DJonesJust a heads up, just noticed this being linked & tagged as !ubuntu on identi.ca as a useful app, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ubuntu+Tools?content=125942 (Read's like its similar to ubuntu tweak) The code for the installer is at http://pastebin.com/pGWHffLz and wgets a file from somebodies dropbox account & looks to mostly install in /home before a gksudo -k cp of the installation into /usr/bin.  Does it look anything to be conce15:48
tsimpsonthose scripts make me cringe17:21
tsimpsonDJones: I found such a lovely command in the script:17:42
tsimpson    rm -rf "/tmp/*"17:42
tsimpson(as root!)17:42
DJonesOuch, even with my limited knowledge, thats not good18:13
tsimpsonfor a start, it'll bork X18:14
tsimpsonit'll probably break DBus too, at least for the user session18:14
DJonesI've seen a link to it come up a few times on identi.ca this afternoon tagged as !ubuntu, so no doubt at some point there'll be some questions in #u when it kills something18:14
tsimpsonwell, I posted a scathing comment on the gnome-look page18:15
tsimpsonhopefully people will read it before downloading18:15
DJonesI won't hold my breath for people to read something before downloading18:15
tsimpsonat least it may discourage some of the potential users18:16
nhandlerHello hamza_, can I help you with something?22:33
hamza_no thank i had already resolved my probleme22:44
Sensivahamza_ this is not a support channel, please read the topic and join #ubuntu for support22:45

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