asacyou will certainly get the best comment i can imaging ;)00:00
asacdamn imagine00:00
micahgasac: thanks :)00:00
asac... just need to think a bit longer about how to make an art comment ;)00:01
* micahg didn't realize it was so late already00:01
asacits not late for me usually, but today the time before was early ;)00:01
bdrung__micahg: you have my endorsement00:01
micahgbdrung__: awesome :), thank you00:01
asachow is 3.6.4 going? all moving ahead?00:02
asacbdrung__: thanks for helping micahg  ;)00:03
micahgasac: yeah, but epiphany seems to be trouble (lots of regressions due to webkit version not being as good as the gecko version)00:03
micahgbdrung__: and please feel free to let me know if you see me goof on something :)00:04
bdrung__micahg: no, i didn't found a mistake00:04
asacmicahg: that was expecte3d00:04
asacthe idea was to ignore most regressions wrt epiphany00:05
asacat least if those are just "feature A isnt there" type of things00:05
asacif there are crashes etc, we should look at those00:05
bdrung__micahg: i wish you were more active in Debian, but that's hard for Mozilla stuff due to the Iceweasel/Icedove thing00:05
asacwe might want to see if rebasing our patches to the maverick epiphany (and webkit!) might help00:06
asacbdrung__: yes. its unfortunate00:06
asacbut even for chromium it all went bezerk00:06
bdrung__asac: at least we can sync most xul extensions now00:06
asacwhich makes me feel less positive that there is any way to work with them  on things that are moving ahead in ubuntu usually :((((00:07
asacbdrung__: right. thats crazy00:07
asacawesome ;)00:07
asacand bezerk == crazy ;)00:07
micahgasac: ah, there's one w/security implications though...bug 58987700:08
asacno ubottu :(00:08
micahgbdrung__: I'm going to try to start upstreaming xul rdepends patches to debian and maybe try adopting a package to become a DM00:09
bdrung__looking at http://packages.qa.debian.org/c/chromium-browser.html - they have the same upstream version00:09
micahgbdrung__: no, that's blacklisted :)00:09
asacbdrung__: they have, but they thought they were smarter than us ;)00:09
micahgbdrung__: and I broke syncing the rdepends, but I'll try to fix that using dpkg-vendor :)00:09
asaclike: the guy doing that found the create switch fta prepared to enable system libs ... and guess what00:09
asache did it!!!!00:10
asaceven though i told him thats insane and will sabotage him for future security updates :)00:10
* micahg goes to find ubottu00:10
asacand he even blogged about it as him doing a great achievement by reducing the package side00:10
asacby doing this HUGE effort of enalbing system libs ... really smart ;)00:10
asacanyway ... no further comment ;) all are in good faith, i know00:11
micahgasac: I added the bug to MoM so people don't think about merging it :)00:11
asacmicahg: ++00:11
asacmicahg: will this bug blacklist it from merging?00:12
asacthere is a way to completely make MoM ignore and not show packages00:12
asacif thats what you did thats fine00:12
micahgasac: well, it's blacklisted from syncing, idk how we can blacklist from merging except to watch for merge bugs00:12
micahgasac: that's a feature request I was kicking around in -motu00:12
asacthought that real blacklisting would also remove it form there00:12
asacbut well ;)00:12
ftaasac, looking better? http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/ubuntu-mozilla-daily--ppa.html00:13
micahgasac: if I didn't have so much to do, I'd add that as a feature :)00:13
asacmicahg: focus on important stuff ,)00:13
ftaasac, i improved the css, and version sorting00:13
asacif someone is so crazy to merge chromium its fixable ;)00:13
micahgfta: did you get my message yesterday about timeout00:13
ftamicahg, yes, i dropped it: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/chromium-daily.html00:14
asacfta: getting better every day00:14
asacwe spin debhelper now?00:14
micahgasac: policy is to ask last uploader, but some people forget/don't think about it00:14
asacah thats the backport for dh700:14
micahgfta: k, I figured since you were going to anyways, why not do it now? :)00:14
micahgasac: yeah, it seems that we don't need the dh7 backport00:14
asacmicahg: right, but usually big packages dont pull in much traction of junior folks in community. and seniors understand the situation; so all should be fine00:14
ftamicahg, well, the next upload to lucid will be big then, or forked. that's about it00:15
micahgfta: ?00:15
ftach, without timeout00:16
ftai mean, without testsuite00:16
micahgfta: I thought it was just testsuite?00:16
micahgfta: won't that make it smaller?00:16
ftathe debs? no. but build time, sure00:16
micahgfta: ah00:17
asachow about a green light on firefox-3.7 ? ;)00:17
asaci would love to get an update ;)00:17
