tomas050786hey guys i was wondering if there is any place i could go to get some help on Java programing i am a newbe at it and have to get some help for an assigmnent00:01
lifeless#java or something, I would say00:32
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tomas050786hi is there any one here who can help me00:41
mothdragonHi, I have very little experience in Java, but I was wondering if it is possible to compile a program in Java so that it does not need the JVM to run?03:26
lifelessmay help you there03:26
lifelessit has some limits and I've not used it to do stuff without the jvm, so I can't help you with it03:27
mothdragonwell that's farther than i was before. I'm looking at it's site now. thanks!03:27
mothdragonwhat kind of limitations does it have that you know of?03:27
slytherinttx: there?09:52

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