will__I just reinstalled XP.  Ubuntu=sdb1,  XP=sda1.    To fix it I need to boot Ubuntu LiveCD, mount sd?,   'sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sd?'00:00
Jordan_Uigoryonya_: Then that is correct (in response to your comment about what you need to do)00:00
pr0xyDasEi: what?00:00
DasEipr0xy: you were the one who asked for apt-history ?00:00
pr0xyDasEi: I guess.00:00
pr0xyDasEi: I found it in synaptic00:01
DasEiwill__: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide00:01
DasEipr0xy: which app ?00:01
pr0xyDasEi: for what?00:02
inx-liveAnyone here know how to use VLC in a completely cli environment?00:02
DasEiwill__: apart from chrooting also need /proc and /sys, readit up00:02
seidosdoes anyone think that ubuntu will go the chromium route in the future?  making the browser the OS?00:02
sebsebsebseidos: No!00:02
DasEipr0xy: ah, now I get it, you found the packet you looked for in synaptic00:02
Swianthat's only going to be an option for those who do nothing but browser, email and office docs00:02
sebsebseb!ot | seidos00:02
ubottuseidos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:02
pr0xysoreau: here are all my updates from today. http://pastebin.com/CNYdukGP00:02
seidoshey sebsebseb00:02
sebsebsebhey seidos00:03
seidossebsebseb, all right all right, I'll go to ubuntu-offtopic00:03
will__DasEi:   this part confuses me:  'If you have a separate /boot partition'   ---- does that mean if my '/boot' folder is not on my Ubuntu partition?00:03
pr0xyDasEi: I found the history of all my updates00:03
profxaviersomeone able to help with getting exim to send emails to external email addresses with me? thanks00:04
DasEiwill__: right, not located under / (root) , but a single partition ( sudo fdisk -l would show or gparted00:04
tomas5786is any one here able to help me with JAVA00:04
will__ok thanks00:04
ozstr1kerhi. where my dial up modem chipset can anybody help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/451328/ ???00:04
michal__sebsebseb: Network Manager applet gone again after log out log in.Any ideas?00:04
sebsebsebmichal__: Desktop version or netbook?00:05
ozstr1kerwhanna use modem in my notebook for faxing00:05
michal__sebsebseb: deskop 32bit00:05
pr0xysoreau: here are all my updates from today. http://pastebin.com/CNYdukGP00:05
ozstr1kerhow can i get working driver to let it be00:06
pr0xysoreau: you mentioned a kernel update. is there one in this? http://pastebin.com/CNYdukGP00:06
DasEiozstr1ker: build-in modem ?00:06
ozstr1keryes in motherboard00:07
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DasEi!who | ozstr1ker00:07
ubottuozstr1ker: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:07
DasEi ozstr1ker: sudo pppoeconf                 << is it found ?00:07
ozstr1kercan't get what king of chip is it00:07
ozstr1kerDasEi nope :(00:08
novastarHey guys, does anyone have a good guide on how to install the latest OCRopus from google? or any good OCR alternatives in ubuntu? thanks00:08
DasEi ozstr1ker: sudo apt-get install hwinfo00:08
will__DasEi:   the last command 'grub-install /dev/sda'   is my only question.  Ubuntu is on sdb1, XP is on sda1  -- i assume it's 'sda' - because my BIOS looks there first.   sda right?00:08
ozstr1kerDasEi modem driver file empty00:08
DasEi ozstr1ker: you are on that book now ?00:09
ozstr1kerDasEi working on it00:09
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bfabryI've lost my titlebars, assume the gnome window manager is dead, anyone got a quick snippet to start it again? :P00:09
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:09
DasEi ozstr1ker: hwinfo | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog00:09
DasEiwill__: nooo!00:10
ozstr1kerDasEi whu so simple thing doesn't work00:10
DasEiwill__: if ubu is on sdb , install to there and change bios to boot sdb first00:10
EsatDasEi, i am here again, but when i typed "sudo init 1" komut, my screen turned again black and i cant control my keyboard, i restarted computer00:10
DasEiEsat: ic, you know how to boot safe mode ?00:11
will__I didn't have to do that when i first installed ubu -- isn't there a way to repeat what ubu did when it installed?00:11
ozstr1kerDasEi http://pastebin.com/NH8v2EV3 http://pastebin.com/TK0W92XB00:11
wildbatbfabry, alt+f2  metacity --replace00:11
DasEiEsat: (terminal) : sudo gedit /etc/default/grub00:11
DasEiozstr1ker: have a tea, be there in few minutes00:12
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Esatok DasEl00:12
ActionParsnipDasEi gksudo for gedit dude00:12
speckmadehow can I find out about the hindering reason against the inclusion of a software package into the universe repositories instead of having it in multiverse?00:12
ozstr1kerOh thx ;) prefer to be here on this momment00:12
bp0what is the quick way to find what version of a package is installed00:12
EsatDasEi: i cant see here when i tpye this commant??00:12
belal1How do I change the avatar for my IRC account in empathy? It gives me a error saying "Couldn't Convert Image: None of the accepted file formats are supported on your system" when I try to choose one of the pixmaps00:13
profxaviersomeone able to help with getting exim to send emails to external email addresses with me? thanks00:13
LjLbelal1: avatar... for IRC? since when does IRC have avatars? :o00:13
Adam24actionParsnip: none of the levels in alsamixer are muted.00:13
DasEiEsat: grub-file open ?00:14
DasEiActionParsnip: yes Sir00:14
belal1Maybe I'm using the wrong term? I went to Edit | Personal Information  and then you can choose a face/avatar00:14
EsatDasEi: yes00:14
Esatit opened00:14
belal1I use it for AIM, it changes the buddy Icon00:14
LjLbelal1: uhm... i've never used Empathy, but i can tell you that people on IRC will *not* see any image you have set there00:14
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belal1Same with my Yahoo account.00:14
LjLbelal1: there simply is no provision in the IRC protocol for exchanging avatars00:15
EsatDasei: i did this00:15
* ActionParsnip thinks lucid puppy rocks00:15
DasEiEsat: GRUB_TIMEOUT=10      should be default, just check00:16
Esatit is 0 (Zero) here00:16
DasEiEsat: save gedit, exit it00:16
DasEiEsat: ah, change to 5 or 1000:16
Esati did it to 1000:16
DasEiEsat:save, close00:16
belal1:(  Thanks.  Well atleast now I Know.00:16
astropirateWhat is the default game installation directory on ubuntu?00:16
DasEiEsat:sudo update-grub00:16
DasEiEsat:now again, first read then do :00:17
Esatit shows me some lines00:17
DasEiEsat:after a   sudo reboot,  when grub says it's loading,  press shift, to get the grub-menu00:17
Esatit done00:18
DasEiEsat:there choose recovery mode, usually the second entry00:18
Esatyes yes00:18
Esati understand00:18
Esatwhen reboot, i will choose recovery mode: Right??00:18
DasEiEsat:that brings you to single-user mode, where you can choose netroot or just root, which is a commandline00:18
Esatbut, i cant use command line00:18
DasEiEsat:why ?00:19
Esati don t know about commands00:19
DasEiEsat:you do, there you issue the three commands I gave you before, then resume or reboot00:19
Esatwhich command will i use at this commandline?00:19
Esatoki see ok00:19
den_i just installed lubuntu00:19
Esatso wait me again00:20
den_what command to install firefox?00:20
DasEiEsat:after these three commands you either type exit and choose resume normal boot or simplly reboot00:20
DasEiden_: sudo apt-get install firefox00:20
EsatDasEi: ok00:20
ozstr1kerDasEi i have driver for windows vista from compaq site can send it to you.00:21
DasEiozstr1ker: checking your hardware now00:21
EsatDasEi: i m going to do this command00:21
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ozstr1kerDasEi may be it is just a empty port without modem chipset in my notebook :)00:22
BiggFREEA modem is optional on a notebook00:23
ozstr1kerit build in00:23
BiggFREEMine was optional00:23
ozstr1kernotebook compaq 6720s00:24
ozstr1kersimple but i love it00:24
BiggFREENo It is not a COMPAQ00:24
Charbelhi how can i create a new partition ???00:25
ozstr1kerdreaming about thinkpad sl51000:26
DasEiozstr1ker: sudo lspci | grep 537  , does this return anything ?00:26
Charbelhi how can i create a new partition on ubuntu ???00:26
BiggFREEWake UP !!!!!00:26
DasEiCharbel: use gparted00:26
DasEi!info gparted00:26
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 460 kB, installed size 4168 kB00:26
wildbatBiggFREE, WHAT what !? fire?~00:27
ozstr1kerDasEi nothing00:27
DasEiozstr1ker: what's the brand/model of that book ?00:27
BiggFREENo! No! lol00:27
ozstr1kerDasEi hp/compaq6720s00:27
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CharbelDasEi, if i download gparted could u help me how to use it ?00:28
swebi want to ask about live stream publishing00:29
ozstr1kerDasEi in past logs u have seen it00:29
DasEiCharbel: I'm busy right now, but sure someone here can00:29
ozstr1kerDasEi not working don't worry00:29
Charbelok DasEi thx :)00:29
astropirateWhat is the default game installation directory on ubuntu?00:29
ozstr1kerDasEi later ask how to by forum00:30
ozstr1kerthx for attention00:30
swebfor each user that listen the stream my server have a separate bandwidth  ? for example stream with 5 Kbps, that listen 20 user my server must have 5 * 20 = 100 Kbps bandwidth ?00:30
AkShamsden: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.500:31
AAAsweb  plus a bit of overhead, but yup00:32
swebAAA, so i need the powerful server !00:33
AAAsweb  you need the powerful bandwidth. your server should be able to handle the traffic, assuming it is this millenia00:33
AAAsweb  and 100K is not much bandwith fyi00:33
swebAAA, i know but it's an little example :(00:34
AAAsweb  your math is correct. don't forget about overhead though if you start pushing to tons of clients00:34
DasEiozstr1ker: sory, har to find chipset : lspci | grep VEN00:36
Charbeldoes anyone know a website which i can use webcam and which works with ubuntu ?00:37
ozstr1kerDasEi found it?00:37
DasEiCharbel: pidgin on lucid supports webcam via a plugin00:37
DasEiozstr1ker: sory, har to find chipset : lspci | grep VEN               > get a result ?00:37
ozstr1ker DasEi nope empty00:38
ozstr1ker DasEi sorry :(00:38
CharbelDasEi, which plugin ?00:38
DasEiozstr1ker: np, lspci | pastebinit00:38
jessica_hello,...um i got a question?00:39
AAADasEi  oh cool, I didn't know there was such a tool00:39
AAA!ask | jessica_00:39
ubottujessica_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:39
ozstr1kerDasEi lspci | pastebinit00:39
jason__hi i need some help if any one can help me00:40
zmaxo que e ubuntu ?00:40
jessica_i have an ipod nano with about 1.6 Gb of songs, but when i try to transfer songs, it says its full at 7.2 Gb. Any ideas?00:40
ozstr1kerDasEi http://pastebin.com/1mveEtFv00:40
IdleOne!br | zmax00:40
ubottuzmax: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:40
AAAjessica_  the rest is file maintance stuff00:40
charlierocheDoes anyone know where I can find an easy step-by-step TOTAL newb guide to editing a theme?00:40
jessica_i have opened each file in nautilus and it still says 7.2 full, but using Banshee, it only shows 1.6 Gb of songs00:40
zmaxwhat is ubuntu ?00:41
DasEiCharbel: http://tinyurl.com/nb9zxmQ00:41
jpds!ubuntu | zmax00:41
ubottuzmax: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:41
AAAjessica_  $ df -h <-- what does that say for your ipod?00:41
Charbelty DasEi00:41
jessica_just a sec00:41
Simon_Hey, can someone help me fix my internet in 10.04? I don't seem to have a DNS specified in resolv.conf00:42
jason__i acidently deleted the main repositorys from my synaptic and i cant seem to find a way to add them back i keep getting non official ones when i look i have 10.0400:42
profxavierwhen running a cron, are most run as root? or just a system user ?00:42
jpdsprofxavier: They can run as any user.00:42
DasEiozstr1ker: strange, hwinfo reports a amr modem, lspci doesnt, so another view :00:42
AAASimon_  nameserver
jessica_AAA: df -h indicates /dev/sdd1 is at 7.4 GB with 2.9M free00:42
DasEiozstr1ker: pastebinit /var/log/syslog00:42
AAAjessica_  yup. it's full00:42
profxavierjpds, if I am user, and I use crontab, that just creates a cron for that user00:43
Simon_I just have to type in the nameservers?00:43
zmaxby asking for a password to configure or install program00:43
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AAAjessica_  i _think_ there is another partition on that that is holding data, not sure tho00:43
profxavierjpds, if that user doesn't have access to a command, then the cron will not run correctly ?00:43
jessica_with 5.8 GB worth of maintenance stuff00:43
ozstr1kerDasEi http://pastebin.com/C1bvRX1g00:43
CharbelDasEi, it didn't work it gives me a message which says Error: Unable to find site's URL to redirect to.00:43
AAAjessica_  I thought you said it was an 8g ipod00:43
Simon_AAA , do I just have to type in "nameserver [google nameserver]"?00:43
jessica_AAA-did i do my math wrong?  whoops00:44
DasEiCharbel: http://tinyurl.com/nb9zxm00:44
AAASimon_  no, you need to edit /etc/resolv.conf and a line, or 2, with that syntax. note, network-manager will overwrite this00:44
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ozstr1kerDasEi i don't understend all of this operations but i see it's real problem to get it work00:45
AAAjessica_  disk sizes can be confusing. there are 2 conventions to measure there size and umpteen ways to display it00:45
jessica_AAA-i'll check using Gparted, and post results...Thanks!00:45
AAAjessica_  manufactures like to round a K to 1000 and Linux uses 1024, then df -h <--h is for human readable displays it in M, without the -h you'll see the byte count00:46
DasEiozstr1ker:sudo apt-get install modemmanager00:46
DasEiozstr1ker:sudo l modem-manager00:46
DasEiEsat: yes00:47
EsatDasEi: i cant do what you said me00:47
EsatThe commandline doesnt accept my password00:47
ozstr1kerDasEi /usr/sbin/modem-manager00:47
CharbelDasEi, it says ---> Does Pidgin support MSN video chat? Not currently. It is planned. See below.00:47
xaphoogot a small and insignificant question about gparted: I have a USB disk, 4 gigs. I was experimenting with it earlier, to try to make it a bootable ubuntu partition, and that worked, but now I decide that I wanted it to just be simple storage... when I go to gparted, I cannot get rid of the one half of the disk that I had formatted as fat1600:48
xaphooI can get rid of the other half, but not the fat16 portion... it is simply untouchable, and I am not sure why00:49
DasEiCharbel: I'm not provided with the latest developments, got to search deeper yourself, but I saw video chats via pidging, so yes there is a way00:49
AAAxaphoo  your best bet is to run $ cfdisk and choose the filetype you want, then $ mkfs.<your filetype> on the disk00:49
AAAxaphoo  unless you are bent on using gparted, then I can't be of help00:49
xaphooah thanks... how do I run cfdisk? I'm not bent on using gparted00:50
xaphooit's just all I know00:50
AAAxaphoo  sudo cfdisk and follow the prompts00:50
DasEiozstr1ker:we're little in the dark still, as chipset /way of binding is unknown , this is for most commaon pcmi-ones00:50
xaphoook thanks00:50
AAAxaphoo  it will destroy your data, you realize?00:50
xaphooI ran it and it shows my hd (sda), not my usb drive (sdb)00:51
DasEiozstr1ker:ifconfig just shows two devices ?00:51
AAAxaphoo  just checking. make sure to format after, then you should be able to pull it out, plug it in and automoun00:51
ozstr1kerDasEi sorry but i can't figure out this by myself00:52
AAAxaphoo  my bad. cfdisk /dev/yourusbdrive00:52
DasEiozstr1ker:ifconfig just shows two devices ?00:52
iDominateUI installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a vm today, and it installed correctly, but I turned the vm off etc.  I turn it back on just now, and it goes back to the installation window.  Any ideas?00:52
ozstr1kerDasEi yes just tow eth0 & lo00:53
AAAozstr1ker  does ifconfig -a show more?00:53
ozstr1kerDasEi eth0, lo, wlan000:54
AAAozstr1ker  looks like you have wlan0, you just need to bring it up and connect to your AP00:55
ozstr1kerok but what is AP?00:56
kitcheiDominateU unmount the iso00:56
AAAozstr1ker  access point00:56
iDominateUok... how'd I do that in virtualbox?00:56
ozstr1kerAAA hm he try to get what chipset of dail up modem00:57
AAAozstr1ker  have you $ ifconfig wlan0 up?00:57
AAAozstr1ker  oh, you want to use a modem? sorry, I must be confused00:57
ozstr1kerAAA for use\ Efax-gtk00:57
AAAozstr1ker  gotcha.00:58
vorki have problems about sony vaio vpcs111fm sound problem ubuntu 10.04 i38600:58
willwork4foohi, so I have a question.... if I use a high-speed SDHC card as my hard drive to install Ubuntu UNR on my netbook, then set the internal SATA hard drive to NOT automatically mount (in /etc/fstab of course), does anyone know if it'll still spin the drive up?00:58
willwork4fooI'm trying to find a good solution for a low-power setup on this netbook. I have a 320GB drive on here that's kinda eating my battery life00:59
DasEiozstr1ker:does the wireless work with it ?00:59
joejcanyone here smart enough to help me connect my router to my computer and get my router to be able to access the internet?01:00
vorkis there anyone can help me to overcome soun problem with my sony vaio laptop01:00
ozstr1kerDasEi hahaha01:00
ozstr1kerDasEi dial up modem is wired01:00
ozstr1kermust be01:00
ozstr1kersorry for taken your time01:00
AAAwillwork4foo  I believe so. you can use hdparm to park it if you want01:00
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DasEiozstr1ker:I know, but is the wireles chip working ? (I ask this because it's likely combined with the modoem, hehe)01:01
willwork4fooAAA, is it possible to do that automatically if the drive is not mounted?01:01
jessica_AAA-Me again.  I show no extra partitions on the ipod. With less than 2 Gb worth of music on the ipod, why would it show as full?01:01
xaphoogreat, works like a charm AAA... thanks01:01
ozstr1keroh see01:01
coffee247how do I connect to paltalk on lucid linx01:01
ozstr1kernow i turn it on01:01
iDominateUkitche, how do I unmount an iso in virtualbox?01:01
jessica_AAA-Can there be less than 6 Gb of non-accessible filesystem stuff?01:02
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ozstr1kerresently was off i use dsl ethernet01:02
leagriswillwork4foo, unfortunately, even with laptop-mode, Ubuntu still have issues with battery life on laptops01:02
inohi have a 1 TB external usb 2.0 hdd.  I would like to put Ubuntu karmic on 100 GB of it and be able to boot into Ubuntu.  How might I do this?01:02
AAAwillwork4foo  yes. off the top of my head I can't think how you'd do that. and I am not %100 the drive will 'spin up' I know the BIOS will spin it up, not sure after that01:02
charlierochecan anyone point me towards a theme making guide?01:02
kitcheiDominateU same way you mounted it if you are using an iso01:02
DasEiozstr1ker:turned on ?01:02
DasEiozstr1ker:sudo pppoeconf again01:02
ozstr1kerDasEi now yes01:02
DasEiozstr1ker:sudo pppoeconf again01:03
jessica_charlieroche-theme guide for what?01:03
AAAjessica_  less than 6G? my guess, only a guess, is between the way bits are calculated and file system stuff it is in the neighborhood of %10 of the capacity01:03
ozstr1kerDasEi doing01:03
iDominateUkitche, I added the file to virtual media manager, but didn't mount it.01:03
willwork4fooleagris, fair enough. Not sure why, because my CPU is quiet and it seems to be doing OK01:03
profxavierwhat email server is easiest to setup under Ubuntu ?01:03
charlierochei'm trying to design a theme and i can't get into any premade stuff to edit it01:03
DasEiwillwork4foo:you can use hdparm to park most modern drives01:04
leagriswillwork4foo, if your 320Gb is USB connected, It may not be able to sleep01:04
coffee247does anyone know how to connect to paltalk with lucid lynx01:04
AAAprofxavier  qmail is probably the easiest MTA you can set up01:04
willwork4fooleagris, it's the internal SATA drive01:04
lucas-argwhat "user" preferences does ubuntu copy to new users when they are created?01:04
willwork4fooI'm going to get an SDHC card and put it into this netbook's internal reader slot and use that as my root disk01:05
DasEiwillwork4foo:also it's lets you set power modes on certain drives, though that shortens their life-time01:05
willwork4fooDasEi, hmm01:05
willwork4foothe intention is to use a solid state storage device as the root disk and NOT spin up the large storage disk unless I need it (music, video, etc)01:05
leagriswillwork4foo, If I remember fuzzily, there is a top/mtop/atop tool to monitor power draw from processes activities01:05
DasEiozstr1ker:does it find a modem now ?01:05
Sheepherdi just read that ati catalyst 10.6 was released... where can i get install instructions?01:05
DasEid* , darn01:05
vb0xis VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run for 32-bit?01:06
Daekdroomwillwork4foo, set the SSD to mount as / and the HD to /home/01:06
Flare183vb0x: yes01:06
Daekdroomvb0x, yes01:06
coffee247does freenode have a bible chatroom?01:06
DasEiSheepherd: did you try to find ( may an older version ) under hardwaredrivers ?01:06
jessica_charlieroche-theme for gparted01:06
willwork4fooDaekdroom, but that will still spin the drive up whenever I do anything that involves writing to /home01:06
leagriswillwork4foo, disable any non used server or services, mount partitions with "noatime, nodiratime" and there are some other tweaks but these mostly are within the package laptop-mode01:07
Flare183coffee247: ask in #freenode01:07
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inohHi, how can I put Ubuntu on a USB external HDD?01:07
sebsebsebjessica_: I don't think gparted can be themed01:07
coffee247server #freenode01:07
willwork4fooI'm just going to create a mount point of /bigdisk or something and then symlink various folders like ~/Music to /bigdisk/Music01:07
willwork4foothat kinda thing01:07
DasEi!usb | inoh01:07
ubottuinoh: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:07
Flare183coffee247: is a channel on this network01:07
willwork4fooleagris, I'm assuming I have laptop-mode in since I am running unr01:07
harry-houdini1hello running ubuntu 10.04 problem with aptitude there is a lock on dpkg cant seem to fix it with the normal  rm of lock file ...is this a butg01:08
willwork4fooI have to say, I am AMAZED at how well UNR works on this thing01:08
willwork4fooreally impressed01:08
Flare183!fixdpkg | harry-houdini101:08
ubottuharry-houdini1: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:08
DasEiharry-houdini1: that's always one of the last measures I take.. did you try steps before ?01:09
leagriswillwork4foo, used to be able to use suspend mode before 10.04 and now it does not work anymore, crash on wakeup01:09
coffee247I forgot how to change channels. would someone demonstrate how to change channels with the code in quotes please, thank you ""01:09
willwork4foosuspend mode works fine here...?01:09
sebsebsebcoffee247: /join  #channelname01:09
DasEiharry-houdini1: see flare01:09
willwork4fooI need to press spacebar to wake it up when I open the lid, but it's fine01:09
harry-houdini1yes...cant seem to get it to fix it this time01:09
sebsebsebcoffee247: /join #freenode01:10
DasEicoffee247: /join #freenode01:10
FloodBot1DasEi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
jessica_sebsebseb: Sorry, i was being sarcastic. charlieroche hasn't said what he was trying to theme01:10
harry-houdini1wait never mind found a problem01:10
sebsebsebjessica_: oh01:10
coffee247thanks guys01:10
harry-houdini1have a good night and thanks01:10
willwork4foook, I'm outta here too for a bit to go get some sleep01:10
willwork4foothanks loads for the help, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:10
anigmawhere is apache installed by default?01:11
littlebearanigma: i believe /etc/apache2/01:12
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anigmayeah, I just found it there!01:12
sebsebsebjessica_: oh it turns out, they had already left,  and then you ask them what to theme01:12
DasEiozstr1ker:we will have hard times if we don't figure out the chipset, as we can just poke around, maybe driver is already loaded (modprobe could tell), and just no assignment to eth101:12
SheepherdDasEi: well i installed my graphics driver with hardwaredrivers but there doesnt seem to be an update available01:12
coldboot|homeDoes anyone know what this suspend recovery error in boot.log means? "init: ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4"01:13
Guest28475why does fsck tell me that i will cause severe damage if i run it?? how else am i to find out whats wrong with my hard drive??01:13
DasEi!cn | jiangcongyi01:13
ubottujiangcongyi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:13
DasEijapanes ?01:13
jessica_sebsebseb: Hope i didn't offend..01:13
ozstr1kerDasEi pppoeconf result NOT CONNECTED01:13
DasEiozstr1ker: but did it find a device ?01:13
ozstr1kerDasEi but its true because modem is just a chip01:14
DasEiozstr1ker:  did it find a device ?01:14
ozstr1kerSorry, I scanned 3 interfaces, but the Access            │01:14
ozstr1ker          │ Concentrator of your provider did not respond.01:14
soreauGuest28475: If you read the full message, it tells you it could cause damage if running fsck while the target file system is mounted01:14
Guest28475soreau yes how do i unmount to check??01:14
nawkA menu applet (The "Logout/Poweroff" switch) encountered a problem.  "The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet" Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?01:14
DasEiozstr1ker:  aharr, so we are little closer now, as it found three access devices, so recognized the modem, too01:15
soreauGuest28475: umount /dev/<device node here>01:15
DasEiozstr1ker:  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:15
Guest28475soreau how do i know what i am mounted in01:15
soreauGuest28475: mount01:15
nawkHow do I access the configuration (i.e. which file or program)?01:15
ozstr1kerDasEi may be compaq asks this quastion01:16
lucas-argozstr1ker: sudo service network-manager stop then start or restart01:16
nawkI'm sorry I meant to say, "a panel applet" and NOT "menu applet"01:16
ozstr1kerIgnoring unknown interface eth0=eth001:17
suicidepillsi'm having trouble browsing the "windows network" item in nautilus.  I can view shares from a windows computer but only if I type the address into the nautilus address bar01:17
ozstr1kerwhat to do&01:17
Guest28475soreau can u tell me from this what i need to type http://pastebin.com/csvG09hh01:17
littlebearsuicidepills: smb://ip/folder/file01:17
soreauGuest28475: First, I don't even know what you're trying to do and why01:18
nawkA panel applet (The "Logout/Poweroff" switch) encountered a problem.  "The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet" Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?01:18
DasEiozstr1ker: as said, I'm poking, I believe its the Intel 3945ABG, including the modem, but I can be wrong still01:19
Guest28475soreau every time i have installed a different iso disk and choose erase and use entire harddrive i keep have less and less hard drive space its like 2 gigs are dissappearing each time01:19
ozstr1kerDasEi lets try this to work01:20
soreauGuest28475: Have you tried manual mode and erase the partition then create a new one?01:20
DasEiozstr1ker: I found an old post on how to use network-manager on it01:20
coldboot|homeDoes anyone know how to fix hibernate resume in Ubuntu?01:20
edehey, im new to linux/ubuntu ... how do i keep track or uninstall software that's not download from the Software Center?01:20
DasEihttp://tinyurl.com/6799jo      , ozstr1ker01:21
Guest28475soreau yes i have01:21
littlebearede: synaptic01:21
DasEi!apt | ede01:22
ubottuede: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)01:22
edethanks, ill take a look into that01:22
soreauede: Is there some reason you want to remove packages? There is always the cleanup utility01:22
soreaunot sure what it's called01:22
edeno, just wondering01:22
buntfui have ubuntu install as a dual boot with windows... i want to finally add the second user from the windows side to the ubuntu side. I created the account but how do i access the migrate tool that is used in the installer01:22
edenew to linux and exploring01:22
DasEisoreau: janitor01:22
soreauede: Generally speaking, you don't want to remove anything. As you do updates, it will remove old packages and replace them with new ones as needed01:23
edeyeah, what if you dont use that softwaer anymore :P01:23
edei like to be able to keep track of everything01:23
DasEiede: it can be helpfull to rremove them, as it fastens your updates01:23
DasEiede: you can set an apt-history if you want01:24
edegot it01:25
ozstr1kerDasEi may we talk later i must sleep for few hours?01:25
edejust need to know what it's called that all01:25
DasEiozstr1ker: sure, just note the intel I found so you can research better on later01:25
DasEiozstr1ker: as said, I'm poking, I believe its the Intel 3945ABG01:26
buntfuanyone know how to access the migration tool?01:26
ozstr1kerDasEi thx for all u good man01:26
KingOfTheKillHey! i'm running a ubuntu-desktop as a server without a monitor and using vnc to access it and now Im wondering if it's possible to improve the performance01:27
AAAede  what are you looking for? "<ede> just need to know what it's called that all"01:27
edethey already told me :p01:28
edethx though01:28
AAAKingOfTheKill  do you _have_ to have GUI? ssh to the server will be much faster01:29
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KingOfTheKillAAA: I use both vnc and ssh01:29
AAAKingOfTheKill  I've heard tightvnc is quicker ymmv01:29
jpastoremy laptop seems to be getting stuck at the splash screen ...any suggestions on what to do?01:30
buntfuanyone know how to access the migration tool that used in the installer ?01:30
DasEiAAA: ultravnc is my favourite01:30
KingOfTheKillAAA: ok do you know if tightvnc client need tightvnc server to connect?01:30
DasEibuntfu: no, want to clone a system ?01:30
AAADasEi  not tried that one. I'll keep it in mind next time I need vnc01:30
DasEiAAA: it's compression is faster and it also supports ssh01:31
buntfuDasEi, no i have a user on the windows side of my dual boot that i want to migrate to the ubuntu side01:31
UTH /join #linux01:31
AAAKingOfTheKill  good question. I'd have to check the docs myself01:31
DasEibuntfu: that won't work01:31
DasEibuntfu: win uses a complete diffrent user and file permission01:32
KingOfTheKillAAA: thx anyway I used vnc for about 4-5 years ago and I from what I recall it was faster back then01:32
buntfuDasEi, have you ever installed ubuntu?01:32
DasEibuntfu: think so, yes01:32
linux_is_my_herohelp, im on last.fm and its saying im missing plugins and wont play01:32
AAAKingOfTheKill  to answer your original question, yes you can tweak. but no, I don't have advice for that :(01:32
buntfuDasEi, in the installer you get to import settins and files from your windows account to your new ubuntu system thats the tool i want to access01:32
KingOfTheKillAAA: ok thx01:32
DasEibuntfu: now I get you, don't know for a standalone app to do that, why not create the user ?01:33
AAAKingOfTheKill  DasEi suggested ultravnc, you might try that01:33
buntfuDasEi, already did that now i want the settings01:34
AAAbuntfu  that's the deal, the settings are compatible01:34
buntfuAAA, i know01:35
toolbearhello.  i have a file name "libstdc++.so.5".  if i want to "install" this library on my system, can I just put it in "/lib/" or "/usr/lib/", or do I have to configure something, or what?01:35
aplundtoolbear: best to install into /usr/local/lib if at all01:35
buntfuagain does anyone know how to access the migration tool used in the installer?01:35
Quozl10.04 on mac mini 2010.  no screen image from live cd.  how to proceed?  is there a ubuntu-apple channel?01:35
toolbearaplund: ok, but this "installation" simply consists of putting the file into that directory, yes?01:36
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AAAtoolbear  it is best to install the entire package. however, it _might_ work if you add it to /usr/lib and then do depmod -a01:36
Jon--I have an issue with my Ubuntu boot. I expanded my NTFS windows partition using gparted, and so when Windows booted, it did a chkdsk automatically. It works fine in Windows, but it complains about problems with the drive on boot (mouting). I can manually mount it from the terminal, but the automatic doesn't like it, doesn't pass the check. How can I fix this?01:36
aplundtoolbear: well... I wouldn't overly reccomend that.. but it would work.01:36
aplundtoolbear: Setting up permissions and what not is important and is usually done by "make install" for the thing your compiling for01:37
toolbearAAA: i don't have a debian package, i just have the file01:37
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Sheepherdhey guys im really not experienced with ubuntu so why does the 2nd command here not work? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9475983&postcount=601:37
AAAtoolbear  my guess is you will need the rest of the files in that package for your desired affect. the deb does exist, you may need to put backports in your sources.list, but it exists01:38
Jon--Sheepherd: Do you have the file /ati-driver-installer-10-6-x86.x86_64.run in the current directory?01:38
aplundtoolbear: what exactly are you trying to do?  Using different libraries that things aren't compiled for can cause issues.01:38
Jon--Sheepherd: no /  *01:38
SheepherdJon--: yes i do01:38
SheepherdJon--: what?01:38
Jon--Sheepherd: do ls -l   is the file listed as executable? [x]01:38
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BitSprocketQuozl, use the alternate install cd then configure your x server01:39
QuozlBitSprocket: thanks.  shall do.01:39
toolbearAAA, aplund: there is no package.  it's just this file.  i'm trying to install the intel fortran compiler (because gfortran just doesn't work very well).  it says that i need to install libstdc++.so.5, and so i'm trying to figure out how to do so01:39
SheepherdJon--: -rw-r--r-- 1 sheepherd sheepherd 99211533 2010-06-18 02:29 ati-driver-installer-10-6-x86.x86_64.run01:39
aplundtoolbear: it might be best to just do a local install then and not system wide01:39
Jon--Sheepherd: Your issue is probably that the file is not executable. Yeah, it is. You need to do chmod +x ./ati-driver-installer-10-6-x86.x86_64.run01:39
aplundtoolbear: put it into a directory in your home folder then set LD_LIBRARY_PATH01:40
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DJ_HaMsTawhat is the command via ssh to unrar an item located in /mnt/ ?01:40
SheepherdJon--: wow thx01:40
aplundtoolbear: otherwise that new library will be used for all system wide apps overriding the package management01:40
Jon--Sheepherd: No problem bud01:40
SheepherdJon--: how the heck is a noob supposed to find that out? =(01:40
BitSprocketNo problem Quozl01:40
AAAtoolbear  I'll betcha as soon as you figure out how to feed that to gfortran it will ask you for another file =p01:41
toolbearaplund: but wouldn't apps that didn't actually require libstdc++.so.5 use libstdc++.so.6 instead?01:41
Jon--Sheepherd: What just happened to you, happened to all of us at one point.01:41
Jon--Sheepherd: I've only used Ubuntu about 6 months. You'll catch on fast no worries.01:41
SheepherdJon--: aight thank you :D01:42
toolbearAAA: you mean feed that to the intel compiler?  perhaps, but this is "step 1", i guess...01:42
aplundtoolbear: yes.. but r u sure you have absolutely no apps that ask for the .5 version?01:42
Jon--I have an issue with my Ubuntu boot. I expanded my NTFS windows partition using gparted, and so when Windows booted, it did a chkdsk automatically. It works fine in Windows, but it complains about problems with the drive on boot (mouting). I can manually mount it from the terminal, but the automatic doesn't like it, doesn't pass the check. How can I fix this?01:42
aplundtoolbear: or will in the future?01:42
toolbearaplund: good point01:42
AAAtoolbear  have you tried putting it in /usr/lib and running depmod -a?01:43
aplundAAA: I really wouldn't reccomend doing that /usr/local is better01:44
AAAaplund  or your LD_LIBRARY_PATH suggestion01:44
gbear14275hello, I've been researching pci passthrough to enable NIC passthrough to one of my VM's and believe it requires vt-d support from my motherboard.  I discovered that there is no vt-d support on my motherboard and am wondering if there is a way to do PCI (specifically NIC) passthrough without vt-d?  the reason I am investigating this is I only have 1 static public facing IP to assign to a webserver I would like to run as a V01:44
toolbearAAA: i didn't do "depmod -a" -- not sure what that does01:44
gbear14275specifically I am running ubuntu 10.04 server as a VM host01:44
bnaveHi All, I have kind of off topic question.  I bought a netbook for traveling with the intention of putting Ubuntu Netbook Edition on it.  The netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition.  Now, I've never owned a Windows box EVER.  I'm very knowledgeable on Linux/MacOSX/Solaris, but know very little about winblows admin.  I'd personally have no issue formatting the netbook drive and saying...01:45
