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* mkarnicki calls it a day01:38
mkarnickiby guys01:38
mkarnickiI am so f tired -_-01:38
* mkarnicki waves01:38
mkarnickibeuno: I was about to close my computer, and I thought I'd throw you a link of what ideas around AndroidU1 I have listed before to do in the future (naturally not everything is there, I've beein thinking of bookmark and contacts sync long before) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/specs/UbuntuOneForAndroid wish you good lecture and I'm done for today :)01:46
* mkarnicki waves and drops into his bed01:46
user__Hi, does anyone know how to delete a registered email address in ubuntu on profile?02:17
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kaneCan someone help me with something simple real fast07:54
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nhainesGuest81180: it's probably an odd time for the U1 developers.08:00
nhainesGuest81180: you'll probably have more luck if you say what you need help with.  :)08:00
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mkarnickilater all, I'm off to (last) class11:39
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duanedesignrye: was talking with [k]ermiac about the gnomekeyring.IOerror that we discussed yesterday. He pointed out bug 525642  FWIW13:19
ryeso it should not have worked w/o the update?..13:25
duanedesignrye it looks like the bug above is for the daemon not auto starting on kde and xfce14:02
dobeywell i think the idea is that some kde API will provide that same service in the future14:08
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Brot1hello, are there once again problem with the u1 file synchronization? Don't work on two of my machines :-( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/59559415:43
ryemattgriffin, i believe we will need to post some announcement about file sync performance15:50
Brot1rye, file sync performance? in my "syncdaemon-exceptions.log" I could find "failure INTERNAL_ERROR". Is this triggered through a timeout?15:52
Brot1and yes, problem should always be announced if they couldn't get fixed in short time15:54
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jblountCan I get some help poking around the changes to https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/contacts and https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/notes ?16:36
jblountJust play with them and see if you notice any brokeness16:36
ryejblount, it looks like you have fixed bug #55250116:40
ryeubot4, ?16:41
jblountrye: Yep, it does look like that's fixed :)16:42
duanedesignubot is out sick today :P16:46
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bigonubuntuone seems broken for me :/ it tires to reach an address ' https://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/' but gets an https error (503)17:31
bigonany idea?17:31
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beunobigon, yes, replication is disabled17:58
beunocouchdb is working, but it's not replicating with the server17:58
bigonyesterday I've uploaded a file to the server trough the webinterface and it's still not replicated on my machine is that normal?18:00
beunoso, file syncing is being upgraded and is rocky at the moment18:01
bigonoh ok18:02
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mkarnickihi guys!20:51
* mkarnicki finished this semester classes \o/20:51
mkarnickiverterok: how's it going my guru :)20:52
verterokmkarnicki: hi!20:52
verterokmkarnicki: congrats20:52
mkarnickiverterok: one optional test, and two exams still, but classes are finally over :)20:52
nhainesmkarnicki: congrats!  :D21:11
mkarnickinhaines: thanks ^ ^21:11
* mkarnicki has pointers from verterok and goes to do the job :)21:15
beunowgrant, FWIW, the appserver roll out has been pushed to Mon/Tue, but will include *all* securty fixes22:08
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