Sarvattthese weekly binutils really are killer, now linux-tools-2.6.35-4 needs a rebuild and it was just uploaded00:22
jcristauwhy do people keep linking dynamically against libbfd?00:22
Sarvattthats a really good question00:28
RAOFStupid X.  Build faster!01:54
jgRAOF: autotools is a big part of the compile time.02:04
jgimake was much faster indeed.  Unfortunately, no one maintained/improved it for aeons, and the number of people who could deal with imake had gone down to a few handful of people over the years.02:05
jgRAOF: we also went too far with modularization, compounding the autotools slowness; I gather that's getting fixed soon.02:06
Sarvattwell I think I learned my lesson about not trying to debug something that happens in a browser02:58
* Sarvatt squints at the 60 page backtrace02:58
RAOFDoes Chromium play the turing-complete-type-system game?02:58
Sarvattahhhhh lovely, everything i've been printing for hours can just be printed to a log with an option :)03:51
Sarvatt... chromium bundles mesa04:19
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Sarvattoh nice, module-assistant in debian actually works06:11
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RAOFIt doesn't work in Ubuntu?  I guess we don't test it as much.06:49
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hyperairin ubuntu we use dkms which is a vastly superior system, don't we?06:55
hyperairsomeone should port over dkms to debian and get rid of m-a06:56
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RAOFSarvatt: When do we want to move on to Xserver 1.9?  How's it doing in xorg-edgers?07:09
Sarvattyeah sysprof is just using m-a and i wanted to see if i get better info with the module07:12
Sarvattsince perf is busted because of binutils07:12
RAOFYou're profiling chromium?07:12
Sarvattxserver 1.9 is still basically unusable07:12
RAOFGood, good.07:13
Sarvatti built it all this morning07:13
Sarvattneed to figure out what to do about the bgnr patch07:13
RAOFGah.  I need to kill mutter's grab of the <super> key with a sword.07:13
Sarvattthe one airlied sent to the lists breaks the video abi, need to back that out and refresh it07:14
Sarvattgdm and plymouth hate it if your server doesn't support -nr, starts you on :1 and enter sends sigquit again like it did in lucid07:14
Sarvattoh and you cant boot it at all if you have plymouth going, forgot that part07:15
RAOFBonus g├╝ngefactor.07:15
Sarvatthave to press escape to ditch the splash or ditch splash :)07:15
Sarvattthe nouveau patch needs refreshing, they moved all of that into another file now but thats easy07:16
Sarvattintel could use updating but i haven't tried it yet since i havent done a 3 branch merge yet and dont want to mess it up :)07:18
Sarvattoh yah and mesa07:18
Sarvatti havent built mesa since the osmesa change, not sure if it needs any changes07:18
Sarvatti dont know if we can do the bgnr without breaking the abi.. :(07:21
Sarvattwith 1.7 and 1.8 you could build with the bgnr patches applied to the ddx but not the server, but things fail on 1.907:23
Sarvattgot sysprof and module-assistant here if anyone ever looks for them - https://edge.launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/ppa07:28
Sarvattnever seen that before, a -refdbg package?  This package contains the shared library built with --disable-visibility so that it can be used with refdbg, a GObject refcount debugger.07:56
LLStarkssarvatt, why does alpha channel break so often?08:32
Sarvattbecause making things faster involves screwing around with that :)08:33
Sarvattwhats screwed up for you now?08:35
Sarvattlemme guess, chromium tabs?08:35
LLStarksgames in wine08:35
LLStarksblack or white splotches where transparency is expected,08:36
hyperairmeh mutter won't run with nouveau.08:36
* hyperair goes back to the binary blob08:36
hyperairchromim tabs are transparent?08:37
Sarvattthey draw an animation thats transparent yeah08:37