micahgasac: sorry, I'll fix it when I get home (hopefully before the bot runs :) )00:17
asacj.k. you are doing a great job00:17
asacmicahg: i think its important, but maybe it means we should reach out for more contributors00:17
micahgasac: I have ddecator working on Songbird00:18
micahgasac: when he finishes, I'll show him how to patch the dailies :)00:18
* asac feels that there is hope00:18
micahgasac: when I started triaging bugs a year ago, I never imagined have a package set to upload and a couple dozen blueprint tasks00:19
micahgasac: thanks :)00:20
micahgasac: next time we're together, I should buy you a drink :)00:23
asacvery good ... /me wonders if there is hope that i can ever buy micahg a drink ;)00:23
micahgasac: you did buy me a drink, it just happened to be water :)00:24
micahgasac: BTW, contest if you have an interest: http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/gerv/archives/2010/06/bugzilla_600000_bug_sweepstake.html00:25
bdrung__micahg: where do you live?00:29
micahgbdrung__: Chicago00:29
asacheh ... not sure i want to compete :)00:29
bdrung__micahg: that's too far away for giving you a beer ;)00:30
micahgbdrung__: maybe we can meet at UDS next spring00:30
bdrung__micahg: if i get sponsored...00:30
micahgbdrung__: maybe in your hometown?00:31
asacbdrung__: did you apply00:31
micahgbdrung__: are you core-dev now?00:31
bdrung__asac: last time, yes00:31
bdrung__micahg: yes00:31
asacyou shouldnt apply without ensuring that i know i guess00:32
micahgbdrung__: sounds like you're a good candidate then :)00:32
bdrung__asac: i met more folks at LinuxTag00:32
asacgood. who did you meet=00:32
bdrung__asac: for example doko00:32
bdrung__asac: doko and i live in the same city.00:33
asaclet me guess ..... berlin ;)00:34
asacdid you met ogra? (oliver grawert)?00:34
bdrung__asac: there were many Debian folks - enough DD to get things sponsored00:34
asachmm. not DD yet?00:35
asacthought you were00:35
micahgbdrung__: BTW, in theory I should be able to have 2 DDs sign my key so I can get on the path to DM/DD <-- back to original active in debian comment00:35
bdrung__asac: no (didn't meet ogra). i am not a DD yet (i am still in the process). i am DM for quite a while00:36
asacmicahg: why didnt we do that during uds?00:36
asacbdrung__: kk00:36
micahgasac: idk, but I was at the keysigning party (I still need to upload the sigs, and cjwatson and slangasek were there)00:37
bdrung__asac: we (Henning Eggers, Michael Nelson, Daniel Holbach, Caspar Clemens Mierau, and me) had a talk at LinuxTag00:37
asacmicahg: if you have cjwatson and slagasek you should be all set00:37
micahgasac: right :), otherwise, I would have asked you00:38
asacbdrung__: great. did you publish slides?00:38
asacmicahg: they didnt send you their sigs yet?00:38
* micahg doesn't remember00:38
asacmicahg: you should have enough sigs then i guess ;)00:38
micahgasac: not yet, maybe they're waiting for me to send them mine00:39
bdrung__asac: no, dholbach was the coordinator. please nag him to release them. i haven't the latest ones.00:39
bdrung__asac: if you want to have a look at the slides of my other talk: http://www.linuxtag.org/2010/fileadmin/www.linuxtag.org/slides/Benjamin%20Drung%20-%20Der%20%28nicht%20so%29%20lange%20Weg%20in%20Debian-Ubuntu.pdf00:40
=== bdrung__ is now known as bdrung
asacmicahg: nah ... guess they are just busy. if nothing happens just ping them ;)00:43
micahgasac: k00:43
* micahg still has a blueprint that needs updating (but will probably be deferred to maverick +1_00:43
asacbdrung: nice!00:45
asacyou make a quite good seller of both ubuntu and debian ;)00:46
asacanyway, my day is over00:46
bdrunggute nacht00:46
* bdrung should go to bed, too.00:47
micahgnikolam: hi, I just saw your bug, it's most likely the cairo issue w//xul19103:56
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
ddecatorand now i'm stuck..08:39
gnomefreakstill no thunderbird 3 daily builds12:26
gnomefreaklsat build i have is 3.0.6~hg20100530r4865+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd112:27
gnomefreaklooks more like 3 weeks12:27
gnomefreaks/more like/like12:28
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - i'm looking at the openjdk plugin today14:21
chrisccoulsoni wasted a bit of time because i didn't realise that the openjdk version in karmic ships 2 different plugins (we only build one)14:21
chrisccoulsonand i was looking at the wrong source for a while getting very confused ;)14:21
jdstrandchrisccoulson: I'm looking at the apparmor thing as we speak14:22
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks14:22
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - so, the plugin is being loaded by the browser, but it doesn't seem to initialize properly (it's not even getting as far as creating the profile folder, so it shouldn't be too difficult to debug)14:32
