tonyyarussoLooks like you might get your storms sparklehistory00:46
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Yup!00:48
tonyyarussoReasonably decent article about Conficker:  http://theweek.com/article/index/203969/the-last-word-the-ultimate-computer-worm00:50
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TakyojiAnyone ever used a radio receiver device in Linux via a PC/IF radio cable?02:58
TakyojiI have a receiver that you can connect to a computer and collect data and/or control the device with.02:59
TakyojiI'll be returning in under half an hour or so02:59
tonyyarussoHey h00k, lookit what I can do!03:22
tonyyarusso>>> print doc.getElementsByTagName('eventCode')[0].getElementsByTagName('value')[0].firstChild.nodeValue03:22
tonyyarusso>>> print doc.getElementsByTagName('geocode')[0].getElementsByTagName('value')[0].firstChild.nodeValue03:22
tonyyarusso(Translation:  Tornado Warning for Dodge county)03:23
tonyyarussoalso, scratch what I said yesterday about modifying feedparser - I'm an idiot.03:24
TakyojiDepends on the URL though :P03:24
tonyyarussowhat now Takyoji ?03:24
TakyojiNothing; the JS you're talking of isn't specific to Dodge county was all I was saying03:24
tonyyarussoThis is Python, parsing XML.03:25
TakyojiOh, interesting03:25
TakyojiLooked like JS with the typical function chaining03:25
tonyyarussoand 027039 == FIPS6 code for Dodge county, MN03:25
TakyojiAside from doc, since it's document03:25
Takyoji(which would be the only thing to throw it off from looking like true JS)03:26
TakyojiAnyway, anyone done any radio-like things on Linux at all?03:26
tonyyarussoSo matching 027039 tells you where it's for, not URL-dependent.03:26
tonyyarusso027123 is Ramsey county03:26
tonyyarusso(These are the area codes used by the National Weather Service in their SAME radio broadcasts)03:27
tonyyarusso927137 is the south-east corner of St. Louis county (Duluth)03:29
Takyojiotherwise on Saturday I'll be on vacation for about a week03:29
tonyyarussoa leading 0 means the county is not subdivided.  Otherwise it's 1,2,3 4,5,6 7,8,9 west-central-east, north to south.03:29
Takyojiotherwise as implied, I'll be in the Grand Rapids area for a week.04:10
TakyojiI notice jenkinbr happens to be the only one mapped to that area.04:11
TakyojiLooks practically like +90% of the Ubuntu Minnesota LoCo team is in the metro04:19
tonyyarussoor at least of those who have mapped themselves, yeah04:48
TakyojiWell yea04:48
TakyojiIt just seems like a handful more mapped in the metro area since last time I checked04:49
tonyyarussoProbably because our outstate people are a bunch of slackers who never plan any events or anything.04:49
TakyojiSo then what else would there be to do other than an installfest at this time?04:51
tonyyarussoUbuntu Hours!04:51
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: 'cause that worked so well last time04:52
TakyojiNow that I'm finally done with high school!04:52
tonyyarussoPresentations about random topics!04:52
tonyyarussoLAN party!04:52
tonyyarussoPizza & movie night - you can watch Antitrust :P04:52
TakyojiSo now I don't have an excuse for no Ubuntu Hour, aside from location and money (so I don't seem like some guy coming to a building to just steal their wireless everyday)04:52
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: What's a LAN party?04:52
tonyyarussosparklehistory: gaming04:52
TakyojiThis small "city"/town..04:53
TakyojiI know a LAN party could be possible anywhere there's electricity, since you don't need the Internet; but that may be a turn off to some..04:54
tonyyarussoYou have 21,000 people.  That's plenty.04:55
TakyojiI'm complaining about buildings available though. :P04:55
Takyojiotherwise I don't have an official job as of yet04:55
TakyojiHeh, it's be interesting if I could also receive raw ATSC transmission using my scanning receiver and watch television on my laptop. xP04:59
TakyojiBleh, Excel sheets: http://www.dtv.gov/broadcastersupport.html05:25
TakyojiThey could even just use CSV05:25
* tonyyarusso is sad that Saturn is dead05:27
TakyojiIt's interesting how it seems like the idol browsing shifting from Firefox to Chrome in like under a year or less05:39
kermiti rarely use chrome yet it's already given me some error about a currupted settings file06:06
kermitso it doesnt seem too reliable.. though firefox  3.6.3 has a bug that deletes my form history randomly.06:07
TakyojiOh fun06:12
TakyojiI haven't had an errors with Chrome yet06:12
Takyojiany errors*06:13
sparklehistoryhmm, I see it got Split Rock and Gooseberry today06:21
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen that on Rachel Maddow yet06:26
TakyojiAnyone used barry or berry4all at all?07:09
h00ktonyyarusso: lookit what?15:55
h00ktonyyarusso: oh15:55
