jonostas, around?00:10
stasjono: yep00:10
jonostas, quick q:00:10
jonodoes your theme support layout like the grey boxes on http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop?00:11
stasi'm still working on romanian translation for wordpress, got overwhelmed a bit so left it behind00:11
jonono worries00:11
stasjono: I can add those if you want00:11
jonothat would be sweet00:11
stascause the slider has them00:11
stasthough the slider has no transitions like those00:12
jonono worries00:12
stasalso update your local branch, I added some more styles, looks like I missed trackbacks stuff, search page and 404 pages00:13
stasjono: you're doing right, except dont newline after each img00:15
stasthe slider "jumps" the image00:15
jonocool will do00:17
jonocool fixes that :)00:19
stasjono: update the branch, say if its ok, or you need exactly the same slider arrows as on ubuntu.com00:29
stasalso, did you check the video I published?00:30
jonostas, I think the automatic sliding is quite nice00:32
jonobut to also include the arrows00:32
jonoI think if we can model it on ubuntu.com, that wouildbe awesome00:32
jononot check the vid yet, just been really hectic working on the site00:32
stasok, tell me if added arrows are ok00:33
jonocan you add the same ones from ubuntu.com on the slider?00:33
jonowith the white rounded bitd00:34
stasyes, am I allowed? :)00:34
stasI mean copyright and stuff00:34
jonohmm good questions00:36
jonoleave it for now00:36
jonowe can tweak that later00:36
stasyep, thats just details00:36
cjohnstonnewz2000: yay for clearning bugs!00:41
jonosorry got disconnected00:45
MTecknologycjohnston: killing bugs is indeed awesome00:50
jono_stas, it seems the slider images are not the full widgth and a bit is chopped off01:01
jono_see http://developer.recreantview.org/01:01
stasjono_: looking at it, though I it works ok for me localy01:03
MTecknologythat looks nice01:04
stasjono_: try setting up a width01:05
jono_stas, ahhh will do01:05
jono_stas, also a subpage doesnt show the sub-nav elements - see http://developer.recreantview.org/applicationdevelopers/the-stack/ as an example01:05
jono_that is a subpage of app developers01:06
stasdoes it have chilren?01:06
staschild pages?01:06
jono_the subpage doesnt01:08
jono_so it is:01:08
jono_app developers01:08
jono_   thestack01:08
jono_app developers shows the children01:08
stasok, so you want it to show the parents?01:09
jono_but thestack doesnt show its siblings01:09
cjohnstonjono_: did you see my message in community-team before you pinged out?01:09
jono_cjohnston, nope01:09
stasjono_: ok, let me look at it01:09
cjohnstonjono: fwiw take a peek at bug 256615 when you get a moment please.. just as a heads up01:10
jono_thanks stas01:10
jono_cjohnston, can I look at it later, I am kind of in the thick of things right now01:10
jono_is it urgent?01:10
cjohnstonnope.. its reference to the community contribute pages.. I commented that we are working on redoing them.. wasnt sure if you would want to comment to let them know also..01:11
jono_ahhh cool01:11
jono_your comment should be fine01:11
jono_thanks :)01:11
jono_stas, setting width doesnt seem to fix the slider issue btw01:13
jono_stas, quick q - when do you think your ETA on the grey box layout might be?01:19
stasim working on it now01:19
stastrying some stuff01:19
staswhy? any deadlines?01:20
cjohnstonstas: sorry I haven't been around to help you with LP merges and such, but it seems like mhall119 is helping out with it...01:21
stascjohnston: its ok, its good jono_ has some time for testing the branch01:22
jono_stas, ahhh cool01:22
jono_stas, I have general site deadline of next week for this site01:22
jono_so soon would be awesome01:22
jono_thanks stas01:22
stasalso newz2000  said he will try it tomorrow/today01:22
mhall119cjohnston: happy to help out01:24
stasjono_: check now pages02:00
* stas took a while to test some different trees02:00
jono_stas, check what?02:00
stasbzr pull02:00
jono_one sec02:01
jono_stas, hmm not working for me02:02
jono_as an example go to http://developer.recreantview.org/applicationdevelopers/02:02
jono_now click The Stack02:02
jono_it should keep those options in the grey box02:02