bnave...good bye to windows forever on it.  But my wife, who is not Linux savy, is worried that there will be something that she won't be able to do in ubuntu.  I'm pretty sure once she uses it, she won't want Windows anymore.  So my question is how can I image the drive in the netbook so that I can restore it at a later time if I need to?  From my Mac experience, I'd like to be able to mount the...01:45
bnave...netbook on my mac in Target Disk Mode and image the drive that way.  I'm pretty sure there's no way to do that (but i'd love to hear that i'm wrong).  From the Linux side, I'm thinking I should be able to boot off the Ubuntu Netbook Edition thumb drive that I made for the install and use dd to copy the entire disk off to a usb drive.  If I do the opposite to restore it, will that work? ...01:45
bnave...Do I need to worry about the mbr or the partition map?  I've also looked at BartPE/DriveImage XML, but since I don't have Windows CDs and the netbook has Windows 7, I'm not sure that will work.  Any ideas for me?01:45
FloodBot1bnave: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
KingOfTheKillspam :(01:45
bnavewow...sorry about that...didn't realize i'd piss the bot off01:45
AAAtoolbear  nm. I'm thinking of something else. depmod is for kernel modules01:45
toolbearAAA: ah, ok.01:46
aplundAAA: your thinking of ldconfig01:46
KingOfTheKillbnave: use pastebin if your going to post such a long thingy01:46
AAAtoolbear  aplund yup. ldconfig01:46
bnaveKingOfTheKill: roger that...the flood bot told me that also01:47
AAAtoolbear  you'll want to run that before you try and use the .so, wherever you decide to put it01:48
BitSprocketbnave, I had the same issue with my netbook.  I found that there is a utility installed that would create restore DVD's for me - course I had to buy an external drive first.01:48
BitSprocketIf you don't want to do that, you could image it using an imaging tool first.01:48
Jon--I have an issue with my Ubuntu boot. I expanded my NTFS windows partition using gparted, and so when Windows booted, it did a chkdsk automatically. It works fine in Windows, but it complains about problems with the drive on boot (mouting). I can manually mount it from the terminal, but the automatic doesn't like it, doesn't pass the check. How can I fix this?01:48
toolbearaplund: ok, well, now i've tried putting the file into /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib, and /lib, and the program still can't find it.  i also did the set LD_LIBRARY_PATH thing, which didn't work either.  on the other hand, if i actually compile the whole gcc-3.3.6 program (which comes with libstdc++.so.5), it will then find it.  but compiling gcc-3.3.6 evidently causes some issues, so i'm trying to find a different way to install it01:48
aplundAAA: not sure if that's quite right... you only really _need_ to do that if an old version is pointed to in the cache.01:49
indierossi seem to running into a bit of trouble trying to change my panel icon for a custom theme, it shows the default ubuntu icon and cannot seem to find its location in the /usr/share/icons folder01:49
bnaveBitSprocket: I saw something about samsung having a backup tool. But I wasn't sure how I would restore it if I wipe the drive.  The samsung website says something about not erasing one of the recovery partitions01:49
indierossany ideas01:49
aplundtoolbear: what does ldd say?01:49
DasEiJon--: ubuntu still boots ?01:49
bnaveBitSprocket: any suggestions on imaging tools?  especially ones that i could run from a linux live type usb stick and save the image to a usb drive?01:50
bnavefree is key here obviously01:50
gbear14275Anyone here done PCI passthrough using ubuntu as a VM host?  I am trying to figure out how to do it as my mobo does not have vt-d support.01:50
abysedis there a way to pipe some text through to a daemon I have running inside screen? or reattach, input something, detach automatically01:50
DasEibnave: you want to image a drive to a usb drive as iso ?01:50
BitSprocketThere are plenty.  You don't have to worry about deleting the recovery partition because the restore disks will put it all back to factory settings for you.  I'll look for an imaging tool for you.01:50
Jon--DasEi: Well, it's an NTFS volume, not my partition with UB. It comes up with "Error mounting /media/ACER *my C:\ from win*", press S to skip, M for manually recovery. mount /dev/sda3 /media/ACER works fine, it's some check Ubuntu is doing on boot for drive consistency that got broken with chkdsk01:51
toolbearaplund: sorry, i'm not familiar with ldd.  how to use it (in this context)?01:51
DasEiJon--: ubuntu still boots ?01:51
aplundtoolbear: ldd (programname)01:51
aplundtoolbear: it should show you how it is resolving the libraries01:51
Jon--DasEi: Of course01:51
BitSprocketbnave, here ya go: http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page01:51
bnaveBitSprocket: thanks, I'll take a look at that.  Appreciate the help and sorry again for the spamming01:52
DasEiJon--:that's not so sure if you resized it's partitions, and UB is ext I assume ?01:52
toolbearaplund: it says "not a dynamic executable".01:52
Jon--DasEi: ext4 I believe yes.01:53
aplundtoolbear: what exactly are you typing?01:53
BitSprocketbnave, here's one that's ready to go as a bootable image: http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page01:53
toolbearaplund: "ldd ./install.sh"01:53
aplundright... that isn't a dynamicly linked executable01:53
DasEiJon--: to check this, boot a live cd and run a fsck/e2fsck on the UNMOUNTED ub-system01:53
Jon--DasEi: alright. I'll try that later01:53
DasEiJon--: for the ntfs part have the win unmounted and have a look into ntfs-progs01:54
bnaveBitSprocket: ok...i've used system rescue cd before, but I didn't realize that it had a disk imager built into it.  Thanks!01:54
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:54
DasEiJon--: the _f -r now, doesn't work no more, use a live cd01:54
aplundtoolbear: so you are trying to install this from source?01:54
Jon--DasEi: Hmm?01:55
aplundtoolbear: and ./configure didn't work for you? or it doesn't have a ./configure?01:55
toolbearaplund: doesn't have ./configure.  this is intel's compiler, and unfortunately it's not open source.01:55
gbear14275hello, I've been researching pci passthrough to enable NIC passthrough to one of my VM's and believe it requires vt-d support from my motherboard.  I discovered that there is no vt-d support on my motherboard and am wondering if there is a way to do PCI (specifically NIC) passthrough without vt-d?  the reason I am investigating this is I only have 1 static public facing IP to assign to a webserver I would like to run as a V01:55
DasEiJon--: boot alive cd, open a terminal, . sudo fdisk -l to find your ubuntu-partition, then (e2)fsck /dev/sdXX01:55
Jon--DasEi: I can't do this from Ubuntu?01:56
aplundtoolbear: and running the install script fails by telling you that it cannot load libstdc++.5 ?01:56
Jon--DasEi: If the NTFS partition is unmounted?01:56
DasEiJon--: NO!!01:56
AAAtoolbear  so your problem is the INSTALLER wants that file, correct?01:56
Jon--DasEi: ... why not? We're talking about an NTFS partition here, not the ext4 one.01:56
DasEiJon--:if you want to check the ext4, is MUST NOT be moounted, for the win-part use ntfs-progs01:57
Jon--DasEi: The ext4 has no errors. It's the NTFS for Windows. I have two NTFS partitions. One checks and mounts fine, the other does not after windows ran a chkdsk on that partition.01:57
Sheepherdi tried to install the catalyst drivers like described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9475983&postcount=6 but now  fglrxinfo returns "Segmentation fault"01:57
toolbearaplund: yes, but i looked at the installer script code, and there's no mention of that library.  it seems to load other binary executables, and if i do ldd on those, then i still don't find anything concerning libstdc++.so.501:57
Sheepherddoes that mean the installation went wrong?01:58
aplunddid you export LD_LIBRARY_PATH or just set it?01:58
DasEiJon--:ntfsprogs is the correct packagename01:58
toolbearaplund: exported it01:58
DasEiJon--:testdisk if there are table-errors01:58
aplundtoolbear: hmm......... very strange01:58
Jon--DasEi: I have the package. I had no issues until Windows did a chkdsk, after it was resized01:59
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DasEiJon--: always a good idea to backup mbr first, case it gets worse01:59
toolbearaplund: yeah.  well, thanks for your help.  at least i have a better idea of what it is i'm dealing with.01:59
AAAtoolbear  and the install still breaks after exporting tht path? with the same error?01:59
Jon--DasEi: Now it reports issues mounting on boot, but I can mount it with "sudo mount /dev/sdahere /media/ACER" myself manually. It must be checking something on boot, some ID or something that isn't matching?01:59
aplundtoolbear: you'll need to figure out exactly which exectuabel in the script is having trouble to nail this.01:59
toolbearAAA: yep, as if i had done nothing differently01:59
toolbearaplund: is it possible that a binary executable can search for a library without being "dynamically linked" to it?02:00
DasEiJon--: that's a question for #windows then02:00
AAAtoolbear  I know aplund doesn't think it wise, but it may be looking for it in a set path like /usr/lib.  I'd try if it were me, but that's me.02:00
fearfulhow can I make the default applications for videos only to be VLC, not multimedia like in 'preferred applications' just video.02:00
Jon--DasEi: no.. It's not. I don't think you're following.02:00
aplundtoolbear: programs can request libraries to load at runtime... though it is more usual to do it at link time02:00
wally__here's my issue:02:01
fearfulhow can I make the default applications for videos only to be VLC, not multimedia like in 'preferred applications' just video.02:01
wally__Sys_Error: GLimp_Init() - could not load OpenGL subsystem when ever i try to run ANY games02:01
toolbearAAA: actually i already tried this before coming here...02:01
wally__my browser crashes randomly02:01
DasEiJon--: it complains when win is booting up ? or it doesn't automount the win parti on ubuntu no more ?02:01
aplundtoolbear: they use the "uselib()" syscall02:01
wally__i am a complete and utter newbie when it comes to packages i need as well02:02
aplundtoolbear: but they are searched in the same way using LD_LIBRARY_PATH... so it isn't going to be where the issue is02:02
thiagoLivesomeone of you know a good channel to learn english?02:03
DasEiwally__: install correct graphics driver, which card ?02:03
wally__it's nVidia Corporation NV44A [GeForce 6200] (rev a1)02:03
DasEiwally__: propitary driver installed ?02:03
Jon--DasEi: Windows boots fine. Ubuntu doesn't autmount it. On boot, purple screen 10.04, says "Cannot mount /media/ACER. Press S to skip or M to do so manually" mount /dev/sdahere /media/ACER works great. It must be doing something that it's choking up on. Checking an ID or something?02:03
toolbearaplund: oh, ok.  so ldd might not be helpful in this particular circumstance?02:03
DasEiwally__: system > hardwwaredrivers02:04
aplundtoolbear: that may be true.02:04
DasEiJon--: yesss... you changed the partition, so it's blkid has changed, too02:04
aplundtoolbear: if so, then the alternative is to strace it (urgh) and see what it's actually trying to do.02:04
DasEiJon--: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab02:05
toolbearaplund: ok, i'll give that a shot.02:05
DasEiJon--:open a seecond terminal -tab :02:05
DasEiJon--:sudo blkid02:05
Jon--DasEi: Would love to. I'm in Windows. =/02:05
Jon--DasEi: Haha.02:05
Jon--DasEi: What would I look for when I'm in there?02:05
DasEiJon-: well then compare the values or simply write fstad to the devicename02:06
wally__what did you mean when you said system > hardwwaredrivers02:06
MrUnagianyone know why when i try to ssh my server i get permission denied (gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,publickey,keyboard-interactive) on one client but not the other?02:06
DasEiJon--: I give you a pastie of this from here :02:06
fearfulhow can I make the default applications for videos only to be VLC, not multimedia like in 'preferred applications' just video.02:06
wally__when i had 9.10 i had no problems with my video card02:06
wally__when i attempted to upgrade to 10.04 everything went down the toilet02:07
AAAMrUnagi  if you pastebin the output of $ ssh -v user@host I'll help you02:07
DasEihttp://pastebin.com/ALSLKax3  , jon--02:07
AAAMrUnagi  make that $ ssh -vvv please02:07
wally__fearful- i believe if you right click you can set it up that way, with properties02:07
toolbearaplund: um, is there a way to "unset" LD_LIBRARY_PATH?  after exporting it, running the program, and then quitting, i can't seem to run the program anymore02:08
DasEiJon--: saw it ? output from blkid02:08
aplundtoolbear: unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH02:08
aplundtoolbear: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to check it02:08
DasEiwally__: sry, was distracted, did you open hardwaredrivers ?02:08
wally__i was confused as to what you meant02:09
DasEi!blkid | Jon--02:09
ubottuJon--: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:09
wally__drivers are set to the suggested ones02:09
wally__and it says they're working02:09
DasEiwally__: the 6200 is onboard I assume ?02:09
DasEiwally__: how much ram is it allowed to share ?02:10
wally__i'm not sure02:10
richard_how do i use guess pc diskpartition program to analyze for lost/hidden partitions?02:10
DasEiwally__: you set it in bios02:10
wally__i believe i set it to 64?02:10
toolbearaplund: thanks02:10
DasEirichard_: not at all, you use testdisk02:10
richard_DasEi is that a program or a command02:11
DasEiwally__: 128 is a good value, that card is well supported, though not the strongest as you can imagine02:11
wally__i'll try upping that. be right back02:11
DasEirichard : a prog, utility to re-scan disks02:12
DasEi!info testdisk02:12
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-1 (lucid), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4672 kB02:12
lovreim trying to install kdevelop but i am getting this error: http://pastebin.ca/188551602:12
richard_dasei i am not able to download or install testdisk any suggestions?02:13
imranLooking for the software to put the same sidebar as on the right of the picture onto my PC : http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre2/73210-2.jpg02:14
AAArichard_  sudo apt-get install testdisk should work on 10.4 for sure02:14
indierossis anybody aware of how to manually change the ubuntu icon in the menu-bar in 10.0402:14
richard_dasei i think its a repository problem02:14
bastidrazorlovre: it appears you're being told which package replaces it, in that pastebin02:14
richard_AAA no i cant in terminal or synaptic02:14
DasEirichard_: sudo apt-get update works ?02:14
richard_dasei yes02:14
DasEirichard_: sudo apt-get install testdisk02:14
lovrebastidrazor: yes, but that doesnt necessarily mean i should just install that package?02:15
AAArichard_  what does this say? $ cat /etc/lsb-release |grep RE02:15
lovrebastidrazor: because it says: http://pastebin.ca/188551602:15
bastidrazorlovre: apt-cache show packagename ... that will give you more information about the package it wants you to install02:15
aplundlovre: You are right.. but it is suggesting a replacement package which you can choose to install if you wish02:16
DasEirichard_: chewing now ?02:16
richard_AAA i dont even have that directory i have etc/lsb-base02:16
imranLooking for the software to put the same sidebar as on the right of the picture onto my PC : http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre2/73210-2.jpg02:16
wally__still no dice02:16
AAArichard_  and this is ubuntu?02:17
aplundlovre: It's trying to say it cannot find what you wanted but there are references to the package you want lying around and apt has figured out that there is a possible replacement package.02:17
DasEiwally__: tell more : specs of the box, distro, which game ?02:17
richard_AAA yes 10.0402:17
grumblyhello.  I need help, and I don't know that the terms I'm using are the correct ones...  I'm trying to set up a way to control what music is playing from my laptop remotely, but not play using the remote02:17
lovreaplund: well, there *should* be kdevelop package, since its kde official development ide, right?02:17
lovreaplund: so why isnt there?02:17
wally__i'm using ubuntu 10.0402:17
wally__the game is any game, but i've been trying with tremulous02:18
AAArichard_  make sure you have universe in your sources.list file.  no idea why you don't have that file02:18
aplundlovre: it may have been renamed in the repositry.. happens all the time (e.g. gstreamer)02:18
wally__i'm not sure how to figure out the specs, i've had this computer for a while02:18
wally__i'm pretty sure it's amd processor02:18
DasEiwally__: lsb_release -a02:18
wally__ubuntu 10.04 lts02:19
AAAwally__  less /proc/cpuinfo will show you the cpu stuff. lshw will show you TONS02:19
DasEiwally__: fine, cat /proc/cpuinfo ?02:19
grumblythe setup i've got is a laptop, lets call it musicplayer and a cash register with a kiosk interface-  it can access a couple web pages within the network.  I want to be able to change the music without leaving the register.02:19
aplundgrumbly: what music player are you using?02:20
wally__i'm still fairly new with terminal02:20
bastidrazorlovre: just becuase you think it should be named kdevelop doesn't mean it will be. apt is much smarter and has found the package you need.02:20
DasEiwally__: just the model name02:20
wally__i got lshw02:20
imranLooking for the software to put the same sidebar as on the right of the picture onto my PC : http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre2/73210-2.jpg02:20
grumblyaplund: none as of yet.02:20
wally__but uh i need specifics02:21
=== picnic is now known as picnicpete
grumblyaplund: the name of the laptop is musicplayer02:21
DasEiwally__:  cat /proc/cpuinfo02:21
DasEiwally__: just the model name02:21
lovrebastidrazor: well, i have installed that package, and nothing was installed i can find, its like 10Mb of libs. not the IDE itself.02:21
AAAgrumbly  if you can ssh into the machine then run a screen session and use mp3blaster or mplayer or one of a zillion commandline/ncurses music apps02:21
lovrebastidrazor: and i know it was named kdevelop before since i installed it before this way02:21
wally__amd athlon xp 2500+02:21
bastidrazorlovre: you have upgraded to a newer version of ubuntu?02:22
grumblyAAA: I don't have that ability...  the register is pretty rudimentary, save that it's a touchscreen and has a browser02:22
lovrebastidrazor: yes, just few hours ago02:22
=== SuP|Lobby is now known as Sup|Away
aplundgrumbly: rhythmbox has a rhythmbox-client command to do stuff like that02:22
DasEiwally__:total ?02:22
grumblyaplund: is it web-based?02:22
aplundgrumbly: but if you prefer another player... then I dunno02:23
lovrebastidrazor: hmm, could it be its in the backport repos?02:23
wally__quick check on that?02:23
aplundgrumbly: no.  it's a command02:23
bastidrazorlovre: you have two choices. install the package apt suggests or don't. apt knows what it is doing.02:23
lovrebastidrazor: i have installed it02:23
lovrebastidrazor: nothing happens02:23
grumblyis there any type of web interface for remote control?02:23
wally__ 102647202:23
aplundgrumbly: http://code.google.com/p/rhythmote/02:23
grumblylike... webVNC02:24
aplundgrumbly: there's probably others02:24
bastidrazorlovre: you're using 10.04 kubuntu?02:24
lovrebastidrazor: yes02:24
DasEiwally__:so one gig ram, basic specs are good for simple gaming then02:24
bastidrazor!info kdevelop02:25
ubottuPackage kdevelop does not exist in lucid02:25
aplundgrumbly: http://web.vee.net/projects/rhythmweb/02:25
AAAgrumbly  is the register what the speakers plug into? or the other way round? you wanna get from the register to change the music on the musicplayer? is the musicplayer linux?02:25
lovreubottu: could it be in backport repository?02:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:25
DasEiwally__:sudo jockey-gtk          (just to be sure)02:25
aplundgrumbly: none that are in the repos as far as I can see02:25
DasEiwally__:be sure the recommended one is set and active02:25
grumblyAAA: the register has no audio.  the music sourrce is running jaunty02:25
bastidrazorlovre: http://packages.ubuntu.com/   is a good way to figure out where packages are located in the repositories02:26
lovrebastidrazor: ok, thanks02:26
wally__recommended is set and active02:26
AAAgrumbly  ah ok. I've used a few webmased music managers. not recalling a name off the top. but if you have perms on the music server and can browse there from the register. you should be good, I can look up what I've used02:26
DasEiwally__:sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:27
DasEi!playonlinux | wally__02:27
aplundgrumbly: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87909802:27
grumblyAAA: i am the owner of the music server.02:27
grumblyAAA not the register02:27
=== ron_ is now known as rbetzen
hdonhmm, pidgin is going crazy02:28
wally__okay done02:28
grumblyaplund: PERFIKT02:28
wally__still not working02:28
DasEiwally__: if this is all set, and syslog also has no errors, you should be able to play games02:28
grumblyaplund: thank you a billion internets02:28
AAAgrumbly  but if you made http://music/server you could access it from the reg, correct? that is doable02:28
DasEiwally__: http://www.playonlinux.com/en/02:28
grumblyAAA: yes02:28
aplundgrumbly: only need one.  Your welcome.02:28
bastidrazorlovre: this may interest you :: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/kdevplatform1-libs02:28
git__has anyone tested SSD on Ubuntu 10.0402:29
wally__WinE crashes whenever i try to run it02:29
grumblyAAA or aplund Is it possible to somehow tie Pandora to Rhythmbox?02:29
hdonwhat version of pidgin is in karmic?02:29
lovrebastidrazor: ok, but i dont understand this. if its a part of kdevelop, why cant i install kdevelop? i dont get it02:29
bastidrazorlovre: kdevelop is not a package02:30
lovrebastidrazor: ?02:30
hdon!dpkg pidgin02:30
wally__what packages would i need to have to run any games?02:30
hdon!apt-get show pidgin02:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:30
lovrebastidrazor: its a platform, ok, but how do i install it?02:30
AAAgrumbly  not sure.  I'm rackin' my brain to remember the name of the webmased music manager I've used02:30
DasEi!playdeb | wally__02:30
aplundgrumbly: Doesn't seem so: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/rhythmbox-devel/2009-May/msg00008.html02:30
DasEiwally__: http://www.playdeb.net/02:31
grumblyAAA: the music thing has been resolved.  See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87909802:31
gbear14275I just modified my etc/network/interfaces, /etc/ufw/before.rules, and /etc/sysctl.conf files.  What services do I have to restart in order to make sure those changes are accepted?  I know I have to reload my networking, but is that all?02:32
AAAgrumbly  oh cool.  not what I was thinking of, timtowtdi02:32
bastidrazorlovre: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3111704.002:32
aplundgbear14275: sysctl will need to be reread somehow02:33
gbear14275aplund: does that require a machine restart or can I just resart some service?02:33
gbear14275I've never had to modify that file before...02:33
aplundgbear14275: should just need to reload a service02:34
aplundgbear14275: but I cannot seem to findout what it is02:34
mmomjianAnyone using 10.04 with a Wacom tablet?02:34
aplundgbear14275: "initctl reload-configuration sysctl" maybe?02:34
aplundgbear14275: not really sure02:34
lovrebastidrazor: i have seen this, but even after i <<Enable "Unsupported Updates" in your software repositories>> i cant install kdevelop :(02:35
ubottuyufu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:35
Ganymede_so i have this hard drive here...ubuntu recognizes it as /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc1 ... now i know there used to be a valid partition on /dev/sdc1 but i can't mount it anymore... i tried mount -t xfs, -t ext3 and -t reiserfs and all said wrong fs type, check dmesg | tail, in dmesg, they all complaine about the wrong magic number...but i'm willing to bet there used to be an xfs partition on this at one point and it was never formatted or anything...02:35
Ganymede_where can i go from here?02:35
DasEiwally__: to be honest I use win mostly for gamin, but succesfull ran few games on linux, too, ram could be an issue, if you run lot's of background tasks02:35
aplundgbear14275: I guess you can check it's effeictveness by "sysctl <variable>"02:35
Dr_WillisGanymede_:  you could 'fsck.xfs /dev/sdc1' if you are SURE it was xfs02:35
wally__i don't really run too much. i think i'm just gonna get a new computer in a couple of weeks02:35
DasEiwally__: nah, penumbra, rtcw and such should run fine02:36
meoblast001how do i disable update manager?02:36
AAAGanymede_  you can als see what $ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc says02:36
meoblast001or uninstall it02:36
bastidrazorlovre: after enabling said repo did you update your sources list by sudo apt-get update ?02:36
grumblyOK!  now, if thats not working right... my alternate plan is to use some sort of web-based remote desktop control... any ideas?02:36
mmomjianAnyone using 10.04 with a Wacom tablet?02:36
gbear14275meoblast001: why do you want to do that?02:36
mmomjianmeoblast001: Why?02:36
mmomjianYou would have security issues02:36
meoblast001because when ubuntu updates, i have to clean up its mess02:36
wally__i need a new computer though:P02:36
mmomjianmeoblast001: ... That's not helpful.02:37
gbear14275meoblast001: can you explain?02:37
lovrebastidrazor: ok, it worked, i changed from karmic-backport to lucid-backport..... thank you very much for your time!! :)02:37
meoblast001ubuntu just nuked all my drivers02:37
gbear14275meoblast001: which ones?02:37
Hilikus_when i try to start mysql the command hangs and it doesn't do anything02:37
meoblast001the ubuntu drivers are as old as dinosaurs so i have to compile new ones02:37
lovrebastidrazor: the problem was backpors were enabled, but for the wrong version, since i upgraded02:37
Ganymede_AAA, fdisk says sdc1 is "type 83" and "Linux" under the system column...02:37
mmomjianmeoblast001: Which drivers?02:37
Hilikus_how can i see a verbose version?02:37
Hilikus_there's nothing in the logs02:37
gbear14275meoblast001: you can lock certain packages so they do not update... that might be what you want to do02:37
DasEimeoblast001: sudo apt-get remove update-manager02:37
AAAGanymede_  iirc 83 is ext302:37
acerimmer_Hilikus_: * -v02:37
meoblast001and it always pops up and annoys me, then when i close it, it pops up again02:38
mmomjianDasEi: That won't stop package updates, it will still update through apt02:38
bastidrazorlovre: best of luck :)02:38
lovrebastidrazor: thanks !!02:38
Hilikus_acerimmer_, service -v mysql start  ?02:38
DasEimmomjian: right , I haven't followed from his inital question02:38
acerimmer_Hilikus_: iirc02:38
mmomjianmeoblast001: System > Administration > Software Sources, go to tab "updates", uncheck "check automatically for updates"02:38
mmomjianmuch better method02:39
Hilikus_acerimmer_, hilikus@mazinger:/etc/mysql$ sudo service -v mysql start02:39
Hilikus_-v: unrecognized service02:39
Ganymede_AAA, could you point me to an official reference that verifies that 83 is ext3? just wanted to make sure before i fsck it because fsck.ext3 claims it's not an ext3 partition02:39
meoblast001mmomjian: thanks02:39
mmomjianAnyone using 10.04 with a Wacom tablet?02:39
mmomjianHilikus_: shouldn't it just be sudo service mysql start?02:39
Hilikus_mmomjian, i want verbose output to see why it is not starting02:40
acerimmer_Hilikus_: sorry about that.  searching for man pages - Start?  Service?02:40
acerimmer_Hilikus_: sorry about that.  searching for man pages - Start?  Service?02:40
mmomjianHilikus_: service has no verbose output02:40
mmomjiancheck the man pace02:40
slybootsHey, Im trying to setup GDM and change the default session for one of my users..02:40
slybootsNow it shows up in the selectio box, but how do I make that stick?02:40
Ganymede_AAA, i would also like to point out that XFS partitions also show an ID 83 in fdisk -l...i think that ID is just the same thing as what appears in the "System" column, which is "Linux"02:40
Hilikus_mmomjian, thats what i thought, but mysql is also not creating output02:40
Middlemaniptables-save , if i dont pipe it into a file, its pretty muh gone?02:40
mmomjianslyboots: doesn't it show up when you login if you want it to be the default?02:40
slybootsWell I've set this account to not ask for a password02:41
slybootsSo I dont get the option box anymore :P02:41
mmomjianMiddleman: you're supposed to use ufw now02:41
AAAGanymede_  dunno how official you want, but http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/partitions/partition_types-1.html02:41
mmomjianAnyone using 10.04 with a Wacom tablet?02:41
slybootsBut just for that one user, no-one else02:41
Middlemanufw is cmd line right02:41
mmomjianMiddleman: yes02:41
Middlemanits on a 8.4 box02:41
acerimmer_Middleman: !!02:41
mmomjianyou just say ufw enable; ufw allow <port>02:42
DasEimmomjian: not right now, but in a few days again, what's the real question ?02:42
Ganymede_AAA, thanks02:42
mmomjianDasEi: What's the solution to wacom-tools not being in 10.04?  I want to set button options and displays02:42
AAAGanymede_  hold on a sec02:42
mmomjianMiddleman: 8.04 won't have ufw02:43
mmomjianyou really should be using 10.0402:43
DasEimmomjian: xserver-xorg-input-wacom   might be your tool02:43
Middlemanif i get a new box i  can load 10.4 , i just ran a man ufw it might be on02:43
AAAgbear14275  83 is linux, I _think_ that _might_ include ext/reiser/xfs/etc..02:44
mmomjianslyboots: Not sure02:44
gbear14275AAA: ???02:44
mmomjianDasEi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom didn't talk about buttons02:44
AAAgbear14275  sorry, I mean Ganymede02:44
AAAGanymede  83 is linux, I _think_ that _might_ include ext/reiser/xfs/etc..02:44
DasEimmomjian: the ones to be used as the mice buttons ?02:45
GanymedeAAA, yeah, it does include all of those... =/02:45
mmomjiannope, the buttons on the side02:45
mmomjianfor keybindings02:45
DasEimmomjian: can be set in xorg conf, too02:45
mmomjianDasEi: Do you have a page that explains that?  I haven't had any luck finding one02:45
DasEimmomjian: aahh, that's different acpi I think, but not sure, sorry02:45
GanymedeAAA, would you happen to know where in the filesystem the UUID is stored? if so, i can look at though a hexdump and compare it with the UUID in an old fstab to indeed verify that it is XFS02:45
gbear14275how can I query a hostname from bash?02:45
AAAGanymede  does hdparm -i /dev/hdc give you that?02:46
mmomjiangbear14275: `hostname`?02:46
AAAGanymede  pretty sure lshw will give it to you as well02:46
Radiohey, how do I move or disable the notifications that appear in the upper right of my screen?02:47
gbear14275mmomjian: sorry, asked before I tried thanks02:47
Radiolike what application handles it02:47
GanymedeAAA, nope, hdparm is mostly hardware stuff and doesn't care about what data is on the disk. lshw does not locate a UUID...probably because it doesn't see the magic number for XFS so it doesn't know where to look for the UUID02:47
mmomjiangbear14275: :P I hate it when I do that02:47
mmomjianGanymede: Can you tell from the contents with /dev/disk/by-uuid?02:48
MardoxxWhat's the code name of Ubuntu 11?02:48
gbear14275mmomjian: it's a bad habit... and I hate it when my roomie (who is way better at this than I) calls me on it... "google it" is an inadvertant swear word to my ears now02:48
Mardoxxor hasn't it been decided yet?02:48
mmomjianMardoxx: Maverick Meerkat02:49
mmomjianoh sorry02:49
mmomjianthat's 10.1002:49
mmomjianno idea on 11.0402:49
Ganymedemmomjian, nope, only other filesystems show up there, the sames ones that are listed in "sudo blkid", but the one on /dev/sdc1 isn't listed...i'm thinking of just imaging the partition, changing the magic number manually, and then running fsck.xfs02:49
AAAGanymede  you should try testdisk before that and see what it finds02:50
mmomjianDasEi: I think I can use "Option" "button1" "key"02:50
mmomjianI didn't know there was a man wacom02:50
GanymedeAAA, is that...the same as photorec? i didn't know photorec had an option for XFS...02:50
trismMardoxx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames I kind of like Nefarious Newt02:50
gbear14275setting up a new machine to act as a webserver... best way to partition this... all in one partition, separate home, or separate /home /usr /tmp and /var (I'm leaning towards all in one but was curious of consensus)02:50
GanymedeAAA, never mind, i looked up testdisk...i'll give it a try, but let me dd my partition first02:51
ajavidhi, I am unable to install/remove/upgrade mysql-server <-> http://pastebin.com/9pQjQivc (Ubuntu 10.04)02:51
mmomjiangbear14275: If it's just a webserver no harm to have all one partition i think02:51
AAAGanymede  the man page says it does02:52
gbear14275is swap needed on VM's?02:52
monokromeHey. Is Ubuntu any better about using Openbox in 10.04? Networking never worked for me in 9.102:52
mmomjianDasEi: Do you know how to figure out how to get the button codes?02:52
mmomjianxev doesn't seem to work02:52
mmomjiangbear14275: No such thing as swap in VMs02:53
ValkyrieHowdy-do-da-day folks!02:53
chu__hey, I just re-installed Karmic, but when I go to Hardware Drivers, there is nothing available to activate. Do I need to install something (nvidia-xxx-yyy ?)02:53
cowranisis there a shortcut to kill unresponsive programs?02:53
ValkyrieI'm finally un-banned and. Ready to help some Ubu'ers02:53
gbear14275mmomjian: so no need to partition some out then02:53
mmomjiangbear14275: I wouldn't think so02:54
mmomjianValkyrie:  :/02:54
Valkyriemmomjian, Yes?02:54
mmomjian@ being unbanned? :P02:54
AAAcowranis  xkill to kill GUI windows and killall <name> for other stuff02:54
mmomjiancowranis: killall?02:54
mmomjianyeah, or xkill02:54
ValkyrieYea. An issue with.. Some childish bot behavior e o02:54
bastidrazorcowranis: you can add something to that effect in the panels. right click panel > add to panel > Force Quit02:54
DasEimmomjian: I'm near to log off; can try it via keyboard-layout (system) or via acpi, there is a way to get the codes, but I'm too tired now to dig it out02:54
mmomjianDoes anyone know how to get xev to capture wacom button inputs?02:54
cowranisbastidrazor AAA mmomjian thanks02:55
mmomjianDasEi: I'll try acpi02:55
trent1163can someone help me with backtrack?????02:55
RomDwhen clicking on a usb flash stick icon in nautilus' left sidebar, it automatically mounts the stick. what's the equivalent console command for that?02:55
ubottutrent1163: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:55
bastidrazor!backtrack | trent116302:55
ubottutrent1163: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:55
ajavidI am unable to install/remove/upgrade mysql-server <-> http://pastebin.com/9pQjQivc (Ubuntu 10.04)02:55
matthew123I'm created a launcher that uses gksudo in the command...is there away to integrate my password so i don't have to type it in when I click the launcher?02:56
acerimmer_trent1163: that channel is at #backtrack-linux02:56
relentlessmatthew123: why would you want to do that?02:57
mmomjianmatthew123: read up on visudo02:57
mmomjianyou can set it to not ask for your password for sudo use02:57
bastidrazormmomjian: that isn't exactly what he is asking.02:58
relentlessbastidrazor: that is exactly what he is asking02:58
relentlessgksudo is just a frontend to what is already in the sudoers02:59
Joshua_Robertslooking to see if anyone else has gotten this error:  nforce2_smbus: 0000:00:03.2: Error parsing SMB1  with 10.04 Lucid?02:59
Joshua_Robertsand if they know of a work around03:00
matthew123relentless the only way I can launch this program is by using sudo -H, otherwise it get this error that I haven't figured out03:00
ajavidhi, I am unable to install/remove/upgrade mysql-server <-> http://pastebin.com/9pQjQivc (Ubuntu 10.04)03:00
Joshua_RobertsIt seems that it may be linked to Grub2 as I don't remember the error appearing in 9.0403:01
matthew123mmomjian thanks for the advice I'll look into it03:01
mmomjianmatthew123: Have you tried removing the .program folder in your home directory?03:01
r0zzhi somebody can help me with an existential doubt, is strange bue only you can help me03:01
mmomjianbecause sudo -H uses a different home folder, that may be what fixes it03:01
mmomjianr0zz: ?03:01
hegajavid: sudo apt-get install mysql-server03:01
matthew123no I haven't I'll try that.03:02
darkholeHi guyz..03:02
darkholeI have a BIG problem. I just copy info from ext3 to ext4 partition and format the ext303:02