* h00k reads backlog15:55
kermiti can't read that, i still havent read 753 yet19:27
_diablotonyyarusso: yeah, i thought it was amusing19:55
TakyojiYaaaaay! https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere22:46
TakyojiBy the way, does the default encryption method of SSH tunnelling increase the size of the content significantly than when the content wasn't encrypted?22:50
Takyojibecause I'd love to be able to have an encrypted SOCKS tunnel when using GPRS (or whatever the correct physical protocol is)22:53
Obsidian1723You could setup a VPN tunnel and SSH over to it, then have a proxsy server on the other end, and use w3m.22:55
Obsidian1723n ice an encrypted, too much though so that it'd east cpu, bandwidth, edtc.22:55
TakyojiI'll be tethering through a cellphone from a laptop22:55
Takyojiand will have images disabled in the web browser22:56
Takyojiand I think OpenSSH is capable of compressing data as well22:57
kermiti'm skeptical that encryption increases the data size, are you sure?22:57
TakyojiI have a feeling that only Blowfish is the one that actually significantly increases in size22:58
Takyojiand perhaps a few oldie methods22:58
TakyojiSSH typically uses RSA/DSA, right?22:59
kermitmy ssh doesnt anyway22:59
kermit(doesnt make it bigger i mean)22:59
kermitOpenSSH_5.3p1 Debian-3ubuntu3, OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 200923:00
kermitor at least not more than 0.3%23:00
tonyyarussoIncrease, yes, but I don't know if it's "significantly".23:02
TakyojiAnother thing I've always been curious of: is there a way to throttle a whole system's connection (perhaps a virtual machine for example), just to see how something loads on slower connections?23:04
Takyoji(in terms of web development and so forth)23:04
Obsidian1723Yes, you can do that easily enough. You need a managed switch to do that though, so you can throttle the one PCs connection.23:08
Obsidian1723Just limit the bandwidth u/l and d/l speeds23:08
Obsidian1723I have such a switch for sale, if you are interested.23:09
kermitiptables does it23:09
Obsidian1723I'd still do the switch.23:11
Takyojiafter all, it's only for testing; it's not like I need it for throttling someone's connection on enterprise network or anything of that extent.23:12
Obsidian1723Hardware is supperior to software everytime. It bottlenecks less. If you could eliminate software and everything was hardware, youd still have bottlenecks, but less of them. Your PC would instantly power on.23:12
Obsidian1723I hear ya.23:12
Obsidian1723I run Cisco switches in my home's server room and have my hosue wired with RG-58 and CAT5e, b ut thats me.23:12
TakyojiBy the way, does the "shred" command only write random data over the exact location the file is?23:18
TakyojiI though it was to scramble it (or just 0 it), and delete it as well.23:18
tonyyarussoIt can do any or all of the above23:20
Obsidian1723The feds can still recover data though. Only surefire way is a hard drive shredder.23:21
kermitTakyoji: strace23:22
TakyojiSo it can still be recovered if it's overwritten several times and read to check the integrity, then nulled? :P23:22
tonyyarussoI love how people think the NSA can magically recover data when all evidence says that's bogus.23:22
Obsidian1723and does that evidence come from people who work with them?23:22
kermittonyyarusso: yeah i know a guy who does that for a living and he says you really cant on modern drives23:23
Obsidian1723kermit, what was his reasoning?23:23
tonyyarussoWe don't even have evidence that they can recover data after a single pass of 0s, much less multiple random passes.23:23
* tonyyarusso is a computer forensics major, btw23:24
Obsidian1723You guys need to look into computer forensics. I think you'll be severly surprised aqt just what is possble.23:24
* Obsidian1723 works in security with govt agencies btw.23:24
tonyyarussoWhat actually is possible, or what your boss tells you is possible to cover his ass multiple times over?  :P23:25
Obsidian1723There's some pretty good tools out there, like I.N.S.E.R.T., Trinuty Rescue Disk, Hirens (which has OnTrack with it), BackTrack, F.I.R.E., but they pale compared to what the public will never have.23:26
tonyyarussoTools don't change what's possible, only how hard it is to train someone to do it.23:27
Obsidian1723Well, even with the right tools and training, the natural mindset cant be taught. You can teach someone to be a surgeon, and they may be good, but then someone else has this something extra ability, even though they went through the same training.. Itsl ike that.23:28
kermitwhat's trinity resuce disk have anything to do with restoring overwritten data?23:28
Obsidian1723Just beause you can play the notes, does not mean you can make the music.23:28