jdstrandchrisccoulson: so, how are you planning to manage debian/ directories for all these 3.6.4 releases? I see the problem with apparmor, but how I fix it depends on what you are doing14:38
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure i understand the question14:39
jdstrandchrisccoulson: well, in the past the debian/ directory is managed in bzr and frozen at release. now that all releases will have the same version, will you continue to do this and merge back the changes or just take the latest debian/ from .head and adjust the version?14:41
chrisccoulsonah, right. no, i'll maintain them all as separate branches rather than taking it straight from .head and adjusting the version number14:41
jdstrandbasically, because we use the same debian/ for dailies, devel which is eventually frozen for release, it can get complicated cause assumptions on versions are always changing14:42
mdeslaurchrisccoulson, jdstrand: what's the openjdk issue?14:42
jdstrandmdeslaur: the plugin doesn't initialize with ff 3.6.4 in karmic14:42
mdeslaurjdstrand: is that with a recent openjdk, or the old one?14:43
jdstrandmdeslaur: it is in the right place and tries to, but fails14:43
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm investigating that atm14:43
jdstrandmdeslaur: what is in karmic now. oh, is this that icedtea issue using the old way which doesn't work on 3.6?14:43
mdeslaurAFAIK, firefox 3.6 dropped OJI support, so it won't work with an older openjdk14:44
chrisccoulsonthat's probably the issue ;)14:44
jdstrandso I guess we get to use micahg's work after all14:44
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think that's what is wrong14:44
chrisccoulsonthe old openjdk ships an experimental npapi plugin, which we don't enable14:44
mdeslaurwe probably need to backport lucid's openjdk to earlier releases14:45
mdeslaurjdstrand: is that what micahg did?14:45
jdstrandmdeslaur: yeah14:46
chrisccoulsoni was thinking about just backporting lucid's npapi plugin if that's possible14:46
chrisccoulsonrather than the whole of openjdk14:46
mdeslaurI wouldn't mind getting a newer openjdk, it'll ease security maintenance in the future14:47
mdeslaurunless that causes problems14:47
jdstrandchrisccoulson: re debian/> actually, I think I need to jsut rework the preinst logic, since it wasn't designed for major version upgrades :(14:47
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - ok, i'll leave that with you :)14:48
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, so, you'd be happy to just backport the whole of openjdk?14:49
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: is that what micahg did already?14:50
jdstrandit would make security support easier...14:50
chrisccoulsoni'm not entirely sure whether he was backporting the whole thing, or just some patches to make the experimental plugin work properly14:50
chrisccoulsoni'll leave that for now and ask him when he's online14:51
mdeslaurI would have more confidence in a complete backport rather than having an experimental plugin that mismatches the openjdk version etc.14:51
chrisccoulsoni think we'd only need to backport it for karmic and jaunty14:51
mdeslaurthat being said, I don't know how feasible a backport is...although the sun-java-6 package gets upgraded to the latest version and seems to work okay14:51
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: we don't care about openjdk in hardy?14:52
chrisccoulsonthe icedtea plugin in hardy uses a separate source, and i managed to get that working14:52
chrisccoulson(it just needed updating to not use some xpcom features that don't work any more)14:52
mdeslauroh, okay, good14:52
chrisccoulsoni suppose the first thing i should try is to make sure the latest version builds on karmic14:55
chrisccoulsonthis is where another computer would be useful :)14:55
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: you should set up schroots14:57
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, i've done that already, but the limitation is my CPU , memory, and disk bandwidth ;)14:58
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: oh, I see, sorry :)14:58
chrisccoulsoni still need to be able to do other work too ;)14:58
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: pfff :)14:58
chrisccoulsoni think the last time i built openjdk, it took quite a while14:58
chrisccoulsona firefox build is bareable, but not at the same time as running kvm14:59
mdeslauryeah, those are biggies14:59
jdstrandchrisccoulson: you can use your ppa, appropriately versioned with ~...15:03
jdstrandchrisccoulson: it would take a few hours to start, but other than that, it is fairly painless :)15:05
