cooloneysmb and cking morning08:17
smbAnother Friday morning which hopefully turns into a Friday evening soon. :)08:19
ckingpoor smb08:19
* apw yawns ... morning08:19
smbcking, Oh, there is nothing specific. Just the usual lamment. :)08:19
smbapw, Welcome :)08:19
apwheh yeah, roll on beer-o-clock08:20
ckingwe need a time machine that's for sure08:21
TeTeTsmb: the public bug for the WWAN module in the x201 is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/592046, I've put it in the private bug description08:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 592046 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lenovo x201 WWAN module in Lucid kernel (affects: 1) (heat: 732)" [Undecided,Incomplete]08:24
smbTeTeT, Ok works for me08:25
smbSo I like will look at that next week08:25
TeTeTsmb: great :)08:25
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amitkapw: know why the omap kernel does not have any information generated from the variables in vars.omap? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.35-4.511:23
apwamitk, sorry what information is missing??11:24
amitk"No description available for linux-image-2.6.35-4-omap in ubuntu maverick"11:24
amitkbut if you click on the kernel, it shows the info11:24
amitk(on the link above)11:24
apwamitk, could it just be recent11:25
apwamitk, can you check now, as it seems to have a description on that page for me11:27
apwamitk, oh you are saying on that link it has info, so where you seeing 'no informaiton' ?11:29
amitkapw: yeah, it's there now, was this a recent upload that just get populated into LP?11:29
apwyeah probababally only got though recently11:29
amitkapw: no, there was no info on the link 5 minutes ago11:30
apwi note sparc is still new11:30
amitkI guess that page is not generated atomically11:30
apwor it cannot get the inforamtion till the kernel is published by the publisher run11:31
amitkapw: care to apply this patch which cleans up the description a bit? http://paste.ubuntu.com/451547/11:33
apwamitk, maverick right?11:37
apwamitk, sent it out to leann12:12
amitkapw: thanks12:24
tseliotmjg59: are you around?13:36
tgardnerapw, did we ever bottom out on the minim CPU support in the toolchain?14:16
apwtgardner, its on robbie's radar to get the recommendations and write up sorted out14:17
apwi have only heard 'i686' from doko and 'i686 and cmov' from keybuk, neither on official channels.  so i'd say its still up in the air for s14:18
tgardnerapw, ok. I was just reading some internal reports about thin clients.14:18
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mjg59Note that building glibc for i686 will generate i686 and cmov and i686 nopl14:20
tgardnerapw, on a diff topic, can you have a look at the maverick ti-omap4 branch to see if I got your commonized debian bits right. There was a bit of confusion over the location of the enforce file.14:20
mjg59Which kills Geode14:20
mjg59(even though it has cmov)14:20
tgardnerGeode is 586, right?14:20
apwtgardner, the enforce file should be in debian.master as it is series common14:20
tgardnerapw, then I have it in the wrong spot.14:21
apwtgardner,i suspect you have two then14:21
mjg59tgardner: No, Geode LX is 68614:21
tgardnerapw, no, just one.14:22
mjg59(depending on your precise definition of 686)14:22
apwtgardner, hrm, then i'd expect updateconfigs and any build to fail if its in the wrong place14:22
tgardnermjg59, some of those low enbd CPUs are kinda funky, like VIA14:22
mjg59tgardner: Yeah, some of the VIAs lack cmov14:22
mjg59But the 686 family isn't very well defined14:23
apwtgardner, i think such a move is going to kill off my bastion host, as that via and doesn't seem to have cmov in /proc/cpuinfo14:23
mjg59cmov is the main reason to go 68614:23
tseliotmjg59: using my patch (to use ATIF) + acpi_osi="!Windows 2009" = keycode 227, my patch without acpi_osi = keycodes 25 28. This happens without X. Furthermore, If I use the keymap tool, I can see that hotkey events (scan code 0x00 key code: switchvideomode) come from /dev/input/event4 while events from other keys come from event3. 14:23
mjg59But gcc and binutils will potentially generate other 686 instructions as well14:24
mjg59tseliot: Ok, so that sounds like it works14:24
tseliotmjg59: in X, however, using xev, I still get Return, Return, Super_L14:24
mjg59tseliot: X may be grabbing something or other14:24