r0zzim studyin computer system, but love when im on console, im thinking that can i work03:02
* gbear14275 dances03:02
darkholeBut, now in the ext4 partition are missing many files.03:03
gbear14275It's working! It's Alive, ALIVE!!!03:03
darkholeBut, according to df -h the space is busy...03:03
mmomjianr0zz: do you have a question?03:03
ajavidheg, did you look at my pastebin?03:03
mmomjiandarkhole: Umm............. so your transfer was corrupted?03:03
darkholeCan you help me to restore this files, the files are there, but Nautilus can't see them03:03
r0zzwhat job can i take in free sw?03:03
chu__hey, sorry can anyone help me? I just re-installed Karmic (Lucid hates me... Long story) but now when I try to activate the graphics drivers via Hardware Drivers, nothing is found.. Do I need to download something like nvidia-183-kernel-source or whatever?03:04
darkholeI just made a fsck.ext4 -fvy /dev/sda703:04
Joshua_RobertsIs there a way for me to use Grub instead of Grub2 with 10.04?03:04
r0zzi have to work in other thing and take sw like a hobby?03:04
darkholeCan I restore or see again this files?03:04
mmomjian!ot | r0zz03:04
ubottur0zz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:04
aj5555gbear14275: frankistien lives!03:04
r0zzok thanks03:04
darkholeIs snome kid of problem with inodes?03:05
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: grub(1) is old03:05
bastidrazorJoshua_Roberts: yes, grub-legacy03:05
ubottujoshua-roberts: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:05
Joshua_RobertsI know that grub(1) is old, but it may be the reason that I can't use 10.04_x86_6403:05
relentlessRO, You system isnt x6403:06
AlcoholicHow do I install a Wine application so that it's available on the guest session so anyone can use it? The application I want working on the guest session is Steam.03:06
darkholemmomjian can I do something?03:06
acerimmer_Joshua_Roberts: what kind of errors?  grub2/9.10 was bad but I suspect 10.04/grub2 has all the fixes.03:06
mmomjiandarkhole: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery03:06
relentlessAlcoholic: Log in as guest and install it03:07
Joshua_Robertsnforce2_smbus: 0000:00:03.2: Error parsing SMB1  and similar for SMB2 on boot03:07
Alcoholicrelentless: Won't it go every time I logout as guest? I want it permanently there.03:07
Joshua_Robertsand my nvidia video drivers won't load03:07
relentlessAlcoholic: no it will be there03:07
Alcoholicrelentless: In /home/guest/.wine?03:08
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: Is this a fresh install03:08
relentlessAlcoholic: yeah03:08
Alcoholicrelentless: Thanks. I will try it now and get back to you in a moment. :)03:08
Joshua_Robertshere is a bug report  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57529603:08
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: I am confused did you use a x64 CD or a x8603:08
relentlessIs your system a 64bit processor?03:09
Joshua_RobertsI checked everything I could think of to check, or was advised to check.  all packages are x64   System is a socket 775 with Core2Quad03:09
Joshua_RobertsPAE enabled03:09
Joshua_Roberts8 gigs of ram03:09
relentlessthis is intel03:10
relentlessno AMD?03:10
Joshua_Robertswith nvidia chipset03:10
relentlessYou system isnt 64bit03:10
Alcoholicrelentless: I'm pretty sure this won't work; the guest's home directory is stored in /tmp so it'll be deleted on system reboot?03:10
relentlessreinstall using the correct CD03:10
Joshua_Robertsok so what is missing to make it x64 bit?03:10
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: a 64bit processor03:10
wildbatquestion~ can anyone point me to a direction how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?03:10
Joshua_Robertshmm so the core2quad is a 32bit processor?03:11
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: yes it is03:11
SirTopHatis there a way to insert a list of data into openoffice calc03:11
relentlessSirTopHat: copy paste?03:11
SirTopHatlike say this text file contains "1,2,5,4,3,7,4"03:11
SirTopHatthen it would put those numbers into places in the colomn03:11
aj5555Alcoholic: home stored in tmp?03:11
Joshua_Robertsok, so do I need to add any packages to allow x86 to use the quadcore and 8gigs of ram?03:12
relentlessJoshua_Roberts: No, You need to reinstall with the right CD03:12
Alcoholicaj5555: That's where Ubuntu's guest users have their home directories mounted.03:12
thune3ajavid: apt-get with the specific package name (instead of aptitude) give you the same error?03:12
jmad980Joshua_Roberts: x86_64 would do ya better most likly03:12
aj5555Alcoholic: oh guest users     ok03:13
Joshua_RobertsI am using x86_64....  relentless keeps insisting that it is the wrong release03:13
Alcoholicrelentless: I'm pretty sure this won't work; the guest's home directory is stored in /tmp so it'll be deleted on system reboot?03:13
relentlessjmad980: Cause the processor he told me isnt 64bit03:13
relentlessI jsut googled to double check03:13
relentlessunless I dont have the full info03:14
* jmad980 'd think it would be03:14
relentlessmaybe Im wrong03:14
bastidrazorJoshua_Roberts: do this: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep lm     ..if you get any output you have a 64bit processor03:14
relentlessAlcoholic: You can make a User03:14
Striking7Hey everyone. I have a processor that I'm pretty sure has SSE3, but when i cat /proc/cpuinfo sse3 isn't liste4d03:15
relentlessbastidrazor: im on a 32bit processor and I get output03:15
Striking7Is it possible that the kernel doesn't support it, but it's still in the cpu?03:15
darkholeSo, I lose my files?? Even if the disk is occupied by the info?? There is no methid to recover this files?03:15
chu__What changed, because now there are two drivers available.03:15
gOLDfeeshHey guys, So I was gonna download Ubuntu but on the site it say 64 bit not recommended for daily desktop...03:15
IdleOnegOLDfeesh: you can safely ignore that03:16
darkholeHelp, I need to recover some files, I just copied the files and the space is ocuppied but there are not all the files.03:16
littlebeargOLDfeesh: use 3203:16
bastidrazorrelentless: possibly you're using a 32bit OS but have a 64bit capable processor03:16
bastidrazorrelentless: the 'lm' flag indicates a 64 bit processor03:16
aj5555Strinking7  if cat /proc/cpuinfo says it isnt there then tuff luck!03:17
ajavidthe blind leading the blind... there is no real support here.03:17
gOLDfeeshwell when I try and use the 32 bit version it says invalid system architecture03:17
darkholeHelp, I need to recover some files, I just copied the files to a ext4 partition and the space is occupied but there are not all the files in one folder.03:17
aj5555ajavid     dont say that03:17
relentless/usr/bin/wgetpaste: line 729: /dev/stdin: No such device or address03:18
relentlessNo input read. Nothing to paste. Aborting.03:18
relentlessYour paste can be seen here: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/226747/03:18
chu__All heil Emacs03:18
relentlessbastidrazor: take a look03:18
Striking7aj5555: So you're saying it's not just that the kernel doesn't support it, but the CPU itself doesn't support it?03:18
=== gOLDfeesh is now known as afallenhope
darkholeHelp, I need to recover some files, I just copied the files to a ext4 partition and the space is occupied but there are not all the files in one folder.03:19
Joshua_Robertsbastidrazor ok I will next time I get my hands on the machine.  I ran uname -a and it reported a 64 bit processor.  but if cpuinfo is what I need to use then ok.03:19
bastidrazorrelentless: your processor is 64bit capable.03:19
aj5555Striking7: well thats what ur cpu suggests03:19
bastidrazorJoshua_Roberts: best of luck.03:20
darkholeMmm, I need help please, I need to recover some files, I just copied the files to a ext4 partition and the space is occupied but there are not all the files in one folder.03:20
Striking7aj5555: Just making sure that's not what the kernel suggests, and that it comes straight from the cpu instead03:20
relentlessbastidrazor: pffft03:20
DaviRRiRRi¿anybody with decorator windows problems produced for a intel video bug and xorg-edgers drivers?03:20
Joshua_RobertsI am going to try the 9.04 release and see if the issue goes away... see if it is just the new kernel03:20
darkholeNautilus can't see the info, but gparted and df -h tell me that this space is busy03:20
aj5555Strinking7  cat /proc/cpuinfo only speakes to your cpu03:21
afallenhopeso don't download 64bit?03:22
Zelaif im trying to log into a shell how do i chnage the port number?03:22
Striking7aj5555: Thanks, that's what I needed to hear03:22
Quozl10.04 alternate i386 on mac mini 2010.   Boots the installer, but can't find the CD afterwards.  "No common CD-ROM drive was detected".  Help.03:22
afallenhopeZed you have to change the port from /etc/shhd/sshd.conf03:22
bastidrazorrelentless: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/proc-cpuinfo-flag-lm-358563/03:23
afallenhopelike are you using openssh?03:23
afallenhope!openssh | Zela03:23
ubottuZela: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)03:23
thune3ajavid: we'll you are trying to install a package name that doesn't exist. So the presumption is to start at the beginning. Plus aptitude sometimes fail when apt-get doesn't.03:23
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.03:23
n2diy_I'm having a problem with Audacity, when I click on record, it freezes, I re-installed, no joy, completely removed it, and installed again, and the same thing is happening, ideas?03:23
ZelaI know that afallenhope but how do u change port numbers?03:24
afallenhopessh host -p port03:24
aj5555n2diy_: why not try VLC and see if it still happens03:25
=== mike_ is now known as Guest33029
acerimmer_n2diy_: join /#audacity03:25
n2diy_aj5555: what' s that, is it in synaptic?03:26
n2diy_acerimmer_: thanks, I didn't know they had a channel, thanks.h03:26
aj5555n2diy_: yeah Its called   Video Lan Client03:26
n2diy_aj5555: ok, will it complain if I don' have a camera?03:27
=== ferraro is now known as olala
aj5555n2diy_: am   not sure about that03:28
aj5555n2diy_: bit it dosent require a video cam!03:28
n2diy_aj5555: ok, I'll see what they say in #audacity, and if that doesn't work I'll try VLC, thanks.03:29
aj5555n2diy_: np03:29
stannew here03:30
AAA!ask | f_ , stan03:30
ubottuf_ , stan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:30
f_I am from brazil03:30
stanHow do I find the MAC number for a mobo NIC adapter?03:30
AAAstan  ifconfig | grep MAC03:31
AAAstan  or more specifically ifconfig etho | grep MAC or what ever iface you want to query03:31
AAAstan  sorry, grep HW03:32
stanThanks, some of the stuff for ubuntu 10.04 just doesn't work.03:32
wise_cryptAAA: you mean ifconfig | grep HWaddr03:33
AAAstan  what doesn't work? chances are good someone here can help fix them03:33
aj5555stan: ifconfig gives u all the info03:33
AAAwise_crypt  I realized my error and told them HW03:33
f_what're you the new version of ubuntu03:33
wise_cryptAAA: :)03:34
f_kkk :D03:34
Joshua_Robertshaving trouble finding downloads for older versions of ubuntu cd's not the dvd's  any help?03:34
f_so good!03:34
bastidrazorJoshua_Roberts: http://releases.ubuntu.com/03:35
wise_cryptJoshua_Roberts: what version ubuntu are you looking for actually ? see !eol and !upgrade03:36
Joshua_Robertsok.  9.0403:36
AAAJoshua_Roberts  you can also browse the mirrors. for example http://archaea.its.sfu.ca/mirror/ubuntu/dists/03:36
darkholeMmm, I need help please, I need to recover some files, I just copied the files to a ext4 partition and the space is occupied but there are not all the files in one folder.03:36
darkholeNautilus can't see the info, but gparted and df -h tell me that this space is busy03:36
Joshua_RobertsI want to test an older release on the machine that is giving me issues and see if it is 10.04 specific or a general linux issue with nvidia chipsets...03:36
f_try the manufacturer.03:36
wildbatquestion~ can anyone point me to a direction how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?03:37
wise_cryptJoshua_Roberts: releases.ubuntu.com03:37
stanThose were good commands but I got a "device not found" so I'll drop a new NIC card in tomorrow.03:37
Zelawhat if you need to put a username and port number in ssh what is it?03:37
ZelaI know its ssh host -p port but how do you add a username?03:38
bastidrazorZela: ssh -P portnumber user@host03:38
AAAstan  try $ ifconfig -a and see if you have what you're looking for. btw, what are you looking for? NIC or wireless or?03:38
glickexcuse me does anyone know why when i plug headphones into the front speaker jack of my computer it fades out to silence after about a minute?03:38
bastidrazorZela: i'm wrong -p not -P03:38
AAAZela  ssh -l<user>03:38
wise_crypt!sound > glick03:39
ubottuglick, please see my private message03:39
AAAZela  both user@host and -l<user> work. unless the port is different from 22 you don't need to specify a port, FYI03:40
aj5555Darkwhole please refrease03:40
wise_cryptglick: while you wait for the answer you can read them its a usefull info that ubottu gave you03:40
KingOfTheKilldoes anyone know howto setup a remote syslog server ?03:42
glickwise_crypt, yeah i did that stuff doent help03:42
AAAKingOfTheKill  it's been quite a while, but I have03:43
Jeeves_Mosshow can I fix this file error?  "dovecot: IMAP(scott@moseley.ca): Invalid data in file /mnt/raid/www_root/mail/moseley.ca/scott/.Sent/dovecot-uidlist"03:44
=== rabidweezle is now known as Type-O
Spyzerhow can i bypass the http proxy firewall in my location to enable torrents ??03:44
AAAKingOfTheKill  iirc, I used sylsog-ng with simple success03:44
Quozl10.04 alternate i386 on mac mini 2010.   Boots the installer, but can't find the SATA CD or HDD.  "No common CD-ROM drive was detected".  Help.03:44
=== mike is now known as Guest74349
wise_cryptglick: is ti an intel hda ?03:44
afallenhopeSpyzer try asking that in #security or #lame they might now03:44
Spyzerin transmission client i am passing the username and password as well as the ip of the proxy, but it ain't working03:45
KingOfTheKillAAA: did u have a server that you wanted to monitor?03:45
Spyzeri tried port forwarding03:45
wise_cryptglick: lspci | grep audio03:45
Spyzerbut if anyone can elaborate03:45
afallenhopeSpyzer that's a question for ##security03:45
AAAKingOfTheKill  I had one server collecting logs for multiple boxen03:45
=== kev is now known as Guest96503
KingOfTheKillAAA: okey...i'm now thinking that I might just use SSH if i want to check the logs03:46
Guest96503Ok, so, i screwed up a friend of mines computer and she lives several cities away from me. This is probably death to ask but is there a program in ubuntu or a different linux live cd in which can restore system registries and drivers for windows xp?03:46
afallenhope!tunnel | Spyzer03:46
xanguaGuest96503: no03:47
ninoscriptHi! a friend of mine has multiple OSs installed and he was asking me how could he know which partition had which operative system03:47
acerimmer_Quozl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook and be aware that installation to  a newly released mac may not be possible yet.03:47
Guest96503xangua> oh03:47
Jeeves_Mosshow can I fix this file error?  "dovecot: IMAP(scott@moseley.ca): Invalid data in file /mnt/raid/www_root/mail/moseley.ca/scott/.Sent/dovecot-uidlist"03:47
ValkyrieJeeves_Moss, It seems as though that file is corrupt.03:48
Quozlacerimmer_: thanks.  been there.  fyi, SATA AHCI PCI id 10de:0d85.  it matches macbookpro7,1.03:48
ValkyrieTry renaming it to dovecot-uidlist.bak03:48
Jeeves_MossValkyrie, yep, I know.  how do I fix it?03:48
acerimmer_Quozl: http://blog.costan.us/2009/03/ubuntu-810-or-904-on-mac-mini.html03:48
ValkyrieAnd, see if it creates a new one03:48
thune3darkhole: have you tried running du. maybe "du -ksc ." or "du -khsc ." at the base of the ext4 filesystem. is this total way off compared to df ?03:48
=== switchgirl is now known as darkNemisis
ValkyrieJeeves_Moss, What exactly is it?03:49
ValkyrieIt seems as though it's for a mail server.03:49
Quozlacerimmer_: thanks, been there too.  i suspect i shall have to replace the installer kernel.  i'm a developer, i guess i'm in the wrong place.  ;-}03:49
ValkyrieBut, I don't use ubuntu. I'm just here for support.03:49
Jeeves_MossValkyrie, what do you mean?03:49
AAAKingOfTheKill  remote syslog is not the most secure thing in the world. on a 10.4 box you can $ man rsyslog.conf and find the options for sending syslog to another machine. of course the other machine will need to be set to accept them. all in all, ssh is a good option. possibly rsync your logs to a central location via a cron job?03:49
=== radar3d|Con_Lv is now known as radar3d
ValkyrieJeeves_Moss, Well. First i'd have to know if it belongs to a program. Something like mutt, or Alpine03:49
con-manso I have this folder on my desktop that will not got away. I have tried "sudo rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty <folder name>"03:50
con-manthat seems to work03:50
wise_cryptQuozl: try #ubuntu-devel03:50
con-mandrops me down to the next line03:50
Valkyriecon-man, But, it comes back?03:50
con-manbut the folder is still on the dkestop03:50
Quozlwise_crypt: thanks.03:50
AAAcon-man  the file is file/dir is probably in use then03:50
Valkyriecon-man, Have you tried refreshing? I think Ubuntu still uses nautilus03:50
wise_cryptQuozl: no problem03:50
NitsugaAAA, is that possible con linux?03:50
con-manValkyrie, lol yup03:50
Valkyriecon-man, You've tried refreshing?03:51
AAAcon-man  oh, the command returns a newline? hrm.03:51
ValkyrieMy onl advice would be to pkill nautilus. And, restart it03:51
ValkyrieThat *should* fix the problem.03:51
NitsugaAAA, i've never seen a "in use" warnin in linux, unless i've mounted something there, or from there03:51
con-mancon-man@con-man-desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty r8168-8.018.00/03:51
AAANitsuga  yes. you can not delete a file that is in use. it may -look- like you did, but it is still there until the process owning it dies03:51
Valkyriecon-man, sudo rm -rf?03:51
ValkyrieThat will FORCE it to delete.03:51
=== prof_away is now known as Prof_BiG_BanG
NitsugaAAA, yes, i know that, but the file is inaccessible to all other proceses03:52
AAAValkyrie  still. if the file is in use, it will still appear there03:52
con-manValkyrie, never saw those flags in the --help, let me give it a try03:52
ValkyrieAAA, really?03:52
NitsugaAAA, and you can make another of the same name and everything goes fine03:52
ValkyrieAAA, I don't use Ubuntu anymore. I'm just here for support03:52
ValkyrieSo, I don't know what they've changed03:52
ValkyrieLinux fallen 2.6.34-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon May 17 08:36:58 UTC 2010 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux03:53
ValkyrieArch Linux ^^03:53
nUboon2Agecan I get help with gpg?  I'm trying to enter my OpenPGP keys into launchpad.  I get the encrypted e-mail and copy the relevant text to a file. When I run $ gpg --decrypt pgpkeys.txt it responds...03:53
con-manAAA its an empty folder with a folder in it that is also empty03:53
Nitsugacon-man, -r = recursive -f = force deletion03:53
derekshey all, might not be in the right place for this, but let me know. i am interested in setting up a linux box in my house to do dns, authentication (ldap), posibly NAS, etc. Ideally, want to run on a small atom machine. Any easy to use Small Business distros you knwo of? maybe one with a nice web UI?   built on ubuntu? I need it to replace an old windows box...03:53
con-manAAA, so what could be using it03:53
AAAValkyrie  take this example. 4G iso. cdrecord is doing something with it and you try to delete it. the file will appear to go away, but df -h still shows that 4G being used03:53
nUboon2Agegpg: encrypted with ELG-E key, ID 76AC2B76 (newline) gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available03:53
ValkyrieAAA, True. but, I thought that only happened when something was mounted.03:53
ValkyrieLike, you can't eject you sr0 when your disk is mounted03:54
KingOfTheKilldereks: you could check out ClearOS03:54
AAAcon-man  don't know.  if you've done rm -rf like suggested, and it didn't go away then either a) your are rm'n the wrong directory or b) something has a hold of it. use lsof to find out what03:54
dereksKingOfTheKill: lemme look03:54
AAAValkyrie  if it weren't mounted you couldn't rm it03:54
KingOfTheKilldereks: http://www.clearfoundation.com/Software/overview.html03:54
Valkyriecon-man, Or, you could 'init 6' to remove all your problems03:54
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto03:54
Valkyrie(Don't actually!)03:55
AAAValkyrie  bad advice to kid about imho03:55
GanymedeAAA, i'd like to point out that testdisk actually searches for lost partitions and not lost filesystems on those partitions...linux is seeing the partition just fine but it thinks there is no filesystem on that partition, just random bytes maybe03:55
ValkyrieI actually, would love to see someone switch to runlevel 6 just for kicks03:55
ValkyrieAAA, You think so? xD03:55
con-manAAA, found a hidden folder but check this03:55
con-mancon-man@con-man-desktop:~/Desktop/r8168-8.018.00/src$ chmod 777 .tmp_versions/03:55
con-manchmod: changing permissions of `.tmp_versions/': Operation not permitted03:55
AAAGanymede  it was worth a try.03:55
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: unfortunately i've been back and forth through that Howto w/o luck03:56
ValkyrieAAA, It's pretty easy to counter-act. Just chroot from livecd03:56
aj5555Valkyrie: u dont really need ubuntu support03:56
AAAcon-man  sounds like it is owned by root03:56
=== no-name is now known as Guest36590
con-manAAA, so chown?03:56
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: it's not very intuitive or understandable a tutorial>>this one?  http://www.pitt.edu/~poole/PGP.htm03:56
Valkyrieaj5555, I'm not here to 'get' ubuntu support03:56
ValkyrieI'm here to give it.03:56
Valkyrieaj5555, Considering, most likely. I'm more experianced with Linux than half of you people03:56
ValkyrieOperating system aside.03:57
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: just so you know i followed the first one basically step by step but w/o change in error message.03:57
dereksKingOfTheKill: thats pretty nice03:57
con-mancon-man@con-man-desktop:~/Desktop/r8168-8.018.00/src$ chmod 777 .tmp_versions/03:57
con-manchmod: changing permissions of `.tmp_versions/': Operation not permitted03:57
AAAValkyrie  indeed. but folks have some amount of 'trust' for what the helpers here say. and may not always get your, j/k after. reboot won't norally kill anyones day, but I'm just sayin'03:57
con-manerr waot03:57
GanymedeAAA, yeah, i'm doing photorec now as we speak03:57
AAAcon-man  chown, or sudo rm or something. ls -l /path to see who owns it first03:57
con-mancon-man@con-man-desktop:~/Desktop/r8168-8.018.00/src$ chown con-man .tmp_versions/03:57
con-manchown: changing ownership of `.tmp_versions/': Operation not permitted03:57
con-manoh wait03:57
ValkyrieAAA, It won't just reboot. Runlevel six (unless they changed it in ubuntu) Will continually reboot untill forced into another runlevel.03:57
KingOfTheKilldereks: yeah it's kinda cool :)03:57
=== radar3d is now known as radar3d|Zzz
AAAcon-man  you don't have to retype/repaste so quick. I haven't forgotten ya03:58
* aj5555 Valkyrie AAA, I don't use Ubuntu anymore. I'm just here for support03:58
KingOfTheKilldereks: and its pretty easy to maintain03:58
un214yeah, don't set your system to start at runlevel 603:58
ValkyrieSupporting other people, aj555503:58
con-manAAA, Valkyrie, folder is gone, thanks much for the help.  just had to chown the hidden folder03:58
AAAValkyrie  huh? init 6 has always been reboot, unless the new upstart changes that03:58
dereksKingOfTheKill: can i pm you (got some questions)03:58
Valkyriecon-man, Anytime03:58
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.03:58
ValkyrieAAA, 6 is constant reboot, if i'm not mistaen03:58
AAAcon-man  cool03:58
AAAValkyrie  you are mistaken my friend03:59
un214if there is an /etc/inittab what happens03:59
ValkyrieWell, it's constant reboot via Arch03:59
* Valkyrie Shrugs03:59
AAAun214  you better hope you have an inittab! init is process 1 in *nix03:59
un214there is no /etc/inittab by default on ubuntu04:00
KingOfTheKilldereks: yeah04:00
Valkyrieun214, Nothing, really04:00
AAAValkyrie  give it a go on your box, you'll reboot once just like with shutdown -r now or reboot =p04:00
un214gets ignored huh04:00
ValkyrieAAA, I have before. I had to chroot in.04:00
ValkyrieI'm not sure if they changed it, though04:00
* aj5555 Valkyrie wel thats me told!04:00
glicki hope the koala to lucid distro upgrade works without a hitch04:00
n2diy_aj5555: why you suggest I use VLC? You can't record with it!04:00
AAAun214  what the huh? what happen to inittab? sheesh04:01
Valkyrien2diy_, Yes youcan04:01
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: in that one they seem to be explaining a Windoze program that is installed on their machines.04:01
un214I was diappointed too04:01
aj5555n2diy_: yes you can!04:01
KingOfTheKilldereks: hold on a sec irssi is having a problem04:01
n2diy_aj5555: how, I just had it open, and there was no record button?04:01
Valkyrieaj5555, Do I know you from somewhere?04:01
Quozl( for the record before i go ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/576601 looks like where my problem is heading and a live cd iso image is available as of two hours ago ... MacBookPro7,1 and also Macmini4,1 )04:01
Valkyrieo O04:01
AAAValkyrie  I've never experienced that with init 6 before. odd04:01
un214unfortunately trying to switch back to sysvinit is impossible these days since they broke the core dependencies rather badly04:02
glickhopefully the upgrade will fix my souind problem04:02
AAAValkyrie  then again, I thought ubuntu still had an inittab...04:02
ValkyriexD! That's true, AAA04:02
nUboon2Agecan I get help with gpg?  I'm trying to enter my OpenPGP keys into launchpad.  I get the encrypted e-mail and copy the relevant text to a file. When I run $ gpg --decrypt pgpkeys.txt it responds gpg: encrypted with ELG-E key, ID 76AC2B76 (newline) gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available04:02
rtronki am in the directory with *green in ls* ./ventrilo_srv  says no such file / dir04:02
n2diy_aj5555: ok, now I'm in the menus, apparently I have to setup the capture device?04:02
Valkyrien2diy_, Or select one04:03
celeritasim trying to install powertop but it requires config_debug_kernel. anybody know of a way around redoing the kernel?04:03
rtronkcan anyone help me?04:03
AAAnUboon2Age  you need to give it a key to decrypt with I think04:03
Valkyrien2diy_, If i'm not mistaken, Ubuntu automatically mous any/all capture devices under /dev/04:03
ValkyrieShould be something like04:03
Valkyrie /dev/video1-904:03
ValkyrieI through nine.04:03
glickhas anyone done the upgrade from koala to lucid?04:03
ValkyrieMy god xD04:03
glickis it pretty smooth?04:04
glickor will it break my stuff?04:04
Quozlhave a great day guys, bye.04:04
un214too bad really, I think a linux system should show some of that ancient power it inherited from the seventies04:04
un214like an old mansion04:04
AAAnUboon2Age  gpg -K should list your keys04:04
leo_alguem br ai?04:04
zkriesseglick: It depend04:04
IdleOne!br | leo_04:04
ubottuleo_: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:04
glickzkriesse, on what04:04
aj5555n2diy_: what are u trying to do?04:05
zkriesseglick: Well install is ALWAYS better than an upgrade04:05
AAAnUboon2Age  you may need to --import your key for decrypting04:05
thoweAfter my parents did a recent upgrade of Hardy, they no longer have a working display.04:05
Valkyriethowe, You shouldn't be complaining04:05
ValkyrieI'm ridiculed in this household for using Linux.04:05
thoweInstead, after the POST, it displays a message that says "PC DISPLAY SETTINGS CORRECT?"04:05
n2diy_aj5555: I want to record sound from my microphone.04:05
harry-houdini1hello i am using 10.04 and have a raid 5 array, I notices to partitions on one of the devices have been removed from the array. How do I get it to put it back to full working order?04:06
thoweAn older boot CD works, but a newer 10.04 CD does not.  So this is clearly something that changed in X11(?)04:06
nUboon2AgeAAA: okay when I do gpg -k I get a response.  What info do i need from that?04:06
aj5555n2diy_: well I cant help you sorry04:06
thoweAh, lord.  Is this one of those channels that just scrolls chatter so fast there is no hope of help?04:07
IdleOnethowe: no but it does require patience04:07
un214only for users of foul language04:07
AAAnUboon2Age  you need the key for the .txt you are trying to decrypt.  my guess is it is not there and you need to import that key.04:07
n2diy_aj5555: Do I need to create a link between my sound card mic and /dev/dsp? This might explain my Audacity trouble also.04:07
IdleOnethowe: also more details about the issue you are experiencing04:07
Valkyriethowe, I'm not sure if Ubuntu 10.04 uses Xorg1.804:07
ValkyrieIf they do. Then try opening a TTY, and doing basic Xorg configuration04:08
ValkyrieGive us your Xorg.log04:08
ValkyrieAnd, be patient.04:08
nUboon2AgeAAA: okay that seems to make sense.  How do I do that?04:08
ValkyrieWe'll get to you04:08
thoweThat's everything.  It now just displays that message on the screen and then goes to a black screen.04:08
FloodBot1Valkyrie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
IdleOne!enter > Valkyrie04:08
celeritasguess ill recompile04:08
ubottuValkyrie, please see my private message04:08
towardmevery light-speed question: What software should I download in order to use linux softwares on Windows platform (XP)04:08
olskolirc!enter > olskolirc04:08
ubottuolskolirc, please see my private message04:08
thoweI was going to walk them through putting settings into their xorg.conf, but it seems grub no longer displays as well...04:08
magus_Is there a separate channel for netbook ubuntu, or is it all in here?04:09
aj5555n2diy_: I dont use Audicty for my sound input04:09
=== magus_ is now known as Devrethman
Valkyriethowe, Grub doesn't display? That's not Xorg then.04:09
un214it's an emulator04:09
ValkyrieThat's frame buffer04:09
AAAnUboon2Age  whomever sent you the .txt should have the key. you simply need to get it and do $ gpg --import <key file name>04:09
IdleOnetowardme: ask in ##windows but I don't think that is possible.04:09
thoweValkyrie, the settings must be somewhere...04:09
towardmethis question is best answered here04:09
IdleOnetowardme: not really. You are loking for windows support04:10
Valkyriethowe, To be honest. I've never heard of Frame Buffer NOT working. That's quite odd. Have you tried chrooting in from a boot CD, and changing your own settings?04:10
towardmeI don't get it04:10
un214idleOne: actually somebody made a loader that can load linux binaries on windows -- it forwarded all calls to cygwin04:10
n2diy_aj5555: Ok, I'm just trying to use anything to record from the mic now, once I know the sound card is working, I can argue with audacity.04:10
Valkyrietowardme, Use Wine.04:10
DevrethmanValkyrie: I had a framebuffer not work once, but it was because my graphics card was actually broken.04:10
thoweValkyrie, Yeah, an old Ubuntu CD works, but a newer one does not.04:10
un214Valkyrie: he's asking the opposite question04:10
nUboon2AgeAAA: Have you entered an OpenPGP key into Launchpad?  They sent me an e-mail... I'll go look for it to see if it says anything about their key.04:10
Valkyriethowe, Then, chroot in!04:10
towardmevalkyrie :)04:11
aj5555n2diy_: argue with?04:11
Devrethmanthowe: I definitely just had that problem, but as I said, my GFX card was broken. You might want to make sure yours isn't.04:11
Valkyrietowardme, You want to use Linux binaries on windows?04:11
towardmelinux sofewares ON Windows04:11
ValkyrieI think you're half-nuts!04:11
un214I don't04:11
gbear14275would someone kindly try to login to my server using ssh (just setup key based login and hoping it kicks back any password attempts)04:11
Vigotowardme: Actually none, just look at sourceforge.net, or many other places, fsfdirectory.org and others have *nix programs that also may have binary or Windows installers.04:11
n2diy_aj5555: yes, I can't record in audacity, and you told me to try vlc.04:11
IdleOneValkyrie: Please stay on topic and do not call people nuts.04:11
thoweDevrethman, again, if a CD before this change was made is booted to (such as 6.10) it works fine.04:11
un214when one must bridge using ssh, etc. on windows is better than the other way as often as not04:11
Valkyriegbear14275, I will04:11
towardmevigo: many good softwares are linux-only04:12
Devrethmanthowe: sorry I'm walking into the middle of this converstaion. What change?04:12
AAAnUboon2Age  I have not. but if they sent you an encrypted mail ther is bound to be a link to the key somewhere04:12
aj5555n2diy_: yeah VLC if nothing else worked!04:12
thoweDevrethman, It stopped working after they ran an update in Hardy.04:12
Valkyriegbear14275, It asks me to input password04:12
gbear14275Valkyrie: thanks, will try again04:12
ValkyrieNot a problem04:12
Vigotowardme: I prefer all *nix, I went out the Window 8 years ago, have not missed anything.04:12
nUboon2AgeAAA: It says: This message contains the instructions for confirming registration of an OpenPGP key for use in Launchpad.  The confirmation instructions have been encrypted with the OpenPGP key you have attempted to register.04:13
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
ValkyrieI don't like openPGP encryption =/04:13
AAAnUboon2Age  aha, it is encryped with your gpg key. is your key in the list of $ gpg -k?04:13
n2diy_aj5555: well, I haven't found the magic to record in VLC, it doesn't even have a record button, I'm wading through the menus now.04:13
ValkyrieBecause, half the time it gets sent to people's Junkmail04:13
un214I feel like converting mono.snk to pgp format and registering using that04:13
AAAnUboon2Age  the same key you used on the site should be in your secret key list04:13
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: i config'd my evolution mail handler into the security settings04:13
nUboon2AgeAAA: well it looks like it.  how can I confirm?04:14
harry-houdini1never mind found my answer here http://www.technibble.com/forums/showthread.php?t=900604:14
aj5555n2diy_: well u have to tell it what to record04:14
AAAnUboon2Age  hrm.  so what happens when you do gpg -d <file.txt> ? pretty sure it should dump, possibly, a new file in your pwd04:15
AAAnUboon2Age  my apologies, I haven't used gpg for sometime04:16
un214what do you suppose the response would be for someone using a well-known public/private key pair for their account04:16
n2diy_aj5555: well, that is my problem, it wants to use /dev/dsp, and I don't think my realtex 8235 is using that.04:16
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
nUboon2Ageaj5555: acerimmer_  I wish.  No, that's when I get the error message: gpg: encrypted with ELG-E key, ID 76AC2B76; gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available04:16
AAAun214  the public part should be public and the private part private?04:17
DevrethmanHow do I make ubuntu netbook not require my password when it comes back from screensaver?04:17
un214see mono.snk: both parts are deliberately public04:17
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: are you confident that you set it up correctly on your machine?  verified?04:17
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: how do I verify?04:17
gbear14275this is frustrating... grr... ok just disabled rsaauthentication and pubkeyauthentication and reloaded the config file and its still allowing me to login using keys... what am I doing wrong here...04:17
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
naples_guySystem: Dell 1721 notebook.  9.04 installed.  Broadcomm bcm43.  On bootup, 'lshw -C network' shows network: DISABLED.  Go to System > Admin > Hardware Drivers and the Broadcomm Driver is installed but not in use.  DeActivate and then Activate and I have wireless.  I need this to happen on startup.  Any ideas appreciated!04:18
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: gpg --export -a <key ID> mykey.asc04:18
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: I used Seahorse to create the OpenPGP keys.04:19
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: Yes, i did that using my key id.04:19
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: ah.  totally unfamiliar with that.04:19
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: Seahorse is the Gnome wrapper around gpg.04:19
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: I'll stick with terminal so:  gpg --list-keys04:20
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: it has one w/ my e-mail account and two others listed (don't know who they are, maybe that was a 'bonus' that Seahorse gave me).04:21
