dakeranyone got something about writing a browser with python & webkit ?00:16
Zeikedoes anybody have the link to the ppa with the latest tex stuff?04:10
godbykd'oh. bot's not listening.05:17
ubuntujenkins?mppa | Zeike07:38
quickshotdevsZeike: The manual team has a latex PPA  you can add it by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual then    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-manual-tex07:38
Zeikeubuntujenkins: thanks!07:38
ubuntujenkinsno problem sorry it took so long07:39
Zeikeno worries07:39
dakerhello everybody11:55
thorwilhi daker12:08
thorwilthe one thing that really bothers me with eclipse is the project handling. it's actually a riddle how to open a project that is not in your current workspace dir12:22
NevonHey vish and thorwil, are either of you there? I was recommended by Benjamin to get in touch with you. I need some help making a non-sucky favicon for my new site, if you're up for it.13:31
thorwilNevon: what is your new site (about)?13:32
NevonIt's a personal website/portfolio type of thing.13:32
NevonI can show you if you're interested.13:32
humphreybcthorwil: doooo it13:34
vishooh , non-sucky needed ;)13:39
Nevonthorwil gave me a couple of ideas to work from, so now I at least have something to get me started.13:45
NevonThe biggest problem was that I couldn't come up with any good ideas.13:45
dakerhumphreybc, anything about the new design ?14:48
humphreybcdaker: Nope, my last exam was today though so I'll be working on the design a lot next week. Just waiting on icons from Vish14:48
dakerUS vs Slovenia14:58
dakerhaha Solvenia 115:13
vishhumphreybc: i'm not sure what the larger icons on side are supposed to mean > http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/4695964476/sizes/l/in/set-72157624139515783/16:15
vishdoesnt seem to make sense with the philosophy page16:16
vishthe watermarks^16:17
flanHas anyone seen ubuntujenkins recently?16:48
nisshhflan: not since yesterday16:57
dakerhe was here this morning  i think16:57
nisshhdaker: yea he might have been, i wasnt on thismorning so i dont know16:58
nisshhbye all16:59
flanAh. Well, if anyone sees him before I do, please let him know I'm available for help with creating a test workflow setup.17:26
thorwilgodbyk: i replied to Daniel Schury on the list and directly to him, with link to your answer to him in the list archive17:42
ubuntujenkinsevening all22:15
Zeikehi, ubuntujenkins22:17
* ubuntujenkins now has to play the how long untill he loses wifi game22:17
ubuntujenkinsheyy Zeike22:17
ZeikeI hate that game =\22:17
ubuntujenkinsso do i also have the added factor of i can't reconnect as it means waking the whole house and getting shouted at22:19
_ubuntujenkinshey i don't see godbyk22:40
_ubuntujenkinsis anyone there?22:42
manualbotHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-manual! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:43
* ubuntujenkins is in windows because ubuntu wifi ddoes not reconnect but windows does23:17
ubuntujenkinsnight all23:34

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