kermityou must not mean 'trinity rescue kit'23:28
Obsidian1723Just saying there are tools out there for sniffing things out, but not quite on par with what the govt has.23:28
kermit"trinity rescue kit" is just a distribution of linx23:29
tonyyarussoSo you're saying the government has magic.  Because that's the only explanation for what you're claiming.23:29
Obsidian1723tony, believe me or not. I CAN'T say.23:29
tonyyarussoTypical :P23:29
Obsidian1723No. Typical CA23:30
TakyojiConsidering it could just be a write buffer for a harddrive or something similar that just needs to be cleared or overwritten23:30
tonyyarusso"Really, trust me!"23:30
kermithirens also appears to be simply software23:30
Obsidian1723Like I said.. belive me or not, but I cant put my job at risk, sorry.23:30
Obsidian1723Youve never signed aq CA I take it tony?23:31
tonyyarussoYeah well.  Once there's even some tiniest shred of a reason to believe you're not full of crap I'll consider it.23:31
kermiti must have the wrong 'hirens with ontrack' as well as the wrong 'trinity rescue'23:31
Obsidian1723It doesnt matter if you believe me or not, that doesnt change what is. Itsn ot like your disbelieving me won't make it no longer possible.23:32
kermitunless you're claiming an ordinary PC can recover overwritten data.23:32
Obsidian1723Im just staing what is, thats all.23:32
kermit(as those are just PC software kits)23:32
tonyyarussoTell you what, why don't you bring in a disk I give you to work, and come back and tell me what's on it?23:32
Obsidian1723kermit, what version of hirens? Maybe they removed it. last I looked, verion 9 something had it.23:32
kermitversion 10.5 is still just software23:33
Takyojiand I find it entertaining that EFF also strongly believes in the use of shred as well; they must be non-believers as well. :P23:34
Takyoji(referring to https://ssd.eff.org/tech/deletion )23:34
Obsidian1723Well, its like locking your front door... it will keep most people out, but not everyone.23:35
Obsidian1723Honestly, most people dont need to worry. Im simply saying that if they want it, thyey will get it.23:35
tonyyarussoI'm still waiting for an answer to my challenge.  Are you going to put anything behind your claims, or just keep spouting them?23:36
TakyojiI believe you're along the lines of forgetting to delete all instances of the data23:36
Obsidian1723tony, do you feel threatened or something?23:36
kermiti'm still waiting to know if he claims ordinary PC hardware can read overwritten data23:36
Takyojisuch as temporary file23:37
kermitsince the tools he cited are merely software23:37
tonyyarussoObsidian1723: eh?  Why would I feel threatened?23:37
Obsidian1723I dont know if hardware can do that or not. I work with the agencies, but they get all the neat toys. I just know they exist.23:37
kermitwe're arguing that not even specialized hardware can, so that would put the claim even farther away.23:37
TakyojiPeople just get annoyed with the whole wizardry case of "i can hax the NSA's database!"23:37
tonyyarussoObsidian1723: Do you actually use these tools, or just hear about them in the break room?23:37
Obsidian1723I do know there are software programs t hat the govt has that people do not.23:37
Takyoji(which are the ones that say such for personal ego, typically)23:38
Obsidian1723not in the break room.23:38
tonyyarussoThat did not answer the question.  What is your job?23:38
Obsidian1723Working with various hardware and software for govt agencies, and no, I am not going into specifics. Again, I signed a CA.23:39
Obsidian1723MKy hands are legally tied.23:39
Obsidian1723but I do not do data recovery, I can tell you that.23:39
tonyyarussoSo in other words, you don't know what you're talking about.  End of story.23:40
Obsidian1723If you believe so, or not...either way it doesnt matter or change what is.23:40
TakyojiThen I have a feeling that the offer still stands. :P23:40
Obsidian1723Im simply stating what is, thats all.23:40
tonyyarussoNo, it doesn't.  And "what it is" is that your claims are utter bunk.23:40
Obsidian1723So you want me to break a CA?23:41
Obsidian1723f that.23:41
kermitthis reminds me of when someone tried to defend the use of the unit "kw/h"23:41
Obsidian1723I need my job thanks.23:41
tonyyarussoI'm not asking you to tell me how - I'm just asking you to prove you can do it, and magically come back with the data.23:41
Obsidian1723You didn't read the part about where I don't use the fun toys, but only know of them.23:42
tonyyarussoAnd don't have any friends at work?  How sad.23:42
Obsidian1723I dont know how to fly an airplane either, but I know it can be done.23:42
TakyojiThen it can be delegated to those who do23:42
Obsidian1723lotsa freinds at work actually. whjy would you AS|U|ME otherwise?23:42