thune3thowe: what hardware is this on? i'm wondering if you are affected with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes04:21
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: should I pastebin it or would that be giviing too much info away?04:21
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: don't paste!04:22
thoweI'm gonna try this: http://www.hotubuntunews.com/blog_03.shtml04:22
VigoDerethman: Get a response?04:22
scott__hi there i would like to know how to get super user set up with password04:22
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: ok sounds like the keys are in place on your computer.  so, did you properly send them to launchpad?  i.e with the tutorial strictly followed?04:22
indierossanybody aware of how to manually change the ubuntu icon in the menu-bar in 10.0404:23
naples_guySystem: Dell 1721 notebook.  9.04 installed.  Broadcomm bcm43.  On bootup, 'lshw -C network' shows network: DISABLED.  Go to System > Admin > Hardware Drivers and the Broadcomm Driver is installed but not in use.  DeActivate and then Activate and I have wireless.  I need this to happen on startup.  Please04:23
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: I believe so, is there anything i can do to verify?04:23
VigoDeverethman: Did you get a response?04:23
safeWhy can't I access the usual right-click menu in Nautilus?04:23
scott__hi there i would like to know how to get super user set up with password for ubuntu 10.0404:23
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <KEY-ID>04:23
safeI have elementary-nautilus04:23
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: yes, but I'll do it again...04:24
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: fyi: ubuntu keyserver was down without explanation for days last week.  your message might not have got through04:24
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
sean74hi there04:24
Vigo!root | scott__04:24
ubottuscott__: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:24
sean74need some help on dhcp3-server start before network up04:25
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: it responded with:     gpg: sending key FEF13D7D to hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com04:25
scott__thank you04:25
Vigoscott__: You are welcome.04:26
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: ok then it actually went out.  now you should have to just decrypt and read teh incoming message and follow directions there...04:26
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: is there a way to see if the keyserver recieved it?  I mean it looks like it was sent, but what about recieved?04:26
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: the verification email will tell you.  there is no command line feedback other than the one you noticed.04:27
sean74hi hi04:27
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: what email handler?  evolution?04:28
Sivikalright, i have a gpt partition and I want to have linux be able to read the partition but I don't want to lose what I already have there.  All I can find is how to create a new one which kills whats already there.04:28
sean74does anyone had problem on dhcp3-server start before eth up?04:28
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: unfortunately gmail.04:28
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: it's okay!  but think about evolution.  anyway you access gmail via ffireox?04:29
=== charlie is now known as grumete
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: yes, through swiftfox.04:29
scottwolchokis there any way to disable plymouth?04:30
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: ok.  nother new one on me.  anyway, since you're not using an email reader, it believe you must configure your browser with a pgp plugin.04:30
nUboon2Agescottwolchok: I believe I read there is a way, though I don't remember the details.04:30
gbear14275Valkyrie: ok... so I tested it some... turns out my initial trials were foiled when I forgot to escalate priveleges when I tried to reload the config file.   Solved that (duh).  Could you give it one more shot for me?04:31
cj_Alguem que sabe configurar o virtualbox para x64?04:31
ubottucj_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:31
scottwolchokI'm trying to do kernel dev and it seems to cause nondeterministic soft lockups at least some of the time that are making me think my kernels are broken04:31
xanguathat's not spanish, is portuguese acerimmer_04:31
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: That's where I ran into the problems and tried to use plain old CL. oh, it just struck me that maybe I could import to evolution.04:32
acerimmer_xangua: *blush* what can I say.  I'm american.  that means I barely speak english and certainly no foreign languages...04:32
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: NOW you're talking.04:32
gbear14275or could anyone here give me a hand and see if I disabled password login effectively.  IP is
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: I read evolution has gpg/pgpg preset.04:32
cj_Someone who knows how to configure virtualbox x64?04:33
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: no you have to configure it.  use the tutorial  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto04:33
rsmith16384virtualbox for what?04:33
aj5555cj_ configure virtual box 64?04:33
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: reading open pgp e-mail section04:33
rsmith16384certainly not reliable usb 2.0 support04:33
Valkyriegbear14275, I sure can04:33
aj5555cj_ it dosent need to be configured04:34
ValkyriePermission denied (publickey_04:34
ValkyrieGood job ^^04:34
gbear14275thanks again Valkyrie!04:34
* aj5555 Valkyrie wel thats me told!04:34
aj5555oppps older stuff!04:35
blue_foxim trying to open package manager and it keeps sayin something else is using it... what command do i run to see what processes are running so i can kill one of them? ps -l or something04:35
nUboon2Agetowardme: there's also Wubi04:37
sebsebsebscottwolchok: yes well  you can easilly get a text mode instead04:37
Vigoblue_fox: top?04:37
sebsebsebscottwolchok: text boot I mean,  plymouth package itself is part of ubuntu-desktop so would take a load of other stuff you would want with it04:38
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: I'm embarrased to say I'm not finding evolution on my menus.  any idea where I'd find it?  I'm pretty sure i didn't uninstall it or anything.04:39
sebsebsebscottwolchok: however this stops plymouth being used, still here?04:39
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: Applicatoins>Office...04:39
r3mHi I have a linux router and one machine plugged on the linux router. If my cable is deconnected and I replug it (rj45 cable) I cant ping the router on my other machine. I need to reboot the linux router. What can cause that04:39
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: AAA: got it.  thnx. opening now..04:40
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: then you've got to set up your gmail account ...  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution04:40
sivikanyone able to read/mount a already created partition via gpt04:40
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: and I04:40
Vigoblue_fox: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal and http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/show-all-running-processes-in-linux/04:40
acerimmer_nUboon2Age: andi I've got to get going.  good luck.04:40
wifiguymaybe a problem with the DHCP server?04:41
nUboon2Ageacerimmer_: thanks!04:41
=== sandy is now known as Guest68295
Guest68295what anti virus works with this04:42
sebsebsebscottwolchok: right you gone away it seems, so channel and pm, for the fix,  then you probably won't miss it04:42
aj5555hi sebsebseb04:43
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: no I think scottwolchok; is still here.  Try again...04:44
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: in the channel yes, but no reply here04:44
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: Ah, gotcha.04:44
sebsebsebaj5555: hi04:44
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: well what can happen when reply to something a few minutes after04:45
gbear14275Valkyrie: you still around?  Got one more question about the printing of the MOTD.  For some reason when using password login this works but after setting up keys it goes away... the nice thing was that during logons it would tell you if the server required a reboot...  is there any way to re-enable this?04:45
Valkyriegbear14275, I'm not entirely sure.04:45
ValkyriePasswordless logins don't show a MOTD?04:46
sebsebsebscottwolchok: remove plymouth-label, plymouth-theme-ubuntu-{logo,text}, and plymouth-x11; then remove "splash" from /etc/default/grub and do sudo update-grub04:46
aj5555sebsebseb: I was told to u quiet cool !04:46
Valkyrieaj5555, You is not speak english first language?04:46
aj5555sebsebseb: I was told to ur* quiet cool !04:46
ValkyrieThat, or you're six.04:46
sebsebsebaj5555: You think I am quite cool?  Ok thats nice!04:47
sebsebsebor I mean someone said that to you?04:47
Guest68295i need an anti virus for ubuntu please04:47
aj5555sebsebseb: well  my friends said so04:47
sebsebsebthis isn't a factoid I am likely to use, but i'll do it this time04:47
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.04:47
LJRuffGuest10358: Do you have a virus?04:48
LJRuffGuest68295, my bad04:48
sebsebsebaj5555: ok lets go pm04:48
scottwolchoksebsebseb: thanks04:48
LJRuffGuest68295: Do you have a virus?04:48
Guest68295LJRuff i dont think so but i dont know and would like to make sure04:48
sebsebsebscottwolchok: yeah sometimes it kind of crashes Plymouth does on a theme04:48
sebsebsebscottwolchok: in 10.04,  I guess thats what you meant?04:49
LJRuffGuest68295: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) does not suffer from viruses like other operating systems.04:49
LJRuffGuest68295: I have been using Ubuntu for almost three years and have never even had spyware, much less a virus. =)04:49
Guest68295LJRuff what about tracking cookies and other things04:49
sebsebseb!virus | Guest6829504:49
ubottuGuest68295: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:49
LJRuffGuest68295: Just use your browser to clear cookies or delete them manually.04:50
Guest68295ubottu ok then what could slow my system down?04:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:50
LJRuffGuest68295: Is your computer running more slowly than usual?04:51
Guest68295LJRuff yes a little04:51
ValkyrieLittle question for y'all.04:53
ValkyrieAnyone here having problems keeping a iPod touch connected completely?04:53
sebsebsebaj5555: channel reply to pm as well :D   Yes I can be very helpful when it comes to helping with Ubuntu and such :)04:53
LJRuffGuest68295: Make sure you have all the latest updates and then reboot to make sure any processes aren't running that you don't need.04:53
ValkyrieI'm doing a restore via VirtualBox. But, every 5-10 mins my iPod unconnects for but a second04:53
cj_Someone who knows how to configure virtualbox to run x64 system?04:53
ValkyrieMaking the restore process fail.04:53
Pr3nt1c3I'm running lucid... and I"m trying to get my dvb card working... is there a simple way to upgrade to mythbuntu?04:54
Guest68295LJRuff all so do i need to have windows on this system at all or can i delete it.04:54
sivikcj_, is your host system 64 bit?04:54
cj_Slackware 13.104:54
sivikcj_, is it 64 bit?04:54
LJRuffGuest68295: That depends on your personal preferences. If you are going to need to run .exe's, games, etc. then I would consider keeping it.04:55
Pr3nt1c3I'm running x64... can I just use synaptic to d/l all the mythbuntu stuff and 'hey presto' be running mythbuntu? or do I have to install from scratch?04:55
sivikcj_, then as long as you have the virtulzation enabled in bios, you should be able to run a virtual 64 machine without any issues.04:55
LJRuffI personally do not use Windows except when required at work or for a friend. My personal system runs Linux alone.04:55
Guest68295LJRUff ok because i havent been able to open windows at all.04:55
LJRuffGuest68295: Dual boot?04:55
Guest68295LJRuff yes04:56
cj_have to enable in the bios? how?04:56
thoweso, my father has determined that booting to the slightly older kernel from before the update works, but the newer kernel drops hiim to the blank screen.04:56
sivikyou have to reboot the computer and enabled it in bios, should be under virtualzation or something.04:57
alketiihow to install Adobe Air in amd54 ?04:57
Pr3nt1c3it would seem the site gives good info04:57
=== log|in is now known as log|out
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !kvm is the preferred approach in Ubuntu.  See also !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:57
cj_tanks, i test04:58
macd_eee!qemu > macd04:58
macd_eee!qemu > macd_eee04:58
ubottumacd_eee, please see my private message04:58
macd_eeespecific channel for qemu/kvm help ?04:58
scottwolchokmacd_eee: uh, #qemu?04:59
=== macd_eee is now known as macd
Guest68295LJRuff yes it is a duel boot system05:01
macoGuest68295: ooh which is winning?05:02
adarshai'm not able to use apt-get install to install any package. i get and error saying package 'x' doesn't have an installation candidate. please help.05:02
Guest68295maco ubuntu windows will not open at all.05:02
Valkyrieadarsha, You've updated apptitude?05:02
ValkyrieSynced it?05:03
adarshaValkyrie:no. i upgraded from 9.10 to lucid. since then this problem05:05
EsatHow can i download videa with Transmission BitTorrent Client?05:05
Valkyrieadarsha, Well, first things first. Sync aptitude05:05
adarshaValkyrie, how do i do it?05:05
ValkyrieYou know what aptitude is, right?05:05
adarshait's used for installing packages i guess...05:06
ValkyrieAptitude is apt-get.05:06
ValkyrieIt's your package manager05:06
* Valkyrie Facepalms05:06
ValkyrieI don't use Ubuntu and I know this05:06
adarshaok, how do i sync it?05:06
Valkyrieadarsha, You familiar with man pages?05:06
Valkyrieman aptitude.05:07
ValkyrieI know it may sound harsh05:07
ValkyrieBut, it teaches you to think for yourself.05:07
william_1234alguien sabe español05:07
adarshaValkyrie, it's ok.. :) i'm readin the man now...05:07
shane2peru_lapto!es | william_123405:08
ubottuwilliam_1234: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:08
Valkyrie(: Thank you, adarsha05:08
Guest68295maco any suggestions as to opening windows05:08
Valkyrieadarsha, You see. Alot of people wouldn't take kindly to me saying 'RTFM' But. It really helps people in the future05:08
william_1234ok gracias05:08
Valkyrieadarsha, If you've genuinely looked. Come back and i'll just tell you05:08
axion_I am having very strange behavior of the network manager05:09
Valkyriewait a sec05:09
shane2peru_laptoValkyrie, give a man a fish, he will come back for more, teach a man to fish, and you fed him for a life time. :)05:09
Valkyrieshane2peru_lapto, Exactly (:05:10
Valkyrieadarsha, I just realized something. You weren't just 'apt-get packagehere' right?05:10
ValkyrieIt's supposed to be 'apt-get install packagehere'05:10
=== novice is now known as infotech
ValkyrieJust making sure05:10
adarshaValkyrie: i used sudo05:10
Valkyrieadarsha, You *did* put install after apt-get. Right?05:11
shane2peru_laptoadarsha, right, 'sudo apt-get install package'  that is the command05:11
axion_if I have wireless networking disabled before shutting down, when the system comes up again alll networking is disabled05:11
adarshaI'm doing sudo aptitude update, but it gives an error05:11
adarshaI used install05:11
Valkyrieadarsha, What's the error?05:11
adarshaValkyrie, Err http://ubuntuarchive.hnsdc.com lucid-security/restricted Sources05:11
adarsha  Unable to connect to
Valkyrieadarsha, One: Are you connected to the internet on that computer?05:12
ValkyrieAnd, two: Try changing sources05:12
adarshaValkyrie, yes, i'm using the same system now..05:12
ValkyrieOkay, just making sure05:12
Valkyrieadarsha, Try changing which source you pull from05:12
ValkyrieThere should be many more than just on repo05:13
adarshai get a similar error when i try to update. i tried many different sources ( for different countries) it gives the same error, and the same ip05:13
ValkyrieWell. It shouldn't be giving the same IP.05:13
ValkyrieBecause, each repo is a different IP05:14
VigoI use Main Server05:14
ValkyrieVigo, You shouldn't05:14
ValkyrieMain server is throttled =P05:14
adarshai know... i couldn't figure out y..05:14
ValkyrieMeaning, slower download rates05:14
VigoThank you.05:14
adarshai even tried the main server, gives the same error..05:14
ValkyrieVigo, Just giving you a heads up05:14
Valkyrieadarsha, One second. I'll look this up for you.05:15
VigoValkyrie: Yes, I understand, Thank you.05:15
adarshaValkyrie, thanks! :)05:15
ValkyrieYou're saying, that you COMMENTED out all other repos?05:15
ValkyrieExcept the one you were trying?05:15
ValkyrieBecause, Aptitude goes through the first repo it sees uncommented05:15
adarshaValkyrie, no, in administration, i have software sources, where i selected the server05:16
ValkyrieOh. Yea. You have a different system than me.05:16
ValkyrieUgh. One sec05:16
ValkyrieYou think you could handle manually changing the servers?05:16
adarshayup, how do i do it?05:17
Valkyrieadarsha, In PM, do you mind doing this '/exec -o ls /etc/apt/'05:18
ValkyrieWithout the quotes05:18
adarshaValkyrie, in the terminal?05:19
Valkyrieadarsha, No no, do this /msg Valkyire05:19
ValkyrieThen, do /exec -o ls /etc/apt/05:19
ValkyrieSo, PM me05:20
Jordan_UValkyrie: Any reason you want him to PM you rather than use pastebin?05:20
=== david is now known as Guest66477
adarshawhat is PM?05:21
ValkyrieJordan_U, PM'ing is easier, than opening a fcking browser05:21
ValkyrieGoign to pastebin.com05:21
ValkyrieAnd, copying and pasting05:21
Valkyriewhen you can just do a one line command.05:21
Jordan_U!language | Valkyrie05:21
ubottuValkyrie: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:21
ValkyrieJordan_U, For your information, I didn't swear :D05:22
infidwhens the next version of ubuntu coming out?05:22
Valkyrieinfid, ubuntu 1505:22
=== sejuk is now known as nitHa_cUby
adarshaValkyrie, ?05:24
trisminfid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule05:24
cgethycxhello, does anyone know how to view another pc with remote desktop and be able to view the full screen while in windowed mode?05:25
Valkyrieadarsha, Yea?05:25
sebsebsebinfid: Sunday 10th October 2010 instead of Thursday 28th, yep early05:25
adarshadid it help? did u figure out what the prob is?05:26
sebsebseb!vnc > cgethycx05:26
ubottucgethycx, please see my private message05:26
Thopterare there any keyboard layouts for ubuntu that work as a chording keyboard on a qwerty?05:26
ValkyrieIt didn't execute the command o O05:26
cgethycxI am not having a problem connecting to a pc with remote desktop. But the only way I can view full screen is to be in full screen. and I want to view the full screen in windowed mode05:28
adarshaValkyrie, oh..05:28
nUboon2AgeAAA: Well, acerimmer is gone, but I just wanted to tell you that by bringing the mail into evolution I got the mail unencrypted.  Although I didn't solve the pgp mystery and may need to return to it, I did 1) learn more about it, 2) get an OpenPGP key registered on LP and 3) got Evolution working which is something I probably needed to do anyway.  So thanks for your help!!!05:29
aj5555Valkyrie: stop swearing :P05:29
Thopterare there any keyboard layouts for ubuntu that work as a chording keyboard on a qwerty?  I want to be able to use asdf<space> in chorded combinations to type with one hand05:30
xformulaxhow can i get linux-backports-modules-lucid and linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic on a box with no network connection (i've got wifi only so no apt-get)05:30
Thopterxformulax: why does your apt-get not work with wifi?05:30
xformulaxwell i need those backports to get wifi working, atheros chipset.05:31
xformulaxno wired connection available, but i have a windows box with wifi05:31
thowewell, we've determined that if we boot with the 2.6.32-21 kernel, we have video.  If we boot with 2.6.32-22 kernel, we have a black screen...05:32
Valkyriethowe, Well, use the then. And, wait for .23 to come out05:32
cgethycxhello, does anyone know how to view another pc with remote desktop and be able to view the full screen while in windowed mode?05:33
cj_sivik, thanks!05:34
xformulaxThopter: did you see my reply?05:34
thoweValkyrie, I think maybe the nvidia drivers don't work with it (?)  Who knows.  I'll have to try to look at it myself in two weeks.  I just walked my father through editing his xorg.conf with vi..  I've had it for the night...05:35
n2diy_I have a problem with audacity, so I thought I'd remove it, and re-install, and start over. synaptic won't remove it, apt-get won't remove or purge it, what's going on, I feel like I'm trapped in Windows box again!05:35
basixdoes anybody know if / how to mount a WIM file?05:35
zkriessegpg: gpg-agent is not available in this session05:36
zkriessegpg: can't open `UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt': No such file or directory05:36
zkriessegpg: UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt: clearsign failed: file open error05:36
zkriesseI keep getting that issue while trying to sign the CoC...05:36
zkriesseAny ideas?05:36
juju2143Does the file exists?05:36
zkriessejuju2143: yes05:36
zkriessejuju2143: it's on my dekstop05:36
juju2143Do you have right permissions?05:36
zkriessejuju2143: yes05:37
cgethycxhello, does anyone know how to view another pc with remote desktop and be able to view the full screen while in windowed mode?05:38
sivikcgethycx, what application are you using?05:38
zkriessejuju2143: I've signed it before never had an issue...the really sad part is, I'm an Ubuntu Member!?!?! I should be able to do this with my eyes closed!05:38
ProjektGhostcan anyone help me?  having some trouble regarding ram in Ubuntu 10.04.  the problem is: i have 4GB of ram installed, but only 2.7GB is shown.  also, i am already using the PAE kernel05:39
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
cgethycxcurrently the default, "remote desktop" but I am will to chang if needed.05:39
my_hazwhat is the command line tool to list all the wireless networks?05:39
celeritasmy_haz, you could try airodump-ng05:40
juju2143Someone knows how to capture both mic input and speaker output with a /dev device?05:40
cgethycxI just want to see the full screen in windowed mode, scaled down or what ever it may be called.05:40
zkriessemy_haz: or type iconfig05:40
zkriessemy_haz: i mean ifconfig05:40
celeritaszkriesse: ifconfig will show interfaces that are up. if you want to see wireless networks available, you need a network manager05:41
gbear14275whats the name of the program during setup that loads up default packages?05:41
zkriesseceleritas: tue05:41
zkriesseceleritas: "true05:41
tim42so vino-server automagically registers with avahi to advertise the service _rfb._tcp Tell me how to stop vino-server from doing this (i.e. I want finer control with avahi) is there a setting with gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/remote_access? I don't know what the key name would be05:41
cgethycxgetting help here is like fishing.05:44
ProjektGhosti guess we sit and wait until one bites, eh?05:45
n2diy_I have a problem with audacity, so I thought I'd remove it, and re-install, and start over. synaptic won't remove it, apt-get won't remove or purge it, what's going on, I feel like I'm trapped in Windows box again!05:46
sebsebsebcgethycx: nice saying05:46
zkriessejuju2143: got it figured out05:47
zkriessejuju2143: it was looking for /Desktop/filename when it was /desktop/filename05:47
cgethycxhello, does anyone know how to view another pc with remote desktop and be able to view the full screen while in windowed mode?05:47
sebsebsebcyb3r3li0g: @ me? well what ProjektGhost  typed would be more funny :D05:47
n2diy_cpethycx, at least fish nibble.05:47
cgethycxrecast :)05:47
juju2143heh, wrong folder zkriesse05:47
sebsebsebcgethycx: ^^^^^05:47
nUboon2Agezkriesse: I don't know if this would help at all but I just went through the (grueling) process and to make things simple I just saved the coc in my ~/.gnupg directory.  And even though I was having all kinds of trouble previously (maybe you saw above) decrypting a file, this time the encrypting went smooth as silk.05:48
sebsebsebcyb3r3li0g: messed up auto complete again uh05:48
cgethycxbut i need a bite05:48
littlebearcgethycx: rdesktop05:48
zkriessenUboon2Age: ok cool05:48
n2diy_cgethycx: me too05:48
nUboon2Agezkriesse: oh it looks like you solved it.05:48
littlebearcgethycx: rdesktop -g 1024x768 -r sound remoteip05:48
zkriessenUboon2Age: yup05:48
zkriessenUboon2Age: I better have solved it....I'm an Ubuntu guy so I should know these things05:49
tim42cgethycx: "full screen while in windowed mode" do you mean 1:1 pixel representation or scaled?05:49
nUboon2Agezkriesse: yeah!  what a gauntlet that was to run! some kind of initiation rite or something.05:49
cgethycxi want to view the full screen in windowed mode of my choice05:50
littlebearcgethycx: use the -g parameter to suit your need05:50
cgethycxlittlebear i wish i knew what that ment05:51
=== The_Thing is now known as Sleeping_Thing
littlebearcgethycx: first, get rdesktop by going to terminal and type "sudo apt-get install rdesktop"05:51
=== TannerF is now known as The_Tanner_Who_S
=== The_Tanner_Who_S is now known as TannerF[zzz]
n2diy_cgethycx: I got a bite in #linux!05:52
littlebearcgethycx: then enter password and use command rdesktop -g 1024x768 -r sound -a 24 ipaddr05:52
bullgard4irc://irc.gimp.org/evolution: "Stable: Evolution," What is the reason that Ubuntu 10.04 does provide only version2.28.3?05:52
wildbatquestion~ can anyone point me to a direction how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?05:53
xformulaxis there any way to prep a live cd (loaded from USB actually) with the best support for wireless chipsets? (mainly atheros!)05:53
cgethycxlittlebear: \\ERROR: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known05:53
blinkizHi. I really need to get rid of this popup dialog after marking a URL, that shows like "Send to Firefox, Send URL to" and so on. Please advice05:54
bullgard4wildbat: 1.) Analyze dmesg for ACPI messages. 2. Scrutinize pm-powersave.log. 3.) Get informed in the Internet (Suse in particular) about the function of pm-utils.05:55
blinkizI just realised that this is a cairo-dock feature. Juck05:55
aj5555bullgard4: wat to go!05:56
aj5555bullgard4: way* to go!05:56
bullgard4aj5555: I beg you pardon? Say it in other words, please.05:56
xformulaxis there any way to prep a live cd (loaded from USB actually) with the best support for wireless chipsets? (mainly atheros!)05:57
aj5555bullgard4: just cool response really05:58
Anarhisthi, i had full screen set to "Window + F11" in keyboard shortcuts before the upgrade to 10.04, but now it refuses to work, what gives?05:58
voglsterxformulax, yup05:58
littlebearcgethycx: replace the ip with your target ip05:58
red2kicAnarhist: Set it up in compiz settings?05:58
littlebearcgethycx: :P, and on that remote computer, enable remote desktop by right click my computer and remote05:58
Anarhistred2kic, where are those?05:59
xformulaxvoglster, any insight? i'd really like the live cd of ubuntu/xbmc to have wifi support... diskless htpc application05:59
cgethycxlittle bear it sounds like you are tellin me how to launch remote desk top which i can do.05:59
wildbat!customlivecd | xformulax05:59
ubottuxformulax: Creating custom Live CDs is explained on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization05:59
red2kicAnarhist: Install compizconfig-settings-manager and you'll find it under System --> Preferences.05:59
=== Prodego is now known as administrvia
=== administrvia is now known as administrivia
voglsterxformulax, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization06:00
xformulaxvoglster, thats great, except i have no internet connection on my only ^nix box.06:00
=== rabidweezle is now known as Type-O
xformulaxvoglster, theres no way i can add wireless support to the files on this usb key?06:01
voglsterxformulax, make your usb key a persistent install?06:02
voglsterxformulax, then just install the drivers06:02
AAAxformulax  are you trying to get wifi do install on an ubuntu install?  maybe I misunderstand06:02
voglsterAAA, hes trying to get wifi on a live usb06:02
voglsterAAA, at boot time06:02
xformulaxi have a diskless htpc (foxconn netbox)06:02
AAAvoglster  oic06:02
xformulaxideally, i'd like ubuntu with xbmc, wifi would pull multimedia from a home server06:03
AAAxformulax  sounds like that link he posted is for you then06:03
wocaoserver:~# md5sum ubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso06:03
wocaodc51c1d7e3e173dcab4e0b9ad2be2bbf  ubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso06:03
xformulaxagain, my only nix box to "prep" a live cd is a disfunctioning ubuntu box with no network support06:03
AAAxformulax  and the usb is your media for installation of said ubuntu, correct?06:03
xformulaxright, running or installing from said usb06:04
voglsterxformulax, if you only have windows oses with internet access do it on a vm on top of windows... then just burn the iso06:04
wocaodoes my md5 is  right06:04
wocaodc51c1d7e3e173dcab4e0b9ad2be2bbf  ubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso06:04
xformulaxcan connect the usb to a computer (win7) to get drivers, etc06:04
xformulaxjust looking for a painless way to add wireless driver to my install.06:04
wocaobut the iso cannot be install rightly06:04
AAAxformulax  If you can install the the system with the usb then do so. if after rebooting you have no network, I will help you make it work06:04
voglsterAAA, its diskless06:05
voglsterAAA, he wants to run off the usb key06:05
AAAvoglster  oh, I didn't get that part06:05
wocaoi have try two pc06:05
wocaoit's failed06:05
tucemiuxmy runlevel is "unknown", how do I fix it? :-(06:05
xformulaxi have done this, no network, atheros wireless chipset. i wanted to run diskless, but i HAVE installed to sata drive to test06:05
voglsterxformulax, just build a persistent USB key06:05
voglsterxformulax, then boot to it on any machine and install the drivers06:06
wocaowhat's the reason06:06
voglsterxformulax, then plug it in your little htpc06:06
=== _Anthony is now known as ZephyrionBot
Anarhistred2kic, i'm sorry i don't see where i can set that stuff in compiz controls06:06
bullgard4irc://irc.gimp.org/evolution: "Stable: Evolution," What is the reason that Ubuntu 10.04 does provide only version 2.28.3?06:06
voglsterwocao, a bad cd burn another06:06
wildbatquestion~ can anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?06:06
wocaobut the md5 is right06:06
xformulaxvoglster, i didnt think of that... i wonder if the wireless chipset in my windows notebook would be detected06:06
Esati have a problem with Firefox. when i try to send SMS from Vodafone internet page to mobile phone, but the button doesnt work on Firefox. But when i try with Internet Explorer, the button runs. How can i solve this problem?06:06
=== ZephyrionBot is now known as _Anthony
xformulaxvoglster, i used unetbootin or whatever it's called, is that "persistent"?06:07
voglsterxformulax, night man the woman is calling me06:07
voglsterxformulax, no.. google persistent ubuntu06:07
xformulaxvoglster, thanks06:07
xformulaxvoglster, night06:07
=== flick is now known as flicck
wocaocan i copy the iso into the u disk06:09
my_hazbut how do i list all the open networks06:10
my_hazwireless networks06:10
my_hazor any of them, i have done it before in fbsd but i don't know how in ubuntu06:10
Esati have a problem with Firefox. when i try to send SMS from Vodafone internet page to mobile phone, but the button doesnt work on Firefox. But when i try with Internet Explorer, the button runs. How can i solve this problem?06:11
ValkyrieEsat, Flash suchs =P06:11
ValkyrieLemme correct this.06:11
ValkyrieFlash sucks ESPECIALLY with Firefox06:11
gartral|pEsat. Try chrome?06:11
ValkyrieGoogle Chrome Fthefwin.06:11
Esatgartral|p, : no06:11
AAAmy_haz  iwlist <wlan device> scan06:11
Esatgartral|p, :  Does it run with Ubuntu?06:12
gartral|pI love chrome vs potato commercial06:12
ValkyrieEsat, Yes06:12
EsatValkyrie, : how can i install Chrome to my Ubuntu?06:13
my_hazAAA: great thats it06:13
ValkyrieEsat, Through your package manager?06:13
gartralValkyrie Esat NO! Chrome is NOT in repos!06:14
AAAmy_haz  iwconfig sets up your wifi connect too, if you didn't know. also, check out kismet if you're into seein ALL wireless stuffz06:14
Valkyriegartral, It's not? o O.06:14
ValkyrieI don't use Ubuntu. So06:14
Esatgartral, : i m trying to install on Google Chrome Home page06:14
Anarhistok, it's not anywhere in the compiz settings... so can somebody help me, how do i create a full screen key binding in 10.04?06:15
my_hazAAA: yeah i don't have a good wireless card so i think kismet is out of my league06:15
gartralEsat: that shouldwork fime06:15
bullgard4Valkyrie: Please do not replace interpunction with the Enter key.06:15
AAAmy_haz  meh, I dunno. kismet has mature A LOT over the years, as have the hostap drivers, which are awesome!06:15
gartralbullgard4: where did Valkyrie post multiple lines?06:15
my_hazAAA: i don't even know what hostap is06:15
Valkyriebullgard4, I shouldn't have to even be here!06:15
gartralmy_haz: Host Access Point06:16
bullgard4Valkyrie: Yes indeed!06:16
ValkyrieI'm only here, because I uber-spammed Ubuntu. And, I'm payign back the stupid Ubuntu community.06:16
AAAmy_haz  google it. it is a very robust wireless driver that sits on top of your hardware driver. kinda sorta06:16
gartralmy_haz: it's also a more idiot-proof way of setting up adhoc networking06:17
EsatGoogle Chrome doesnt work for Ubuntu, is the any alternative explorer?06:17
AAAmy_haz  lets you do cool things like monitor mode, and managed mode at the same time. sniff and surf kinda deal, on one chip. you can also use one chip to act as an AP an a client so you can set up a wifi gateway on your laptop with just one wifi device. awesome, IMHO06:17
bullgard4gartral: You can find that out most easily yourself.06:18
my_hazAAA: sounds awsome, i know my card can't go into monitor mode, but i don't know if i need that anyways06:19
gartralEsat: you must not have installed it right, im looking at chrome right now06:19
gartralbullgard5: what the hell are you talking about?!?!?06:19
AAAmy_haz  probably not. I just felt like a wifi tangent, I guess... ;)06:19
my_hazAAA: that is for security stuff, which i am not really interested in atm06:20
gartralbullgard4: what the hell are you talking about?!?!?06:20
fotoflohey all, im running ubuntu server, i think it's 6.04 and the version of privoxy that apt-get installs is an old version which doesn't support socks5 ... how do i upgrade privoxy manually? Must I do a dist-upgrade?06:20
AAAmy_haz  fwiw, the first time I made a dlink card go into monitor mode it wasn't supported either :-)06:20
fotofloand how likely is a dist-upgrade to break the services im running now?06:20
red2kicfotoflo: We're at 10.04.06:20
Esatgartral, : i m trying Opera06:20
bullgard4gartral: You put me a question, and I answered to it.06:20
fotofloRed: so? 6.04 is still supported06:20
fotoflored2kic: and im running server06:21
red2kic!dapper | fotoflo06:21
ubottufotoflo: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support will end in June 2011. See !upgrade for upgrade instructions06:21
red2kicfotoflo: Ahh, I see. >_>06:22
fotoflored2kic: still supported for another year06:22
gartralbullgard4: i was defending Valkyrie, you told him not to use enter as a punctuation, which when i lastlog Valkyrie i dont see multiple lines of one long sentance, so i questioned your interpritationn wondering where exactly Valkyrie had used enter as a punct. mark06:22
stowellI am having trouble mounting windows drive on uBuntu06:22
fotoflowhoops. im running 8.0406:22
stowelldid anyone see this problem on 10.4?06:23
red2kicfotoflo: Either !backport or check Launchpad for updated ppa/deb of the said package.06:23
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:23
woodyjlwis there any better ati drivers for ubuntu 10.04 ?  legacy ati 200m06:23
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/06:23
gartralstowell: well, seeing as there never was a "10.4" release, i would assume the problem is on you :P06:24
stowellI meant ubuntu 10.4 release06:24
bullgard4gartral: It is trivial to scroll back in your IRC client's log to find out. I wil do it just once for you: "[07:11]<Valkyrie>Esat, Flash suchs =P; [07:11]<Valkyrie>Sucks; [07:11]<Valkyrie>Lemme correct this.; [07:11]<Valkyrie>Flash sucks ; SPECIALLY with Firefox."06:24
quentusrex_Anyone able to help? I'm trying to have a ssh command that will ssh into a remote box and 'alert me' when it has connected. Such as "echo connected". Any ideas? here is what I have: ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080 quentusrex@mydomain.com -p 123406:24