jono_but it changes to app devs02:02
stasyou mean show up the same level pages?02:03
stasone sec02:03
jono_cheers, I am going to have to run, but will check back later02:03
jono_thanks stas, sorry I have a meeting now02:04
stasjono_: when you get back try again02:14
stasjono_: about the slider, one of the images is > 940px, this overflows the visible content and you aint gonna see that, but slider gets wider, and the arrow gets half hidden. you need or to set the width of the .slider div to a max 940px or to resize the images so they fit02:21
jono_stas, around?07:34
MTecknologyhow is everyone?14:42
knomeMTecknology, re: email list; neither did it have nothing to do with ubuntu websites either.14:45
mhall119in need of more coffee14:45
MTecknologyknome: it did indeed - check where that thread started14:48
MTecknologymhall119: sounds tasty - the coffee we get here is terrible14:48
knomeMTecknology, imo the conversation pretty much did not relate to ubuntu websites after the first message14:48
mhall119MTecknology: I'm currently finishing my home-brew14:49
MTecknologyknome: but that's your opinion14:49
MTecknologymhall119: I used to bring a thermos to work - i think i might start doing that again - get away from the pop14:50
knomeMTecknology, of course. i'd say file a bug against the issue if you think it's wrong. if not, then let it be.14:50
MTecknologyknome: I think you should reread that thread..14:51
knomeMTecknology, as i said, file a bug or let it be.14:51
MTecknologyknome: I think you're either confused or lost14:52
knomeMTecknology, no, i expressed my opinion, and i'm fine with the fact you might disagree.14:53
MTecknologyknome: is there anything else?14:53
knomeMTecknology, no.14:54
knomeMTecknology, did i say there was?14:54
MTecknologymhall119: what kind of coffee?14:55
mhall119MTecknology: Folgers ;)15:00
MTecknologymhall119: none other tastes better, huh?15:00
mhall119not at 7:00am15:00
mhall119since Starbucks disapproves of me showing up in my pajamas for that first cup15:01
MTecknologystartsmucks? :P15:01
mhall119also, pedestrians don't like my pre-coffee driving15:01
MTecknologyi don't like most peoples driving any time of day15:03
MTecknologyit's scary15:03
MTecknologyDrupal doesn't want to let me show the permissions settings page on a site i'm working on....15:17
MTecknologySomething about loading >8,000 checkboxes makes it want to eat up a lot of memory..15:17
MTecknologystas`: hi15:20
mhall119drupal needs to quit whining15:23
MTecknologymhall119: :P I can only imagne what it takes to render 8,300 check boxes when each one is a permission15:25
mhall119that's a lot of permissions15:25
MTecknologyit is indeed15:26
mhall119reminds me of Active Directory's ACLs15:27
MTecknologyThis is a massive website - The last I checked it was at ~1.5 mil LoC15:27
MTecknologyeh- that brings back nightmares of windows admin15:27
mhall119I actually got Win2k certifications....15:28
mhall119which I never used15:28
mhall119same with my Cisco certs15:28
mhall119waste of money15:28
MTecknologyI have no certs15:28
mhall119but I got college credits for passing them15:28
mhall119so I guess not such a waste15:28
MTecknologyI have 4 classes left - taking 2 now15:29
mhall119this was back in 2000/200115:29
mhall119while I was getting my AS degree15:29
mhall119and when Microsoft certifications seemed like a good idea15:30
MTecknologywant to help me finish this website?15:32
mhall119the one with 8000 permissions?15:32
stas`MTecknology: hey15:33
MTecknologyya- it'll be fun15:33
stas`hey guys15:33
stas`hows going?15:33
MTecknologyit's grand and exciting - you?15:33
stas`at school got some stuff to solve :/15:33
ubot4Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)15:34
mhall119MTecknology: only if you'll help me figure out this ExtJS stuff15:34
stas`MTecknology: whats your position about drupal7?15:35
MTecknologystas`: it's a new version of drupal, it's really shiny, i like that most bugs are going away, it's not yet ready for developing on for most things - pretty broad opinion, it's been a little while since i touched it15:38
MTecknologyno strong feelings about it really15:38
MTecknologystas`: you play with it any?15:43
