micahghi, can we get an ubot4 in #ubuntu-mozillateam, please :)00:10
micahgjussi: can you take care of ^^00:20
nhandlermicahg: jpds runs ubot400:35
micahgnhandler: k, well, people keep handing it off I guess00:36
micahgjpds: ubot4 in #ubuntu-mozillateam please :)00:36
nhandlermicahg: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots is usually up-to-date00:36
* jpds tries to figure out why it died.00:37
micahgjpds: thanks00:37
IdleOnewho do I poke about getting my @ubuntu/member cloak? https://launchpad.net/~idleone01:25
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode01:30
nhainesHrm, not sure that's it.01:30
nhainesMaybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Cloaks has more info.  :)01:30
micahgnhaines: this is the right place01:31
micahgnhandler: are you available to handle a cloak request?01:31
nhainesmicahg: that I know, but wanted to get the info and prereqs out there.01:31
IdleOnenhaines: prerqs are handled. I was just approved in #ubuntu-meeting :)01:32
micahgnhaines: looks like IdleOne did everything on there01:32
nhainesIdleOne: congratulations then.  :D01:32
IdleOnethank you!01:32
nhainesnhandler has been pinged, so you're off to a good start.  I know mine didn't take long.01:33
IdleOnewaited almost 5 years, a little longer won't kill me01:34
nhandlermicahg: I'm not a GC. jussi, tsimpson, topyli, Pici: ^^^01:40
micahgnhandler: sorry, I'm 0 for 2 tonight :)01:40
* IdleOne pokes his op mentor *poke* Pici 01:41
rwwnhaines: last time I looked, I couldn't find a factoid for ubuntu/member/* cloaks, actually. Is odd.01:56
nhainesrww: isn't it?02:03
IdleOnerww: looks like a great factoid02:10
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jpdssupybots demand load.11:03
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* vish pokes jussi ;)17:36
vishjussi: when you get time , could you test Bug 566996 and say if it works or not  :)17:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 566996 in humanity-icon-theme (Ubuntu Lucid) "Humanity in KDE does not display volume icons." [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56699617:37
vishthe -proposed upload17:37
vish /end of off-topic17:37
DarkNemisiser einhver íslensk hér?19:25
vishDarkNemisis: this is an english speaking channel...19:41
PiciActually its not necessarily.19:41
jussivish: wrong :D19:41
jussisee /topic19:41
* vish hides19:42
DarkNemisis /fail19:43
vishhehe , no answer for ~15mins , but when someone says the wrong thing we have all \o/19:43
jussibut no, likely no icelandic ppls here...19:45
jussiDarkNemisis: Im located in .fi though :D19:46
DarkNemisisjussi, http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2010/06/17/iceland-passes-law-on-press-freedom-and-protection/ care to chat abou this?19:49
DarkNemisisin pm if required?19:49
jussiDarkNemisis: you are probably better off in #ubuntu-offtopic19:49
* jussi is attempting to watch football....19:49
DarkNemisisjussi, you in that chan?19:50
jussiDarkNemisis: but there are plenty in #ubuntu-offtopic who would love to chat19:50
* jussi is almost everywhere19:50
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IdleOneCan I get my @ubuntu/member cloak? https://launchpad.net/~idleone23:34
IdleOneplease :)23:34
IdleOnejussi tsimpson Pici ^^^23:35
tsimpsonyou forgot topyli ;)23:36
IdleOneohhh topyli ^^^23:36
IdleOneI did, sorry23:37
PiciIdleOne: congrats!23:37
tsimpsonniko: you about?23:37
IdleOnePici: :) thank you23:37
IdleOnethank you niko23:38

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