fotoflored2kic: thanks06:24
red2kicfotoflo: No problem. Good luck.06:25
Valkyriebullgard4, Three SPERATE full sentances.06:25
ValkyrieThumbs up to you.06:25
gartralbullgard4: it's important to learn about /lastlog try this in your irc client /lastlog gartral06:25
fotoflored2kic: btw, how likely is a dist-upgrade to break my running services (mediawiki is the most important one)06:25
fotoflomedia wiki + apache06:25
AAAquentusrex_  why do you need to be alerted? is this a script I assume?06:26
gartralfotoflo: shouldn't cause problems with those packages, but might break any plugins you have for apache06:26
quentusrex_AAA, because the connection is really slow, often takes longer than 2 minutes to connect. I would like to know when it connects.06:26
icerootfotoflo: you mean apt-get dist-upgrade or a upgrade of the distribution to a higher ubuntu-verion?06:26
red2kicfotoflo: I can't say anything as it is difficult to foretell the future. However, you are always advised to make backups first.06:26
quentusrex_rather than sit and wait...06:26
fotofloiceroot: yeah, dist-upgrade06:27
AAAquentusrex_  you can always add a command to the end of your ssh statement like : ssh --options /some/scrpit/that/alerts/you06:27
fotoflogartral: modssl ?06:27
gartralfotoflo: there won't be any changes other than the ubuntu kernal06:27
quentusrex_AAA, I have tried adding "echo test" to the end06:27
quentusrex_AAA, but I never get to see the echo.06:27
AAAquentusrex_  that will only echo test to stdout06:27
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:27
gartralfotoflo: if it needs recompiling afterwards, apt should take care of it06:28
icerootfotoflo: will there something upgradet related to mediawiki with apt-get dist-upgrade? you can simulate what will upgrade with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -s06:28
AAAquentusrex_  first figure out how you want to be alerted. then put that in a script on the host06:28
quentusrex_AAA, I want to know locally when the script is connected to the remote system.06:28
AAAquentusrex_  so a bell or something?06:28
fotofloiceroot, thanks06:28
quentusrex_anything will be better than nothing.06:28
* red2kic throws confetti on ActionParsnip to make him feel right at home.06:28
quentusrex_the script with the options: ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080 never stops looking like it is trying to connect.06:29
brickyhow do i check my ram specs anybody?06:29
ActionParsnipquentusrex_: if you use a full desktop you could use zenity to show an on screen alert. Or throw stuff at libnotify06:29
toastedmilkHey, does anyone know how to move the close, minimize, and full buttons from the left to the right side of the window in 10.04?06:29
ActionParsnipred2kic: I ain't married ;)06:29
quentusrex_lol, I didn't see the 'q' in there.06:29
quentusrex_quiet mode.06:29
iceroot!controls | toastedmilk06:29
ubottutoastedmilk: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d606:29
ActionParsnip!controls | toastedmilk06:29
toastedmilkty, ty06:30
quentusrex_No idea when I put that in there.06:30
* quentusrex_ facepalms.06:30
toastedmilkHeh, it just kinda threw me off.06:30
ActionParsniptoastedmilk: there are millions of guides for this. Did you not websearch any?06:30
toastedmilkNah, I just came here first. I'm sure I could've googled it.06:30
gartralActionParsnip: white people arelazy, they like answers handed too them06:30
toastedmilkGot my answer about the same time as a search query though, eh?06:31
icerootgartral: no need that here06:31
AAAquentusrex_  I don't fully grok your options. looks like you are binding to a local port before ssh and using mild compression.  does that work for you?  maybe add -vvv to debug and pastebin06:31
toastedmilkI honestly don't see the difference.  If nobody would've helped me, I would've googled it.  Why not ask the community when that's what they're for?06:31
ActionParsnipgartral: I'm white :D. Just confuses me when people ask06:31
bullgard4irc://irc.gimp.org/evolution: "Stable: Evolution," What is the reason that Ubuntu 10.04 does provide only version 2.28.3?06:32
AAAquentusrex_  any reason why you have to bind to the local port first?06:32
ActionParsniptoastedmilk: if you can be more autonomous then it makes support easier06:33
fotofloiceroot: looks like a lot of apahe & php and mysql updates... kinda scary on a production system...06:33
quentusrex_AAA, this command is so that I can access http based interfaces on the remote network06:33
quentusrex_I'm trying to setup an ssh socks5 tunnel for firefox06:33
fotofloand red2kic : nothing in backports06:33
ActionParsnip!latest | bullgard406:33
ubottubullgard4: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.06:33
toastedmilkActionParsnip, agreed, and I suppose an apology is in order for my laziness.06:33
quentusrex_the 'N' prevents a command from being run, but holds the tunnel open.06:33
ActionParsniptoastedmilk: no worries duder :)06:34
toastedmilkActionParsnip, And thanks for the help, heh (:06:34
AAAquentusrex_  it sounds like you want a tunnel, not a shell?06:34
ActionParsnipbullgard4: plus its not a rolling release / package review cycle blah blah06:35
red2kicfotoflo: privoxy?06:35
fotoflored2kic: yeah06:35
di||itantefotoflo: If you are antsy about updates, limit them to security only. If it aint broke dont fix it06:35
quentusrex_AAA, I want a tunnel that will alert me when it comes up06:35
red2kicfotoflo: What are you on and what are you looking for? Why the needs to update?06:35
AAAquentusrex_  hrm. so the reason you want an alert is because it takes so long to connect, right?  why not fix the connection problem instead?  I mean unless you are connecting to china via 56k or something, 2m for ssh to connect is crazy06:36
ActionParsnipdi||itante: wish more folk had that mentality :(06:37
fotoflored2kic: Privoxy version 3.0.8 - newest is 3.0.16, my version supports socks4 and 4a, but I use a tunnel - aka socks506:37
quentusrex_AAA, basically it is being tunneled over a couple really bad links.06:37
quentusrex_it's a large business network06:37
quentusrex_and I'm trying to trouble shoot a remote office06:37
quentusrex_but it is only accessable through the main company network, over satellite, then microwave.06:38
AAAquentusrex_  then I would suggest altering your QoS to give ssh high priortity.  I don't have a clever/hackish solution for your 'bell' issue however.06:38
quentusrex_ssh -C2Tvv -D 8080  works just fine06:38
AAAquentusrex_  that being said, it is intriguing I'll keep thinking on it ;)O06:38
quentusrex_it gives transfer stats06:38
ActionParsnipquentusrex_: mplayer can run at cli so have it play an mp3. Assuming you have sound setup etc06:39
AAAquentusrex_  try adding an -x and also give it -vvv. if you paste the debug log I may have some hints for you06:39
quentusrex_ActionParsnip, but is there a way to do that and be able to ctrl+c to close the tunnel?06:39
ActionParsnipquentusrex_: I think so. I'd give it a whirl. Could be a chuckle. Or use espeak and the pc can tell you using a voice06:41
bullgard4ActionParsnip: Thank you for your information.06:41
ActionParsnipCould make it call you sir :)06:41
red2kicI know it's generally not recommended but does anybody know if it is possible to install lucid-$PACKAGE.deb on older versions?06:41
Thopterare there any keyboard layouts for ubuntu that work as a chording keyboard on a qwerty?  I want to be able to use asdf<space> in chorded combinations to type with one hand06:41
ActionParsnipRed2kic: you can but its not advised due to dependancies. You end up with a bit of a mess06:42
AAAmplayer is the best media player for *nix! ... imho06:42
quentusrex_ActionParsnip, I'm curious how to get espeak to work on lucid06:42
ActionParsnipAaa: one of the oldest and one of the most respected :)06:42
quentusrex_I'm getting: bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)06:42
red2kicfotoflo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports06:42
AAAActionParsnip  that is why I loves me my mplayer/mencoder06:43
ActionParsnipquentusrex_: espeak "this text will be spoken"06:43
red2kicfotoflo: There are #Installing a single package but there are also "#How to request new packages"06:43
ActionParsnipAaa: gnome-mplayer B)06:43
quentusrex_ActionParsnip, same error :(06:43
AAAActionParsnip  I fancy the cli06:43
quentusrex_I do 80% of my work at the cli06:43
red2kicfotoflo: You should try and request. Wait few days. See if things are going your way.06:43
quentusrex_but every now and then a good gui can make work easier.06:44
danielminterOk so I've got a minor problem here. I can't seem to get my webcam working at all. I'm running 10.04 on a 2 year old Dell xps m1530. I've tried using skype and cheese and both say there is no device connected and no light comes on like it should. Anybody have any ideas?06:44
ActionParsnipAaa: vlc has vlc-nox for cli vlc but mplayer is compiled for muliple cores06:44
AAAquentusrex_  then on your server. screen then mplayer /your/mp3/stuffz*06:44
fotoflored2kic: interesting... how activly is this maintained?06:44
AAAActionParsnip  mplayer was my first linux player. I have feelings =p06:45
quentusrex_AAA, that is right out of the book of how to freak out some random person walking by.06:45
ActionParsnipdanielminter: run: lsusb ,one line will identify the device. You can use its 8 character hex id to find guides06:45
quentusrex_since I'm 1000+ miles away from the server.06:45
brickyhow do i check my ram specs anybody?06:45
quentusrex_bricky, sudo lshw06:45
ActionParsnipBricky: free -m06:45
brickyquentussrex_: ty,06:45
AAAquentusrex_  hehe!  there are some cool ncurses based players that work in screen to. mp3blaster comes to mind06:45
red2kicfotoflo: I have no slight idea -- but I imagine it's well active. I used backport kernels for my netbook to work with wifi.06:45
brickyActionParsnip: ty,06:45
quentusrex_bricky, do you want to know physical hardware info? or ram usage?06:46
brickyhmm both preferably :)06:46
red2kic!info hardinfo | bricky06:46
ubottubricky: hardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 240 kB, installed size 684 kB06:46
AAAquentusrex_  of course screen isn't necessary to scare the masses, but if you connection is lost it will still play :)06:46
brickyill give them a shot, just put in an extra 512 mb lol06:47
quentusrex_AAA, I'm a huge fan of screen06:47
AAAquentusrex_  I like you :)06:47
quentusrex_I've built a bunch of byobu notification scripts06:47
quentusrex_but if I make the remote system start 'talking'06:47
quentusrex_I'm going to get a call from a very pissed off remote manager that I gave some poor cleaning lady a heart attack because the computer was possessed by the devil.06:48
AAAquentusrex_  haha. have fun06:48
brickyred2kic: ty06:48
Thopterare there any keyboard layouts for ubuntu that work as a chording keyboard on a qwerty?  I want to be able to use asdf<space> in chorded combinations to type with one hand06:49
AAAThopter  never heard of that, but it sounds pretty cool. you wouldn't want to do that while driving wouldja?06:50
fotoflored2kic:  cool, requesting06:50
ThopterAAA: no, no driving use, just for my laptop06:50
red2kicbricky: You're welcome. This tool is nice when you're trying to sell something on eBay. :)06:51
dragon-eyewhat is the filtered port please?06:51
* celeritas good night everyone06:52
totonkalike to install a virtual mailserver, is it a good thinking, i'm pretty new whith linux06:52
AAAThopter  aha, the other one handed application ;)06:52
quentusrex_totonka, you are new to linux and you want to install your own mail server?06:52
AAAdragon-eye  explain? what do you mean by that?06:52
ThopterAAA: yup, gaming chat with mouse use ^_^06:53
totonkayes indeed, just for fun,06:53
quentusrex_I have only one question: Do you want it to be publicly accessible?06:53
olskolircis there a pdf reader out there that will allow me to read my pdf files in the xterminal?06:53
AAAThopter  hehe. I hope you get help here. I'd like to gleen the way to set that up06:53
dragon-eyeAAA, sometime i see after scan server or computer that some port number is filtered06:53
brickyred2kic: im actually going to do that with this PC lol06:53
dragon-eyeAAA, sometime i see after scan server or computer that some port number is filtered but i can not understand what is the filtered port06:54
aj5555olskolirc: no!06:54
AAAdragon-eye  that means a firewall of some sort is restricting acess to that port and you just alerted the admin you were scanning it06:54
red2kicbricky: Nice! :306:54
dragon-eyeAAA, block?06:55
AAAdragon-eye  yes. to filter means to block06:55
dragon-eyeAAA, thanks . i understood now06:55
geekphreakhi all06:55
AAAdragon-eye  coolio06:56
dragon-eyeAAA, ?06:56
AAAdragon-eye  as in cool. awesome, glad you get it06:56
dragon-eyeAAA, yeah06:56
=== pvr is now known as malgorath
dragon-eyeAAA, how can i filter a port by firewall?06:59
=== jackSton3r is now known as douchbagger
AAAdragon-eye  do you have root on the firewall?06:59
malgorathHi I was hoping someone could help me with my Hi-def audio card and 10.04 Ubuntu.  It does not see it though I have this entry in lspci:04:00.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)06:59
AAAdragon-eye  and is this firewall ubuntu?07:00
dragon-eyeAAA, yeah but which firewall (iptables)?07:00
AAAdragon-eye  you'll need to be more specific about your setup. yes, iptables will allow you to 'filter' ports on your ubuntu box07:01
dragon-eyeAAA, then what will be command or option only?07:01
AAAdragon-eye  iptables is VERY complex and this is not the best forum to discuss iptables rules. that and I am no iptables genius07:02
dragon-eyeAAA, ok07:02
CaptainTrek!ufw | dragon-eye, this might hellp you a little.07:02
ubottudragon-eye, this might hellp you a little.: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.07:02
AAAdragon-eye  maybe some of the other folks have other suggestions for you07:03
EvaLuaTehello. every time I start ubuntu wicd takes very long to connect to my wireless networks. I have pasted a part of the wicd log here: http://pastebin.com/B3yHHNLy where you can see that it takes wicd around 25 seconds from startup until it is connected. Could anyone please help me identify the problem?07:03
CaptainTrekcrud, i can't spell to save my life >.>07:03
tripelbJust in case you didnt know these _Bogus_ qualities of being on Ubuntu - I'd like to announce that chrome with some quantity of tabs loses audio and must be closed and restarted. (bogus).  Also Firefox plays one Daily Show Video and after that it's Audio with a Blank-White Screen.  (tripelb makes rude noises) If you have that experience you might report it. I'm too busy trying to make my system work... hard and soft and wet: been a year now.07:03
* tripelb watches CaptainTrek expire. (holds hat in hand in sorrow)07:03
RudyValenciaI took Ubuntu One out because I don't need cloud storage.07:04
CaptainTrektripelb:  if you had enough time to report it to here, you have enough time to file bug reports.  Also...07:04
AAAtripelb  I'd be willing to be, not _all_ of those are ubuntu shortcomings07:04
tripelbCaptainTrek, bug report page is incomprehensible to me. I need to get my monitor up to resolution. again.07:04
RudyValenciaHow do I change the resolution of tty 1 thru 6 ?07:05
AAAtripelb  focus on the things you'd like to fix, here. lots of folks to help07:05
tripelbAAA right, but they are s'comings that happen inside ubuntu.07:05
AAAtripelb  keyboard and chair did too07:05
RudyValencianvm, found it07:05
tripelbAAA thanks I do. I just wanted to watch the videos. I give up. I couldnt see the soccer game either.07:05
tripelbaaa what's keyboard and chair (thinks ?? characters in a Tom Robbins novel? lol)07:06
AAAtripelb  what is the first question you have, that you'd like fixed?07:06
mvrakguys, im in love07:07
mvrakwith ubuntu!07:07
roved2101im in love to mvrak with identi.ca07:07
EvaLuaTehello. every time I start ubuntu wicd takes very long to connect to my wireless networks. I have pasted a part of the wicd log here: http://pastebin.com/B3yHHNLy where you can see that it takes wicd around 25 seconds from startup until it is connected. Could anyone please help me identify the problem?07:07
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:09
dfcnvtyo... yo yo yo yo yo!07:10
* tripelb judges self off topic. Umm I need to find out how to get the resolution on my monitor right: I changes to another (old enough to be AGP) computer and the resolution is too small. again. --- 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 420] (rev a3) --. Last time someone (on Ubuntuforums) just 'gave' me a new config file. This time I would really like to understand how to do it myself. Dell Monitor. Shall I pastebin the stuff?07:10
dfcnvtLet's play Yo yo!07:11
dotblanktripelb, Have you tried using xrandr07:11
* dfcnvt flipping yo-yo07:11
dotblankxrand -s widthxheight07:11
macodotblank: thatll only work if the mode's already configured07:11
dotblankmaco, yes07:12
ActionParsnipTripelb: if you have the proprietary driver installed it will come with nvidia-set07:12
AAAtripelb  have you tried going to system > preferences > monitors and changing it?07:12
maco!resolution | tripelb, if the mode's not already configured, this page'll help you add it07:12
ubottutripelb, if the mode's not already configured, this page'll help you add it: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:12
ActionParsnipNvidia-xconfig ,sorry07:12
undecimEvaLuaTe: Have you tried switching wicd dhcp app to dhcpcd as suggested in the log file?07:12
ActionParsniptripelb: you can use that to generate an nvidia conf. Or if not you can use: sudo Xorg --configure ,and it will generate an xorg.conf for you and you tweak from there07:13
fahmadhello every one07:14
ActionParsnip!hi | fahmad07:14
ubottufahmad: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:14
fahmadi have ubuntu server hardy ...07:14
fahmadwhen i reboot it, it will not run many of services which should run at boot time ..07:15
fahmadany idea07:15
tripelbActionParsnip, aaa07:15
EvaLuaTeundecim, I don't really know how I would go about doing that07:15
undecimfahmad: What services fail to start?07:15
ActionParsnip!boot | fahmad07:15
ubottufahmad: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto07:15
fahmadundecim: apache, vsftpd and it even not run /etc/rc.local07:15
undecimEvaLuaTe: There should be an option in the wicd GUI.07:16
LaibschAnybody around here use Ubuntu One to share files with somebody else?  I am (sorry, using a different provider is not an option for reasons beyond my control).  Somebody shared a folder with me.07:16
LaibschI can see it in the web interface, but the "Ubuntu One" folder on my computer remains unchanged for hours.  Should I wait a little longer?07:16
fahmadi am not using GUI07:16
fahmadi am just using command line07:16
tripelbActionParsnip, aaa, dotblank, maco: no I havent tried (becasue I didnt know how), no I havent heard of it. --> now I will look through your suggestions.<-- meanwhile JIC (just in case) here's my config file http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/gUZ98q9U07:16
undecimEvaLuaTe: preferences dialog, External Commands tab07:16
undecimfahmad: I was talking to someone else just now07:16
ActionParsnipFahmad: I believe bum has an ncurses frontend too07:17
dotblankInfused with the power of #ubuntu experts your mind explodes07:17
mozaHi, i just mounted most of my computer, just need to add the dvd reader/writer. Next step is to install Ubuntu 10.4 on this 64bit machine, with two disks of 500Gb in RAID1. Any advice as to the order in which i should make my partitions?07:17
fahmadundecim: okay sir when you get time lemme know what to do meanwhile i am looking for document which have been provided ...07:17
fahmadActionParsnip: i am looking into this07:17
undecimfahmad: Have you ever had those services start, or is it a recent problem?07:17
moza(i don't want to exclude the possibility of changing them later on, to enable dual boot to test other OS like freebsd or things like this).07:17
AAAtripelb  that is your entire xorg.conf?07:18
fahmadwhen i initially installed that it was working fine ...07:18
fahmadbut not these days ...07:18
fahmadfor some reason07:18
undecimfahmad: They both stopped at the same boot, or started failing one at a time?07:18
fahmadrcconf shows that it will be started on boot time ...07:18
fahmadwell its not starting at boot time but stopping on boot time ...07:19
* AAA just notices the xorg.conf files are way different in 10.407:20
fahmadi can see apache2, bind9, darkstat, exim4, mysql, mysql-ndb, mysql-ndb-mgm, networking, nginx, ntop, psad, ssh, vsftpd in rc3.d07:20
fahmadbut its not working07:20
ActionParsnipFahmad: look in the logs for the service. See if it starts then dies07:20
undecimfahmad: Do you get any messages about the services when you are booting? About the services starting or failing to start?07:20
fahmadwell i need to go to see console for that ...07:20
tripelbaaa yes it is my entire xorg.conf (unless I left the comments in it for reference) -- I looked up config file in google but got no-where.07:20
tripelbaaa I have made a decision to stay with 9.10 for now07:20
undecimfahmad: or just take ActionParsnip's advice and look at the log files07:21
ActionParsnipAaa: I have one backed up from ages ago which I just restore in new installs. Makes life easier :)07:21
AAAtripelb  pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you will07:21
fahmadActionParsnip: which logs you reffered to ...07:21
indushi folks07:21
ActionParsnipFahmad: look in /var/log ,not sure if all the logs for all services are there but its worth a butchers07:22
tripelbaaa action ok I'll pastebin that... mysteries beyond mysteries, diving in the blueblack sea.. with those tiny ubuntu-circle-icons floating around in it.07:22
AAAActionParsnip  the structure is much different than what I'm used to now. heh, it just works these days. I don't have to spend an entire day making X work any more. yay! but boo for not noticing the changes :(07:22
undecimfahmad: In Lucid, apache logs are in /var/log/apache2. Should be the same in hardy07:23
dfcnvthow do I clean up inside /var/log?? I often do something like this.. "rm -rf *.gz" & "rm -rf *.0"07:23
chu__Hey guys, nearly finished re-installing everything, but a slight problem. Everytime I reboot, it resets something, I have to active the window manager through the appearence dialog everytime. Is anyone familiar with this?07:23
fahmadyes i know07:23
EvaLuaTeundecim, the problem is, dhcpd is disabled (greyed out)...07:23
dfcnvt& "echo "" > /var/log/namefile.log"07:23
undecimEvaLuaTe: Install it07:23
ActionParsnipAaa: yeah udev is pretty special. Just a shame it doesn't always get it right and there's no skeleton file for users to mess with :(07:23
AAAdfcnvt  cron should clean and rotate those for you07:23
fahmadi think i need to reboot again if i need to look into this information07:23
EvaLuaTeundecim, also, 'sudo apt-get install dhcpd' says there's no such package. Any idea what package contains dhcpd?07:23
fahmadand if i reboot i might get dc because i am using it as gw07:23
undecimEvaLuaTe: It's dhcpcd (you were missing a c)07:24
ActionParsnipFahmad: is the downtime acceptable?07:24
AAAActionParsnip  I am glad not to mess with X11RC crapola07:24
ActionParsnipAaa: oh definately07:24
fahmadbut when i do /etc/init.d/rc 307:25
fahmadit start services07:25
AAAActionParsnip  glad I did it. glad I know. but I sure wouldn't want to support it =p07:25
ActionParsnipFahmad: is this a clean install or a long standing install?07:25
AAAfahmad  what are you trying to accomplist?07:26
AAAaccomplish even07:26
tripelbaaa action http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/8u1c72Y9 ActionParsnip -- this is my cat  /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:26
fahmadAAA: i want when i reboot my system all services which are enabled for runlevel 3 should run automatically which is not happening for some reason07:26
mvraki want to turn off the Welcome to Ubuntu MOTD, any ideas?  i tried editing /etc/motd but that was fruitless07:26
AAAtripelb  (EE) No devices detected.07:27
undecimfahmad: Did you check the logs to make sure that the services didn't die shortly after starting?07:27
AAAtripelb  the chromedriver dealy is you problem. what video card do you now have?07:27
tripelbaaa I have no idea what that means07:27
AAAfahmad  default runlevel for 10.4 is 2 isn't it?07:28
tripelbAAA 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 420] (rev a3)07:28
tripelbmade in china07:28
AAAtripelb  this line is wrong or you don't have the driver ::         Driver "openchrome"07:28
EvaLuaTeundecim, ok, I guess I'll have to reboot, because it's still greyed out even after installing. brb to tell if that helped.07:29
fahmadundecim: i could not find anything odd in logs07:29
undecimEvaLuaTe: Just restart wicd with "sudo service wicd restart"07:29
AAAtripelb  you need to change the Driver:"line" to nvidia or the like. I don't know the proper driver,  but nvidia something07:29
undecimfahmad: Can you paste a pastebin of apache error.log?07:29
fahmadits hardy07:29
fahmadhold on07:29
fahmadbut i think i should reboot or what ?07:29
AAAfahmad  do you still have an /etc/inittab in hardy?07:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:30
ActionParsnip!runlevel | aaa07:30
ubottuaaa: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.07:30
undecimfahmad: Do you have apache running right now from starting it manually?07:30
Ic3_PI need some help.  I just installed the latest version of ubuntu and it doesnt recognize my network cards or my usb adpater.  Can you guys help?07:30
AAAfahmad  that is where _I_ know to make runlevel changes.07:30
fahmadundecim: yes07:30
ActionParsnipTripelb: is the device agp or pci?07:30
EvaLuaTeundecim, that seems to have done something. It's still not as fast as it used to be, but it doesn't take anywhere near 25 seconds now. Thanks for that tip07:31
AAAActionParsnip  he said he was on hardy though07:31
undecimfahmad: then you need to paste error.log.107:31
ActionParsnipIc3_p: log a bug with the kernel version then just use the older kernel07:31
ActionParsnipAaa: good point ;)07:31
* AAA needs to catch up on upstart. for realz07:31
Ic3_Pok.  I will try that, thanks.07:31
ActionParsnipIc3_P: you could edit /etc/default/grub to make the default the older kernel07:32
AAAActionParsnip  I _try_ to pay attention...07:32
ActionParsnipAaa: me too. Doesn't always work. Bugs have been created :)07:32
ActionParsnipGotta jet kids. Peace out07:33
jaemDoes anyone know off-hand what the name of the package is that provides the "command not found; install foo package" hints in the console?07:33
AAAfahmad  I see nothing about runlevels there07:33
jaemIt's a good idea, but it causes a perceptible lag when I make typos.07:33
fahmadAAA: how can you see runlevels in apache error logs ?07:33
AAAfahmad  sorry. I missed your apache issue07:34
fahmadAAA: how can i show you my current run level ?07:34
MeatCurtainsAnother fail :(07:34
quizmewhere do i find out about ssl stuff ?07:34
jaemquizme, what sort of stuff?07:34
fahmadroot@gws4s:/var/log/apache2# runlevel07:35
fahmad2 307:35
quizmejaem like how to implement https07:35
quizmejaem on apache.07:35
S_AHi! I am looking forward to some posters which can make people aware about Open Source Licenses. Heared that ubuntu guys made some some time back but google didn;t give any results07:35
S_Aany idea ??07:35
ManDayI've got two JAV-applets which do EXACTLY THE SAME. One of them, however, if requesting a specific file from http://...:8000/ a file sees a different (faulty) content in the file which neither I nor the instance which works properly sees. How can this be! I'm using Firefox, 10.4LTS 64b and Sun JAVA.07:35
AAAfahmad  however, this is an apache problem to address :: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName. <-- maybe edit /etc/hostname?07:35
quizmejaem and mainly just trying to understand what the .cert and .key ...etc files are07:35
jaemquizme, ah.  That's not my forte.  Did you try Google?07:35
jaemquizme, that part, I need to read up on for myself. :P07:36
AAAfahmad  $ runlevel07:36
quizmejaem in the year 2010 who would not have tried google ?07:36
fahmadAAA: brother my all services does not run ...07:36
fahmadwhen i reboot my system07:36
fahmadthis is the problem07:36
jaemManDay, are they *exactly* the same applet (read: file), or just supposedly functionally equivalent?07:36
AAAfahmad  none of your services? for apache the error says it can't find your FQDN. making sure /etc/hostame has your fully qual domain name is a start to fixing that.07:37
undecimApache not having a servername is fine.07:37
=== _FeedHunter is now known as FeedHunter
fahmadundecim: vsftpd not working07:38
fahmadbind9 not working07:38
fahmadpostfix does not work07:38
fahmadngninx does not work07:38
AAAundecim  see line 15 of the pastebin07:38
FloodBot1fahmad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:38
holmserI just installed postfix, and everything is working ok, except my mail is being rejected by a lot of spam filters because I have a dynamic IP07:38
undecimAAA: Yes, this should not stop apache from starting though. I had that on my server for a long time and had no problems07:38
AAAfahmad  one at a time. first did they ever work. second are they all failing in a similar way?07:39
AAAfahmad  undecim this is the other line that disturbs me :: [Wed Jun 16 21:18:12 2010] [error] [client] Invalid method in request GZ\x1f\xb3gX\x047\xe8}\x02G\x13g\xbd\x93\xf2X\xbc\xc9`\xac\xb3\xf5\xa5\xdd<\xf4A\xf1\xb7\x05\xfaV\xac\x10\xf7\x06\xfe\x84\xfbXa07:39
holmseris there any way to send mail through another smtp server so they won't get blocked?07:39
ManDayjaem, they are the same applet - run on a different url - thats all. However I'm the only pwerson having this problem.07:40
tomlikestorockwhen I hit alt-tab, the task switcher comes up, but it hides all my other apps. This is pretty jarring. How do I prevent that from happening?07:40
AAAfahmad  ok. can you do something like /etc/init.d/apache start? and do you get the same errors?07:40
undecimAAA: fahmad: That's just a bad connection from a client connecting to the web server07:40
fahmadAAA: no i just get fqdn issue but it will be okay ...07:41
fahmadand service start07:41
AAAfahmad  and have you tried calling runlevel 3 explicitly? like $ telinit 307:41
fahmadAAA: yes07:42
AAAfahmad  and are you positive your server stuff is set to runlevel 3? ls -l /etc/rc.3/ <-- I think that is the dir07:42
fahmadAAA: yes07:42
AAAfahmad  your earlier paste said 2 3 which implies to me you were at rl 2 and called telinit 3 from there, correct?07:43
ManDayI've got two JAVA-applets (at two different locations which work equally) which do EXACTLY THE SAME. One of them, however, if requesting a specific file from http://...:8000/ a file sees a different (faulty) content in the file which neither I nor the instance which works properly sees. How can this be! I'm using Firefox, 10.4LTS 64b and Sun JAVA.07:43
AAAfahmad  if this is true. then are you positive your network is up before these services start? check the S<num> of stuff in /etc/rc.3/ and make sure network comes up before server apps07:44
ManDayI've got two JAVA-applets (at two different locations which work equally) which do EXACTLY THE SAME. One of them, however, if requesting a specific file from http://...:8000/ a file sees a different (faulty) content in the file which neither I nor the instance which works properly sees. How can this be! I'm using Firefox, 10.4LTS 64b and Sun JAVA. The working version is http://t2nb.math.washington.edu:8000/home/pub/22/07:44
Maks1Good morning! Which button combination changes language and how to change them?07:45
undecimManDay: Try clearing the cache on the firefox that's not working07:47
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
AAAfahmad  also, check you inittab to make certain you are calling 3 by default07:47
Maks1 Good morning! Which button combination changes language and how to change them?07:47
ManDayundecim, I've tried this several times, clearing all possible caches07:48
tripelbactionparsnip the Nvidia card is AGP (aaa too)07:48
AAAMaks1  you realize you set yourself up for a nice joke there, right?  I just pressed a bunch of buttons to change language :)07:48
fahmadAAA: hold on07:48
fahmadi could not find inittab07:48
fahmadin /etc ...07:48
swtaarrsI just upgraded my desktop from 9.10 to 10.04, and now when it puts my monitor into standby it never comes back.  I have to ssh in to reboot the machine, has anyone seen anything like this before?07:49
Maks1rly dont remember where to change em07:49
AAAAciid  you'll need a driver for the nvidia card. I am sure there are drivers for your card. one sec07:49
undecimManDay: How exactly is the faulty content different?07:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:49
AAAfahmad  if there is no /etc/inittab left in hardy, then you'll need to consuld !upstart for more runlevel infoz07:50
edemy panel frozen =(07:50
AAA!nvidia | tripelb07:50
fahmadAAA: what do you mean ?07:50
ubottutripelb: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:50
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:50
ManDayundecim, the Applet requests a file from the server it comes from. When I look at the file which it requests I see what it SHOULD receive - however in the JAVA console it complains about ">>>> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">07:50
ManDay<<<<" being the first line of the file - which it really isnt. The full description you can find here http://groups.google.com/group/sage-notebook/browse_thread/thread/9191e031224a3ce907:50
AAAfahmad  /etc/inittab is a part of the 'sys v' unix start up paridigm. it has been replace with upstart.07:51
AAA!upstart | fahmad07:51
ubottufahmad: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:51
edeis there any trick to get the panel working again without restart?07:51
edenew to ubuntu07:51
edepanel is frozen for some reason07:52
fahmadAAA: Looking intot his07:52
vividdoes anyone know how to disable 3 button mouse emulation?07:52
tripelbAAA I've pasted all this in my day-file so I can keep track. But I must sleep now. I had a big day today. Peace out friends.07:52
AAAede  log out and back in to X may fix it. but something made it freeze in the first place..07:52
edehow do you logout without the panel?07:53
AAAtripelb  good luck to you.  there is an nvidia driver for you to install. you'll find it after sleep :)07:53
sensaeHello, I can't get gwibber to connect to my twitter account. I'm sure I've inputted the correct login credentials.07:53
undecimManDay: That line wouldn't be the same as you would see from the source of an error page from the server would it?07:54
AAAede  one way is to do $ service dbus restart07:54
edei only know how to bring up the shutdown/restart menu07:54
vividanyone know how i can disable 3 button mouse emulation?07:54
AAAede  as sudo07:54
edei cant access anything....except for the programs i have open alrady07:54
edecant open terminal07:54
AAAede  alt-f107:54
AAAede  sorry. ctrl-alt-f107:54
AAAede  if you can log into that VT then $ /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:55
[Screamo]What are the default ubuntu fonts?07:55
AAAede  or $ service gdm restart07:55
* AAA can't break the /etc/init.d habit...07:56
thecubedoes anyone know how i can stop ubuntu from booting up in "high resolution" or X mode? i want my ubuntu box to boot up like one of those old school linux/unix box w/out X and just a terminal login07:56
Maks1сосите суки!07:56
AAA[Screamo]  you can check what you have with something like $ dpkg -l | grep font07:56
Maks1нашёл нах07:57
AAAthecube  you can always just ctrl-alt-f1 and use a VT which will look like your old school box07:57
[Screamo]AAA i changed them, but now i want to change back and dont remember wich ones07:57
thecubeAAA: thanks, is there a way not to start X? or its "native" now?07:58
AAA[Screamo]  there's an apt for that! apt-cache search font07:58
thecubeeven the boot menu is high resolution (not vga)07:58
sensaeI can't get gwibber to connect.07:58
edei ctrl+alt+f107:59
edeand didn't know how to get back in ... lol07:59
edethought it would only bring up a terminal window07:59
edeno biggy :p08:00
jaemManDay, Sorry, I got a phone call.08:00
edeso, if that happen again...how do i log .back into the GUI08:00
jaemStill stuck?08:00
ManDayundecim, say again?08:00
ManDayundecim, what is the last thing you meant?08:01
AAAede  that is a VT. most *nix system have 6 or 7. if you ctrl-alt-f8, or maybe f7... you'll find the VT that has your X or as you like to say, not old school setup ;)08:01
jaemthecube, Yes, it's possible, but I don't know how to do it on Ubuntu these days (what with UpStart being used).08:01
undecimManDay: Get an error from the server (request a non-existent file) and look at the first line in the source of that page.08:01