stas`MTecknology: nope, thats why was asking :)15:49
akgranerstas`, I was speaking with newz2000 and he suggested I pop in here  - I am going to make some notes re the mock-up about what we'd like the fridge to be... and he said you could help with all that as well :-)  so I wanted to just say hi!16:11
akgranerand let you know per newz2000 suggestion  - I would be adding them to the wiki page16:11
stas`akgraner: hey and welcome16:15
stas`akgraner: fridge wasn't mocked up already in some `Brand` pages on wiki?16:17
mhall119one of these days I'm going to find a channel that starts with #ubuntu- that neither akgraner nor pleia2 are in16:17
akgranerit was but it wasn't correct16:17
stas`i see16:17
stas`mhall119: :)16:17
mhall119though I'm sure cjohnston will still be in it16:18
akgranerwe had no input - so I can write it up - or do a drawing of sorts for ya16:18
stas`akgraner: a gimped pic can be usefull with some comments along16:18
mhall119cjohnston: just picking on you for your lack of involvement in Ubuntu projects16:18
cjohnstonis there a /j #ubuntu-* command?16:19
cjohnstonmaybe someone could write a script for it16:19
akgranerstas`, then I'll get it to ya then :-)16:19
mhall119cjohnston: ask pleia2, if there is she's probably using it16:19
mhall119also, she knows everything16:19
cjohnstoni know16:19
dakermhall119, i am not sure she knows everything :)16:20
stas`akgraner: here's a screen with latest work use it as a base http://ubuntuone.com/p/7HV/16:20
akgranerpleia2, is leading the UW site update.... (she rocks but you all know that already)16:20
mhall119daker: blasphemy!16:20
pleia2mhall119 :P16:20
akgranerstas`, okie dokie - I'll use that one and make my notes the other one I saw had way more text one it ... so I'll get cracking on it for ya16:23
akgranerpleia2, is also my right arm when it comes to all things website related and keeps me from asking for crazy stuff...16:23
stas`also here are some screens http://stas.nerd.ro/pub/light-base-theme/wp/16:24
* pleia2 hugs akgraner 16:24
akgranerstas`, cool - basically we want the Fridge to look like a news site and not a blog :-)16:27
stas`akgraner: whats behind frige, some cms? planetplanet?16:28
akgranerstas`, right now it's drupal  - but it will be wordpress16:30
stas`akgraner: awesome :)16:31
knomeakgraner, wp ftw16:31
akgranerso gotta get some other work done - just want to do an intro and I'll get back to you with some screenshots and notes :-)16:33
akgraner(I'm not the developer just the person who is implementing the wordpress vision of the Fridge being the information radiator for the Ubuntu Community News source)16:34
akgranerok not implementing16:34
akgranertranslating :-)16:34
akgraneryeah - whatever the right word is for that16:35
mhall119VP of Strategic Planning16:35
mhall119Wordpress Implementation Czar16:35
akgranerYou all rock!  I'll get out of your hair now :-)16:37
cjohnstoni dont have much hair for you to be in16:38
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* stas` brb17:05
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jonohey stas18:44
stasthis jono is damn fast :)19:15
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jono_stas around?22:48
knomejono_, are you playing hide and seek with him?22:49
jono_it seems so22:49
knomeso who's winning?22:52
jono_it seems he is22:55
stasjono_: yep23:18
jono_stas hey23:18
stasyou ran too fast before23:18
stashey :)23:18
jono_yeah, sorry my connection went down23:18
stashows going?23:18
jono_good thanks23:18
jono_are you free to discuss the theme?23:18
stasjono_: yep23:18
jono_awesome :)23:18
stasall yours this evening :)23:18
jono_any more progress on the grey box?23:18
stasjono_: what rev are you23:19
jono_let me upgrade to the latest23:19
stasi did a commit yesterday23:19
jono_oh cool23:19
jono_ahhh you fixed the subnav thing23:20
jono_awesome :)23:20
jono_nice work!23:20
stasI didn't test it :)23:20
stasglad it works now23:21
jono_works great on http://developer.recreantview.org/23:21
jono_so did you start on the grey box thing yet?23:21
stasgrey box? wasn't it this thing with submenus?23:21
jono_oh sorry let me explain23:22
jono_one sec23:22
* stas reads jono :)23:22
