ramdisk image for the default... :)05:10
smoserour choice to not have ramdisks has thrown errors much furrther than i thought it would have05:15
flaccidthere is issues with no ramdisk?05:16
flaccidis there any way to remove a debootstrap target dir? i.e. you can't remove /proc and /dev05:19
smoseryou have to unmount proc and dev first05:36
smoserthen remove05:36
smoserthere are no issues with no ramdisk other than tools that expected a ramdisk05:36
smoserUEC had fits (Eucalyptus)05:37
smoserrighscale apparently had fits05:37
smoserthe expectation of an ari was just hard coded many places05:37
smoseroh yeah, other places.05:37
smoserand the canonical "image store" (part of UEC)05:37
flaccidi see05:38
flaccidok now launching with a new image05:39
flaccidsmoser: extracting from the .deb for those modules doesn't give the desired files06:14
smoseryou're right.sorry.06:15
flaccidi'll cp them across from the worker which is lucid06:15
smoserjust the wrong package06:16
smoserthe linux-ec2 is a metapackage06:16
smoserthat depends on the right linux-image-2.6.32-305-ec206:16
flaccidi'm extracting linux-image-2.6.32-305-ec2_2.6.32-305.9_i386.deb06:17
flaccidi tell ya what but it boots so fast06:17
smoseryeah, thats what you want06:17
flaccidhopefully cp -R /lib/modules/2.6.32-305-ec2 "$DEBOOTSTRAP_TARGET_DIR"/lib/modules/ is good enough..06:22
smoseri'd think so06:28
flaccidi'm getting 1.2min startups06:29
flaccid14.5mins to create and build an AMI06:30
flaccidsmoser: only a few things left to address now, http://dpaste.org/5fAp/07:00
smoserstart up is all over the map07:01
smoserwhat do you think is left ?07:01
smoserit looks pretty good07:01
smoserwhat do you mjean by "1.2min startups" ?07:03
smosertotal time to login/ssh from what07:03
flaccidi think thats the boot time, not sure how its configured07:04
flaccidneed to address the ' WARNING: Currently emulating unsupported memory accesses'07:05
flaccidthere is no /lib/tls on that instance07:05
flaccidalso Waiting for /dev to be fully populated...udevd-work[86]: kernel-provided name 'evtchn' and NAME= 'xen/evtchn' disagree, please use SYMLINK+= or change the kernel to provide the proper name07:05
flaccidand the few under cannot unset powersave mode07:06
flaccidand Setting kernel variables ...error: "net.ipv6.bindv6only" is an unknown key07:06
flaccidand maybe /build/buildd/linux-ec2-2.6.32/drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: unable to open rtc device (rtc0)07:06
flaccidalso Setting kernel variables ...error: "net.ipv6.bindv6only" is an unknown key07:06
flaccidi'll build a lenny now07:13
flaccidlenny works but not with rightlink07:37
smoseri'm going to bed. good luck.07:39
flaccidthanks; cya later07:39

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