jaemAAA, I think thecube wants to actually prevent X from starting, period.  e.g. boot into runlevel 308:01
edeyeah im new to linux :P08:01
jaem...or which runlevel Ubuntu uses.08:02
ManDayundecim, I know what you are getting at and I assume that yes, this is an error page the Java applet sees - but why...08:02
AAAede  dude. everyone has a first day :)08:02
ManDayundecim, yes, it could be an error page08:02
=== [Screamo] is now known as [Screamo]offline
undecimManDay: How about installing the tamper data plugin on firefox and use it to make sure that your applet is requesting the right file08:02
ManDaytamper data plugin, ill take a look thanks08:03
AAAthecube  yes there is a way. back in the day, we used to boot to runlevel 2 for no X.  I'd need to read the docs to figure out how to do it today. sorry08:03
ManDayundecim, you sure that works with JAVA ? It's not just a Firebug clone for Ajax?08:04
undecimManDay: I know it works for Flash, so It may work for java08:04
AAA!upstart | thecube08:04
ubottuthecube: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/08:04
ManDayok d/l ng08:04
fahmadi have fixed it by adding /etc/inittab :)08:04
fahmadand its fixed08:04
fahmadthanks for the help08:04
AAAfahmad  yay! keep in mind that sys v is no longer supported and you config may break!08:05
Matic`MakovecHey there. So I'm having issues setting up screen size with ubuntu lucid lynx. It says "unable to set configuration for crtc 262".Any ideas besides the google ones?08:05
AAAfahmad  but you're running hardy, that has or will expire support soon08:05
fahmadAAA: i will read about upstart and update my system08:05
fahmadcan you tell me how can i update from 8.04 to 10.xx08:05
Kartagiswhat does this mean? http://suigeneris.pastebin.com/9dJrTBmV08:05
AAAfahmad  awesome! that's what I like to hear08:05
AAA!upgrade | fahmad08:06
ubottufahmad: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:06
Flannelfahmad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades08:06
Kartagisfahmad, sudo do-release-upgrade08:06
fahmadreading it now08:06
fahmadAAA: but i have 8.04 not 9.10 :(08:06
=== guerd871 is now known as guerd87
AAAfahmad  see the link ubottu posted08:07
Flannelfahmad: This page contains instructions from 8.04 or 9.10: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades08:07
riktkinghi im trying to install netbook remix ontop of a standard ubuntu install, whats the package name to instal08:07
AAAriktking  you can search for packages in ubuntu like :: $ apt-cache search netbook08:08
fahmadFlannel: i am using server not desktop08:08
riktkingAAA, cheers08:08
Flannelfahmad: There's instructions for that on that page too.08:08
AAAriktking  keep the questions coming :)08:09
Flannelfahmad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20(Recommended)08:09
fahmaddoing that :P08:09
riktkingAAA, so what package do i install, its thrown a list to me!08:09
surendraHow to install and update new softwares in my home system .. which is not having internet ..08:09
Flannelfahmad: Hmm, that link doesn't work.  well, it does, but that's the wrong server-upgrade one, you need to use the one further down on the page, under the 8.04 -> 10.04 one08:09
ManDayundecim, unless I'm using the plugin wrongly TamperData does not account for what JAVA does08:10
AAAriktking  you'll have to look and see. I have no idea, I've never heard of your program. but that is the place for you to start looking :)08:10
riktkingAAA, thanks08:10
ManDayundecim, I sure could find other ways to figure that out08:10
undecimManDay: Well, you could try using wireshark, then, which will definitely catch Java traffic.08:10
AAAriktking  you can search anything. you can also strengthen your search with grep. ex. :: apt-cache search netbook | grep -i music08:11
surendraAAA: How to install and update new softwares in my home system .. which is not having internet .. i have install 10.04 desktop in home08:11
riktkingAAA, nice tip, thanks08:11
ManDayundecim, I'll ask #linux whether anyone can think of a convenient way to sniff http requests nicely08:11
ManDaythen ill use wireshark, thanks!08:11
undecimManDay: wait08:11
AAAsurendra  you'll need to put the 10.4 cd in and run $ apt-cdrom add08:11
ManDaysure undecim08:11
undecimYou have access to the access logs?08:11
AAAriktking  :)08:11
undecimManDay: /var/log/apache2/access.log assuming that apache is the web server08:12
ManDayundecim, of the server? Not quite - even if I started an instance of the server locally it's not a http server and I dont know about how and where it logs08:12
riktkingAAA, think i have found it :-S08:12
riktkinginstalling now!08:12
ManDayIts not apache - its the SAGE server backend08:12
AAAriktking  careful!! apt-get is *ahem* very addictive ;)08:12
undecimManDay: Oh, no idea about that then...08:13
riktkingAAA, i know, there is soo much junk on this laptop due to apt-get lol08:13
AAAsurendra  but if the 10.4 cd you have is not newer than the one you installed, the point is moot08:13
HermanDE_ManDay, Have you tried wireshark for sniffing?08:13
ManDayHermanDE, undecim just named that - sorry for reaksing - I thought wireshark was a general purpose sniffer08:14
AAAriktking  then you need to run man on all the apt-<tab> stuff on your system and get more addicted :)08:14
surendraAAA: thank you .. in office i am using ubuntu 10.04 .. i can easily update my system caz i hv internet .. in home i don't hv for this what can i do08:14
ManDayI thought there might be something dedicated to observer requests on HTTP (from one specific app)08:14
riktkingAAA, dont know if i have time ;-)08:14
ManDayill get wireshark08:14
HermanDE_ManDay, I just used to to solve a failing Soap system.....08:14
AAAriktking  bollocks! you'll find it... eventually at least, when you can't figure something out and you dont have irc =p08:15
riktkingAAA, think im gunna run a hybrid UNR/standard gnome ubuntu08:15
HermanDE_ManDay, Silly MS shop tried to setup a SOAP server....08:15
ManDayHermanDE, installing as we speak08:15
AAAManDay  are you familiar with packet analyzers? it is fairly complex stuff08:15
ManDayAAA, im familar with networking and sniffing with little experience tho08:15
HermanDE_AAA, Wireshark is pretty sweet...  And easy.....08:16
AAAriktking  dude. no matter where you go, you'll always wind up at a man page. man is your best friend08:16
ManDayit even comes with a GUI08:16
riktkingAAA, man has helped me MANY times in the past08:16
ManDaylooks easy08:16
riktkingAAA, thanks for all your help, tho i may be back ;-)08:16
HermanDE_ManDay, I use it on terminals...  tshark has earned me $$$$08:16
ManDayHermanDE, tshark?08:17
AAAManDay  cool.08:17
HermanDE_t(ext/erminal)shark...  The console version of WireShark08:17
ManDayhm, wireshark doesnt list any interfaces for me...08:17
AAAManDay  you need libcap08:18
HermanDE_ManDay...... It should see LO....08:18
frankbroAnyone can help me with a quick question, I feel dumb. I'm on 10.04. I accidently closed the rhytmnbox indicator applet by right-clicking and closing and I can't get it back. The only google result I'm getting are people who removed the WHOLE indicator applet, which isn't my problem, just the rhytmnbox one. Thx08:18
ManDayAAA, libcap is there08:18
AAAManDay  you started as root/sudo?08:18
ManDayHermanDE, it sees nothing - ill run it with sudo maybe that helps08:19
AAAgksudo whatever08:19
HermanDE_ManDay, Gotta be root.....08:19
ManDayAAA, i would have expected it to go gksu08:19
=== administrivia is now known as Prodego
ManDay(if its needed)08:19
AAAManDay  same thing =p and it is needed for capture/promisc08:19
HermanDE_ManDay, It can be run as a common user and do a very good job....08:20
sebsebsebfrankbro: this might help08:20
sebsebseb!panels | frankbro08:20
ubottufrankbro: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »08:20
ManDayit even gives me a warning that it is being run as root...08:20
ManDaybut at least it now finds the ifs08:20
HermanDE_ManDay, Yep...  That's very common....08:20
HermanDE_ManDay, And real....08:20
undecimManDay: Quick note: if the server is on localhost, use the lo interface08:20
HermanDE_ManDay, In other words....  Troubleshoot....  then turn it off....08:21
ManDayundecim, yes, ill start the server locally that narrows it down08:21
alvin_join #ubuntu-cn08:21
esteevenfrankbro, try edit > plugins and then check "Satus Icon." restart Rhythmbox.08:21
SirMooFor some reason on this particular computer.... Chatzillia won't show peoples hostnames and such on mouse over in the status bar, any ideas?08:21
frankbroThx a lot guys, didn't though about restoring panel to default. Thx08:22
=== kdb is now known as Guest7099
moodyneat symbols08:23
ManDayAAA, HermanDE can you quickly tell me how to filter for port 8000 only?08:23
SirMooIs there a !zh command or so?08:24
riktkinghave a big problem, install ubuntu-netbook package via apt and now no windows will stay infocus08:24
HermanDE_ManDay, There are a couple of methods....  The first one is to just dump everything...  And look for port 8000...  then follow the TCP stream  (Right click)08:24
wogolehey guys am having problem in playing videos and movies on the virtual console, can anyone help me with that08:24
ManDayHermanDE, its working08:24
Scorp2ushow can I get my numeric keypad wotking with shift+home, shift+end, it is a dell laptop08:24
HermanDE_ManDay, The other way is to just set the filter at the top......  The filtering system is very point/click....  Look for port and insert 800008:25
ManDayHermanDE, yes i figured it08:26
ManDayI already got the needed packs08:26
ManDayHermanDE, actually... give me a second08:26
HermanDE_ManDay, That took a few minutes...  I chalk it up to complex packet scanners....08:26
Matic`MakovecHey there. So I'm having issues setting up screen size with ubuntu lucid lynx. It says "unable to set configuration for crtc 262".Any ideas besides the google ones?08:27
AAA!ufs | ManDay08:27
AAA!ufw | ManDay08:27
ubottuManDay: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.08:27
AAAManDay  oh nm. you mean with ws. sorry08:28
riktkinghave a big problem, install ubuntu-netbook package via apt and now no windows will stay infocus, how do i remove it08:28
AAAriktking  apt-get remove ubuntu-netbook08:28
riktkingAAA: used that it aint worked08:29
HermanDE_Matic`Makovec, What is your video card?08:29
riktkingAAA: think thats just a link to install the other packages08:29
Matic`MakovecHermanDE, First of all, I might should mention I'm running this over VirtualBox.08:29
AAAriktking  the process didn't stop or it didn't remove the pkg? try $ ps auxww|grep netbook then kill the process08:29
riktkingAAA: how can i find out whats in that package?08:29
Matic`MakovecHermanDE, but otherwise, I'm using Nvidia Quadro FX 57008:30
ManDayHermanDE, can you tell me what to do to get the packages displayed with HTTP headers conveniently listed?08:30
AAAriktking  dpkg -L <pkg>08:30
AAAriktking  dpkg and tasksel are the 'backends' to apt, if you will08:30
HermanDE_Matic`Makovec,  Did you install the VirtualBox video drivers?08:31
fqhHi, if I install kde/qt applications in ubuntu (gnome), will the system lead to running slower?08:31
HermanDE_ManDay, Just right click on one of the packets and select "Follow TCP Stream".....08:31
Matic`MakovecHermanDE, I think I haven't installed such thing seperately. I must check. Any hints what I should look for?08:31
HermanDE_ManDay, It's like magic....08:31
ManDayHermanDE, wow08:32
HermanDE_ManDay, And that's complex....  :)08:32
AAAHermanDE_  *ahem* automagic!08:32
ManDayHermanDE, thank you already - i have to leave now and will get the thing done later08:32
HermanDE_ManDay, Takes me about 10 minutes to demonstrate surfing without SSL to clients with Wireshark....08:32
ManDaythanks a lot HermanDE AAA08:32
riktkingAAA, thats worked, killed an app and it has worked08:33
Celestarmorning. I got a USB DVB-T stick. in totem, I when activate it, I get this channel configuration thing. takes about 5-6 minutes to scan. After that, when activating DVB in Totem again, I get the channel config again. What am I missing here?08:33
AAAManDay  you bet. read up on the docs. I highly recommend learning tcpdump to diag network foobars08:33
AAAriktking  progress! w0008:34
riktkingAAA, so i have cancelled it in start up and am now gunna reboot :-S08:34
HermanDE_Matic`Makovec,  I remember a quick howto from a few years back....  Dr Google should have the answer.....08:34
AAAManDay  learning how tcpdump will make you and instant wireshard pro. promise08:34
AAAriktking  why reboot?08:34
esteevenfqh: it doesn't have much of an impact on my system but there is an imapct - it's just that it doesn't affect me ie I have a powerful (-ish) system. Why not try it? You can always remove the apps.08:35
AAAriktking  rebooting is only for kernel changes, imho!08:35
HermanDE_AAA, I lived by TCPDUMP....  Then learned tshark...08:35
AAAHermanDE_  case in point :)08:35
HermanDE_AAA, I'll always support good ideas....08:35
HermanDE_AAA, And some bad ones....08:36
AAAHermanDE_  heh. dicotomy and stuffz, huh?08:36
HermanDE_AAA, aalib + 10 foot x 5 foot lcd + X windows running Quake....08:37
AAAHermanDE_  haha. ascii ftw!08:37
HermanDE_AAA, GUI's are overrated....08:37
AAAHermanDE_  when mplayer added the aalib future I was amazed! for 30m...08:38
AAAfeature even08:38
HermanDE_AAA, I watched a few movies when my processor couldn't deal with the speed of a DVD....08:38
smilyHi, Does anyonee know how to set the wireless connection?08:38
HermanDE_smily, Sure....08:39
AAAHermanDE_  I've watch one or two with fbmode and 600x400 in a term =p08:39
AAAsmily  I can help on the command line. network-manager and someone else will08:40
HermanDE_AAA, Yep...  I thought that was very impressive....  I used to run movies on a dual 300Mhz processor on an old nvidia card...  with FBdev....08:40
HermanDE_smily, How old is your computer?08:41
AAAHermanDE_  hehe, all wax'n nostalgic08:41
jaemsmily, more importantly, which brand is your wireless card?08:42
HermanDE_AAA, When installing Linux was attacking the Slack Stack of floppies and praying to the floppy drive god that the heads will work properly...08:42
jaemAre you having trouble with it, or just not sure how to configure your specific connection?08:42
HermanDE_smily, What type of computer do you wish wireless on?08:43
smilymy computer is about 7-8 years old08:43
HermanDE_smily, Is it a laptop?08:43
smilyits a dell08:43
AAAHermanDE_  :) my first linux install was a potato netboot. but anymore and we're gonna get pushed to #offtopic08:43
HermanDE_smily, Is the wireless built in or is it a usb device?08:43
smilyand i use at&t for my wireless connection08:44
HermanDE_AAA, Ptheeewwww....  Cut my teeth on Deb...  Haven't left *yet*.....08:44
jaemsmily, oh, you mean wireless broadband?  e.g. cell modem?08:44
jaemNot WiFi?08:44
HermanDE_ATT is wifi as well....08:44
smilyno it is wifi08:44
jaemHermanDE, Okay, I did not know.08:45
jaemI live in the barren wastelands of the North, where WiFi only comes from your cute little 54GL08:45
AAAHermanDE_  actually. my first install was a red hat 5 for some guy in the shop I worked in. potato was my first choosing of a distro, I think...08:45
HermanDE_smily, Are you in Starbucks?  :)08:45
HermanDE_smily, How is the wireless connected to the computer?08:46
smilya router08:46
brickyhmm I just thought about something, is converting quicker on slow machines under linux? media, mp3, ?08:46
frankbroAnother quick question, after reseting the panel to default, how can I add again notification for apps ? (emesene, lifarea not showing)08:46
jaemsmily, HermanDE means e.g. PCI card, USB, etc08:46
HermanDE_AAA, I used bo, woody, slink, potato, lenny, etch, sarge....  I'm probably missing one or two....08:46
Elwellhey folks, if my kerberos password is the same as my login password, is there any way to automatically do a kinit at login time?08:47
HermanDE_smily, So....  Is the computer connected to a router with a cable?08:48
AAAElwell  put it in your ~/.bashrc ?08:48
smilyits on another computer08:48
AAAsmily  do you know the name of your wifi device? ath0 eth1 wlan0?08:48
ElwellAAA: no, cos that'd prompt me each time I opened a new window surely08:48
AAAsmily  can you find it in the output of :: $ sudo lspci ?08:49
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=== starcoder[ipod] is now known as starcoder
ElwellI figured It may be possible in (the ubuntu equivalent of keychain access) thing08:49
HermanDE_smily, Are you running the newest Ubuntu?08:49
brickyman I love linux bwhahahaa ! finding stuff out is just like finding money08:50
AAAElwell  I _think_ that is kinda the point of kinit. that being said I'm sure you can have bash and kerb auth at the same time as you login. it may require server config changes. not positive08:50
smilyits installed and everything08:50
HermanDE_smily, Are you running the standard GNOME?08:50
smilyi have no idea what that is08:50
AAAElwell  do you admin the kerb server?08:51
ElwellAAA: no08:51
HermanDE_smily, At the top right of the screen do you see a small icon that may look like a radar scan?08:51
brickyGnome = travelosity mascot :P08:51
AAAElwell  can you ask them about simultaneous logins? maybe they have a wiki or something? it is typically site specific08:51
ElwellAAA: if I open one terminal and 'kinit ; aklog' and open a second I still can klist and get access to /afs/....08:52
ElwellI just wanted to remove the need to kinit in a terminal window but it's no biggie08:52
AAAElwell  I hear ya. I betcha the network admins have a wiki telling you how to do exactly what you want.  I'm not sure of the proper way.  I am positive that it works, I've used it that way ;)08:53
HermanDE_I've got to learn kerb....  :(08:53
AAAElwell  as long as you have a valid kerb ticket you shouldn't need kinit08:53
AAAElwell  your kerb admins obviosuly set that08:53
smilyi see it08:53
HermanDE_smily, right click on it....  Is wireless active?08:53
lolfetishhow can I update an animation based on actual time passed? such that the animation is equally fast on slow and fast hardware/os ?08:55
AAAElwell  I remember needing several variabls set in my bashrc for kerb to work proper at login. I wish I had more info for ya08:55
MMKahoI got a problem while compilg RT2571STA it says make: *** No rule to make target `config.o', needed by `wpa_supplicant'.  Stop.08:55
smilyno it isnt basically i can see my network but i cant log on and i have the password and everything08:55
smilyand it worked on my phone08:56
ElwellAAA: ach well, I got ssh + afs working using kerberos correctly so not that bothered now08:56
smilybut it wont work on my computer08:56
HermanDE_smily, There are a couple types of wireless devices.....08:56
AAAElwell  good luck!08:56
lhurgoyfhello, I'm using dynamic port forwarding.  What i want to do is the connections on the remote side to be bound to a different ip assigned to the interface.  I couldn't find a related parameter.  I appreciate any advise08:56
HermanDE_smily, It could be that you have an 802.11b device and the router is configured for WPA....08:56
ElwellAAA: http://blog.elwell.org.uk/2010/06/kerberos-ssh-at-cern.html08:56
smilybut i double checked and its WEP08:57
AAAElwell  you've been busy I see08:57
HermanDE_Elwell, I like the first line.  :)08:57
AAAsmily  what is the iface name of your wifi?  can you do $ iwconfig wlan0 ?08:57
HermanDE_smily, Now you need to determine if your WIFI device can handle the WEP version.....08:58
MMKahoI got a problem while compilg RT2571STA it says make: *** No rule to make target `config.o', needed by `wpa_supplicant'.  Stop.08:58
HermanDE_smily, If your wifi device can ohly hold 40 characters for a WEP....  And the router has a 64 character string....  Game is over....08:59
AAAMMKaho  sounds like there is not a file named config.o in your pwd or a path configure knows about08:59
HermanDE_smily, Then there is the question between HEX and ascii.....08:59
MMKahowell im using default makefile08:59
zingbatsQuick question, I'm running tar with verbose output, then using > to write to a text file. The verbose file list is written to the file, but warnings are still displayed in console. Anyway I can change that?09:00
MMKahofrom the cd that came with it09:00
damianzingbats, i THINK you'd do something like:09:00
HermanDE_zingbats, redirect stderr....09:00
AAAHermanDE_  isn't 64WEP only 10 characters09:00
jaemMMKaho, is this a RealTek network device of some sort?09:00
damiantar .... > file 2>109:00
jaemI missed the beginning09:01
damianwhich should output stderr (2) to stdout (1)09:01
damianbut it could be the other way around.. :P09:01
HermanDE_AAA, Depends on the WIFI adapter....  Some want HEX, others want ASCII...  Some systems added a longer (NON-Standard) WEP.....09:01
AAAMMKaho  i have no idea what you are compiling. but did you ./configure before you did make?09:01
jaemMy first thought (admittedly with no experience with that brand) would be to check their website for a newer version, first.09:01
jaemIt might not solve your problem ,but it couldn't hurt.09:02
zingbatsdamian: where 2 and 1 are both files I assume09:02
MrEgg964Hi all. How do I boot into recovery mode with Lucid?09:02
damianfile is file :P09:02
HermanDE_AAA, That is one possibility why most WEP systems are easy to crack...  the user kept the length to 8 hex chars....09:02
damian2/1 are representation of stdout and stderr; actually leave them as 2 and 109:02
MMKahono suck directory or file when i do that09:02
damianunless it doesn't wokr, then swap them around09:02
AAAHermanDE_  hrm. preshared key = ascii ; 64wep key = 10 hex char -- right?09:02
zingbatsdamian: So what if I want to output both 1 and 2?09:02
smilyand it was working on widowns though09:03
zingbatsIE: stdout and stderr09:03
damianthink of it like this, zingbats..09:03
AAAMrEgg964  single at the grub prompt09:03
jaemHermanDE, Heh, yeah... that reminds me of the similar situation with Garage door remotes.  I'm pretty sure they still sell models with an 8-bit key set with a DIPswitch. >_<09:03
jaemWEP is pretty useless.09:03
damian[command] > [file] [strerr] > [stdout]09:03
jaemIf anything, it's probably almost counterproductive these days.09:03
HermanDE_AAA, Back in the 11b days, everybody was experimenting....  Some followed the standard to the letter....  Other "Enhanced" the security....09:03
AAAjaem  locks are for honest people.09:03
damianeverything from 'command' goes into 'file', everything from 'stderr' goes into 'stdout'09:03
zingbatsdamian: Ok. Thanks09:03
damianso if there's an error, it'll go to your file :D09:04
MrEgg964AAA: I don't even get grub menu (this was easy with grub1, but I'm not familiar with grub2)09:04
HermanDE_It is the "Enhanced" systems that helped with the WPA standards.....09:04
AAAHermanDE_  do you think this user has a card with fw that old? really?09:04
jaemAAA, yes, but at least with an Open AP, you're not screaming to anyone nearby "I don't know about network security" as loudly.09:04
damianso; tar zxvf yourtar.tar > youroutput.log 2>109:04
HermanDE_AAA, Don't know....09:04
AAAMrEgg964  when you reboot your box. <tab> when it starts to load and change the grub line to single09:04
HermanDE_AAA, WEP is one of those techs that will either work easily or become a nightmare.....09:04
MrEgg964AAA: thanks :)09:05
=== [Screamo]offline is now known as [Screamo]
AAAjaem  it's all about the fruit, really. and anymore the fruit closest to the bottom is all the unsecured ap's. then the wep, then the wpa, etc09:05
zingbatsdamian: Yup, got it, thanks. It's a little different because it's a terrible tape drive. The error file is about the most important file there is09:05
HermanDE_Time to config a PBX....  or sleep....  hmmmmm...  FreeSwitch here I come.....09:06
AAAFTR, I am not condoning wep! ffs...09:06
airtonixhai is this the 'ontopic ubuntu channel' ?09:06
jaemairtonix, currently?  About halfways. :P09:06
jaemBut yes.09:06
jaemWhat's up?09:06
jaem...on reflection, that would be have been the perfect time for a non-sequitur09:07
AAAjaem  /009:07
=== alpenrose is now known as TNA-fx
mek8630Does anyone know of a good media player that can support all different types of file formats?09:07
wise_cryptmek8630: vlc09:08
AAAmek8630  there are literally dozens09:08
wise_crypt!codec > mek863009:08
ubottumek8630, please see my private message09:08
mek8630wise_crypt,AAA: well I have tried different ones and for some reason its not playing these disc that have windows media player format09:08
wise_crypt!multimedia > mek863009:09
AAAmek8630  mplayer and/or vlc will most likely play that09:09
wise_cryptmek8630 : follow the guide ubottu gave you, you will be fine09:09
mek8630wise_crypt, AAA: ok thanks alot I appreciate it09:10
wise_cryptmek8630 : np09:10
AAAmek8630  and remember you will need the win32 codecs. ps. I didn't read that link09:10
=== sree is now known as sreR
mek8630AAA: thanks for the tip09:10
AAAwise_crypt  does that talk about the css install script as well?09:10
AAAmek8630  welcome09:11
wise_crypt!factoid > AAA09:11
ubottuAAA, please see my private message09:11
IsUpi am using 8.04 server09:12
AAAwise_crypt  I was hoping for a yes/no.  I'll read the post, thanks09:12
IsUpive just plugged 2nd HDD to my server, i want to format it mount for using09:12
IsUphow can i format this disk? how can i create partition?09:13
IsUpi just need 1 partition, i'll keep some big files in it09:13
sreRwhen i tried to upgrade my ubuntu to 10.04, i got a message that " Canonical Ltd. no longer provides support for the following software packages. You can still get support from the community." it include automake 1.7 ,bluetooth etc.09:13
sreRis there any problem with this ?09:13
QuadrantThat's weird09:15
Quadrant2010-06-18 01:11:49.981332 [ERR] switch_ivr.c:2234 Invalid SAY Interface [you]!09:15
Quadrantwhere did it get "you" from instead of en09:15
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AAAIsUp  if you don't care about any data on your disk. the first step is to $ cfdisk /dev/<your drive>09:15
=== AK|vape is now known as Andorin
quizmeis there a command that converts text files with the the Windows line endings (\r\n) to unix line endings?09:17
frostworkdos2unix might help, quizme09:17
G_A_Cquizme: dos2unix09:17
oCean_!gparted | IsUp09:17
ubottuIsUp: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php09:17
quizmefrostwork G_A_C thanks!09:18
IsUpubottu: any way without live cd?09:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:19
AAAquizme  dos2unix09:20
oCean_IsUp: yes, you don't need te live cd09:20
quizmesed 's/.$//'  ?09:20
IsUpAAA: i did 'cfdisk' and created one partition. how can i mount it?09:20
Beelsebobhey ho, I just changed the contents of /etc/hostname, and sudo is now being a pain in the arse about "unable to resolve host $NEW_HOSTNAME", what have I missed out reconfiguring09:20
oCean_IsUp: just type "sudo apt-get install gparted", then you can go and create partitions09:20
AAAIsUp  next you'll need to format it. what partition type did you choose?09:20
IsUpi choose Linux09:20
oCean_IsUp: if you'd rather work with commandline, start "sudo fdisk /dev/<drivename>09:21
IsUpactually cfdisk sets it09:21
IsUpfdisk /dev/sdb09:21
yasaswiHi, does anyone know where the config file for the volume indicator (gnome) would be09:21
IsUpn, for create partition, d for delete partition, w for write changes09:21
AAAIsUp  ok. do you want an ext3 filesytem? if so $ mkfs.ext3 /dev/driveN < like sda1 or whever it is09:21
IsUpok lemme check09:22
AAAIsUp  then mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1 if that is the only patition there.09:22
IsUpmkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb109:22
IsUpi remember09:22
yasaswiI am talking about the one that showup when one press the volume (up/down) button ont he keyboard09:22
IsUpi've used to work with fdisk before09:22
IsUpso its creating filesystem, how can i mount it?09:23
AAAIsUp  then you can a) edit fstab and mount -a or b) mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/yourdrive09:23
IsUplet me see09:23
IsUpit's still creating filesystem09:23
AAAIsUp  you want it in /etc/fstab if you want it to be there after reboot09:23
AAAIsUp  2 more seconds...09:23
ropstunis there a package for Livestation for watching c-span video?09:23
IsUpAAA should i make a directory before?09:24
IsUpis there anything specially? just mkdir /data?09:24
IsUpi want to mount this partition to /data09:24
oCean_IsUp: that would do09:24
IsUpchmod needed09:25
AAAIsUp  you need to mount it to a current directory. udev will do this for you, but I don't have those details. for a temporary solution you can mount it as I described09:25
AAAIsUp  please mkdir in /mnt/ it is the preffered way09:25
oCean_AAA: no, not really09:25
AAAoCean_  sans udev09:26
AAAoCean_  I did say temporary09:26
mek8630AAA: hey sorry to bug you while you are busy but what is the diff between ext4 and ext3 and so on?09:26
IsUpusually i was mounting my disks to /abc /xyz09:26
oCean_IsUp: mkdir /data, then edit /etc/fstab. Preferred way is to use the UUID of the partition09:26
oCean_IsUp: command: sudo blkid, then find your drive and copy the UUID09:26
AAAmek8630  ext3 is ext3 with a journal, more overhead. ext4 is simple an extension of ext309:26
IsUp/dev/sdb1: UUID="c797582e-9d59-4d4d-b14e-d08f69618783" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"09:27
AAAIsUp  ext3 is ext2, sorry09:27
AAAIsUp  that should be mountable09:27
oCean_IsUp: then add in /etc/fstab this line:   "UUID=<type-id-here>       /data         ext4         defaults      0 0"09:27
rumpsyhey, guys09:27
IsUpext4 or ext3?09:28
IsUpi did 'mkfs.ext3'09:28
oCean_IsUp: ext3 in that case09:28
AAAIsUp  if you want ext4, now is not too late. just rerun with mkfs.ext409:28
rumpsyguys, i need to fix some errors in my hardisk09:28
IsUpi am using ext309:28
rumpsyshall i use fsck09:28
IsUpshould i write "ext3" on fstab?09:28
IsUpor ext4?09:29
AAAIsUp I have no preference, ext3 should be just fine for you09:29
IsUpoCean_ you said "UUID=<type-id-here>       /data         ext4         defaults      0 0"09:29
IsUpext3 or ext4?09:29
rumpsythemill: hi09:29
oCean_IsUp: whatever you choose to format the disk with. In your case ext3 - it'll be fine09:29
nopeIsUp: it should be pretty obvious what you have to type, if you created an ext3 fs? :)09:29
IsUpyeah but i always want to be sure :P09:30
IsUpUUID=c797582e-9d59-4d4d-b14e-d08f69618783       /data   ext3    defaults        0       009:30
oCean_IsUp: yay, now type "sudo mount -a"09:30
IsUpmount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/c797582e-9d59-4d4d-b14e-d08f69618783 does not exist09:30
AAAIsUp  if /data is the mkdir you made. you should be golden. once you save that. $ mount -a and it should be rw09:30
rumpsyi need to know fsck commands to fix errors in my hardisk09:31
IsUpyes i have /data09:31
rumpsyany suggestions!09:31
zipperhi i am not able to delete application from application09:31
IsUpmount -a says 'mount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/c797582e-9d59-4d4d-b14e-d08f69618783 does not exist'09:31
AAAIsUp  check ls -l09:31
AAAIsUp  ls -l dev/disk/by-uuid/09:31
serge_.sanctuary-irc.org +660109:32
IsUpyeah i did, '52871432-b870-454c-ab13-6fccfe2ec243' and 'd3a90364-8486-4f0d-8b3a-1954851a56b8'09:32
AAAIsUp  make sure your uuid matches that drive09:32
rumpsyzipper: right click the application menu and edit it09:32
zipperrumpsy, i already did09:32
IsUpit matches09:32
IsUpit's not under /dev/disk/by-uuid/09:32
zipperrumpsy, they just don't allow me to delete09:32
AAAIsUp  those two string do not match09:32
oCean_AAA: indeed :)09:32
IsUpi have 1 disk too09:32
IsUpit's a second hdd09:32
AAAIsUp  and they don't match the error09:33
IsUpfor data storage =)09:33
rumpsyzipper: that's the thing i know :(09:33
AAAIsUp  the uuid's should be linked to partitions. find the one that matches your new one09:33
IsUpAAA: '52871432-b870-454c-ab13-6fccfe2ec243' and 'd3a90364-8486-4f0d-8b3a-1954851a56b8' these are belongs to other disk09:33
kbpI know this question has been asked many times, but what is the best music player (except Amarok)?09:33
IsUpi already checked with 'blkid'09:34
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot09:34
brickymy landlord is going to have a ... a....09:34
AAAIsUp  but you need that NEW uuid in your NEW fstab entry. and that is not what it says09:34
brickyoops wrong chan09:34
AAAIsUp  do you see this in the by-uuid dir? c797582e-9d59-4d4d-b14e-d08f6961878309:35
IsUpi just did 'fdisk' and created partition from stratch09:35
IsUpnow i see it under /dev/disk/by-uuid09:35
oCean_!best | kbp09:35
ubottukbp: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:35
IsUpi am going to create inode tables with 'mkfs.ext3'09:35
AAAIsUp  I thought you already formated with mkfs.ext3?09:36
DexterLB-schoolIsUp: you don't have gui?09:36
waldyU gotta luv broadband - 0.1s lag :)09:36
IsUpi am doing it again09:36
IsUpDexterLB-school: no i hate GUIs :)09:36
AAAIsUp  for testing the format, please do this. $ mount /dev/<your new slice> /data and make sure it is rw09:36
zipperhi any1 know why i can delete some application from edit menus?09:37
AAAIsUp  the fstab options are another ball of wax09:37
IsUpmounted now09:38
IsUpit works09:38
AAAIsUp  and you can $ touch /data/foo ?09:38
IsUpjust created partition again and it works09:38
IsUpyes, touch bla09:38
IsUpive removed lost+found09:38
trapmaxCan someone explain to me how the runlevels work? I want to configure my tomcat-instance to stop before my postgresql09:38
AAAok. now figure out your fstab :)09:38
IsUpi already did it with 'mount -a'09:38
AAAIsUp  that will be repopulated09:38
IsUpso its going to mount on every reboot?09:39
AAAIsUp  I thought you said mount -a returned errors for the uuid?09:39
IsUpyes and then i've deleted and created partition again09:39
IsUpand it worked09:39
AAAIsUp  if mount -a worked then, yes.  it will work on reboot09:39
AAAxue  don't irc as root, please!09:40
* waldy hears that Ubuntu 10.4 has a number of stability issues, not that I've had any, though. I do hope that the Window control icons get put back to the top right of the window where they used to be in 9.0409:40
IsUpAAA how can i unmount this partition?09:41
AAAIsUp  umount /data09:41
MyWayhello, after the xorg update i rebooted and i can't mount my usb external hd anymore, it says i'm not authorized, what can i do?09:41
MyWay(i'm using 10.04)09:42
wise_crypt!control > waldy09:42
AAAMyWay  are you able to sudo stuff?09:42
IsUpAAA: thank you09:42
MyWayAAA: yes09:42
AAAIsUp  glad to help09:42
AAAMyWay  was it working previously?09:42
MyWayyes, sure09:43
axion_MyWay, is the drive detected?09:43
wise_crypt!controls > waldy09:43
ubottuwaldy, please see my private message09:43
MyWayaxion_: how to check it?09:43
AAAMyWay  what changed from working to no worky? 9 -> 10 update or something else?09:43
IsUpAAA: do you prefer 'nano' or 'vi'?09:43
AAAIsUp  haha. vim :)09:43
axion_MyWay, lsusb09:43
MyWayAAA: yesterday i updated xorg-core and after a reboot it wasn't working anymore, the rest seems as always09:44
MyWayaxion_: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1058:1001 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. External Hard Disk09:44
MyWayit's detected09:44
AdminXHello, I have a DV7-2180us HP Laptop, I've had one small issue with wireless that I have now fixed, are there any others that you may know about that I have not found yet?09:44
AAAIsUp  flamewars are not allowed on #ubuntu =p. don't even start me on emacs ;)09:44
gorgodhey frnds09:44
IsUpoh no, just asking09:44
IsUpis it better?09:44
AAAMyWay  you suspect xorg b0rk your usb? hrm. did you check lsusb as suggested?09:45
MyWayAAA: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1058:1001 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. External Hard Disk09:45
AAAIsUp  personal preference is all09:45
MyWayi don't know, i'm a beginner, but this is the only thing i did yesterday that i remember09:45
IsUpokay, thanks again :)09:45
IsUphave a great day09:46
NachturnalDoes Ubuntu (or the linux kernel used in 10.04) update time in some odd way? A program I wrote in Java includes milliseconds in a time measurement, and it seems like it's getting inaccurate times from the OS09:46
SwedeMikeNachturnal: please be a bit more specific on "inaccurate"09:46
AAAMyWay  ok. try this. unplug your usb device and back in. then do $ dmesg | tail -n 33 and look for your device. pastebin the results if you'd like me to see them09:46
axion_MyWay, go into disk utility or gparted and check the partitions09:46
NachturnalSwedeMike, it seems to not really count milliseconds accurately, instead counts up by 3 milliseconds every second, in addition to the usual counting.09:47
weemanHi. I want to switch to different harddisk partition to check some files with md5sum. What is the CLI command cd ~/Desktop  ?09:47
MyWayAAA: http://pastebin.org/33855809:47
AAAweeman  srsly? you just said it. cd ~/Desktp09:47
waldyMy buttons are now on the right, thanks for the assistance :)09:47
SwedeMikeNachturnal: are you running ntp and your clock is quite a lot out of sync so it's trying to correct it?09:48