jono_take a look at http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop23:22
jono_you see where it says 'Ubuntu for your desktop and laptop'23:22
jono_see how it is in a grey box23:23
jono_I would like to format content on my page like that23:23
jono_does the theme allow me to do that easily?23:23
stasonly on front page23:23
jono_only on the front page?23:23
stasyou want it only on front page/landing page?23:24
jono_I think on any page23:24
stascause there are a set of widgets23:24
stasthat look like that almost23:24
jono_looking at the source23:26
stasjust a sec23:26
jono_it seems they have a bunch of pane-content divs23:26
stasi'll show you what i mean23:26
stasthere's a widget area23:26
stasnamed above footer23:26
staswhere you can add text widgets23:26
stasand they will generate columns23:26
jono_ok one sec23:26
staslike this23:27
jono_but I can't place them on individual pages right - they appear on all pages?23:27
stasyou can add them on individual pages if you add one plugin23:28
stas i mentioned it already23:28
staswidget context23:28
stasotherway no, only if i hardcode this widget area23:28
jono_ok let me check23:28
jono_I was wondering if you could render pages to process the divs the same as ubuntu c.com23:29
jono_I am not sure if widget context will pass IS, it hasnt been updated since 200923:30
stasjono_: i talked with the author this year, a couple of months ago, and he is still maintaining it23:31
stasits good imho that it wasnt updated, means its stable :)23:31
jono_ok I will take a look23:31
stasill ask the wordpress devs what are their plans about adding something like that into core23:32
jono_right, but this won't solve my issue for this site23:33
jono_hmm I think this plugin is gonna be a no go23:33
jono_out of curiosity, how much work would it be to theme a set of divs23:33
stasjono_: not much, I can customize a widget area in short time to suit your needs23:35
jono_stas - this seems to be the divs - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/451808/23:35
stasbut im not sure it will be useful for others23:35
jono_to make it look like http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop23:35
stasyeah, i got it. I can define a special widget area that will look like that if you add text widgets with content into it23:36
stasbut as I said, dunno if it will be useful for others23:36
jono_but to add the widgets I will still need the plugins23:37
jono_I am just thinking of what might be the best thing to do here23:37
stasnope, text widgets are in core, but to add them for individual pages will require a plugin23:37
jono_thats what I mean23:38
jono_and the docs and plugin website is horrifically out of date23:38
stasthe link is on the left23:39
jono_gonna test now23:39
stashmm, theres activity on svn23:41
jono_ok I installed it23:44
jono_how do I set it for a specific page?23:44
jono_ok I think I have it working23:46
stasyou can define it by URIs or by page ids23:46
stasURIs are cleaner imho23:46
jono_stas so now I wonder how I divide it up into the title at the top of the box and the columns under23:47
jono_think I should create a table?23:47
stasuse headings23:48
jono_I can't though as the widget's title is the sub title in the box23:49
jono_I need a title for a group of widgets23:49
jono_also the columns are not wide enough for the widgets23:50
stasyeah, they were set for 6 columns, you need only 4 wide columns23:50
staslet me check23:50
jono_hmmm also the widgets are showing on other pages too23:52
stasthey shouldn't, btw, if there are problems with that plugin I can fork it and include with the theme23:52
jono_it just doesnt seem to be working here23:54
* stas checking it now23:54
jono_ideally what I would like to do is to add a <div> with a set of common class names and it be rendered23:55
jono_then it needs no plugins23:55
jono_I think the multicolumn gray box is quite common in ubuntu sites23:55
stasjono_: ok, this is straight, and i can include that easily23:58
stasthe widget context functionality will be discussed during next wp-dev meetup btw23:58
jono_stas ok awesome23:58
jono_so you are going to just render a standard set of divs for now?23:58

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