pleia2hmm, someone changed a setting on our mailing list so posts were coming from the list01:18
pleia2Vantrax, doctormo, did either of you make the change? is there anyone else with access?01:19
doctormopleia2: I haven't changed the account settings, but I do remember my computer clicking on something today... I may have to check.01:20
doctormopleia2: Nope, what ever I did today couldn't have effected the mailing list settings.01:23
pleia2well if it wasn't any of us, we may consider changing the password just to be safe01:23
pleia2(not sure why someone would log in and change a strange setting, but whatever :))01:24
Vantraxwhat happened to the list?02:25
pleia2Vantrax: all emails started coming from the list rather than individual members (it's an option in mailman)02:25
Vantraxfixed or still doing it?02:26
pleia2I fixed it02:26
VantraxI dont remember changing any settings02:26
VantraxWas looking around in the the other day.02:27
pleia2was just trying to figure out how it got that way, if it wasn't one of us I think we should consider changing the password in case someone else did02:27
Vantraxdo it, just email it out to the rest of us:P02:35
pleia2will do02:35
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