ScottLi'm in #ubuntu-meetings waiting for my turn for membership application meeting01:22
ScottLthe waiting is making me a bit axious :/01:23
holsteinScottL: w00t01:25
ScottLthanks holstein :)01:25
TheMusoScottL: Well done!01:35
ScottLthank you TheMuso  :)01:35
TheMusoSorry I got in there too late, had to reboot my IRC box.01:36
ScottLthat's okay, it went very well i think01:36
ScottLpersia told me to document *everything* in my wiki, i took him at his word :)01:37
ScottLi think that carried the day ;)01:37
holsteinScottL: you got it?01:39
ScottLholstein, i did01:41
holsteinScottL: congrats :)01:41
* holstein knew you would01:41
ScottLlol, thanks holstein 01:43
rlameiroScottL: CONGRATS!!!02:09
ScottLthanks rlameiro  :)02:16
falktxScottL: i just added u as a friend on youtube09:57
falktxScottL: i'm starting to make audio/music/linux video tutorials09:57
falktxScottL: "deadbeatguitarist" will do the english voice09:58
=== falktx_ is now known as falktx
ScottLfalktx, that is completely awesome!12:01
ScottLi've been working on some "made with ubutnu studio" buttons that could be used in a video12:02
falktxyep, i read the mailing list12:02
falktxScottL: have u checked the video?12:02
ScottLfalktx, also, have you played with the lv2vocoder?  i want to make a robot voice12:02
ScottLfalktx, i thought of a good splash screen thing that might work well for a video that includes voice12:03
falktxI should make a tutorial about voice effects12:03
ScottLheh, LOL, yeah12:03
falktxreverb, chorus, vocoder, or even flanfer12:03
ScottLfalktx, i haven't looked at any videos at this point12:03
ScottLfalktx, one of the goals i had for our documentation was at least one setting per effect that new users could use12:04
ScottLdoesn't make them great settings, just okay, but at least it is a place for new people to start12:04
ScottLoh, two sentences ago should have said "was at least one setting *documented* per effect"12:05
ScottLi'm leaving for work but i'll be back on as 'scott-work' in 35 minutes12:07
ScottLbut before i leave i want to tell you that i apprecicate and feel fortunate for you efforts and i think you are helping to make linux audio a better place :)12:07
falktxScottL: thanks, i really do my best12:08
falktxScottL: i hope to get zynaddsubfx as a vst plugin soon12:08
falktxthat is not that easy12:08
falktxScottL: i got zyn as a dssi plugin12:08
falktxScottL: there's no gui, but u can use presets12:08
ScottLzyn is also now in debian and should be in ubuntu real soon :)12:09
* ScottL is heading to work12:09
falktxhm, zyn is already in lucid12:09
falktxas my package12:10
falktxand included in ubuntustudio12:10
quadrisproehya guys12:20
quadrisproScottL, zyn has already been synced with Debian12:21
scott-workfalktx: i saw what you and quadrispro mentioned about zyn, sorry, sometimes i can be a bit slow :)14:41
scott-workand i'm not sure why abogani removed any kernels from his PPA though :/14:41
falktxscott-work: that rt removal is very sad14:43
falktxscott-work: i copied the maverick packages to my ppa and i'm adjusting them now (to make them work!)14:43
=== falktx_ is now known as falktx
scott-worksix days to debian import freeze :/22:13

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