jdstrandchrisccoulson: ok, can you apply this to the karmic 3.6.4: http://paste.ubuntu.com/451624/15:17
jdstrandchrisccoulson: let me test one other thing first...15:17
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - thanks. feel free to commit to the packaging branch though15:30
chrisccoulsonfor ctxextensions, i'm just going to revert back to the old version but change maxVersion in the install.rdf15:31
chrisccoulsonthat seems to work much better15:31
chrisccoulsonthe new version (which supposedly supports 3.6) just seems to be really broken15:31
jdstrandchrisccoulson: where is the packaging branch for karmic?15:32
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.5.karmic15:32
jdstrandcool, thanks15:32
chrisccoulsonit uses the same source package name, which might be a bit confusing ;)15:33
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: songbird FTBFS? i know you were playing with it last week15:35
chrisccoulsongnomefreak, i've not had anything to do with songbird ;)15:36
chrisccoulsoni think micahg had someone in the community looking at that, but i don't remember who15:36
gnomefreakok than who was working on it :(15:36
chrisccoulsonddecator, possibly?15:36
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: oh ok15:36
gnomefreakoh yeah15:36
chrisccoulsoni'm not entirely sure though15:36
gnomefreakit was him15:36
* gnomefreak not going to get anything done today15:37
aganicehey, i'm trying to figure out whether the patch for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=311340 is included in any release15:39
gnomefreakmozilla 31134015:40
gnomefreakdamn bot15:40
aganicei'm working on the problem for Ubuntu GSOC and i'm new to large project management, so some help on how to figure out where the patch has been applied would be very, very much appreciated :)15:41
* gnomefreak looking15:42
aganicethere's a quote "Per the current settings of the "wanted1.9.2" and "blocking1.9.2" flags at the15:42
aganicetop of this bug, this isn't targeted for landing on any branches.  Just on15:42
aganicetrunk (for Firefox 3.7+)."15:42
aganicebut i'm kind of wondering how to verify that from the patch link15:43
chrisccoulsonaganice, it's not landed in 1.9.2 yet15:43
gnomefreaklooks like 3.7 but still looking as i recall we were waiting on freedesktop as well.15:44
chrisccoulsonaganice, you can check here: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla1.9.2/source/widget/src/gtk2/nsClipboard.cpp15:44
gnomefreakcan you drop the LP bug please15:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 11334 in ubuntu (and 9 other projects) "MASTER Copy-Paste doesn't work if the source is closed before the paste (affects: 207) (dups: 25) (heat: 1090)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]15:44
aganiceah, ok: the best way to do it is just to browse current trunk and check if the contents of the patch are there, then, right?15:45
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: any reason why our task is fixreleased?15:46
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's all i did15:46
gnomefreakor is that upstream15:46
aganicethanks you very much, chrisccoulson and gnomefreak :)15:46
chrisccoulsongnomefreak, yeah, that's the upstream task15:47
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: we dont have a task on that bug. IIRC it was firefox that it was first seen on15:47
chrisccoulsonits more of a general problem across the whole platform15:48
chrisccoulsoni'd rather not have a firefox task on there, as it gets quite a bit of traffic ;)15:48
gnomefreakwe really need to fix the ISO's this is getting kind of old now. if it is there than it is oversized but most of the time there are no ISO's for alternate installer15:50
ftamicahg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/451642/16:10
micahgfta: weird16:12
ftamicahg, what?16:13
micahgfta: undeclared variables16:13
ftamicahg, that was bot lesson 1: how to go the essential when fixing a red daily16:13
micahgfta: ah, was wondering why you were giving it to me :)16:14
ftamicahg, you said yesterday you should learn how to use my bot16:14
micahgfta: yes, indeed16:14
micahgfta: are you using system ffmpeg?16:14
ftanope, it's a forked ffmpeg adding multi-threading16:15
ftaie, the one used by upstream16:15
micahgfta: upstream code missing an include file?16:17
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, ctxextensions is fixed now16:17
chrisccoulsoni just reverted it back to the current version ;)16:18
ftamicahg, they bumped ffmpeg from 0.5 to 0.6, which is very different. even our system 0.6 in maverick/sid is broken. we're no longer able to build mplayer with it, so mplayer moved back to in-source ffmpeg 0.516:19
ftamicahg, so i assume i got a broken snapshot, mid-air or something16:20
micahgfta: ah, makes sense16:20
