dholbachgood morning07:23
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
hexmodedholbach: starting at the top of the list, trying to do 1 pkg/day (at least16:00
hexmodeworking on validate16:01
dholbachhexmode: yeeeeeeeeeehaw! :)17:02
dholbachhexmode: thanks for your work on this :)17:04
hexmodedholbach: and just under a year after you did the initial work!!!17:15
hexmodethis is open source operating at light speed :P17:16
dholbachROCK and ROLL :)17:16
hexmodeemail sent for the bug and pkg-php-maint... I'll try one more quick one17:22
hexmodedholbach: recaptcha ITP was closed. re-filing17:27
hexmodehttp://bugs.debian.org/586355 -- also have php-recaptcha in svn, but can't completely test ATM since d/ling the code from googlecode isn't working19:06

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