Sarvattand end up disappearing altogether for me right now08:38
Sarvattuntil i close enough to make the favicons on them show back up08:38
LLStarkscan't tell. they look normal.08:38
LLStarksand system-wide rgba looks fine08:38
Sarvattopen 20 tabs?08:38
LLStarksgray tabs. looks normal.08:39
Sarvattwhat gpu?08:39
LLStarksblue in classic08:39
LLStarksis it 945gm or gma950?08:39
Sarvattwhen did you restart last?08:39
LLStarks10 minutes ago08:40
* hyperair is noticing xxvi suddenly being very stable.08:40
LLStarksi heard dri2 swapbuffers landed in the stack08:41
LLStarksfullscreen tearing still present <___<08:41
Sarvattintel unstable where?08:41
Sarvatt2.11 does suck :)08:41
SarvattLLStarks: do you have any other changes in your gtkrc besides rgba enabled?08:42
Sarvattwhat theme are you using?08:42
Sarvattsame, bah08:42
LLStarksbut this all started when i decided to do my weekly edgers test08:43
hyperairgnome-shell = extreme lagginess on nvidia08:44
LLStarkskristian needs push for more 915 gallium08:44
hyperairoh yeah, how is gallium3d 965 going?08:45
RAOFI hear that fails to wedge the GPU.  Poor showing!08:45
Sarvatthyperair: hasnt been updated in months i dont think08:45
RAOFhyperair: 965 status: GPU wedge as soon as something touches it.08:45
hyperairRAOF: lol. that sucks =\08:45
LLStarks915 gallium is terrible right now. zero compositing support and gnome-panel can't even render properly.08:46
RAOFLLStarks: You have a high bar for terrible :)08:46
* RAOF doesn't care _that_ much about OpenGL 2.0 on my GM45, really.08:46
Sarvattodd because it works fine here08:46
LLStarksOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM GEM 20100330 DEVELOPMENT x86/MMX/SSE208:47
LLStarksOpenGL version string: 2.0 Mesa 7.9-devel08:47
LLStarksOpenGL shading language version string: 1.2008:47
RAOFLLStarks: Well, I mean it doesn't totally freeze your GPU.  If mere rendering errors are terrible, how do you describe i965 gallium? :)08:47
LLStarks965 gallium = 915 gallium?08:47
hyperairRAOF: atrocious.08:47
SarvattLLStarks: you activated stuff pretty much guaranteed to crash you and you complain about crashing? :)08:47
LLStarksi test edgers once a week.08:48
* hyperair tests edgers every day08:48
RAOFLLStarks: No; there are two intel gallium DRI drivers (and more classic drivers) - i915 and i96508:48
Sarvattthat opengl 2.0 stub stuff is sketchy08:48
LLStarkssometimes its stable enough for wide use.08:48
Sarvattedgers is my stable fallback when my newer stuff doesn't work.. lol08:48
LLStarkswhat's wrong with fragment shader and occlusion query?08:48
Sarvattthe gpu's dont support them08:49
hyperairxxvi and mesa (dri-gem) seem pretty stable at the moment08:49
Sarvattfragment shaders crash me in cairo-gl08:49
Sarvattif you enable it things will try to use it instead of what they do support and screw things up (wine especially)08:49
hyperairby the way, i heard some mention about a lcdfilter patch the other day. what's that?08:49
Sarvatthyperair: booted any other distro in the past few years?08:50
hyperairSarvatt: archlinux.08:50
hyperairSarvatt: is it font rendering?08:50
hyperairi remember installing a cairo-ubuntu  thing on archlinux08:50
hyperairfrom AUR08:50
hyperairafter getting a crapload of -ubuntu packages for font rendering, i gave up and came back to ubuntu08:51
Sarvattyep that was it, whole series of foo-ubuntu stuff for fonts08:51
LLStarksi recall timo and anholt saying the stubs work on i94508:51
hyperairespecially since i was on my p4 which took half a day to compile a kernel, let alone openoffice.org08:51
hyperairand firefox >_>08:51
LLStarksdriconf says so as well08:51
Sarvattits lying because you enabled the option to tell it to lie, if wine sees your card has GLSL support it's going to use that code path instead of what the card actually supports, it doesn't really support everything for those extensions08:52
LLStarksat any rate, what are the benefits of transitioning intel to gallium?08:53