ftamicahg, i should probably tie it to ch, like i did for gyp16:21
ftamicahg, hence more issues with syncs from debian16:21
micahgfta: k16:25
jdstrandchrisccoulson: ok, I committed the apparmor fixes to the branch. I am now going to pull the profile updates (ie, like you did for lucid-- thanks btw :)16:43
chrisccoulsonok, thanks16:43
chrisccoulsoni thought i'd added the profile updates already for karmic16:43
chrisccoulsonmaybe i forgot ;)16:43
jdstrandoh, let me check, I didn't see my name, but I might have missed it16:44
jdstrandchrisccoulson: ok, you did, we just need to reference the bugs in the changelog. I'll do that16:45
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - i've fixed firebug too now16:52
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - i can't recreate your problem with noscript :(16:59
jdstrandchrisccoulson: I'll try again with the updated ctxextensions. maybe the fact that some things weren't initializing right was causing problems for it17:07
chrisccoulsonyeah, possibly. thanks17:11
chrisccoulsonmicahg - were you working on backporting openjdk, or just the plugin?17:11
chrisccoulsonright, i must make some more progress on jaunty now :)17:14
micahgchrisccoulson: I was trying to backport openjdk for hardy, but I stopped when you got the plugin working17:17
chrisccoulsonwould it be cheating if i added my test results to the QA tracker?17:17
chrisccoulsonmicahg - right, i don't think we need it for hardy17:17
chrisccoulsonbut the plugin in jaunty and karmic is using OJI17:17
chrisccoulsonso, we either need to backport the newer plugin, or backport the whole of openjdk17:18
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur said it would probably be better from a security POV to backport the whole of openjdk17:18
micahgchrisccoulson: I don't know what's better, the whole openjdk should be easier, but that doesn't make it better17:18
micahgchrisccoulson: ah, in that case, I can work on it this weekend17:19
chrisccoulsonif you don't mind please :)17:19
chrisccoulsonthat one is fairly important for getting firefox out ;)17:19
micahgchrisccoulson: doko did most of the work already, I just have to take the final openjdk from lucid with the build deps from the PPA17:19
chrisccoulsonit might be worth speaking to mdeslaur if you have any questions too17:20
micahgchrisccoulson: and fix any FTBFS :)17:20
chrisccoulsonheh, that's the fun part ;)17:20
* micahg hopes the jaunty and karmic pbuilder will behave locally17:20
micahgthat was a big time killer last time I tried17:21
micahgI'll just push to PPA if I can't get it going locally in short order17:21
jdstrandchrisccoulson: k, committed r513 which should be good for uploading to the security ppa17:23
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, thanks. i will upload that later on17:23
micahgchrisccoulson: thunderbird stable is building with version that will properly upgrade to archive versions if/when pushed17:23
jdstrandchrisccoulson: great. have you uploaded firebug and ctxextensions?17:23
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, yeah, i just did that a few moments ago17:24
chrisccoulsonmicahg - cool :)17:24
jdstrandchrisccoulson: cool, I'll test them when they build along with noscript17:24
chrisccoulsoni also uploaded flashblock again to fix a dangling symlink17:24
* micahg is pushing to maverick in PPA also since I can't upload yet :)17:25
chrisccoulsoni suppose i could probably upload tb3.0.5 to maverick, seeing as it's not covered with the USN17:25
micahgchrisccoulson: well, not covered, but it's mentioned17:27
micahgchrisccoulson: I figured you were busy w/other things anyways17:28
chrisccoulsonyeah, i am a little bit ;)17:28
micahgchrisccoulson: so, no worries, I'll do an identi.ca/ML blast a little later that it's in the PPA for now17:28
chrisccoulsonthanks :)17:33
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ddecatorchrisccoulson: yah, i'm working on songbird18:37
ddecatorright now i'm talking with the devs about a change that they made to a file that seems to be for no reason and it's causing the build to fail, so they're trying to figure out why it was changed. after they fix it or i create a patch for the issue, songbird should build again and i can push to lp18:39
ddecatorand it looks like the change was an accident, so time to make a patch :p18:46
ftaddecator, i hope for you there are more responsive and willing to help than when i created the package a few years ago.18:51
ddecatorfta: they said they were willing to make the patch themselves later, but i said i'd make it, test it, and create an upstream bug for it :)18:51
ddecatora lot of the devs use linux, but they can't work on fixing linux issues now, so they're glad to help someone else keep it working on ubuntu18:59