tgardnerapw, well, I've uploaded the ti-omap4, so now you should come along behind me and put some whoop-ass on that branch, i.e., recreate the debian bits in your own image.14:24
apwtgardner, heh ok ... will have a look :)14:25
tgardnerapw, I don't think its too far off14:25
tseliotmjg59: that's what I thought. Killing the gnome-settings-daemon doesn't seem to help though14:26
apwtgardner, yeah can't tell14:26
tseliotmjg59: furthermore I still can't get an event using "acpi_listen"14:26
tseliotwith or without X14:27
mjg59tseliot: You won't if it's sending windows+p14:29
mjg59However, if you're seeing switchvideomode come from somewhere other than the normal keyboard device, it's working14:30
tseliotmjg59: yes, I guess that's the device created by the dell wmi module14:30
mjg59More likely it's the ACPI device14:31
smbapw, tgardner The SRU team noted today that there is a big number of bug reports which have fix-committed for Maverick. From my feeling there should not be really much not being released. But I am usually not looking at Maverick that closely.14:33
apwsmb, i would expect there to be some stuff outstanding but not a whole heap14:34
JFocking, i seem to be unable to join your firmware team14:34
apwdo you have a list we can look at, so i can see if there is an issue or just they are outstanding14:34
smbOh how useful14:34
smbQuite a few are sound bugs which probably use committed differently than we do14:35
apwdammit launchpad searching is just stupid14:35
smbLike  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/linux/+bug/567494 for example14:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 567494 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "Problem sound on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo XI 1526 (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Low,Fix committed]14:36
ckingJFo, lemme subscribe you14:36
JFothanks cking 14:36
* JFo gathers bits to test14:37
tgardnersmb, anything thats fix committed for Maverick ought to be fix released14:37
apwsmb, i suspect those are getting lost because pitti shoved it over to the kernel package, so dtchen cannot see it anymore and it was he who was tracking it14:38
smbRight, so I probably goe over all of them and change commited to released14:38
apwwell we need to check the commits are in14:39
apwlike the one there is in so i'll fix released it14:39
apwapw@dm$ git merge-base 3353541fe533350a22a03e2fb7dc085b35912575 origin/master14:40
apwso that one at least is in14:40
tgardnerapw, whats the name of the 'misc' blueprint? I need to drop the maverick LBM and ti-omap4 work items in it.14:40
apwtgardner, ^^14:41
tgardnerapw, my feeble memory thanks you14:41
apwtgardner, you can find all of the blueprints for lucid now from the wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel14:41
apwfollow 'releases' and there is a link under Lucid thre14:41
tgardnerapw, man, you are _way_ too organized14:42
apwtgardner, thats a bit of me and a bit of ogasawara  ... there is a reason you let us do things :)14:43
cwillu_at_workooo, drama on the btrfs mailing list :)14:46
JFowell that was fun14:46
tseliotmjg59: if I press any other hot key (e.g. brightness keys, wlan) I get this in kern.log: "dell-wmi: Unknown key 0 pressed"14:48
mjg59That seems to be a dell-wmi bug14:48
tseliotah a separate bug then14:49
smbapw https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sru/+subscribedbugs?field.searchtext=linux14:58
tgardnercnd, ogasawara, lag, bouncing emerald for new kernel15:13
lagtgardner: oka15:14
lagtgardner: Can you let me know when it's back please?15:15
tgardnerlag, why would I know any sooner then you?15:15
lagtgardner: Oh, it's not with you is it?15:16
lagAre you bouncing right away?15:16
tgardnerlag, nope, its in Virgina (or somewhere where I can't hear it)15:16
tgardnerlag, bouncing tyler.mills as well15:17
lagRubbish! I'm being shot from all angles! 15:17
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JFomoin bjf 15:46
tgardnerkees, is procps the right place to dump 'sysctl net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_acct=1' ? CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT is being deprecated.15:58
ckingmorning bjf - thanks for the 2nd load of logs16:05
bjfcking, welcome, wish it was more16:06
apwsmb, ok i've gotten a script together to find these maverick noms which are Fix Committed and yet have BugLink:'s ...16:06