LLStarksi keep forgetting08:53
Sarvattnone? they aren't doing it08:53
Sarvattmake phoronix happy?08:53
hyperairisn't gallium3d supposed to have better performance or something?08:53
hyperairat least, it seemed like radeon was doing better with gallium3d08:53
LLStarksphoronix is never happy.08:53
Sarvatton ati where they dont already have GLSL support in classic and they got it for free switching over08:54
Sarvattthats not the case on intel..08:54
LLStarksget vaapi and windows-equivalent 3d performance on 915 and i'll never give this laptop to my sister when i replace it.08:55
Sarvattyeah thats pretty much guaranteed not ever going to happen :)08:56
Sarvattthe vaapi part08:56
LLStarksokay, then reenable xvmc08:56
Sarvattoption "XvMC" "True" in xorg.conf08:57
Sarvattthats been working for over a year08:57
LLStarksah. nice.08:57
Sarvattits just not enabled by default on <965, man intel talks about it08:58
Sarvattoh its disabled on 965 too now it looks like, it was enabled there and not on these for awhile08:59
LLStarkscan somebody explain the difference between i915, i945gm, and gma950? ddx/dri, chipset, and market name respectively?08:59
Sarvatt915-945 are generation 3 gpu's, theres just no point forking it off to a new kernel driver name for the newer stuff when they had 915 already09:01
apwRAOF, about?  just wondering where we were at with the i8xx patches, last i looked they were still changing have they settled now12:16
bjsniderhyperair, there are a couple of outstanding mutter bugs in the nvidia blob that the gnome guys are pushing them to fix. that's why the nvidia issues on gnome-shell exist13:35
hyperairbjsnider: the gnome guys are pushing who to fix?14:40
bjsniderpushing nvidia14:41
hyperairhuh, do they actually budge?14:42
bjsnidersure. it's on their list14:42
KangaroooSarvatt: can u check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/587710 ? ive posted there a lot crashes already. at least one should give already info whats wrong.. ive already have 1 more. when ill have 4 more ill upload them too. should i remove ppa:bugsbugsbugs or continue with its debugs?17:04
Kangaroooand debug without bugsbugsbugs ?17:04
ionThe version of fglrx in the ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates maveric repo fails here with [atiddxSetup] X version mismatch - detected X.org, required X.org Anything i can do?19:32
Sarvattion: nope, its harddcoded to only work with xserver 1.722:42
Sarvattion: they did it really crappily too, it actually works with xserver 1.8 but if the server version is >1.7.x then it refuses to load22:42
Sarvatti'm in the middle of updating it to 10.6 too, but it still doesnt work with the newer xserver22:43
Sarvattif you change the xserver version to 1.7 in configure.ac and rebuild everything it'll work, lol22:43
rippsDoes anybody here know why libvdpau [amd64] depend on ia32-libs. libvdpau is having problems building because it can't get ia32-libs, because ia32-libs isn't included in main (and from I've heard, is unlikely to get inclusion)22:47
Sarvatthmm, i dont think it should, only lib32vdpau should?22:56
Sarvattwhat  version ripps?22:56
Sarvattoh guess i need to look at amd64, duh :)22:56
Sarvattmaverick has libvdpau 0.4-522:57
Sarvattgo figure packages.ubuntu.com doesnt show maverick now22:57
Sarvattahh they didnt make a lib32vdpau-dev22:58
Sarvattion: they'll support xserver 1.8 as soon as we move to 1.9, dont worry :)23:01
Sarvattati finally fixed 2D performance with 10.623:02
shadeslayerSarvatt: so it seems :)23:03
Sarvattalmost done packaging it23:04
shadeslayernow people are in #kubuntu asking how to install the sources :)23:04
shadeslayerSarvatt: w00t23:04
Sarvattjust writing up the changelog, darn pdf23:04
shadeslayerSarvatt: the packages will be in your PPA ??23:06
Sarvattubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ppa23:06
shadeslayerah ok :)23:06
