ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !ucloak is <reply> If you're an Ubuntu !Member and would like an @ubuntu/member !cloak, join #ubuntu-irc and ask, and give a link to your Launchpad profile.02:08
elkyi kind of recommend not doing !cloak in it though, or it'll have people asking in #f02:28
IdleOneagreed, could cause some confusion and they have enough to deal with without having to redirect to #ubuntu-irc02:32
topylipopped into a pm window09:30
topyliikonia: alabd. ^09:32
topylidecided not to join the channel after all but fill my query window with the same stuff instead09:33
ikoniasame old same old09:33
topylii'm having a good day, so i explained everything again, twice09:34
ikoniaprepare for another 2 times09:34
elkyAt least.09:34
topylimaybe i'll repeat the same thing 30 times09:35
elkyxchat is scriptable.09:43
elkyif PM from alabd, then09:43
ikoniavortech ?10:45
jpdsHis humble thing freaks me out.10:54
ikoniaa few people have comment on that, language is a tough one to crack if it's not your first langauge though10:54
* gnomefreak gets a bad feeling about this11:01
gnomefreakjunni seems to ask random users to join that channel (#ggz) its a gaming channel11:02
jpdsgnomefreak: Then, tell him not to/11:03
gnomefreakjpds: waiting to make sure and i would like to see him do it to someone other than me in #ubuntu11:04
gnomefreaki think i handled it as nice as i could be11:08
gnomefreaknow one more thing to work on than i can relax11:08
elkyI'm pretty sure that's a repeat offender.11:32
asachi .. .how can i get the ubot thing in new channels?12:12
ikoniaasac: depends on the channel12:14
ikoniadifferent bots (clones) run in different channels12:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots12:14
ikoniaI'm surer there is a wiki page that tells you how to request12:15
jpdsasac: Which channel would you like to have it in?12:15
ikoniajust the man12:15
asacjpds: i want ubottu (or a clone with same db and features in #linaro)12:16
asacor if you have a bot that just does "bugs" then that12:16
jpdsasac: Done.12:16
* asac waves and leaves channel12:17
bazhangmay want to keep an eye on flames; using bt4 and wanting support (he has been told the proper channel for that) have to go out for a few12:18
bazhangjungli had his ban lifted?12:41
funkyHatbazhang: no12:42
bazhangfunkyHat, got him in PM, thanks12:43
funkyHatHe's just arrived in -ot13:01
bazhangyep, after the chat via PM ( he says he is a nice guy, only ban-evaded to harass another user kaushal) and that he has changed now.13:03
* gnomefreak gets the feeling Kaushal has had problems before in #ubuntu13:05
gnomefreakwith another user13:05
bazhangjungli and indian_munnda (same person btw as blockcold)13:06
gnomefreakyeah jungli13:06
bazhanghe's in -ot now as blockold13:06
gnomefreakwait you mean that kaushli is blockcold?13:07
gnomefreakyeah he said hi jto me and i cant figure out who it was until now13:07
bazhangnope, jungli is blockold/indian_munnda13:07
elkybazhang, lawl @ post-chat line.13:13
bazhangelky, :)13:14
gnomefreakhey ubot4 doesnt know mozilla bugs, they are kind of important for us in #ubuntu-mozillateam15:41
jpdsgnomefreak: Action has been taken.15:44
gnomefreakjpds: thanks15:44
h00kmorning all15:56
bazhang#ubuntu-hk has a bot and nothing else (locobot_3) not even a topic16:57
h00kwhat is hk?16:58
bazhanghong kong16:58
topylinow that's the kind of channel i want to be an op in16:59
bazhangwonder if still belongs in the !cn factoid16:59
* jpds wonders if the HK mirror is still active.17:00
h00ktopyli: its stressful I bet!17:01
jpdsIt's still UP! \o/17:01
bazhangthat came out of nowhere17:07
h00kubuntu tweak wouldn't be something that is supported, I'm going to guess, 'eh?17:47
bazhang!find tweak17:48
ubottuFound: mousetweaks, freqtweak, gtweakui, tweak17:48
h00klag here :(17:49
h00ktweak is unknown17:49
bazhang!info tweak17:50
ubottutweak (source: tweak): an efficient hex editor. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.01-7 (lucid), package size 44 kB, installed size 180 kB17:50
h00ker, a factoid for ubuntutweak, anyway. it's some script somebody wrote :(17:55
h00klike Automatix17:55
tsimpsonevery couple of years, someone thing "oh, I think I'll write a script to automate the install of restricted stuff"18:13
tsimpsonand they always do it WRONG18:13
tsimpsonmostly because there is no right way to automate such a thing, automation like that is not good18:14
jussior they create a distro with it alll in, a la mint...18:19
bazhangugh mint18:20
bazhangwhoa quick seeker19:23
Seeker`slow bazhang is slow :P19:23
Pici14:24:16 <?faggot3> I'm testing something.19:24
Pici(in pm)19:24
bazhangbanning reaction time?19:26
funkyHattsimpson: i really don't know what's wrong with just installing -restricted-extras ⢁( ... it's not very hard19:27
funkyHatI guess you still have to do the dvd css stuff manually, or do you?19:27
Seeker`I'm off out, have fun in faggot3 reappears19:27
tsimpsonfunkyHat: you need to do it manually because it's technically illegal to automatically install it19:28
funkyHatI thought it was just illegal to install it altogether? ;D19:28
funkyHat*in certain countries19:29
tsimpsonyes, that too19:29
tsimpsonbut automatically installing it gives no chance to read the licenses/legal conditions19:30
funkyHatah yeah19:30
jussiright, who wants to be a guinea pig?20:24
jussi(I need to test my forward alias)20:24
jussinobody? meh... Ill ask our lovely oftopicers...20:26
Picijussi: sure20:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !forget flare183-#ubuntu-offtopic22:16
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !forget eamspeak22:19
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !forget also does a few other tasks, if she notices a bug number in the form "bug 2" then she will tell the channel what the bug22:23
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (Aniyah)23:51
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:53

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