ckingbjf, no chance of getting any more then?16:06
bjfcking, working on it, there's more just having "issues" :-)16:07
ckingbjf, no sweat, it's not urgent16:07
bjfcking, running into unicode breakage in odd places16:07
smbapw, Very nice. This will give us a lot of bonus points with the SRU team. :)16:07
apwthough i don;'t know quite how many its going to close as yet16:08
* cking wonders where the day has gone16:08
smbcking, Towards B o'c :)16:08
ckingglug glug16:08
apwbah an hour here16:09
smbapw, Could be a few. I have been looking at least at one page listing16:09
apwsmb, i am thinking that this will find like 10, more accurate numbers in a sec16:09
apwsmb, 15 by the looks of it ...16:11
smbapw, Better than nothing. I guess after we got rid of those, we need to check on the remaining manually16:12
apwi suspect that is a fair chunk16:13
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ogasawaraapw: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/mark-fix-commited.py17:19
ogasawaraapw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/451674/17:43
ogasawaraapw: not exactly what you want, but it will return the task, nomination, and milestone17:43
apwogasawara, thanks anyhow, i'll hit it harder till it squeeks17:44
keestgardner: I need slightly more background.18:21
keestgardner: (for net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_acct)18:22
keestgardner: you're saying the CONFIG_ is being dropped, but the sysctl is staying, but the sysctl defaults to the opposite of what we've had?18:22
keestgardner: why is the CONFIG_ being dropped?  it might live in /etc/sysctl.d/10-network-security.conf, but maybe iptables should ship a new /etc/sysctl.d file?18:23
tgardnerkees, CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT is getting deprecated in favor of a sysctl to set that behavior at runtime. I'm sending the deprecation patch, but the default behavior should remain the same.18:23
keestgardner: why is it being deprecated?18:23
tgardnerkees, I'm going to send an email to ubuntu-devel about this issue 'cause its sort of a general problem, e.g., setting syctl's provided by a module18:24
tgardnerkees, I'm deprecating  CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT because it prints some noise in the dmesg log18:25
keestgardner: it's not being deprecated upstream?18:25
tgardnerkees, its been marked for deprecation sinece before 2.6.2918:26
tgardnerI'm just doing the patch to finally implement it18:26
keesokay, well, /etc/sysctl.d is the place to ship sysctl settings.  procps is responsible for activating them.18:26
keesprocps itself ships some system-wide defaults.18:27
keesthings like wine, dosemu, kvm-qemu-static-extras, etc ship files in there.18:27
apwsmb, i am sure you are off by now, but i have just run that update and closed off a bunch of bugs ... hope that'll make pitti et al happier18:27
tgardnerkees, but what happens when the module is not installed until after sysctl does its thing at startup?18:27
smbapw, I am still hanging around. :) And thanks18:27
keestgardner: ew18:28
keestgardner: sounds like you need a hook in /etc/modprobe.d instead18:29
tgardnerkees, yeah, thats what I'm thinking.18:29
keestgardner: ship a file that contains:    install conntrack-acct /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install conntrack-acct; sysctl net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_acct=118:31
keeskind of hacky, but it'll work18:31
tgardnerkees, as part of modprobe.d ?18:32
keestgardner: as a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ yeah.  like ship it as  /etc/modprobe.d/conntrack-acct.conf   or something.  probably should present the question and this idea to ubuntu-devel anyway.  perhaps I'm on crack.18:33
keestgardner: you can see examples is the oss .conf file in there now18:33
tgardnerkees, in lucid? All I see are blacklists18:35
keeshm.  my "alsa-base" package seems to claim it ships /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf18:36
keesexamples like:18:37
keesinstall snd-via82xx /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-via82xx $CMDLINE_OPTS && { /sbin/modprobe --quiet --use-blacklist snd-seq ; }18:37
kees(oh, I guess it should include $CMDLINE_OPTS18:37
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jjohansen-> Lunch20:29
* ogasawara lunch21:19
MTecknologyapw: Keeping busy I see21:29

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