Sarvattlol chromium took 8 hours to build and failed to link webkit because 1gb ram + 2gb swap isnt enough23:10
Sarvattuploading the monster fglrx-installer-8.741 now23:11
shadeslayerSarvatt: wow...23:12
Sarvattif anyone uses it i'd appreciate feedback on if it works, didnt find out the 8.731 was broken for a month :)23:12
shadeslayerSarvatt: do you think vdpau will build without ia32-libs?23:13
shadeslayerim trying it out now... its fetching the deps23:14
Sarvattthey shoved the 32 bit libvdpau dev stuff in libvdpau-dev, it wont work23:17
shadeslayerbuild failed :P23:18
shadeslayerwant the logs? xD23:18
Sarvattworks  in debian because they dont have libvdpau in main i dont think :(23:18
shadeslayerSarvatt: works in debian because ia32-libs is in main23:19
Sarvattoh! :)23:19
shadeslayerits in universe here :P23:19
shadeslayerSarvatt: so how do we fix this>23:20
shadeslayerwe cant do a MIR.. ia32 wont get into main :D23:20
Sarvattcan I see your build log?23:21
shadeslayerSarvatt: libvdpau_0.4-5_amd64.build23:22
Sarvatti cant see how to fix it off the top of my head outside of just dropping the 32 bit portion23:22
shadeslayerSarvatt: http://pastebin.com/tALj4g7623:24
Sarvatthmm maybe the i386 build can just install the wrapper23:24
Sarvattand ia32-libs can pull the i386 package in instead23:24
shadeslayerSarvatt: so that it provides the required libs>23:26
Sarvattcould just drop the whole lib32vdpau completely for now :)23:26
shadeslayerBlackZ: \o23:27
shadeslayerSarvatt: hehe23:29
shadeslayerSarvatt: want me to drop it and post debdiff or are you on it?23:29
shadeslayerBlackZ: <Sarvatt> could just drop the whole lib32vdpau completely for now :)23:30
BlackZyes, that could be a solution 23:31
Sarvatthmm this does need to be built differently for the wrapper and .pc to be correct,  stuffing it in ia32-libs wont work :(23:31
BlackZhey Sarvatt 23:31
BlackZshadeslayer: I'm looking at it right now23:32
shadeslayerBlackZ: ok..23:32
shadeslayerim going to sleep now,its 4 AM :P23:32
BlackZshadeslayer: does it FTBFS only on amd64?23:33
shadeslayerBlackZ: yes23:33
BlackZwell, have you seen http://launchpadlibrarian.net/49013154/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.libvdpau_0.4-4_MANUALDEPWAIT.txt.gz ?23:33
shadeslayernot exactly ftbfs... more of dep wait ;)23:33
Sarvattlooks like fixing the vdpau wrapper to work with multiple VDPAU_MODULEDIR should be possible though23:33
BlackZalso, is there a bug filed for that? 23:33
shadeslayerripps: just told us about it :)23:34
rippsI noticed it when my amd64 mplayer-build packages failed in one of my ppas23:35
shadeslayerBlackZ: anyways im off... and btw the earlier package we talked about? ( qtcreator ) it was a problem with qmake,it was linked against qmake-qt3 whereas it should have been qmake-qt4 :P23:36
BlackZshadeslayer: I'm happy you were able to solve the problem :) 23:37
rippsSarvatt: btw, I uploaded my wacom-source package to revu. I wanted to know if you thought it was good enough for ubuntu inclusion23:38
BlackZripps: why don't you include it in debian too? 23:38
rippsBlackZ: I couldn't find any bug reports for it in debian, so I wasn't certain if they even had the bug23:39
rippsI uploaded the same package to debian-mentors, so If somebody wants it, it's there.23:40
Sarvattyeah dropping lib32vdpau for now seems to be the way to go, we didnt even ship it before23:42
BlackZSarvatt: I noticed 'lib32vdpau1' is not in our repository 23:54
BlackZit should be synced from debian 23:54
Sarvattits built by the libvdpau source package23:55
Sarvattwhich is in depwait on amd6423:56
BlackZhmmm .. Sarvatt: it build here 23:57
BlackZI have amd64 and I have no problems 23:57
Sarvattbecause you have ia32-libs installed23:57
BlackZhm Sarvatt maybe you're right 23:58
BlackZI should try without it 23:58
BlackZripps: however, could you file a bug?23:59
BlackZSarvatt: yeah, I seen that23:59

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