Mook_sboh, that offer was more "if you make the patch, I can review it; if I make the patch, I can't" :)18:59
Mook_sb(and yes I'm stalking you, or something ;) )18:59
ddecatorah, gotcha, still appreciated Mook_sb :)18:59
ddecatorforgot you were in here, haha19:00
ddecatorMook_sb: i made the patch, so it's test building now19:00
Mook_sbddecator: yay! thanks19:00
ddecatorhopefully i don't run into any other issues, i've been working late into the night on this for three nights now..19:00
micahgasac: is now a good time to remind you about a endorsement?19:43
ddecatorof course, it built successfully, but i wasn't at my comp to enter my gpg passphrase so it aborted :/20:04
micahgddecator: that's fine, use debsign20:05
micahgddecator: oh, you're not uploading anyways, so it doesn't matteer20:05
ddecatormicahg: true, the debs are still there, so i can test it :)20:05
ddecatorworks! :)20:08
ddecatorMook_sb: should i file a bug against songbird or qa & build release?20:10
Mook_sbddecator: songbird20:10
Mook_sb(since it's code being broken, and not the buildsystem being broken)20:10
ddecatorok, i have to go take care of some stuff20:19
ddecatormicahg: i'll get everything committed tonight and i'll push to lp so the merge request will be updated20:19
micahgddecator: k, I'll check Sat night20:23
ddecatormicahg: sounds good, thanks :)20:23
micahgddecator: thank you for doing the work :)20:23
ddecatormicahg: np, i'm looking forward to working on other things now that this is working20:24
micahgddecator: great, maybe this weekend I can show you hot to patch the dailies, or you can give it a shot yourself20:24
ddecatormicahg: sounds good to me20:24
micahgddecator: firefox-3.7 needs fixing and I won't get to it until Sat night20:24
ddecatormicahg: if i get a chance i'll take a look20:25
micahgddecator: so if you want to propose a merge, i'll review Sat night20:25
gnomefreakwho broke my TB?21:27
micahggnomefreak: which TB?21:28
gnomefreakmicahg: daily 3.021:28
micahggnomefreak: upstream? :)21:28
gnomefreakno our daily PPA21:29
micahggnomefreak: I just uploaded 3.0.5 to the thunderbird-stable PPA21:29
gnomefreakdaily == 5/30/201021:29
micahgthat doesn't sound right21:29
gnomefreakthunderbird: Installed: 3.0.6~hg20100530r4865+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd121:29
gnomefreakthats why i asked last week what happened to it21:30
micahggnomefreak: it's true :(, no upstream updates, I guess they've been focusing on 3.121:30
gnomefreakthey cant do 2 things at a time? :) i would have thought stable would have been first on thier mind21:31
micahggnomefreak: maybe it's already stable enough :D21:31
* gnomefreak thinks of pinning it but that hasnt yet worked out for me since lucid dev cycle21:32
ubot2Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:36
gnomefreakmicahg: i guess songbird FTBFS?21:44
gnomefreakor was it ddecator21:45
micahggnomefreak: ddecator is fixing it, hopefully we can get the dailies going early next week21:45
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks21:46
gnomefreakdoes it support ipod?21:46
micahggnomefreak: idk21:47
micahggnomefreak: it used to :)21:47
gnomefreaki can find out np :)21:48
gnomefreakim more wondering how linux+ipod support is21:48
gnomefreaklast time i tried 3 or so years ago it sucked21:48
micahggnomefreak: worked great for me before21:51
* micahg uses gtkpod ATM since banshee's iPod support wasn't too good before21:51
gnomefreakmicahg: using? banshee21:51
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks i will try21:52
micahggnomefreak: banshee 1.6 supposedly fixed a lot of the issues, I haven't tried it lately for iPods21:52
gnomefreakmicahg: that failed for me when i tried it. since i lost all win boxes i cant afford for it to fail21:53
gnomefreakmicahg: do we have SM daily PPA? or do we plan on having one? for 2.0 and/or2.121:56
micahggnomefreak: I have plans for one, probably for 2.121:56
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks21:56
micahggnomefreak: I also would like a milestone PPA for each of the apps, but I need to learn how to use fta's bot before I create more work for myself :)21:57
gnomefreaki will have time here and there to get something done if needed but only a couple of hours a week21:57
gnomefreakthat would come in handy21:57
gnomefreaklol i am getting someone elses spam in my email21:58
gnomefreakdholbach's spam21:58
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* gnomefreak will finish bug mail tomorrow way too many to do tonight23:11
gnomefreaks/finish/do some23:12
ddecatorgnomefreak: i fixed songbird today, i'm about to commit everything and push to lp. my original fix was never merged, so it's FTBFS for a while :p23:16
chrisccoulsongnomefreak - i haven't had time to go through my bug mail for a while23:17