=== meatbun is now known as loltoo
AAAMyWay  hrm. [  838.763924] usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning09:48
=== loltoo is now known as meatbun
axion_MyWay, what filesystems are contained on the usb device ?09:48
AAAMyWay  run that again. did it settle? pastebin if you like09:48
MyWayNTFS, i used it on windows before09:48
MyWaybut i used it for 2 years without problems09:49
axion_MyWay, chkdsk it on a windows system09:49
weemanAAA :NO The files are on a seperate partition from the Ubuntu partition. What is the CLI command to navigate to a different partition.09:49
NachturnalSwedeMike, I hadn't thought of that. Would it be checking to sync that often? Seems extreme to me.09:49
nopeMyWay: do you have ntfs-3g installed?09:49
AAAweeman  cd /some/other/slic09:49
nopentfs is not a very good choice in linux :)09:49
SwedeMikeNachturnal: no, but ntpd will drift the clock constantly to make it correct over time.09:49
MyWayAAA: http://pastebin.org/33855909:49
MyWaynope: how to check?09:49
axion_ntfs is very low performance under linux09:49
NachturnalSwedeMike, how would I check if it's running. A process named ntpd?09:50
MyWayaxion_: should i format it and make it ext4?09:50
AAAMyWay  your usb device is still not talking to your usb hub :( <-- first guess is bad/failed hw09:50
axion_MyWay, if you don't plan to use it under windows again09:50
SwedeMikeNachturnal: yes, you might be able to run "ntpdc" or "ntpq" and type "peers" command in there.09:50
nopeMyWay: easiest is probably typing ntfs in a terminal, and trying tab-complete09:50
MyWayok nope09:51
MyWayaxion_: i use it sometimes as shared folder on virtualbox/windows09:51
Jimi_NeutralHi all, im trying to make a .BAT file creat a directory with whatever the days date it is when it runs, any help09:51
MyWaynope: yes, i have it installed09:51
wise_cryptweeman: im not quite following you, but you can use nautilus for that can of job if cli to hard for you09:51
AAAMyWay  i am hoping that was a NEW dmesg you posted and not the same one? if so your usb drive is not talking09:51
nopethen you should be able to mount sdb1 with r/w support09:51
MyWayAAA: yes, it was a new dmesg09:51
NachturnalSwedeMike, using "ps aux | grep ntp" produces no results other than grep09:52
MyWaynope: it was working, i used it 12 hours ago ~09:52
AAAMyWay  from my eyes, your usb device is not being accessed by the kernel on a hw layer09:52
MyWaybut today it's saying i'm not authorized09:52
MyWayAAA: what can i do?09:52
AAAMyWay  and I mean before it decides to choose a driver for it09:52
nopeNachturnal: the server with time issues, is it a physical machine, or a virtualized one?09:52
SwedeMikeNachturnal: then I don't know, it works beter on older linux kernels?09:52
=== shiny_ is now known as sh1ny
mushy1hello what websites can i read to get a crash course, in all things command prompt  what i need to use, why i would need to use it etc etc09:52
mushy1only pertaining to command prompt09:53
glickexcuse me i did a upgrade from koala to lucid, and now flash doesnt play in firefox, it says i either have javascript turned off or an old version of adobes flash player.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling throught the software center09:53
glickbut it didnt fix it09:53
mushy1showing me things from cd to cat to shutdown and whatever else09:53
mushy1also cool tricks, does anyone have a site with that sort of focus09:53
Nachturnalnope, it's on this ubuntu 10.04 box. the time stays accurate as far as I can tell. maybe the JRE Is screwing up the time requests when I run my program?09:54
nopemushy1: http://www.linuxguide.it/linux_commands_line_en.htm09:54
axion_MyWay, do another dmesg, but don't tough the usb device this time09:54
MyWayaxion_: ok09:54
SwedeMikemushy1: http://www.he.net/info/unix.tutorial/  google for unix tutorial or unix for dummies or alike09:54
=== axion_ is now known as lapion-II
glickcan anyone help me fix flash in mozilla after a distro upgrade?09:54
glickit says i have flash installe09:54
glicki uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it didnt fix the provlem09:54
Mrokiihello. I am looking for an Ubuntu equivalent for HyperTerminal, I mean an application I can send AT-commands manually to a mobile phone.09:54
MyWaylapion-II: http://pastebin.org/33856809:54
Quadrantgreat. ive been trying to debug a problem for a couple hours and turns out i think this phone is going bad.09:55
weemanwise_crypt  1tb of files in folder  on partition sda10. I want to create md5sums for all the files. Cannot get cli to switch to sda10: cd /dev/sda10/  ?09:55
nopeMrokii: minicom might do the trick09:56
lapion-IIMyWay, boot one of your windows vm-s and do a scandisk of the usb partitions09:56
MyWaylapion-II: ok09:56
Mrokiinope:  thanks, I will look at that.09:56
nopeMrokii: cutecom has a gui if thats your preference09:56
mushy1nope: thank you this site will do fine [=09:56
SwedeMikeweeman: you need to mount the filesystem first.09:56
AAAMyWay  can you give me the lsusb info for your device again?09:56
SwedeMikeweeman: check with "df" or "mount" if it's mounted.09:56
wise_cryptweeman: mount (see if its mounted)09:56
MyWaylapion-II: the vm says that one hd is not accessible, so i don't think i will be able to scan it from the vm :(09:56
lapion-IIin windows: right-click on the device select properties->tools09:56
MyWayAAA: sure09:56
mushy1did anyone watch the e3 press conferences with the big 3? nintendo, sony, microsoft?09:57
MyWayAAA: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1058:1001 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. External Hard Disk09:57
AAAMyWay  oh nm. I see now it found it as sdb09:57
Mrokiinope:  Will try both, thanks.09:57
AAAMyWay  must need a bit to warm up09:57
weemanIf the partion shows up in nautilus it is already mounted yes?09:57
nopeyou also have putty for linux, but I havent tried it (yet)09:57
lapion-IIMyWay, then use gparted/partition editor to check the partition09:57
MyWayok lapion-II09:57
AAAweeman  99% yes09:57
wise_cryptweeman: sudo mkdir /media/sda10 && sudo mount /dev/sda10 /media/sda10 && cd /media/sda1009:58
mushy1nope: there is a linux version of putty?09:58
MyWaylapion-II: if i press check the file system i get the same error, not authorized09:58
lapion-IIMyWay, otherwhise use: sudo ntfsfix09:59
MyWaylapion-II: http://pastebin.org/33857410:00
MyWayops i wrote it bad10:00
=== damian is now known as Guest84203
MyWayas not said, ignore it, i did deb instead of sdb1*10:00
MyWaylapion-II: http://pastebin.org/33857510:00
wise_cryptweeman: actually disk is automounted you only had to click it at gnome desktop then nautilus open its mounted folder10:01
AAAMyWay  you can get TONS of info about your drive with this command. may be good for debuging.  $ sudo lsusb -vvv -s 001:00510:01
mushy1what are some fun or entertaining things to use linux for as a desktop10:01
MyWayAAA: http://pastebin.org/33857610:01
doktoreasanyone can suggest an alternative launcher like gnome-do?10:02
wise_cryptmushy1: with compiz fussion it is magnificent :)10:02
mushy1AAA: how do you figure out how to type things like lsusb -vvv -s 001:005, and after you figure it out how do you remember it10:02
weemank txs now in sda1010:03
mushy1wise_crypt does compiz work on xfce10:03
AdminXWhat is your irc client?10:03
Nachturnalsame thing happens on my Ubuntu netbook remix 10.04 laptop. the milliseconds seem to go up by xx3 when i run the program at various intervals. 2-5 seconds between each run. it happens way too often to be coincidence with times between me running it.10:03
wise_cryptmushy1: i use composite lol i'm in lxde :)10:03
lapion-IIAAA, there is no problem with the drive itself otherwhise he would not be able to do nftfsfix..10:03
AdminXTo be more exact, what is your favorite irc client?10:03
mushy1Does anyone have an opinion on the WM: evilwm ??10:04
=== Guest84203 is now known as damian_
mushy1on my quad core, sli running desktop i went from windows 7 to ubuntu running evilwm10:04
wise_cryptmushy1: xcompmgr -c && transset-df 0.6 << look very nice :)10:05
mushy1it seems under powered for a desktop10:05
mushy1wise_crypt whats that do/look like10:05
mushy1i am on a netbook i am going with light10:05
NachturnalSwedeMike, and nope, my bad... i just realized i used ":ms" (minutes:seconds) as my last column. i'm absolutely retarded tonight.10:05
mushy1xfce is light but full featured i like it10:05
AAAmushy1  haha. pirate skillz ;)  actually it is just the bus and device into, of course you need to read the man page to piratize it ;)10:05
wise_cryptmushy1: wait10:05
mike_HELP PLEASE10:06
AAAlapion-II  the drive took several seconds to scan. I thin that is the crux of the issue10:06
indusmike_, what is the problem10:06
=== mike_ is now known as Guest27169
=== linusoleander_ is now known as linusoleander
AAAmushy1  s/into/info10:07
mushy1whats that to10:07
Guest27169i got a  acer net book and i installed ubuntu on it10:07
AAAmushy1  I said device into and I meant to say device info. ergo s/into/info :)10:07
mushy1i have taught myself unix/linux several times throughout my life i was even an admin for a large shared web hosting company, then i go without using it for a long time and i forget everything10:07
Guest27169and my web cam is upside down10:08
mushy1i have horrible memory it would seem10:08
mushy1does anyone else have this problem10:08
itguruMy Dell bluetooth dongle all of a sudden is acting like a proper dongle, and I can no longer use my wireless mouse, has anyone else noticed this?10:08
wise_cryptmushy1: uploading10:08
AAAmushy1  :) it's like a bike. you can still ride it after several years, but you may fall10:08
lapion-IIMyWay, are you using diskmounter on the taskbar ? otherwhise add it and try to mount the usb device with it10:08
wise_cryptmushy1: http://imagebin.org/10171610:08
AAAitguru  battery dying maybe?10:09
itguruAAA: Nope, full battery :( changed them, it's not like this under windows, or other ubuntu installs, in fact this is the first I've noticed it, and I've got a fresh 10.04 install10:10
mushy1wise_crypt, what effect is compiz having on that screenshot?10:10
AAAitguru  suck. wish I could help you10:10
wise_cryptmushy1: composite transparent10:10
MyWaylapion-II: i've found a solution doing this, sudo nano /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.udisks.policy and editing allow_any and allow_inactive from no to yes and it's working, do you know the reason?10:10
MyWayi've found it on google10:10
AdminXMushy1, what are you using on your netbook? I am looking for a distro for my HP Mini 311 netbook.10:10
mushy1adminx did you get my pm?10:11
mushy1i started with ubuntu netbook remix10:11
AdminXlet me check10:11
mushy1then i tried evilwm and i thought it was torture10:11
wildbatis there a command to lock/unlock the cd-rom door?10:11
mushy1so i went to xfce desktop10:11
AAAwildbat  eject10:12
mushy1it is still just ubuntu 10 though10:12
MyWaynow i can mount and umount, but if i try to check the file system i'm still getting not authorized10:12
sean74hi hi10:12
AAAMyWay  for real? as root? hrm..10:12
mushy1i thought the netbook remix UI was rather slow, and while it fit everything on the screen it really just got in the way10:12
sean74doesnt anyone have good recommend for user management tools?10:12
AAAMyWay  what filesystem again?10:13
MyWayAAA: from the disk manager10:13
MyWayAAA: ntfs10:13
wildbatAAA, huh? to lock/unlock the door not open/close?10:13
lapion-IImushy try the non 3-d look that's not so slow10:13
AAAwildbat  oh, you want to lock it so you can't push the physical button to open it?10:13
MyWayAAA: to be able tu mount/umount i did this: sudo nano /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.udisks.policy and editing allow_any and allow_inactive from no to yes10:13
wildbatAAA, yes sir10:13
AAAMyWay  woah. I have no idea what that does10:14
lapion-IImyway while the filesystem is mounted do chown user:group /media/whereitwasmpounted\10:14
mushy1lapion-II does compiz add anything besides non useful effects?10:14
AAAwildbat  interesting. never thought of that. I don't know a tool to do that off the top10:14
Mrokiinope:  Minicom seems to work fine, the only problem seems to be my phone understanding only very few at-commands :)10:15
mushy1i have not used compiz in like 2-3 years and i only remember it doing some graphics stuff10:15
mushy1does it add anything worthwhile without compromising a lot of performance10:15
lapion-IImushy1, very usefull efect like warping windows and making your desktop spin..10:15
mushy1thats not useful10:15
wildbatAAA, there surely a way cause liveCD lock the door ~ but don't know how10:15
MyWaylapion-II: done10:15
AAAwildbat  good thing the man eject page is useful :) looks like -i is your option10:15
AdminXMushy1, I have backtrack4 an XP on it now, but would like to go full linux on it. I tried kbuntu but found it slow as well.10:15
lapion-IIdon't forget to unmount before checking..10:15
lint_i have a question, after you remove one of the new icons from your panel. how can you get it back?10:15
wise_cryptmushy1: search youtube ubuntu compiz you'll find many example about that :)10:16
MyWaylapion-II: still getting not authorized10:16
erUSULlint_: add it again. right click on the panel choose add to panel10:16
AdminXBacktrack4 is okay but feels dated.10:16
gueestGuys, what will happend to ubuntu after 2099? Will be next release named 100.4? And what after 2999?10:16
lint_erUSUL: they are not in the 'add to panel' section10:16
jaemAAA, darn, beat me to it.10:16
erUSULlint_: what icon is this ?10:16
AdminXUses kde 310:16
jaemGood that you folks brought it up, though.10:16
wise_crypt!id > tamu110:17
ubottutamu1, please see my private message10:17
wildbatAAA, @0@ WOW10:17
lint_erUSUL: the one that control shutdown.logout, and also my social applications icon, the little word balloon10:17
wildbatAAA, you are the man XD10:17
* lapion-II was being sarcastic mushy1, 10:17
lint_erUSUL: this is in lucid lynx10:17
AAAwildbat  no. man is the man :)10:17
erUSULlint_: that are icon contained i the indicator applet. add that10:17
jaemgueest, They'll have run out of awesome alliterative animals anyway by then, so why not an entirely new versioning scheme?10:17
mushy1AdminX, here is my desktop  http://i.imgur.com/JsXXr.png  i have the extra stuff in a autohide menu on the left  its basically just the default xfce interface without any modifying besides that one menu10:17
lint_erUSUL: thank you :)10:17
mushy1i think it looks good, runs good and 0 lag10:18
wildbatAAA, lol ~ thanks10:18
wildbatquestion~ can anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?10:18
mushy1and my netbook is not very powerful10:18
AAAwildbat  hehe. glad to help10:18
gueestjaem: and when they will start using insects names ;P?10:19
lapion-IIMyWay, check your rights, or run gparted with gksudo/sudo10:19
leagrisgueest, would it be bug names? ;D10:20
leagrislike Ubuntu Cockroach ;)10:20
mushy1AdminX, try http://www.xubuntu.org/  or if you already have ubuntu installed or burnt in terminal run   sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop10:20
gueestxD true10:20
mushy1give it a try on your notebook10:20
AAAa new toy story is coming out, too bad those name are probably grandfathered by the D ;)10:20
MyWaylapion-II: but how to run disk manager from sudo?10:22
lapion-IIleagris, that's in anothe millennium, when ubuntu survived the apocalypse , by being recoded from printouts10:22
MyWayi open it from the menu10:22
lapion-IIMyWay, when you startup partition editor does it ask you for your password ?10:22
MyWayyes, the partition editor yes, but not disk manager10:23
wise_cryptMyWay: alt + f2 gksu theguiappyoulike10:23
MyWayi don't know its name :P10:23
lapion-IIif the partition editor asked for your password it is allready running with sudoed rights10:24
MyWaylapion-II: but what should i do from gparted?10:24
MyWayi was trying to check the file system with disk utility10:25
ajuafind xxx password10:25
=== gent_away is now known as gent
wise_crypt!info fsck | MyWay10:26
ubottuMyWay: Package fsck does not exist in lucid10:26
Beyecixramdhow do i deinterlace an ogv video, and output it in the same quality?10:27
wise_crypt!info util-linux-ng | MyWay10:27
ubottuMyWay: Package util-linux-ng does not exist in lucid10:27
MyWaywise_crypt: i have a gui app "disk manager" from red hat, but i don't know its name10:27
leagrislapion-II, Ubuntu Cockroach PU239 Becquerel edition (enhanced multi-head)10:27
wise_cryptMyWay: sudo fsck /the/partionname10:28
MyWayfsck: fsck.ntfs: not found10:28
wise_cryptMyWay: better use chkdsk for that boot your win**10:29
lapion-IIin gparted 9partition manager) richt click on partition and slect check..10:29
ajuatry hirens boot cd 1010:30
MyWaylapion-II: it's grey, disabled10:30
lapion-IIfirst unmount from within the same menu10:30
MyWaywise_crypt: i don't have it anymore, i will format it to ext4, if i can use it from virtualbox/windows10:30
MyWaylapion-II: ok10:30
weemanVideo prob. Playing full hd videos in UB10.04 cpu jumps to 100% stays there and stuttering/unwatchable. Is there a setting to offload the cpu in Ubuntu? XP full load HD videos peak at 15% and run perfectly. How do i set the ati card.10:32
linusoleanderIs it possible to hide processer from other users on the systm?10:33
lapion-IIweeman, System->Administration->Hardware Drivers | from within here activate ati drivers10:33
linusoleanderIf I for i.e create an user, can it by default see root processes?=10:34
JonathanEllisI have a repository in my source list that is no longer available (W: Failed to fetch http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu/dists/hardy-getdeb/apps/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found). Before I remove this repository, how can I tell which packages came from it as I guess I will need to uninstall them.10:35
=== IPNixon_ is now known as IPNixon
weemanRunning the latest ati driver for my card makes no difference 100% cpu.  Do ati cards do offloading  cpu processing in Ubuntu ?10:36
wildbatMyWay, you can use gparted to check the ntfs partition, and there is a tools called ntfsfix10:36
Beyecixramdweeman: nope10:38
Beyecixramdweeman: in fact... no GPU does that10:38
linusoleanderAnyone know if that is possible?10:38
linusoleanderI want to create an user that only can see there own processes when running ps aux10:38
Beyecixramdweeman: unless a specific app is coded to run using GPU power, like CUDA for nVidia10:38
chu__Hey guys, I got my graphics drivers installed, but now, whenever I reboot I start off with no window borders and have to go to the appearance dialog and set it to have simple effects and the window borders appear, anyone know what's happening?10:38
weemannoooooooo guess i should of got a nvidia card for linux10:39
Beyecixramdchu__: seems like Compiz is not working10:39
* Walrus23 curls up on the floor and cries10:39
lapion-IIlinusoleander, if you make sure the video player does not need to scale hd-video cpu load should not be high..10:39
Walrus23my ubuntu 10.04 install went smoother than a babies bottom... untill i got to the bootloader :/10:39
linusoleanderlapion-II: What?10:39
chu__Beyecixramd: should I launch Compiz at start?10:39
Beyecixramdweeman: if you want no problems, and seamless integration, go with Intel, if you want raw power, go with nVidia, if you want low performance and ****** drivers, go with ATi10:39
Beyecixramdchu__: do you use Ubuntu? (GNOME)10:39
chu__Beyecixramd: yeah10:40
weemanyep that sounds about right10:40
Beyecixramdchu__: okay, then disable the effects in the appearance dialog (right click on the desktop) and disable everything else you have enabled manually10:40
linusoleanderlapion-II: Are you realy talking to me?10:40
Walrus23:/ it appears it may just work after all10:40
yudun1989hi all,,,, how to auto mount my FAT &&ntfs  storage when  starting up  at ubuntu 10.04?10:40
Beyecixramdchu__: then reboot, and enable the effects in THAT dialog10:40
lapion-IIlinusoleander, sorry wrong name..10:41
tgywahow can I increase the no of machines which can connect to an FTP account ? What is the attribute to look for on pure-ftpd10:41
chu__I haven't enabled anything manually, at least I don't think so, is there anyway of looking?10:41
Walrus23it did work10:41
flourishany idea on howto calculate total time of some videos10:41
Beyecixramdchu__: if only you use that machine, then there's nothing manually enabled. just do what i told you :)10:41
flourishI have many video courses in my laptop, and now i want to get total time of every course, any idea10:42
Walrus23ugh what's the off topic room?10:42
chu__ok reboot10:43
BeyecixramdWalrus23: the offtopic room is for things that are err... not on topic10:43
Walrus23no i mean what is the actual room10:43
loewiflourish: avidemux2_cli --nogui --load filename --info | grep Duration10:43
Beyecixramdflourish: no idea what you are talking about10:43
Walrus23the thing with the # bit :/10:43
BeyecixramdWalrus23: #Ubuntu-offtopic10:43
JonathanEllisI have an old repository in my sources that is no longer available. How can I search which packages came from the old repository before I remove it from my sources?10:44
Walrus23whoops i might just still need some help :/ using the grub bootloader with 10.04, i've stuffed up my fedora core installation :/ can i recover this without destroying grub?10:44
flourishloewi: no such command, but well, maybe i can try mplayer and see if there's a same fino10:45
Walrus23i'm doing this on my laptop btw, i'm using my desktop for IRC10:45
ionutdoes anyone knows a software which i can install to see all  my computer hardware specs?10:45
Walrus23ionut: in windows there is a program called CPUz10:46
chu__Beyecixramd: it made no difference10:46
Walrus23i'm not sure about linux10:46
loewiflourish: sudo apt-get avidemux-cli and you are good to go10:46
ionutWalrus23: another , you know for linux?10:47
linusoleanderIs it possible to run a script as a nother user?10:47
BeyecixramdWalrus23: Linux doesn't need fancy stuff, it's already built in :)10:47
linusoleanderIf so, how?10:47
Beyecixramd/dev/cpu iirc10:47
lapion-IIcat /roc/cpuinfo10:47
lapion-IIcat /proc/cpuinfo10:47
Beyecixramdyeah, that's it10:47
flourishloewi: apt-cache search avidemux-cli, no such program. can you please show me the result of apt-policy search avidemux-cli10:47
wildbatlinusoleander, sudo10:47
flourishsorry apt-cache policy10:48
flourishapt-cache polic avidemux-cli10:48
MyWaythank you all for your help10:48
jagan185Hi everyone. How can I get root access to a system folder , to paste files into it.10:48
linusoleanderwildbat: Isnt that just for root?10:48
wildbatlinusoleander, sudo -u abc_user hello_world10:48
linusoleanderOkey, thakns10:49
leagrislinusoleander, sudo -u username command (will prompt for a password unless proper settings in sudoers.10:49
gently_romantic#/j memek10:50
loewifloursih: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Dqm25tGx10:50
evilsherpahey all, ive mounted an NTFS drive, and i can see it mounted to the mount point, but its write only10:51
evilsherpacurrently its /dev/sdb1    /media/windows    ntfs-fuse    auto,gid=1002,umask=0002    0    0 should it be /dev/sdb1    /media/windows    ntfs-fuse    auto,users,umask=0007,uid=1000         0       010:51
chu__Is there an option in gconf to set the wm?10:51
chu__I see10:52
evilsherpaor will that break it?10:53
=== SyntaXe_ is now known as SyntaXe
likeuhi i have problem with wmv and avi file , when ever download torrent files wmv type , i got messege when i played the file  , :( To play this movie you need to download vidplayer )10:54
likeuhi i have problem with wmv and avi file , when ever download torrent files wmv type , i got messege when i played the file  , :( To play this movie you need to download vidplayer )10:56
Beyecixramdlikeu: you need to find the appropiate codecs10:56
Beyecixramdlikeu: stop spamming and wait, thanks10:57
Walrus23now i can't boot windows D:10:57
likeuBeyecixramd, what the codecs and how i get it10:57
Walrus23may i cry now?10:57
jan__can you a program for fox internet tv10:57
AAA!codecs | likeu10:57
ubottulikeu: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:57
BeyecixramdWalrus23: you should be happy :D10:57
indusjan__, what?10:57
BeyecixramdWalrus23: j/k10:57
indusis the problem10:57
freinhardany ideas where i can get ffmpeg 0.6 for lucid?10:57
Walrus23not funny D:10:58
jan__i am Germany10:58
lint_that sounds fun, yah?10:58
indusjan__, guten10:58
likeuBeyecixramd, ok thanks10:58
jan__my englisch is bad10:58
Junnianyone play ggz gaming zone?10:58
BeyecixramdWalrus23: im sure that's easily solvable, what have you done?10:58
llutz!de | jan__10:58
ubottujan__: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:58
Walrus23i've just spent 2 weeks getting windows perfect, for ubuntu to ruin it :(10:58
BeyecixramdJunni: that's offtopic10:58
BeyecixramdWalrus23: what have you done, again?10:58
sebsebsebWalrus23: ah well10:58
Walrus23i think i overwrote the windows bootloader10:58
JunniWell no one is on  the ggz channel :(10:58
BeyecixramdWalrus23: have you only installed Ubuntu and now it doesn't boot?10:59
usc9111morning, how do you disable the password login on 10.04? had to set up a server with a desktop and it will need to be periodically remotely rebooted10:59
Walrus23oh well fixmbr then reinstall the linuxes10:59
jan__kennt jemand ein program um fox zu emfangen über internet10:59
indushi guys, i have a grub issue, with live cd , i want to install grub but it says device not mounted10:59
sebsebseb!de | jan__10:59
ubottujan__: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:59
Walrus23i've got two dead OSs on the laptop now anyway10:59
Walrus23i killed fedora with ubuntu 9.0410:59
freinhardWalrus23: no need to reinstall anything.10:59
BeyecixramdWalrus23: for the last time... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE to make Windows unbootable10:59
Walrus23i just said, i overwrote the MBR11:00
indushi guys, i have a grub issue, with live cd , i want to install grub but it says device not mounted11:00
BeyecixramdWalrus23: doing what, installing Ubuntu?11:00
Walrus23well, the windows boot loader anyway11:00
Junnignomefreak: can you join the ggz channel please11:00
freinhardWalrus23: so who cares? win doesn't need it anyways11:00
sebsebseblikeu: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:00
BeyecixramdWalrus23: that's easily solvable :)11:00
Walrus23well, grub is going into a loop when i try to boot11:00
gnomefreakJunni: ggz?11:00
leagrislikeu, you need to enter settings of your p2p software and tell it which video player to use for wmv files.11:00
BeyecixramdWalrus23: get a partition editor and find what partition goes first, if the Windows one or the Ubuntu one, then you only need to specify GRUB to boot that partition11:00
Walrus23and i do need to rebuild fedora anyway, because i killed it somehow11:00
sebsebseblikeu: also I hope your only downloading files your meant to :)11:01
likeusebsebseb, are u sure ?11:01
gnomefreakJunni: is it #ggz?11:01
=== highguy is now known as foolcoolguy
sebsebseb!piracy > likeu11:01
ubottulikeu, please see my private message11:01
nanwhen i try to send a file to system over bluetooth getting this error,org.openobex.error.notsupported, but it shows no error if i send it to some mobile bluetooth device11:01
Junnignomefreak: yes #ggz11:01
=== foolcoolguy is now known as foolguy
foolguyhey, why is it taking ubuntu forever to eject my flash drive?11:01
sebsebseblikeu: anyway that command, gives AVI, WMV, MP3, and so on suport11:01
Walrus23/dev/sda1 is windows, /dev/sda2 is ubuntu, /dev/sda3 is fedora, and /dev/sda4 is a shared swap11:01
BeyecixramdWalrus23: then Windows is called hda(0,1) iirc11:02
BeyecixramdWalrus23: in GRUB11:02
Walrus23i'll check the grub config file11:02
Walrus23<< system admin11:02
Walrus23you may talk geek to me, i understand :P11:02
AAA foolguy maybe it is writing the data you cp to it before eject?11:02
BeyecixramdWalrus23: okay, okay :)11:02
Walrus23:/ i'm lost with this new grub11:04
sebsebsebWalrus23: yep Grub 2 sucks11:04
Walrus23i knew the old one well, this one i'm glazed over11:04
sebsebseb!grub2 | Walrus2311:04
ubottuWalrus23: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:04
Walrus23i think i'll still need to do a fixmbr with windows :/11:04
sebsebsebWalrus23: can also get help with Grub2 in #grub11:05
Walrus23i can't rebuild that i have got alot of stuff there11:05
Walrus23is there a #fedora as well ?11:05
sebsebsebWalrus23: yes11:05
Mirrakorhello fellow bunties - my ubuntu in the virtual machine can't resolve adresses anymore as it seems11:05
sebsebsebWalrus23: also don't use Windows online if you can avoide it :) security reasons11:05
Lazy^Anyone here who knows how to alter arp-tables refresh time11:05
Walrus23i'm a system admin, i use antivirus :P11:05
AAAMirrakor  have you checked the $ route -n and the $ cat /etc/resolv.conf on that host11:06
Mirrakorguess I removed something dns/resolv related11:06
lapion-IIWalrus23, virgin install of lucid lynx has some issues with ntfs-bootable partitions, install all updates and then update grub11:06
MirrakorAAA: IP-Adresses are no problem, just names11:06
sebsebsebWalrus23: anti virus won't protect your Windows install properly,  however talking about this here, is off topic11:06
elyobHi, trying to run a script every time *anyone* logs in using shell. I have a line in /etc/bash.bashrc, but on one Debian server it's not getting picked up. Mostly my Ubuntu works okay. Should I be looking at .profile instead?11:06
jpdsMirrakor: dig @your.name.server domain.com11:06
liveHi, is there a way to fix this partition table http://paste.ubuntu.com/451532/ without deleting anything?11:06
MirrakorAAA: it says Generated by NetworkManager11:07
jpdsMirrakor: Then you have no nameservers specified.11:07
AAAMirrakor  sounds like you need to edit your /etc/resolv.conf. I suggest $ echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf to test. you'll want a second and tertiary nameserver command eventually11:08
AAAMirrakor  and network-manager will overwrite that file. you typically get DNS from the DHCP server11:08
Mirrakormy router does the dns stuff, so I'll just echo that in - hope it works - I do have to restart the network afterwards?11:08
mushy1what is the .dmrc file for11:09
AAAMirrakor  no restart. you _may_ choose to use >> vs > to APPEND that nameserver line instead of replace what is there. your call11:09
AAAmushy1  .*rc files are generally for configuring your app11:10
mushy1AAA and in this case?11:10
AAAmushy1  dm refers to some app you have, I don't know which one.11:10
AAAmushy1  less .dmrc and look at it. clues?11:11
MirrakorAAA: it still says unknown host11:11
llutzmushy1: iirc "display manager" (gdm?)11:11
mushy1AAA type cat .dmrc11:11
AAAMirrakor  put you can $ ping ? if so, pastebin your /etc/resolv.conf11:12
mushy1llutz, display manager is what? like the login screen?11:12
llutzmushy1: thats it11:12
MirrakorAAA: yes that works11:12
mushy1llutz, so it does not effect the current window manager? if not which file does11:12
AAAmushy1  I don't know what that dotfile does. dotfiles are commonly used for user specific confgs11:12
MirrakorAAA: seems like networkmanager overwrote that file again11:13
AAAMirrakor  do you adming the dhcp server?11:13
AAAMirrakor  and please pastebin your resolv.conf11:13
bullgard4palimsest > Local Storage > PATA Host Adapter > 160 GB Hard Disk > (Drive) > Benchmark > (Benchmark) shows a green scatter diagram. What does the abscissa "100%" mean?11:13
bullgard4palimpsest > Local Storage > PATA Host Adapter > 160 GB Hard Disk > (Drive) > Benchmark > (Benchmark) shows a green scatter diagram. What does the abscissa "100%" mean?11:13
llutzmushy1: window manager and display manager are different things. so it shouldn't effect your wm11:14
MirrakorAAA: it works now - the resolv.conf had only the line "# Generated by NetworkManager"11:14
mushy1llutz, i ask because cat .dmrc shows Session=xfce11:14
mushy1it shows that and the keyboard language11:15
llutzmushy1: thats the session to be loaded by default when logging in11:15
AAAMirrakor  be forewarned. it will always overwrite that file.11:15
llutzmushy1: those things, you can select/set at login-screen11:15
Mirrakornow I set Networkmanager to only get adresses from dhcp, and set the dns-adresse myself11:15
mushy1llutz then how is it getting the info on what display manager to use11:15
Mirrakorwithin Networkmanager11:15
AAAMirrakor  no habla GUI11:15
mushy1i know u can select them there but i want to know where it all is stored11:16
mushy1so i can write useful applications but i am getting my bearings on this ubuntu stuffs11:16
AAAmushy1  /etc/resolv.conf is where the DNS train stops second. after looking for google.com in /etc/hosts it will look in resolv.conf11:17
llutzmushy1: sorry, i don't know much about gdm (dm in general)11:17
willwork4fooHi all - I'm running Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 (fully patched), and I'm having a bit of difficulty with an SD card on my netbook. dmesg reports that the system has seen the drive when I plug it in, but it doesn't assign it a device node in /dev and fdisk -l doesn't show anything up. It is showing up as a USB storage device in lsusb however. Google and Ubuntu forums have not proven much use11:17
willwork4fooCan anyone suggest how I might find out how to format and use this SD card?11:18
willwork4fooit's a class 6 8GB SD card, if that makes any difference11:18
mushy1willwork4foo, it is not one of those sd cards with software password is it11:18
willwork4foomushy1, nope. it's a standard TDK class 6 SD card11:18
willwork4foonot some crazy secure thing11:18
willwork4fooany ideas on that?11:19
mushy1willwork4foo, what is your sd card connected through11:19
safeycan I ask a question about tc/netem tool?11:20
phlak_user!ask| safey11:20
ubottusafey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:20
willwork4foomushy1, internal SD card slot on the netbook11:20
AAAwillwork4foo  can you post the $ lsusb into?11:20
willwork4foolsusb gives this for it: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0cf2:6250 ENE Technology, Inc.11:20
mushy1dont ask to ask because when you ask to ask we then have to nearly beg you to ask and it makes you think we will know how to help before you even ask so dont ask to ask11:20
elyobHi, trying to run a script every time *anyone* logs in using shell. I have a line in /etc/bash.bashrc, but on one Debian server it's not getting picked up. Mostly my Ubuntu works okay. Should I be looking at .profile instead?11:21
willwork4foolol @ mushy111:21
AAAwillwork4foo  $ lsusb -vvv -s 001:004 to pastebin please11:21
willwork4fooone sec AAA11:21
phlak_userelyob: anyone logs in using the same username?11:21
elyobphlak_user: different users11:21
elyobphlak_user: I have a growl script that notifies me as to who logs in11:22
phlak_userelyob: /etc/profile in debian works fine11:22
safeyI'm trying to use the tc/netem tool in order to drop all packets "incoming" from a certain IP address. This doesn't work actually, although I'm able to drop all packets flowing "to" a certain IP address. Any idea about the commands to us in case of incoming packets?11:22
zacharysmithhi i am buying a laptop and it says  the memory supported is 4GB - which says it requires 64bit OS11:23
zacharysmithdoes this mean I can't use 32bit Ubuntu on it?11:23
phlak_usersafey: wouldnt it be easier to use iptables for this?11:23
drizzt_i've run grep but it seems to be hanged, what to do??11:23
willwork4fooAAA, http://pastebin.com/URUGDU5f11:23
bazhangzacharysmith, sure you can, just use the pae kernel to see all 4GB11:23
phlak_userdrizzt_: ctl+c11:23
Beyecixramdzacharysmith: no, it means that if you use 32 bit ubuntu, you will only be able to access 3 Gb of your memory, with a normal kernel11:23
AAAelyob  make sure the users are $ source /the/profile/you/intend11:23
drizzt_but if I press ^C it will be aborted11:23
Beyecixramdzacharysmith: but like bazhang, you can use a PAE kernel to get all the memory available11:23
kuttanHello , I have ubuntu installed on 40GB disk , can I convert this to Virtualbox image ?11:24
zacharysmithwhat is PAE?11:24
drizzt_is there a way to know what it is doing?11:24
mushy1zacharysmith, i think max seen will be 3gb? if you use 32bit os or you can use a 64bit os11:24
bazhangkuttan, you might also try in #vbox11:24
zacharysmithso i could use 64bit U?11:24
willwork4foozacharysmith, Processor Address Emulation or something11:24
kuttan<bazhang> Thanks a lot , let me check with them11:24
mushy1Beyecixramd, so what is a PAE kernel11:25
AAAwillwork4foo  ok. for starters, this tells us what we already know :: Device Status:     0x000011:25
drizzt_zacharysmith, Physical Address Extension11:25
bullgard4palimpsest > Local Storage > PATA Host Adapter > 160 GB Hard Disk > (Drive) > Benchmark > (Benchmark) shows a green scatter diagram. What does mean on the abscissa "100%"?11:25
Beyecixramdmushy1: Physical Address Extension... it's like.. a 32 bit kernel with 64 bit features11:25
