oobeultradj83, by reading docs00:20
ultradj83of course I read,,, but I couldn't solve...00:21
justinhhiyas... got a little issue with the mythbuntu ppa I'm using... just updated to 25129 this morning because I needed aac audio support - it seems to be working with files that are aac encoded but mythfrontend --version isn't telling me it's built with using_libfaad or whatever10:23
justinhI dunno if it's a mythtv-ish thing or a mythbuntu-ish thing :10:24
justinhI assume it might be a mythtv-ish problem, but looking in the source of mythcommandparser.cpp it just spits out the output of MYTH_BUILD_CONFIG - which I'd assume would contain the right parts or it wouldn't have built with the support enabled10:26
antonellahi guys, can anybody help me configuring a tv card?12:25
sebrock_Hey, will the current version be backported to 9.10?16:48
rhpot1991sebrock_: use auto builds to get it16:53
ZinnAuto builds contain more recent bug fixes than the normal Ubuntu repository contains.  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.16:53
sebrock_mh! interesting17:02
sebrock_acutally my frontend will be running a fresh install. It's just the server, I won't have time to update the whole thing so this suits me perfectly17:03
sebrock_think I'll go 10.10 when it gets out17:03
sebrock_so its just a new repo?17:07
sebrock_no wait, that was a deb17:07
sebrock_How does this work with a headless server?17:07
Hilikus_my irblaster and RC stopped working after i updated to ubuntu 10.0417:21
Hilikus_i'm using a pvr150 control and blaster17:21
Hilikus_and i'm using lirc_zilog as module17:22
tgm4883sebrock_, it adds the auto-builds repo17:22
sebrock_rhpot1991, I have the 0.22-fixes version installed now. So should I add the repos for 0.22 or 0.23 to get the latest? I dont want to ruin everything17:22
sebrock_tgm4883, ^^^^^17:22
Hilikus_from what i can see in the logs, the module is loading the firmware correctly17:22
tgm4883sebrock_, is that not clear on the webpage?17:22
Hilikus_when i try to change a chanel it says "hardware does not support sending"17:22
tgm4883btw, not trying to be an ass, but I wrote the page so if it isn't clear what you need to do I should fix it17:23
Zinntgm4883: Please watch your language.17:23
tgm4883Zinn, GTFO!17:23
ZinnHi tgm4883, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.17:23
tgm4883!stab self17:23
* Zinn stabs tgm4883 with a sharpened mce remote.17:23
sebrock_tgm4883, on the webpage it says "most people would want the current version", when installing the deb it says "most poeple would want the smaller version"17:23
sebrock_I dont find them to be the same?17:23
tgm4883ah true, it does say that17:24
tgm4883well the current version is 0.2317:24
rhpot1991heh, he is tgm4883proof17:24
sebrock_so I should pick 0.23? that wount mess anything up?17:24
tgm4883so to answer your questions < sebrock_> Hey, will the current version be backported to 9.10?17:24
tgm4883then I would say to use the 0.23 version if that is what you want17:25
sebrock_ok, I guess it will replace my 0.22-fixes then17:25
tgm4883sebrock_, well yea, cause 0.22 isn't the current version17:25
tgm4883had you asked if there was newer builds of 0.22, I would say use auto-builds and select 0.2217:26
tgm4883but you said you wanted the current version, which is 0.2317:26
sebrock_I'm scared of automation, can't you tell17:26
sebrock_No I want to upgrade to 0.23 from 0.22-fixes17:26
tgm4883then don't you think you should pick 0.23 then?17:27
tgm4883I wouldn't expect to be upgraded to 0.23 if I selected 0.2217:27
sebrock_tgm4883, basically what I'm asking is <will it replace my 0.22> and <will it replace it safe?>17:28
tgm4883yes it will replace your 0.2217:28
tgm4883it should be safe17:28
sebrock_ok tgm4883 thank you for your help17:28
sebrock_tgm4883, It wants to install the frontend and everything on my server...17:29
tgm4883sebrock_, pastebin the output of the command you did17:29
sebrock_right now it's being kept back17:30
tgm4883sebrock_, whats the output of 'dpkg -l mythtv-frontend'17:31
sebrock_what the...17:32
tgm4883sebrock_, did I guess right?17:32
sebrock_you did17:32
tgm4883thought so17:32
sebrock_but that means somewhere back there must have been something fuzzy. When I installed this I explicitly did a backend17:33
tgm4883cause auto-builds just adds the repo, the packages in the repo are built from the same source as the ones in the official repos. and apt-get just upgrades whats installed17:33
* tgm4883 shrugs17:33
sebrock_strange it is17:33
tgm4883unfortunately I cannot look into the past with a crystal ball17:33
sebrock_anyway they are being kept back17:33
tgm4883so just remove them?17:34
tgm4883apt-get remove mythtv-frontend17:34
sebrock_I mean when installing17:34
rhpot1991he prob needs to dist-upgrade17:34
tgm4883well yea, but you will probably need to dist-upgrade as there are added dependencies17:34
sebrock_ah if I try to remove it will remove mythweather and other stuff that is actually needed17:34
sebrock_maybe thats why17:35
tgm4883or just apt-get install mythtv-backend17:35
rhpot1991I think we did the perl change then too, so that causes a distupgrade17:35
tgm4883is mythweather needed for mythweather in mythweb?17:35
sebrock_think so17:36
sebrock_I really never grasped how mythweather is constructed... found it strange from the beginning17:36
* tgm4883 doesn't use mythweather17:36
tgm4883I look outside instead :)17:37
* rhpot1991 uses his android instead17:37
sebrock_question of the day, should I go 64 or keep it 32-bit?17:50
sebrock_its a core 2 duo17:50
sebrock_guess there is no reason not to go 64-bit these days17:50
sebrock_another thing, how is mythbackend started17:55
sebrock_init.d script?17:55
superm1upstart script18:07
superm1oh fine leave me18:07
st8ofmi9dI tried to setup PXE boot on Mythbuntu but after getting everything running I realized that I had an issue with two DHCPs. Now I no longer need to PXE boot. How do I keep Mythbuntu from trying to do DHCP?23:17

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