chrisccoulsonmy work e-mail has nearly 20000 unread messages now ;)23:17
gnomefreakddecator: ok thanks :)23:17
micahgchrisccoulson: I hope you filter ;)23:17
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: omg mines not even that much23:17
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, i filter out the important things23:17
* gnomefreak removed alot of my filters, seems like i lost mail with them so i need to subscribe to some again i think23:18
micahgchrisccoulson: so is it so bad if Thunderbird 3.1 doesn't hit maverick for a couple weeks after release?23:18
gnomefreakmicahg: planned for a PPA?23:18
chrisccoulsoni think we can handle that. how long will 3.0.x be supported?23:18
* micahg recalls TB3.0 being 3 months late :-[23:18
micahgchrisccoulson: I think 6 months but will ask over the weekend23:18
chrisccoulsoni assume that we will want to push that to lucid at some point soon too23:19
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: if you asked me it is no longer supported but maybe only for a while23:19
micahggnomefreak: well, once the build is fixed, I'll (hopefully) upload to maverick23:19
micahgchrisccoulson: idk, maybe23:19
gnomefreakmicahg: cool but personally testing would be nice before we land it in Maverick23:19
micahgchrisccoulson: only since it's LTS, but I want to discuss with upstream timelines before thinking about that, if it'll also be EOL in 12 months, maybe we should wait for 3.223:20
chrisccoulsonyeah, it would be good to find out23:20
micahggnomefreak: maverick is for testing :)23:20
gnomefreakmicahg: but if it is A* than testing first would be good23:20
micahggnomefreak: I don't want to push to the -stable PPA till it's been tested23:20
micahgmicahg: I'll dogfood it before I commit it23:21
* micahg apparently will discuss it with myself as well :-/23:21
micahggnomefreak: I'll dogfood it before I commit it23:21
gnomefreakmicahg: ok23:22
chrisccoulsonwoah, only a few more extensions to do for jaunty now :)23:22
chrisccoulsonthen i think i'm going to rest for the weekend23:22
micahggnomefreak: but getting some of the 10.04.1 tasks done, I think is more important23:22
gnomefreakmicahg: it is23:23
micahggnomefreak: I have to package lightning before I can upload TB3.123:23
gnomefreakwill lightning1 provide support for tb3.123:23
micahggnomefreak: 1.0b1 -> 3.0, 1.0b2 -> 3.123:23
gnomefreakmakes sense23:24
micahggnomefreak: but makes packaging harder :)23:24
gnomefreakthat it does but i have disagreed with a few things Mozilla has done in past but that is just the way it is23:24
micahggnomefreak: not their fault this time :)23:25
micahggnomefreak: 1.0b1 -> xul191, 1.0b2 -> xul19223:25
gnomefreakthat is thier fault in a way23:25
gnomefreakthey could have kept it 1 version like they do with everything else23:25
gnomefreakalthough 191 is not really around for us23:26
micahggnomefreak: also, I have to be careful, because 1.0b1 should work with seamonkey 2.0.x, whereas 1.0b2 won't23:26
micahggnomefreak: Tb3.0 and SM2.023:26
micahggnomefreak: there are 3 branches at the moment, soon to be 423:26
gnomefreakmicahg: SM has built inxul so that should be fine until b2 than is it possible to port SM to external xul19223:27
* gnomefreak gets the feeling no23:27
micahggnomefreak: SM is jumping to xul193 for 2.1, also, it matters for other extensions in teh archive23:27
gnomefreakand firefox seems to have a really bad leak23:27
gnomefreakor its LP but testing23:29
micahgI'd like to get a milestone PPA set up for Firefox early next month23:33
ddecatorgnomefreak: i've had firefox slow down if i leave it open for a really long time before, if that's what you mean23:35
micahgchrisccoulson: I'm thinking about changing the apport hook so that bugs for PPAs go to another project23:36
ddecatormicahg: if you do that, let me know so i can subscribe :p23:36
* ddecator is going to start working on firefox bugs again at some point...23:37
micahgchrisccoulson: I want to collect bug reports so that the versions that go to archive are better, but I don't want to flood the already overloaded firefox packages23:37
micahgchrisccoulson: what do you think?23:37
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think that makes sense, although i don't know what the bug traffic is like at the moment23:38
chrisccoulsonseeing as i've not had much time to read my e-mails recently ;)23:38
micahgchrisccoulson: well, we're not getting too many for PPA stuff, but I want to add a lot more PPAs for the team, and that'll increase the bug reporting23:38
gnomefreakit doesnt have to be long at all maybe 2 minutes or less and loner23:39
gnomefreakddecator: ^^23:39
micahgchrisccoulson: I figure once we start with milestone PPAs we should get a lot more bugs23:39
ddecatorgnomefreak: i haven't run into that before..23:39