tonyyarussoYeah, and we've all seen airplanes fly.  That's all we're asking for here.23:42
Obsidian1723and I can no more prove to you what can be done, any more than I can prove to you what is at Area 51 (and that I DON'T know what is there..wish I did.)23:43
tonyyarussoSure you can.  You just won't.  Because you don't want us to know the real answer, which is nothing.23:44
Obsidian1723like I said... I know it can be done, not my area. I deal with other aspects of security, not forensics.23:44
tonyyarussoYou don't "know" anything - you've merely been told.23:44
Obsidian1723Tony if it is nothing, then why are you so convinced so?23:44
kermitAlthough Gutmann's theory may be correct, there's no practical evidence  that overwritten data can be recovered. Moreover, there are good reasons  to think that it cannot.[5][6][7]23:46
* tonyyarusso sends over a Magic Eye poster to "zoom and enhance" until a license plate number appears for something easier to start with23:46
Obsidian1723Tomny, that's a strawman argument.; You've been told many things that you can't prove by that same measure because you weren't there, yet you still accept them. Arguing with people on the Internet is like winning the special olympics.. you know the rest. It is what it is. Believem e or not. Cool either way man. Just dont get busted by the feds and find out, thats all.23:46
Obsidian1723taqke it, leave it, matters not to me.23:47
tonyyarussoMmmmmmm, wouldn't be a government job without spreading unsubstantiated fear, would it Obsidian1723 ?23:47
Obsidian1723no. I leave the FUD to MS23:47
tonyyarussoYou'd think you'd care at least a little bit about your personal integrity.  Oh well.23:48
Obsidian1723oh and your camera thing is interesting. it is a well known fact that the satillitie cameras can read right along with you if you read a book outside.23:48
Obsidian1723tony, I can about my job and a CA, oh well.23:48
tonyyarussoAnd your job/CA requires you to lie to the public.  Gotcha.23:49
Obsidian1723if I didnth ave integrity, would the CA matter? think about it.23:49
Obsidian1723I never said I lied. Now you accuse me of lying? really.. the grapes are soure arent they>?23:49
tonyyarussoI was accusing you of lying like 20 minutes ago, and yes, still am.23:50
tonyyarussoThat would be the word for making false claims, which is what you are doing.23:50
Obsidian1723well, in order to prove otherwise I would have to break a legal contract, so I wont do that, Like I said, believe it or not, matters not to me. So why are you still chewing on the topic? What does it matter to you so much? It's like the Christian that believes only out of fear. Are you afraid? Ok. there is no boogeyman. The govt is yoiur freind. they cannot find your naughty picutres. better?23:52
kermithttp://pastebin.com/eUDXUxqC -- a hilarious "kw/h" "debate"23:52
tonyyarussoWhich clause of your CA prevents you from showing that it's possible exactly?  And I care because one way is true, and the other is bogus, and you're peddling the bogus one.23:53
Obsidian1723Nothing o nthe CA prevents me from saying its possible, I just can't provide Proof. "Ok here, call XYZ at XCD agency and hes at X # anjd.." ummmm no.23:54
Obsidian1723well, in order to prove otherwise I would have to break a legal contract, so I wont do that, Like I said, believe it or not, matters not to me. So why are you still chewing on the topic? What does it matter to you so much? It's like the Christian that believes only out of fear. Are you afraid? Ok. there is no boogeyman. The govt is yoiur freind. they cannot find your naughty picutres. better?23:55
kermitwhy'd you cite tools that dont do what you claim is possible?23:55
Obsidian1723merely giving examples of tools that the public has access too. I suppoose OnTrack would have been a better example.23:56
tonyyarussoI like how you once again decided to answer a different question than the one I asked.  It's that sort of thing that provides a glaring red flag that you're being dishonest.23:57
kermitkroll on track?23:57
kermitthats funny, because Kroll is where the friend i mentioned who told me it's impossible works.23:58
tonyyarussokermit: Yes, although it is written Kroll OnTrack as he did.  That much at least was true.23:58
tonyyarussoalso, if you want to mention tools the public uses, FTK and EnCase should be on your list, since that's what most of the private sector has.23:58
Obsidian1723Do you really think the govert wants proof out there that they can get at whatever they want unless the hard drive is destroyed beyond reason like a shredder, blowtorch, etc?23:59
Obsidian1723think about it.23:59
Obsidian1723Yeah, EnCase is pretty good actually, best of the 323:59

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