willwork4foowhich means what?11:25
Beyecixramdwillwork4foo: google it, please :)11:26
AAAwillwork4foo  and here is a recent post I found for that device :( https://lists.one-eyed-alien.net/pipermail/usb-storage/2010-April/005198.html11:26
mushy1Beyecixramd, why wouldnt he just use a 64bit os? is there a downside to that? is the the software that may not work thats the problem11:26
drizzt_is there a way to tell what my grep process is doing right now?11:26
AAAwillwork4foo  has it worked with ubuntu previously?11:26
Beyecixramdmushy1: idk, but he maybe wants a decent native flash and he also wants to wineize some 32 bit apps11:26
loopidityhow to restart all the usb ports without restarting the computer?11:27
zacharysmithif the laptop says it does DVD RW does that mean it wont burn cds?11:27
bazhangzacharysmith, no, it will burn them fine11:27
Beyecixramdloopidity: not possible afaik11:27
zacharysmithbazhag, they stopped using 'DVDCD RW'?11:28
loopiditycause the way my usb internet(hdspa, utms) works is, i start the connection but doesnt get connected, then I restart the computer, it works11:28
bazhangzacharysmith, its inclusive, so it will burn them11:28
AAAloopidity  if you unplug all your usb stuff it will 'reset'. the only way to you your usbhost bus to truly reset is a reboot11:28
zacharysmithbazhag, ty11:29
Beyecixramdloopidity: replug in your devices11:29
bazhangdeg12, you are here already11:29
loopiditydoesnt help, for some reason :(11:29
willwork4fooAAA, No. Bugger - looks like the ENE card reader doesn't work.11:29
=== dieInstanz1 is now known as dieInstanz
loopidityits annoying, that only restart works11:29
willwork4fooI've just spent £25 on a class 6 SD card that I can't use.11:29
Beyecixramdloopidity: why don't you want to restart?11:29
AAAwillwork4foo  yah. the upside is, less and less devices are now NOT compatible :)11:30
loopidityits annoying, isnt it, hoping theres a soln11:30
* AAA hands out concellation prize11:30
wildbatquestion~ can anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?11:30
willwork4fooAAA, I know - I was being lulled into a false sense of security by everything *else* (even webcam) working11:30
mushy1does apple OSX run linux apps?11:30
Steven___hey guys. i'm very new on the vhost stuff. in plesk and virtuozzo i see that i'm almost out of memory. how can i check what processes eat up the memory?11:30
Beyecixramdmushy1: not linux, yes unix11:30
Beyecixramdmushy1: and since most linux apps are open sourced, yep11:30
AAAwillwork4foo  depending on how bad you want this to work. you _may_ be able to find fresh kernel sources to help you11:30
willwork4fooAAA, nah - I'll try again when 10.10 comes out, maybe it'll work then11:31
drizzt_mushy1, if you recompile them, most do11:31
willwork4foono rush11:31
mushy1does apple use something similar to freebsds ports system?11:31
AAAwillwork4foo  my point exactly. if it will work in 10.10, it will work now with some hackery ;)11:31
willwork4fooIt's just something I'd like to be able to do - boot my netbook off an SDHC card and not mount the internal drive unless I want something from it11:31
bazhangmushy1, ask in an apple channel or #ubuntu-offtopic11:32
Beyecixramdmushy1: apple? you must be kiddin11:32
willwork4fooAAA, my days of wanting to spend hours doing hackery are kinda gone.... I'm happy to wait a few months, and test it again when 10.10 UNE comes out11:32
willwork4foomushy1, yeah, check out macports11:32
mushy1well i want to start writing some software and i want to know if it will work with apple11:32
AAAwillwork4foo  honestly. my first impression was you needed help with SLC. that is what drew my attention :) always glad to help thought11:32
mushy1i will research further when it is not 5:30am11:32
Beyecixramdmushy1: just write it for UNIX11:32
llutzwillwork4foo: have you tried booting with the card inserted? my aao531 has 2 card-slots, and in one of them it only recognizes cards which are present at boottime.11:32
willwork4fooAAA, :-) Your help was very much appreciated too! :)11:33
Beyecixramdmushy1: it will work on Apple, Linux and Windows11:33
bazhangmushy1, this is Ubuntu support, please keep it on topic11:33
Steven___hey guys. i'm very new on the vhost stuff. in plesk and virtuozzo i see that i'm almost out of memory. how can i check what processes eat up the memory?11:33
willwork4foollutz, yep i've tried hotplugging and booting with it in as well11:33
AAAwillwork4foo  fyi, SLC drives r0x!11:33
Weust`hi, i would like to make a backup to an external disk @ work, but i don't trust it, what is the advised way to make a encrypted file container (which i can mount and backup to) ?11:33
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, not every sd card can be used as a bootable device11:33
mushy1bazhang i am using ubuntu and i will be writing software on this machine that is really close to topic11:33
willwork4foolapion-II, yeah I'm discovering that :(11:33
bazhangmushy1, close but no cigar11:33
willwork4foonever mind!11:34
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, not every sd-card-slot can be booted of off, depends on hardware/bios11:34
mushy1i guess discussing this years e3 conferences is out of the question ]=11:34
comsasteven____ top11:34
willwork4foolapion-II, I'm not even sure this BIOS will boot from SD, but I guess it was worth a shout.11:34
bazhangmushy1, fine in the #ubuntu-offtopic CHAT channel11:34
AAAmushy1  did the e3 conference mention the ubunto road map? =p11:35
willwork4fooI'm happy to wait until the reader is supported by stock Ubuntu though!11:35
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, I have however booted from a sd card using an external usb2sb adaptor11:35
AAAwillwork4foo  bah. live a little!11:35
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, *usb2sd11:35
willwork4fooAAA, got work to do! I am tempted by the hackery, but I know it would eat my whole day and I need to get stuff done11:36
AAAwillwork4foo  the feeling of accomplishment will be grand, I attest11:36
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, I have in the past installed directly to usb with a regualer install..11:36
Steven___hmmm is it normal to have apache2 running 4 processes?11:36
bullgard4palimpsest > Local Storage > PATA Host Adapter > 160 GB Hard Disk > (Drive) > Benchmark > (Benchmark) shows a green scatter diagram. What does mean on the abscissa "100%"?11:36
AAAwillwork4foo  that is what sat and sun is for! </big boom loudspeaker voice>11:36
willwork4fooAAA, I know - I did an embedded systems degree! :-) I've written kernel drivers before now - just not for a good few years, and the skills are rusty11:36
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, sometimes a cold-start doesn't recognise all external devices as bootable11:37
willwork4foomeh. I only originally wanted to do it because the 320GB internal drive I've slapped into this netbook is a bit juice-hungry11:37
AAAwillwork4foo  stop it with the excuses already. hack the planet! "it's in that place where I put that one thing that one time"11:37
willwork4fooand thinking if I could boot off an SD card and not mount the internal drive, I'd save some power11:37
lapion-IIwillwork4foo, try warmbooting ( using ctrl-alt del ) and then using the bios-bootdevice-selector11:37
willwork4fooAAA, LOL @ reference11:38
willwork4foolapion-II, tried that there's nothing there11:38
willwork4fooAAA, that was a cool movie too11:38
AAAwillwork4foo  you can boot off of anything these days. I almost compiled vmlinuz on my thumb nail last week. sheesh11:38
willwork4fooAAA, on your ACTUAL thumbnail?11:39
willwork4foowhich hand?11:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:39
willwork4foobazhang, sorry were we digressing... :)11:39
sreejumy friend has compacq system,he installed ubuntu 10.4 but the system hangs when processor does a good job11:39
sreejuwhy is it like ?11:39
sreejuplease answer me11:39
ironfroggysreeju: bad netiquet11:39
willwork4foosreeju, try running memtest and see if there's a problem there11:39
AAAwillwork4foo  hehe. yup. dict gullible ;)11:39
bazhangsreeju, can your friend troubleshoot the computer at the moment?11:40
elyobphlak_user: Thanks, that sorted it!11:40
willwork4fooAAA, I usually use my little fingernail for compiling vmlinuz, coz it's tiny11:40
AAAsreeju  my first guess is a) bad script/exe b) bad cpu11:40
sreejuhe has no problem with 9.111:40
AAAsreeju  technially 2 guesses ;)11:41
AAAsreeju  ~he~ should come to the forum. much easier that way11:41
sreejuhis system can run good graphics game in windows11:41
lapion-IIsreeju, check what vga the system has, if intel i8xx he is bound to have kms problems11:42
sreejuhe want to install ubuntu11:42
IledenHi! I'm trying to do an dist upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04, but at "Setting new software channels" it fails with a list of errors like "Failed to fetch W:Failed to fetch http://ftp.df.lth.se/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" What to do?11:42
sreejuhe has intel pendium 4 processor11:42
AAAIleden  I would try back in 5m or so11:42
AAAIleden  if you are concerned after that. $ sudo apt-get update <- if that gives no errors try again11:43
willwork4foook - I'm outta here for a bit to go get some work done. Hack The Planet, AAA!11:43
AAAIleden  it is _fairly_ normal for mirrors to go offline now and again11:44
IledenAAA: ok. btw, is it possible to do upgrade via torrent, without messing around with actual physical CDs?11:44
ajahhow can i create keyboard short cut for kill -9, ctrl+c doesn`t work11:44
lapion-IIIleden, try downloading the cdimages and using a usbstick11:45
AAAiter  dl'n a torrent requires you to burn the cd. there are ways, via loopback, you can do it. but it is not for the faint of heart11:45
gothenburgls -la11:46
AAAiter  it actually reminds me of the apt-get installer for redhat which did pretty much that, in a chroot11:46
SkyNetMastergoes anyone knows where what package is ld-2.10.1.so debug available?11:46
mysteriousMy HP scanner is connected to the sitecom wl-203 printer server. The device is seen by UBUNTU but Xsane does not recognize it. How can I solve this?11:46
IledenAAA: yeah, i'm reading a linked forum post about it, but it doesn't seem that complicated if I only need to mount the cdrom image in /media manually11:47
sreejuplease tell me the best video format converter to install11:47
mihahow the hell to get adobe flash working on 10.04 64 bit?11:47
AAASkyNetMaster  the first place to start is with $ dpkg -l | grep ld-211:47
mihait used to work in 9.1011:47
bazhangsreeju, there is handbrake11:47
downstreamdon't you think it would be nice if packages.ubuntu.com actually worked? :p11:47
IledenAAA: well ok, seems there's some complications too :)11:47
AAASkyNetMaster  the dbg package can most likely be found with $ apt-cache search ld11:47
sreejuis it good11:48
sreejusupports all formats11:48
bazhangsreeju, you mean with a gui?11:48
mihahow the hell to get adobe flash working on 10.04 64 bit? it used to work in 9.1011:48
AAAIleden  ymmv11:48
SkyNetMasterAAA, the first command returns empty and the second too much info to lind11:48
AAAmiha  they will ding you for that h word :(11:49
neddlud1sreeju: winff is also good11:49
mihaAAA: doesnt matter, really. i hate flash, but then 99% of websites love it11:49
mihaso ubuntu chose to follow apple path?11:49
leagrismiha package is flashplugin64-installer for 64bit systems11:49
sreejui have installed winff before but i couldnt convert any thing,it shows some errors11:50
SkyNetMasterAAA, the first command returns empty and the second too much info to find11:50
AAASkyNetMaster  my point was and still is. apt-cache search <stuff> will help you find programs.  and $ dpkg -l | grep <stuff> will help you find stuff you have installed11:50
mihaleagris: that package doesnt exist. flashplugin-installer is installed11:50
bullgard4palimpsest > Local Storage > PATA Host Adapter > 160 GB Hard Disk > (Drive) > Benchmark > (Benchmark) shows a green scatter diagram. What does mean on the abscissa "100%"?11:51
AAASkyNetMaster  put simply. I'm trying to teach you to fish11:51
SmokeyDhey everyone, who can explain to me why shred would not be effective on a journaled filesystem (ext3)?11:51
SkyNetMasterAAA, ^^11:52
maodunThis question isn't actually regarding an Ubuntu system, but I've found this channel to be useful for more generic Linux questions, so... I would like to record sound coming from my browser. How can I do this?11:52
maodunI'm not even sure if I'm using PulseAudio or OSS. lsof shows me that chrome is using '/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p', which looks like PulseAudio to me, but I don't know where to go from there. Can anyone please help?11:52
AAASmokeyD  hrm. shred should kill the journal with *, right? no harm no foul11:52
BeelsebobHey, I need a patched OpenSSL with SRP on my box, but obviously OpenSSL is one of the built in packages… Whats the suggested way to go about "replacing" it for my use?11:52
mihaprogram center says.. sorry adobe flash plugin is not available for your computer type (amd64)11:52
bazhangmaodun, for other distro/general try ##linux11:52
bazhang!cn | zyb11:53
ubottuzyb: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:53
maodunthanks bazhang11:53
AAASmokeyD  or is this some interview question?11:53
rumpsymaodun: did you try recordmydesktop11:53
bazhang!es | gonzo_11:53
ubottugonzo_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:53
SkyNetMasterAAA, ^^11:53
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.11:54
SmokeyDAAA: I don't understand your reply. I was told that it is no use using the shred command to safely remove a file from the harddrive on a journaled filesystem (like ext3(11:54
rumpsybazhang: ah, got it11:54
AAASkyNetMaster  what are you pointing me too? I'm lost11:54
SmokeyDAAA, SkyNetMaster: me neither :)11:54
AAASmokeyD  shred on the entire drive will nuke it all up. shred on a file I dunno11:54
gonzo_sabeis si es posible crear una imagenn de mi propio ubuntu tal como lo tengo para posteriormente instalarlo?(en caso de querer formatear)11:55
maodunrumpsy: ah, that looks promising - I'm grabbing it now - thanks!11:55
mihaif anyone asks for flash on 64 bit ubuntu... http://www.ubuntu.si/punbb/post/29657/#p29657 code from post just before last works, dont know english page for it11:55
bazhanggonzo_, english here11:55
SmokeyDAAA: I am just looking to remove a file, not the whole drive :) That would be a little excessive :)11:55
mihatake care11:55
SkyNetMasterit was just a smiley, like got your point11:55
AAASmokeyD  I highly recommend $ man shred for more detailz11:55
rumpsymaodun: okay :)11:55
bullgard4SmokeyD: man shred: " shred - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it. SYNOPSIS:  shred [OPTION]... FILE... DESCRIPTION: Overwrite the specified FILE(s) repeatedly, in order to make it harder for even very expensive hardware probing to recover the data." The journal mechanism tries to keep a record on all theses processes. This is slowing down the operation extremely.11:55
AAASmokeyD  the you need to attack the inode11:55
AAASmokeyD  $ ls -i will show you the inode that file is using. try rewriting to it a bunch.11:56
AAASmokeyD  just a thought really11:57
flameshi... how to see wireless driver in ubuntu??11:57
AAAflames  $ iwconfig11:57
Guest51821hi can anyone help me with setting up an ethernet connection in 10.04?11:58
bazhangflames, the NIC or the driver? hardware drivers should have it11:58
zorkmidonheya all, can anyone please suggest a good video screen capture for my Ubuntu desktop11:58
leagrismiha, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/ppa11:58
bazhang!screencasts > zorkmidon11:58
ubottuzorkmidon, please see my private message11:58
bazhangGuest51821, does ifconfig show eth0 ?11:58
flamesex: ateros ar900, like that11:59
zorkmidonbazhang, thank's11:59
SmokeyDAAA, bullgard4: thanks for the help. Indeed the manpage clears it up. ext3 is able to also log file content to the journal, but doesn't in ordered data mode (the default). So I am actually safe11:59
IledenSmokeyD: in case you are at this point only _planning_ on working a file that you need to get rid of, a good solution might be to only use the file on a truecrypt mount - that way you wound't even need to worry about dispensing of the file, since it would be already crypted. But of course, if the file already exists this isn't an opiton.11:59
bazhangGuest51821, sudo dhclient etho then11:59
Guest51821ok ill try that out11:59
flamesto see driver version11:59
bazhangGuest51821, whoops should be eth011:59
AAASmokeyD  cool. docs rocs!11:59
bazhangflames, check in system administration hardware drivers12:00
Avaszcan i  install the proprietary wifi driver offline?12:00
SmokeyDIleden: indeed I know. I have the file already, but I was indeed going to encrypt my home folder for future cases12:00
IledenSmokeyD: ok :)12:00
AAAwow, the sun is coming up and I can barely read the screen I'm so drunk. maybe it's time for bed...12:01
flameshardware driver just see my VGA driver12:01
bazhangflames, which NIC12:01
indusdoes ubuntu support multiple languages out of the box???12:01
flamesNIC...? im newbie12:02
ZaxEZubuntu doesnt come in a box12:02
IledenSmokeyD: depending on the sensitivity of the issue, if the file is on a jornaled fs, I'd probably go for clearing up the entire file system just to be sure.12:02
bazhangindus, likely need to install language packs12:02
bazhangflames, paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci12:02
indusbazhang, this page , i can see most of the characters without installing anthinh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmic_family_of_scripts12:02
AAAZaxEZ  hrm. I'm certain it does12:02
ZaxEZit comes in a ISO file or a plastic case thing12:02
Avaszcan anyone answer my question?12:02
industhose are not images, its characters in that table12:03
AAAZaxEZ  or a pre-built laptop/server/etc12:03
bazhangAvasz, no ethernet?12:03
Avaszbazhang, no12:03
SmokeyDIleden: yeah, but it get's a bit annyoing if I have to erase my HOME partition everytime I have a sensitive file :)12:03
induscavej03, !12:03
Avaszonly wifi in one pc and no ethernet in the problematic pc. I havent installed another distro yet. .in fear that i break it.12:03
cavej03indus, sup man i got my game working12:03
IledenSmokeyD: ah, but it's not every time, since next time you'd be using a truecrypt mount :D12:03
induscavej03, good, how12:04
AAAZaxEZ  these are things we celebrate! linux does come on a lot of hw these days :)12:04
tetekhi all, I'm stuck with wifi problem on my acer 1360. The network works great when connected my cable, but when I'm using wifi, it is "acquring IP adress" all the time12:04
cavej03indus, I just let ubuntu install driver for me12:04
bazhangAvasz, what wifi NIC12:04
Avaszbazhang, broadcom12:04
tetekcan someone help me, please?12:04
cavej03indus, Lol i thought u always had to download driver and sh it yourself instead i just installed thru install hardware popup when i first installed ubuntu12:04
cavej03indus, its amazing its running better than on windows12:05
induscavej03, yes its true, you dint know that ?12:05
cavej03indus, old ubuntu versions you couldn't I figured it was a legal thing12:05
Avaszbazhang, bcm 431112:05
cavej03indus, never assume heh helpdesk 10112:05
induscavej03, btw , new ATI catalyst has improved compiz window management speeds12:05
cavej03indus, meaning?12:05
induscavej03, hardware drivers always offered it for many years12:06
cavej03indus, it is so nice to never have to use windows again12:06
drizzt_btw is there patched fglrx available in Ubuntu?12:06
cavej03indus, seriously my game looks and feels better12:06
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#No%20Internet%20Access Avasz12:06
indusbazhang, with the keyboard layout applet, i just select country and language and it works, without installing anything, why is that12:06
flamesin ubuntu my wireless work, but in backtrack4 not work12:06
drizzt_drizzt_, which works with discontinued cards???12:06
cavej03just have to try and get blur running thru wine ..... yea right12:06
Avaszbazhang, ok12:06
induscavej03, using 9.04?12:07
bazhangflames, you are using bt4?12:07
cavej03cavej03, 10.0412:07
cavej03cavej03, =)12:07
AAAflames  it looks like your nic is not listed12:07
indusbazhang, why do i need language support from menu for then12:07
bazhangflames, that's not supported here12:07
cavej03indus, 10.0412:07
cavej03indus, =)12:07
bazhangflames, /join #backtrack-linux for support12:07
induscavej03, yea the 10.4 ati beta driver, probably updated to final yes12:07
drizzt_Is there patched fglrx available in Ubuntu?12:07
indusdrizzt_, whichpatch12:07
flamesok thanks12:08
cavej03drizzt_, what do u mean patchecd12:08
LalithaHi. Is there any alternative to tcp optimizer.exe ???12:08
bazhangindus, to enter different language? then you would12:08
cavej03drizzt_, Just install through system > administration > hardware drivers12:08
indusbazhang, well, right now iam only using keyboard indicator and typing12:08
indusdidnt install nothing12:08
drizzt_fglrx to work with models which was discontinued in 9.1012:09
DJ_HaMsTaIs there a fix to the way ubuntu handles PPTP VPN ?12:09
drizzt_or 8.1012:09
cavej03indus, i dont think the problem was the drivers update or anything, it was the fact that I wasn't configuring them right12:09
Lalithaindus, namaste! :-)12:09
induscavej03, ok12:09
indusheh ok namaste Lalitha12:09
cavej03indus, I think there is more to just sudo sh and ati intital12:09
cavej03indus, for me atleast12:09
drizzt_that one from fglrx package doesn't work with my card, I heard there's patched one, is it in Ubuntu?12:09
indusdrizzt_, i havent heard of such a patch, which ati card you have12:10
liz_bazhang i tried the sudo dhclient eth012:11
liz_and got this12:11
liz_no dhcpoffers received12:11
LalithaIs there any alternative to tcp optimizer.exe ???12:11
liz_no working leases in persistent database12:11
AAAliz_  over wifi?12:12
wildbatquestion~ can anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue?12:12
liz_no over ethernet12:12
AAAliz_  is your iface up? is there a dhcp server on the lan? is your cat5 plugged in and not pinched inthe doorway?12:13
=== Avasz is now known as Guest26700
liz_AAA yes to the first and third Qs and i think so to the second12:14
LalithaI need an alternative to this : http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php12:14
flamesno answer from bt channel12:15
AAAliz_  if you know the IP you should have, bringing it manually is trivial12:15
indusdrizzt_, i read somewhere on arch forum about it12:15
bazhangflames, no matter bt4 is not supported here12:15
flamesim use dual booting bt and ubuntu 10.412:16
liz_AAA ok but isnt it better to have it detected automatically rather making it static?12:16
darthelp me...i getting really strange error....and now i cannot install any packages...nor update or ugrade...http://yfrog.com/evscreenshot3yrp12:16
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
bazhangflames, and it works on Ubuntu, so not an Ubuntu issue. Please stop asking.12:17
AAAliz_  yes. but it's nice to make sure it works first. and the manual method I suggest to test with is no way permanent12:17
lastsuelhello. good morning people12:17
liz_so should i connect with a different comp and get the IP that way?12:18
darti cannot install ny packages....i m getting this error....dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:12:18
dart syntax error: unknown group 'gnokii' in statoverride file12:18
dartE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)......12:18
AAAliz_  can you log in and type on the computer with no internet?12:18
jattis there a way to tell evolution to use google chrome as default browser?12:18
allooshhi, where are firefox cookies stored?12:19
jattwhen clicking a link it opens firefox12:19
drizzt_dart, remove that from statoverride12:19
AAAliz_  cool. did it have internet recenttly? or suddenly not work?12:19
dartdrizzt_, how to do that?12:19
liz_AAA it had internet on 9.04, then changed to clean install of 10.04 and neither wired nor wireless works12:20
drizzt_dart, it's in /var/lib/dpkg12:21
AAAliz_  ok. does the show more than just a line or two? $ ifconfig -a12:21
antonellahi guys, can anybody help me configuring a tv card?12:21
dartdrizzt_, there is a line like this....root gnokii 4750 /usr/sbin/mgnokiidev....should i delete this an d save???12:22
AAAliz_  and how do you want to connect to the inet from there? from a cable or wireless?12:22
bullgard4'~$ yelp /usr/share/gnome/help/palimpsest/; Page not found; The page index was not found in the document /usr/share/gnome/help/palimpsest/.' Why does this command need a "page index"?12:22
drizzt_dart, yes12:22
liz_it shows the info for eth0, lo, and wlan012:23
liz_ideally id like to do either if i need to but im aiming for wirless12:24
AAAliz_  are you getting inet from wireless or wired?12:24
liz_on the current computer its wireless12:25
steven__yoo hoo12:25
liz_but the computer im trying to configure is connected with a wire12:25
bobthemilkmanI'm having a hell of a time trying to compile newer packages in CTAN. Is there something more recent than texlive-full from the 10.04 repos?12:25
AAAliz_  do you see the wireless icon on the top right of iyour screen?12:25
dartdrizzt_, now i am getting a error that...there is an empty line in stat override :(12:26
AAAliz_  have you tried to conncet it to you wireless access point?12:26
l3aaaplwell my EN is not good12:26
liz_AAA you mean have i connected it wirelessly?12:26
dartdrizzt_, there are two statoverride files.....stateoverride and statoverride.old12:26
nsevnmy school home directory is mounted with autofs and i authenticate with ldap to have the right permissions- i want to be able to use a local account when i am off campus, what is the right solution?12:27
donuthave a donut12:27
AAAliz_  yes. using that icon. is that icon solid? or flashing? or with an !? or...12:27
douweHi, my partition table got screwed up, and I'm trying to recover one of my partitions using testdisk. It found my partition, but it will not allow met to set any NTFS partitions as Logical, forcing me to remove one of my partitions. Any ideas how I could avoid this?12:27
nsevnright now logging in hangs a lot because it can't hit the ldap servers12:27
liz_its solid12:27
AAAliz_  does $ route -n show you an gatweay as the last output?12:28
donutget Ultimate Edition12:29
nsevnis there someway to mount a network drive as another user? so that i have different permissions when operating inside of that mounted drive?12:29
elyobAAA: Out of interest, I didn't quite understand that message you posted ( make sure the users are $ source /the/profile/you/intend) ... could you explain further?12:29
donutget Ultimate edition12:29
donutget Ultimate Edition12:29
donutget it today12:30
AAAelyob  to 'source' a file is for bash to read that file and add it to the 'configuration' you choose12:30
darthelp me ....i m getting a strange statoverride error and now i cannot install any packages...12:30
liz_AAA i dont understand. i see the column with the gateway title but how do you mean "last output"?12:30
donutget Ultimate Edition12:30
jpdsdonut: wut?12:31
donutget Ultimate Edition12:31
jpdsdonut: Can you please stop repeating yourself?12:31
elyobI run all Ubuntu servers, but am having to backup onto a Mac OSX file server. smbmount managed to crash samba the other day (all the designers' Macs crashed). I've been suggested to look at AFS .. any advice here?12:31
AAAelyob  for example :: if you export a PATH from the command line, you can the exe stuff from that directory.  it is common for people to put that type of thing in their bashrc so it is handy for them to use. typically /etc/profile will `source` ~/.bashrc and pass those prefs12:32
drizzt_why do you kick people from official support channel?12:33
AAAliz_  do you know the IP of your router? maybe ? if so, that should be your gateway12:33
bullgard4'~$ yelp /usr/share/gnome/help/palimpsest/; Page not found; The page index was not found in the document /usr/share/gnome/help/palimpsest/.' Why does this command need a "page index"?12:33
liz_AAA ok yes that address is the last entry in the gateway column12:34
blockcoldhello ubuntu12:34
elyobAAA: Thanks, that makes sense.12:34
elyobI run all Ubuntu servers, but am having to backup onto a Mac OSX file server. smbmount managed to crash samba the other day (all the designers' Macs crashed). I've been suggested to look at AFS .. any advice here?12:34
elyobp.s. it was quite funny to see the panic in the office. But has put me off trying again ... :)12:34
blockcoldhow to install fusion desktop ?12:34
airtonixelyob, you want to use apple file sharing daemon on linux ?12:35
rohitniki am using ubuntu 10.04 icons in software center are missing only when i change to other theme rather than default.Plz Help!12:35
elyobairtonix: I jsut want to make sure I connect to the Mac AFS the correct way ...12:36
elyobairtonix: I don't want to run an AFS daemon on the ubuntu machines12:36
drizzt_rohitnik, you're not supposed to change theme12:36
airtonixelyob, ok from memory i didn't see that AFP allows for user logins ... does it ?12:37
AAAliz_  can you ping that address? can you ping $ ping
liz_AAA you mean on the computer that im trying to connect or the computer im currently on?12:37
rohitnikbut i like some other theme as well!12:37
airtonixelyob, reason i mention this is that if it does not then its not much different from NFS is it ? and macosx supports mounting NFS as far as i know12:37
AAAelyob  you can put a TON in your bashrc :)12:37
drizzt_bullgard4, it finds xml index and show it as a start page12:38
AAAliz_  on the computer withe the network poroblem. try to ping the gateway12:38
airtonixelyob, in any case, this might give you something to think about : http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/06/ubuntu-as-mac-file-server-and-time-machine-volume/12:39
airtonixelyob, ^ uses afpd netatalk12:39
blockcoldhow to install fusion desktop ?12:39
blockcoldCompiz Fusion12:39
airtonixblockcold, open software center and search for compiz12:39
jioyo blockcold ,you can use softcenter12:40
douweanyone? I'm trying to recover a partition using testdisk, but it won't allow me to set some partitions as logical, that were logical before12:40
bazhang!ccsm | blockcold12:40
ubottublockcold: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz12:40
liz_AAA no it said connect: network is unreachable12:41
blockcoldbazhang: i am Jungli12:41
bullgard4drizzt_: Thank you for your help.12:41
AAAliz_  do you have a cat5 cable in your computer that attacheds to to internet thingy?12:42
liz_AAA yes i have it hooked up to the computer and the router12:43
AAAliz_  then $ sudo dhclient3 eth012:44
dartdrizzt_, phw solved it i though i would have to reinstall12:44
Walrus23i fixed it :D12:45
Walrus23windows XP CD, fixboot, then reinstall everything :D12:45
Walrus23it worked, it's working and i'm happy12:46
Walrus23and ubuntu is happy :D12:46
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
AAAliz_  if you can't ping google.com after that, pastebin the dhcp stuff12:46
rohitnikmy software centre icons go missing after i change the default theme.plz help!12:48
liz_AAA i was able to view online web pages, but it still shows me as being disconnected???12:48
liz_AAA it has the ! on the network icon12:49
=== Walrus23 is now known as PoisonDart
WormsHi I have a wireless usb adapter that uses rt73usb drivers (ralink chipset). It doesn't work out of box in Lucid but I found it works outstandingly in Jaunty or below, backtrack 4 and others using kernel 2.6.30 or below. I installed rt73-k2wrlz releases, works fine(60%of that of windows) but it wont allow me to change mac. I just want to ask whether copying rt73usb.ko module from backtrack or Jaunty and replacing it in Lucid will work? or will it create a12:49
Worms problem?12:49
GlowballCodec Error: Use Windows Media Player. Aborting Video, Redirecting to Microsoft Codec Download Page. <-- Wtf?12:49
AAAliz_ that is because the network-manager is not running. I just helped you bring it up manually12:50
AAAliz_  my guess is that if you log out, and log in it will work12:50
rohitnikmy software centre icons go missing after i change the default theme.plz help!:-[12:51
liz_AAA do you mean reboot or just log out of my account?12:51
AAAliz_  just log out.12:52
aluexhelp, what does vga=786 mean in grub.cfg12:52
TaevAnyone know a program for Ubuntu that will convert video formats?12:54
llutzTaev: ffmpeg, mencoder12:54
TaevI tried OggConvert, but it will only let me convert to OGV12:54
Taeva GUI one12:55
Taevi want to convert a .FLV to MPEG12:55
AAATristam  mencoder for the cli12:55
Taevfor the GUI, plz12:55
AAATristam  simple one liner with mencoder. just need to read a few docs12:55
askvictoris there a way to force a USB device to use a particular module/driver without resorting to the source?12:56
rohitnikmy software centre icons are missing12:56
TaevOggConverter pisses me off12:56
Taevits great12:56
Taevbut it wont let you encode to any other formats12:56
Taevjust Dirac or Ogg12:56
nicofshi there... by mistake i deleted the panel indicators for sound and battery... how can i get them back? (they are not in the "add to panel" list.  before that i removed evolution and the evolution indicator packages on purpose)12:57
AAATaev  I'm tellin'g ya, mencoder is the way to go12:57
a5h15hhow to change the default size of gnome-terminal(ubuntu 9.10)...without affecting other users?12:58
askvictornicofs: try 'notification area'12:58
AAATaev  or ffmpeg. regardless, any linux app you use - will use one of those to the the lifting12:58
liz_AAA i logged out and back in but nothing changed. if i try to connect via network manager it doesnt work, but if i use dhclient3 eth0 command then im connected12:58
TaevWinFF seems to be not worth the effort I made12:58
Taevit doesn't list anything but DVD or AVI to convert to12:59
Taevdamn it I need it MPEG12:59
rohitnikmy software centre icons are missing .12:59
AAAliz_  I'm glad it works with the command line. I don't support GUI stuff so much12:59
Taevdamn it13:00
AAATaev  ffmpeg or mencoder. srsly13:00
venikwhen I log on to my machine from NX (from a remote computer) using either gnome or KDE, some applications fail to launch, while others are fine.  Why is that?  The ones that fail are Thunderbird, Chrome, Firefox... and others13:00
liz_AAA alright thanks. atleast i can install packages now13:00
Taevdoes anyone know of a GUI program to encode .FLV to .MPEG13:00
Taevbecause WinFF fails13:00
bazhangTaev, handbrake can do13:00
Taevis that a GUI program?13:01
Taevor CLI/13:01
bazhang!handbrake > Taev13:01
ubottuTaev, please see my private message13:01
AAATaev  why so scared of cli stuff?13:01
venikbtw-- this happens whether I launch them from the terminal or from the panel13:01
nicofs@askvictor: ok, it's back. but it comes with an additional mail symbol - which i don't want. can i change that? or at least make it work with thunderbird?13:01
TaevIm not scared of the CLI13:02
TaevI just want a simple GUI program13:02
=== roo0t is now known as bihari
lint_i wish it would work with thunderbord too13:02
biharihi i have one problem i want to install prep wine13:02
TaevOk it seems my webservers Gallery2 "Irish Republican Army Media" section will play .AVI's13:03
biharican any one help me i want to run windows application on ubuntu13:03
Taevso WinFF will work.13:03
Leoneofhi, when i do use "glxgears", will get results like "305 frames in 5.0 seconds" , it is mean my system is slow?13:03
Taevthank you who ever offered it as a solution.13:03
jioyobihari,you can use ubuntu-tweak13:03
bihariubuntu-tweak? what is it?13:03
drizzt_Leoneof, yes13:03
Leoneofdrizzt_: how to fix it?13:04
drizzt_Leoneof, install the graphics driver13:04
AAATaev  sometimes you must trade cli syntax for gui clicky clicky13:04
jioyobihari,you can use it to install wine for new13:04
Leoneofdrizzt_: i installed it before :|13:04
venikcan anyone shed any light on my problem of launching applications when logged on from NX client?13:04
AAATaev  or the other way round ;)13:04
Leoneofdrizzt_: even, i can run compiz too.13:05
venikthey work fine if I log on from the macihine itself13:05
bihariis it in synaptic package manager?13:05
AAAvenik  check your longs in  /var/log ?13:05
GlowballCodec Error: Use Windows Media Player. Aborting Video, Redirecting to Microsoft Codec Download Page. <-- Wtf?13:05
jioyobihari, ppa13:05
drizzt_Leoneof, compiz isn't 3D13:05
AAAGlowball  you need the win32 codecs13:05
Leoneofdrizzt_: oh i see13:06
GlowballAAA: from medibuntu? Well, I'm on 64 bit and have w64codecs installed...13:06
jioyobihari,you can get deb at here13:06
AAAGlowball  could pose a problem. out of my realm13:07
Leoneofdrizzt_: i've CPU = 2Ghz Dual core, RAM = 2GB,, nvidia =512MB , it should be good.13:07
venikAAA-- which log and what should I be looking for?13:07
a5h15his it possible to change the default s