gnomefreaki think its LP since marlboro.com woprked ok23:39
chrisccoulsonyeah, we probably will23:39
ddecatoryah, LP tends to be slow for me23:39
gnomefreaklike we dont have enough bugs23:39
gnomefreakddecator: im not sure if it is related to "edge" or not23:40
micahggnomefreak: the idea is if we get the bugs for the PPA versions, we'll have less for the archvie versions23:40
gnomefreakmicahg: makes sense but we really need to get apport to do PPA versions and seems as if it stopped in the talk stage of supporting that23:41
ddecatorgnomefreak: edge and non-edge have always been a little slow for me, not sure if it's a rendering issue or the site (haven't worked with lp in chromium or opera)23:41
micahggnomefreak: well, I changed the firefox hook to report all bugs to Ubuntu, I want to change it that if it's a PPA version, it'll go to the PPA bugs project and in archive to Ubuntu23:41
gnomefreakddecator: ill test chromium next week and see how it is but all bugs are extreamly slow to open (due to attachments if i had to guess)23:42
gnomefreakmicahg: you mean we can use ubuntu-bug for PPA versions of FF?23:42
micahggnomefreak: ATM23:42
gnomefreaksweet, any plans on other packages we support?23:43
gnomefreakTB has always had shitty info from apport23:43
micahggnomefreak: I want to set up the other project, probably ubuntu-mozillateam-ppa-bugs, and then yes, I'll add a similar hook for all of them23:43
gnomefreakeven dbugging was never any good23:43
gnomefreakmicahg: great thanks!23:43
micahgassuming chrisccoulson approves :)23:44
* gnomefreak testing 3.723:44
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: will approve, right chrisccoulson????23:44
* ddecator needs to look at fixing 3.7 tonight :)23:45
gnomefreakmicahg: i can only see that helpping us help users23:45
micahggnomefreak: yep, that's the idea :)23:45
gnomefreakwhat is wrong with 3.7 now that i opened it23:45
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think that sounds ok. it will be easier to triage bugs then too23:45
gnomefreak3.7 is slow too and i only have one tab open (my LP page23:45
micahgchrisccoulson: I have a Firefox bug day planned for later this summer which should help a little, but I can't run it until I update the documentation on how to triage firefox bugs\23:46
gnomefreak3.6 ===xul192 and 3.7 ==xul19323:46
ddecatormicahg: oh yah, i was going to start working on updating some of that stuff on the wiki this weekend...hopefully i'll still have time to come up with a draft23:46
gnomefreakso i doubt its a rendering issue but still could be. but with firefox (1tab) and irssi FF pretty much dies23:47
ddecatorgnomefreak: i don't have it that bad, it's just a little slow..23:47
gnomefreakexample irrsi open in foreground ff in background. clilck on firefox and it takes a while for it to come to foreground23:47
gnomefreakmaybe 4 secs or more23:48
ddecatoryah i've never had that issue before..23:48
ddecatoronly when i'm building in the bg23:48
gnomefreakon wait damn23:48
* micahg has to go, a good weekend to all23:48
gnomefreakmicahg: you too23:49
ddecatormicahg: have a good weekend, i'll push the branch in a little bit23:49
gnomefreaksee evevyone monday i think (just testing 3.7 real fast23:49
micahgddecator: k, I won't get to it tonight, so tomorrow night23:49
ddecatormicahg: no problem, didn't expect you to23:49
gnomefreakit loads page normally but irssi isnt leaving foreground fast enough for me so it may be nvidia+ff+maverick23:50
ddecatori'm just waiting for the source to pull so i can make sure the patch mook added upstream for me made the necessary changes so i don't need to include my patch23:50
gnomefreakddecator: you uploading songbird to the PPA?23:50
ddecatorgnomefreak: i'm uploading to a personal branch that has a merge requested23:51
gnomefreakddecator: after branch to PPA or to archives23:51
ddecatorthe daily PPA23:51
gnomefreakddecator: thanks23:52
ddecatori have the 64-bit deb if you want to try it :p23:52
gnomefreakall hell is breaking loose in these channels23:52
gnomefreaki only have 32bit box23:53
gnomefreakddecator: push code somewhere and let me know if it uses m-devscripts and i can build 32bit over night23:53
ddecatorgnomefreak: i have them as a dependency because it builds xr-1.9.2, so i copied the depencies over from the xr-192 branch. it'll be pushed in a little bit to here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ddecator/songbird/fix-songbird-daily-build-2010041623:55
gnomefreakok if i leave before hand that i will get back to you see if you built it already. but by the sounds of it it should grab the latest upstream revision?23:56
ddecatoryup, i'm pulling it now and i'll add it to the changelog if the change is included23:57

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